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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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Thorvald AADAHL
(M: 1882 - ?) Carl Johan AAGAARD
(M: 1882 - ?) Trygave/Trygve (Kristian Sundby Pedersen) AALHEIM
(M: 1882 - ?) Ghulam ABBAS
(M: 1909 - 1982) Richard ABBENHUIS, aka F M ABBENHUIS
(M: 1897 - 1982) Mary Jessamine ABBOTT, nee ?
(F: 1882 - ?) Masaki ABE {JP?}
(M: 1882 - ?) Giorgio ABETTI {IT}
(M: 1882 Oct 5 - 1982 Aug 24) Il Sole [n|It-1936] Scienza D'Oggi [n|It-1941] Le Stelle E I Pianeti [n|It-1945] Storia Dell'Astronomia [n|It-1949] The History Of Astronomy [n|It-1949] (tr ?) [1952] Esplorazione Dell'Universo [n|It-1959] Le Nebulose E Gli Universi-Isole [n|It-1959] Doris Caroline ABRAHAMS {UK}
(F: 1901 Dec 8 - 1982 Dec 5) (wrote as: Caryl BRAHMS; Oliver LINDEN) The Moon On My Left (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) [p|1930] Sung Before Six (ps: Oliver LINDEN) [p|1931] Curiouser & Curiouser (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) [p|1932] Footnotes To The Ballet (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) [n|1936] A Bullet In The Ballet (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) (w S J SIMON) [f|1937] Casino For Sale (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) (w S J SIMON) [f|1938] The Elephant Is White (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) (w S J SIMON) [f|1939] Don't Mr Disraeli (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) (w S J SIMON) [f|1940] Envoy On Excursion (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) (w S J SIMON) [f|1940] No Bed For Bacon (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) (w S J SIMON) [f|1941] Robert Helpmann, Choreographer (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) [b|1943] No Nightingales (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) (w S J SIMON) [f|1944] Titania Has A Mother (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) (w S J SIMON) [f|1944] Six Curtains For Stroganova (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) (w S J SIMON) [f|1945] Trottie True (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) (w S J SIMON) [f|1946] To Hell With Hedda! (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) (w S J SIMON) [s|1947] You Were There (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) (w S J SIMON) [f|1950] Seat At The Ballet (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) [1951] Away Went Polly (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) [1952] Cindy-Ella; Or, I Gotta Shoe (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) (w Ned SHERRIN) [1962] No Castanets (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) [f|1963] The Rest Of The Evening's My Own (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) [e|1964] Rappel 1910 (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) [1964] Benbow Was His Name (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) [1966] Paying The Piper (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) [d|1972] After You Mr Feydeau (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) [1975] Gilbert And Sullivan: Lost Chords And Discords (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) [1975] Nickleby And Me (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) [1975] Reflections In A Lake (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) [1976] Enter A Dragon, Stage Centre (ps: Caryl BRAHMS) [1979] Alexander ABUSCH {DE}
