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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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M L A (ps)
(?: ? - ?) Illma; Or, Which Was Wife? [f|1881] Charles Howard AARON
(M: ? - ?) Leaching Gold And Silver Ores: The Plattner And Kiss Processes [n|1881] Christine ABBONDIO-KÜNZLE {CH}
(F: 1893 Mar 9 - 1961 May 22) Chrut Und Unchrut Im Seelegärtli [p|Ge-1952] Charles David ABBOTT {US}
(M: 1900 Nov 26 - 1961 Feb 3) Howard Pyle: A Chronicle [b|1925] Poets At Work (ed) [1948] George Jacob ABBOTT
(M: 1892 - 1961) Kjeld ABELL {DK}
(M: 1901 Aug 25 - 1961 Mar 5) Melodien, Der Blev Vo=ek [d|Da-1935] The Melody That Got Lost [d|Da-1935] (tr ?) [1939] Anna Sophie Hedvig [d|Da-1939] Dronning Gaar Igen [d|Da-1943] Scandinavian Plays Of The Twentieth Century [n|1944] Silkeborg [d|Da-1946] Dage Paa En Sky [d|Da-1947] Den Blå Pekingeser [d|Da-1954] Kameliadamen [d|Da-1954] Skriget [d|Da-?] The Scream [d|Da-?] (tr ?) [1961] Sir, Westcott (Stile) ABELL {UK}
(M: 1877 Jan 16 - 1961 Jul 29) The Ship And Her Work [n|1923] The Safe Sea [n|1932] The Shipwright's Trade [n|1948] Charan Das ABHAY
(M: ? - ?) The Indian Ryot, Land Tax, Permanent Settlement And The Family [n|1881] Napoleón ACEVEDO {VE}
(M: 1896 - 1961) Cedric M ADAMS {US}
(M: 1902 May 27 - 1961 Feb 18) The Country Plumber [n|1929] Poor Cedric's Almanac [n|1952] Prof, George Plimpton ADAMS {US}
(M: 1882 Oct 7 - 1961 Apr 19) Idealism And The Modern Age [n|1919] Wartime Price Control [n|1942] Man And Metaphysics [n|1948] Contemporary American Philosophy: Personal Statements (jt ed) [2v|e|1962] James Meade ADAMS {US?}
(M: 1861 - ?) * Pioneering In Cuba: A Narrative Of The Settlement Of La Gloria [n|1901] John Roland ADAMS {UK}
(M: 1894 Dec 29 - 1961 Dec 18) Defence At Auction Bridge [n|1930] Thomas Edward Browne ADDERLEY {IE/ZA?}
(M: 1874 - 1961 Jan 2) Limerick Pastoral, And Other Poems [p|1953] Poems By A Quasi-Rebel [p|1960] Fr(SJ), Thomas Joseph AGIUS {MT}
(M: 1885 - 1961 Jun 21) Rev, Edward AHENAKEW {CA}
(M: 1885 Jun 11 - 1961 Jul 12) Cree Trickster Tales [1925] Voices Of The Plains Cree [1974] Prof, Charles Morton AIKMAN {UK}
(M: 1861 - ?) 27274 Manures And The Principles Of Manuring [n|1894] Air, Water, And Disinfectants [n|1895] Farmyard Manure [n|?] Maurice AJAM
(M: 1861 - ?) François ALBERT-BUISSON {FR}
(M: 1881 May 3 - 1961 May 21 (or 23)) Le Problème Des Poudres [Fr-1913] Les Crises Économiques [Fr-1926] Mercuriales [Fr-1931-1934] Le Chancelier Antoine Duprat [Fr-1935] Michel De L'Hospital [Fr-1950] Le Cardinal De Retz [Fr-1954] Les Quarante Au Temps Des Lumières [Fr-1960] Revue Des Deux-Mondes (w ?) [Fr-?] Hans ALBRECHT {DE}
(M: 1902 Mar 31 - 1961 Jan 20) W W ALDRED
(?: ? - ?) A Lost Cause: Story Of The Last Rebellion In Poland [f|1881] G G ALEXANDER
(?: ? - ?) Doctor Victoria: A Picture Of The Period [f|1881] Mary Charlotte ALEXANDER {US}
(F: 1874 - 1961) The Story Of Hawaii [n|1912] William Patterson Alexander In Kentucky, The Marquesas, Hawaii [b|1934] Dr Baldwin Of Lahaina [b|1953] Jacques Stéphen ALEXIS {HT}
(M: 1922 Apr 22 - 1961 Apr) Compère Général Soleil [f|Fr-1955] General Sun, My Brother [f|Fr-1955] (tr ?) [?] Les Arbres Musiciens [f|Fr-1957] L'Espace D'Un Cillement [f|Fr-1959] Romanceros Aux Étoiles [f|Fr-1960] Edgar van Nuys ALLEN {US}
(M: 1900 Jun 22 - 1961 Jun 14) Thromboangitis Obliterans (w George E BROWN) [n|1928] Peripheral Vascular Diseases (w N W BARKER & E A HINES, Jr) [n|1946] Peripheral Vascular Diseases (2e) (ed) [n|1955] Mrs John, ALLEN, nee ?
