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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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(M: 1863 Sep 3 - 1953 Jan 11 (or 9)) Fortællinger [No-1891] Fra Svipop Til Venaasen [No-1892] En Vinternat, Og Andre Fortællinger [s|No-1896] Storkarer [No-1896] Høit Tilhest [d|No-1901] Seminaristen, Og Andre Fortællinger [s|No-1901] Sidsel Sidsærk og andre kjærring-Emner [s|No-1903] 26348 Lisbeth Longfrock [No-1903] (tr Laura E POULSSON) [1907] Fortællinger, Folkeudgave [2v|No-1905] Hanen [d|No-pub:1906] Smaafae [No-1906] Fortællinger, Anden Folkeudgave [2v|No-1906] Sølve Solfeng [No-1910] Sølve Suntrap [No-1910] (tr Anna BARWELL) [1926] Samlede Verker [6v|No-1914] Fortællinger For Barn [2v|No-1917] Fyrabendsarbeide [No-1921] Jo-Karerne I Skarvangen [No-1923] Fortællinger [5v|No-1923] Little Sidsel Longskirt [No-?] (tr Anna BARWELL) [1924] Fortællinger [No-1931] Sidsel Longskirt; and, Solve Suntrap [No-var] (tr MORTENSEN & BIANCO) [1935] Samlede Verker [3v|No-1943] ABADULA KARIMA
(M: 1871 - 1953) Agustín ABARCA
(M: ? - ?) Discurso Que En La Solemne Distribucion De Premios... [n|Sp-1873] John Henry Macartney ABBOTT {AU}
(M: 1874 Dec 26 - 1953 Aug 12) # Tommy Cornstalk [f|1902] Plain And Veldt [n|1903] An Outlander In England:...Impressions Of An Australian Abroad [n|1905] Letters From Queer Street [f|1908] The South Seas (Melanesia) [n|1908] The Sign Of The Serpent [f|1909] The Story Of William Dampier [1911] # The Governor's Man [f|1919] # Castle Vane: A Romance Of The Bushranging...Upper Hunter... [f|1920] Ensign Calder [f|1922] # Sydney Cove [f|1923] Dogsnose [f|1928] The King's School, And Other Tales For Old Boys [s|1931] Ben Hall [f|1934] The Newcastle Packets And The Hunter Valley [n|1943] Out Of The Past [e|1944] # Red O'Shaughnessy [1946] # Sally: The Tale Of A Currency Lass [f|?] Leonard (Dalton) ABBOTT {US}
(M: 1878 May 20 - 1953) The Society Of The Future [n|1898] A Socialistic Wedding:...George D Herron And Carrie Rand [1901] Ernest Howard Crosby: A Valuation And A Tribute [b|1907] Sociology And Political Economy [n|1909] Francisco Ferrer: His Life, Work, And Martyrdom [b|1910] Masterworks Of Economics [n|1946] Masterworks Of Government (ed) [n|1947] Walter ABBOTT
(M: ? - ?) The Faithful Pastor [1873] King, ABD Al-AZIZ Ibn ABD Al-RAHMAN Ibn SAUD, of Saudi Arabia {SA}
(M: 1876 (or 1880) Nov 26 - 1953 Nov 9) King Abdul Aziz, Political Correspondence 1904-1953 [n|1996] Prof, Félix-Marie ABEL
(M: 1878 - 1953) Une Croisière Autour De La Mer Morte [Fr-1911] Grammaire Du Grec Biblique [n|Fr-1927] Géographie De La Palestine [2v|n|Fr-1933-1939] Les Livres Des Maccabées [n|Fr-1949] Paul ABELSON {US}
(M: 1878 Sep 27 - 1953 Nov 4) Seven Liberal Arts: A Study In Mediaeval Culture [n|1906] English-Yiddish Encyclopedic Dictionary [n|1915] Jacob ABRAMS {US?}
(M: 1886 - 1953) Y Eybrams-Bukh [Yi-1956] Louvis(=Louis) ABRIC
(M: 1886 - 1953 Mar 6) Oeuvre Poétique [p|Fr-?] Leta Zoë ADAMS {US}
(F: 1901 or 1902 - 1953) The Mirror Murder [f|1937] Island Of The Red God [f|1939] James Thayer ADDISON {US?}
