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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Wäinö/Viainë Waldemar AALTONEN {FI}
(M: 1894 Mar 8 - 1966 May 26) Sadao AARAKI
(M: 1877 - 1966) Lazarus (Leonard) AARONSON {UK}
(M: 1894 - 1966 Dec 9) (also wrote as: Leonard AARONSON) Christ In The Synagogue [p|1930] Poems [p|1933] The Homeward Journey, And Other Poems [p|1946] Vivian Samuel David AARONSON
(M: 1866 - ?) Johan Arnd AASGAARD {US}
(M: 1876 Apr 5 - 1966 Jan 13) Sadiq Muhammad Khan ABBASI
(M: 1904 - 1966) Badreddine ABBASSI
(M: 1935 - 1966) Fred Hull ABBOTT {US}
(M: 1866 Oct 8 - ?) Abbott's Michigan Practice And Forms [2v|n|1901] The Collection Of Money [n|?/1928] John Howard ABBOTT
(M: 1866 - ?) Ali ABD Al-RAZIQ/Al-RAZIK
(M: 1888 - 1966) Masanao ABE {JP?}
(M: 1891 - 1966) Yoshishige ABE {JP?}
(M: 1883 - 1966) Edward (Campion) ACHESON {UK}
(M: 1902 - 1966) Murder By Suggestion (US: Red Herring) [f|1932] The Grammarian's Funeral [f|1935] Murder To Hounds [f|1939] Brian Gerard Conrad ACKNER {UK}
(M: 1918 Nov 1 - 1966 Aug 29) Handbook For Psychiatric Nurses (ed) [n|1964] William Edgar ADAIR
(M: 1866 - ?) Prof, John Douglas ADAM {US}
(M: 1866 Aug 23 - ?) Religion And The Growing Mind [n|1912] Paul In Everyday Life [n|1912] Letters Of Father And Son During College Days [n|1913] Under The Highest Leadership [n|1917] Prof, Karl (Borromäus) ADAM {DE}
(M: 1876 Oct 22 - 1966 Apr 1) Der Kirchenbegriff Tertullians [n|Ge-1907] Die Eucharistielehre Des Heiligen Augustin [n|Ge-1908] Die Kirchliche Sündenvergebung Nach Dem Heiligen Augustin [n|Ge-1917] Die Geheime Kirchenbusse Nach Dem Heiligen Augustin [n|Ge-1921] Glaube Und Glaubenswissenschaft Im Katholizismus [n|Ge-1923] Das Wesen Des Katholizismus [n|Ge-1924] Die Geistige Entwicklung Des Heiligen Augustin [n|Ge-1931] St Augustine [n|Ge-1931] (tr McCANN) [1932] Christus Und Der Geist Des Abendlandes [n|Ge-1932] Pfingstgedanken [n|Ge-1933] Jesus Christus Und Der Geist Unserer Zeit [n|Ge-1935] Die Sakramentale Weihe Der Ehe [n|Ge-1937] Kirchenmüdigkeit? [n|Ge-1940] Jesus Christus (8e) [n|Ge-1950] The Son Of God [n|Ge-?] (tr Philip HEREFORD) [1934] Glaube Und Liebe [n|Ge-1947] Una Sancta Zur Wiedervereinigung Im Glauben [n|Ge-1947] Christus, Unser Bruder (8e) [n|Ge-1950] [?] [n|Ge-?] (tr ?) [1931] Der Christus Des Glaubens [n|Ge-1956] The Christ Of Faith [n|Ge-1956] (tr ?) [1958] Herbert H ADAMS
(M: ? - ?) Essays Of An Idler [1886] Martin Ray ADAMS {US}
(M: 1892 Aug 6 - 1966 Jan 2) Political Radicalism In England, 1789-1799 [n|1940] Studies In The Literary Backgrounds Of Political Radicalism... [n|1947] Julia de Wolf ADDISON, nee GIBBS {US}
(F: 1866 Feb 24 - ?) Florestane The Troubadour [1903] Art Of The Pitti Palace [n|1903] Classic Myths In Art [n|1904] Art Of The Dresden Gallery [n|1906] Art Of The National Gallery [n|1906] 18212 Arts And Crafts In The Middle Ages [n|1908] Mrs John Vernon [1908] The Boston Museum Of Fine Arts [n|1910] The Spell Of England [n|1912] A False Note [d|?] Blight Of Buds [d|?] Rev, William ADDISON {UK}
(M: 1891 - 1966) Ettrick Verse [p|1949] Napier Verse [p|1960] Rabbi, Morris ADLER {US}
(M: 1906 - 1966 Mar 11) Arthur Herbert AFFLECK {AU}
(M: 1903 Jul 3 - 1966 Sep 11) The Wandering Years [a|1964] Prof, Eugene Ewald AGGER {US}
(M: 1879 Dec 4 - 1966 Dec 3) The Budget In The American Comonwealth [n|1907] Organized Banking [n|1918] Banking In New Jersey [n|1930] Banking And The New Deal [n|1934] Money And Banking Today [n|1941] Anna AGNEW, nee ?