(F: ? - ?) Alice Warner [f|1881] David P ALLISON {US}
(M: 1886 Apr 8 - before 1962) The Fifth Of The Medlocks, [f|1940] Samuel Buell ALLISON
(M: 1861 - ?) 7799 An American Robinson Crusoe For American Boys And Girls [1918] AMBOFILIUS (ps)
(?: ? - ?) Claude Beauclerc: A Story Of Modern Morality [f|1881] Howard Watson AMBRUSTER {US}
(M: 1878 Aug 12 - 1961 Jan 10) Treason's Peace [1947] The 'Sanctity' Of I G Farben's Spy Nests [n|1956] 10001 American Nights [1959] Lennox (Rodney P C) AMOTT
(M: ? - ?) Stray Thoughts: A Collection Of Verses [p|1881] Midsummer Idylls, And Other Poems [p|1882] 24312 The Minstrel: A Collection Of Poems [p|1883] Chimes [p|1887] Frank Maloy ANDERSON
(M: 1871 - 1961) Maj, Joseph Ringland ANDERSON {AU}
(M: 1894 Oct 29 - 1961 May 14) Detachment Of The Retina [n|1931] Hydrophthalmia Or Congenital Glaucoma [n|1939] Ocular Vertical Deviations [n|1947] Ocular Vertical Deviations And The Treatment Of Nystagmus [n|1959] Why Presbyterianism? And Why Not Reunion? [n|1961] Rev, Leroy Dean ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1877 Jun 25 - 1961 Jun 3) The Business Of Living [n|1923] Perfected Into One [n|1926] Strangers And Pilgrims [n|1950] What We Believe [n|1957] Prof, Mark Louden ANDERSON {UK}
(M: 1895 Apr 16 - 1961 Sep 9) The Natural Woodlands Of Britain And Ireland [n|1932] State Control Of Private Forestry In European Democracies [n|1949] The Selection Of Tree Species [n|1950] The James Carmichael Collection Of Proverbs In Scots (ed) [n|1957] A History Of Scottish Forestry [n|1967] Rudolph Martin ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1876 Jun 30 - 1961 Jun 21) Birds Of Iowa [n|1907] Report On The Natural History Collections Of The 1908-1912 Arctic Expedition [n|1913] Recent Explorations On The Canadian Arctic Coast [n|1917] Methods Of Collecting And Preserving Vertebrate Animals [n|1932/1948/1960/65] Mammals Of Quebec [n|1940] Catalogue Of Canadian Recent Mammals [n|1947] Albert Frank Ruger ANDRESEN {US}
(M: 1885 Sep 11 - 1961 Jan 26) Office Gastroenterology [n|1958] Sir, Ernest Herbert ANDREWS {NZ}
(M: 1873 Jun 25 - 1961 Nov 9) NZ Road Guide [n|1912] Quaint Characters [n|1952] Local Centennial Histories [n|1953] Eventful Years [1958] John R ANDREWS {CA?}
(M: 1861 - ?) Thoughts Garnered By The Way [p|c1955] Roland Stuart ANDREWS {UK}
(M: 1897 Sep 27 - 1961 Oct 14) Coal Utilization Research [2v|n|1945] Rev, Wendelin Waldemar Wieland ARGOW {US}
(M: 1891 Aug 9 - 1961) Beyond [1931] Robert Helms ARMSTRONG {US}
(M: 1900 Nov 29 - 1961 Jan 30) Decentralization In New York [n|1941] Post-War Planning And Housing [n|1945] Banking Expansion - New Frontiers Ahead [n|1959] Arthur ARNOLD {UK}
(M: 1891 Aug 31 - 1961 Apr 6) Hans ARNOLD {DE}
(M: 1886 May 7 - 1961 May 10) (wrote as: John RAY-ATKINSON) Der Blonde Assassine [f|Ge-1937] Die Sizilianische Venus [f|Ge-1938] Ein Mädchen In Der Wildnis [f|Ge-1939] Die Braut Des Anderen [f|Ge-1940] Blondinen Gefragt [f|Ge-1940] Traumland [f|Ge-1940] Hochzeitsgeschenk Für Irene [f|Ge-1940] Abenteuer Der Blonden Lil [f|Ge-1941] Bravo Tapfere Inge [f|Ge-1941] Die Schwester Des Wilderers [f|Ge-1941] Fahrensmann Ahoi! [f|Ge-1942] Wenn Die Schwalben Heimwärts Ziehn [f|Ge-1942] Geheime Spruchweisheit [n|Ge-1955] Rasputin [f|Ge-1956] Lukrezia Borgia [f|Ge-1956] Kleopatra [f|Ge-1957] Thomas ASHCROFT {UK}
