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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Augustus Levi ABBOTT
(M: 1858 - ?) Eleanor Hallowell ABBOTT, Mrs COBURN {US}
(F: 1872 Sep 22 - 1958) 18665 Molly Make-Believe [f|1910] The Sick-A-Bed Lady [s|1911] 14506 The White Linen Nurse [f|1913] 15660 Little Eve Edgarton [f|1914] 15728 The Indiscreet Letter [f|1915] The Stingy Receiver [f|1917] The Ne'er-Do-Much [f|1918] Old-Dad [f|1919] 20213 Peace On Earth, Good-Will To Dogs [f|c1920] Rainy Week [f|c1921] 26399 Fairy Prince And Other Stories [s|1922] Silver Moon [f|1923] But Once A Year [s|1928] Love And The Ladies [f|1928] The Minister Who Kicked The Cat [s|1932] Being Little In Cambridge... [Mass] [a|1936] Holker ABBOTT {US?}
(M: 1858 - ?) Bear With Us: A Collection Of Tavern Club Verses (ed anon?) [p|1905] The Silver Wedding Of The Bear...Tavern Club... (anon) [1910] Arthur M ABELL {US}
(M: 1868 Apr 6 - 1958 Feb 7) Talks With Great Composers [n|1955] Otto ABETZ
(M: 1903 Mar 26 - 1958 May 5) Milton ABRAMOWITZ {US}
(M: 1915 - 1958) Handbook Of Mathematical Functions, With Formulas... (jt ed) [n|1964] Bentley DeForrest ACKLEY {US}
(M: 1872 - 1958) Have You Hit The Trail? (w Lizzie DeARMOND) [m|c1917] (Howard) Dartrey (Charles) ADAMS {NZ}
(M: 1897 Oct 12 - 1958 Jul 3) Joliffe's Local Government In Counties And...Boroughs (ed) [n|1934] Herbert ADAMS {UK}
(M: 1874 - 1958 Feb 24) (also wrote as: Jonathan GRAY) A Virtue Of Necessity [f|1899] The Secret Of Bogey House [f|1924] By Order Of The Five [f|1925] The Sloane Square Mystery [f|1925] Comrade Jill [f|1926] The Crooked Lip [f|1926] The Perfect Round [s|1927] The Queen's Gate Mystery [f|1927] The Empty Bed [f|1928] Rogues Fall Out [f|1928] Caroline Ormesby's Crime [f|1929] The Golden Ape [f|1930] Oddways [f|1930] Queen's Mate [f|1931] The Crime In The Dutch Garden [f|1931] A Lady So Innocent [f|1932] The Paulton Plot [f|1932] John Brand's Will (US: The Golf House Murder) [f|1933] The Woman In Black [f|1933] The Knife (US: The Strange Murder Of Hatton, KC) [f|1934] Mystery And Minette [f|1934] Safety Last (ps: Jonathan GRAY) [f|1934] Fate Laughs [f|1935] # The Body In The Bunker [f|1935] Death Off The Fairway [f|1936] A Word Of Six Letters (US: Murder Without Risk) [f|1936] The Old Jew Mystery [f|1936] A Single Hair [f|1937] The Owl (ps: Jonathan GRAY) [f|1937] The Bluff [f|1938] The Damnéd Spot [f|1938] The Nineteenth Hole Mystery [f|1939] Black Death [f|1939] The Case Of The Stolen Bridegroom [f|1940] # The Chief Witness [f|1940] Roger Bennion's Double [f|1941] Stab In The Back [f|1941] The Araway Oath [f|1942] Signal For Invasion [f|1942] The Scarlet Feather [f|1943] Victory Song [f|1943] Four Winds [f|1944] Welcome Home [f|1946] Diamonds Are Trumps (&ps: Jonathan GRAY) [f|1947] Crime Wave At Little Cornford [f|1948] One To Play [f|1949] The Dean's Daughters [f|1950] The Sleeping Draught [f|1951] # Exit The Skeleton [f|1952] The Spectre In Brown [f|1953] Slippery Dick [f|1954] The Writing On The Wall [f|1954] # The Judas Kiss [f|1955] Death On The First Tee (&ps: Jonathan GRAY) [f|1957] # Death Of A Viewer [f|1958] Samuel Hopkins ADAMS {US}
