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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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(M: 1918 - 1975) Elliot Andreas AANDAHL
(M: 1875 - ?) Edward Sidney AARONS {US}
(M: 1916 - 1975 Jun 16) (also wrote as: Will B AARONS; Paul AYRES; Edward RONNS) Death In A Lighthouse (aka: The Cowl Of Doom) (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1938] Murder Money (aka: $1,000,000 In Corpses) (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1938] The Corpse Hangs High (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1939] No Place To Live (aka: Lady, The Guy Is Dead) (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1947] Terror In The Town (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1947] Gift Of Death: A Jerry Benedict Novel (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1948] Nightmare [f|1948] The Art Studio Murders (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1950] Million Dollar Murder (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1950] State Department Murders (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1950] Catspaw Ordeal (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1950] Dark Memory (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1950] Dead Heat: A Crime Photographer Mystery (ps: Paul AYRES) [f|1950] The Decoy (ps: Paul AYRES) [f|1951] I Can't Stop Running (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1951] Don't Cry Beloved (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1952] Passage To Terror (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1952] Escape To Love [f|1952] The Net (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1953] Dark Destiny (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1953] Come Back, My Love [f|1953] The Sinners [f|1953] Girl On The Run [f|1954] Say It With Murder (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1954] Assignment To Disaster [f|1955] They All Ran Away (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1955] Assignment - Suicide [f|1956] Assignment - Treason [f|1956] Deadly Curves (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1956] Design For Death (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1956] Point Of Peril (&ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1956] Assignment - Budapest [f|1957] Assignment - Stella Marni [f|1957] Death Is My Shadow (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1957] Pickup Alley (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1957] Assignment - Madeleine [f|1958] Assignment - Angelina [f|1958] Gang Rumble (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1958] The Lady Takes A Flyer (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1958] Assignment - Carlotta Cortez [f|1959] Assignment - Helene [f|1959] Assignment - Lili Lamaris [f|1959] The Big Bedroom (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1959] The Black Orchid (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1959] But Not For Me (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1959] Assignment - Zoraya [f|1960] Assignment - Mara Tirana [f|1960] Hell To Eternity [f|1960] Assignment - Ankara [f|1961] Assignment - Burma Girl [f|1961] Assignment - Lowlands [f|1961] The Defenders [f|1961] Assignment - Sorrento Siren [f|1962] Assignment - Karachi [f|1962] The Glass Cage (ps: Edward RONNS) [f|1962] Assignment - Manchurian