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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

Follow these links for explanations of the general abbreviations, the language abbreviations, the nationality abbreviations & the electronic library codes used.

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(M: 1899 - ?) Hans P van den AARDWEG
(M: 1899 - ?) Zalman AARONOWITZ
(M: 1899 - ?) Johannes Pieter van AARTSEN
(M: 1899 - ?) Douglas Charles ABBOTT {CA?}
(M: 1899 - ?) Relations Fédérales-Provinciales [n|Fr-c1947] Canada Meets A Challenge [n|1947] Ernest Victor ABBOTT
(M: 1899 - ?) Sophie D/Bledsoe (de) ABERLE
(F: 1899 - ?) Sir, Edward (Penley) ABRAHAM {UK}
(M: 1913 Jun 10 - 1999 May 9) Joseph ABRAMOWITZ {US}
(M: 1911 Jan 6 - 1999 Dec 2) (wrote as: Joey ADAMS) Cecilio ACOSTA GADEA {VE}
(M: 1899 Aug 2 - ?) Janet (Buchanan) ADAM SMITH, 1:Mrs ROBERTS, 2:Mrs CARLETON {UK}
(F: 1905 Dec 9 - 1999 Sep 11) Poems Of Tomorrow (ed) [p|1935] R L Stevenson [n|1937] Mountain Holidays [n|1946/96] Life Among The Scots [1946] Children's Illustrated Books [n|1948] Henry James And Robert Louis Stevenson (ed) [n|1948] The Faber Book Of Children's Verse (ed) [p|1953] John Buchan [b|1965] The Living Stream (ed) [1969] John Buchan And His World [n|1979] Alice (Boyd) ADAMS, Mrs LINENTHAL {US}
(F: 1926 Aug 14 - 1999 May 27) Careless Love (UK: The Fall Of Daisy Duke) [f|1966] Families And Survivors [f|1975] Listening To Billie [f|1978] Rich Rewards [f|1980] To See You Again [s|1982] Superior Women [1984] Return Trips [s|1985] Second Chances [f|1988] After You've Gone [s|1989] Caroline's Daughters [f|1991] Almost Perfect [f|1993] A Southern Exposure [f|1995] Medicine Men [f|1997] The Last Lovely City [s|1999] After The War [2000] The Stories Of Alice Adams [s|2003] Jean ADAMS
(?: 1899 - ?) R F ADAMS {CA?}
(?: ? - ?) Poems Of The Canadian West [p|1919] Roger (Robert) ADAMS {US}
(M: 1917 Sep 11 - 1999 Sep 9) Margaret (nee)McCrohan AHERN {US}
(F: 1921 Feb 16 - 1999 Aug 27) (also wrote as: [Peg O'CONNELL]) Speck The Altar Boy [1958] Presenting Speck The Altar Boy [1960] A Speck Of Trouble [1964] Nadya (L) AISENBERG {US}
(F: 1928 Sep 29 - 1999 Apr 13) Ranga AIYAR {IN?}
(M: ? - ?) (wrote as: S R) Speeches Of Indian Princes On The World War (ed anon) [e|1919] Richard (E) ALBERT {US}
(M: 1909 Mar 8 - 1999 Apr 1) Rafael ALBERTI (MERELLO) {ES}
(M: 1902 Dec 16 - 1999 Oct 28) Marinero En Tierra [p|Sp-1925] La Amante [p|It-1926] El Alba De Alhelí [p|Sp-1927] Domecq (1730-1928): Poema Del Ilmo [p|Sp-1928] Cal Y Canto [p|Sp-1929] Yo Era Un Tonto Y Lo Que He Visto Me Ha Hecho Dos Tontos [p|Sp-1929] Sobre Los Ángeles [p|Sp-1929] Consignas [p|Sp-1933] Un Fantasma Recorre Europa [p|Sp-1933] Poesía (1924-1930) [p|Sp-1935] Versos De Agitación [p|Sp-1935] Verte Y No Verte: A Ignacio Sánchez Mejías [p|Sp-1935] 13 Bandas Y 48 Estrellas: Poemas Del Mar Caribe [p|Sp-1936] Nuestra Diaria Palabra [p|Sp-1936] De Un Momento A Otro (Poesía E Historia) [p|Sp-1937] El Burro Explosivo [p|Sp-1938] Poesías (1924-1937) [p|Sp-1938] Poesías (1924-1938) [p|Sp-1940] Entre El Clavel Y La Espada (1939-1940) [p|Sp-1941] Pleamar (1942-1944) [p|Sp-1944] Poesía (1924-1944) [p|Sp-1946] A La Pintura: Poema Del Color Y La Línea (1945-1948) [p|Sp-1948/1953/68] Coplas De Juan Panadero [p|Sp-1949] Buenos Aires En Tinta China [p|Sp-1952] Retornos De Lo Vivo Lejano [p|Sp-1952] A La Pintura (1945-1952) [p|Sp-1953] Ora Marítima Seguido De Baladas Y Canciones Del Paraná [p|Sp-1953] Balada Y Canciones Del Paraná [p|Sp-1954] Sonríe China (w María Teresa LEÓN) [p|Sp-1958] Poemas Escénicos [p|Sp-1962] Abierto A Todas Horas [p|Sp-1964] El Poeta En La