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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

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(M: 1886 - ?) Reidar AASGAARD
(M: 1886 - ?) Arthur William ABBOTT {UK}
(M: 1893 Feb 5 - 1986 Oct 8) History Of The Crown Agents [n|1960] Harold Elliott ABBOTT {US}
(M: 1906 - 1986) Roy Linn ABBOTT
(M: 1886 - ?) Jean ABELÉ
(M: 1886 - ?) Christianity And Science [n|Fr-?] (tr R F TREVETT) [1961] Nigel James ABERCROMBIE {UK}
(M: 1908 Aug 5 - 1986 Feb 17) The Origins Of Jansenism [n|1936] St Augustine And French Classical Thought [n|1938] Life And Work Of Edmund Bishop [b|1959] The Arts In The South-East [n|1974] Artists And Their Public [n|1975] Cultural Policy In The United Kingdom [n|1982] W Hoskyns ABRAHALL {UK}
(M: ? - ?) The Health Reader [n|1906] Alphonso Giuseppe Giovanni Roberto d'ABRUZZO {US}
(M: 1914 Feb 26 - 1986 May 3) (wrote as: Robert ALDA) Milton (James Rhode) ACORN {CA}
(M: 1923 Mar 30 - 1986 Aug 20) In Love And Anger [p|1956] Against A League Of Liars [p|1960] The Brain's The Target [p|1960] Jawbreakers [p|1963] I've Tasted My Blood [p|1969] I Shout Love And On Shaving Off His Beard [p|1971] More Poems For People (w Warren KINTHOMPSON) [p|1972] The Island Means Minago [p|1975] In Love And Anger, I've Tasted My Blood [p|1979] Jackpine Sonnets [p|1977] The Road to Charlottetown (w Cedric SMITH) [1977] Captain Neal MacDougal And The Naked Goddess [p|1982] Dig Up My Heart [p|1983] Whiskey Jack (w James DEAHL) [p|1986] A Stand Of Jackpine (w James DEAHL) [p|1987] I Shout Love And Other Poems (ed James DEAHL) [p|1987] The Uncollected Acorn (ed James DEAHL) [p|1987] Hundred Proof Earth (ed James DEAHL) [p|1988] To Hear The Faint Bells [p|1996] Germaine (Poulain) ACREMANT {FR}
(F: 1889 (or 1898 or 1899) Jun 13 - 1986 Aug 24) Ces Dames Aux Chapeaux Verts [f|Fr-?] John Cranford ADAMS {US}
(M: 1903 Oct 11 - 1986 Nov) Gov, (Llewellyn) Sherman ADAMS {US}
(M: 1899 Jan 8 - 1986 Oct 27) Firsthand Report [n|1961] Sydney ADAMSON {US?}
(M: ? - ?) Almey St John ADCOCK, Mrs ARUNDEL {UK}
(F: 1894 Mar 15 - 1986 Feb 19) Man Who Lived Alone [1923] This Above All [1924] Winter Wheat [1926] Master Where He Will [1926] Judas Tree [1928] Sir, Geoffrey (William Gerald) AGNEW {UK}
(M: 1908 Jul 11 - 1986 Nov 22) Agnew's 1817-1967 [b|1967] Jacob Bernard AGUS {US}
(M: 1911 Nov 8 - 1986 Sep) (William) Brian (de Lacy) AHERNE {UK}
(M: 1902 May 2 - 1986 Feb 10) Augustus William AHL {US}
(M: 1886 - ?) Outline Of Persian History Based On Cuneiform Inscriptions [n|1922] Bible Studies In The Light Of Recent Research [n|1923] Eric Stephen AINLEY {UK}
(M: 1918 Sep 15 - 1986 Mar 26) Mathematical Puzzles [n|1978] Coarse Mathematics [n|1986] Omraam Mikhaël AÏVANHOV
(M: 1900 - 1986) Joseph ALBERT
(M: 1886 - ?) William Price ALBRECHT {US}
(M: 1907 Jun 25 - 1986 Oct c27) The Sublime Pleasures Of Tragedy [n|1975] Evan Benner ALDERFER {US}
(M: 1901 Dec 27 - 1986 Aug) Richard (Stoddard) ALDRICH {US}
(M: 1902 Aug 17 - 1986 Mar 31) Gertrude Lawrence As Mrs A [n|1954] Prof, Constantine John ALEXOPOULOS {US}