Doll [f|1963] Assignment - (The) Girl In The Gondola [f|1964] Assignment - Sulu Sea [f|1964] Assignment - The Cairo Dancers [f|1965] Assignment - School For Spies [f|1966] Assignment - Palermo [f|1966] Assignment - Cong Hai Kill [f|1966] Assignment - Black Viking [f|1967] Assignment - Moon Girl [f|1967] Assignment - Nuclear Nude [f|1968] Assignment - Peking [f|1969] Assignment - White Rajah [f|1970] Assignment - Star Stealers [f|1970] Come Back, My Love [f|1970] Sinners [f|1970] They All Ran Away [f|1970] Assignment - Tokyo [f|1971] Assignment - Golden Girl [f|1971] The Art Studio Murders [f|1971] Say It With Murder [f|1971] Assignment - Bangkok [f|1972] Assignment - Maltese Maiden [f|1972] The Decoy [f|1972] Assignment - Silver Scorpion [f|1973] Assignment - Ceylon [f|1973] Assignment - Amazon Queen [f|1974] Assignment - Sumatra [f|1974] Assignment - Black Gold [f|1975] Assignment - Quayle Question [f|1975] Assignment - Afghan Dragon [f|1976] Assignment - Unicorn [f|1976] Harald AARS
(M: 1875 - ?) Christian Andreas AARVIG
(M: 1875 - ?) John E AASLAND
(M: 1896 - 1975) Charles Lydiard Aubrey ABBOTT {AU}
(M: 1886 May 4 - 1975 Apr 30) Australia's Frontier Province (The Northern Territory) [n|1950] Prof, Thomas Perkins ABERNETHY {US}
(M: 1890 Aug 25 - 1975 Nov 12) The Formative Period In Alabama 1815-1928 [n|1922/65] From Frontier To Plantation In Tennessee [n|1932] Notes And Suggestions: Silas Deane In France [n|1934] Historical Sketches Of The University Of Virginia [n|1937] Western Lands And The American Revolution [n|1937/1959] Three Virginia Frontiers [n|1940] The Burr Conspiracy [n|1940] More News From Virginia [n|1943] A Summary View Of The Rights Of British America [n|1943] The South In The New Nation, 1789-1819 [n|1961] A History Of The South [n|1961] The Pursuit Of Southern History (w ?) [n|1964] The Antecedents Of The Abernethy Family In Scotland, Virginia... [n|1966] Southern Frontiers Of The War Of 1812 [n|1967] Theo (Chandos) Hoskyns ABRAHALL / HOSKYNS-ABRAHALL {UK}
(M: 1896 Dec 17 - 1975 Jan 24) Report With Recommendations On The Planning...Of Greater Lagos [n|1946] Achille van ACKER {BE}
(M: 1898 Apr 8 - 1975 Jul 10) Francis (Alexandre) ADAMS {US}
(M: 1874 May 11 - 1975 Sep 17) 14633 The Transgressors: Story Of A Great Sin [f|1900] Henry ADAMS
(M: 1875 - ?) Sir, Walter ADAMS {UK}
(M: 1906 Dec 16 - 1975 May 21) Julian Edwin ADDERLEY {US}
(M: 1928 Sep 15 - 1975 Aug 8) (wrote as: Cannonball ADDERLEY) David AITCHISON {UK}
(M: 1892 Sep 26 - 1975 Jan 15) Royal Standard: Red Ensign [n|1958] Zulay ALAMO IBARRA {VE}
(M: ? - 1975 Jun 14) Louis Paul ALAUX
(M: 1875 - ?) Michael James ALBERY {UK}
(M: 1910 Mar 12 - 1975 Sep 22) Hardie ALBRECHT {US}
(M: 1903 Dec 16 - 1975 Dec 7) (wrote as: Hardie ALBRIGHT) All The Living [1938] Prof, Henry ALEXANDER {CA}
(M: 1890 (or 1893) - 1975) Place Names Of Oxfordshire [n|1912] Common Faults In Writing English [n|1913] The Story Of Our Language [n|1940] Prof, Charles Henry ALEXANDROWICZ {UK}
(M: 1902 Oct 13 - 1975 Sep 26) International Economic Organisations [n|1952] Constitutional Developments In India [n|1957] World Economic Agencies: Law And Practice [n|1962] History Of The Law Of Nations In The East Indies [n|1967] The Afro-Asian World And The Law Of Nations [n|1969] The Law Of Global Communications [n|1971] The European-African Confrontation [n|1973] The Law Making Functions Of The Specialised Agencies Of The UN [n|1973] Sven ALLARD
(M: 1896 Jul 6 - 1975 Aug 17) Rev, Arthur Bruce ALLEN {UK}