(M: 1902 Feb 14 - 1982 Jan 27) (also wrote as: Ernst REINHARDT) Der Kampf Vor Den Fabriken [s|Ge-1926] Braunbuch Über Reichstagsbrand Und Hitler-Terror (jt ed) [Ge-1933] Der Irrweg Einer Nation [n|Ge-1945] Stalin Und Die Schicksalsfragen Der Deutschen Nation [n|Ge-1949] Literatur Und Wirklichkeit [n|Ge-1952] Schiller: Größe Und Tragik Eines Deutschen Genius [b|Ge-1955] Kulturelle Probleme Des Sozialistischen Humanismus [n|Ge-1962] Shakespeare: Realist Und Humanist, Genius Der Weltliteratur [n|Ge-1964] Entscheidung Unseres Jahrhunderts [n|Ge-1977] Der Deckname [a|Ge-1981] Colin Gurdon Forbes ADAM {UK}
(M: 1889 Dec 18 - 1982 Nov 12) Life Of Lord Lloyd [b|1948] Jenö ÁDÁM {HU}
(M: 1896 Dec 12 - 1982) Sir, Ronald (Forbes) ADAM, 2nd Baronet ADAM of Hankelow Court {UK}
(M: 1885 Oct 30 - 1982 Dec 26) Assault At Arms: A Policy For Disarmament [n|1960] Elizabeth Laura ADAMS {US}
(F: 1909 Feb 9 - 1982 Sep 9) Dark Symphony [a|1942] Harriet (nee)Stratemeyer ADAMS {US}
(F: 1892 (wrongly 1893 or 1894) Dec 11 (or 6 or 3) - 1982 Mar 27) Prof, Herbert ADDISON {UK}
(M: 1889 Mar 27 - 1982 Nov 3) Sun And Shadow At Aswan [n|?] Land, Water And Food [n|?] Dean, George William Outram ADDLESHAW {UK}
(M: 1906 Dec 1 - 1982 Jun 14) Jocism [1939] Dogma And Youth Work [n|1941] The High Church Tradition [n|1941] Divine Humanity And The Young Worker [n|1942] The Architectural Setting Of Anglican Worship (w Frederick ETCHELLS) [n|1948] The Beginnings Of The Parochial System [n|1953] The Parochial System From Charlemagne To Urban II [n|1954] Rectors, Vicars And Patrons [n|1956] The Early Parochial System And The Divine Office [n|1957] The Pastoral Structure Of The Celtic Church In Northern Britain [n|1973] Prof, Günther ADOLPHI {DDR}
(M: 1902 Feb 18 - 1982 Aug 26) Lehrbuch Der Chemischen Verfahrenstechnik [n|Ge-1967] Rafael AGUAYO SPENCER {MX}
(M: 1914 - 1982) Prof, Henry David AIKEN {US}
(M: 1912 Jul 3 - 1982 Mar) Jack (Charles Richard) AISTROP {UK}
(M: 1916 (wrongly 1915) Aug 22 - 1982 Aug 24) (also wrote as: J Bentley AISTROP) Bugle Blast: An Anthology From The Services (jt ed) [1943] Triad One (ed) [1946] Triad Two (ed) [1947] Backstage With Joe [f|1946] The Lights Are Low [f|1947] Pretend I Am A Stranger [f|1949] Every Child's Book Of Pets (ps: J Bentley AISTROP) [n|1949] Every Child's Book Of Animal Wonders (ps: J Bentley AISTROP) [n|1950] Every Child's Book Of Zoo Favourites (ps: J Bentley AISTROP) [n|1951] Fun At The Zoo (ps: J Bentley AISTROP) [n|1951] Animals Around Us (ps: J Bentley AISTROP) [n|1953] Enjoying Pets (ps: J Bentley AISTROP) [n|1957] Enjoying Nature's Marvels (ps: J Bentley AISTROP) [n|1961] Pet Lover's Dictionary (ps: J Bentley AISTROP) [n|1961] Budgerigars And Other Cage Birds (ps: J Bentley AISTROP) [n|1963] The Mongolian Gerbil (ps: J Bentley AISTROP) [n|1968] Martha Alice AITKEN
(F: 1882 - ?) Eric Alexander AKERS-DOUGLAS, 3rd Viscount CHILSTON {UK}