(M: 1890 - 1961 Jan 3) Text-book Of Modern Imperialism [n|1922] English Art And English Society [n|1936] Edward Allen ASHWIN {UK}
(M: 1891 - 1961 Dec 27) An Examen Of Witches [1929] Compendium Maleficarum [1929] The Letters Of A Portuguese Nun [1930] Demonolatory [1930] Prof, William Thomas ASTBURY {UK}
(M: 1898 Feb 25 - 1961 Jun 4) Fundamentals Of Fibre Structure [n|1933] Textile Fibres Under The X-Rays [n|1943] Walter Herman ASTON
(M: 1913 Apr 27 - 1961 Sep 8) (also wrote as: W FORTUNE) Hitler Divided France (w G FORTUNE) [n|1943] Nor Iron Bars A Cage [n|1946] Evelyn John Rupert ATKINSON {AU}
(M: 1881 Feb 2 - 1961 Feb 6) The Shrine Of Desire [p|1906] By A Midnight Sea [p|1908] Wayside Poems [p|1913] A Modern Magdalene [p|1913] A Nocturne [d|pub:1919] A Flagon Of Song [p|1920] The Renegades [p|1921] Ten Years' Remorse [d|pub:1923] Each Man A Multitude [d|pub:1923] The Dead Man's Ghost [d|pub:1925] A Prologue And Three Plays [d|pub:1928] A Prologue To Tragedy [?] Rupert ATKINSON {AU}
(M: 1881 - 1961) Judge, William Hawley ATWELL {US}
(M: 1869 Jun 9 - 1961 Dec 22) Charges To Jurors [n|1929] Salmagundi [1929] Autobiography... [a|1935] Treatise On Federal Criminal Law And Procedure [n|1911/?/?/1929/1943] Some Provocative Decisions And Other Fundamentals [n|1945] Wandering And Wondering [1946] Adm, Philippe Marie Joseph Raymond AUBOYNEAU {FR}
(M: 1899 Nov 9 - 1961 Feb 22) Rôle De La Marine Française Sur Le Yang-Tse-Kiang [n|Fr-1933] Guerre De Succession De Pologne - Campagne De La Baltique [n|Fr-1935] Richard Arthur AUSTEN-LEIGH {UK}
(M: 1872 May 17 - 1961 Oct 16) Eton College Register [2v|b|?] The Eton Guide [n|1904] Bygone Eton [n|1905] The Story Of A Printing House:...Strahans And Spottiswoodes [n|1912] 22536 Jane Austen: Her Life & Letters... (w W AUSTEN-LEIGH) [b|1913] Austen Papers, 1704-1856 [n|1942] Jane Austen And Lyme Regis [n|1943] Jane Austen And Southampton [n|1949] E L E B (ps)
(?: ? - ?) Prof, Erwin BACH {DE}
(M: 1897 Oct 13 - 1961 Aug 9) Der Hasenhirt [Ge-1951] Carolyn Sherwin BAILEY, Mrs HILL {US}
(F: 1875 Oct 25 - 1961 Dec 23) 19661 Tell Me Another Story [1918] Once Upon A Time [f|1919] The Wonderful Window, And Other Stories [s|1926] Children Of The Handcrafts [1935] Tell Me A Birthday Story [1935] The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings [f|1931/1945] Tops And Whistles [1937] From Moccasins To Wings [f|1938] L'il Hannibal [f|1938] Homespun Playdays [1941] Country-Stop [1942] For The Children's Hour (w Clara M LEWIS) [1943] Merry Tales For Children [s|1943] Stories Children Want [s|1943] Tell Me Another Story [s|1943] Pioneer Art In America [n|1944] Miss Hickory [f|1946] Old Man Rabbit's Dinner Party [f|1949/1961] Enchanted Village [1950] A Candle For Your Cake [f|1952] Finnegan II, His Nine Lives [f|1953] The Little Red Schoolhouse [f|1957] Flickertail [f|1962] Prof, Hamilton BAILEY {UK}