(M: 1903 Feb 12 - 1975 Jan 17) (also wrote as: Borough TRICE) Derek Fortrose ALLEN {UK}
(M: 1910 May 29 - 1975 Jun 13) Major Ports Of Malaya [n|1951] British Museum Catalogue Of Coins Of Henry II [n|1952] Minor Ports Of Malaya [n|1953] Origins Of Coinage In Britain: A Reappraisal [n|1961] Coins Of The Coritani [n|1962] Rev, George Kendall ALLEN {UK}
(M: 1883 Feb 15 - 1975 Nov 15) James Sherman ALLEN
(M: 1875 - ?) Ellen ALLPORT
(F: ? - ?) (wrote as: Capel VANE) The Desire Of The Moth [f|1895] Frederick Rudolph ALTHAUS {UK}
(M: 1895 Sep 6 - 1975 Aug 21) British Government Securities In The Twentieth Century (ed) [n|1949] Miguel Angel ÁLVAREZ {VE}
(M: 1914 Sep 29 - 1975 Sep 25) Julio ÁLVAREZ Del VAYO {ES}
(M: 1891 Feb 9 - 1975 May 2) La Guerra Empezo En España [n|Sp-1940] The Last Optimist [n|Sp-?] (tr Charles DUFF) [1950] China Triumphs [n|Sp-?] (tr William ROSE) [1964] Freedom's Battle [n|Sp-?] (tr Eileen E BROOKE) [1971] Give Me Combat [a|Sp-?] (tr Donald D WALSH) [1973] The March Of Socialism [n|Sp-?] (tr Joseph M BERNSTEIN) [1974] Paul Edgar ALYEA {US}
(M: 1899 Sep 8 - 1975 Jan) The Effect Of The Proposed Homestead Exemption... [n|1930] Theory Of The Gold Standard [n|1934] Alabama's Balanced Budget [n|1942] Revenues Of Small Alabama Cities [n|1951] Assessment Of Public Utilities In Alabama [n|1952] Fairhope, 1894-1954: The Story Of A Single Tax Colony (w ?) [n|1956] Impact Of Overlapping Sales Taxes On Small Business [n|1960] Taxation Of Life Insurance Companies In Alabama [n|1965] Luis AMADO BLANCO (FERNÁNDEZ) {ES/CU:1936on}
(M: 1903 Apr 4 - 1975 Mar 9) Norte [p|Sp-1928] Ciudad Rebelde [f|Sp-1967] Osafroadu AMANKWATIA {GH?}
(M: 1915 - 1975) Sir, Torick AMEER ALI {UK?}
(M: 1891 Jun 9 - 1975 Jul 13) Memoirs Of The Chevalier De Melville [b|?] K Saraswathi AMMA {IN}
(F: 1919 - 1975) Prof, John Q ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1916 May 30 - 1975 Feb 19) With The Bark On: Popular Humor Of The Old South, 1830-1860 [?] Louisiana Swamp Doctor [?] The Liberating Gods: Emerson On Poets And Poetry [?] Brokenburn: The Journal Of Kate Stone, 1961-1968 [?] Leroy (Franklin) ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1908 Jun 29 - 1975 May 18) Prof, Paul Seward ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1913 Jun 5 - 1975 Feb) Edward J ANDREWS {AU}
(M: ? - ?) Cy Cyfer, And Other Poems [p|1895] Katherine ANDREWS, nee ? {AU}
(F: ? - ?) A Glimpse Of Hell [f|1895] Stephen Kyrle: An Australian Story [f|1901] Ivo(=Ivan) ANDRIC {YU}
(M: 1892 Oct 9 (or 10) - 1975 Mar 13) Ex Ponto [?-1918] Nemiri [?-1919] Put Alije Derzeleza [?-1920] Pripovetke [s|?-1924] Pripovetke 2 [s|?-1931] Pripovetke 3 [s|?-1936] Travnicka Hronika [?-1945] A Bosnian Story [?-1945] (tr Kenneth JOHNSTONE) [1948] Bosnian Chronicle [?-1945] (tr Joseph HITREC) [1963] Na Drini Cuprija [f|?-1945] The Bridge On The Drina [f|?-1945] (tr Lovett EDWARDS) [1959] Travnička Hronika [f|?-1945] The Days Of The Consuls [?-1945] (tr Celia HAWKESWORTH & Bogdan RAKIC) [1992] Gospodjica [f|?-1945] The Woman From Sarajevo [f|?-1945] (tr Joseph HITREC) [1965] Prica O Vezirovom Slonu [?-1948] The Vizier's Elephant [?-1948] (tr Drenka WILLEN) [1962] Nove Pripovetke [s|?-1948] Prokleta Avlija [p|?-1954] Devil's Yard [p|?-1954] (tr Kenneth JOHNSTONE) [1962] The Damned Yard [p|?-1954] (tr Celia HAWKESWORTH) [1992] Lica [s|?-1960] Zapisi O Goji [?-1961] The Pasha's Concubine And Other Tales [s|?-?] (tr Joseph HITREC) [1968] Kuca Na Osami [?-1976] Omerpasa Latas [?-1977] Paul McClelland ANGLE {US}