(M: 1910 Dec 17 - 1982 Apr 10) Matta AKRAWI {IQ}
(M: 1901 - 1982) Estella ALFON
(F: 1917 - 1982) Frère, ALFRED-MARIE
(M: 1882 - ?) ALIQVIS (ps) {FI}
(?: ? - ?) 21803 'Soitto On Suruista Tehty' [d|Fi-pub:1902] Harry H ALLAN
(M: 1882 - ?) Prof, Frank Wisdom ALLEN {US}
(M: 1887 Jul 18 - 1982 Mar 5) Apple Growing In California [n|1937] Hormone Sprays And Their Effect...Bartlett Pears (w A E DAVEY) [n|1945] Bp, Geoffrey Francis ALLEN {UK}
(M: 1902 Aug 25 - 1982 Nov 8) Tell John (w others) [n|1932] He That Cometh [n|1932] Christ The Victorious [n|1935] The Courage To Be Real [n|1938] The Theology Of Missions [n|1941] Law With Liberty [n|1942] Prof, George Cyril ALLEN {UK}
(M: 1900 Jun 28 - 1982 Jul 31) The British Motor Industry [n|1926] Modern Japan And Its Problems [n|1928] The Industrial Development Of Birmingham...Black Country... [n|1929] British Industries And Their Organization [n|1933/70] Japan: The Hungry Guest [n|1938] Japanese Industry: Its Recent Development And Present Condition [n|1939] A Short Economic History Of Japan [n|1946/81] Western Enterprise In Far Eastern Economic Development (w ?) [n|1954] Western Enterprise In Indonesia And Malaya (w ?) [n|1957] Japan's Economic Expansion [n|1965] The Structure Of Industry In Britain [n|1961/70] Japan As A Market And Source Of Supply [n|1967] Monopoly And Restrictive Practices [n|1968] The British Disease [n|1976/79] How Japan Competes [n|1978] British Industry And Economic Policy [n|1979] Japan's Economic Policy [n|1980] James Godfrey Colquhoun ALLEN {UK}
(M: 1904 May 26 - 1982 Nov 12) A Native Court Handbook [n|1955] The Organisation And Procedure Of Local Government Councils [n|1956] Juliette (Louise) ALVIN, Mrs ROBSON {FR/UK?}
(F: 1897 Aug 21 - 1982 Sep 30) The Logic Of Casals' Technique [n|?] Introducing Music To Children [n|?] Class Teaching Of Instruments [n|?] Bach And The 'Cello [n|?] Musical Theory And Instrumental Technique [n|1953] Casals, A Great Teacher [b|?] A Musical Experiment On Backward Children [n|1954] 'Cello Tutor For Beginners [2v|n|1955-1958] Music For The Handicapped Child [n|1965/76] Music Therapy [n|1966/75] Report On A Research Project On Music Therapy [n|1970] Music Therapy For The Autistic Child [n|1978] Harry C ALVORD {US?}
(M: ? - ?) History Of The Coal Strike (anon) [n|1902] Mrs Ernest, AMES, nee ?
(F: ? - ?) Wonderful England! [1902] Louis Annin AMES {US}
(M: ? - ?) Etiquette Of Yacht Colours (anon) [n|1902] Prof, Emmanuel Ciprian AMOROSO {UK}
(M: 1901 Sep 16 - 1982 Oct 30) The Physiology Of The Domestic Fowl [n|1965] Protein Utilization By Poultry [n|1967] Reproduction In The Female Mammal [n|1967] Alexander AMPHITEATROF
(M: ? - ?) 11278 Folk-Tales Of Napoleon (w Honoré de BALZAC) [Ru-?] (tr G KENNAN) [1902] Mary ANDERSON
(F: 1882 - ?) William Laurence ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1882 - ?) A Manual Of Physical Training... (w William G ANDERSON) [n|1913] Valenti (Michael) ANGELO {US}
(M: 1897 Jun 23 - 1982 Sep 3) Nino [1938] Prof, Donald APPLEYARD {UK/US?}
(M: 1928 Jul 26 - 1982 Sep) The View From The Road [n|1963] Planning A Pluralistic City [n|1967] The Conservation Of European Cities [n|1979] Improving The Residential Street Environment [n|1981] Livable Streets [n|1981] Louis (Marie Antoine Alfred) ARAGON {FR}