(M: 1894 Oct 1 - 1961 Mar 26) Recent Advances In Genito-Urinary Surgery (w ?) [n|1936] Diseases Of The Testicle [n|1936] Clinical Surgery For Dental Practitioners [n|1937] Surgery Of Modern Warfare [n|?/?/1943] Surgery For Nurses (8e) [n|1954] Emergency Surgery (7e) [n|1958] A Short Practice Of Surgery (w R J McNeill LOVE) (12e) [n|1960] Physical Signs In Clinical Surgery (13e) [n|1960] Operation Surgery [n|?/?/1961] Branchial Cysts And Other Essays [e|?] Henry Christopher BAILEY {UK}
(M: 1878 Feb 1 - 1961 Mar 24) My Lady Of Orange [f|1901] Karl Of Erbach: A Tale Of Lichtenstein And Solgau [f|1903] The Master Of Gray [f|1903] Rimingtons [f|1904] Beaujeu [f|1905] Under Castle Walls (UK: Springtime) [f|1906] Raoul, Gentleman Of Fortune (US: A Gentleman Of Fortune) [s|1907] The God Of Clay [f|1908] Colonel Stow (US: Colonel Greatheart) [f|1908] The White Hawk (w David KIMBALL) [d|pro:1909] Storm And Treasure [f|1910] The Lonely Queen [f|1911] The Suburban [f|1912] The Sea Captain [f|1913] The Gentleman Adventurer [f|1914] Forty Years After: The Story Of The Franco-German War, 1870 [n|1914] 9749 The Highwayman [f|1915] The Gamesters [f|1916] The Young Lovers [f|1917] The Pillar Of Fire [f|1918] Barry Leroy [f|1919] His Serene Highness [f|1920] Call Mr Fortune [s|1920] The Fool [f|1921] The Plot [f|1922] The Rebel [f|1923] Mr Fortune's Practice [s|1923] Knight At Arms [f|1924] The Golden Fleece [f|1925] Mr Fortune's Trials [s|1925] The Merchant Prince [f|1926] Bonaventure [f|1927] Judy Bovenden [f|1928] Mr Fortune, Please [s|1928] The Roman Eagles [f|1929] Garstons (US: The Garston Murder Case) [f|1930] Mr Fortune Speaking [s|1930] Mr Fortune Explains [s|1930] Mr Cardonnel [f|1931] The Red Castle (US: The Red Castle Mystery) [f|1932] Case For Mr Fortune [s|1932] The Man In The Cape [f|1933] Mr Fortune Wonders [s|1933] Shadow On The Wall [f|1934] The Sullen Sky Mystery [f|1935] Mr Fortune Objects [s|1935] A Clue For Mr Fortune [s|1936] Mr Fortune's Case Book [s|1936] Black Land, White Land [f|1937] Clunk's Claimant (US: The Twittering Bird Mystery) [f|1937] This Is Mr Fortune [s|1938] The Great Game [f|1939] The Veron Mystery (US: Mr Clunk's Text) [f|1939] The Bottle Party [f|1940] The Bishop's Crime [f|1940] Mr Fortune Here [s|1940] The Little Captain (US: Orphan Ann) [f|1941] Dead Man's Shoes (US: Nobody's Vineyard) [f|1942] No Murder (US: The Apprehensive Dog) [f|1942] Meet Mr Fortune [s|1942] Mr Fortune Finds A Pig [f|1943] The Best Of Mr Fortune [s|1943] Slippery Ann (US: The Queen Of Spades) [f|1944] The Cat's Whisker (US: Dead Man's Effects) [f|1944] The Wrong Man [f|1945] The Life Sentence [f|1946] Honour Among Thieves [f|1947] Saving A Rope (US: Save A Rope) [f|1948] Shrouded Death [f|1950] Prof, Wilfrid Norman BAILEY {UK}
(M: 1893 Sep 5 - 1961 Oct 23) Generalized Hypergeometric Series [n|1935] William Francis BAILEY