(M: 1900 Dec 25 - 1975 May 11) Lincoln, 1854-1861 [b|1933] Harry Jacob ANSLINGER {US}
(M: 1892 May 20 - 1975 Nov 14) The Traffic In Narcotics (w William F TOMPKINS) [n|1953] The Murderers: The Story Of The Narcotic Gangs (w Will OURSLER) [n|1961] The Protectors (w J Dennis GREGORY) [n|1964] Peter Frederick ANSON {UK}
(M: 1889 Aug 22 - 1975 Jul 10) The Pilgrim's Guide To Franciscan Italy [n|1927] Fishing Boats And Fisher Folk On The East Coast Of Scotland [n|1930] Mariners Of Brittany [n|1931] A Pilgrim Artist In Palestine [n|1931] Fishermen And Fishing Ways [n|1932] The Quest Of Solitude (aka: The Call Of The Desert) [n|1932] The Pilgrim's Sketch Books [n|1934] The Catholic Church In Modern Scotland, 1560-1937 [n|1937] The Caravan Pilgrim [n|1938] The Sea Fisheries Of Scotland: Are They Doomed? [n|1939] The Benedictines Of Caldey [n|1940] How To Draw Ships [n|1941/1955] British Sea Fisherman [n|1944] Harbour Head: Maritime Memories [a|1944] A Roving Recluse: More Memories [a|1946] The Sea Apostolate In Ireland [n|1946] The Apostleship Of The Sea In England And Wales [n|1946] Churches: Their Plan And Furnishing [n|1948] The Church And The Sailor: A Survey Of The Sea Apostolate... [n|1948] The Religious Orders And Congregations...Britain And Ireland [n|1949] Scots Fisherfolk [n|1950] Christ And The Sailor: A Study Of Maritime Incidents... [n|1954] The Call Of The Cloister: Religious Communities And Kindred... [n|1955] Banff And Macduff [n|1956] These Made Peace (w Cecily HALLACK) [n|1957] The Hermit Of Cat Island: The Life Of Fra Jerome Hawes [b|1957] Abbot Extraordinary:...Aelred Carlyle, Monk...1874-1955 [b|1958] Fashions In Church Furnishings, 1840-1940 [n|1960/66] The Brothers Of Braemore (ed) [n|1960] A Monastery In Moray: The Story Of Pluscarden Priory 1930-1948 [n|1960] The Art Of The Church (w Iris CONLAY) [n|1964] The Call Of The Cloister (4e w A W CAMPBELL) [n|1964] Bishops At Large [n|1964] The Building Of Churches [n|1964] Fisher Folklore: Old Customs, Taboos And Superstitions... [n|1965] Life On Low Shore:...Fisher Folk At Macduff, Banffshire 1938-1958 [n|1969] Underground Catholicism In Scotland [n|1970] Bp, Aiyadurai Jesudasen APPASAMY {IN}
(M: 1891 Sep 3 - 1975) The Message Of Sadhu Sundar Singh (w B H STREETER) [n|1920] Christianity As Bhakti Marga [n|1926] Temple Bells [n|1930] What Is Moksa? [n|1931] Christ In The Indian Church [n|1935] The Gospel And India's Heritage [n|1942] The Theology Of Hindu Bhakti [n|1970] The Christian Bhakti Of A J Appasamy [e|1992] Lt-Col, Charles Bernard APPLEBY {UK}
(M: 1905 Jul 4 - 1975 Mar 5) Victoria Crosses And George Crosses...East India Company... [n|1962] Culford School History And Roll, 1873-1973 [n|1974] Prof, Hannah ARENDT {US:1951on}
(F: 1906 Oct 14 - 1975 Dec 4) Origins Of Totalitarianism [n|1951] The Human Condition [n|1958] Between Past And Future [e|1961] On Revolution [n|1963] Eichmann In Jerusalem [n|1963] Merle (E) ARMITAGE {US}
(M: 1893 Feb 12 - 1975 Mar 15) Dance Memorabilia (ed Edwin CORLE) [n|1947] Operations Santa Fe (ed Edwin CORLE) [n|1948] Igor Stravinsky (ed Edwin CORLE) [n|1949] Brett Weston: Photographs (w Brett WESTON) [n|1956] Robert ARON {FR}