(F: ? - ?) From Under The Cloud [a|1886] Vasudeva Sharana AGRAWAL
(M: 1904 - 1966) William Francis AITKEN {UK}
(M: c1866 - ?) Lord Kitchener Of Khartoum [b|1901] Frederick Temple, Archbishop Of Canterbury [b|1901] Victoria, The Well-Beloved [b|1901] The Marquess Of Salisbury, KG [b|1902] Canon Barnett, Warden Of Toynbee Hall [b|1902] Greatheart Lincoln [1910] The Chief Scout [1911] Some Memories Of The Row [1911] Mary Lee/Leonore (nee)Jobe AKELEY {US}
(F: 1886 Jan 29 - 1966 Jul 19) Adventures In The African Jungle (w Carl AKELEY) [n|1930] Lions, Gorillas And Their Neighbors (w Carl AKELEY) [n|1932] Restless Jungle [n|1936] Congo Eden [n|1950] Anselm Maria ALBAREDA
(M: 1892 - 1966) Bruno ALBERS
(M: 1866 - ?) Caterina ALBERT
(F: 1869 - 1966) Dorothy ALDIS, nee KEELEY {US}
(F: 1896 (or 1897) Mar 13 - 1966 Jul 4) Everything And Anything [p|1927] Murder In A Hay Stack [f|1930] Their Own Apartment [f|1935] Time At Her Heels [f|1937] All The Year Around [f|1938] Cindy [f|1942] Poor Susan [f|1942] Dark Summer [f|1947] Time At Her Heels [f|1949] Lucky Year [f|1952] All Together [p|1952] Jane's Father [1954] The Boy Who Cared [f|1956] Ride The Wild Waves [1957] Hello Day [p|1959] A Million Tiny Friends [1960] Quick As A Wink [1960] The Secret Place [1962] Is Anybody Hungry? [p|1964] Thomas ALDRED
(M: 1866 - ?) Syed Muzaffar ALI
(M: 1909 - 1966) Catherine Mabel Joyce ALLAN, Mrs KIRKPATRICK {AU}
(F: 1896 Apr 8 - 1966 Aug 31) Australian Shells [n|1950/1959] Cowry Shells Of World Seas [n|1956] The Sea-Horse And Its Relatives (w Gilbert WHITLEY) [n|1958] James Burns ALLARDICE {US}
(M: 1919 Mar 21 (or 2) - 1966 Feb 15) At War With The Army [d|pro:1949/pub:1950] Arthur Watts ALLEN {UK}
(M: 1879 Feb 22 - 1966 May) Mill And Cyanide Handbook [n|1916] Handbook Of Ore Dressing [n|1920] Recovery Of Nitrate From Chilean Caliche [n|1921] Sir, Carleton (Kemp) ALLEN {AU}
(M: 1887 Sep 7 - 1966 Dec 11) The Judgement Of Paris [f|1924] Oh! Mr Leacock [f|1925] Law In The Making [n|1927/?/1930/?/?/?/64] Bureaucracy Triumphant [n|1931] Legal Duties [n|1931] Democracy And The Individual [n|1943] Law And Orders [n|1945/?/65] The Queen's Peace [n|1953] Law And Disorders [n|1954] Administrative Jurisdiction [n|1956] Aspects Of Justice [n|1958] Don B ALLEN, ne DIMMIT? {US}
(M: 1889 Sep 27 - 1966 Jun 8) (wrote as: T D ALLEN (2)) Miss Alice And The Cunning Comanche (w Terry ALLEN) [d|pub:1960] Judge, Florence Ellinwood ALLEN {US}
(F: 1884 Mar 23 - 1966 Sep 12) Patris [n|1908] This Constitution Of Ours [n|1938] The Treaty As An Instrument Of Legislation [n|1952] To Do Justly [a|1965] George H ALLEN {UK}