(M: 1871 Jan 26 - 1958 Nov 15 or 16) (also wrote as: Warner FABIAN) 10008 The Mystery (w Stewart Edward WHITE) [f|1905] The Great American Fraud [f|1906] The Flying Death [1906] 6864 Average Jones [f|1911] The Secret Of Lonesome Cove [1913] 16447 The Clarion [f|1914] 22196 Little Miss Grouch [f|1915] 5009 The Unspeakable Perk [f|1916] Our Square, And The People In It [1917] Common Cause [1918] 15431 Success [f|1921] 10944 From A Bench In Our Square [1922] Flaming Youth (ps: Warner FABIAN) [f|1923] Sailors' Wives (ps: Warner FABIAN) [f|1924] Siege (ps: Warner FABIAN) [f|1924] The Piper's Fee [f|1925] Summer Bachelors (ps: Warner FABIAN) [f|(1926)/1926] Revelry [f|1926] Unforbidden Fruit (ps: Warner FABIAN) [f|1928] The Godlike Daniel [Webster] [b|1930] The Men In Her Life (ps: Warner FABIAN) [f|1930] Week-end Girl (ps: Warner FABIAN) [f|1932] Night Bus [f|1933] The Gorgeous Hussy [f|1934] Widow's Oats (ps: Warner FABIAN) [f|1935] Perfect Specimen [f|1936] Incredible Era [Warren G Harding] [b|1939] Whispers [f|1940] The Harvey Girls [f|1942] Canal Town [f|1944] Banner By The Wayside [f|1947] Plunder [f|1948] The Pony Express [1950] Sunrise To Sunset [f|1950] The Grandfather Stories [s|1955] Tenderloin [1959] Harold Kenneth Peebles (or Ahmed Noureddin) ADDIS {US}
(M: 1884 Aug or Oct 6 - 1958 Dec 16) Arrow Of Flame, [p|1946] Rudolph ADLER
(M: ? - ?) Der Dolomit Und Seine Entsehung Nebst Einigen Versuchen... [n|Ge-1878] Cecilia Mary ADY {UK}
(F: 1881 Dec - 1958 Mar 27) A History Of Milan Under The Sforza (ed Edward ARMSTRONG) [n|1907] Pius II (Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini): The Humanist Pope [b|1913] Outlines Of European History, Part IV: 1494 To 1648 [n|1926] Florence And North Italy, 1414-1492 [n|1936] The Bentivoglio Of Bologna: A Study In Despotism [n|1937] The English Church And How It Works [n|1940] Morals And Manners Of The Quattrocento [n|1942] The Role Of Women In The Church [n|1948] Lorenzo Dei Medici And Renaissance Italy [n|1955] Mohiuddin AHMAD {IN}
(M: 1888 Nov 11 - 1958 Feb 22) (wrote as: Maulana Abul Kalam AZAD) India Wins Freedom [n|1959] Baronne, Marguerite Thomas-Galline AIMERY (HARTY) De PIERREBOURG
(F: 1858 - ?) (also wrote as: Claude FERVAL) Ma Figure [f|Fr-1911] Paul Hervieu [Fr-1916] Ninon Et Son Cortège [Fr-1924] Mademoiselle Aïssé Et Son Tendre Chevalier [Fr-1930] Madame Du Châtelet: Une Maîtresse De Voltaire [b|Fr-1948] Elinor AITCH (ps?)