(M: 1907 Mar 17 - 1986 May 15) Introductory Mycology [n|1952/1962] Algae And Fungi (w H C BOLD) [n|1967] Biology Of The Myxomycetes (w William D GRAY) [n|1968] The Myxomycetes (w MARTIN) [n|1969] Introductory Mycology (3e w Charles MIMS) [n|1979] Morphology Of Plants (4e w BOLD & T J DELAVORYAS) [n|1980] Eric/Erick ALLEN {US}
(M: ? - 1986 Oct 27) Guns In His Warbag [f|1958] Hangtree Country [f|1958] Lone Gun [f|1962] Like Wild [f|1963] Another Night, Another Love [f|1963] Louisa [f|1964] Voices In The Wind [f|1967] Black Boy From Hatchett Creek [f|1968] The Gallows Bird [f|1968] Fury In Old Forth Smith [f|?] Hanging At Whiskey Smith [1] [f|?] Marshal At Whiskey Smith [2] [f|?] Rampage In Whiskey Smith [f|1979] Smoke In The Wind [f|1979] Ride to Revenge [f|1979] Black Powder Posse [1+2] [s|1985] Joseph Alexander ALLEN
(M: 1886 - ?) Maurice E ALLEN {US}
(M: 1886 Jun 22 - ?) Mixed Cargo [p|1931] Velta Myrle ALLEN {US}
(F: 1898 Feb 9 - 1986 Apr) Within Adobe Walls [1949] Random Treasure [1950] Me & My Shadows [1950] Toward The Horizon [1951] No Narrow Grooves [1954] Men ... Not Angels [1960] Paleography & Scroll Painting [1965] Nature's Theme Of Peace [1974] Walter Godfrey ALLEN {UK}
(M: 1891 Oct 21 - 1986 Jun 12) A Survey Of Views Of St Paul's Cathedral [n|?] Phyllis (Byam) (nee)Shand ALLFREY {DM}
(F: 1908 (or 1915) Oct 24 - 1986) In Circles [p|1940] Palm And Oak [p|1950] The Orchid House [f|1953] It Falls Into Place [s|2004] Mario (Anthony) AMAYA {US}
(M: 1933 Oct 6 - 1986 Jun 29) Uell Stanley ANDERSEN {US}
(M: 1917 Sep 14 - 1986 Sep 24) Keith Stirling ANDERSON {AU}
(M: 1892 May 8 - 1986 May 12) A Port Is Built [n|1981] Mary Mabbette ANDERSON, nee ? {US}
(F: ? - ?) Lights And Shadows Of The Life In Canaan [a|1906] Nels ANDERSON
(M: 1889 - 1986) William Nance ANDERSON
(M: 1886 - ?) Cleo Virginia ANDREWS {US}
(F: 1923 Jun 6 - 1986 Dec 19) (wrote as: V C ANDREWS) Flowers In The Attic [f|1980] Petals On The Wind [f|1980] If There Be Thorns [f|1981] My Sweet Audrina [f|1982] Seeds Of Yesterday [f|1984] Heaven [f|1985] Dark Angel [f|1986] Garden Of Shadows [f|1987] Fallen Hearts [f|1988] Sir, Harry ANNAMUNTHODO {MY}
(M: 1920 Apr 26 - 1986 Sep 6) Lymphogranuloma Venereum (w ?) [n|1962] John Henry ANTILL {AU}
(M: 1904 Apr 8 - 1986 Dec 29) Aleksey Nikolaevich ARBUZOV {SU}
(M: 1908 May 26 - 1986 Apr 20) Fritz (Viktor) ARENS {DE}
(M: 1912 Oct 19 - 1986 Nov 13) Das Werkmaß In Der Baukunst Des Mittelalters [n|Ge-1938] Bestehende Und Verschwundene Mainzer Kirchen A-G (w others) [n|Ge-1940] Das Goldene Mainz [n|Ge-1952] Die Stiftskirche St Peter Zu Wimpfen Im Tal [n|Ge-1953] Meisterrisse Und Möbel Der Mainzer Schreiner [n|Ge-1955] Die Katharinenkirche Zu Oppenheim Am Rhein [n|Ge-1955] Die Inschriften Der Stadt Wimpfen Am Neckar [n|Ge-1958] Die Kunstdenkmäler In Wimpfen Am Necker [n|Ge-1958] Die Inschriften Der Stadt Mainz Von Frühmittelalterlicher... [n|Ge-1958] Bau Und Ausstattung Der Mainzer Kartause [n|Ge-1959] Die Kunstdenkmäler Der Stadt Mainz [n|Ge-1961] Die Königspfalz Wimpfen [n|Ge-1967] Der Dom Zu Mainz [n|Ge-1982] Mainzer Inschriften 1651-1800 [2v|n|Ge-1985] Marcel ARLAND
(M: 1899 Jul 5 - 1986 Jan 12) Etienne [Fr-1924] Hyman ARLUCK {US}
(M: 1905 Feb 15 - 1986 Apr 23) (wrote as: Harold ARLEN) Herbert W ARMSTRONG {US}