(M: 1866 - ?) From Land's End To John Of Groats [n|1905] J Sidna ALLEN {US}
(M: 1866 - ?) Memoirs... [a|1929] Ralph ALLEN {CA}
(M: 1913 Aug 25 - 1966 Dec 2) Home Made Banners [f|1946] The Chartered Libertine [f|1954] Peace River Country [1958] Ordeal By Fire [1961] Ask The Name Of The Lion [1962] McHigh White Forest [1964] Margery (Louise) ALLINGHAM, Mrs YOUNGMAN CARTER {UK}
(F: 1904 May 20 - 1966 Jun 30) (also wrote as: Maxwell MARCH) Dido And Aeneas [d|1922] Blackkerchief Dick: A Tale Of Mersea Island [f|1923] Water In A Sieve [d|1925] The White Cottage Mystery [f|1928] The Crime At Black Dudley (US: The Black Dudley Murder) [f|1929] Mystery Mile [f|1930] Look To The Lady (US: The Gyrth Chalice Mystery) [f|1931] Police At The Funeral [f|1931] Sweet Danger (US: Kingdom Of Death) (aka: The Fear Sign) [f|1933] Other Man's Danger (US: The Man Of Dangerous Secrets) (ps: Maxwell MARCH) [f|1933] Death Of A Ghost [f|1934] Rogues Holiday (ps: Maxwell MARCH) [f|1935] Flowers For The Judge (aka; Legacy In Blood) [f|1936] The Shadow In The House (ps: Maxwell MARCH) [f|1936] The Case Of The Late Pig [f|1937] Mr Campion, Criminologist [s|1937] Dancers In Mourning (aka: Who Killed Chloe?) [f|1937] The Fashion In Shrouds [f|1938] Mr Campion And Others [s|1939] Black Plumes [f|1940] Traitor's Purse (aka: The Sabotage Murder Mystery) [f|1941] Coroner's Pidgin (US: Pearls Before Swine) [f|1945] Wanted - Someone Innocent [s|1946] The Casebook Of Mr Campion [s|1947] More Work For The Undertaker [f|1948] Take Two At Bedtime (US: Deadly Duo) [s|1950] Mr Campion And Others [f|1950] Tiger In The Smoke [f|1952] No Love Lost [s|1954] The Beckoning Lady (US: The Estate Of The Beckoning Lady) [f|1955] Hide My Eyes (US: Tether's End) (aka: Ten Were Missing) [f|1958] The China Governess [f|1963] The Mysterious Mr Campion [f|1963] The Mind Readers [f|1965] Mr Campion's Lady [f|1965] Mr Campion's Clowns [f|1967] Cargo Of Eagles (w P YOUNGMAN CARTER) [f|1968] The Allingham Casebook [s|1969] The Allingham Minibus (aka: Mr Campion's Lucky Day...) [s|1973] The Return Of Mr Campion [s|1989] The Daring Of The Red Rose [f|1995] Prof, André ALLIX {FR}
(M: 1889 Sep 3 - 1966 May 27) Les Colporteurs De L'Oisans (w Charles ROBERT-MULLER) [n|Fr-1979] Robert Edmond ALTER {US}
(M: 1925 Dec 10 - 1966 (wrongly 1965) May 26) (also wrote as: Robert RAYMOND; Robert RETLA) Sara Ellmaker AMBLER {US}
(F: 1866 Oct 26 - ?) The Dear Old Home [1906] Jo(=Johanna) van AMMERS-KÜLLER {NL}