Calle (1931-1965) [p|Sp-1966] Il Mattatore [p|Sp-1966] Roma, Peligro Para Caminantes [p|Sp-1968/74] Los 8 Nombres De Picasso Y No Digo Más Que Lo Que No Digo [p|Sp-1970] Canciones Del Alto Valle Del Aniene [p|Sp-1972] Disprezzo E Meraviglia (Desprecio Y Maravilla) [p|Sp-1972] Maravillas Con Variaciones Acrósticas En El Jardín De Miró [p|Sp-1975] Coplas De Juan Panadero (1949-1977) [p|Sp-1977] Cuaderno De Rute [1925|p|Sp-1977] Los 5 Destacagados [p|Sp-1978] Fustigada Luz [p|Sp-1980] Versos Sueltos De Cada Día [p|Sp-1982] Golfo De Sombras [p|Sp-1986] Los Hijos Del Drago Y Otros Poemas [p|Sp-1986] Accidente: Poemas Del Hospital [p|Sp-1987] Cuatro Canciones [p|Sp-1987] El Aburrimiento [p|Sp-1988] Canciones Para Altair [p|Sp-1989] Otto Edwin ALBRECHT
(M: 1899 - ?) Fred ALEXANDER
(M: 1899 - ?) Felipe ALFAU {ES/US?}
(M: 1902 Aug 24 - 1999 Feb 18) Locos: A Comedy Of Gestures [f|1936] Chromos [f|c1990] La Poesia Cursi [p|Sp-1992] Prof, William ALFRED {US}
(M: 1922 Aug 16 - 1999 May 20) Agamemnon [d|pub:1954/pro:1966] Hogan's Goat [d|pro:1965/pub:1966] Lillian ALLEN {UK}
(F: 1904 Feb 22 - 1999) Ned Bliss ALLEN
(M: 1899 - ?) Rex ALLEN {US}
(M: 1920 Dec 31 - 1999 Dec 17) My Life, Sunrise To Sunset [a|1989] Ronald Edgar ALLEY {UK}
(M: 1926 Mar 12 - 1999 Apr 25) Tate Gallery: Foreign Paintings, Drawings And Sculpture [n|1959] Gauguin [n|1962] William Scott [n|1963] Ben Nicholson [n|1963] Francis Bacon (w John ROTHENSTEIN) [n|1964] British Painting Since 1945 [n|1966] Picasso's 'Three Dancers' [n|1967/86] Barbara Hepworth [n|1968] Recent American Art [n|1969] Portrait Of A Primitive: The Art Of Henri Rousseau [n|1978] Catalogue Of The Tate Gallery's Collection Of Modern Art... [n|1981] Forty Years Of Modern Art 1945-1985 [n|1986] George W ALLYN {US}
(M: ? - ?) When Blue Earth County Was Young [a|1919] Joseph Adolphe ALZINGER
(M: 1899 - ?) Konrad AMELN
(M: 1899 - ?) Shalva IAsonovich AMIRANASHVILI {SU?}
(M: 1899 - ?) Prof, Charles Roberts ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1902 Oct 17 - 1999 Nov 5) Emily Dickinson's Poetry: Stairway Of Surprise [n|1960] Ingvar ANDERSON
(M: 1899 - ?) Sir, Kevin (Victor) ANDERSON {AU}
(M: 1912 Sep 4 - 1999 Oct 14) Stamp Duties In Victoria [n|1949/68] Price Control (w ?) [n|1947] Landlord And Tenant Law [n|1948/?/1958] Victorian Licensing Law [n|1952] Victoria Police Manual [n|1956/69] Workers' Compensation [n|1958/66] Fossil In The Sandstone: The Recollecting Judge [a|1986] Prof, Laura (F) ANDRESON {US}
(F: 1902 (or 1903) Oct 17 - 1999 Aug 16) A Retrospective In Clay [n|1982] Prof, Lawrence J ANDREWS {US}
(M: 1920 Sep 27 - 1999 Feb 15) Molecular Complexes In Organic Chemistry (w KEEFER) [n|1964] Ansten ANSTENSEN {CA}
(M: 1899 - ?) The Proverb In Ibsen [n|1936] Fannie Louise APJOHN
(F: ? - ?) 22756 The Enchanted Island [f|1919] Fred(=Frederick Joseph) ARCHER {UK}
(M: 1915 Apr 30 - 1999 Sep 22) The Distant Scene [f|1967] Under The Parish Lantern [f|1969] Hawthorn Hedge Country [f|1970] The Secrets Of Bredon Hill: A Country Chronicle Of The Year 1900 [1971] A Lad Of Evesham Vale [f|1972] Muddy Boots And Sunday Suits: Memories Of A Country Childhood [n|1973] Golden Sheaves, Black Horses [f|1974] ('The Countryman') Cottage Life Book (ed) [n|1974] When Village Bells Were Silent [n|1975] Poacher's Pie [f|1976] By Hook And By Crook [1978] When Adam Was A Boy [1979] A Hill Called Bredon [f|1983] Fred Archer, Farmer's Son: A Cotswold Childhood In The 1920s [a|1984] The Village Doctor [b|1986] Evesham To Bredon In Old Photographs (ed) [n|1988] The Village Of My Childhood [1989] Country Sayings [n|1990] Grain And Chaff Under The Hill [1991] A Country Twelvemonth [1992] Farmers, Craftsmen And Music Makers: Life In A Worcestershire... [n|1994] The Cuckoo Pen: Tales Of English Village Life Between The Wars [1995] The Tibblestone Hundred: Journey Through An English Village [1996] Hawthorn Farm [1998] Benedict's Pool [1999] Hay Days: Memories Of Country Life In The 1920s [n|2001] Prof, Stanley (Louis) ARCHER {US}
