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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Samuel Francis AARON {US}
(M: 1862 - ?) 11861 Radio Boys Cronies (aka: Bill Brown's Radio) (w W WHIPPLE) [f|1922] 25753 Radio Boys Loyalty (aka: Bill Brown Listens In) (w W WHIPPLE) [f|1922] Henry Ward ABBOT {US}
(M: 1862 - ?) A Literary Scrap Book [1934] Alice Irving ABBOTT
(F: ? - ?) Circumstantial Evidence [f|1882] Jane (Ludlow) (nee)Drake ABBOTT {US}
(F: 1881 or 1882 - c1962) 6860 Keineth [f|1918] 29865 Highacres [f|1920] 19057 Red-Robin [f|1922] Fidelis [f|1923] Minglestreams [f|1923] Laughing Last [f|1924] Barberry Gate [f|1925] Polly, Put The Kettle On (w Henrietta Wilcox PENNY) [f|1925] Juliet Is Twenty [f|1926] Martha The Seventh [f|1926] Janny [f|1927] Harriet's Choice [f|1928] Heyday [f|1928] Black Flower [f|1929] Beggarman [f|1930] Merridy Road [f|1930] Kitty Frew [f|1931] Bouquet Hill [f|1931] Silver Fountain [f|1932] The Young Dalfreys [f|1932] Miss Jolley's Family [f|1933] Dicket: A Story Of Friendships [f|1933] Fiddler's Coin [f|1934] Folly Farm [f|1934] Strangers In The House [f|1935] Low Bridge [f|1935] Benefit Street [f|1936] Angels May Weep [f|1937] A Row Of Stars [f|1937] Singing Shadows [f|1938] To Have, To Keep [f|1939] Clo [f|1940] Lorrie [f|1941] Yours For The Asking [f|(1942)/1943] Mary Patten's Daughters [f|1945] The Outsiders [f|1948] River's Rim [f|1950] The Neighbors [1952] The Inheritors [f|1953] The Open Way [f|1955] Zabelle ABDALIAN {US?}
(F: 1886 Oct 6 - 1962 Jan 18) Thy Flame Is Blown [1952] Sueo ABE {JP?}
(M: 1880 - 1962) Theodor ABELING
(M: 1862 - ?) Juan Carlos ABELLÁ {UY}
(M: 1893 - 1962) Aura ABRANCHES, Mrs RUAS GRIJÓ {PT}
(F: 1896 May 9 - 1962 Mar 22 or 23) Henry Edward ABT {US}
(M: 1904 Jul 3 - 1962 Nov 29) Care, Cure And Education Of The Crippled Child [n|1924] Ithaca [n|1926] Paul ACHARD
(M: 1897 - 1962) Gerrit ACHTERBERG {NL}
(M: 1905 May 20 - 1962 Jan 17) De Zangen Van Twee Twintigers [p|Du-1925] Afvaart [p|Du-1931] Eiland Der Ziel [p|Du-1939] Dead End [p|Du-1940] Osmose [p|Du-1941] Thebe [p|Du-1941] Eurydice [p|Du-1944] Morendo [p|Du-1944] Sintels [p|Du-1944] Energie [p|Du-1946] Existentie [p|Du-1946] Limiet [p|Du-1946] Radar [p|Du-1946] Sphinx [p|Du-1946] Stof [p|Du-1946] Doornroosje [p|Du-1947] En Jezus Schreef In 'T Zand [p|Du-1947] Hoonte [p|Du-1949] Sneeuwwitje [p|Du-1949] Mascotte [p|Du-1950] De Ballade Van De Gasfitter [p|Du-1953] A Tourist Does Golgotha [p|Du-1953] (tr ?) [1972] Cenotaaph [p|Du-1953] Ode Aan Den Haag [p|Du-1953] Autodroom [p|Du-1954] Spel Van De Wilde Jacht [p|Du-1957] Vergeetboek [p|Du-1961] Blauwzuur [p|Du-1969] Henry Waldo ACOMB {UK}
(M: 1891 Jul 28 - 1962 Mar 27) A Manual Of Cataloguing And Indexing (w J H QUINN) [n|1933/1937] Rev, Frank Durward ADAMS {US}
(M: 1876 Apr 18 - 1962 Jan 26) Did Jesus Mean It? [n|1923] Re-discovered Countries [n|1924] God And Company, Unlimited [n|1927] Glimpses Of Grandeur [n|1930] Are You Mentally Healthy? [n|1934] Divine Purpose In A World Of Chaos [n|1941] The Ladder Of Excellence [n|1943] George Matthew ADAMS {US}
(M: 1878 Aug 23 - 1962 Oct 28) You Can [1913] Take It [1917] Up [1920] Just Among Friends [1928] Better Than Gold [1949] The Great Little Things [1953] Oscar Sherman ADAMS {US}