(M: 1892 Jul 31 - 1986 Jan 16) The Proof Of The Bible [n|1958] The Book Of Revelation Unveiled At Last! [n|1959] Ending Your Financial Worries [n|1959] What Do You Mean, Salvation? [n|1961] Just What Do You Mean, Kingdom Of God [n|1962] The Wonderful World Tomorrow (w Garner Ted ARMSTRONG) [n|1966] The Autobiography Of Herbert W Armstrong [a|1967] The United States And British Commonwealth In Prophecy [n|1967] The Truth About Makeup [n|1968] What Will You Be Doing In The Next Life? [n|1969] Has Time Been Lost? [n|1970] The Plain Truth About Christmas [n|1970] Who Will Rule Space? [n|1970] Does God Exist? [n|1971] Lazarus And The Rich Man [n|1971] The Resurrection Was Not On Sunday! [n|1971] Which Day Is The Christian Sabbath? [n|1971] Which Day Is The Sabbath Of The New Testament? [n|1971] All About Water Baptism [n|1972] Just What Do You Mean, Born Again? [n|1972] Just What Do You Mean, Conversion? [n|1972] The Key To The Book Of Revelation [n|1972] The Seven Laws Of Success [n|1972] What Do You Mean, 'The Unpardonable Sin'? [n|1972] What Is Faith? [n|1972] Why Were You Born? [n|1972] What Is The Reward Of The Saved? [n|1973] The Incredible Human Potential [n|1978] The Wonderful World Tomorrow (2e) [n|1979] Military Service And War [n|1985] Mystery Of The Ages [n|1985] The United States And Britain In Prophecy [n|1986] God's Festivals And Holy Days [n|1992] The Missing Dimension In Sex (w others) [n|?/1992] Early Writings Of Herbert W. Armstrong (ed Richard C NICKELS) [e|1996] Nelson ARMSTRONG {US}
(M: ? - ?) Nuggets Of Experience [a|1906] Ralph Richard ARMSTRONG {UK}
(M: 1903 Jun 18 - 1986 May 30) The Mystery Of Obadiah [f|1943] Sea Change [1948] The Maid And The Myth [Grace Darling] [b|?] Whinstone Drift [f|1951] Danger Rock [f|?] The Mutineers [f|1968] Desi(=Desiderio Alberto) ARNAZ (y De ACHA, III) {CU/US?}
(M: 1917 Mar 2 - 1986 Dec 2) Prof, Denis (Midgeley) ARNOLD {UK}
(M: 1926 Dec 15 - 1986 Apr 28) Monteverdi [n|1963] Marenzio [n|1965] Monteverdi's Madrigals [n|1967] Monteverdi Companion (jt ed) [n|1969] Beethoven Companion [n|1971] Giovanni Gabrieli [n|1974] Giovanni Gabrieli And Venetian Music Of The High Renaissance [n|1980] Monteverdi's Church Music [n|1982] The New Oxford Companion To Music (ed) [n|1983] J S Bach [n|1984] Gesualdo [n|1984] The New Monteverdi Companion (jt ed) [n|1985] Mel ARRIGHI {US}
(M: 1933 Oct 5 - 1986 Sep 16) Gerard D ASHABRANNER {US}
(M: 1917 Feb 15 - 1986 Jan 12) (wrote as: Dan KIRBY) Cimarron Territory [f|?] Showdown At Cibecue Creek [f|?] Schreiber's Choice [f|?] Seabury (H H) ASHMEAD-BARTLETT {UK}
(M: c1886 - ?) With The Turks In Thrace (w Ellis ASHMEAD-BARTLETT) [n|1913] William (Alexander) ATTAWAY {US}
(M: 1911 Jan 19 - 1986 Jun 17) Let Me Breathe Thunder [f|1939] Blood On The Forge [f|1941] Nathan AUSUBEL {US}
(M: 1898 Jun 15 - 1986 Nov) A Treasury Of Jewish Poetry (jt ed) [p|1957] A Treasury Of Jewish Folklore (ed) [n|?] A Well-Known AUTHOR (ps)
(?: ? - ?) When It Was Light: A Reply To 'When It Was Dark' [1906] Moshe AVIGAL
(M: 1886 - ?) S D B (ps)
(?: ? - ?) Aquaviva [f|1906] Joe W BACK {US}
(M: 1899 Apr 12 (or 19) - 1986 Sep) Jean L BACKUS, nee SHEPARD {US}
(F: 1914 Feb 24 - 1986 Jun 6) (also wrote as: David MONTROSS) Traitor's Wife (ps: David MONTROSS) [f|1962] Dusha [?] Prof, Alexander BADAWY {EG/US?}
