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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

Follow these links for explanations of the general abbreviations, the language abbreviations, the nationality abbreviations & the electronic library codes used.

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(M: 1906 - ?) Leo AARIO
(M: 1906 - ?) George Allen AARONS {US}
(M: 1916 Oct 29 - 2006 May 30) (wrote as: Slim AARONS) A Wonderful Time: An Intimate Portrait Of The Good Life [n|1974] ABADULA KADIRA
(M: 1906 - ?) Raymundo ABARCA ALARCÓN
(M: 1906 - ?) Charles Cortez ABBOTT {US}
(M: 1906 - ?) The New York Bond Market, 1920-1930 [n|1937] Financing Business During The Transition [n|1946] Manangement Of The Federal Debt [n|?] Kathleen Mary ABBOTT
(F: ? - ?) Sunset Hill [f|c1926] Kenneth Morgan ABBOTT
(M: 1906 - ?) Ronald William ABBOTT {UK}
(M: 1917 Jan 18 - 2006 Aug 19) A Short History Of The Association Of Consulting Actuaries [n|1991] ABD Al-AZIZ HAMID Al-QUSI
(M: 1906 - ?) Darrel (A) ABEL {US}
(M: 1911 Aug 25 - 2006 Mar 2) Anthony M ABELA {MT}
(M: 1954 Apr 19 - 2006 Apr 4) Fr, Seraphim ABELA {MT}
(M: 1926 Jul 11 - 2006 Oct 21) Elizabeth ABELL
(F: 1906 - ?) Flow To The Leaf [f|1947] American Accent (ed) [s|1954] Anna Amalie ABERT
(F: 1906 - ?) Geistliche Gesäng Und Melodeyen [n|Ge-1933] Corona Harmonica [n|Ge-1936] Christoph Willibald Gluck [b|Ge-1960] Festschrift Friedrich Blume Zum 70 Geburtstag (ed?) [e|Ge-1963] Paul (Victor) ABLEMAN {UK}
(M: 1927 Jun 13 - 2006 Oct 25) (also wrote as: Paul VICTOR) Even His Enemy (aka: Letters To A Lady) (w Gertrude MACAULEY) [d|1948/pro:1951] I Hear Voices [f|1957] As Near As I Can Get [f|1962] Green Julia [d|pro:1965] Tests [d|1966] Madly In Love [d|pro:1968] Hank's Night [d|pro:1968] The Twilight Of The Vilp [f|1969] The Mouth And Oral Sex (aka: The Mouth) (US: The Sensuous Mouth) [n|1969] Bits: Some Prose Poems [1969] The Black General [d|1969] The Catch In A Cold [d|1970] Vac [f|1971] And Hum Our Sword [d|1973] Little Hopping Robin [d|1973] The Infant [d|1974] Windsor All-Sorts [d|1974] Why Fishes Do What They Do [1974] Another Stretch Of Porridge (ps: Paul VICTOR) [f|1976] A Further Stir Of Porridge (ps: Paul VICTOR) [f|1977] Tornado Pratt [f|1977] Shoestring [f|1979] Shoestring's Finest Hour [f|1980] Porridge: The Inside Story [f|1979] Hi-De-Hi [f|1983] Dad's Army: The Defence Of A Front Line English Village [f|1989] Straight Up: The Autobiography Of Arthur Daley [f|1991] Last Of The Summer Wine: A Country Companion... [f|1992] The Secret Of Consciousness [n|1999] R M ABRAHAM
(M: ? - ?) Surveying Instruments [n|1926] Victor ABRAMSON
(M: 1906 - ?) Erwin Heinz ACKERKNECHT
(M: 1906 - ?) Jennifer (nee?)Quinn
(1:Mrs)Clarke ACKERMAN {US} (F: 1962 Apr 1 - 2006 Feb 20) My Life As A Cookbook [n|2006] Alice Gertrude ADAMS {AU}