(F: 1884 Aug 13 - 1966 Jan 23) De Roman Van Een Student [f|Du-?] De Verzwegen Siryd [f|Du-?] Kruispunten [Du-?] Maskerade [Du-?] Het Huis Der Vreugden [f|Du-1922] Jenny Heysten [f|Du-1923] Franz Van Altena's Vuurproef [f|Du-?] Het Doornige Pad [Du-?] De Opstandigen [f|Du-1925] Tantalus [Du-?] Vrouwenkruistocht [Du-?] Arthur Joseph AMOR {UK}
(M: 1897 Dec 1 - 1966 Apr 8) An X-Ray Atlas Of Silicosis [n|1940] The Chemical Aspects Of Silicosis [n|1942] Howard Schultz ANDERS {US}
(M: 1866 Nov 12 - ?) Medical Textbook On Physical Diagnosis [n|?] John Edward ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1893 Jun 13 - 1966 May 10) Kathryn ANDERSON, Mrs McLEAN {US}
(F: 1909 Mar 10 - 1966 May 15) (wrote as: Kathryn FORBES) Rev, Martin ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1882 May 17 - 1966 Feb 11) A Guide To Church Building And Fund Raising [n|1959] Multiple Ministries [n|1965] Boris Dimitrov ANGELUSCHEW {BG}
(M: 1902 Oct 25 - 1966 Aug 24) Ernest Lee ANTHONY {US}
(M: 1888 Sep 6 - 1966 Oct 19) Dairy Laboratory Manual [n|1914] Dairy Cattle And Milk Production (3e w C H ECKLES) [n|1939/1950/1956] John Ernest APPLEYARD {UK}
(M: 1883 - 1966 Mar 15) (wrote as: J E A) Geoffrey: Major John Geoffrey Appleyard... [b|1946] Gleason Leonard ARCHER (Sr) {US}
(M: 1880 Oct 29 - 1966 Jun 28) Ethical Obligations Of The Lawyer [n|1910] Law Office And Court Procedure [n|1910] Law Of Contracts [n|1911] Educational Octopus [n|1915] Law Of Agency [n|1915] Law Of Torts [n|1916] Building A School [1919] Law Of Evidence [n|1919] Criminal Law [n|1923] Law Of Real Property [n|1923] Impossible Task [n|1926] Principles Of Equity And Trusts [n|1927] History Of The Law [n|1928] Law Of Private Corporations [n|1928] Digest Of Criminal Law Cases [n|1929] First Essentials Of Law Study [n|1931] Mayflower Heroes [n|1931] History Of Radio To 1926 [n|1938] Big Business And Radio [n|1939] Hi-Jacking A University [?] Pilgrim Pioneers, New England Colonies, 1630-1692 [n|?] Pioneers Of Rockbound Coast [n|?] Robert, Duke Of Cragcastle [?] The Giant Of Eagle Mountain [?] More Than A Man [?] I Don't Believe It [?] Egmont ARENS {US}
(M: 1887 (or 1877 or 1888 or 1889) Dec 15 - 1966 Sep or Oct) (also wrote as: E A) The Little Book Of Greenwich Village (anon) [n|1919] Consumer Engineering: A New Technique... (w R SHELDON) [n|1932] Rev, Cyril Moxon ARMITAGE {UK}
(M: 1900 Jun 4 - 1966 Jun 7) Courage [1942] The Church Of Westminster [n|1951] Beauty For Ashes [1952] Housen Parr ARMSTRONG {US}
(M: 1898 Mar 26 - 1966 Jul 1) Problems In Adjustment Between High School Pupils...Parents [n|1931] Prof, Christian Ottomar ARNDT {US}