(M: 1861 - ?) 22598 The Story Of The First Trans-Continental Railroad [n|1906] Clara Belle BAKER {US?}
(F: 1885 - 1961) Bobbs-Merrill Readers (w Edna D BAKER) [4v|1923] Bobbs-Merrill Readers (w Edna D BAKER) [6v|1924] Emily Greene BALCH {US}
(F: 1867 Jan 8 - 1961 Jan 9) Public Assistance Of The Poor In France [n|1893] Our Slavic Fellow Citizens [n|1910] Women At The Hague (w ?) [b|1915] Approaches To The Great Settlement [n|1918] Occupied Haiti (w ?) [n|1927] Refugees As Assets [n|1939] The Miracle Of Living [p|1941] Johan Gustav Runeskiold BANER {US}
(M: 1861 - ?) (wrote as: ASABARD) Harold S BARBOUR {US?}
(M: 1889 - 1961) Ruby (Florence Mary) BARING, Countess of CROMER, nee ELLIOT-MURRAY-KYNYNMOUND {UK}
(F: 1886 Sep 26 - 1961 Nov 5) Prof, Bertie Thomas Percival BARKER {UK}
(M: 1877 Aug 9 - 1961 Dec 19) Cider Apple Production [n|?/1954] (Marion) Kitty(=Catherine) BARNE, Mrs STREATFEILD {UK}
(F: 1883 - 1961 (wrongly 1957) Feb 3) Peter And The Clock [d|pub:1919] Tomorrow [1912] Susie Pays A Visit [d|pub:1921] The Amber Gate [d|pub:1925] The Amber Gate [f|1933] The Easter Holidays (aka: Secret Of The Sandhills) [1935] She Shall Have Music [f|1938] Family Footlights [f|1939] Visitors From London [f|1940] Listening To The Orchestra [1941] May I Keep Dogs? (aka: Bracken, My Dog) [1941] We'll Meet In England [1942] Three And A Pigeon [1944] In The Same Boat [1945] Here Come The Girl Guides [1946] Musical Honours [f|1947] Bracken My Dog [1949] Dusty's Windmill [f|1949] Elizabeth Fry: A Story Biography [b|1950] Roly's Dogs [1950] The Windmill Mystery [f|1950] Barbie [f|1952] Admiral's Walk [f|1953] Music Perhaps [1953] Rosina Copper [f|1954] Tann's Boarders [f|1955] Rosina And Son [f|1956] Timothy's Garden [d|?] Winds [d|?] Albert Edward BARNETT, Jr {US}
(M: 1895 Aug 29 - 1961) Understanding The Parables Of Our Lord [n|1940] Paul Becomes A Literary Influence [n|1941] The New Testament: Its Making And Meaning [n|1946] Letters Of Paul [n|1947] Andrew Sledd: His Life And Work [b|1956] Disciples To Such A Lord: The Gospel According To St Mark [n|1957] The Church: Its Origin And Task [n|1960] The Modern Reader's Guide To Acts [n|1962] Hanna BARTH {DE}
(F: 1911 Jun 17 - 1961 Feb 15) William BARTLEY {UK}
(M: 1885 Jan 3 - 1961 Mar 21) Singapore In The War [n|?] John Saxon BARTON {AU/NZ?}
(M: 1875 - 1961 Sep 2) 20th Century Commerce And Book-Keeping [n|?] NZ Company Secretary [n|?] NZ Land Agent [n|?] Sir, Henry Howarth BASHFORD {UK}
(M: 1880 - 1961 Aug 15) (also wrote as: Peter HARDING) Tomy Wideawake [f|1903] The Manitoban [f|1904] The Trail Together [f|1906] The Pilgrims' March [f|1909] The Corner Of Harley Street (ps: Peter HARDING) [1911] Pity The Poor Blind [f|1913] Vagabonds In Perigord [f|1914] Songs Out Of School [f|1917] Sons Of Admiralty (w Archibald HURD) [n|1919] The Plain Girl's Tale [f|1919] Half Past Bed-Time [f|1921] Augustus Carp, Esq [f|1924] The Happy Ghost [s|1925] Behind The Fog [f|1926] The Harley Street Calendar [e|1929] Lodgings For Twelve [f|1935] Fisherman's Progress [1946] Wiltshire Harvest [1953] Bertold BASSA {AT}