(M: 1898 May 25 - 1975 Apr 19) La Révolution Nécessaire (w A DANDIEU) [n|Fr-1934] Victoire À Waterloo [n|Fr-1937] Le Piège; Ou, Nous A Pris L'Histoire [n|Fr-1950] Histoire De Vichy [n|Fr-1954] Ce Que Je Crois [n|Fr-1955] Histoire De La Libération De La France [n|Fr-1959] Les Années Obscures De Jésus [b|Fr-1960] Jesus Of Nazareth: The Hidden Years [b|Fr-1960] (tr ?) [1962] Les Grands Dossiers De L'Histoire Contemporaine [n|Fr-1962] Les Nouveaux Grands Dossiers De L'Histoire Contemporaine [n|Fr-1963] Le Dieu Des Origines Des Cavernes Du Sinaï [n|Fr-1964] Charles De Gaulle [n|Fr-1964] Histoire De L'Épuration [n|Fr-1967] Ainsi Priait Jésus Enfant [n|Fr-1968] Discours Contre La Méthode [n|Fr-1973] Lettre Ouverte À L'Église De France [n|Fr-1975] Sarah (Henry) ATHERTON, Mrs BRIDGMAN {US}
(F: 1889 Jan 6 - 1975 Feb 12) Blow, Whistles, Blow! [f|1930] Sarah ATKINSON
(F: ? - ?) Essays [e|1895] Harold Cholmley Mansfield AUSTEN {UK}
(M: 1878 Nov 21 - 1975 Aug 15) Modern Development Of British Fishery Harbours [n|?] Sea Fights And Corsairs Of The Indian Ocean [n|1934] Prof, George Wesley AUSTIN {UK}
(M: 1891 Mar 1 - 1975 Mar 5) John Caspar AVAKIAN {US?}
(M: 1875 - ?) Presidential Candidates Of The Major Parties In 1928 Campaign [n|1928] Albert AVERBACH {US}
(M: 1902 or 1903 Feb 22 - 1975 May 10) Prof, Robert AVRETT {US}
(M: 1901 Dec 1 - 1975 Nov) Michael AYRTON (GOULD) {UK}
(M: 1921 Feb 20 - 1975 Nov 17) British Drawings [n|1946] Hogarth's Drawings [n|1948] Tittivulus [1953] Golden Sections [1957] The Testament Of Daedalus [p|1962] Drawings And Sculpture [n|1962/66] The Maze Maker [f|1967] Berlioz, A Singular Obsession [1969] Giovanni Pisano, Sculptor [n|1970] The Rudiments Of Paradise [e|1971] Fabrications [s|1972] The Midas Consequence [f|1974] A Meaning To The Maze [1974] Edwina Stanton BABCOCK {US}
(F: 1875 - ?) Greek Wayfarers And Other Poems [p|1916] The Flying Parliament And Other Poems [p|1919] Under The Law [1922] Nantucket Windows [1928] Rev, Leslie (Stephen Ronald) BADHAM {UK}
(M: 1908 Dec 27 - 1975 Jul 3) These Greatest Things [n|1942] Verdict On Jesus [n|1950/72] Love Speaks From The Cross [n|1956] Emilie (Addons) (nee?)Kip BAKER {US}
(F: 1875 - ?) Out Of The Northland [1904] Stories Of Old Greece And Rome [1913] Stories Of Northern Myths [1914] Children's Book Of Poetry (ed) [p|1915] 7283 Short Stories And Selections For...Secondary Schools (ed) [s|1916] (Frida) Josephine BAKER, nee McDONALD, 1:Mrs WELLS, 3:Mrs ABATINO, 4:Mrs LION, 5:Mrs BOUILLON, 6:Mrs BRADY, aka 'The Black Venus' {US/FR:1937on}
(F: 1906 Jun 3 - 1975 Apr 12) Las Memorias [a|?-?] Mikhail Mikhaylovich BAKHTIN {SU}
(M: 1895 - 1975) Arthur Charles BALDWIN
(M: 1875 - ?) Lady, Penelope (Noel Mary Ingram) BALOGH, nee TOWER, 1:Mrs GATTY {UK}
(F: 1916 Jun 16 - 1975 Jun 29) BANDO Mitsugoro, VIII, aka OYKOSUKE {JP}
(M: 1906 Oct 10 - 1975 Jan 16) Sir, Thomas MacDonald BANKS {UK}
(M: 1891 Mar 31 - 1975 Jul 11) (also wrote as: Donald BANKS) With The Tenth Essex In France (w R A CHELL) [n|1921] Flame Over Britain:...Ppetroleum Warfare (ps: Donald BANKS) [n|1946] Josef/Joseph BARD, aka Diamant József {HU/UK?}
(M: 1892 (or 1882) May 18 - 1975 Jul 26) Shipwreck In Europe [f|1928] The Tale Of A Child [1932] Evelyn Snead BARNETT
(F: ? - ?) Délire's Euchre Party [s|1895] 20862 Jerry's Reward [1900] Simón BARRETO RAMOS {VE}
(M: 1943 Oct 28 - 1975 May 25) Chester L BARROWS {US}
(M: 1891 Nov 25 - 1975 Oct 24) William M Evarts, Lawyer, Diplomat, Statesman [b|1941] Fifty Years Of Adelphi College [n|1946] Jerome Benedict BARRY {US}
(M: 1894 Jan 15 - 1975 Nov) Eustace Cecil BARTON-WRIGHT {UK}
(M: 1903 (or 1902) Sep 20 - 1975 Jul 26) Mrs Lindon W (Josephine White), BATES, nee ?