(M: 1899 Nov 3 - 1966 Feb 3) New School For A New Culture (w C MacCONNELL & E O MELBY) [n|1943] Education For A World Society (jt ed) [n|1951] Teaching World Affairs In American Schools (jt ed) [n|1956] Programs And Projects For International Understanding [n|1956] Harold Guthrie ARON {US}
(M: 1886 Aug 22 - 1966 Jun) Aron's Digest Of New York Real Property Law [n|1923] Jean/Hans ARP {FR}
(M: 1887 Sep 16 - 1966 Jun 7) Neue Französische Malerei (w L H NEITZEL) [n|Ge-1913] Dad-Almanach (w HUELSENBECK) [n|Ge-1919] Der Vogel Selbdritt [p|Ge-1920] Die Wolkenpumpe [p|Ge-1920] Die Pyramidenrock [p|Ge-1924] Die Kunstismen (w El LISSITZKY) [n|Ge-1925] Weißt Du Scwarzt Du [p|Ge-1930] Konfiguration [p|Ge-1930] Muscheln Und Schirme [p|Ge-1939] Le Siège De L'Air [n|Fr-1946] On My Way [n|Fr-1946] (tr ?) [1948] On My Way [1949] Onze Peintres Vus Par Arp [n|Fr-1949] Jalons-Wegweiser [Ge-1951] The Dada Painters And Poets (ed) [1951] Dreams Und Projects [Ge-1952] Die Engelsschrift [Ge-1952] Auch Das Ist Nur Ein Wolke [Ge-?] Behaarte Herzen, Könige Vor Der Sintflut [p|Ge-1953] Wortträume Und Schwarze Stern [p|Ge-1953] Auf Einem Bein [p|Ge-1955] Unsern Täglichen Traum [a|Ge-1955] Worte Mit Und Ohne Anker [p|Ge-1957] Die Geburt Des Dada (w HUELSENBECK & TZARA) [n|Ge-1957] Zweiklang (w others) [n|Ge-1960] Mondsand [p|Ge-1960] Sinnende Flammen [p|Ge-1960] Gesammelte Gedichte [p|Ge-1963] Drei Und Drei Surreale Geschichten (w Vincente HUIDOBRO) [Ge-1963] Logbuch Des Traumkapitäns [p|Ge-1965] Ignacio ARTEAGA {VE}
(M: 1895 - 1966) Ludwig ASCHOFF
(M: 1866 - ?) Der Appendicitische Anfall: Seine Ätiologie Und Pathogenese [n|Ge-1930] Rubie(=Ruby) Constance (A) ASHBY, Mrs FERGUSON {UK}
(F: 1899 - 1966) (also wrote as: Ruby FERGUSON) The Moorland Man [f|1926] Tale Of Rowan Christie [f|1927] Beauty Bewitched [f|1928] Death On Tiptoe [f|1931] Plot Against A Widow [f|1932] He Arrived at Dusk [f|1933] One Way Traffic [f|1933] Out Went The Taper [f|1934] Lady Rose And Mrs Memmary (ps: Ruby FERGUSON) [f|1937] The Moment Of Truth (ps: Ruby FERGUSON) [f|1944] Our Dreaming Done (ps: Ruby FERGUSON) [f|1946] Winter's Grace (ps: Ruby FERGUSON) [f|1948] Jill's Gymkhana (ps: Ruby FERGUSON) [f|1949] A Stable For Jill (ps: Ruby FERGUSON) [f|1951] Turn Again Home (ps: Ruby FERGUSON) [f|1951] Jill Has Two Ponies (ps: Ruby FERGUSON) [f|1952] Apricot Sky (ps: Ruby FERGUSON) [f|1952] A Paintbox For Pauline (ps: Ruby FERGUSON) [f|1953] Jill Enjoys Her Ponies (aka: Jill And The Runaway) (ps: Ruby FERGUSON) [f|1954] The Leopard's Coast (ps: Ruby FERGUSON) [f|1954] Jill's Riding Club (ps: Ruby FERGUSON) [f|1956] For Every Favour (ps: Ruby