(M: 1897 Oct 3 - 1982 Dec 24) Feu De Joie [p|Fr-1920] Anicet Ou Le Panorama [f|Fr-1921] Le Libertinage [f|Fr-?] Le Mouvement Perpétuel [p|Fr-1925] Le Paysan De Paris [f|Fr-1926] Paris Peasant [f|Fr-1926] (tr ?) [1971] Traité Du Style [Fr-1928] Front Rouge [Fr-1931] La Grande Gaîté [p|Fr-?] Persécuté Persécuteur [p|Fr-?] Les Cloches De Bâle [f|Fr-1933] Hourra L'Oural [p|Fr-1934] Les Beaux Quartiers [f|Fr-1936] Le Crève-Coeur [p|Fr-1941] Les Yeux D'Elsa [p|Fr-1942] Les Voyageurs De L'Impériale [f|Fr-1942] Brocéliande [p|Fr-?] Le Musée Grevin [p|Fr-?] La Diane Française [p|Fr-1945] Aurélien [f|Fr-1945] Les Yeux Et La Mémoire [p|Fr-1954] La Lumière De Stendhal [e|Fr-1954] Litterature Sovietique [e|Fr-1955] La Semaine Sainte [f|Fr-1958] Holy Week [f|Fr-1958] (tr ?) [1961] Elsa [p|Fr-1959] Le Fou D'Elsa [p|Fr-1963] La Mise À Mort [f|Fr-1965] Blanche Ou L'Oubli [f|Fr-1967] Henri Matisse [f|Fr-1972] Histoire De L'URSS De 1917-60 [n|Fr-c1961] Histoire Parallèle Des USA Et De L'URSS (w A MAUROIS) [n|Fr-1962] Traité Du Style [e|Fr-?] Les Aventures De Télémaque [e|Fr-?] Pour Un Réalisme Socialiste [e|Fr-?] La Culture Et Les Hommes [e|Fr-?] Chroniques Du Bel-Canto [e|Fr-?] Matisse; Ou, Comme Il Vous Plaira [e|Fr-?] Dorothy (nee)Fry ARBUCKLE {US}
(F: 1910 Jan 23 - 1982 Nov) The After-Harvest Festival [f|1955] Andy's Dan'l Boone Rifle [f|1966] Jean C ARCHER
(F: ? - ?) 24611 The Adventures Of Samuel And Selina [p|1902] 23459 Fishy-Winkle [p|1903] Maria ARCHER
(F: 1899 - 1982) Memórias Da Linha De Cascais (w Branca De Gonta COLAÇO) [n|Pt-1943] Maxim Ethan ARMBRUSTER {US}
(M: 1902 Mar 13 - 1982 Sep) Harold ARMITAGE {UK}
(M: 1867 - ?) By Rail: A Picture Book About Trains [n|1900] Greuze [1902] Chantry Land [1910] Sorrelsykes [1913] Francis Chantrey, Donkey Boy And Sculptor [1915] Jane Green, The Lake-land Heroine [1925] Three Hundred Things A Bright Boy Can Do (ed) [1929] Jeffery Farnol [b|1929] Early Man In Hallamshire [n|1939] Toddington Tragedy [1940] Russell And Rye House [1948] Rotherham's Forerunners [n|1953] Canon, Claude Blakeley ARMSTRONG {UK}
(M: 1889 Oct 31 - 1982 Oct 18) An Outline Of Western Philosophy [n|1964] Foundations Unshaken [n|1966] Creeds And Credibility [n|1969] Autumn Leaves [3v|p|1979-81] June (Fairfax) ARNOLD, nee DAVIS {US}
(F: 1926 Oct 27 - 1982) (also wrote as: The CARPENTER) Applesauce [f|1967] The Cook And The Carpenter (ps: The CARPENTER) [f|1973] Sister Gin [f|1975] Baby Houston [f|1987] Prof, James Fullarton ARNOTT {UK}
(M: 1914 Apr 29 - 1982 Nov 22) English Theatrical Literature, 1559-1900 (w J W ROBINSON) [n|1970] Gabriel AROUT
(M: 1909 Jan 28 - 1982 Feb 12) Mary Lucy ARTHUR
(F: ? - ?) (wrote as: George David GILBERT) In The Shadow Of The Purple: A Royal Romance [f|1902] The Baton Sinister: A Study Of A Temperament And A Time 1674-1686 [f|1903] The Island Of Sorrow: An Historical Novel, 1797-1808 [f|1903] To My King Ever Faithful:...Mrs Fitzherbert, 1782-1837 [f|1909] Midnight Of The Ranges [f|1921] The Ranch Woman: A Western Story [f|1925] Prof, Morris ASIMOW {US}