(M: 1874 Jan 9 - 1962 Mar 5) Application Of Least Squares To Adjustment Of Triangulation [n|1915] General Theory Of The Lambert Conformal Conic Projection [n|1918] General Theory Of Polyconic Projections [n|1919] Latitude Developments [n|1921] Elements Of Map Projection (w Charles H DEETZ) [n|1921] Radio-Compass Bearings [n|1921] Elliptic Functions Applied To Conformal World Maps [n|1925] Tables For Albers Projection [n|1927] Conformal Projection Of The Sphere Within A Square [n|1929] The Bowie Method Of Triangulation Adjustment [n|1930] Triangulation In Colorado (ed) [n|1930] Triangulation In North Carolina (ed) [n|1930] Manual Of Plane Coordinate Computation (w ?) [n|1935] Manual Of Traverse Computation On The Lambert Grid [n|1935] Manual Of Traverse Computation On The Transverse Mercator Grid [n|1935] Francis ADDISON
(M: ? - ?) For Love And Honour [f|1882] An Adventuress [f|1888] Joseph (Ferdinand Gottlieb) ADELMAN
(M: 1862 - ?) Famous Women:...Feminine Achievement Through The Ages [n|1924] Elmer ADLER {US}
(M: 1884 Jul 22 - 1962 Jan 11) Breaking Into Print [n|1937] On Books [n|1953] Polly(=Pearl) ADLER {US}
(F: 1899 (or 1900) Apr 16 - 1962 Jun 9) A House Is Not A Home [1953] Junio AGUIRRE {UY}
(M: 1892 - 1962) Prof, Ian AIRD {UK}
(M: 1905 Jul 4 - 1962 Sep 17) Clyde Bruce AITCHISON {US}
(M: 1875 Feb 22 - 1962 Jan 16) Annotation Of Iowa Decisions [n|1902] Interstate Commerce Acts, Annotated [n|1930/1934] Fair Reward And Just Compensation, Common Carrier Service [n|1953] William AITKEN {UK}
(M: 1862 Sep 19 - ?) Aitken's Manual Of The Telephone [n|1912] Automatic Telephone Systems [3v|n|1921-1924] Outline Of Automatic Telephony [n|1925] Who Invented The Telephone? [n|1939] Wilhelm ALBRECHT {DE}
(M: 1889 Mar 5 - 1962 Jul 18) Untergänge [p|Ge-1917] Blume Der Liebe [d|Ge-1918] Heimliche Weltmusik [p|Ge-1957] Mensch Sei Kein Frosch [Ge-1957] Elpin; Oder, Der Neue Diogenes [Ge-1958] Die Letzte Insel [Ge-1959] Der Schalk Ist Im Land [Ge-1959] Pan [d|Ge-1960] Arabische Schelmenspiele [Ge-1961] Alfred Upton ALCOCK {AU}
(M: 1865 Sep 22 - 1962 Feb 1) Epitome Of The Game Of Billiards [n|1863/?/?/?] The Alcock Book Of Billiards [n|1901] John ALDEN {UK}
(M: 1902 - 1962) Kentish Rhymes; Or, Obiter Cantiana [p|1945] Edward Godfree ALDINGTON {UK}
(M: 1892 Jul 8 - 1962 Jul 27) (wrote as: Richard ALDINGTON) Images [p|1915] Some Imagist Poets (w others) [1915] The Love Poems Of Myrrhine And Konallis [p|1917] Images Of War [p|1919] Images Of Desire [p|1919] War And Love (1915-1918) [p|1921] Exile, And Other Poems [p|1923] Literary Studies And Reviews [1924] A Fool I' The Forest [p|1925] French Studies And Reviews [1925] Voltaire [1926] The Love Of Myrrhine And Konallis And Other Prose Poems [p|1926] D H Lawrence [n|1927/1950] Remy De Gourmont: A Modern Man Of Letters [n|1928] Collected Poems [p|1928] The Eaten Heart [p|1929] Death Of A Hero [f|1929] A Dream In The Luxembourg (US: Love And The Luxembourg) [p|1930] At All Costs [1930] Roads To Glory [f|1930] Two Stories [s|1930] The Colonel's Daughter [f|1931] Last Straws [s|1931] Stepping Heavenward [1931] Soft Answers [s|1932] All Men Are Enemies [f|1933] Women Must Work [f|1934] The Poems Of Richard Aldington [p|1934] D H Lawrence - A Complete List Of His Works... [n|1935] Spirit Of Place [1935] Life Quest [1935] Life Of A Lady (w Derek PATMORE) [d|1934/pub:1936] Artifex: Sketches And Ideas [1936] Very Heaven [f|1937] The Crystal World [1937] Seven Against Reeves [f|1938] Rejected Guest [f|1939] W Somerset Maugham [n|1939] Life For Life's Sake [a|1940] Poetry Of English-Speaking World [1941] The Duke (UK: Wellington) [b|1943] A Wreath For San Gemignano [1945] The Romance Of Casanova [f|1946] Great French Romances [1946] Four English Portraits, 1801-1851 [n|1948] The Complete Poems Of Richard Aldington [p|1948] Jane Austen [n|1948] The Strange Life Of Charles Waterton, 1782-1865 [b|1949] Portrait Of A Genius But ... [D H Lawrence] [b|1950] Pinorman [n|1954] Ezra Pound And T S Eliot [n|1954] Lawrence Of Arabia: A Biographical Enquiry [b|1955] A E Housman And W B Yeats [e|1955] Introduction To Mistral [n|1956] Frauds [1957] Portrait Of A Rebel: Life And Works Of Robert Louis Stevenson [b|1957] James Browning ALEXANDER {UK}
(M: 1888 - 1962 Sep 30) William Hardy ALEXANDER {CA/US:1944on}
(M: 1878 Jun 28 - 1962 Mar 20) Pentasyllabic Endings In The Latin Hexameter... [n|1900] Some Textual Criticisms On The Eighth Book Of...Suetonius [n|1908] College And Religion [n|1920] Publius Vergilius Maro: The Poet Of A Land And A Race [n|1930] The Amiable Tyranny Of Peisistratus [n|1931] Notes And Emendations To The Epistulae Morales Of...Seneca [n|1932] Notes And Emendations To The XII Dialogues Of...Seneca [n|1934] Aurea Mediocritas [n|1935] Stéphen (Mesmin) ALEXIS {HT}
(M: 1889 Nov 29 - 1962 Aug 15) Rev, John ALISON {UK?}
(M: ? - ?) The National Church Of Scotland And Religious Equality [n|1882] Why We Are Not Free Churchmen [n|1893] J Haden ALLDREDGE {US}
(M: 1887 Jul 28 - 1962 Dec 5) Rate-Making For Common Carriers [n|1929] A History Of Navigation On The Tennessee River System (w ?) [n|1937] The Interterritorial Freight Rate Problem Of The United States [n|1937] Charles Richards ALLEN {UK/NZ?}
(M: 1885 May 3 - 1962 Mar 14) The Child In The Sun [p|1912] The Ship Beautiful: A Two-Fold Tale [f|1925] Brown Smock: The Tale Of A Tune [f|1926] Tarry Knight [f|1927] Pierrette Cheats The Publisher [d|pub:1929] The Four Foundlings [d|pub:1929] The Singing Heart: A Fantasy In A Prologue And Two Acts [d|pub:1929] When Mr Punch Was Young [d|pub:1929] The Sundial [p|1931] Darley Steps And Other Verses [p|1931] Cinna The Poet, And Other Verses [p|1933] A Poor Scholar [1936] Hedge Sparrow [1937] Tales By New Zealanders (ed) [s|1938] The Young Pretender [f|1939] John Ernest ALLEN {UK}
(M: 1872 - 1962 Jun 12) Legal And Practical Guide To County Elections (w F W HIRST) [n|1906] The War Debt [n|1919] British War Budgets (w F W HIRST) [n|1926] Mary Cecil ALLEN {AU}
(F: 1893 Sep 2 - 1962 Apr 7) The Mirror Of The Passing World [1928] Painters Of The Modern Mind [1929] Roberto ALMAGIÀ
(M: 1884 - 1962) George (J) ALTMAN {DE/US?}
(M: 1884 Jun 15 - 1962 Jun 9) Heinrich Laubes Prinzip Der Theaterleitung [n|Ge-1908] Alt-Nürnberg [n|Ge-1918] Ludwig Devrient [Ge-1926] Jean AMROUCHE
(M: 1906 - 1962) (William) Lacey AMY {US}