(F: ? - ?) Bunch-Grass Stories [s|1895] Kurt BATT {DDR}
(M: 1931 Jul 11 - 1975 Feb 20) Anna Seghers: Entwicklung Und Werke [b|Ge-1973] Die Exekution Des Erzählers [Ge-1974] Widerspruch Und Übereinkunft: Aufsätze Zur Literatur [e|Ge-1978] Gladys BATTYE, nee STARKEY {UK}
(F: 1915 - c1975) (wrote as: Margaret LYNN) James Phinney BAXTER, III {US}
(M: 1893 Feb 15 - 1975 Jun 17) The Introduction Of The Ironclad Warship [n|1933] Scientists Against Time [n|1946] Prof, John Louis BEATTY {US}
(M: 1922 Jan 24 - 1975 Mar 23) Heritage Of Western Civilization (w Oliver A JOHNSON) [n|1958] Warwick And Holland [b|1965] Gen, André BEAUFRÉ
(M: 1902 Jan 25 - 1975 Feb 12) Mary BEAUMONT
(F: ? - ?) A Ringby Lass, And Other Stories [s|1895] Joseph BECH {LU}
(M: 1887 Feb 17 - 1975 Mar 8) Statut International Du Luxembourg [n|Fr-?] Benjamin Haggott BECKHART {US}
(M: 1897 (or 1898) Nov 9 - 1975 Mar 21) The Discount Policy Of The Federal Reserve System [n|1924] Laura Amelia BEDELL, nee WHITEMARSH {CA}
(F: 1875 - ?) Spun Lace [p|1933] From Dawn To Dusk [p|1944] Blue Harbour [p|1947] H Louisa BEDFORD
(F: ? - ?) His Choice - And Hers (w Evelyn EVERETT-GREEN) [f|1895] Enid's Ugly Duckling (w Evelyn EVERETT-GREEN) [f|1896] Miss Chilcott's Legacy [f|1896] Mrs Merriman's Godchild [f|1897] Prue The Poetess [f|1897] Ralph Rodney's Mother [f|1898] The Twins That Did Not Pair [f|1898] Priscilla: A Story For Girls (w Evelyn EVERETT-GREEN) [f|1899] I Will Be A Sailor [f|1899] Daniel's Fallen Dragon (aka: Daniel Maynard's Fortune) [f|1900] 20381 The Village By The River [f|1900] Her Only Son Isaac [f|1901] A Maid Whom There Were None To Praise [f|1901] Robin The Rebel [f|1903] Fighting His Way; Or, Carew Of Burcombe [f|1904] Under One Standard; Or, The Touch That Makes Us Kin [f|1906] The Deerhurst Girls; Or, A Triple Alliance [f|1907] To Do And Dare [f|1907] Barbara's Heroes, Ancient And Modern [1908] Love And A Will O' The Wisp [f|1908] Mr Punch And Party [f|1909] Drusilla The Second [f|1910] His Will And Her Way [f|1911] Netta, Two Boys And A Bird [f|1911] Maids In Many Moods [f|1912] A Home In The Bush [f|1913] Jack, The Englishman [f|1914] The Ventures Of Hope [f|1914] The Siege Of Mr Johnson [f|1915] Ethel Sophia BEER {US}
(F: 1897 May 14 - 1975 Mar 7) Cyril Frederick Cherrington BEESON {UK}
(M: 1889 Feb 10 - 1975 Nov 3) The Ecology And Control Of The Forest Insects Of India ... [n|1941] Clockmaking In Oxfordshire, 1400 To 1850 [n|1967] English Church Clocks, 1280-1850 [n|1971] Mirza Mahmud BEG
(M: 1908 - 1975) Jack L BELL {US}
(M: 1904 Jul 24 - 1975 Sep) T F BELL
(?: ? - ?) & Jacquard Weaving And Designing [n|1895] Prof, Maurice Henry BELZ {AU}
(M: 1897 Feb 1 - 1975 Mar 28) Notes On Statistics For Matriculation General Mathematics [n|1948] Statistical Methods For The Process Industries [n|1973] The Elements Of Mathematical Analysis (w John MICHELL) [n|?] Rudolf (Frank) BENESH {UK}
