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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Eivind P AAKUS {US}
(M: 1854 - ?) Minne... [a|?-1932] AANDAN KAVIRAYAN
(?: 1876 - 1954) Aleksandr Vissarionovich ABASHELI / ABASELI
(M: 1884 - 1954) Sait/Said Faik/Faig ABASIYANIK / ABASYIANYK / ABASYAN {TR}
(M: c1906 - 1954) (wrote as: Sait KAIK) Percival (William Henry) ABBOTT {UK}
(M: 1869 Jun 7 - 1954 Jan 29) Exercises In Arithmetic And Mensuration [n|1913] Mathematical Tables And Formulae [n|1918] Numerical Trigonometry [n|1918] National Certificate Mathematics [3v|n|1938] Teach Yourself Trigonometry [n|1940] Teach Yourself Mechanics [n|1941] Teach Yourself Algebra [n|1942] Teach Yourself Calculus [n|1946] Teach Yourself Geometry [n|1947] ABD ALLAH ALI Al-HAKIMI
(M: 1900 - 1954) Einosuke ABE {JP?}
(M: 1880 - 1954) Un ABONNÉ des 'Annales du Génie Civile' (ps)
(M: ? - ?) Visite À L'Exposition De Vienne [n|Fr-1874] Archdeacon, Frederick George ACKERLEY {UK}
(M: 1871 Nov 12 - 1954 Oct 21) A Rumanian Manual [n|1916] History Of Mitton [n|1948] Bp, Richard Dyke ACLAND {UK}
(M: 1881 - 1954 Jan 4) (wrote as: R D A) Bombay Verses [p|1933] Bible Readings And Prayers For Every Day In Lent [n|?] Suggested Lectionary For Sundays [n|?] Ninety-Four Collects For The Christian Year [n|?] Private Prayers [n|?] So Great A Cloud [n|?] Charles Abel ADAMS {US}
(M: 1854 - ?) Pete's Devils [f|1902] Morley (Punshon) ADAMS {UK}
(M: 1876 - 1954 Jan 31) Omar's Interpreter: A New Life Of Edward FitzGerald [b|1909] Tricks That Anyone Can Do [n|1911] The Boy Scout's Companion (ed) [n|1912/13/14] The Boys' Own Book Of Indoor Games And Recreations (ed) [n|1912] The Boy's Own Book Of Pets And Hobbies (ed) [n|1912] Toys & Models Made From Matches [n|1914] In The Footsteps Of Borrow & Fitzgerald [n|1914] The Complete Scout (ed) [n|1915] Books For Scouts (ed) [4v|n|1915-16] Toy-Making At Home: How To Make A Hundred Toys From Odds And Ends [n|1915] Puzzles That Everyone Can Do:...New Puzzles And Problems [n|1931] The Morley Adams Puzzle Book [n|1939] The Children's Puzzle Book (ed) [n|1940] The Penguin Crossword Puzzle Book [n|1940] Children's Pie [1940] The Second Penguin Crossword Puzzle Book [n|1941] You Can Make It [n|1941] The Amazing Adventures Of Peter, Paul And Percy [f|1942] Children's Crossword Book [n|1943] The Pranks Of Peter, Paul And Percy [f|1944] The Children's Book Of Warplanes (ed) [n|1944] The Children's How And Why Aeroplane Book (ed) [n|1944] The Children's Invasion Book [n|1944] The Third Penguin Crossword Puzzle Book [n|1944] The Children's Games And Amusements Book [n|1945] Crossword Puzzles For Children [n|1946] The Three Little Piglets [f|1947] Children's Illustrated Crosswords [n|1948] Puzzle Parade [n|1948] Ernst AEPPLI {CH}