(M: 1935 Apr 6 - 1999 Feb 5) Angel David ARÉVALO {VE}
(M: 1899 Jun 4 - ?) Judge, Michael Victor ARGYLE {UK}
(M: 1915 Aug 31 - 1999 Jan 4) Law Of Evidence (10e) (ed) [n|1964] John Heward ARKELL {UK}
(M: 1909 May 20 - 1999 Jul 28) Phyllis Eleanor ARMSTRONG {US}
(F: 1910 Mar 25 - 1999 Jul 16) (also wrote as: Phil ARMSTRONG; Christopher LINGARD) A Witness In Washington [1972] William Howard ARMSTRONG {US}
(M: 1914 (or 1910) Sep 14 - 1999 Apr 11) Study Is Hard Work [1956] Through Troubled Waters [1957] 87 Ways To Help Your Child In School [n|1961] Tools Of Thinking [n|1968] Word Power In 5 Easy Lessons [n|1969] Peoples Of The Ancient World [n|1969] Sounder [f|1969] Barefoot In The Grass [1970] Sour Land [1971] The MacLeod Place [1972] Hadassah: Esther The Orphan Queen [1972] My Animals [1973] The Mills Of God [1973] The Education Of Abraham Lincoln [b|1974] JoAnna's Miracle [1978] Tawny And Dingo [1978] Study Tactics [n|1983] Prof, Ernst Heinrich Daniel ARNDT {ZA}
(M: 1899 May 27 - ?) Sol ARONSON
(M: ? - ?) Leonard James ARRINGTON {US}
(M: 1917 Jul 2 - 1999 Feb 11) Prof, James Barbour ASHBROOK {US}
(M: 1925 Nov 1 - 1999 Jan 2) George Thomas ASHLEY {US}
(M: ? - ?) From Bondage To Liberty In Religion [a|1919] Reminiscences Of A Circuit Rider [a|1941] William Clarence ASKEW {US}
(M: 1910 Nov 23 - 1999 Jul 25) Power, Public Opinion, And Diplomacy (jt ed) [n|1959] Maurice AUBREY
(M: 1899 - ?) Michael (Angelo) AVALLONE, Jr {US}
(M: 1924 Oct 27 - 1999 Feb 26) (also wrote as: Nick CARTER; Troy CONWAY; Priscilla DALTON; Mark DANE; Jean-Anne de PRÉ; Dora HIGHLAND; Stuart JASON; Steve MICHAELS; Dorothea NILE; Edwina NOONE; Vance STANTON; Sidney STUART; Max WALKER; Lee Davis WILLOUGHBY) Jonas AVYŽIUS {LT}
(M: 1922 - 1999) Kaimas Kryžkeleje [Li-1964] Sodibu Tu Štejimo Metas [Li-1970] Ernst BACH
(M: 1899 - ?) Carol Suzanne BACKUS {US}
(F: 1945 Dec 20 - 1999 Sep 16 (or 15)) (wrote as: Suzanne BARCLAY) Knight Dreams [f|1992] Knight's Lady [f|1993] Knight's Honor [f|1993] Man With A Mission [f|1993] Lion's Heart [f|1995] Lion Of The North [f|1995] Knight's Ransom [f|1996] Lion's Legacy [f|1996] Knight's Divided [f|1997] Knight's Rebellion [f|1997] Lion's Lady [f|1998] Pride Of Lions [f|1999] Taming The Lion [f|1999] The Champion [f|2000] Ollie Lucy BACKUS {US}
(F: 1908 Aug 12 - 1999 Nov 18) Speech In Education: A Guide For The Classroom Teacher [n|1943] The Child With A Cleft Palate (w ?) [n|1943] Aphasia In Adults: The Rehabilitation Of Persons... (w ?) [n|1945] Speech Therapy With Children (w ?) [n|1951] Prof, Frank BAKER
(M: 1910 Apr 15 - 1999) Prof, Clement Henry BAMFORD {UK}
(M: 1912 Oct 10 - 1999 Nov 7) Synthetic Polypeptides (w A ELLIOTT & W E HANBY) [n|1956] The Kinetics Of Vinyl Polymerization By Radical Mechanisms (w others) [n|1958] Comprehensive Chemical Kinetics (jt ed) [26v|n|1969-86] Percy BANESHIK {ZA}
(M: 1915 - 1999) Mabel BARLTROP, nee ? {UK}
(F: ? - ?) (wrote as: BESMA; OCTAVIA) Brushes With The Bishops: A Blue Book (ps: BESMA) [1919] Octavia's Early Years (ps: OCTAVIA) [1924] Wrong At The Root; Or, The Bishop's Chaplain (ps: OCTAVIA) [f|1929] The Rest House; Or, The Bishop's Secret (ps: OCTAVIA) [1934] Dame, (Alice) Josephine (Mary Taylor) BARNES, 1:Lady WARREN {UK}