(F: ? - ?) Cheer Or Kill [f|1878] Zoë AKINS, Mrs RUMBOLD {US}
(F: 1886 Oct 30 - 1958 Oct 29) Interpretations [p|1911] Déclassée [d|1919] Papa [d|1919] Cake Upon The Waters [f|1919] The Magical City [d|1919] Footloose [d|1920] Daddy's Gone A-Hunting [d|1921] The Varying Shore [d|1921] The Texas Nightingale (aka: Greatness) [d|1922/23] Déclassée; Daddy's Gone A-Hunting; Greatness [d|1923] Lucifers Ladies [d|1923] A Royal Fandango [d|1923] A Very Rich Man [d|1923] The Moon-Flower [d|reg:1924] Thou Desperate Pilot [d|1927] The Furies [d|1928] The Greeks Had A Word For It [d|1930] The Old Maid [d|1935] O, Evening Star [d|1936] Forever Young [f|1941] Another Darling [d|1950] The Swallow's Nest [d|1950] Sir, Chaloner Grenville ALABASTER {UK}
(M: 1880 - 1958 Sep 10) Laws Of Hong-Kong, 1844-1912 [n|?] Harry Maynard ALDERMAN {UK}
(M: 1887 - 1958 Jun 11) The Charm Of Old Surrey [n|1927] Old World Villages Of The Isle Of Wight [n|1928] A Pilgrimage In Hertfordshire [n|1931] Judge, Gilchrist Gibb ALEXANDER {UK}
(M: 1871 Oct 5 - 1958 Nov 24) From The Middle Temple To The South Seas [n|1927] Tanganyika Memories: A Judge In The Red Kanzu [a|1936] The Temple Of The Nineties [n|1938] After Court Hours [n|1950] Adrian (Richard) ALINGTON {UK}
(M: 1895 Apr 19 - 1958 Oct 30) Slowbags And Arethusa [f|1930] The Career Of Julian Stanley-Williams [f|1931] Mr Jubenka [f|1932] Chaytor's [f|1933] Ann And Aurelia: Some Chapters From The Lives Of Two Friends [f|1934] Donaldson [f|1935] The Boy King: The Story Of An Adventure [f|1935] Moss Is The Stuff [f|1937] Waiting For Joanna [1938] The Vanishing Celebrities; Or, The Room In The West Tower [f|1938] The Amazing Test Match Crime [f|1939] These, Our Strangers [f|1940] Sanity Island [1941] Those Kids From Town Again [f|1943] Rosie Todmarsh [f|1944] His Excellency [f|1951] Isaac P ALLEN
(M: ? - ?) Exchange Tables For The Conversion Of Sterling... [n|1878] Marguerite ALLIS {US}
(F: 1885 or 1886 or 1887 - 1958) Not Without Peril [f|1941] The Splendor Stays [f|1942] All In Good Time [f|1944] Charity Strong [f|1945] Water Over The Dam [f|1947] The Law Of The Land [f|1948] Now We Are Free [f|1952] To Keep Us Free [f|1953] Brave Pursuit [f|1954] The Rising Storm [f|1955] Free Soil [1958] Arthur Hugh Garfit ALSTON {UK}
(M: 1902 Sep 4 - 1958 Mar 17) A Hand-book To The Flora Of Ceylon, v6 [n|1931] The Science Of Living Things (ed) [n|1935] Juan Crisóstomo ALVARADO {VE}
(M: ? - ?) Paul AMANN {US}
(M: 1884 Mar 6 - 1958 Feb 24) Leopold Komperts Literarische Anfänge [n|Ge-1908] Napoleon [b|Ge-1921] Goethe [b|Ge-1932] Tradition Und Weltkrise [n|Ge-1934] Verzauberte Seele [Ge-1935] 3 Kurzgeschichten (w ?) [s|Ge-1941] Verschonte Verse, 1914-1955 [p|Ge-1956] Kristall Meiner Zeit [p|Ge-1956] Into The Meat Grinder [a|?] Survies D'Un Juif Européen (ed Claudine DELPHIS) [a|Fr-2009] Benjamin George AMBLER {UK}
(M: 1858 - ?) The Crucifixion And Other Poems [p|1880] Voices From The Void And Other Poems [p|1881] Eddies And Ebbs [p|1884] Selda [d|1885] A Leaf From Marc Antony [p|1887] The Garden Of Psyche [p|1890] On The Summit, And Other Poems [p|1895] Alfred Lord Tennyson: His Home And Haunts [n|1910] St Dunstan [d|pub:1921] Prof, Edward Scribner AMES {US}