(M: 1892 Apr 28 - 1954 Aug 26) Spittelers 'Imago' Analyse [n|Ge-1922] Deutsche Lyrik Vom Siebzehnten Jahrhundert...Gegenwart (ed) [Ge-1925] Heinrich Pestalozzi Gedenkbuch [n|Ge-1927] Lebenskonflikte: Eine Psychologische Beratung [n|Ge-1942] Der Traum Und Seine Deutung [n|Ge-1943] Psychologie Des Bewußten Und Unbewußten [n|Ge-1947] Persönlichkeit: Vom Wesen Des Gereiften Menschen [n|Ge-1952] Psychologische Beratung [n|Ge-1956] Malcolm R AFFORD {AU}
(M: 1906 (or 1908) Apr 8 - 1954 Nov 2) (wrote as: Max AFFORD) The Flail Of God [d|1932] William Light - The Founder (aka: Awake My Love) [d|pub:1936] Blood On His Hands! [f|1936] Death's Mannikins [f|1937] The Dead Are Blind [f|1937] Owl Of Darkness (UK: Fly By Night) [f|1942] # Lady In Danger [d|pro:1942/pub:1944] # Mischief In The Air [d|pro:1944] Dark Enchantment [d|pro:1950] Sinners In Paradise [1951] An Ear For Murder [1951] Mischief In The Air [and other plays] [d|pub:1974] Rudolph AHLERS {DDR}
(M: 1889 Aug 14 or 24 - 1954 Mar 29) Thomas Torsten [f|Ge-1937] Ich Sehe Dich In Tausend Bildern [Ge-1938] Das Wette Land [f|Ge-1940] Zwischen Den Wassern: Chronik Einer Landschaft [Ge-1943] Mathilde AIGUEPERSE
(F: 1854 - ?) George AITCHISON {UK}
(M: 1877 Jun 6 - 1954 Apr 30) (also wrote as: A C THYSON) Unknown Brighton [n|1926] Sussex [n|1936] Bess (nee)Streeter ALDRICH {US}
(F: 1881 Feb 17 - 1954 Aug 3) # Mother Mason [f|1924] The Rim Of The Prairie [f|1925] The Cutters [f|1926] # A Lantern In Her Hand [f|1928] # A White Bird Flying [f|1931] # Miss Bishop [f|1933] # Spring Came On Forever [f|1935] The Man Who Caught The Weather [s|1936] Song Of Years [f|1939] The Drum Goes Dead [f|1941] The Lieutenant's Lady [f|1942] Journey Into Christmas [s|1949] The Bess Streeter Aldrich Reader [s|1950] A Bess Streeter Aldrich Treasury [s|1959] The Collected Short Works, 1907-1919 [s|?] The Collected Short Works, 1920-1954 [s|?] Arthur Chambers ALEXANDER {US}
(M: 1863 - 1954) An Elementary Course In Experimental Physics [n|1897] Franco ALFANO {IT}
(M: 1875 (or 1876) Mar 8 - 1954 Oct 27) Frederick Lewis ALLEN {US}
(M: 1890 Jul 5 - 1954 Feb 13) Frederick Baylies Allen [b|1929] # Only Yesterday: An Informal History Of The Nineteen-Twenties [n|1931] The American Procession: American Life Since 1860 In Photographs (w Agnes ROGERS) [n|1933] Metropolis: An American City In Photographs [n|1934] The Lords Of Creation [n|1935] In A Time Of Apprehension [n|1938] # Since Yesterday: The Nineteen-Thirties In America [n|1940] American Magazines, 1741-1941 (w W L CHENERY & Fulton OURSLER) [n|1941] Paul Revere Reynolds [b|1944] I Remember Distinctly:...The American People, 1918-1941 [n|1947] The Great Pierpont Morgan [b|1949] Harper's Magazine, 1850-1950 [n|1950] # The Big Change: America Transforms Itself, 1900-1950 [n|1952] The Lords Of Creation [n|1966] Prof, Herbert Stanley ALLEN {UK}
(M: 1873 Dec 29 - 1954 Apr 27) Photo-electricity: The Liberation Of Electrons By Light [n|?] A Text-book Of Practical Physics (w H MOORE) [n|1916/?/1948] The Quantum And Its Interpretation [n|?] Electrons And Waves [n|?] Text-book Of Heat (w R S MAXWELL) [n|?] James Henry ALLEN
(M: 1854 - ?) Merritt Parmelee ALLEN {US}