(F: 1912 Aug 18 - 1999 Dec 28) Gynaecological Histology [n|1948] The Care Of The Expectant Mother [n|1954] Lecture Notes On Gynaecology [n|1966] Scientific Foundations Of Obstetrics And Gynaecology (jt ed) [n|1970] Essentials Of Family Planning [n|1976] Prof, Arthur Doak BARNETT {US}
(M: 1921 Oct 8 - 1999 Mar 17) (Joseph) Alexander BARON {UK}
(M: 1917 Dec 4 - 1999 Dec 6 (wrongly 5)) From The City, From The Plough [f|1948] There's No Home [f|1950] Rosie Hogarth [f|1951] With Hope, Farewell [f|1952] The Human Kind [f|1953] The Golden Princess [f|1954] Queen Of The East [f|1956] Seeing Life [f|1958] The Lowlife [f|1963] Strip Jack Naked [f|1966] King Dido [f|1969] The In-Between Time [f|1971] Gentle Folk [f|1976] Franco Is Dying [f|1977] Robert BARR {UK}
(M: 1909 Dec 22 - 1999 Jan 30) The Scotland Yard Story: Based On The BBC Television Series [1962] Enid Mary BARRAT, Mrs THOMPSON {UK}
(F: 1907 Apr 16 - 1999 Feb 20) Arithmetic For Girls (w Vera M MARSHALL) [n|1930] Samuel BARRETO PEÑA {VE}
(M: 1899 Mar 30 - ?) Geoffrey John BARRETT {US}
(M: 1928 - 1999) (wrote as: Rex ANDERS; Jeff BLAINE; Sam GORT; Jack GREER; Matt KILBOURN; Edward LEIGHTON; Carn MACEY; Cole RICKARD; Dan ROYAL; Brett SANDERS; Max STERN; D B SUMMERS; Dennis SUMMERS; Bill WADE; James WALLACE) Tully's Return (ps: Jeff BLAINE) [f|1962] Rider From The Dead (ps: Rex ANDERS) [f|1963] Vengeance Riders (ps: Jeff BLAINE) [f|1963] Long Ride To Vengeance (ps: Jeff BLAINE) [f|1963] Hired Gun (ps: Carn MACEY) [f|1963] Saddle The Lightning (ps: Rex ANDERS) [f|1964] Troubled Range (ps: Rex ANDERS) [f|1964] Inherit By Gunsmoke (ps: Jeff BLAINE) [f|1964] Marshals West (ps: Carn MACEY) [f|1964] Guns To Babel (ps: Carn MACEY) [f|1964] The Crumpled Star (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1964] Ride Lonesome (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1964] Desert Gold (ps: Brett SANDERS) [f|1964] Gun Quest (ps: Brett SANDERS) [f|1964] The Trail To Hell (ps: Rex ANDERS) [f|1965] Destination - Boothill (ps: Jeff BLAINE) [f|1965] Three Guns From Midnight (ps: Matt KILBOURN) [f|1965] Guns Of Dispute (ps: Carn MACEY) [f|1965] A Rope At Sunup (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1965] Forgotten Trails (ps: Brett SANDERS) [f|1965] Promised Lead (ps: D B SUMMERS) [f|1965] The Brand Of Destiny (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1965] The Killers Of Iron Bluffs (ps: Rex ANDERS) [f|1966] The Rangebreakers (ps: Jeff BLAINE) [f|1966] Face The Quick Gun (ps: Matt KILBOURN) [f|1966] Valley Of The Lawless (ps: Matt KILBOURN) [f|1966] Death Rides Tall (ps: Carn MACEY) [f|1966] Payment In Lead (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1966] Riders To High Gap (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1966] The Tunstock Range (ps: Brett SANDERS) [f|1966] Die By The Gun (ps: D B SUMMERS) [f|1966] Four Graves To Tomahawk (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1966] Guns Of The Damned (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1966] Sons Of The Saddle (ps: Matt KILBOURN) [f|1967] Fury On Mainstreet (ps: Carn MACEY) [f|1967] Rider At Dawn (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1967] Killer From The Past (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1967] Gun Under Zero (ps: D B SUMMERS) [f|1967] Trail To Blood Canyon (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1967] Murder Road (ps: Jeff BLAINE) [f|1968] Danger In Diamonds (ps: Jeff BLAINE) [f|1968] He Died Twice (ps: Jeff BLAINE) [f|1968] Written In Lead (ps: Matt KILBOURN) [f|1968] Hangmen At Thunderhead (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1968] Escape To Oregon (ps: D B SUMMERS) [f|1968] Haven For