(M: 1870 Apr 21 - 1958 Jun 29) The Psychology Of Religious Experience [n|1910] The Divinity Of Christ [n|1911] The Higher Individualism [n|1915] The New Orthodoxy [n|1918] Religion [n|1929] Letters To God And The Devil [n|1933] Beyond Theology (ed Van Meter AMES) [a|1959] Arthur Olaf ANDERSEN {US}
(M: 1880 Jan 30 - 1958 Jan 11) First Forty Lessons [n|?] Musicial Theory [2v|n|?] Alan Orr ANDERSON {UK}
(M: 1879 - 1958 Dec 9) Scottish Annals From English Chroniclers [n|1909] Early Sources Of Scottish History [n|1922] Prophecy Of Berchan [n|1929] Prospects Of The Advancement Of Knowledge In Early Scottish History [n|1940] Clara (E) Rothwell ANDERSON {CA}
(F: ? - 1958) John Matheson: A Wholesome Story Of Canadian Rural Life [f|1923] Ethel (Campbell Louise) ANDERSON, nee MASON {AU}
(F: 1883 Mar 16 - 1958 Aug 4) Squatter's Luck And Other Poems [p|1942] Adventures In Appleshire [e|1944] Timeless Garden [e|1945] Sunday At Yarralumla [p|1947] Indian Tales [s|1948] At Parramatta [f|1956] The Little Ghosts [s|1959] Percy ANDREAE {US}
(M: 1858 - ?) The Prohibition Movement [n|1915] # The Vanished Emperor [f|?] # The Case Of Mrs Ruhmkorff's Will [f|?] Heinrich ANDRESEN {DE}
(M: 1875 Aug 10 - 1958 Aug 28) Fied Minuten Stillstahn [p|Ge-1934] Plattdütsch [p|Ge-1948] Footfast [p|Ge-1954] Charles W ANDREWS
(M: 1858 - ?) Francisco AÑEZ GARABALDON {VE}
(M: 1858 - ?) Brig, Edgar Carnegie ANSTEY {UK}
(M: 1882 - 1958 Nov 6) The Vanishing Yacht: A Story Of Adventure [f|1936] The Mystery Of The Blue Inns [f|1937] Love Poems Of A Young Man [n|1943] Peace In Our Time:...Military Problems Of The Post-War Period [n|1945] Shots In The Dark (jt ed) [e|1951] Bertha Mary (Lloyd) ANSTRUTHER, nee PHILIPS {UK}
(F: 1870 - 1958 Jul 26) (also wrote as: Amber LLOYD) The Orchard, And Other Poems (ps: Amber LLOYD) [p|1932] The Silent Pool, And Other Poems [p|1935] Collected Poems [p|1938] George Doyle ANTRIM {US}
(M: 1867 Jan 27 - 1958 Jun 4) A Pig Tale And A Few Others [p|1940] ARGUS (ps)
(M: ? - ?) Was Adam The First Man Created? [n|1878] William Joscelyn ARKELL {UK}
(M: 1904 Jun 9 - 1958 Apr 18) First Report Of The Prehistoric Survey Expedition (w K S SANDFORD) [n|1928] Paleolithic Man And The Nile-Faiyum Divide (w K S SANDFORD) [n|1929] Paleolithic Man And The Nile Valley In Nubia... (w K S SANDFORD) [n|1933] Paleolithic Man And The Nile...Lower Egypt (w K S SANDFORD) [n|1939] The Jurassic System In Great Britain [n|?] The Geology Of Oxford [n|1947] Oxford Stone [n|?] The Geology Of Weymouth, Swanage, Corfe, And Lulworth [n|?] Jurassic Geology Of The World [n|?] André ARMANDY
(M: 1882 - 1958) Le Yacht Callirhoe [Fr-1924] Le Bar Du Bout Du Monde [Fr-?] Anne (Audubon) (nee)Wetzell ARMSTRONG {US}
(F: 1872 Sep 20 - 1958 Mar 17) The Seas Of God [f|1916] This Day And Time [f|1930] Prof, Ben Albert ARNESON {US}
(M: 1883 May 22 - 1958 Feb 13) The Democratic Monarchies Of Scandinavia, [n|1939] R-Adm, Forster Delafield ARNOLD-FORSTER {UK}
(M: 1876 - 1958 Apr 21) The Ways Of The Navy [n|1931] At War With The Smugglers [n|1936] Frank David ASCOLI {UK}
(M: 1883 Aug 10 - 1958 Feb 14) Early Revenue History Of Bengal [n|1917] Revenue History Of The Sunderbans [n|1919] Helen (Rosaline) ASHTON, Mrs JORDAN {UK}