FERGUSON) [f|1956] Rosettes For Jill (ps: Ruby FERGUSON) [f|1957] Doves In My Fig-Tree (ps: Ruby FERGUSON) [f|1957] Jill And The Perfect Pony (ps: Ruby FERGUSON) [f|1959] The Cousins Of Colonel Ivy (ps: Ruby FERGUSON) [f|1959] Pony Jobs For Jill (aka: Challenges For Jill) (ps: Ruby FERGUSON) [f|1960] Jill's Pony Trek (ps: Ruby FERGUSON) [f|1962] The Wakeful Guest (ps: Ruby FERGUSON) [f|1962] A Woman With A Secret (ps: Ruby FERGUSON) [f|1965] Children At The Shop (ps: Ruby FERGUSON) [f|1967] William Waldorf ASTOR, 3rd Viscount ASTOR {UK}
(M: 1907 Aug 13 - 1966 Mar 7 (wrongly 8)) Our Imperial Future [n|1943] Helen ATTERIDGE
(F: ? - ?) 'Foremost If I Can' [f|1886] Butterfly Ballads And Stories In Rhyme [1897] The Queer House Next Door [f|1900] Fluffy And Jack [s|1900] The Mystery Of Master Max; and, The Shrimps Of Shrimpton [s|1900] To School And Away [f|1900] The Bravest Of The Brave; and,...Soldier, A Donkey, And A Doll [s|1900] Uncle Silvio's Secret [f|1900] At The Sign Of The Silver Cup [f|1927] The Old-World House [f|1929] Bunty And The Boys [f|?] FR Pres, Vincent (Jules) AURIOL {FR}
(M: 1884 Aug 27 - 1966 Jan 1) Hier-Demain [Fr-?] José Ramón AYALA {VE}
(M: 1877 - 1966 Sep 10) Lauro AYESTARÁN {UY}
(M: 1913 Jul 9 - 1966 Jul 22) Doménico Zipoli: El Gran Compositor Y Organista Romano... [n|Sp-1941] Crónica De Una Temporada Musical En El Montevideo De 1830 [n|Sp-1943] Fuentes Para El Estudio De La Música Colonial Uruguaya [n|Sp-1947] La Música Indígena En El Uruguay [n|Sp-1949] La Primitiva Poesía Gauchesca En El Uruguay [n|Sp-1950] La Misa Para El Día De Difuntos De Fray Manuel Ubeda [n|Sp-1952] La Música En El Uruguay [n|Sp-1953] Virgilio Scarabelli [n|Sp-1953] Luis Sambucetti:Vida Y Obra [b|Sp-1956] El Centenario Del Teatro Solís [n|Sp-1956] La Primera Edición Uruguaya Del 'Fausto' De Estanislao... [n|Sp-1959] Presencia De La Música En Latinoamérica [n|Sp-1959] Doménico Zipoli: Vida Y Obra [n|Sp-1962] El Minué Montonero (w Flor De María RODRÍGUEZ) [n|Sp-1965] El Folklore Musical Uruguayo [n|Sp-1967] Teoría Y Práctica Del Folklore [n|Sp-1968] Cinco Canciones Folklóricas Infantiles [n|Sp-1969] El Himno Nacional [n|Sp-1974] El Candombe A Través Del Tiempo [n|Sp-1983] El Tamboril Y La Comparsa [e|Sp-1990] Las Músicas Infantiles En El Uruguay [e|Sp-1995] August BACH {DDR}
(M: 1897 Aug 30 - 1966 Mar 23) Poincaré Und Der Kriegsausbruch 1914 [n|Ge-1929] Deutsche Gesandtschaftsberichte Zum Kriegsausbruch [n|Ge-1937] Englands Kriegsziele Im Weltkriege [n|Ge-1941] Aus Reden Und Aufsätzen, 1946-1966 [e|Ge-1977] Alfred Louis BACHARACH {UK}