(M: 1887 - 1953) Our Father's Business: A Book For Lent [n|1927] Life Beyond Death In The Beliefs Of Mankind [n|1932] Way Of Christ: A Book For Young Readers [n|1934] Medieval Missionary:...Conversion Of Northern Europe, 500-1300 [n|1936] Lord's Prayer: A Book For Lent [n|1937] Parables Of Our Lord: Meditations For Lent [n|1940] Christian Approach To The Moslem: A Historical Study [n|1942] Our Expanding Church [n|1944] Completeness Of Christ [n|1947] Episcopal Church In The United States, 1789-1931 [n|1951] War, Peace, And The Christian Mind: A Review Of Recent Thought [n|1953] Fred Emil AHLERT {US}
(M: 1892 Sep 19 - 1953 Oct 20) Antonio ALAMO {VE}
(M: 1873 (or 1877) Nov 16 - 1953 Mar 5) Rev, Aristides Elphonso Peter ALBERT {US}
(M: 1853 Dec 10 - ?) T The House Of Bondage (w Octavia V Rogers ALBERT) [f|1890] Tomás ALFARO CALATRAVA {VE}
(M: 1922 Dec 19 - 1953 Jan 16) Abdullah (ibn) Yusuf ALI {UK?}
(M: 1872 Apr 4 - 1953 (wrongly 1952) Dec 10) A Monograph On Silk Fabrics...Northwestern Provinces And Oudh [n|1900] Life And Labour Of The People In India [n|1907] The Indian Muhammadans [n|1907] Mestrovic And Serbian Sculpture [n|1916] Modern Hindustani Drama [n|1917] Track Af Indiens Kultur [n|Da-1918] Muslim Educational Ideals [n|1923] India And Europe: A Study Of Contrasts [n|1925] Making Of India [n|1925] Islam As A World Force [n|1926] India And Europe [n|1926] Three Travellers To India [n|1927] Glimpses Of The Punjab (jt ed) [n|1927] Social And Economic Conditions In Mediaeval India [n|Ur-1928] Fundamentals Of Islam [n|1929] Personality Of Muhammad The Prophet [b|1929] Moral Education: Aims And Methods [n|1930] Personality Of Man In Islam [n|1931] Imam Husain And His Martyrdom [b|1931] Medieval India: Social And Economic Conditions [n|1932] Religious Polity Of Islam [n|1933] Life And Literature [n|1936] Religion And Social Equality [n|1936] Islamic History, Its Scope And Content [n|1936] Holy Quran: Arabic Text With An English Translation & Commentary [n|1937] Islamic History, Its Scope And Content [n|1939] Cultural History Of India During The British Period [n|1940] Message Of Islam [n|1940] The Religion Of Rabindranath Tagore [n|?] India In The Literary Renaissance: Modern Indian Poetry [n|?] Doctrine Of Human Personality In Iqbal's Poetry [n|?] Prof, Gustave ALLAIS
(M: 1853 (or 1852) - ?) Malherbe Et La Poésie Française À La Fin Du XVIè Siècle [n|Fr-1892] Eugene Perry ALLDREDGE {US}
(M: 1875 - 1953) Cowboys And Coyotes [a|1945] Herbert Christian ALLEMAN {US}
(M: 1868 - 1953) The Gist Of The Sermon [n|1905] The Bible, A General Introduction [n|1914] Prisoners Of Hope [1950] Francis Henry ALLEN {US}
(M: 1866 Aug 3 - 1953 (wrongly 1947) Oct 24) Nature's Dairy [n|1897] A Bibliography Of Henry David Thoreau [n|1908] Theodore F ALLEN
(M: ? - ?) A Iron Hulls For Western River Steamboats... [n|1873] Lt Gov, William R ALLEN {US}
(M: 1871 - 1953) The Chequemegon [a|1949] Archdeacon, Willoughby Charles ALLEN {UK}
(M: 1867 Oct 7 - 1953 Feb 10) A Critical And Exegetical Commentary On...St Matthew [n|1907] The Christian Hope [n|1917] Introduction To Books Of The New Testament (w L W GRENSTEAD) [n|1913/?/1936] William ALLINGHAM
(M: ? - ?) (wrote as: Patricius WALKER) Rambles [n|1873] Prof, John Conrad ALMACK {US}
(M: 1883 Oct 15 - 1953 Oct 5) Education For Citizenship [n|1924] Track Of The Sun [p|1937] Leonard ALSTON {AU?}