(M: 1878 - 1962) (also wrote as: Luke ALLAN) The Blue Wolf: A Tale Of The Cypress Hills [f|1913] Blue Pete, Half-Breed (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1920] The Lone Trail (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1921] 25230 The Return Of Blue Pete (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1922] The Westerner (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1923] The Beast (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1924] The Pace (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1926] The White Camel [f|1926] The Sire (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1927] Blue Pete, Detective (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1928] The End Of The Trail (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1931] The Masked Stranger (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1930] Murder At Midnight (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1930] Jungle Crime (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1931] The Dark Spot (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1932] The Fourth Dagger (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1932] The Many-Coloured Thread [f|1932] The Traitor (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1933] Murder At The Club (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1933] The Traitor (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1933] The Fourth Dagger (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1934] Scotland Yard Takes A Holiday (ps: Luke ALLAN) [1934] Five For One (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1934] Behind The Wire Fence (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1935] The Black Opal (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1935] The Case Of The Open Drawer (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1936] The Ghost Murder (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1937] The Man On The Twenty-Fourth Floor (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1937] Beyond The Locked Door (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1938] Blue Pete, Horsethief (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1938] The Tenderfoot (ps: Luke ALLAN) [1939] The Vengeance Of Blue Pete (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1939] Blue Pete, Rebel (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1940] Blue Pete Pays A Debt (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1942] Blue Pete Breaks The Rules (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1943] Blue Pete, Outlaw (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1944] Blue Pete's Dilemma (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1945] Blue Pete To The Rescue (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1947] Blue Pete's Vendetta (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1947] Blue Pete And The Pinto (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1948] Blue Pete Works Alone (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1948] Blue Pete, Unofficially (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1949] Blue Pete, Indian Scout (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1950] Blue Pete At Bay (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1952] Blue Pete And The Kid (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1953] Blue Pete Rides The Foothills (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1953] Blue Pete In The Badlands (ps: Luke ALLAN) [f|1954] Johannes (Carl) ANDERSEN {NZ}