(M: 1906 Nov 27 - 1982 Jan 10) Torsional Vibration In Automobiles [n|1931] An Investigation Of The Plastic Flow Processes Involved In Drawing [n|1934] Theory And Principles Of Engineering Design [n|1961] Introduction To Design [n|1962] Modern Systems And Its Application To Large Scale Systems [n|1966] Tale Of Two Planets [f|1981] Arthur (Bowden) ASKEY {UK}
(M: 1900 Jun 6 - 1982 Nov 16) Before Your Very Eyes [a|1975] John Mead ATWATER
(M: 1882 - ?) Elias AUERBACH
(M: 1882 - ?) George AUGUSTIN {US}
(M: ? - ?) The Haunted Bridal Chamber: A Romance Of Old-Time New Orleans [f|1902] An AUSTRALIAN (ps) {AU}
(?: ? - ?) A Souvenir Of Sonnets And Other Essays In Song [p|c1902] Prof, Jules BACKMAN {US}
(M: 1910 May 3 - 1982 Mar) Frances (nee)Atchinson BACON {US}
(F: 1903 Mar 11 - 1982 Feb) Sir, Douglas (Robert Steuart) BADER {UK}
(M: 1910 Feb 21 - 1982 Sep 4 (wrongly 5)) Fight For The Sky: The Story Of The Spitfire And The Hurricane [n|1973] Ivan Khristoforovich BAGRAMIAN {SU}
(M: 1897 Dec 2 - 1982 Sep 21) Ralph Edgar BAILEY {US}
(M: 1893 Sep 24 - 1982 Apr) Prof, Stephen Kemp BAILEY {US}
(M: 1916 May 14 - 1982 Mar) Richard St Barbe BAKER {UK}
(M: 1889 Oct 9 - 1982 Jun 9) Tree Lovers Calendar [n|1929] The Brotherhood Of The Trees [n|1930] Men Of The Trees: In The Mahogany Forests Of Kenya And Nigeria [n|1931] Among The Trees [2v|n|1935-1941] Trees: A Book Of The Seasons [n|1940/1948] Africa Drums [n|1942] The Redwoods [n|1943] I Planted Trees [a|1944] Green Glory: (The Story Of The) Forests Of The World [n|1947] The Lasting Victories (w others) [n|1948] Trees - A Readers Guide [n|1948] New Earth Charter [n|1949] Famous Trees [n|1953] Sahara Challenge [n|1954] Kabongo: The Story Of A Kikuyu Chief [n|1955] Land Of Tané: The Threat Of Erosion [n|1956] My Life, My Trees [a|1956] Dance Of The Trees: The Adventures Of A Forester [n|1957] Kamiti: A Forester's Dream [n|1958] The Redwoods [n|1959] Horse Sense: Story Of My Horses In War And Peace [n|1961] Trees Of The World [n|1962] Trees Of The Bible Lands [n|1963] Famous Trees Of New Zealand [n|1963] The True Book About Trees [n|1963] Sahara Conquest: Reforestation [n|1966] Caravan Story And Country Notes [n|1969] Famous Trees Of Bible Lands [n|1974] The Tree Of Life [n|1977] Tall Timber [n|1978] My Horse - My Kingdom, My Health - My Wealth [n|?] Pierre (Alexandre Claudius) BALMAIN {FR}
(M: 1914 May 18 - 1982 Jun 29) My Years And Seasons [a|1964] Margaret (Frances) (nee)Culkin BANNING, 2:Mrs SALSICH {US}
(F: 1891 Mar 18 (wrongly 8) - 1982 Jan 4) (also wrote as: ANONYMOUS) This Marrying [f|1920] Half Loaves [f|1921] Spellbinders [f|1922] Country Club People [f|1923] A Handmaid Of The Lord [f|1924] The Women Of The Family [f|1926] Pressure [f|1927] Money Of Her Own [f|1928] Prelude To Love [f|1930] Mixed Marriage (ps: ANONYMOUS) [f|1930] His Side Of It [f|1931] The Town's Too Small [f|1931] Path Of True Love [f|1932] The Third Son [f|1934] The First Woman [f|1934] The Iron Will [f|1936] Letters To Susan [f|1936] The Case For Chastity [f|1937] You Haven't Changed [1938] Too Young To Marry [f|1938] Enough To Live On [f|1940] Out In Society [f|1940] Salud: A South American Journal [f|1941] A Week In New York [1941] Women For Defense [1942] Letters From England, Summer 1942 [1943] Conduct Yourself Accordingly (w Mabel Louise CULKIN) [f|1944] The Clever Sister [f|1947] Give Us Our Years [f|1949] Fallen Away [f|1951] The Dowry (aka: The Heart Of A Husband) [f|1955] The Convert [1957] Echo Answers [f|1960] The Quality Of Mercy [f|1963] The Vine And The Olive [f|1964] I Took My Love To The Country [f|1966] Mesabi [f|1969] The Splendid Torments [f|1976] Such Interesting People [f|1979] Samuel Latham Mitchell BARLOW (II) {US}
