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This set of authors are those who died in this year, those who are known to have died by this year, those with unknown death dates who were born a hundred years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year, and those with unknown birth & death dates who first published eighty years earlier and so would most probably have died by this year.

Follow these links for explanations of the general abbreviations, the language abbreviations, the nationality abbreviations & the electronic library codes used.

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(F: c1919 - 2008 Jun 24) The Art Of Flower Arranging [n|1970] Design With Plant Material [n|1972] Flowers In The Modern Manner [n|1981] ABADULA KUDDUSA
(M: 1908 - ?) Luis José ABALO
(M: 1908 - ?) Bill ABBOTT
(M: 1908 - ?) Makoto ABE {JP?}
(M: 1908 - ?) Minoru ABE {JP?}
(M: 1908 - ?) Carmelo ABELA {MT}
(M: 1921 Feb 26 - 2008 May 24) Ruth ABERNATHY
(F: 1908 - ?) Martin Abraham ABRAHAMSEN
(M: 1908 - ?) S Zalman ABRAMOV
(M: 1908 - ?) Rudy (P) ABRAMSON {US}
(M: 1937 Aug 31 - 2008 Feb 13) Spanning The Century: The Life Of W Averell Harriman, 1891-1986 [b|1992] Hallowed Ground: Preserving America's Heritage [n|1996] Encyclopedia Of Appalachia (jt ed) [n|2006] Leo(=Leopold) ABSE {UK}
(M: 1917 Apr 22 - 2008 Aug 19) Private Member [a|1973] Margaret, Daughter Of Beatrice: A Psychobiography Of...Thatcher [b|1989] Wotan, My Enemy: Can Britain Live With The Germans... [n|1994] Behind The Smile: Tony Blair And The Politics Of Perversion [n|1996] ...Masochism, Politics And Love [n|2000] Tony Blair: The Man Who Lost His Smile [n|2001] The Bisexuality Of Daniel Defoe: A Psychoanalitic Survey... [b|2006] Albert Bernard ACKERMAN {US}
(M: 1936 Nov 22 - 2008 Dec 5) Forrest James ACKERMAN {US}
(M: 1916 Nov 24 - 2008 Nov 4) Kenneth ADAM
(M: 1908 - ?) Battle Of Flanders [1940] David ADAMS
(M: 1908 - ?) Isabel ADAMS {CA}
(F: ? - ?) Heart Of The Woods [f|1928] The Dumb Man [f|1933] Adm, John Harold ADAMS {UK}
(M: 1918 Dec 19 - 2008 Nov 3) The Adventure Of Charlie The Cone [f|?] Prof, Percy Guy ADAMS {US}
(M: 1914 Dec 16 - 2008 Oct 10) Mrs William Paul, ADAMS, nee ?