(M: 1885 Nov 30 - 1961 Nov 28) Nikolaus BASSECHES {SU/CH?}
(M: 1895 Dec 31 - 1961 Jun) Vicente BASSO MAGLIO {UY}
(M: 1889 - 1961 Sep 14) (also wrote as: Pocas PLUMAS) Tragedia De La Imagen [Sp-?] La Expresión Heroica [Sp-?] Judge, Francis Raleigh BATT {UK}
(M: 1890 Jun 9 - 1961 Mar 25) Law Of Master And Servant [n|1928/?/?/1950] Law Of Negotiable Instruments [n|1931] Bp, Francis de Witt BATTY {AU}
(M: 1879 Jan 10 - 1961 Apr 3) The Diocese Of Brisbane [n|1909] The Ministry Of Healing [n|1922] Christianity And The Home [n|1930] St Clair Donaldson (w C T DIMONT) [b|1932] Human Nature [n|1941] Australian Proposals For Inter-Communion [n|1948] Louis BAYARD
(M: 1861 - ?) Prof, Norman Hepburn BAYNES {UK}
(M: 1877 May 29 - 1961 Feb 12 (wrongly 13)) The Claim Of Antiquity [n|?] The Byzantine Empire [n|1926] The Historia Augusta, Its Date And Purpose [n|1926] Israel Amongst The Nations [n|1927] A Bibliography Of The Works Of J B Bury [n|1929] Constantine The Great And The Christian Church [n|1931] Intellectual Liberty And Totalitarian Claims [n|1942] The Hellenistic Civilization And East Rome [n|1946] The Thought-World Of East Rome [n|1947] Three Byzantine Saints (w Elizabeth DAWES) [n|1948] Byzantium (jt ed) [n|1948] Byzantine Studies And Other Essays [e|1955] George M BEARD
(M: ? - ?) American Nervousness [1881] Richmond Croom BEATTY {US}
(M: 1905 Jan 6 - 1961 Oct) William Byrd Of Westover [1932] The English Drama: An Anthology 900-1642 [1935] Bayard Taylor: Laureate Of The Gilded Age [b|1936] Lord Macaulay, Victorian Liberal [b|1938] William Byrd's Natural History Of Virginia [n|1940] Contemporary Southern Prose (jt ed) [1940] James Russell Lowell [b|1942] Journal Of A Southern Student [1944] A Vanderbilt Miscellany, 1919-1944 [n|1944] Vanderbilt Studies In The Humanities [n|1951] The Literature Of The South (w F C WATKINS & T D YOUNG) [n|1952] The American Tradition In Literature [n|1956] Samuel Leslie George BEAUFOY {UK}
(M: 1899 Jul 28 - 1961 May 31) Six Aspects Of Town Planning [n|1932] Lt-Col, George Adam BEAZELEY {UK}
(M: 1870 Jul 7 - 1961 May 8) Reconnaissance Survey From Aircraft [n|1927] Hans Karl BECK {DE}
(M: 1899 Sep 17 - 1961 Jul 5) Ein Walzer Von Strauss [f|Ge-1940] Eine Flasche Lebensmedizin [Ge-1941] Ein Schritt Vom Wege [f|Ge-1941] Sir, Thomas BEECHAM, 2nd Baronet BEECHAM of Ewanville {UK}
(M: 1879 Apr 29 - 1961 Mar 8) A Mingled Chime [a|1943] John Fletcher [1956] Frederick Delius [b|1958] Charles Richard BEELER {US}
(M: 1888 Sep 23 - 1961) (wrote as: Caddo CAMERON) At The End Of A Texas Rope [f|1938] Ludwig BEIL {DE}
(M: 1890 Dec 5 - 1961 Jul 13) Martin [f|Ge-1919] Die Becher Gottes [Ge-1929] Thomas BELL {US}
(M: 1903 - 1961) Equestrian Portrait [1930] The Breed Of Basil [1930] Striker Godown [1934] Second Prince [1935] All Brides Are Beautiful [1936] Out Of This Furnace [1941] Till I Come Back To You [1943] There Comes A Time [1946] In The Midst Of Life [1961] Vanessa BELL, nee STEPHEN
(F: 1879 May 30 - 1961 Apr 7) Julius BENDER {DE}