(M: 1892 Jun 1 - 1982 Sep 19) Djuna (Chappell) BARNES {US}
(F: 1892 Jun 12 - 1982 Jun 18) (also wrote as: A LADY of Fashion; Lydia STEPTOE) The Book Of Repulsive Women [1915] A Book [1923] Ryder [f|1928] Ladies Almanack (ps: A LADY of Fashion) [n|1928] A Night Among The Horses [s|1929] Nightwood [f|1936] The Antiphon [1958] Spillway [1962] Creatures In An Alphabet [1982] Smoke And Other Early Stories (ed Douglas MESSERLI) [s|1982] Interviews (ed Alyce BARRY) [a|1985] Prof, (Frank) Stringfellow BARR {US}
(M: 1897 Jan 15 - 1982 Feb 2) Arthur Joseph BARSKY {US}
(M: 1899 Dec 7 - 1982 Feb 9) George Leighton BARTLETT {US}
(M: 1882 - ?) (wrote as: '4342') Through The Mill... [a|1915] Luigi BARZINI {IT?}
(M: ? - ?) 30369 L'Argentina Vista Come È [It-1902] Alfred Alexander Meston BATCHELOR {UK}
(M: 1901 Mar 8 - 1982 Nov 25) Cradle Of Empire [n|1981] Jean Gardner BATTEN {NZ}
(F: 1909 Sep 15 - 1982 Nov 22) My Life (aka: Alone In The Sky) [a|1938] Richard John Vulliamy BATTLE {UK}
(M: 1907 Jan 21 - 1982 May 26) Plastic Surgery [n|1964] (John) Mac(=McNab) BEATTIE {CA}
(M: 1916 Dec 21 - 1982 Jun 14) This Ottawa Valley Of Mine [a|1982] Prof, Edwin Ford BECKENBACH {US}
(M: 1906 Jul 18 - 1982 Sep) Faith BECKFORD {US}
(F: 1882 - ?) Daddy Joe's Fiddle [1903] Gloria [1904] Sir, Adrian (Welles) BEECHAM, 3rd Baronet BEECHAM of Ewanville {UK}
(M: 1904 Sep 4 - 1982 Sep 4) Gladys Sybil Bazett BEECHER, nee LEAKEY {UK}
(F: 1901 - 1982) A Kikuyu-English Dictionary (w L J BEECHER) [n|1933] Mirza Muhammad Afzal BEG
(M: 1908 - 1982) Sir, Ronald (McMillan) BELL {UK}
(M: 1914 Apr 14 - 1982 Feb 27) Crown Proceedings [n|1948] Lionel John BELLAMY {UK}
(M: 1916 Sep 23 - 1982 May 9) The Infra-Red Spectra Of Complex Molecules [n|1954/1958] Advances In IR Group Frequencies [n|1968] David BELLOSO ROSSEL {VE}
(M: 1882 Apr 19 - ?) Belle Jennings BENCHLEY {US}
(F: 1882 - ?) My Life In A Man-Made Jungle [a|1940] Prof, Harold Herman BENDER {US}
(M: 1882 - ?) The Suffixes Mant And Vani In Sanskrit And Avestan [n|1910] German Short Stories [s|1920] A Lithuanian Etymological Index [n|1921] The Home Of The Indo-Europeans [n|1922] The Selection Of Undergraduates [n|1926] Charles Frederick BENJAMIN {US?}
(M: ? - ?) Historical Sketch Of The Third Army Corps (anon) [n|1902] Ingrid BERGMAN, 1:Mrs LINDSTRÖM, 2:Mrs ROSSELLINI, 3:Mrs SCHMIDT {SE}
(F: 1915 Aug 29 - 1982 Aug 29) My Story (w Alan BURGESS) [a|1980] Gustav Waldemar BERKHAN
(M: 1882 - ?) Zur Projektivischen Behandlung Der Dreiecksgeometrie [n|Ge-1905] Aus Dem Geometrischen Anfangsuntericht [n|Ge-1911] Aurél BERNÁTH {HU}
(M: 1895 Nov 13 - 1982 Mar 13) Prof, Harry BERRY {UK}
(M: 1890 Oct 6 - 1982 Apr 29) Whitla's Pharmacy, Materia Medica And Therapeutics (12e w others) [n|1933] Penicillin, Fleming (w ?) [n|1949] Marthe BETENFELD, 1:Mrs RICHER, 2:Mrs CROMPTON {FR}