(M: 1891 Aug 11 - 1966 Jul 16) The Musical Companion: A Compendium For All Lovers Of Music (ed) [n|1934] Lives Of The Great Composers (ed) [b|1935] Science And Nutrition [n|1938/?/1947] Vitamin E: A Symposium (jt ed) [e|1939] British Music Of Our Time (ed) [n|1946] The Nation's Food (jt ed) [n|1946] The Music Masters (ed) [4v|n|1948-1954] The New Musical Companion (ed) [n|1957] Hormones In Blood (jt ed) [2v|n|1961/1967-68] Evaluation Of Drug Activities: Pharmacometrics (jt ed) [2v|n|1964] Exploration Medicine: Being A Practical Guide... (jt ed) [n|1965] The Physiology Of Human Survival (w Otto G EDHOLM) [n|1966] Edward BACON
(M: 1866 - ?) Brig, Gerald Eliot BADCOCK {UK}
(M: 1883 Aug 26 - 1966 Jan 13) A History Of The Transport...Egyptian Expeditionary Force [n|?] Albert BAGINSKY {DE}
(M: 1901 Oct 28 - 1966 Nov 8) (wrote as: Peter BRAUER) Spur Von Einem Erdentag [s|Ge-1947] Hugh BAILLIE {US}
(M: 1890 Oct 23 - 1966 Mar 1) Two Battlefronts [n|1943] High Tension: The Recollections Of Hugh Baillie [a|1959] Men At Crisis [n|?] Amy (Elizabeth) Josephine BAKER, Mrs CRAWFORD {UK}
(F: 1878 - 1966) 'I Too Have Known' [f|1911] The Impenitent Prayer [f|1913] The Snake Garden: A Tale Of South Africa [f|1915] Moon Flower [f|1916] Dear Yesterday [f|1917] Tyrian Purple: A Romance Of The Ancient World [f|1919] The King's Passion [f|1920] The Painted Lily [f|1921] When The Ice Melts [f|1922] Mary Of Many Loves [f|1923] The Crêpe De Chine Wife [f|1924] The Slim Outline [f|1925] Late Roses [f|1925] The One Step [f|1926] The Good Man's Wife [f|1927] Aurora [f|1928] Eve De Luxe: A Tale Of The Lido [f|1929] Six Merry Mummers: A Tale Of India [f|1930] No Man's Wife [f|1931] Never Laugh At Love [f|1932] The Dangerous Age [f|1933] Enchanted Earth [f|1933] Theo The Pilgrim [1933] Leaf In The Wind [f|1935] Laugh In The Sun [f|1936] Once Too Often [f|1937] Love Is Ever Young [f|1938] Fan Mail [1941] Mediterranean Odyssey [n|1942] Hell's Odyssey: Coal Boat Cargo [1942] Pride Of Yesterday [1943] Now And Memory [1944] Three Young Maids Of Lee [f|1945] Those Victorians [1947] Flower Of Jade [f|1948] Gaiety Girl [f|1953] The Temptress: Monte Carlo [n|1955] Swing Low, Swing High [f|1956] Summer In Arcady [f|1957] Golden Girl [f|1959] Into Glory [f|1960] Summer Isles Of Eden [f|1962] Peter (Arthur David) BAKER {UK}
(M: 1921 Apr 20 - 1966 Nov 14) 'The Beggar's Lute': 21 Poems Written Under The Impact Of War [p|1940] The Land Of Prester John: A History And A Prophecy [p|1944] Confession Of Faith [n|1946] The Silent Revolution [1947] Land And Empire [1948] My Testament [a|1955] Time Out Of Life [1961] Cracks On The Sun Terrace [1980] Reginald Tustin BAKER {UK}