(F: ? - ?) Songs [p|1926] Sonnets [p|1927] Sestinas [p|1928] Bertram ADAMS
(M: 1906 - ?) John ADAMS {UK}
(M: ? - ?) The Christian Good Of Scotland [n|1926] Leonard Palmer ADAMS
(M: 1906 - ?) William H ADAMS
(M: 1906 - ?) Anthony ADAMSON
(M: 1906 - ?) Seymour ADELMAN
(M: 1906 - ?) Raymond John ADIE {UK}
(M: 1925 Feb 26 - 2006 May 4) The Petrology Of Graham Land [n|1954] Antarctic Research (jt ed) [e|1964] Antarctic Geology (ed) [e|1964] Antarctic Geology And Geophysics (ed) [e|1972] Howard ADLER, Jr {US}
(M: 1925 Jan 25 - 2006 Apr 6 (or 7)) The Global Merger Notification Hand Book (w ?) [n|2003] Joop(=Jacob) ADMIRAAL {NL}
(M: 1937 Sep 26 - 2006 Mar 25) Brieven Uit Rome (w Ramses SHAFFY) [Du-2004] Prof, Albert ADU BOAHEN {GH}
(M: 1932 May 24 - 2006 May 24) Britain, The Sahara, And The Western Sudan, 1788-1861 [n|1964] Topics In West African History [n|1966] The Revolutionary Years: West Africa Since 1800 [n|1975] Mfantsipim And The Making Of Ghana, 1876-1976 [n|1997] The Ghanaian Sphinx: The Contemporary History Of Ghana, 1972-1987 [n|1998] Nan (nee)Hayden AGLE, 1:Mrs CECIL {US}
(F: 1905 Apr 13 - 2006 Feb 14) Three Boys And A Lighthouse (w Ellen WILSON) [f|1951] Three Boys And The Remarkable Cow (w Ellen WILSON) [f|1952] Three Boys And A Tugboat (w Ellen WILSON) [f|1953] Three Boys And A Mine (w Ellen WILSON) [f|1954] Three Boys And A Train (w Ellen WILSON) [f|1956] Three Boys And A Helicopter (w Ellen WILSON) [f|1958] Three Boys And Space (w Ellen WILSON) [f|1962] Three Boys And H2O (w Ellen WILSON) [f|1968] Frère, Pol de Léon ALBARET
(M: 1906 - ?) Prof, George Wilson ALBEE {US}
(M: 1921 Dec 20 - 2006 Jul 8) Primary Prevention Works (jt ed) [n|1997] Stew(=Steward Edward) ALBERT {US}
(M: 1939 Dec 4 - 2006 Jan 30) Antony ALCOCK {UK}
(M: 1936 Sep 12 - 2006 Sep 2) A History Of The Protection Of Regional Cultural Minorities In Europe [n|2000] Prof, Leslie ALCOCK {UK}
(M: 1925 Apr 24 - 2006 Jun 6) Dinas Powys [n|1963] Arthur's Britain [n|1971] By South Cadbury Is That Camelot [n|1972] Economy, Society And Warfare Among The Britons And The Saxons [n|1987] From The Baltic To The Black Sea (jt ed) [n|1988] Cadbury Castle, Somerset [n|1995] Kings And Warriors, Craftsmen And Priests In Northern Britain... [n|2002] Vasilii Ivanovich ALEKSEEV {SU?}
(M: 1906 - ?) Elenora ALEXANDER
(F: 1906 - ?) Prof, Peter ALEXANDER {UK}
(M: 1917 Jan 2 - 2006 Mar 15) Sensationalism And Scientific Explanation [n|1963] Ideas, Qualities And Corpuscles: Locke And Boyle On The External World [n|1985] Naushad ALI, aka NAUSHAD {IN}
(M: 1919 Dec 25 - 2006 May 5) [Athwan Sur] [p|Ur-?] John Robertson ALLAN {UK}
(M: 1906 - ?) Anna ALLEN
(F: 1906 - ?) Ivey ALLEN
(F: 1906 - ?) Papaverine [1930] James ALLEN
(M: 1906 - ?) James Harrill ALLEN
(M: 1906 - ?) James Stewart ALLEN {US?}