(F: 1891 Oct 18 - 1958 Jun 27) Pierrot In Town [f|1913] A Lot Of Talk [f|1927] Far Enough [f|1928] A Background For Caroline [f|1929] Dr Serocold: A Page From His Day-Book [f|1930] Mackerel Sky [f|1930] Bricks And Mortar [f|1932] Belinda Grove [f|1932] Family Cruise: A Marine Comedy [f|1934] Hornets' Nest [f|1934] Dust Over The Ruins [f|1935] People In Cages [f|1937] I Had A Sister [n|1937] William And Dorothy [f|1938] The Swan Of Usk [f|1940] Tadpole Hall [f|1941] Joanna At Littlefold [f|1942] Yeoman's Hospital [f|1944] The Captain Comes Home [f|1947] Parson Austen's Daughter [f|1949] Letty Landon [f|1951] Footman In Powder [f|1954] The Half-Crown House [f|1956] Return To Cheltenham [f|1958] Bibikhatoon ASTARABADI {IR}
(F: 1858 - ?) Failings Of Men [n|1895] Francis ATWATER {US}
(M: 1858 - ?) Memoirs Of Francis Atwater [a|1922] Guillermo AUSTRIA {VE}
(M: 1895 Nov 8 - 1958) Walter BACHMANN {DE}
(M: 1883 May 8 - 1958 Mar 15) Petra (w Carl WATZINGER & Theodor WIEGAND) [n|Ge-1921] Felsreliefs In Assyrien [n|Ge-1927] Die Stadt Pirna [n|Ge-1929] Schloß Stolpen [n|Ge-1931] Die Freie Bergstadt Sankt Annaberg [n|Ge-1933] Grillenburg [n|Ge-1936] Kreiern [n|Ge-1940] Moritzburg [n|Ge-1947] Das Alte Plauen [n|Ge-1954] Kirchen Und Moscheen In Armenien Und Kurdista [n|Ge-1978] Julian Levett BAKER {UK}
(M: 1873 Feb 24 - 1958 Jan 29) The Brewing Industry [n|1905] Paul BAKEWELL (Sr) {US?}
(M: 1858 - ?) A Plea For Fair Play (anon) [n|1910] Herbert Ernest BALCH {UK}
(M: 1869 Nov 4 - 1958 May 27) The Netherworld Of Mendip (w Ernest A BAKER) [n|1907] Fernand BALDENSPERGER
(M: 1871 - 1958) Le Mouvement Des Idees Dans L'Emigration Française [n|Fr-1925] Oliver Ridsdale BALDWIN, 2nd Earl BALDWIN of Bewdley {UK}
(M: 1899 Mar 1 - 1958 Aug 10) Konyetz [?] Six Prisons And Two Revolutions [?] Conservatism And Wealth (w R CHANCE) [n|?] The Questing Beast [?] Unborn Son [?] The Coming Of Aissa [?] Oasis [?] From The Four Winds [d|?] Samuel Davies BALDWIN
(M: ? - ?) Armageddon, Or, The Overthrow Of The Romanism And Monarchy [n|1854] Armageddon, Or, The US In Prophecy [n|1878] Karl BARDACHZI {AT}
(M: 1879 May 27 - 1958 Nov 18) James (William) BARKE {UK}
(M: 1905 May 22 - 1958 Mar 20) The World His Pillow [f|1933] The Wild Macraes [f|1934] Major Operation [f|1936] The Land Of The Leal [f|1939] + The Green Hills Far Away [f|1940] + The Wind That Shakes The Barley [f|1947] + The Song In The Green Thorn Tree [f|1948] + The Wonder Of All The Gay World [f|1949] + The Crest Of The Broken Wave [1953] + The Well Of The Silent Harp [f|1954] Bonnie Jean [b|1959] Canon, Gilbert David BARKER {UK}
(M: 1882 Jul 25 - 1958 Nov 1) The Diocesan Education Committee's Measure [n|1945] Managers And Governors Of Voluntary Schools [n|1945] A New Guide For Church School Managers, Governors And Others... [n|1948] A Guide For Church School Managers [n|?] Sir, Samuel Henry Egerton BARRACLOUGH {AU}
(M: 1871 Oct 25 - 1958 Aug 30) Abridged Mathematical Tables [n|1907] Fred W BARRETT {US}
(M: 1858 - ?) From A Diary [a|1934] Emil BARTH {DE}
(M: 1900 Jul 6 - 1958 Jul 14) Rosa Maria BARTH {DE}
(F: ? - 1958 Dec 17) Prof, Leon Dexter BATCHELOR {US}
(M: 1884 May 8 - 1958 Mar 21) The Citrus Industry (jt ed) [?v|e|1943/67] (Harry) Mortimer BATTEN {UK}