(M: 1892 Jul 2 - 1954 Dec 26) In Greenbrook [f|1923] The Ghost Of The Glimmerglass [f|1928] Tied In The Ninth [f|1930] Sir Henry Morgan [b|1931] Out Of A Clear Sky [1938] Western Star: A Story Of Jim Bridger [f|1941] The Green Cockade [1942] The Sun Trail [1943] The White Feather [1944] The Mudhen [1945] Red Heritage [1946] The Spirit Of The Eagle [1947] Battle Lanterns [1949] The Mudhen And The Walrus [1950] Make Way For The Brave: The Oregon Quest [1950] Johnny Reb [f|1952] The Wilderness Way [f|1954] Flor ALPAERTS {BE}
(M: 1876 Sep 12 - 1954 Oct 5) Sir, Herbert Brown AMES {CA}
(M: 1863 Jun 27 - 1954 Mar 30 or 31) The City Below The Hill:..City Of Montreal, Canada [n|(1897)/?] Wallace Bruce AMSBARY {US}
(M: 1867 - 1954) The Ballads Of Bourbonnais [p|1904] The French-Canadian In Prose And Verse [n|1910] M'sieu Robin: Lyrics And Legends Of Jean Baptiste And His Friends [1925] Martin ANDERSEN {DK}
(M: 1869 Jun 26 - 1954 Jun 1) (wrote as: Martin Andersen NEXØ; Martin ANDERSEN-NEXØ) Pelle Erobreren [Da-1906] 7795 Pelle, The Conqueror - Boyhood [Da-1906] (tr Jessie MUIR) [1913] 7795 lle, The Conqueror - Apprenticeship [Da-?] (tr Bernard MIALL) [1914] 7795 lle, The Conqueror - The Great Struggle [Da-?] (tr B MIALL) [1915] 7795 lle, The Conqueror - Daybreak [Da-?] (tr Jessie MUIR) [1917] 31496 Ditte - Girl Alive! [f|Da-?] (tr anon) [1920] John Murray ANDERSON {CA}
(M: 1886 Sep 20 - 1954 Jan 30) L Social Dancing Of To-day (w Troy KINNEY & Margaret West KINNEY) [1914] Out Without My Rubbers [a|1954] Marjorie ANDERSON {US}
(F: 1892 Mar 8 - 1954 Nov 29) Web Of Thoughts [p|1921] Walter ANGEL {AT}
(M: 1883 Nov 10 - 1954 Feb) Die Reise Der Frau Marchesa [f|Ge-1906] Liebchen [f|Ge-1916] Jarolim Der Abenteurer [f|Ge-1919] Der Meister [f|Ge-1922] Kastell Janicsary [f|Ge-1923] Der Günstling Des Zaren [f|Ge-1926] Die Rubine Des Silvanus De Vliet [f|Ge-1926] Manège [f|Ge-1927] Frau In Freiheit [f|Ge-1930] Canon, Harold ANSON {UK}
(M: 1867 Dec 4 - 1954 Apr 1) Spiritual Healing [n|1925] A Practical Faith [n|1926] Thinking Aloud [n|1928] Looking Forward [n|1938] The Truth About Spiritualism [n|?] Life Of T B Strong [b|1949] Prof, Otto ANTHES {DE}
(M: 1867 Oct 7 - 1954 Nov 19) (also wrote as: O Eugen THOSSAN (1)) Sternschnuppen [s|Ge-1896] Möblierte Herren; Wanda [s|Ge-1897] Beim Kommiß [Ge-1897] Ledige Bräute [Ge-1899] Das Marockche [Ge-1902] Dichter Und Schulmeister [Ge-1904] Der Papierne Drache [Ge-1905] Erotik Und Erziehung [Ge-1908] Don Juans Letztes Abenteuer [d|Ge-pub:1909] Deutsche Sprachlehre Für Deutsche Kinder [n|Ge-1909] Heinz Hauser: Ein Schulmeisterleben [f|Ge-1912] Rund Um Die Erde Zur Front: Dem Flüchtling Nacherzählt [Ge-1917] Bunter Herbst [p|Ge-1917] * Frau Juttas Untreue; Das Narrengericht; Theophano [Ge-1918] Lübische Geschichten [s|Ge-1922] Herzklostersee [s|Ge-1923] Unter Den Sieben Türmen: Lübische Geschichten [s|Ge-1926] Kapitänsgeschichten [Ge-1929] Zum Reiche Wöll'n Wir Stan: Historische Erzählungen [s|Ge-1941] Der Graf Von Chasot [f|Ge-1948] Lübeck - Du Seltsam Schöne Stadt [f|Ge-1943/?/?/82] Die Regelmühle: Von Der Deutschen Sprachlehre [Ge-1906] Ein Kranz Von Versen Um Die Schönste Stadt [Ge-1947] Von Uschi Zu Ursula [f|Ge-1949] Lübecker Miniaturen [f|Ge-1948] Lübecker ABC [Ge-1975] Octave Bancharel d'AOUST {US?}