Hellions (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1968] The Gallows Breed (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1969] Valley Of Dispute (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1969] Ten Devil Rock (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1969] The Town Jackson Tamed (ps: D B SUMMERS) [f|1969] Hazard At Thunder Range (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1969] Fast Guns Meet (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1969] Killing At Black Notch (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1969] Gunned Down (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1969] Guns Of The Brothers Pike (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1970] Blood On The Golden Spur (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1970] Lord Of The High Lonesome (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1970] Gun Booty (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1970] A Hole On Boot Hill (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1970] The Little Killer (ps: D B SUMMERS) [f|1970] Gun Wolves (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1970] The Killers Of Cain River (ps: D B SUMMERS) [f|1971] The Gunhawks Of Gaunt Range (ps: D B SUMMERS) [f|1971] Gun Trail For Gus Hoffmann (ps: D B SUMMERS) [f|1971] The Stage To Friday (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1971] Ride For Revenge (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1971] The Gun From Prison Hill (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1971] Wild Man At Smoke Creek (ps: Jeff BLAINE) [f|1972] The Kid From Elderville (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1972] Bones Under Buzzard Rock (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1972] Last Man At Lobo Heights (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1972] Rogue's Justice (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1972] The Avenger From Fire Mountain (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1972] Mustang M'Gee (ps: D B SUMMERS) [f|1972] Lament For A Lawman (ps: D B SUMMERS) [f|1972] Law Into Loudberg (ps: D B SUMMERS) [f|1972] The Raiders Of Glory River (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1972] Massacre At Mission Point (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1972] Terror At Black Rock (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1972] Gunman's Courage (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1972] Mankiller (ps: Jeff BLAINE) [f|1973] Murder In Blaze Canyon (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1973] Storm Trail To Black Canyon (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1973] The Hard Men (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1973] Tombstone Tuck (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1973] The Dastardly 'Rum Keg' Jones (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1973] The Last Town West (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1973] Rage At Redrock (ps: Jeff BLAINE) [f|1974] The Distant Gun (ps: Jeff BLAINE) [f|1974] King Of Graftersville (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1974] Finnegan On The Dodge (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1974] The Saga Of Fire Mountain (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1974] Come Hell And Sam Hikeman (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1974] Sixgun Samaritan (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1974] The Haunted Prairie (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1974] Canyon Of Gold (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1974] John Scar And The Sacre Range (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1974] Flare Up At Battle Creek (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1975] Funeral At Ferryville (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1976] The Judas Loot (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1976] A Madness From Mars (ps: Dennis SUMMERS) [f|1976] Stalker Of The Worlds (ps: Dennis SUMMERS) [f|1976] Revenge For Kid Billy (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1976] A Man For Tomorrow (ps: James WALLACE) [f|1976] The Plague Of The Golden Rat (ps: James WALLACE) [f|1976] A Light From Tomorrow (ps: Edward LEIGHTON) [f|1977] Lord Of The Lightning (ps: Edward LEIGHTON) [f|1977] Out Of Earth's Deep (ps: Edward LEIGHTON) [f|1977] Master Of Ghosts (ps: Dennis SUMMERS) [f|1977] Robot In The Glass (ps: Dennis SUMMERS) [f|1977] The Guardian Of Krandor (ps: James WALLACE) [f|1977] Horsemen At Black Pass (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1983] West By Boot Hill (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1984] They Hanged Jake Kilraine (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1984] Red Queen Of The Carter Range (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1985] A Ranger Died (ps: D B SUMMERS) [f|1985] The Last Round-Up (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1985] Rancho Blood (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1985] Dealer Take All (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1986] Night Of The Hangmen (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1986] Fight For Grimm Valley (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1986] The Border Breed (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1986] Hang The Kid High (ps: D B SUMMERS) [f|1986] Hideout At Skull Rock (ps: D B SUMMERS) [f|1986] Blood On The Tomahawk (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1986] Return To Spanish Hill (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1986] Treasure Of The Devil's Canyon (ps: Jeff BLAINE) [f|1987] Ben Casey Was An Outlaw (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1987] The Grave At San Pedro (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1987] A Gun Against Midnight (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1987] The Ghost Horseman (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1987] Gallows Hostage (ps: D B SUMMERS) [f|1987] Cade's Gold (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1987] Guns In Quiet Valley (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1987] He Died On Main Street (ps: Jeff BLAINE) [f|1988] Gunn Came Back (ps: Sam GORT) [f|1988] Find Pecos Joe (ps: Jack GREER) [f|1988] The Secret Of The Lost Butte (ps: Jack GREER) [f|1988] Die, Cowboy - Die! (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1988] Firewater (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1988] Dead Man Riding (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1988] Spearman's Grass (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1988] The Dead At Hob's Climb (ps: D B SUMMERS) [f|1988] The Last Rebel (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1988] The Fastest Gun (ps: Sam GORT) [f|1989] Ride To Storm Town (ps: Jack GREER) [f|1989] Killing At Goat Rock (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1989] Hatchet Ridge (ps: Max STERN) [f|1989] The Wind River Kid (ps: Max STERN) [f|1989] Ranch Of The Dead (ps: D B SUMMERS) [f|1989] Gallows Bend (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1989] Kidnap