(M: 1906 - ?) & Smash The Scottsboro Lynch Verdict [n|1934] The Negro Question In The United States [n|1936] Reconstruction: The Battle For Democracy (1865-1876) [n|1937] Negro Liberation [n|1938] The Crisis In India [n|1942] World Cooperation For Post-War Prosperity [n|1945] Who Owns America? [n|1946] The Cartel System [n|1946] World Monopoly And Peace [n|1946] Marshall Plan - Recovery Or War? [n|1948] Atomic Energy And Society [n|1949] Atomic Imperialism: The State, Monopoly And The Bomb [n|1952] The Lessons Of Cuba [n|1961] The United States And The Common Market [n|1962] Jay(=Jacqueline) (nee)Presson ALLEN, 1:Mrs ? {US}
(F: 1922 Mar 3 - 2006 May 1) Peter ALLEN {UK}
(M: 1925 Aug 21 - 2006 Dec 24) Natural Rubber & The Synthetics [n|1972] Techniques Of Polymer Characterization [n|?] Ethel Blanche ALLISON {UK}
(F: 1906 Sep 14 - ?) Poems [p|1973] A Poem Is Forever [p|1974] Jimmy(=James Thomson) ALLISON {UK}
(M: 1928 Dec 13 - 2006 Jun 16) Guilty By Suspicion: A Life And Labour (w Harry CONROY) [a|1995] Louis d'ALPUGET {AU}
(M: 1915 - 2006) Yachting In Australia [n|1980] Alexander ALTMANN
(M: 1906 - ?) Job AMADO {VE}
(M: ? - ?) José AMODIA (GÓMEZ) {ES}
(M: 1936 Jun 11 - 2006 Sep 21) Franco's Political Legacy [n|1977] Dick(=Richard Eianer) ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1932 Sep 26 - 2006 Jun 3) Diving And Dredging For Gold [n|1994] Ivah Mildred ANDERSON
(F: 1906 - ?) Joe (Holt) ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1928 Oct 15 - 2006 Apr 25 (or 27)) Two In The Kitchen (w Jeanne ANDERSON) [n|1974] Lew(=Lewis B) ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1922 May 7 - 2006 May 14) Howdy And Me [a|1990] Margaret Margaret ANDERSON {UK}
(F: 1932 Feb 12 - 2006 Feb 17) Mary Margaret ANDERSON {UK}
(F: 1932 Feb 12 - 2006 Feb 17) Anatomy And Physiology Of Obstetrics [n|1979] Handbook Of Obstetrics And Gynaecology [n|1981] The Menopause [n|1983] Pregnancy After Thirty [n|1984] An A-Z Of Gynaecology [n|1986] Infertility [n|1987] Prof, Matthew Smith ANDERSON {UK}
(M: 1922 May 23 - 2006 Feb 8) Britain's Discovery Of Russia, 1558-1815 [n|1958] Europe In The Eighteenth Century, 1713-1783 [n|1961] Eighteenth-Century Europe, 1713-1789 [n|1966] The Eastern Question, 1774-1923 [n|1966] The Ascendancy Of Europe: Aspects Of European History, 1815-1914 [n|1972] Peter The Great [b|1978] Roy Frederick ANDERSON
(M: 1906 - ?) Violet (Louise) ANDERSON {CA}
(F: 1906 Nov 16 - ?) The Ledge [1957] In The Balance [1967] Walter Steven ANDERSON {US}
(M: 1947 Aug 2 - 2006 Apr 3 (or 4)) Mind Over Money [n|?] Geoffrey C ANDREW
(M: 1906 - ?) Elias ANDREWS
(M: 1906 - ?) Loring Beal ANDREWS {US?}
(M: 1906 - ?) The Earth, The Sun, And Sunspots [n|1937] Lucilla (Matthews) ANDREWS, Mrs CRICHTON {UK}