(M: 1913 Nov 29 - 1986 May) History Of Egyptian Architecture [3v|n|1954] Coptic Art And Archaeology [n|1978] (Ruby) Hermione (Youlanda CLINTON-)BADDELEY, 1:Mrs TENNANT, 2:Mrs WILLIS {UK}
(F: 1906 (wrongly 1908) Nov 13 - 1986 Aug 19) The Unsinkable Hermione Baddeley [a|1984] George BAILLIE-HAMILTON, 12th Earl of HADDINGTON {UK}
(M: 1894 Sep 18 - 1986 Apr 17) Prof, Arthur Lemprière Lancey BAKER {UK}
(M: 1905 Dec 16 - 1986 May 20) Raft Foundations [n|1937] Reinforced Concrete [n|1949] The Ultimate Load Theory Applied...Pre-Stressed Concrete Frames [n|1956] The Inelastic Space Frame [n|1967] Limit State Design Of Reinforced Concrete [n|1970] Bp, John Gilbert Hindley BAKER {UK}
(M: 1910 Oct 10 - 1986 Apr 29) The Changing Scene In China [n|1946] The Church On Asian Frontiers [n|1963] St Nicholas Cole Abbey: A Short History [n|1964] Bishop Speaking [1981] Lucia Adelaide Victor BAKER, 1:Mrs CHALIFOUX, 2:Mrs BREEZE, 3:Mrs DUDLEY {US}
(F: 1912 Jan 8 - 1986 Mar) (wrote as: Lucia VICTOR) Moses Nelson BAKER {US}
(M: ? - ?) Potable Water And Methods Of Detecting Impurities [n|?/1906] William Henry BAKER {US}
(M: ? - ?) The Cement Worker's Hand-book [n|1906] Charles Edward Huia BALL {UK}
(M: 1900 Nov 3 - 1986) Rev, Kenneth Vernon James BALL {UK}
(M: 1906 Jul 10 - 1986 Nov 12) Spiritual Approach To Marriage Preparation [n|1948] Prof, William Macmahon BALL {AU}
(M: 1901 Aug 29 - 1986 Dec 26) Japan - Enemy Or Ally? [n|1948] Nationalism And Communism In East Asia [n|1952] Australia And Japan (ed) [n|1969] Intermittent Diplomat (ed Alan RIX) [a|1988] David (Watt) BALLANTYNE {NZ}
(M: 1924 Jun 14 - 1986) Lowell Cline BALLARD {US}
(M: 1904 Dec 29 - 1986 Sep) Theodore Alfonso BANCROFT {US}
(M: 1907 Jan 2 - 1986 Jul) Statistical Theory In Research (w R L ANDERSON) [n|1952] Way BANDY, aka Ronald D WRIGHT {US}
(M: 1941 Aug 9 - 1986 Aug 13) Manly (Miles) BANISTER {US}
(M: 1914 Mar 9 - 1986 Jun) Eegoboo: A Fantasy Satire [f|1957] Conquest Of Earth (aka: The Scarlet Saint) [f|1957] Prof, John Francis BANNON {US}
(M: 1905 Apr 28 - 1986 Jun) (Nicolas) Guy BARNETT {UK}
(M: 1928 Aug 23 - 1986 Dec 24) By The Lake [1964] Richard David BARNETT {UK}
(M: 1909 Jan 23 - 1986 Jul 26) Treasures Of A London Temple (ed) [n|1951] British Museum Excavations At Carchemish, v2 (w L WOOLLEY) [n|1952] Catalogue Of Nimrud Ivories In The British Museum [n|1957/75] Assyrian Palace Reliefs [n|1960] The Sculptures Of Tiglath-Pileser III (w M FALKNER) [n|1962/70] Illustrations Of Old Testament History [n|1966/77] The Sephardi Heritage (ed) [n|1971] Catalogue Of The Jewish Museum, London (ed) [n|1974] Assyrian Sculpture (w Amleto LORENZINI) [n|1976] The Sculptures Of Ashurbanipal [n|1976] Ancient Ivories From The Middle East [n|1982] Myrtle (nee)Fait BARNHILL {US}
(F: 1896 Jul 10 - 1986 Jun) Alan Gabriel BARNSLEY {UK}
(M: 1916 Mar 25 - 1986 Nov 27) (wrote as: Gabriel FIELDING) The Frog Prince, And Other Poems [p|1952] XXVIII Poems [p|1955] Anne Mainwaring BARRETT, nee GILLETT, 1:Mrs BOXER {UK}
(F: 1911 May 7 - 1986 Dec 20) William Edmund BARRETT {US}
(M: 1900 Nov 16 - 1986 Sep 14) Flight From Youth [1939] Joan BARTON {UK}
(F: 1908 Feb 6 - 1986 Jul 25) The Mistress, And Other Poems [p|1972] Margaret Dover BARTON {US}