(M: 1868 - 1954) (wrote as: O B d'A) Man's Destiny: An Essay On Universal Religion (anon) [n|1944] Canon, John (Peter) ARENDZEN {UK}
(M: 1873 Jan 6 - 1954 Jul 21) Theodori Abu Kurra Libellus De Cultu Imaginum [n|1897] Gospels - Fact, Myth Or Legend? [n|?] Prophets, Priests And Publicans [n|?] What Becomes Of The Dead? [n|?] Whom Do You Say? [n|?] Men And Manners In The Days Of Christ [n|?] Ten Minutes A Day To Heaven [n|2002] Friedrich ARENHÖVEL {DE}
(M: 1886 Feb 14 - 1954 Apr 6) Kilian Und Wenzeslaus [f|Ge-1926] Hie Kuno Stichling!: Tierabenteuer Zu Wasser Und Zu Lande [f|Ge-1929] Explosion [f|Ge-1933] Der Habicht Und Das Mädchen [f|Ge-1934] Werkmeister Ohle [d|Ge-1934] Die Ehe [d|Ge-1934] Bräutigam Im Labyrinth [f|Ge-1935] In Afrika Wartet Ein Mann [f|Ge-1939] Walter Conrad ARENSBERG {US}
(M: 1878 - 1954) Idols [p|1916] ARION (ps)
(?: ? - ?) Alphonzo Stilletto's Poetization Of The Incipient Stage... [p|1874] Sir, John Stanhope ARKWRIGHT {UK}
(M: 1872 Jul 10 - 1954 Sep 19) The Last Muster, And Other Poems [p|1901] The Supreme Sacrifice, And Other Poems In Time Of War [p|1919] Reginald Moxon ARMITAGE, aka Stanley HILL {UK}
(M: 1898 Jul 15 - 1954 Mar 4) (wrote as: Noel GAY) John ARMOUR {AU}
(M: 1889 - 1954 May 1) The Spell Of The Inland: A Romance Of Central Australia [f|1923] Burning Air [f|1928] Century Sandy [1936] The Story Of Christianity [n|1937] The Road To El-Dorado [f|1938] Prof, Andrew Joseph ARMSTRONG {US}
(M: 1873 Mar 29 - 1954 Mar 31) Operatic Performance In England Before Handel [n|1918] Baylor Men In Military Service [n|1919] Baylor Browning Interests (1st series) [1926] Baylor Browning Interests (2nd series) [1930] Nevill Alexander Drummond ARMSTRONG {CA}
(M: 1874 - 1954) Yukon Yesterdays [a|1936] After Big Game In The Upper Yukon [n|1937] Canon, Duncan ARMYTAGE {UK}
(M: 1889 Aug 22 - 1954 Feb 14) Christianity In The Roman World [n|1927] Firmly I Believe: Some Fundamentals Of The Faith [n|1937] One Sufficient Sacrifice: Meditations For Good Friday [n|1938] Edward Montague ASHWORTH {CA}
(M: 1880 - 1954 Mar 26) (wrote as: Johnston ABBOTT) La Roux [f|1924] The Seigneurs Of La Saulaye [f|1928] Sir, Robert William ASKE, 1st Baronet ASKE of Aughton {UK}
(M: 1872 Dec 29 - 1954 Mar 10) The Law Of Customs Of Trade [n|?] Cyril ASQUITH, (life) Baron ASQUITH Of BISHOPSTONE of Bishopstone {UK}
(M: 1890 Feb 5 - 1954 Aug 24) Trade Union Law For Laymen [n|1927] Versions From A Shropshire Lad [1930] Life Of Herbert Henry Asquith, Lord Oxford... (w J A SPENDER) [b|1932] John Black ATKINS {UK}