(F: 1889 Apr 15 - 1982 Feb 9) (wrote as: Marthe RICHARD) I Spied For France [a|?] Appel Des Sexes [n|Fr-?] Albert Deems BETTS
(M: 1882 - ?) Lillian William BETTS
(F: ? - ?) * The Leaven In A Great City [1902] Eric George BEWLEY {UK}
(M: 1904 Mar 5 - 1982 Dec 1) Air Gun And The Law [n|?] Vinoba BHAVE {IN}
(M: 1895 Sep 11 - 1982 Nov 15) Sir, Natwarsinhji BHAVSINHJI, Maharaja of PORBANDAR {IN}
(M: 1901 Jun 30 - 1982 Oct 4) Giuseppe BIANCO {IT}
(M: ? - ?) La Sicilia Durante L'Occupazione Inglese, 1806-1815 [n|It-1902] La Rivoluzione Siciliana Del 1820 [n|It-1905] Ludwig (Georg Elias Moses) BIEBERBACH {DE}
(M: 1886 Dec 4 - 1982 Sep 1) Über Einen Satz Des Herrn C Jordan In Der Theorie... [n|Ge-1911] Einführung In Die Konforme Abbildung [n|Ge-1915] Funktionentheorie [n|Ge-1922] Theorie Der Differentialgleichungen [n|Ge-1923] Differential- Und Integralrechnung [n|Ge-1927] Lehrbuch Der Funktionentheorie [2v|n|Ge-1927-1930] Vorlesungen Über Algebra [n|Ge-1928] Theorie Der Differentialgleichungen [n|Ge-1930] Analytische Geometrie [n|Ge-1930] Projektive Geometrie [n|Ge-1931] Differentialgeometrie [n|Ge-1932] Einleitung In Die Höhere Geometrie [n|Ge-1933] Galilei Und Die Inquisition [n|Ge-1938] Carl Friedrich Gauß [b|Ge-1938] Einführung In Die Konforme Abbildung [n|Ge-1949] Theorie Der Geometrischen Konstruktionen [n|Ge-1952] Theorie Der Gewöhnlichen Differentialgleichungen,,, [n|Ge-1953] Analytische Fortsetzung [n|Ge-1955] Einführung In Die Theorie Der Differentialgleichungen... [n|Ge-1956] Einführung In Die Analytische Geometrie [n|Ge-1962] Michael BIEHL {US}
(M: ? - ?) Doctored Evidence [f|2002] Lawyered To Death [f|2003] Sir, Robert BIRLEY {UK}
(M: 1903 Jul 14 - 1982 Jul 22) The English Jacobins [n|1925] Speeches And Documents In American History (ed) [e|1944] Sunk Without Trace [n|1962] Paul BJARNASON {US/CA?}
(M: 1882 - ?) Mrs Elmer, (Madeleine) BLACK, nee ? {US?}
(F: ? - ?) 28575 A Terminal Market System: New York's Most Urgent Need... [n|1912] Sir, Robert (Rutherford) BLACKWOOD {AU}
(M: 1906 Jun 3 - 1982 Aug 21) Monash University: The First Ten Years [n|1968] Beautiful Bali [n|1970] (Seymour) Michael BLANKFORT {US}
(M: 1907 Dec 10 - 1982 Jul 13) Prof, Julius R BLUM {US}
(M: 1922 Feb 1 - 1982 Apr 13) Probability And Statistics (w Judah I ROSENBLATT) [n|1972] Peter (David) BOARDMAN {UK}
(M: 1950 Dec 25 - 1982 May 17) The Shining Mountain: Two Men On Changbang's West Wall [n|1978] Sacred Summits [n|1980] Walter Moritz BOAS {AU}
(M: 1904 Feb 10 - 1982 May 12) Introduction To The Physics Of Metals And Alloys [n|1947] Properties And Structure Of Solids [n|1971] Prof, Alan Martin BOASE {UK}
(M: 1902 Jun 23 - 1982 Nov 7) The Fortunes Of Montaigne [n|1935] The Poetry Of France [4v|n|1952-73] La Vie De Jean De Sponde [b|Fr-1977] Salomon BOCHNER {PL/US?}
(M: 1899 Aug 20 - 1982 May) Sir, Ronald BODLEY SCOTT {UK}
(M: 1906 Sep 10 - 1982 May 12) Cancer: The Facts [n|1979] Norman Towar BOGGS {US}
(M: 1882 - ?) (wrote as: Norman TOWAR) When The Melody Is Finished... [1930] Sir, George (Lewis French) BOLTON {UK}
(M: 1900 Oct 16 - 1982 Sep 2) A Banker's World [n|1970] Norman C BOLUS {ZA?}
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