(M: 1873 Mar 14 - 1962 Jun 19) Songs Unsung [p|1903] Maori Life In Aotea [1907] The Lamp Of Psyche [1908] History Of South Canterbury [n|1916] Place-Names Of Banks Peninsula [n|1927] Maori String-Figures [n|1927] New Zealand Tales [1927] Bird-Song And New Zealand Song-Birds [n|1927] The Laws Of Verse [n|1928] Myths And Legends Of The Polynesians [n|1928] Rev, Charles Albert ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1889 Jul 10 - 1962 Jan 21) Young People's Topics [n|1929] The Presbyterian Enterprise (jt ed) [n|1956] Prof, Emily ANDERSON {UK}
(F: 1891 Mar 17 - 1962 Oct 26) Prof, Frederick Lincoln ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1862 Apr 14 - ?) The Man Of Nazareth [n|1914] Prof, John ANDERSON {UK/AU?}
(M: 1893 Nov 1 - 1962 Jul 6) & Lectures [e|1928-1955] Education And Politics [n|1931] Z Studies In Empirical Philosophy [e|1962] Z [selected works] [e|?] John Arthur ANDERSON
(M: 1862 - ?) Autobiography [a|1948] Victor Clifton ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1862 - ?) Technical Education An Economic Necessity [n|1890] Evangeline (Holcombe) (nee)Walker ANDREWS {UK/US?}
(F: 1870 Jan 1 - 1962 Jan) Felipe N ARANA {PR}
(M: 1902 May 26 - 1962 (wrongly 1963) Jun) Florecillas Silvestres, Retoños Líricos [Sp-1934] Música Aldeana [Sp-1936] Antena [Sp-1937] Sementera [Sp-1945] Plato Del Día [Sp-1955] Grito De La Tierra Honda [Sp-1960] Peter ARCHER {US}
(M: 1873 Apr 22 - 1962 Jul 22) The Christian Calendar And The Gregorian Reform [n|1941] Jos ARDEN {AU}
(M: ? - ?) Jos Arden's Comic Monthly Papers [f|1882] Victor Stradley ARMBRISTER {US}
(M: 1902 Nov 8 - 1962 Oct 6) The Origins And Functions Of Subplots In Elizabethan Drama [n|1938] Sidney ARMER {US}
(M: 1871 Apr 28 - 1962 May 10) Leonora ARMSBY, nee WOOD {US}
(F: 1874 May 9 - 1962 Jan 20) Musicians Talk [a|1935] Frederick Ernest ARMSTRONG {UK}
(M: 1884 Aug 26 - 1962 Apr 3) The Book Of The Stock Exchange [n|1934/1934/1939/1949/1957] George Simpson ARMSTRONG {US}
(M: 1886 Apr 19 - 1962 Sep 12) Planning And Time Studies [n|1918] Essentials Of Industrial Costing [n|1921] An Engineering Interpretation Of The Economic...American Industry [n|1940] An Engineer In Wall Street [a|1962] Edwin ARNET {CH}
(M: 1901 May 11 - 1962 Nov 27) Emanuel [f|Ge-1924] Die Scheuen [f|Ge-1935] Das Eidgenössische Wettspiel [d|Ge-1939] Das Verlorene Gedächtnis [f|Ge-1942] Kleine Schweizernovelle [f|Ge-1944] Elgele [f|Ge-1949] Abschied Von Der Armut [f|Ge-1950] Der Einsame Im Dorf [s|Ge-1951] Fest Des Volkes [n|Ge-1951] Am Saume Des Herbstes [f|Ge-1953] Ömpoät [f|Ge-1954] Zürich: Das Buch Einer Stadt [n|Ge-1954] Traugott Vogel, Freundesgabe (ed) [Ge-1954] Abschied Von Hesperia [f|Ge-1956] Gedichte Des Tagebuchs [s|Ge-1957] Die Möven Von Zürich [f|Ge-1960] Die Große Kalte [f|Ge-1961] Julian Biddulph ARNOLD {UK/US?}
(M: 1862 Jul 3 - ?) Palms And Temples [1886] The School Of Sympathy [1920] Antonio ARRÁIZ {VE}
(M: 1903 Mar 27 - 1962 Jul 16) José Isidoro ARROYO {VE}
(M: 1862 - ?) Emil ARTIN {US}
(M: 1898 Mar 3 - 1962 Dec 20) Geometric Algebra [n|1957] Enriqueta ARVELO LARRIVA {VE}
(F: 1886 Mar 22 - 1962 (or 1963) Dec 10) Voz Aislada [p|Sp-1939] El Cristal Nervioso [p|Sp-1941] Poemas De Una Pena [p|Sp-1942] El Canto Del Recuento [p|Sp-1949] Mandato Del Canto: Poemas, 1944-1946 [p|Sp-1957] Poemas Perseverantes [p|Sp-1960] Lady, Ellen ASKWITH, nee PEEL, 1:Mrs GRAHAM {UK}