(M: 1875 - 1953 Dec 4) Modern Constitutions In Outline [n|1905] The Obligation Of Obedience To The Law Of The State [n|1905] Stoic And Christian In The Second Century [n|1906] Sir Thomas Smith's 'De Republica Anglorum' [n|1906] The White Man's Work In Asia And Africa [n|1907] Education And Citizenship In India [n|1910] Elements Of Indian Taxation [n|1910] How It All Fits Together [n|1920] Functions Of Money [n|1932] Prof, Rudolph ALTROCCHI {US}
(M: 1882 Oct 31 - 1953 (wrongly 1952) May 13) Italian Short Stories (jt ed) [s|1912] Deceptive Cognates, Italian-English And English-Italian [n|1935] Sleuthing In The Stacks [1944] Marguerite d'ALVAREZ
(F: 1886 - 1953) Walter Richard AMMANN {CH}
(M: 1888 May 5 - 1953 Nov 16) Das Lied [d|Ge-1927] Madrisa [d|Ge-1928] Martin Disteli [d|Ge-1932] Der Berg Ruft [d|Ge-1934] Seid Einig [d|Ge-1935] Ich Rufe Dich [d|Ge-1936] Nordwand [d|Ge-1939] Der Bundestag [d|Ge-1939] Karussel Des Lebens [d|Ge-1940] Soldaten Werden Könige [d|Ge-1940] Das Alte Lied [d|Ge-1941] Akela [d|Ge-1945] Ein Schützenspiel [d|Ge-1947] Charles ANCLIFFE {UK}
(M: 1880 - 1953 Dec 20) Dwight ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1882 Apr 13 - 1953 Dec 13) What It Means To Be A Doctor [n|1939] Jacob P ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1874 - 1953 Feb 16) Basil ANDERTON {UK}
(M: 1864 - 1953 Mar 31) Sketches From A Library Window [1922] Bookman's Toys [?] Bert ANDREWS {US}
(M: 1901 - 1953) Marion Polk ANGELLOTTI {US}
(F: 1888 (wrongly 1894) Nov 12 - 1953 (wrongly 1979) Apr 21) Sir John Hawkwood: A Tale Of The White Company In Italy [f|1911] Burgundian: A Tale Of Old France [f|1912] Harlette [f|1913] 3576 The Firefly Of France [f|1918] Three Black Bags [f|1922] Joyce ANSTRUTHER, 1:Mrs MAXTONE GRAHAM, 2:Mrs PLACZEK {UK}
(F: 1901 Jun 6 - 1953 Jul 20) (wrote as: Jan STRUTHER) J Betsinda Dances, And Other Poems [p|1931] Songs Of Praise [m|1931] J Sycamore Square, And Other Verses [p|1932] J The Modern Struwwelpeter (w Ernest Howard SHEPARD) [1936] J Try Anything Twice [e|1938] #J Mrs Miniver [s|1939] J The Glass-Blower, And Other Poems [p|1940] A Pocketful Of Pebbles [p|1946] Ernest Irving ANTRIM {US}
(M: 1869 Feb 21 - 1953 Jan 6) Fifty Million Strong; Or, Our Rural Reserve [n|1916] Prof, Richard Lawrence ARCHER {UK}
(M: 1874 Aug 12 - 1953 Oct 24) The Teaching Of Geography In Elementary Schools [n|1910] The Teaching Of History In Elementary Schools [n|1916] The Passman [n|1918] Secondary Education In The Nineteenth Century [n|1921] Mary Ela Denne ARCHER-BURTON
(F: 1853 - ?) Sir, Robert George ARCHIBALD {UK}
(M: 1880 - 1953 May 2) Review Of Recent Advances In Tropical Medicine (w A BALFOUR) [?v|n|1908-11] Practice Of Medicine In The Tropics (jt ed) [n|1921] Martha ARENDSEE {DDR}
(F: 1885 Mar 29 - 1953 May 22) 4 Monate Brüning-Regierung [Ge-1930] Kinder Hungern! Kinder Sterben! Wir Klagen An [n|Ge-1932] Über Sozialpolitik [n|Ge-1946] Soziale Sicherung n Jan [Ge-1950] Francis Paul ARMITAGE {UK}
(M: 1875 Apr 21 - 1953 Jun 27) A History Of Chemistry [n|1906] Chemistry [2v|n|1915-16] Diet And Race [n|1922] Leicester, 1914-1918 [n|1933] Walter (William David) ARMITAGE {ZA}
(M: 1907 - 1953 Feb 22) John Taylor ARMS {US}
(M: 1887 Apr 19 - 1953 Oct 13) Handbook Of Print Making And Print Makers [n|1934] Design In Flower Arrangement (w Dorothy Noyes ARMS) [n|1937] Mrs Henry, ARNOLD, nee ?