(M: 1871 Nov 5 - 1954 Mar 16) The War In Cuba [n|1899] The Relief Of Ladysmith [n|1900] National Physical Training [n|1902] Side Shows [1908] The Life Of Sir W H Russell [b|1911] The Nation's Opportunity [n|1917] A Floating Home (w Cyril C L IONIDES) [n|1918] An Ordinary Man's Thoughts On The Drink Question [n|1927] Further Memorials Of The Royal Yacht Squadron [n|?] Incidents And Reflections [n|?] Leopold (Lawrence) ATLAS {US}
(M: 1907 Oct 19 - 1954 Sep 30) Anson Phelps ATTERBURY
(M: 1854 - ?) Louis Grégoire AUCLAIR
(M: 1854 - ?) I Le Congrès De La Baie Saint-Paul [n|Fr-1882] Alfred AUERBACH {DE}
(M: 1873 Jun 9 - 1954 Jan 31) Schwobaköpf [Ge-1904] Schwobastreich [Ge-1905] Aus Schillers Jugendzeit [Ge-1905] D'lescht Sau [Ge-1906] Mimik [Ge-1910] Auf'm Amt [d|Ge-1911] Das Gesprochene Wort [Ge-1921] Mimk-Pantomimen [Ge-1923] Schwäbische Satiren [Ge-1924] Theaterpädagog [e|Ge-1924] Schwäbische Miniaturen [Ge-1925] Prominente [f|Ge-1926] Peer Gynt Text Zur Grieg-Musik [Ge-1928] Der Mann Mit Dem Fernsinn [f|Ge-1929] Wir Sind Die Kraft [Ge-1930] Ein Schwabe Studiert Amerika [n|Ge-1948] Roland AUSTIN {UK}
(M: 1874 Apr 18 - 1954 Apr 8) Some Gloucestershire Books And Their Writers [n|1911] Supplement To The Bibliographer's Manual Of Gloucestershire... [2v|n|1915-16] Bibliography Of George Whitefield [n|1916] Bicentenary History Of The Gloucester Journal [n|1922] Catalogue Of The Gloucestershire Collection In Gloucester Public Library [n|1928] The Crypt School, Gloucester, 1539 To 1939 [n|?] M A AVERY
(?: ? - ?) R The Rebel General's Loyal Bride [f|1874] M A A B (ps)
(?: ? - ?) R Clouded In Mystery [f|1874] Prof, Ernest Brown BABCOCK {US}
(M: 1877 Jul 10 - 1954 Dec 8) Genetics In Relation To Agriculture (w Roy E CLAUSEN) [n|1918/1927] Karl BACHER {AT}
(M: 1884 Feb 10 - 1954 Jul 8) Prof, Leonard BACON {US}
(M: 1887 - 1954) (also wrote as: AUTOLYCUS) Ulug Beg (ps: AUTOLYCUS) [p|1923] PhD's, Male And Female He Created Them [1925] The Legend Of Quincibald [1928] Rhyme And Punishment [1936] Bullinger Bound [1938] Semi-Centenniel (ps: AUTOLYCUS) [a|1939] Prof, Liberty Hyde BAILEY (Jr) {US}
(M: 1858 Mar 15 - 1954 Dec 25) Annals Of Horticulture [5v|n|1889-1893] 9550 Manual Of Gardening [n|1910/1912/1916] 26132 The Apple-Tree [n|1922] Manual Of Cultivated Plants [n|1924] Cyclopedia Of Horticulture, Hortus Second (ed) [n|1958] Nursery Manual [n|1967] Cyclopedia Of American Agriculture (ed) [4v|n|?] Standard Cyclopedia Of Horticulture (ed) [3v|n|?] The Holy Land [n|?] Prof, Donald Macpherson BAILLIE {UK}
(M: 1887 Nov 5 - 1954 Oct 31) Faith In God And Its Christian Consummation [n|1927] God Was In Christ: An Essay On Incarnation And Atonement [n|1948] John Lloyd BALDERSTON {US}
(M: 1889 Oct 22 - 1954 Mar 8) The Genius Of The Marne [d|1919] A Morality Play For The Leisured Class [d|1924] Tongo [d|1924] Berkeley Square (w J C SQUIRE) [d|1926] Dracula (w Hamilton DEANE) [d|1931] Red Planet (w J E HOARE) [d|1932] Frankenstein (w Peggy WEBLING) [d|1932] A Goddess To A God [?] The Cleopatra-Caesar Correspondence [?] Chicago Blueprint [?] Charles Backus BALL
(M: 1854 - ?) Hylda BALL, nee RHODES {UK}