(F: c1864 - 1962 Jan 12) The Tower Of Siloam [f|1905] The Disinherited Of The Earth [f|1908] Canon, (Harold) Stanley ASTBURY {UK}
(M: 1889 Oct 23 - 1962 Aug 31) The Pocket Padre [?] A History of Chester Diocesan Training College [n|1946] A History Of The College Chapel [n|?] James ASTON {US}
(M: 1876 Jun 14 - 1962 Sep 7) Johnson's Materials Of Construction (w JOHNSON & WITHEY) [n|?/?/?/?/1919/1925/1930/1939] (William) Verne ATHANAS {US}
(M: 1917 Aug 13 - 1962 Jun 21) (also wrote as: Ike BOONE; Bill COLSON; Anson SLAUGHTER) The Proud Ones [f|1952] Rogue Valley [f|1953] Maverick [f|1956] Alexander H ATKINSON
(M: ? - 1962 Feb 28) (John) Roy(=Leroy) ATWELL {US}
(M: 1878 May 2 - 1962 Feb 6) George P AULD {US}
(M: 1881 Jan 28 - 1962 Sep 8) The Dawes Plan And The New Economics [n|1927] Rebuilding Trade By Tariff Bargaining [n|1936] Emily M AUSTIN {US}
(F: ? - ?) Mormonism; Or, Life Among The Mormons [a|1882] AUSTRAL (ps) {AU}
(?: ? - ?) Lays From An Australian Lyre [p|1882] A Child Of Nature And Other Verse [p|1917] Ramón Pérez de AYALA {ES}
(M: 1880 Aug 5 - 1962 Aug 9) La Paz Del Sendero [p|Sp-1904] Tinieblas En Las Cumbres [Sp-1907] AMDG [f|Sp-1910] La Pata De La Raposa [Sp-1911] Troteras Y Danzaderas [Sp-1912] El Sendero Innumerable [p|Sp-1915] Prometeo [s|Sp-1915] Herman Encadenado [n|Sp-1917] Las Mascaras [e|Sp-1920] Politica Y Toros [e|Sp-1920] El Sendero Andante [p|Sp-1921] Belarmino Y Apolonio [f|Sp-1921] Belarmino And Apolonio [f|Sp-1921] (tr ?) [?] Luna De Miel [Sp-1922] Urbano Y Simona [Sp-1922] El Ombligo Del Mundo [s|Sp-1925] Tigre Juan [f|Sp-1926] Tiger Juan [f|Sp-1926] (tr Walter STARKIE) [1933] El Curandero De Su Honra [f|Sp-1926] Leopoldo AYALA MICHELENA {VE}
(M: 1897 Dec 26 - 1962) Bernie BABCOCK, nee SMADE {US}
(F: 1868 Apr 28 - 1962 Jun 14) 31493 The Daughter Of A Republican [f|1900] At The Mercy Of The State [1901] Justice To The Woman [1901] An Uncrowned King: The Story Of The Life Of Francis E Williard [b|1902] A Political Fool [1902] Pictures And Poems Of Arkansas [1908] Santa Claus, The Stork And The Window: Christmas Story [1910] Yesterday And Today In Arkansas [1917] The Soul Of Ann Rutledge: Abraham Lincoln's Romance [1919] 20367 The Coming Of The King [1921] The Soul Of Abe Lincoln [b|1923] Abe Lincoln's First Circus [1924] Booth And The Spirit Of Lincoln [b|1925] Little Abe Lincoln [1926] Lincoln's Mary And The Babies [1928] Lighthorse Harry's Boy: The Childhood Of Robert E Lee [b|1931] The Heart Of George Washington [b|1932] Little Dixie Devil [1937] Hallerloogy's Ride With Santa Claus [1943] The Elephant's Visit [1975] Prof, Gaston BACHELARD {FR}
(M: 1884 Jun 27 - 1962 Oct 16) Sir, Roger (Sewell) BACON {UK}
(M: 1895 Jan 23 - 1962 Feb 17) Commercial Arbitrations [n|1925] Susanna von BAIBUS, nee von SANDEN {DE}
(F: 1890 Nov 14 - 1962) Francis Evans BAILY {UK}