(M: 1916 Jan 8 - 1975 May 3) Reading Dance: The Birth Of Choreology (w Joan BENESH) [n|1977] Emily BENNETT
(F: ? - ?) Bewitched: A Love Story [f|1895] Josephine (nee)Waters BENNETT {US}
(F: 1899 Jan 15 - 1975 Dec) Marguerite Elena May BENSON, later STEEN {UK}
(F: 1894 May 12 - 1975 Aug 4) (wrote as: Lennox DRYDEN; Jane NICHOLSON; Marguerite STEEN) The Gilt Cage (ps: Marguerite STEEN) [f|1926] Duel In The Dark (aka: Dark Duel) [f|1928] The Reluctant Madonna [f|1929] They That Go Down (aka: They That Go Down In Ships) [f|1930] Ancestors (ps: Lennox DRYDEN) [f|1930] When The Wind Blows [f|1931] Unicorn [f|1931] The Wise And Foolish Virgins [f|1932] Oakfield Plays [d|pub:1932] Spider [f|1933] Stallion [f|1933] Hugh Walpole [n|1933] Peepshow [d|pub:1933] Matador [f|1934] The One-Eyed Moon [f|1935] The Tavern [f|1935] Return Of A Heroine [f|1936] Matador (w Matheson LAND) [d|pro:1937] Who Would Have Daughters? [f|1937] The Lost One: A Biography Of Mary (Perdita) Robinson [b|1937] The Marriage Will Not Take Place (aka: Family Ties) [f|1938] French For Love (w Derek PATMORE) [d|pro:1939/pub:1940] A Kind Of Insolence And Other Stories [s|1940] The Sun Is My Undoing [f|1941] Shelter (ps: Jane NICHOLSON) [f|1941] William Nicholson [n|1943] Rose Timson (US: Bell Timson) [f|1946] Granada Window [f|1949] Twilight On The Floods [f|1949] The Swan [f|1951] Phoenix Rising (US: Jehovah Blues) [f|1952] Anna Fitzalan [f|1953] The Bulls Of Parral [f|1954] The Unquiet Spirit [f|1955] Little White King [n|1956] The Tower [f|1959] The Woman In The Back Seat [f|1959] A Pride Of Terrys: A Family Saga [n|1962] A Candle In The Sun [f|1964] Looking Glass [a|1966] Pier Glass [a|1968] Paintings And Drawings Of The Gypsies Of Granada (w others) [n|1969] Preston BENSON {UK}
(M: 1896 Apr 4 - 1975 Dec 2) Unknown Country [1941] Thomas Hart BENTON {US}
(M: 1889 Apr 15 - 1975 Jan 19) An Artist In America [a|1939/?/68] Drawings [n|1968] The Lithographs Of Thomas Hart Benton [n|1969] An American In Art: A Professional And Technical Autobiography [a|1969] Olga Fedorovna BERGGOLTS / BERGHOLTZ {SU}
(F: 1910 - 1975) (Shmuel) Hugo BERGMAN {IL}
(M: 1883 Dec 25 - 1975 Jun 18) Fr(SJ), Henri BERNARD, aka BERNARD-MAÎTRE {FR}
(M: 1889 Oct 21 - 1975 Feb 3) Aux Origines Du Cimetière De Chala... [n|Fr-1934] ...Pere Matthieu Ricci A La Chine [Fr-1935] Juan BEROES {VE}
(M: 1914 Jun 24 - 1975 Sep 3) William George BERRY {UK}
(M: 1903 Oct 15 - 1975) This Incredible Thing - Evangelism [n|1959] Lt-Gen, Premindra Singh BHAGAT {IN}
(M: 1918 Oct 14 - 1975 May 23) Forging The Shield [1965] The Shield And The Sword [1968] William Wishart BIDDE
(M: 1900 - before 1976) Propaganda And Education [n|1932] Austin Biron BIDWELL {US}
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