(F: 1874 - 1954 Feb 17) A Vase Of Clay [1914] The Unhallowed Vow [1918] Peep O' Day [1929] A Moorland Vendetta [1934] Emilio BALLAGAS {CU}
(M: 1908 Nov 7 - 1954 Sep 11) Júbilo Y Fuga [Sp-1931] Cuaderno De Poesía Negra [Sp-1934] Elegía Sin Nombre [p|Sp-1936] Nocturno Y Elegía [Sp-1938] Sabor Eterno [Sp-1939] Nuestra Señora Del Mar [Sp-1943] Décimas Por El Júbilo Martiano En El Centenario...José Martí [Sp-1953] Prof, Arthur James BALLANTYNE {UK}
(M: 1876 - 1954 Nov 9) A Pocket Book Of Ophthalmology [n|1920/1924] José Domingo BARBERÁ {CU}
(M: c1854 - ?) Elsa BARKER, nee ? {US}
(F: 1869 - 1954) The Son Of Mary Bethel [1909] The Frozen Grail, And Other Poems [p|1910] Stories From The New Testament, For Children [s|1911] The Book Of Love [p|1912] Letters From A Living Dead Man [1914] War Letters From The Living Dead Man [1915] Songs Of A Vagrom Angel [p|1916] Last Letters From The Living Dead Man [1919] Fielding Sargent [f|1922] Cobra Candlestick [1928] CID Of Dexter Drake [1929] Redman Cave Murder [1930] Horace (later)Mallinson BARLOW {UK}
(M: 1884 - 1954 Jun 21) Robert Habersham BARNWELL
(M: 1854 - ?) Gentle Pioneers [a|1921] Prof, David Prescott BARROWS {US}
(M: 1873 Jun 27 - 1954 Sep 5) The Ethno-botany Of The Cohuilla Indians [n|1900] * A History Of The Philippines [n|1905/1924] 28577 The Negrito And Allied Types In The Philippines [n|(1910)/?] Berbers And Blacks [n|1926] Sir, John BARTLEY {UK}
(M: 1886 Mar 3 - 1954 Jul 9) General Clauses Act (India), 1897 [n|?/?/?/1940] Albert Carlos BATES {US}
(M: 1865 - 1954) (wrote as: A GRANDSON) Captain Enoch Powers And His Wife Sophia Teresa Collins (anon) [b|1945] Brig-Gen, Francis Stewart Montague BATES {UK}
(M: 1876 Feb 8 - 1954 Jun 21) The Infantry Scout: An Outline Of His Training [n|1913/15] James Sykes BATTYE {AU}
(M: 1871 Nov 14 or 20 - 1954 Jul 15) Cyclopedia Of Western Australia (ed) [n|1912-13] History Of The North West Of Australia (ed) [n|1915] # Western Australia: A History From Its Discovery...Commonwealth [n|1924] Thomas BATY {UK}
(M: 1869 Feb 8 - 1954 Feb 9) The Laws Of Law [n|1899] First Elements Of Legal Procedure [n|1900/1927] International Law In South Africa [n|1900] International Law [n|1909] Britain And Sea Law [n|1911] Polarized Law (Private International Law) [n|1914] War And Its Legal Results (w MORGAN) [n|1915] Vicarious Liability [n|1916] Notes On Hire And Loan [n|1918] Canons Of International Law [n|1930] Academic Colours [n|1933] International Law In Twilight [n|1954] Gertrud BÄUMER {DE}
(F: 1873 Sep 12 - 1954 Mar 25) Handbuch Der Frauenbewegung (jt ed) [2v|n|Ge-1901] Die Hoeheren Lehranstalten... (w R LEHMANN & C RETHWISCH) [n|Ge-1904] Geschichte Der Gymnasialkurse Für Frauen Zu Berlin [n|Ge-1906] Von Der Kinderseele (w Lili DROESCHER) [Ge-1908] Frauenbewegung Und Sexualethik [n|Ge-1909] Die Soziale Idee In Den Weltanschauungen Des 19 Jahrhunderts [n|Ge-1910] Die Frau Und Das Geistige Leben [n|Ge-1911] Der Deutsche Frauenkongreß [n|Ge-1912] Die Frau In Volkswirtschaft Und Staatsleben Der Gegenwart [n|Ge-1914] Studien Über