(F: ? - ?) Better Than Gold [f|1873] Monks Hollow [f|1883] Arthur Wilfred ASHBY {UK}
(M: 1886 Aug 19 - 1953 Sep 9) One Hundred Years Of Poor Law Administration In A Warwickshire Village [n|1912] Allotments And Small Holdings In Oxfordshire [n|1917] Rural Education (w P G BYLES) [n|1923] The Agriculture Of Wales (w I L EVANS) [n|1944] Maj-Gen, Edward Bailey ASHMORE {UK}
(M: 1872 Feb 20 - 1953 Oct 5) Air Defence [n|1929] Ira ATEN {US}
(M: 1862 Sep 3 - 1953 Aug 5) Six And One-Half Years In The Ranger Service [a|1945] Sir, Ivor Algernon ATKINS {UK}
(M: 1869 Nov 29 - 1953 Nov 26) The Organists Of Worcester Cathedral [b|1918] An Investigation Of Two Anglo-Saxon Kalendars [n|1928] Patrick Young's Catalogus Librorum Manuscriptorum ... (w N R KER) [n|1944] The Worcester Psalter [n|1950] Hans AUER {AT}
(M: 1897 Aug 13 - 1953 Aug 15) Am Rande Stehend [s|Ge-1953] Ramón AUMAITRE SOSA {VE}
(M: 1897 - 1953 Apr 1) An AUSTRALIAN (ps) {AU}
(?: ? - ?) The Unfortunate Career Of Johnson [f|1873] Ellen BADGER, nee ? {US}
(F: 1853 - ?) Memory Links Of Seventy Years, 1853-1923 [a|1923] Bert(=Albert Edward) BAILEY {NZ/AU?}
(M: 1868 Jun (or Aug) 11 - 1953 Mar 30) (also wrote as: Albert EDMUNDS (1)) The Squatter's Daughter (w Edmund DUGGAN) [d|pro:1907] On Our Selection (w Edmund DUGGAN) [d|pro:1912] Frank BAILEY {US}
(M: 1865 Jan 5 - 1953 Aug 26) It Can't Happen Here Again [a|1944] (Irene) Temple BAILEY {US}
(F: c1885 - 1953 Jul 6) (also wrote as: Virginia BLAIR; Philip KEAN) 17982 Judy [f|1907] 22292 Glory Of Youth [f|1913] 17938 Contrary Mary [f|1914] Adventures In Girlhood [1917] 23246 Mistress Anne [f|1917] 18056 The Tin Soldier [f|1918] 17697 The Trumpeter Swan [f|1920] 16433 The Gay Cockade [f|1921] The Dim Lantern [f|1922] Peacock Feathers [f|1924] Holly Hedge, And Other Christmas Stories [s|1925] The Blue Window [f|1926] Wallflowers [f|1927] Star In The Well [f|1928] Burning Beauty [f|1929] + Silver Slippers [f|1929] Wild Wind [f|1930] So This Is Christmas! And Other Christmas Stories [s|1931] Little Girl Lost [f|1932] The Candle In The Forest [f|1933] Enchanted Ground [f|1933] The Radiant Tree, And Other Stories [s|1934] Fair As The Moon [f|1935] A Little Parable For Mothers [1936] I've Been To London [f|1937] Tomorrow's Promise [f|1938] The Blue Cloak [f|1941] The Pink Camellia [f|1942] Red Fruit [f|1945] Vernon Howe BAILEY {US?}
(M: 1874 - 1953 Oct) (Dyckman) Waldron BAILY {US}
(M: 1871 Jul 1 - 1953 Apr 21) 28454 The Heart Of The Blue Ridge [f|1915] Homeward Trail [f|1916] * When The Cock Crows [f|1918] June Gold [f|1922] Autobiography:...Novelist And Politician From North Carolina [a|1958] Kate BAKER {AU}
(F: 1861 - 1953) Reginald Leslie BAKER, aka Rex 'Snowy' BAKER {AU}
(M: 1884 Feb 8 (or 4) - 1953 Dec 2) General Physical Culture [n|1910] Gaetano BALLARDINI
(M: 1878 Oct 1 - 1953 May 26) Harold BALME {UK}