(F: 1902 Aug 1 - 1986 Sep) Diane Elizabeth BARWICK, nee McEACHERN {CA}
(F: 1938 Apr 29 - 1986 Apr 4) Handbook For Aboriginal And Islander History (jt ed) [n|1979] Rebellion At Coranderrk (ed L E BARWICK & R E BARWICK) [n|1998] Prof, Arthur Llewellyn BASHAM {UK}
(M: 1914 May 24 - 1986 Jan 27) History And Doctrines Of The Aj-vikas [n|1951] The Wonder That Was India [n|1954] Studies In Indian History And Culture [n|1964] Aspects Of Ancient Indian Culture [n|1966] Papers On The Date Of Kaniska (ed) [n|1968] The Civilizations Of Monsoon Asia (ed) [n|1974] A Cultural History Of India (ed) [n|1975] Horst BASTIAN {DDR}
(M: 1939 Dec 5 - 1986 Apr 14) Befehl Zur Exekution (w Klaus KRÜGER) [Ge-1962] Die Moral Der Banditen [Ge-1964] Wegelagerer [Ge-1967] Gesichter Einer Liebe [Ge-1971] Drei Welten Auf Einem Stern [Ge-1973] Gewalt Und Zärtlichkeit [5v|Ge-1974-87] Die Brut Der Schönen Seele [Ge-1976] Nicht Jeden Tag Ist Beerdigung [Ge-1980] Barfuß Ins Vaterland [Ge-1987] Edith Clara BATHO {UK}
(F: 1895 Sep 21 - 1986 Jan 21) The Art Of History [n|1915] The Life Of Christ In The Ballads [b|1924] The Ettrick Shepherd [1927] The Later Wordsworth [n|1934] The Poet And The Past [n|1937] The Victorians And After (w Bonamy DOBRÉE) [n|1938] Ludwig BATO
(M: 1886 - ?) Juden Im Alten Wien [n|Ge-1928] [Don Yosef Nasi: Parashat Hayim] [He-1942] Prof, Francis Wright BEARE {CA}
(M: 1902 Aug 16 - 1986) Prof, William BEATTIE {UK}
(M: 1903 Aug 27 - 1986 Mar 28) The Chepman And Myllar Prints [n|?] The Taill Of Rauf Coilyear [n|1950/66] Prof, Simone (Lucie Ernestine Marie Bertrand) de BEAUVOIR {FR}
(F: 1908 Jan 9 - 1986 Apr 14) L'Invitée [Fr-1943] She Came To Stay [Fr-1943] (tr ?) [1949] Le Sang Des Autres [Fr-1944] The Blood Of Others [Fr-1944] (tr ?) [1948] Pyrrhus Et Cinéas [n|Fr-1945] Les Bouches Inutiles [d|Fr-1945] Tous Les Hommes Sont Mortels [Fr-1947] All Men Are Mortal [Fr-1947] (tr ?) [1955] Pour Une Morale De L'Ambiguïté [n|Fr-1947] L'Amérique Au Jour Le Jour [Fr-1948] America Day By Day [Fr-1948] (tr ?) [1952] L'Existentialisme Et La Sagesse Des Nations [n|Fr-1948] Le Deuxième Sexe [2v|n|Fr-1949-1951] The Second Sex [n|Fr-1949-1951] (tr Howard PARSHLEY) [?] Must We Burn Sade? [n|Fr-1951] (tr ?) [1963] Les Mandarins [Fr-1954] The Mandarins [Fr-1954] (tr ?) [1957] Privilèges [n|Fr-1955] La Longue Marche [n|Fr-1957] The Long March [Fr-1957] (tr ?) [1958] Mémoires D'Une Jeune Fille Rangée [Fr-1958] The Memoirs Of A Dutiful Daughter [Fr-1958] (tr ?) [1959] La Force De L'Âge [Fr-1960] The Prime Of Life [Fr-1960] (tr ?) [1963] Brigitte Bardot [Fr-1960] Djamila Boupacha (w G HALIMI) [Fr-1962] La Force Des Choses [Fr-1963] Force Of Circumstance [Fr-1963] (tr ?) [1965] Une Mort Très Douce [Fr-1964] A Very Easy Death [Fr-1964] (tr ?) [1966] Les Belles Images [Fr-1966] La Femme Rompue [s|Fr-1968] The Woman Destroyed [s|Fr-1968] (tr ?) [1969] L'Âge De Discrétion [Fr-1968] La Vieillesse [Fr-1969] Old Age [Fr-1969] (tr ?) [1972] Tout Compte Fait [Fr-1972] All Said And Done [Fr-1972] (tr ?) [1974] Quand Prime Le Spirituel [Fr-1979] When Things Of The Spirit Come First [Fr-1979] (tr ?) [1982] La Cérémonie Des Adieux [Fr-1981] Adieux: A Farewell To Sartre [Fr-1981] (tr ?) [1984] Prof, Warren BECK {US}