(F: 1919 Nov 20 - 2006 Oct 3) (also wrote as: Diana GORDON; Joanna MARCUS) The Print Petticoat [f|1954] The Secret Armour [f|1955] The Quiet Wards [f|1956] The First Year [f|1957] A Hospital Summer [f|1958] The Life Of The Right Reverend Ronald Knox [b|1959] My Friend The Professor [f|1960] Nurse Errant [f|1961] The Young Doctors Downstairs [f|1963] Flowers For The Doctor [f|1963] The New Sister Theatre [f|1964] The Light In The Ward [f|1965] A House For Sister Mary [f|1966] Hospital Circles [f|1967] A Few Days In Endel (ps: Diana GORDON) [f|1968] Highland Interlude [f|1968] The Healing Time [f|1969] The Edinburgh Excursion [f|1970] Ring O' Roses [f|1972] Silent Song [f|1973] In Storm And In Calm [f|1975] No Time For Romance [a|1977] The Crystal Gull [f|1978] One Night In London [f|1979] Marsh Blood (ps: Joanna MARCUS) [f|1980] A Weekend In The Garden [f|1981] In An Edinburgh Drawing Room [f|1983] After A Famous Victory [f|1984] The Lights Of London [f|1985] The Phoenix Syndrome [f|1987] The Africa Run [1993] Val(=Valentine Griffiths) ANDREWS {UK}
(M: 1926 Feb 15 - 2006 Oct (wrongly Dec) 12) The Case Of The Chief Rabbi's Problem (w H PENN) [f|1980] The Mystery Of The Sealed Room (w H PENN) [f|1980] Sherlock Holmes And A Theatrical Mystery (w H PENN) [f|1980] Sherlock Holmes And The Arthritic Clergyman (w H PENN) [f|1980] The Beekeeper [f|1983] The Carriage Clock [f|1983] The Fair [f|1983] The Fowlhaven Werewolf [f|1983] The Last Reunion [f|1983] Sherlock Holmes And The Eminent Thespian [f|1988] Sherlock Holmes And The Brighton Pavilion Mystery [f|1989] Sherlock Holmes And The Egyptian Hall Adventure [f|1993] Sherlock Holmes And The Houdini Birthright [f|1995] Sherlock Holmes And The Yule-Tide Mystery [f|1996] Sherlock Holmes And The Circus Of Fear [f|1997] Sherlock Holmes And The Greyfriars School Mystery [f|1997] Sherlock Holmes And The Man Who Lost Himself [f|1997] Sherlock Holmes And The Theatre Of Death [f|1997] Sherlock Holmes And The Baker Street Dozen [s|1997] Sherlock Holmes And The Sandringham House Mystery [f|1998] Sherlock Holmes At The Varieties [f|1999] Sherlock Holmes And The Tomb Of Terror [f|2000] Sherlock Holmes On The Western Front [f|2000] The Torment Of Sherlock Holmes [f|2000] Sherlock Holmes And The Holborn Emporium [f|2001] Sherlock Holmes And The Longacre Vampire [f|2001] Sherlock Holmes And The Secret Seven [f|2001] Sherlock Holmes - The Ghost Of Baker Street [f|2006] Prof, Heinz Ludwig ANSBACHER {US}
(M: 1904 Oct 21 - 2006 Jun 22) The Individual Psychology Of Alfred Adler [n|1956] Prof, Joseph P ANSELL {US}
(M: 1949 Jul 19 - 2006 Jun 27) Arthur Szyk: Artist, Jew, Pole [b|2004] Prof, Robert Newton ANTHONY {US}
(M: 1916 Sep 6 - 2006 Dec 1) Karel Christian APPEL {NL}
(M: 1921 Apr 25 - 2006 May 3) Works On Paper [n|1980] Street Art [n|1985] Dupe Of Being [1989] Complete Sculptures 1936-1990 [n|1990] Psychopathologisches Notizbuch [n|Ge-1997] Der Machtwille Der Planeten [Ge-2000] (Enid) Peggy(=Margaret) APPIAH, nee CRIPPS {UK/GH}