(M: 1878 - 1953 Feb 13) A Criticism Of Nursing Education With Suggestions For...Reform [n|1937] The Relief Of Pain: Handbook Of Modern Analgesia [n|?/1939] Prof, Ewald BANSE {DE}
(M: 1883 May 23 - 1953 Oct 31) Die Türkei [n|Ge-1919] Germany Prepares For War [n|Ge-?] (tr Alan HARRIS) [1934] Ettwell Augustine Bracher BARNARD {UK}
(M: 1872 - 1953 Feb 16) (wrote as: E A B B) Some Notes On The Old Evesham 'Mercy & Truth' Lodge... (anon) [n|1914] Bp, Ernest William BARNES {UK}
(M: 1874 Apr 1 - 1953 Nov 29) Spiritualism And The Christian Faith [n|?/1920] Should Such A Faith Offend? [n|1927] Scientific Theory And Religion [n|1933] The Rise Of Christianity [n|1947] Religion Amid Turmoil [n|1949] Percy Neville BARNETT {AU}
(M: 1881 Sep 13 - 1953 Jun 5) The Bookplate In Australia [n|1930] Pictorial Book-Plates [n|1931] Armorial Book-Plates [n|1932] Woodcut Book-Plates [n|1934] Japanese Colour-Prints [n|1936] Colour Prints Of Hiroshige [n|1937] Hiroshige [n|1938] Glimpses At Ukiyo-ye [n|1940] Nishiki-ye: Brocade Prints Of Japan [n|1941] Figure Prints Of Japan [n|1948] Japanese Art [n|1953] Sir, Lancelot Edward BARRINGTON-WARD {UK}
(M: 1884 Jul 4 - 1953 Nov 17) Royal Northern Operative Surgery (anon) (ed) [n|1931/1959] Abdominal Surgery Of Children [n|?] Ernst BARTHEL {DE}
(M: 1890 Oct 17 - 1953 Feb 16) Edwin Alfred BARTON {UK}
(M: 1863 Jul 12 - 1953 Feb 10) Essentials Of Infant Feeding [n|1925] Chalk Streams And Water Meadows [n|1933] A Doctor Remembers [a|1941] Running Water [1944] An Album Of The Chalk Streams [n|1946] Wilfrid Alexander BARTON {UK}
(M: c1881 - 1953 Mar 18) The Land And Mineral Taxes Of The Finance 1909-10 (w D O EVANS) [n|1910] William Rupert BASSET {US?}
(M: 1883 - 1953) How To Audit: A Manual Of Instruction (anon) [n|1919] Werner BAUMBACH {DE}
(M: 1916 Dec 27 - 1953 Oct 29) Sir, Arnold (Edward Trevor) BAX {UK}
(M: 1883 Oct 8 - 1953 Oct 3) (also wrote as: Dermot O'BYRNE) Seafoam And Firelight (ps: Dermot O'BYRNE) [p|1909] The Sisters And Green Magic (ps: Dermot O'BYRNE) [1912] Wrack, And Other Stories (ps: Dermot O'BYRNE) [s|1918] Farewell My Youth [a|1943] Margaret (Janet) BECKER {UK}
(F: 1903 - 1953 Jul 27) Blythburgh: An Essay On The Village And Its Church [n|1935] Flowers By Post, And Other Verse [p|1944] Carrie D BEEBE
(F: ? - ?) R Violets [f|1873] Charles Washington BEEBE
(M: ? - ?) (wrote as: RAVENSWOOD) R Edmund Dawn; Or, Ever Forgive [f|1873] Janet (Muriel) BEGBIE, Mrs FARWELL {UK}
(F: 1897 - 1953 Feb 18) (also wrote as: Elizabeth CROLY) Morning Mist [f|1916] The Street That Ran Away (ps: Elizabeth CROLY) [f|1921] A Sailing We Will Go (ps: Elizabeth CROLY) [f|1922] The Lucky Tub (ps: Elizabeth CROLY) [p|1922] The Lure Of The New Forest (ps: Elizabeth CROLY) [n|1925] Round About Monte Carlo (ps: Elizabeth CROLY) [n|1926] Canon, William Godfrey BELL {UK}
(M: 1880 Nov 2 - 1953 Jan 14) History Of St Leonard' Church, Streatham [n|1916] (Joseph) Hilaire (Pierre/Peter) BELLOC {UK}