(M: 1896 May 22 - 1986 Jun) The Blue Sash And Other Stories [s|1941] Final Score [f|1944] Pause Under The Sky [f|1947] Into Thin Air [f|1951] Man In Motion: Faulkner's Trilogy [n|1961] Joyce's 'Dubliners': Substance, Vision And Art [n|1969] Gustav Francis BECKH {US?}
(M: 1886 - ?) (wrote as: Francis BLAKE) The American Prometheus [1946] Mathilde Q BECKMANN, nee von KAULBACH, aka 'Quappi' {DE/US?}
(F: 1904 Feb 5 - 1986 Mar 30) Tagebücher 1940-1950 (w Max BECKMANN) (ed E GÖPEL) [a|Ge-1955] Prof, Maurice (Laverne) BEEBE {US}
(M: 1926 Jan 26 - 1986 Jan) Margaret (Elizabeth) BEHRENS, nee ? {UK?}
(F: 1886 - ?) In Masquerade [1930] Puck In Petticoats [1931] House Of Dreams [1932] Miss Macjay [1932] Helen Olive BELKNAP {US}
(F: ? - 1986) * The Church On The Changing Frontier [n|1922] Prof, George Howard BELL {UK}
(M: 1905 Jan 24 - 1986 Apr 17) Textbook Of Physiology (w C R PATERSON & D Emslie SMITH) [n|?] Judge, Philip Ingress BELL {UK}
(M: 1900 Jan 10 - 1986 Sep 12) Idols And Idylls [1918] Maria BELLONCI {IT}
(F: 1902 - 1986 May 13) Antonio BELTRAMELLI {IT}
(M: ? - ?) Il Cantico [f|It-1906] Harry BENJAMIN {US}
(M: 1885 Jan 12 - 1986 Aug 24) Rejuvenation [n|1937] Stanley Isaac BENN {UK}
(M: 1920 Sep 16 - 1986 Jul 25) Social Principles And The Democratic State (w Richard PETERS) [n|1959] A Theory Of Freedom [n|1988] Cecil William Frederick BENNETT {UK}
(M: 1895 Sep 27 - 1986 Jun 30) (wrote as: C W F B) The Story Of Holy Cross Church, Uckfield [n|1948] A-V-M, Donald Clifford Tyndall BENNETT {AU}
(M: 1910 Sep 14 - 1986 Sep 15 (or 14)) (also wrote as: A Flying Boat CAPTAIN) Complete Air Navigator [n|1935/?/?/?/?/?/67] The Air Mariner (ps: A Flying Boat CAPTAIN) [1938/1943] Freedom From War [n|1945] Pathfinder: A War Autobiography [a|1958] Let Us Try Democracy [n|1970] Joan BENNETT, nee FRANKAU {UK}
(F: 1896 Jun 26 - 1986 Jul 20) Four Metaphysical Poets [n|1934] Virginia Woolf: Her Art As A Novelist [n|1945/64] Five Metaphysical Poets [n|1965] George Eliot: Her Mind And Her Art [n|1948] Sir Thomas Browne [b|1962] Pamela BENNETTS, nee JAMES {UK}
(F: 1922 Jul 23 - 1986 Dec 1) (also wrote as: Helen ASHFIELD; Margaret JAMES) The Borgia Prince [f|1968] The Borgia Bull [f|1968] The Venetian [f|1968] The Suzerain [f|1968] The Adversaries [f|1969] The Black Plantagenet [f|1969] Envoy From Elizabeth [f|1970] Richard And The Knights Of God [f|1970] The Tudor Ghosts [f|1971] Royal Sword At Agincourt [f|1971] A Crown For Normandy [f|1971] Bright Son Of York [f|1971] The Third Richard [f|1972] The Angevin King [f|1972] The De Montfort Legacy [f|1973] The Lords Of Lancaster [f|1973] The Barons Of Runnymede [f|1974] A Dragon For Edward [f|1975] My Dear Lover England [f|1975] The She-Wolf [f|1975] Death Of The Red King [f|1976] Stephen And The Sleeping Saints [f|1977] The House In Candle Square [1] [f|1977] The Haunting Of Sara Lessingham (ps: Margaret JAMES) [US of 1] [f|1978] Don Pedro's Captain [f|1978] Ring The Bell Softly (&ps: Margaret JAMES) [f|1978] One Dark Night [f|1978] Footsteps In The Fog (&ps: Margaret JAMES) [f|1979] Marionette (&ps: Margaret JAMES) [f|1979] A Voice In The Darkness (&ps: Margaret