(F: 1921 May 21 - 2006 Feb 11) Ananse The Spider: Tales From An Ashanti Village [1966] The Children Of Ananse [1968] A Smell Of Onions [1971] Why The Hyena Does Not Care For Fish... [1977] Busy Body [1995] The Rubbish Heap [1995] Thought Birds [p|2001] Raymond Walter APPLE, Jr, aka Johnny APPLE {US}
(M: 1934 Nov 20 - 2006 Oct 4) Apple's Europe [n|?] Apple's America [n|2005] Prof, (Evelyn) Ruth ApROBERTS, nee HEYER {CA}
(F: 1919 Nov 14 - 2006 Mar 26) The Moral Trollope (UK: Trollope, Artist And Moralist) [n|1971] Arnold And God [n|1983] The Ancient Dialect [n|1988] The Biblical Web [n|1994] Annette von ARETIN {DE}
(F: 1920 May 23 - 2006 Mar 1) (Geoffrey) Trevor ARMBRISTER {US}
(M: 1933 Dec 4 - 2006 Mar 22) A Matter Of Accountability [n|1970] Act Of Vengeance: The Yablonski Murders And Their Solution [n|1975] Speaker: Lessons From Forty Years Of Coaching And Politics [a|2004] Ulrich Wolfgang ARNDT {UK}
(M: 1924 Apr 23 - 2006 Mar 24) Single Crystal Diffractometry (w B T M WILLIS) [n|1966] The Rotation Method In Crystallography (w A J WONACOTT) [n|1977] Personal X-Ray Reflections [a|2006] Charles ARNOLD {UK}
(M: ? - ?) The Game Of Squash Racquets [n|1926] Harry John Philip ARNOLD, aka Douglas ARNOLD {UK}
(M: 1932 - 2006 Jun 27) J Karyl ARNOLD {US}
(F: 1944 Jul 27 - 2006 Jan 23) (wrote as: A J ARNOLD (2)) Sir, Malcolm (Henry) ARNOLD {UK}
(M: 1921 Oct 21 - 2006 Sep 23) Prof, Boris ARNOV, Jr {US}
(M: 1926 Oct 17 - 2006 Nov 15 or 19) Sidney ARTHUR {CA}
(M: ? - ?) A Man's Worth: A Canadian College Romance [f|1926] Robert Willard ARTINIAN {US}
(M: 1939 Jan 25 - 2006 Mar 10) Maupassant Criticism (w Artine ARTINIAN) [n|1982] Khadambi ASALACHE {KE}
(M: 1935 Feb 28 - 2006 May 26) The Calabash Of Life [f|1967] Sunset In Naivasha [p|1973] Duygu ASENA {TR}
(F: c1946 - 2006 Jul 30 or 31) Woman Has No Name [f|1987] There Is No Love [f|?] Henry ASHBY
(M: ? - ?) Notes On Physiology (8e w Hugh T ASHBY) [n|1910/1926] Robert James ASHFIELD {UK}
(M: 1911 Jul 28 - 2006 Dec 30) John Pierce ASKEGREN {US}
(M: 1955 Jun 9 - 2006 Nov 29) Spider-Man & The Incredible Hulk, Doom's Day Book One: Rampage (w ?) [f|1996] Spider-Man & Iron Man, Doom's Day Book Two: Sabotage (w ?) [f|1997] Spider-Man & Fantastic Four, Doom's Day Book Three: Wreckage (w ?) [f|1997] Human Resource [f|?] Fall Girl [f|?] Exit Strategy [f|?] After Image [f|?] Erika ASSMUS, Mrs ZÖGER {DE}
(F: 1925 Nov 14 - 2006 Jan 19) (wrote as: Carola STERN) Doppelleben [a|Ge-?] ATHENA (ps) {CA?}
(?: ? - ?) In My Corner [p|1926] (Hidis) Mary ATHERTON, 1:Mrs WORTHINGTON SIMON, 2:Mrs CAROLIN {UK}
(F: c1906 - ?) Jeremy (Francis) ATIYAH {UK}
(M: 1963 Dec 30 - 2006 Apr 12) Larry (E) ATTEBERY {US}
(M: 1933 Mar 29 - 2006 May 5) Family Blood: The...Yom Kippur Murders (w Marvin J WOLFE) [n|1993] Arnold (Jacob) AUERBACH, aka Red AUERBACH {US}