(M: 1900 - 1966 Dec 18) William Edward BALDWIN {US}
(M: 1883 - 1966) Appendix To The General Code Of Ohio [n|1923] Baldwin's Law Students' Vade Mecum [n|1923] The Civil Practice Manual Of Ohio (w William S HANNA) [n|1924] Emil BALMER {CH}
(M: 1890 Feb 15 - 1966 Feb 6) Harry BAMFORD {UK}
(M: 1866 - ?) Moving Loads On Railway Underbridges [n|1907] Edgar James BANKS
(M: 1866 - ?) & Bismya; Or, The Lost City Of Adab [1912] John Lewis BARKLEY {US}
(M: 1895 Aug 28 - 1966 Apr 14) No Hard Feelings [a|1930] Louise Farrow BARR, nee ? {US}
(F: 1887 May 31 - 1966 Mar 16) Presses Of Northern California 1900-1933 [n|1934] Robert BARRIE {US}
(M: 1866 - ?) My Log [a|1917] Heinz BARWICH {DDR}
(M: 1911 Jul 22 - 1966 Apr 10) Die Trennung Von Gasgemischen Durch Diffusion... [n|Ge-1936] Das Rote Atom (w Elfiede BARWICH) [a|Ge-1970] Mrs George, (Rosetta Gage) BASKERVILLE, nee HARVEY {UK}
(F: 1880 - 1966 Mar 10) The King Of The Snakes And Other Folk-lore Stories From Uganda [n|1922] R BATES
(F: ? - ?) Edith Lawson [f|1886] Viola Emily Mildred BATHURST, Lady APSLEY, nee MEEKING {UK}
(F: c1896 - 1966 Jan 19) The Amateur Settlers (w Allen BATHURST) [1925] To Whom The Goddess (w Diana SHEDDEN) [1932] Bridleways Through History [n|1936] Fox Hunters Bedside Book [n|1949] Joseph BATÓ
(M: 1888 Oct 15 - 1966) Defiant City [1942] The Sorcerer (ed Katherine Fair DONNELLY) [f|1976] Jacques de BAUDONCOURT
(M: ? - ?) I Histoire Populaire Du Canada... [n|Fr-c1886] Constantin BAUER {DE}
(M: 1883 Jul 27 - 1966 Oct 14) Arthur BAUMGARTEN {DDR}
(M: 1884 Mar 31 - 1966 Nov 27) Die Wissensachaft Vom Recht Und Ihre Methode [3v|n|Ge-1920] Geschichte Der Abendländischen Philosophie [n|Ge-1945] Bemerkungen Zur Erkenntnistheorie Des...Materialismus [n|Ge-1957] Rechtsphilosophie Auf Dem Wege [n|Ge-1973] Ernst BAUR {DE}
(M: 1889 Sep 2 - 1966 Nov 29) Byabasakuzi Timothy BAZARRABUSA {UG}
(M: 1912 Mar 28 - 1966 Apr 25) Akaana Akatabunga [n|?-1940] Thanga Rukanga [n|?-1945] Onyuunye Omale [n|?-1957] Mungenzoomu [n|?-1962] Ha Munwa Gw'Ekituuro [f|?-1963] Kalyaki Na Marunga [f|?-1964] Elmer Taylor BEACH {US}
(M: 1866 Dec 10 - ?) Beach In America:...New Haven Colony... (anon) [b|1923] William BEAK {AU}
(M: 1878 Jan 15 - 1966 Jun 5) The Key To Divine Designs...For The Improvement Of Beef Quality [n|1956] Sir, Kenneth James BEATTY {UK}
(M: c1878 - 1966 Oct 17) Human Leopards [n|1915] George BEAUREGARD
(M: ? - ?) I Le 9me Bataillon Au Nord-Ouest [n|Fr-1886] Birger BECH {CA}
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