Frauen [n|Ge-1921] Die Seelische Krisis [n|Ge-1924] Grundlagen Demokratischer Politik [n|Ge-1928] Deutsche Schulpolitik [n|Ge-1928] Heimatchronik Während Des Weltkrieges [n|Ge-1930] Sinn Und Formen Geistiger Führung [n|Ge-1930] Neuer Humanismus [n|Ge-1930] Lebensweg Durch Eine Zeitenwende [n|Ge-1933] Adelheid - Mutter Der Königreiche [n|Ge-1936] Der Park: Geschichte Eines Sommers [n|Ge-1937] Wolfram Von Eschenbach [b|Ge-1938] Die Macht Der Liebe: Der Weg Des Dante Alighieri [n|Ge-1941] Der Ritterliche Mensch: Die Naumburger Stifterfiguren (n)[Ge-1941] Frau Rath Goethe: Die Weisheit Der Mutter [n|Ge-1949] Die Drei Göttlichen Komödien Des Abendlandes [n|Ge-1949] Ricarda Huch [n|Ge-1949] Otto I Und Adelheid [n|Ge-1951] Das Königliche Haupt [f|Ge-1951] Im Licht Der Erinnerung [a|Ge-1953] Eine Woche Im Mai: Sieben Tage Des Jungen Goethe [n|Ge-1956] Des Lebens Wie Der Liebe Band (ed Emmy BECKMANN) [a|Ge-1956] Bildnis Der Liebenden: Gestalt Und Wandel Der Frau [n|Ge-1958] Eleonora Duse [b|Ge-1958] Der Berg Des Königs: Das Epos Des Langobardischen Volkes [n|Ge-1959] Ransford BEACH {US}
(?: ? - 1954) Playmates In America [f|1926] Fred Erwin BEAL {US}
(M: 1896 - 1954) Proletarian Journey: New England, Gastonia, Moscow [a|1937] Emil BEBLER {CH}
(M: 1883 Jul 31 - 1954 Jul 25) Conrad Ferdinand Meyer Und Gottfried Kinkel [n|Ge-1948] Gottfried Keller Und Ludmilla Assing [n|Ge-1952] Jack(=John Ernest) BECHDOLT {US}
(M: 1884 - 1954) Francis Donkin BEDFORD {UK}
(M: 1864 - 1954 May 14) Mirza Ismatullah BEG
(M: 1896 - 1954) Henry BELCHER
(M: ? - ?) Cramleigh College [f|1874] Henry Marvin BELDEN {US}
(M: 1865 Oct - 1954 May 17) Prepositions In, On, To For, For, & Æt In Anglo-Saxon [n|1897] Ballads And Songs Collected By The Missouri Folk-lore Society (ed) [n|1940] Canon, Charles Carlyle BELL {UK}
(M: 1868 - 1954 Sep 4) The Companionship Of Jesus:...The Forty Days Of Lent [n|1898] 'Veni Emmanuel!': Brief Reflections For The Days Of Advent [n|1899] Christ Our Life: Quiet Thoughts For Easter-tide [n|1899] The Children's Round Of Fast And Festival [n|1900] The Story Of The Promise:...The Old Testament For Children [n|1901] The Eucharistic Life [n|1904] Friend And Foe In The Spiritual Life [n|1907] The Treasury Of Jesus: Brief Reflections For The Forty Days Of Lent [n|1909] Some Vital Questions [n|1913] God's Love [n|1916] Carrying On The National Mission [n|1917] By Two And Two:...The York Diocesan Itinerant Mission...1916 [n|1917] God's Peace [n|1918] The Work Of An Evangelist [n|1925] The Children's Book Of Church And Sacraments [n|1926] The Sower: A Study Of The Parable Of Parables [n|1929] The Story Of York Minster [n|1932] The Story Of Fountains Abbey [n|1932] The Pilgrims' Book Of The York City Churches [n|1935] Religion And Anyman [n|1949] F J BELL
(?: ? - ?) (wrote as: Hardress O'HARA) Conquered At Last [f|1874] Euphemia BELLMORE
(F: ? - ?) Book Of Poems (8e) [p|1874] Jacinto BENAVENTE y MARTINEZ {ES}
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