(M: 1888 Feb 4 - 1958 Jan 3) (also wrote as: STRAVAIGER) Mountains Of The Morning (ps: STRAVAIGER) [a|1938] Habits And Characters Of British Wild Animals [n|?] Wandering Otter [n|?] The Badger Afield And Underground [n|?] Romances Of The Wild [n|?] The Grey Fox Of Bennan [n|?] Prints From Many Trails [n|?] Nature From The Highways: Nature Jottings Of A Motorist [n|?] Wild Animals And Their Tracks [n|?] Dramas Of The Wild Folk [n|?] 2LO Animal Stories [n|?] 2LO Bird Stories [n|?] Forth From The Wilderness [n|?] How To Feed And Attract The Wild Birds [n|?] Muskwa The Trailmaker [n|?] Starlight [n|?] Electricity And The Camera [n|?] Ray Of The Rainbows [n|?] British Wild Animals Illustrated [n|?] Maj, Richmond Keith Molesworth BATTYE {UK}
(M: 1905 Aug 30 - 1958 Oct 22) A Halbi Grammar [n|?] Blanche Edith BAUGHAN {UK/NZ}
(F: 1870 - 1958) Karl Emmerich BAUMGÄRTEL {AT}
(M: 1889 Nov 3 - 1958 Aug 27) (wrote as: Erich SCHARDENBERG) William John BAYFIELD {UK}
(M: 1871 - 1958 Jun 3) (also wrote as: Allan BLAIR; Allan MAXWELL) When Conscience Sleeps [f|1917] A Matter Of Millions [f|1918] Whose Was The Hand? [f|1918] The Affair Of The Demobilized Soldier [f|1919] The Bungalow Tragedy [f|1919] The Clue Of The Charred Diary [f|1919] The Fourth Theory [f|1919] The Case Of The Bogus Ingots [f|1920] The Home Of His Children [f|1920] The Lincoln's Inn Tragedy [f|1920] The Marble Arch Mystery [f|1920] The Twist In The Trail [f|1920] The Affair Of The Family Diamonds [f|1921] The Architect's Secret [f|1921] The Case Of The Deserted Wife [f|1921] The Case Of The Double Tangle [f|1921] False Scents [f|1921] The Case Of The Vanished Husband [f|1922] The Mystery Of The Missing Journalist [f|1922] The Affair Of The Seven Mummy Cases [f|1923] The Case Of The 'Wizard' Jockey [f|1923] The Doctor's Secret [f|1923] The Last Clue [f|1923] The Case Of The Income-Tax Frauds [f|1924] The Case Of The Millionaire's Blackmail [f|1924] The Farrowshot Park Affair [f|1924] Flat No 4 [f|1924] The Old Tollgate Mystery [f|1924] The Strange Case Of Habberton's Mile [f|1924] The Case Of The Deported Aliens [f|1925] The Case Of The Press Photographer [f|1925] The Crumblerock Crime! [f|1925] The Mystery Of The Pot-Bank [f|1925] The Secret Of The Mansions [f|1925] The Adventure Of The Red-Headed Man [f|1926] The Council Of Crooks [f|1926] The Crook's Double [f|1926] The Death Duty Swindle [f|1926] The Mystery Of Hanging Sword Alley [f|1926] The Mystery Of The Seaside Hotel [f|1926] All Suspected [f|1927] The City Of Horrors [f|1927] The Oath Of Fear [f|1927] The Secret Of The Tomb [f|1927] The Trail Of The Old Lag [f|1927] The Adventure Of The Man 'On Bail' [f|1928] The 'Flying Squad' Tragedy [f|1928] The Riddle Of The Million Pound Bet [f|1928] The 'Black Maria' Mystery [f|1929] The Covent Garden Mystery [f|1929] The Death Of Duboyne [f|1929] Down And Out [f|1929] The Masked Forgers [f|1929] The Mint Mystery [f|1929] The Masked Dancer [f|1930] The Law Courts Mystery (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1930] The Lombard Street Mystery (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1930] The Murder Of Constable Cartwright (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1930] The Mystery Of The Monument (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1930] Exhumed! (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1931] The Fatal Wager (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1931] The Great Tunnel Mystery (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1931] The Kidnapped Witness (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1931] The