(M: 1917 Sep 20 - 2006 Oct 28) Basketball For The Player, The Fan And The Coach [n|1952] Red Auerbach (w Joe FITZGERALD) [a|1977] William AULD {UK}
(M: 1924 Nov 6 - 2006 Sep 11) Spiro De L'pasio [p|Es-1952] Pasoj Al Plena Posedo [n|Es-1968] (John) Richard AVENT {UK}
(M: 1948 Jul 13 - 2006 Aug 2) Anglo-Saxon Garnet Inlaid Disc And Composite Brooches [n|1975] Cestyll Tywysogion Gwynedd / Castles Of The Princes Of Gwynedd [n|1983] Castles In Wales And The Marches (ed) [n|1987] Sarajane AVIDON, nee LEVEY, ?:Mrs DONLEY {US}
(F: 1941 Jun 3 - 2006 Mar 29) Audition For Murder (w Susan SUSSMAN) [f|1999] Cruising For Murder (w Susan SUSSMAN) [f|2000] Prof, Paul AVRICH {US}
(M: 1931 Aug 4 - 2006 Feb 16 (wrongly 17)) Russian Anarchists [n|1967] Kronstadt 1921 [n|1970] Russian Rebels: 1600-1800 [n|1972] The Haymarket Tragedy [n|1984] Anarchist Voices: An Oral History Of Anarchism In America [n|1995] Gennady Nikolaevich AYGI {RU}
(M: 1934 Aug 21 - 2006 Feb 21) Samiha AYVERDI
(F: 1906 - ?) Francis AZZOPARDI {MT}
(M: 1927 Oct 21 - 2006 Mar 3) Jovanka BACHEVICH, Mrs STARK {US}
(F: c1937 - 2006 Jan 19) (wrote as: Jovanka BACH) Edward BACON
(M: 1906 - ?) (also wrote as: Francis BOON) Ancient And Fishlike [1936] A Cat Among The Rabbits (ps: Francis BOON) [1940] Zaki BADAWI {EG/UK?}
(M: 1922 Aug 11 - 2006 Jan 24) James (P) BAEN {US}
(M: 1943 Oct 22 - 2006 Jun 28) Philip Sidney BAGWELL {UK}
(M: 1914 - 2006 Feb 17) The Railwaymen [n|1963] The Transport Revolution [n|1974] Outcast London [n|1987] The Transport Crisis In Britain [n|1996] Helen BAILEY, nee STUART, 2:Mrs WILSON {UK}
(F: c1926 - c2006) My Love Affair With Borthwick Castle [n|1988] Malcolm Arnold BAINS {UK}
(M: 1921 Sep 12 - 2006 Sep 17) Charles Vivian BAKER {UK}
(M: 1906 Oct 4 - 2006 Feb 16) Housing Associations [n|1976] Frans BALDACCHINO {MT}
(M: 1945 May 16 - 2006 Jun 21) Umberto BALDINI {IT}
(M: 1921 Nov 9 - 2006 Aug 16) Alice Sharples BALDWIN
(F: 1906 - ?) Alice BALL
(F: 1906 - ?) William Platt BALL
(M: ? - ?) Bible Handbook For Freethinkers... (jt ed) [3v|e|1885-87/?/?/?/?/?/1926] 26438 Are The Effects Of Use And Disuse Inherited? [n|1890] George BALZER {US}
(M: 1915 Sep 1 - 2006 Sep 28) Are You With It? (w Sam PERRIN) [m|1945] Jesús BANDRES {VE}
(M: 1906 - ?) Prof, Olive BANKS, nee DAVIES {UK}
(F: 1923 Jul 2 - 2006 Sep 14) Parity And Prestige [n|1955] Feminism And Family Planning (w Joseph BANKS) [n|1964] Faces Of Feminism [n|1981] The Biographical Dictionary Of British Feminists 1800-1945 [2v|b|1985] Becoming A Feminist: The Social Origins Of 'First Wave' Feminism [n|1987] The Politics Of British Feminism 1918-1970 [n|1993] (Algernon William de) Polan BANKS
(M: 1906 - after 1963) The Far Horizon [1936] Tony(=Anthony Louis) BANKS, (life) Baron STRATFORD {UK}
(M: 1943 Apr 8 - 2006 Jan 8) The Wit And Wisdom Of Tony Banks [n|1998] J A BANNISTER {CA}