(M: 1887 - 1962 Jul 6) (also wrote as: Susan FRENCH; Ann WILSON) Letters To Felicia [1921] Dolf The Beautiful (aka: Girl Friend) [f|1922] Vingie Darling (aka: Men Are So Susceptible) [f|1924] The Kind Duke [f|1925] Golden Vanity [f|1928] Pleasure Pets [f|1929] It Won't Do Any Harm [f|1930] Flower Stories: Simple Nature Studies (ps: Ann WILSON) [1930] Such Women Are Rare [1931] Beauty Girl [f|1933] Supper Time [f|1933] Wives Must Weep [f|1933] Flaming Passion (ps: Ann WILSON) [1933] Tropic Love (ps: Ann WILSON) [1933] Enchanted Journey [f|1934] Fleet Street Girl [f|1934] Twenty-Nine Years' Hard Labour [a|1934] African Nymph [f|1935] Chaste Interlude [f|1935] So This Is Love! [1935] Storm Over Youth [1935] Lady Beaconsfield And Her Times [b|1935] Aunt Anna Steps Out [f|1936] Lonely Road [f|1936] Mother Says No [f|1936] Sophia Of Hanover And Her Times [b|1936] Keep On Dancing [f|1937] Treat Them Gently [f|1937] You Can't Do As You Like [f|1937] Afraid Of Love [f|1938] Here Comes The Bride [f|1938] Place In The Sun [f|1938] The Love Story Of Lady Palmerston [b|1938] Island Rhapsody [f|1939] This Is Life [1939] Trust No Man [f|1939] Love Talks (ps: Ann WILSON) [1939] Modern Rhythm (ps: Ann WILSON) [1939] Don't Blame The Girl [f|1940] The Girl Who Left Home [1940] Three For A Girl [f|1940] Parents Have No Fun [1941] Three Weeks' Leave [1941] Life Is A Racket (ps: Ann WILSON) [f|1941] African Love [1942] Can I Help You? [f|1943] Men Are Such Fun [f|1943] The Perfect Age [b|1943] Mother's Daughter [1944] Film Stars Of History [b|1945] The Only Girl In The World [f|1945] Carol Redmayne [1946] Lancer's Lace [1947] Six Great Victorian Novelists [b|1947] Pilgrimage Of Grace [f|1948] Three For A Girl [f|1948] Time For Love [f|1949] As Often As Not (ps: Susan FRENCH) [f|1949] Not Too Bad (ps: Susan FRENCH) [1949] Dangerous Marriage [f|1950] Still To Be Loved (ps: Ann WILSON) [f|1950] Oddly Enough (ps: Susan FRENCH) [f|1950] I Loved Him Best [f|1951] Blissful Love (ps: Ann WILSON) [f|1951] Love In Distress (ps: Ann WILSON) [f|1951] Big Stuff (ps: Susan FRENCH) [f|1951] Getting Cracking (ps: Susan FRENCH) [f|1951] Daughter Knows Better [f|1952] Girls Don't Care (ps: Ann WILSON) [f|1952] Mixed Company [f|1953] Never Look Back [f|1953] Love Rules The World [f|1954] Strictly Private (ps: Susan FRENCH) [f|1954] Ladies Prefer Love [f|1955] Lovely Lady [f|1955] Design For Love [f|1956] She Was My Friend (ps: Ann WILSON) [f|1956] Who Else? (ps: Susan FRENCH) [f|1956] And Then Came Spring [f|1957] Girl Steps Out (ps: Ann WILSON) [f|1957] The Delicious Duchess (ps: Susan FRENCH) [f|1957] Marriage And Love [f|1958] Cool Cat (ps: Susan FRENCH) [f|1958] Arms And The Girl [f|1959] Escape From Youth (ps: Ann WILSON) [f|1959] Beware Perfection [f|1960] Wives Are Wonderful (ps: Susan FRENCH) [f|1960] Distracting Daughter [f|1961] A Girl's Life (ps: Ann WILSON) [f|1961] Call To Fortune (ps: Ann WILSON) [f|1961] Her Gracious Grace (ps: Susan FRENCH) [f|1961] The Secret Of Marriage [f|1962] This Merry Life (ps: Susan FRENCH) [f|1962] Love Is Divine [f|1963] Canon, Albert Edward BAKER {UK}
(M: 1884 Mar 10 - 1962 Mar 25) How To Understand Philosophy [n|1925] Psychoanalysis Explained And Criticised [n|1926] Jesus [n|1933] The Teaching Of Jesus For Daily Life [n|1933] Prophets For An Age Of Doubt [n|1934] The Divine Christ [n|1937] St Paul And His Gospel [n|1940] Science, Christianity, And Truth [n|1942] Prophets For A Day Of Judgment [n|1944] Arthur Harold BAKER {UK}
(M: 1890 Dec 1 - 1962 Jan 4) The House Is Sitting [n|1958] Abe(=Abraham) Joseph BALABAN {US}
(M: 1889 - 1962) Continuous Performance (w Carrie BALABAN) [a|1942] Grete BALDAUF-WÜRKERT {DDR}
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