(F: 1908 - ?) Martín ADÁN
(M: 1908 - ?) Ottelyn ADDISON {US}
(F: 1908 - ?) Franz ADLER
(M: 1908 - ?) Muriel Adeline AFFLECK, nee CALDWELL {CA}
(F: 1912 Jun 9 - 2008 Mar 11) Philip (Burnett Franklin) AGEE {US}
(M: 1935 Jul 19 - 2008 Jan 7) Inside The Company: CIA Diary [n|1975] Dirty Work - The CIA In Western Europe [n|1978] Dirty Work - The CIA In Africa [n|1979] On The Run [a|1987] Charles-Robert AGERON {FR}
(M: 1923 Nov 6 - 2008 Sep 3) Histoire De L'Algérie Contemporaine [n|Fr-1964] Les Algériens Musulmans Et La France, 1871-1919 [n|Fr-1968] William Henry AGNEW
(M: 1908 - ?) Rudolf AGSTEN {DE}
(M: 1926 Oct 31 - 2008 Apr 20) Entscheidung Für Die Zukunft (w M BOGISCH) [n|Ge-1969] Bürgertum Am Wendepunkt (w M BOGISCH) [n|Ge-1970] LDPD Auf Dem Weg In Die DDR (w M BOGISCH) [n|Ge-1974] Zur Geschichte Der LDPD, 1949-52 (w M BOGISCH) [n|Ge-1982] LDPD, 1945-61 Im Festen Bündnis... (w M BOGISCH & W ORTH) [n|Ge-1985] Liberaldemokrat Seit 1945: Erinnerungen Ohne Nostalgie [a|Ge-2005] Albert William du AIME {US}
(M: 1925 Nov 7 - 2008 Oct 29) (wrote as: William WHARTON) Birdy [f|1979] Dad [f|1981] Pride [f|1985] A Midnight Clear [f|1982] Ever After: A Father's True Story [n|1995] Margaret AITKEN
(F: 1908 - ?) Chingiz (Torekulovich) AITMATOV {RU}
(M: 1928 Dec 12 - 2008 Jun 10) [Face to Face] [?-1957] [Jamilia] [?-c1958] [Farewell, Gulsary!] [f|?-?] [The White Steamship] [f|?-?] [The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years] [?-1980] [The Execution Block] [?-1986] The Place Of The Skull [?-1986] (tr ?) [?] [The Mark of Cassandra] [?-1984] [The Ascent of Mt Fuji] [d|?-?] Birgit ÅKESSON
(F: 1908 - ?) Ali ALATAS {ID}
(M: 1932 Nov 4 - 2008 Dec 11) A Voice For A Just Peace [e|2001] The Pebble In The Shoe: The Diplomatic Struggle For East Timor [n|2006] George ALCOCK {UK}
(M: ? - ?) When Ye Pray [e|1928] Concerning The Creed [n|1929] Speeton Parish & Church In The East Riding Of Yorkshire [n|1936] Historical Notes Of Reighton [n|1935/1940] P J ALDUS
(?: 1908 - ?) Vasil ALEKSANDROV
(M: 1908 - ?) Herbert Ephraim ALEXANDER {US}
(M: 1927 Dec 21 - 2008 Apr 3) Financing The 1960 Election [n|?] Money In Politics [n|1972] Political Financing [n|1972] Campaign Money: Reform And Reality In The States [n|1976] Political Finance [n|1979] Financing Politics [n|1982] Sue (Lynn) ALEXANDER, nee RATNER, 1:Mrs ? {US}
(F: 1933 Aug 20 - 2008 Jul 3) Small Plays For You And A Friend [d|pub:1973] Nadia The Willful [f|1983] World Famous Muriel [f|1984] Lila On The Landingf [1987] Sara's City [f|1995] Behold The Trees [2001] Mother, ALEXANDRA {US?}
(F: 1908 - ?) Hospital Of The Queen's Heart [n|c1954] Victor ALEXANDROV
(M: 1908 - ?) Khrushchev Of The Ukraine [b|Fr-c1957] (tr ?) [1957] Sutan Takdir ALISJAHBANA
(M: 1908 - ?) Audrey M ALLEN
(F: ? - ?) A Doubtful Hero [1928] Her Fate Line [1928] Kenneth Radway ALLEN {UK}
(M: 1911 Feb 12 - 2008 Feb 16) The Horokiwi Stream: A Study Of A Trout Population [n|1951] Conservation And Management Of Whales [n|?] Prof, Paula (Marie)