JAMES) [f|1979] Amberstone (&ps: Margaret JAMES) [f|1980] The Quick And The Dead (&ps: Margaret JAMES) [f|1980] Lucy's Cottage (&ps: Margaret JAMES) [f|1981] Beau Barron's Lady [f|1981] The Marquis And Miss Jones (&ps: Helen ASHFIELD) [f|1982] Regency Rogue [f|1982] The Michaelmas Tree [f|1982] Lady Of The Masque [f|1982] The Slave Masters [f|1983] The Loving Highwayman [f|1983] Emerald (&ps: Helen ASHFIELD) [f|1983] Midsummer Morning (&ps: Helen ASHFIELD) [f|1984] Ruby (&ps: Helen ASHFIELD) [f|1984] Pearl (&ps: Helen ASHFIELD) [f|1984] Garnet (&ps: Helen ASHFIELD) [f|1985] Sapphire (&ps: Helen ASHFIELD) [f|1985] Opal (&ps: Helen ASHFIELD) [f|1986] Topaz (&ps: Helen ASHFIELD) [f|1987] Crystal [f|1987] Leo BENSEMANN {NZ}
(M: 1912 - 1986) Arnold Orlando BENSON
(M: 1886 - ?) Pearl (nee)Bucklen BENTEL {US}
(F: 1901 Oct 23 - 1986 Apr) Lewis Henry BERENS
(M: ? - ?) 17480 The Digger Movement In The Days Of The Commonwealth [n|1906] Michael BERGAZZI
(M: 1886 - ?) Prof, Fred Robert BERGER {US}
(M: 1937 Dec 1 - 1986 Nov 20) Happiness, Justice, And Freedom [n|1984] Gertrude Moltke BERNARD (wrongly BERNARR) {CA}
(F: 1906 Jun 18 - 1986 Jun 17 (or Jul 1)) (wrote as: ANAHAREO) My Life With Grey Owl [a|1940] Devil In Deerskins: My Life With Grey Owl [a|1972] Clyde (Edric Barron) BERNHARDT {US}
(M: 1905 Jul 11 - 1986 May 20) William Hibbert BERRY {UK}
(M: 1886 - ?) Raw Material [?] A Glimpse Of War [?] A Modern Vineyard [?] Bachelors All [?] Aircraft In War And Commerce [n|1918] The Journey's End [1918] The New Traffic - Aircraft [n|1919] The New Motoring [n|1919] Manual Of Motor Practice (ed) [n|1921] Luba BERSHADSKY {US}
(F: 1916 Apr 25 - 1986 Dec) Alfred Edmeades BESTALL {UK}
(M: 1892 Dec 14 - 1986 Jan 15) Rupert: A Bear's Life (w George PERRY) [1985] Joseph BEUYS {DE}
(M: 1921 May 12 - 1986 Jan 23) Sheila Macfarlane BEVINGTON {UK}
(F: 1895 Jun 17 - 1986 Jul 9) Occupational Misfits [n|1933] Thomas BEYER {US?}
(M: ? - ?) The American Battleship In Commission...An Enlisted Man (anon) [n|1906] Edward BIBERMAN {US}
(M: 1904 Oct 23 - 1986 Jan 27) Lance BILTON {CA}
(M: ? - ?) 'Guilty' [f|1906] Colin (William Hughie) BINGHAM {AU}
(M: 1898 Jul 10 - 1986 Feb 24) Marcinelle, And Other Verses [p|1925] A Book Of Verse [p|1929] Sixteen Poems [p|1939] Men And Affairs (ed) [1967] The Affairs Of Women (ed) [n|1969] Decline Of Innocence And Other Poems [p|1970] English And The Nation [n|1973] National Images And Other Poems [p|1979] Wit And Wisdom (ed) [n|1982] The Beckoning Horizon [a|1983] Helen BINGHAM
(F: ? - ?) & In Tamal Land [c1906] Prof, Woodbridge BINGHAM {US}
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later Al CODY) [f|1948] Marshal Of Deer Creek (ps: Al CODY) [f|1949] Stardance Post [f|1949] Point West (ps: Tex HOLT) [f|1949] Death's Bright Angel [f|1949] Black River Ranch (ps: Lynn WESTLAND) [1949] Cactus On The Range (ps: Tex HOLT) [f|1950] Texas Red (ps: Lynn WESTLAND) [f|1950] Silvertip Ranch (ps: Lynn WESTLAND) [f|1950] Reservation Range (ps: Al CODY) [f|1950] Sundown (ps: Al CODY) [f|1950] Valley Of The Sun [f|1950] Star Toter (ps: Al CODY) [f|1950] Shannahan's Feud (UK: The Claim Jumpers) [f|1950] Doomrock (UK: Doomrock Range) [f|1950] Texas Outlaw [f|1950] Border