Lincoln's Inn Tragedy (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1932] The Policeboat Mystery (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1932] The Town Hall Crime (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1932] The Waiting Room Mystery (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1932] The Arterial Road Murder (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1933] The Great Turf Fraud (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1933] The Lord Mayor's Show Mystery (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1933] The Man From Dublin (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1933] The Blazing Garage Crime (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1934] The Crime At The Seaside Hotel (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1934] The Bathing Pool Mystery (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1935] The Case Of The Crook Councilor (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1935] The Case Of The Murdered Taxi Driver (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1935] The Mystery Of Bechers' Brook (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1935] The Secret Inquest (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1935] The Crime At The Quay (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1936] The Man With The Glaring Eyes (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1936] The Old Bailey Mystery (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1936] The Priest's Secret (ps: Allan MAXWELL) [f|1936] The Case Of The Blackmailed Banker (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1937] The Riddle Of Five Needle Creek (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1937] Crooks Convoy (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1938] The Mystery Of The Missing Constable (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1938] The Case Of The Kidnapped Prisoner (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1939] The Case Of The Stolen Police Dossier (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1939] The Case Of The Dictator's Double (ps: Allan BLAIR) [f|1940] Arthur Albert (Dawson) BAYLDON {AU}
(M: 1865 Mar 20 - 1958 Sep 26) Lays And Lyrics [p|1887] The Sphinx, And Other Poems [p|1889] Poems [p|1897/98] The Western Track, And Other Verses [p|1905] The Tragedy Behind The Curtain [s|1910] Collected Poems [p|1932] William Braybrooke BAYLEY {CA}
(M: ? - ?) Royal Canadian Lancers [m|c1878] Mary Ritter BEARD {US}
(F: 1876 Aug 5 - 1958 Aug 14) Woman's Work In Municipalities [n|1915] A Short History Of The American Labor Movement [n|1920/1925] 16960 History Of The United States (w Charles A BEARD) [n|1921] Rise Of American Civilization (w Charles A BEARD) [2v|n|1927] On Understanding Women [n|1931] America Through Women's Eyes [n|1933] America In Midpassage (w Charles A BEARD) [n|1939] The American Spirit (w Charles A BEARD) [n|1942] Woman As Force In History: A Study In Traditions And Realities [n|1946] Clara (nee?)Bancroft BEATLEY {US}
(F: 1858 Jan 12 - ?) Joys Beyond Joy [?] Apples Of Gold (ed) [?] Forget-Me-Not (ed) [?] Treasures New And Old (ed) [?] Johannes (Robert) BECHER {DDR}
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