(1:Mrs)Gunn ALLEN, nee FRANCIS {US} (F: 1939 Oct 24 - 2008 May 29) Studies On American Indian Literature: Critical Essays... [e|1983] The Sacred Hoop:...The Feminine In American Indian Traditions [n|1986] Pocahontas: Medicine Woman, Spy, Entrepreneur, Diplomat [b|2003] Sandra (Elaine) ALLEN {US}
(F: 1955 Jun 18 - 2008 Aug 13) Cast A Giant Shadow [?] Prof, Terry(=Terril) ALLEN, nee DIENER {US}
(F: 1908 Aug 13 - after 1973) (also wrote as: T D ALLEN (1)) Miss Alice And The Cunning Comanche (w Don ALLEN) [d|pub:1960] Charles Gary ALLISON {US}
(M: 1938 Jul 12 - 2008 May 13) The I Olympiad: The Olympic Revival, Athens 1896 (w D R QUANZ) [n|2001] Jack (Gerald) ALPE {UK}
(M: 1920 Jul 27 - 2008 Jul 10) My War (w Jeremy ALPE) [a|2008] Wolfgang ALTENBURGER {DE}
(M: 1931 Sep 19 - 2008 Mar 18) Abenteuer Vor Der Haustür: Erlebnispädagogik Hier In Sachsen [n|Ge-1996] Prof, Richard Daniel ALTICK {US}
(M: 1915 Sep 19 - 2008 Feb 7) Professor Koeppen:...A Danish Scholar... (w H M J KLEIN) [n|1938] A Literary History Of England, v4 (w Samuel CHEW) [n|1948] The Cowden Clarkes [n|1948] Preface To Critical Reading [n|1949] The Scholar Adventurers [n|1950] The English Common Reader [n|1957] Guide To Doctoral Dissertations In Victorian... (w W R MATTHEWS) [n|1960] A Selective Bibliography For The Study Of English... (w A WRIGHT) [n|?/1960] The Art Of Literary Research [n|1963] Diction And Style In Writing [n|1967] Browning's Roman Murder Story (w James LOUCKS) [n|1968] A Preface To Critical Reading [n|1969] Lives And Letters:...Literary Biography In England & America [n|1969] To Be In England: An American Literary Man's Personal View [n|1969] Victorian Studies In Scarlet: Murders And Manners... [n|1970] Librarianship And The Pursuit Of Truth [n|1972] The Shows Of London: A Panoramic History Of Exhibitions... [n|1978] Victorian People And Ideas: A Companion For The Modern Reader... [n|1980] Paintings From Books: Art And Literature In Britain 1760-1900 [n|1985] Deadly Encounters (UK: Evil Encounters) [n|1986] Writers, Readers And Occasions:...Victorian Literature And Life [e|1989] Of A Place And A Time: Remembering Lancaster [n|1991] The Presence Of The Present: Topics ...Iin The Victorian Novel [n|1991] Punch: The Lively History Of A British Institution 1842-1851 [n|1997] A Little Bit Of Luck: The Making Of An Adventurous Scholar [n|2002] Luisa Isabel ÁLVAREZ De TOLEDO y MAURA, Duchess of MEDINA SIDONIA, Mrs ? {ES?}
(F: 1936 Aug 21 - 2008 Mar 7) La Huelga [f|Sp-1967] La Base [Sp-1971] My Prison [n|1972] No Fuimos Nosotros [n|Sp-1992] Africa Versus América [n|1992] Palomares [n|Sp-2002] La Cacería [f|Sp-?] Ludu Daw AMAR, Mrs HLA {MM}
(F: 1915 Nov 29 - 2008 Apr 7) Abp, George Somboba AMBO {PG}
(M: 1925 Nov - 2008 Jul 6) Aharon AMIR {IL}
(M: 1923 Jan 5 (or May 17) - 2008 Feb 28) [Qadim] [p|He-1949] [Ve-Lo Tehi La-Mavet Memshala] [f|He-1955] [Saraph] [p|He-1956] [Nun] [f|He-1969] [Yated] [f|He-1970] Gilbert L AMYOT {US}
(M: 1933 Jan 1 - 2008 Apr 17) The Guest Lecturer [d|?] The Spokesman [d|?] R-Adm, (Charles) Courtney ANDERSON {UK}