(M: ? - ?) Early Educational History Of Norfolk County [n|1926] Kate BARBASH, nee HUBELBANK {US}
(F: 1914 Feb 18 - 2006 Jan 16) Theories And Concepts In Comparative Industrial Relations (jt ed) [n|1986] Joseph BARBERA {US}
(M: 1911 Mar 24 - 2006 Dec 18) My Life In 'Toons: From Flatbush To Bedrock In Under A Century [a|1994] Eric James BARKER {UK}
(M: 1913 Aug 11 - 2006 Mar 28) (wrote as: Eric JAMES) Making Music With Charlie Chaplin [a|2000] Ilse (Eva) BARKER, nee GROSS, 1:Mrs PITTOCK-BUSS {DE/UK}
(F: 1921 Mar 31 - 2006 May 20) (also wrote as: Kathrine TALBOT) The Fire In The Sun (ps: Kathrine TALBOT) [f|1952] The Innermost Cage (ps: Kathrine TALBOT) [f|1955] Return (ps: Kathrine TALBOT) [f|1959] Kit Barker, Cornwall 1947-1948 (ps: Kathrine TALBOT) [b|1993] One Art (ps: Kathrine TALBOT) [n|1994] A Shared Prospect (ps: Kathrine TALBOT) [n|2000] Fragments From A Cuttingroom Floor (ps: Kathrine TALBOT) [n|2003] Peter (Wynn) BARKWORTH {UK}
(M: 1929 Jan 14 - 2006 Oct 21) For All Occasions: A Selection Of Prose, Poems And Party Pieces [1997] Marjory BARLOW, nee MECHIN {UK}
(F: 1915 May 9 - 2006 Dec 5) An Examined Life (ed Trevor Allan DAVIES) [a|1992] Isadore BARMASH {US}
(M: 1921 Nov 16 - 2006 Nov 9) Welcome To Our Conglomerate - You're Fired [n|1971] Great Business Disasters: Swindlers, Bunglers And Frauds... [n|1972] More Than They Bargained For: The Rise And Fall Of Korvettes [n|1981] A Not-So-Tender Offer:...Mergers And Their Consequences [n|1995] Ricardo BAROJA
(M: ? - ?) El Pedogrée [Sp-1926] Prof, James BARR {UK}
(M: 1924 Mar 20 - 2006 Oct 14) The Semantics Of Biblical Language [n|1961] Comparative Philology And The Text Of The Old Testament [n|1968] Judaism, Its Continuity With The Bible [n|1968] Biblical Words For Time [n|1969] The Bible In The Modern World [n|1973] Fundamentalism [f|1977] The Typology Of Literalism In Ancient Biblical Translations [n|1979] The Scope And Authority Of The Bible [n|1980] Holy Scripture: Canon, Authority, Criticism [n|1983] Beyond Fundamentalism [n|1984] The Variable Spellings Of The Hebrew Bible [n|1989] Biblical Faith And Natural Theology [e|1993] The Garden Of Eden And The Hope Of Immortality [n|1993] Concept Of Biblical Theology: An Old Testament Perspective [n|1999] History And Ideology In The Old Testament [n|2000] June (Mary) BARRACLOUGH, Mrs BENN {UK}
(F: 1930 Dec 2 - 2006 Mar 25) (also wrote as: June BENN; June WEDGWOOD BENN) The Heart Of The Rose [f|1985] Portrait Of Maud [f|1994] First Finds: A Yorkshire Childhood [a|1998] Sir, Brian Gerald BARRATT-BOYES {NZ}
(M: 1924 Jan 13 - 2006 Mar 8) Heart Disease In Infancy: Diagnosis And Surgical Treatment [n|1973] Cardiac Surgery (w John KIRKLIN) [n|1986/?/2003] Marvin (Galbraith) BARRETT {US}