In Hunt Valley (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1990] The Guns Of Jack Kilroy (ps: Max STERN) [f|1990] Dead Come Sundown (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1990] Ambush At Lynchville (ps: Jeff BLAINE) [f|1991] The Wandering Gun (ps: Sam GORT) [f|1991] Robbers In Rebel Grey (ps: Jack GREER) [f|1991] Timberland Vengeance (ps: Jack GREER) [f|1991] Rustler's Moon (ps: Jack GREER) [f|1991] Riders Of The White Hell (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1991] Sixgun Guardian (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1991] He Died With His Boots Off (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1991] Shoot Me A Sidewinder (ps: Max STERN) [f|1991] The Bloodstone Herd (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1991] The Day Of The Hellion (ps: Jeff BLAINE) [f|1992] Renegade Guns (ps: Sam GORT) [f|1992] Scourge Of The Rio Bravo (ps: Jack GREER) [f|1992] The Gold Of Redwater Creek (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1992] Grafters On Main Street (ps: Dan ROYAL) [f|1992] Colorado Ransom (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1992] Shadow On The Range (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1992] Betrayal At Ghost Creek (ps: Sam GORT) [f|1993] Ride Like The Devil! (ps: Sam GORT) [f|1993] Red Bounty (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1993] Blood Feud (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1993] Dead Man's Loot (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1993] Black Jo Of The Pecos (ps: Jeff BLAINE) [f|1995] A Wreath Of Gunsmoke (ps: Sam GORT) [f|1995] God Damn The Union! (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1995] The Hangman In Black (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1995] The Gun From Yesterday (ps: Jeff BLAINE) [f|1996] Blood At High Bend (ps: Jack GREER) [f|1996] The Herd Stealers (ps: Jack GREER) [f|1996] Sixgun Venus (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1996] The Death Of 'Blackjack' Magus (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1996] The Brothers D'eath (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1996] The Law At Spanish Graves (ps: Jeff BLAINE) [f|1997] Two Graves At Hellsgate (ps: Jeff BLAINE) [f|1997] Guns On Water Mountain (ps: Sam GORT) [f|1997] Ranch Of Venom (ps: Sam GORT) [f|1997] John Wolfe - Badman (ps: Jack GREER) [f|1997] Ride To The Gallows (ps: Jack GREER) [f|1997] Prisoner On Hunter's Ridge (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1997] Robbers At Pass City (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1997] Treasure Of The Lone Star (ps: Bill WADE) [f|1997] Promise Of The Gun (ps: Sam GORT) [f|1998] Seven Hells And A Six Gun (ps: Jack GREER) [f|1998] The Yankee Hangman (ps: Cole RICKARD) [f|1998] Prof, Richard BARRUTIA {US}
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(F: 1953 - 1999) Prof, Walter Jackson BATE {US}
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(M: 1899 - ?) Carl ZETTERLUND
(M: 1899 - ?) Mikhail Ivanovich ZHAROV
(M: 1899 - ?) Aleksandr Ivanovich ZHUKOV
(M: 1899 - ?) Newell Richard ZIEGLER
(M: 1899 - ?) Willy ZIEGLER
(M: 1899 - ?) Leon ZIELENIEWSKI
(M: 1899 - ?) Grete von ZIERITZ
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(M: 1899 - ?) Leopold ZIMMERL
(M: 1899 - ?) Karl ZIMMERMANN
(M: 1899 - ?) Arthur (M) ZIPSER {US}
(M: 1909 Jul 28 - 1999 Aug 18) Who's Hooey: Nitwitticisms Of The Notable (jt ed) [n|1932] Israel ZMORA
(M: 1899 - ?) Franz ZORGER
(M: 1899 - ?) V P ZOSIMOVICH
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(M: 1899 - ?)