Wolves [f|1950] Hangman's Coulee (ps: Al CODY) [f|1951] Wagons West [f|1951] Maverick Range [f|1951] Hell For Leather [f|1951] Gun Thunder Valley [f|1951] Vengeance Trail (UK: Kempsey Outfit) (aka: Ambush Of Satan's Hill) [f|1951] Outlaw's Holiday [f|1951] Wyoming Outlaw [f|1951] Riders Of Stormhold [f|1951] Forbidden River [f|1952] Hostage [f|1952] The Texan's Revenge [f|1952] The Golden Stagecoach [f|1952] Tough Sheriff Jameson [f|1952] The Thundering Hills (ps: Al CODY) [f|1952] Valley Of The Sun [f|1952] Ride To Blizzard [f|1953] Powder Burns (ps: Al CODY) [f|1953] Texas Showdown [f|1953] Two-Gun Vengeance [f|1953] Outlaw (ps: Lynn WESTLAND) [f|1953] Gunman [f|1953] Canyon Man Hunt [f|1953] Outlaw Holiday [f|1954] Brand Of Iron [f|1954] Trapper's Rendezvous (UK: Wyoming Rendezvous) [f|1954] Renegade Scout [f|1954] Guns On The Bitterroot [f|1955] Cheyenne Justice [f|1955] The Silver Saddle [f|1955] Hired Gun [f|1956] The Sundowners (aka: Gunhand's Pay) [f|1956] Whiplash War [f|1956] Six-Gun Sawbones [f|1957] Texas Revenge [f|1957] The Man From Salt Creek [f|1957] Bloody Wyoming [f|1958] Cheyenne Kid [f|1958] The Dead Ride Hard (ps: Lynn WESTLAND) [f|1958] Fighting Kid From Texas [f|1958] High Prairie [f|1958] River Of/To The Sunset [f|1958] Outlaw [f|1958] Dead Man's Trail [f|1959] Winter Range (ps: Al CODY) [f|1959] Wyoming Ambush (ps: Al CODY) [f|1959] Gunsmoke At Gila Gulch (UK: Gunsmoke On The Gila) [f|1959] The Thief [f|1958] The Crown [f|1960] Marshal Of Broken Wheel [f|1960] Shield For A Killer (ps: Al CODY) [f|1960] Long Night At Lodgepole (ps: Al CODY) [f|1961] Dead Man's Spurs (ps: Al CODY) [f|1961] Gunsmoke Hill (ps: Al CODY) [f|1961] Homestead Range (ps: Al CODY) [f|1962] Gun Ranch (ps: Lynn WESTLAND) [f|1962] Massacre Creek [f|1962] Star Toter (ps: Al CODY) [f|1962] The Golden Saddle (ps: Al CODY) [f|1963] The Man Behind The Star [f|1963] Sheriff Of Red Wolf [f|1963] Rim Of The Range [f|1963] Powdersmoke Payoff (ps: Lynn WESTLAND) [f|1963] The Heart Of Texas (ps: Lynn WESTLAND) [f|1963] A Sky Pilot For Powderhorn [f|1963] The Beast Of Babylon [f|1963] The Land Is Mine (ps: Tex HOLT) [f|1963] The Silent Guns (ps: Tex HOLT) [f|1963] Badge Of A Marshal (ps: Al CODY) [f|1963] Return To Deadman's (ps: Al CODY) [f|1963] West From Deadwood [f|1964] Squatter Sovereignty (ps: Al CODY) [f|1964] Deadman's Gold (ps: Lynn WESTLAND) [f|1964] King Of Silverhill [f|1964] Trail Of The Innocents (ps: Al CODY) [f|1964] Thunder To The West (ps: Lynn WESTLAND) [f|1964] Storm Along The Rattlesnake [f|1964] Rimrock Vengeance [f|1965] Smoke Against The Sky (ps: Lynn WESTLAND) [f|1965] Sheriff Of Singing River [f|1965] The Red Gun (ps: Lynn WESTLAND) [f|1965] Golden River [f|1966] Castle Midnight (ps: Evelyn McKENNA) [f|1966] Renegade (ps: Al CODY) [f|1966] Gun Hand (ps: Al CODY) [f|1966] Heritage In Powdersmoke (ps: Lynn WESTLAND) [f|1967] Trail North [f|1967] Fort Fear (ps: Lynn WESTLAND) [f|1967] Forbidden Frontier [f|1968] Rogue's Range (ps: Lynn WESTLAND) [f|1968] Guns Of Yesterday [f|1968] Bushwhack Range [f|1968] Dragoon Pass (ps: Lynn WESTLAND) [f|1968] Dutchman's Flat [f|1969] Padre, JOSIMO
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