(M: 1920 May 6 - 2006 Aug 19) The Politics Of Broadcasting (ed) [n|1973] Moments Of Truth? (ed) [n|1975] The End Of The Party [f|1976] Rich News, Poor News [n|1978] The Eye Of The Storm (w Zachary SKLAR) [n|1980] Broadcast Journalism, 1979-1981 (ed) [n|1982] Spare Days [a|1988] Second Chance: A Life After Death [a|1999] Rainer Candidus BARZEL {DE}
(M: 1924 Jun 20 - 2006 Aug 26) Die Geistigen Grundlagen Der Politischen Parteien [n|Ge-1947] Die Deutschen Parteien [n|Ge-1952] Gesichtspunkte Eines Deutschen [n|Ge-1968] Es Ist Noch Nicht Zu Spät [n|Ge-1976] Auf Dem Drahtseil [n|Ge-1978] Das Formular [n|Ge-1979] Unterwegs: Woher Und Wohin [n|Ge-1982] Im Streit Und Umstritten [n|Ge-1986] Geschichten Aus Der Politik [n|Ge-1987] Ermland Und Masuren: Zu Besuch, Aber Nicht Als Ein Fremder [n|Ge-1988] Plädoyer Für Deutschland [n|Ge-1988] Sternstunden Des Parlaments (ed) [n|Ge-1989] So Nicht [n|Ge-1993] Zwei Ungehaltene Reden [n|Ge-1996] Von Bonn Nach Berlin: Deutschland Verändert Sich [n|Ge-1997] Die Tür Blieb Offen [n|Ge-1998] Ein Gewagtes Leben [n|Ge-2001] Fibel Für Wahlkämpfer Und Wähler Beiderlei Geschlechts [n|Ge-2002] Was War, Wirkt Nach: Wohin Geht's Mit Deutschland [n|Ge-2005] Meir BASRI {IQ}
(M: 1911 Sep 11 - 2006 Jan 3) Michael BATEMAN {UK}
(M: 1932 Mar 25 - 2006 Mar 26) Funny Way To Earn A Living [n|1966] Cooking People [n|1966] The World's Best Food [n|1981] Good Enough To Eat [n|1991] Round The World In Recipes [n|1993] Street Cafe Brazil [n|1999] The World Of Spice [n|2003] Stephanie BATSTONE {UK}
(F: 1922 Dec 22 - 2006 Oct 17) Change At Peckham Rye [s|1992] Wren's Eye View: Adventures Of A Visual Signaller [a|1994] (Esther) Georgina BATTISCOMBE, nee HARWOOD {UK}
(F: 1905 Nov 21 - 2006 Feb 26) Charlotte Mary Yonge [b|1943] Two On Safari [1946] English Picnics [1949] Mrs Gladstone [b|1956] John Keble [b|1963] Christina Rossetti [b|1965] A Chaplet For Charlotte Yonge (jt ed) [1965] Queen Alexandra [b|1969] Shaftesbury [b|1974] Reluctant Pioneer: The Life Of Elizabeth Wordsworth [b|1978] Christina Rossetti: A Divided Life [b|1981] The Spencers Of Althorp [b|1984] Winter Song: An Anthology Of Poems On Old Age [p|1992] Raymond (Frederic) BAXTER {UK}
(M: 1922 Jan 25 - 2006 Sep 15) Tomorrow's World (w James BURKE) [3v|n|1970] Raymond Baxter's Farnborough Commentary [n|1980] Prof, William Threipland BAXTER {UK}
(M: 1906 Jul 27 - 2006 Jun 8) Income Tax For Professional Students [n|1936] The House Of Hancock [n|1945] Depreciation [n|1971] Accounting Values And Inflation [n|1975] Collected Papers On Accounting [e|1979] Inflation Accounting [n|1984] Accounting Theory [n|1996] Sir, Richard (Ian Samuel) BAYLISS {UK}
(M: 1917 Jan 2 - 2006 Apr 21 (or 1)) Practical Procedures In Clinical Medicine [n|1950/?/80] Thyroid Disease: The Facts (w W M G TUNBRIDGE) [n|1982/?/98] Henry Monroe BEACHELL {US}
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