(M: 1870 Jul 27 - 1953 Jul 16) (also wrote as: H B) Verses And Sonnets [p|1895] 27175 The Bad Child's Book Of Beasts [p|1896] 27176 More Beasts (For Worse Children) (ps: H B) [p|1897] The Modern Traveller [p|1898] A Moral Alphabet [1899] Danton [1899] Lambkin's Remains [1900] Paris [n|1900] Robespierre [1901] 7373 The Path To Rome [1902] Caliban's Guide To Letters [1903] 18839 Avril: Being Essays On The Poetry Of The French Renaissance [e|1904] The Aftermath; Or, Gleanings From A Busy Life (ps: H B) [1903] Emmanuel Burden [f|1904] The Old Road [1905] Esto Perpetua [1906] 13367 Hills And The Sea [p|1906] 27424 Cautionary Tales For Children [p|1907] 13046 The Historic Thames [n|1907] 7432 On Nothing And Kindred Subjects [e|1908] The Eye-Witness [s|1908] Mr Clutterbuck's Election [f|1908] The Pyrenees [n|1909] A Change In The Cabinet [f|1909] On Everything [e|1909] Marie Antoinette [1910] On Anything [e|1910] Verses [p|1910] Pongo And The Bull [f|1910] The Girondin [f|1911] 7352 First And Last [?-?] (tr anon) [1911] 7354 On Something [e|1911] 27182 More Peers [p|1911] The Party System (w C CHESTERTON) [1911] Waterloo [1912] The Four Men [1912] The Green Overcoat [f|1912] Hills And The Sea [f|1913] The River Of London [1913] The Book Of The Bayeux Tapestry [n|1913] 10700 The History Of England (w John LINGARD) [11v|n|1914] 18042 A General Sketch Of The European War, The First Phase [n|1915] The Last Days Of The French Monarchy [n|1916] A General Sketch Of The European War, The Second Phase [n|1916] 18018 The Free Press [1917] 8442 Europe And The Faith [1920] The House Of Commons And Monarchy [n|1920] The Jews [n|1922/1937] The Mercy Of Allah [f|1922] On [1923] The Contrast [1924] Verses And Sonnets [p|1924] The Cruise Of The 'Nona' [1925] History Of England [4v|n|1925-1931] Mr Petre [f|1925] Miniatures Of French History [n|1925] The Emerald Of Catharine The Great [f|1926] A Companion To Mr Wells' 'History Of The World' [1926] The Haunted House [f|1927] James II [1928] Many Cities [1928] But Soft, We Are Observed (aka: Shadowed) [f|1928] A Conversation With An Angel [1928] Belinda [f|1928] & Survivals And New Arrivals [1929] Joan Of Arc [b|1929] The Missing Masterpiece [f|1929] Richelieu [n|1930] Wolsey [n|1930] The Man Who Made Gold [f|1930] New Cautionary Tales [1930] A Conversation With A Cat [1931] Essays Of A Catholic Layman In England [e|1931] Cranmer [n|1931] Six British Battles [1932] The Postmaster-General [f|1932] Heroic Poem In Praise Of Wine [p|1932] Ladies And Gentlemen [1932] Napoleon [n|1932] The Tactics And Strategy Of The Great Duke Of Marlborough [n|1933] William The Conqueror [n|1933] Charles I [n|1933] Cromwell [n|1934] A Shorter History Of England [n|1934] Milton [n|1935] The Battle-Ground [1936] The County Of Sussex [n|1936] Characters Of The Reformation [n|1936] The Hedge And The Horse [f|1936] An Essay On The Nature Of Contemporary England [n|1937] The Crusade [1937] The Crisis Of Our Civilisation [n|1937] The Servile State [1937] The Question And The Answer [1938] Monarchy: A Study Of Louis XIV [n|1938] Return To The Baltic [1938] & The Great Heresies [1938] The Last Rally [1940] On The Place Of Gilbert Chesterton In English Letters [n|1940] The Silence Of The Sea And Other Stories [s|1941] Places [1942] Selected Essays [e|1948] On Sailing The Sea [1951] Verse [p|1954] Stories, Essays And Poems [s|?] A Book Of North Wales [n|?] Economics For Helen [?] Dámaso BERENGUER y FUSTÉ, Conde de XAUEN
(M: 1873 - 1953 May) La Guerra En Marruecos [n|Sp-1918] Campañas En El Rif Y Yebala, 1921-1922 [n|Sp-1923] De La Dictadura A La República [n|Sp-1946] Antoinette de BERGEVIN, Mrs HUZARD {FR?}
(F: 1874 Jul 28 - 1953 Mar 17) (wrote as: Colette YVER) La Bergerie [Fr-1903] Comment S'En Vont Les Reines [Fr-1905] Les Cervelines [Fr-1908] Les Dames Du Palais [Fr-1910] Un Coin Du Voile [Fr-1912] A King's Calling [f|Fr-?] (tr ?) [1913] Les Cousins Riches [f|Fr-1919] L'Homme Et Le Dieu (6e) [n|Fr-1923] Cher Coeur Humain! [Fr-1932] La Chaleur Du Nid [Fr-1938] L'Auxiliaire 1914 [Fr-1940] La Bourgeoise Et Le Croisé: Au Temps De Saint Louis [Fr-1943] Heinrich BERL {DE}
(M: 1896 Sep 2 - 1953 Apr 3) Prof, Hugo Adolf BERNATZIK {AT}
(M: 1897 Mar 26 - 1953 Mar 9) Rudolf/Rudolph BERNAUER {AT}
(M: 1880 Jan 20 - 1953 Nov 27) Theater Meines Lebens [a|Ge-1955] Henri (Léon Gustave Charles) BERNSTEIN {FR}
(M: 1876 Jan 20 - 1953 Nov 27) Le Marché [d|Fr-1900] Le Détour [d|Fr-1902] Joujou [d|Fr-1902] Le Bercail [d|Fr-1904] La Rafale [d|Fr-1905] La Griffe [d|Fr-1906] Le Voleur [d|Fr-1906] Samson [d|Fr-1907] Israël [d|Fr-1908] Après Moi [d|Fr-1911] L'Assaut [d|Fr-1912] Le Secret [d|Fr-1913] Judith [d|Fr-1922] La Galerie Des Glaces [d|Fr-1924] Félix [d|Fr-1926] Mélo [d|Fr-1929] Le Bonheur [d|Fr-1933] Le Co=eur [d|Fr-1936] Le Messager [d|Fr-1937] Elvire [d|Fr-1939] La Soif [d|Fr-1949] Victor [d|Fr-1950] Evangéline [d|Fr-1952] Espoir [d|Fr-1955] Le Venin [d|Fr-?] A BERTRAND
(?: 1873 - 1953) 17593 Van Schooljongen Tot Koning [f|Du-1903] Elsa BESKOW, nee MAARTMAN {SE}
(F: 1874 Feb 11 - 1953 Jun 30) Aunt Green, Aunt Brown... [Sw-?] (tr Siri ANDREWS) [1923] Pelle's New Suit [1929] Fredrik Natanael BESKOW {SE}
(M: 1865 Mar 9 - 1953 Oct 8) Rev, Henry BETT {UK}
(M: 1876 Mar 23 - 1953 Apr 1) The Watch Night [1911] C The Hymns Of Methodism In Their Literary Relations [n|1912/?/1945] Nursery Rhymes And Tales [p|1924] The Games Of Children [n|1929] Studies In Religion [n|1929] Studies In Literature [n|1929] Johannes Scotus Erigena [n|1925] Nicholas Of Cusa [n|1932] Joachim Of Flora [n|1931] Some Secrets Of Style [n|1932] Wanderings Among Words [n|1936] The Spirit Of Methodism [n|1937] The Reality Of The Religious Life [n|1949] English Legends [n|1950] English Myths And Traditions [n|1952] Judge, Ugo BETTI {IT}
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