(M: 1880 Apr 15 - 1961 Jan 13) Laura (Estelle) Watson BENEDICT
(F: 1861 - ?) Study Of Bagobo Ceremonial, Magic And Myth [n|1916] 11028 Philippine Folk-Tales (w others) [s|?] Edwin BENHAB
(M: ? - ?) The Vagary Papers [f|1881] Mary Montgomerie BENNETT, nee CHRISTISON {AU}
(F: 1881 Jul 8 - 1961 Oct 6) Christison Of Lammermoor [Robert Christison] [b|1927] The Australian Aboriginal As A Human Being [n|1930] Rev, Ferdinand BENZ {DE}
(M: 1878 Apr 30 - 1961 Jun 4) Konrad BERCOVICI {RO/US}
(M: 1882 - 1961 Dec 27) Crimes Of Charity [1917] Dust Of New York [1919] Ghitza [s|1921] Costa's Daughter [d|1923] Murdo [f|1923] Iliana [f|1924] Around The World In New York [1924] On New Shores [1925] Between Earth And Sky [f|1925] The Marriage Guest [f|1925] The Volga Boatman [1926] Singing Winds: Stories Of Gypsy Life [s|1926] Alexander [f|1928] Peasants [s|1928] Nights Abroad [1928] Story Of The Gypsies [1928] For A Song [f|1931] That Royal Lover [1931] Manhattan Side Show [1931] Main Entrance [f|1932] It's The Gypsy In Me [a|1941] The Exodus [f|1947] Savage Prodigal [f|1948] Freiin, Gisela von BERGER {AT}
(F: 1878 Dec 12 - 1961 Jan 26) William Claiborne BERNEY {US}
(M: 1920 May 6 or 10 - 1961 (or 1962) Nov 23) A Masque Of Night [1941] Dark Of The Moon (w ?) [d|1944] Design For A Stained Glass Window [d|1950] Protective Custody [d|?] Dean, Hugh Frederick BERRY {IE}
(M: 1873 - 1961 Apr 24) The Cathedral Church Of St Colman's Cloyne [n|?/1951] Rev, Sidney Malcolm BERRY {UK}
(M: 1881 Jul 25 - 1961 Aug 2) Graces Of The Christian Character [n|1914] The Crucible Of Experience [n|1921] Revealing Light [n|1923] Vital Preaching [n|1936] The Great Issue [n|1944] Richard Morland Tollemache BETHELL, 4th Baron WESTBURY {UK}
(M: 1914 Oct 9 - 1961 Jun 26) Prof, Reginald Robert BETTS {UK}
(M: 1903 Oct 30 - 1961 May 15) Central And Southern Europe, 1945-1948 [n|?] Edmund Cecil BEVERS {UK}
(M: 1876 - 1961 Dec 13) Treatment Of Acute Intestinal Obstruction [n|?] Conditions Which Mimic The Acute Abdomen [n|?] Traumatic Myositis Ossificans [n|?] Facic-Hypoglossal Anastomosis [n|?] Alfred BEYER {DDR}
(M: 1885 Dec 24 - 1961 Oct 9) Lehrbuch Der Sozialhygiene (jt ed) [n|Ge-1953] Rev, Tom BEYNON {UK}
(M: 1886 - 1961) Allt Cunedda [We-1935] Cwnsêl A Chefn Sidan [We-1946] Howell Harris, Reformer And Soldier [n|1958] Howell Harris's Visits To London [n|1960] Howell Harris's Visits To Pembrokeshire [n|1966] Franz Rudolf BIENENFELD {AT}
(M: 1886 Sep 27 - 1961 May 15) (wrote as: Anton van MILLER) Rev, Albert Victor BILLEN {UK}
(M: 1886 - 1961 Jun 5) The Old Latin Texts Of The Heptateuch [n|1927] 1000 Years Of Fyfield's History [n|1956] William Allen BIXLER {US}
(M: 1876 Apr 25 - 1961 Oct 12) 25205 Light On The Child's Path [f|1918] Newton Henry BLACK {US}
(M: 1874 May 3 - 1961 Dec 3) Practical Chemistry... [n|1920] Laboratory Experiments In Practical Physics [n|1923] Teachers' Manual For...Practical Physics (w H N DAVIS) [n|1923] New Practical Chemistry [n|1936] Kathryn BLAIR {ZA}
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