(M: 1916 Nov 8 - 2008 Dec 8) Seagulls In My Belfry [a|1997] Prof, Dennis ANDERSON {UK}
(M: 1937 Jul 12 - 2008 Apr 20) Edward William ANDERSON
(M: 1908 - ?) Frederick Keith ANDERSON
(M: 1908 - ?) Helen M ANDERSON {UK}
(F: ? - ?) Kelston Of Kells [f|1927] Golden Lads [f|1928] Domenico [f|1928] Sons Of The Ofrge [f|1932] Pity For Women [f|1937] H ANNING {AU}
(?: ? - ?) Tales Of Overseas [s|1928] Jules ARCHER {US}
(M: 1915 Jan 27 - 2008 Nov 13) The Philippines' Fight For Freedom [n|1970] Treason In America: Disloyalty Versus Dissent [n|1971] Mao Tse-Tung [b|1972] Ho Chi Minh: Legend Of Hanoi [b|1973] Resistance [n|1973] They Made A Revolution, 1776 [n|1975] The Plot To Seize The White House [n|1973] Mexico And The United States [n|1973] Who's Running Your Life?: A Look At Young People's Rights [n|1979] You Can't Do That To Me: Famous Fights For Human Rights [n|1980] Winners And Losers: How Elections Work In America [n|1984] The Incredible Sixties: The Stormy Years That Changed America [n|1986] They Had A Dream: The Civil Rights Struggle [n|1993] Breaking Barriers: The Feminist Revolutio... [n|1998] John (Anthony Charles) ARDAGH {UK}
(M: 1928 May 28 - 2008 Jan 26) The New French Revolution [n|1968] The New France [n|1973] A Tale Of Five Cities [n|1979] France In The 1980s [n|1982] France Today [n|1987] Germany And The Germans [n|1987] Ireland And The Irish [n|1994] France In The New Century [n|1999] Paul (Howard) ARDEN {UK}
(M: 1940 Apr 7 - 2008 Apr 2) It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be [n|2003] Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite [n|2005] God Explained In A Taxi Ride [n|2007] Julio de ARMAS, hijo {VE}
(M: 1908 Oct 25 - ?) Césareo (Jesús María García Gómez) de ARMELLADA {ES/VE?}
(M: 1908 Feb 1 - ?) Charles A ARMSTRONG
(M: 1908 - ?) Louise ARMSTRONG, Mrs HAWLEY {US}
(F: 1937 Mar 17 - 2008 Aug 10) How To Turn Lemons Into Money [n|1975] How To Turn Up Into Down [n|1978] Kiss Daddy Goodnight: A Speak-Out On Incest [n|1978] Rocking The Cradle Of Sexual Politics [n|1994] Naomi Young ARMSTRONG {US}
(F: 1918 Oct 17 - 2008 Jan 20) (wrote as: Gloria YOUNG) A Child's Easter [1971] Expression I [1973] Expression III [1976] Ian (Leigh) ARNISON {UK}
(M: 1927 - 2008 Oct 15) Tape Recording As A Pastime [n|1958] Fr(SJ), Richard Eugene ARNOLD {US}
(M: 1908 Dec 5 - ?) Robert Alexander Jack ARNOLD
(M: 1908 - ?) Gustavo ARRIOLA {US}
(M: 1917 Jul 23 - 2008 Feb 2) Accidental Ambassador Gordo (w ?) [2000] Alfred (R) ARTEAGA {US}
(M: 1950 May 2 - 2008 Jul 4) Prof, Paul (S) ARTHUR {US}
(M: 1947 Mar 30 - 2008 Mar 25) A Line Of Sight: American Avant-Garde Film Since 1965 [n|2005] (Jane) Felicity ASHBEE {UK}
(F: 1913 Feb 22 - 2008 Jul 26) Janet Ashbee: Love, Marriage And The Arts And Crafts Movement [b|2001] Child In Jerusalem [a|2008] Aaron (Moses) ASHER {US}
(M: 1929 Aug 26 - 2008 Mar 18) Robert Eller ASHER {US}
(M: 1910 Oct 18 - 2008 Oct 13) Mary Grace ASHTON
(F: 1908 - ?) Race [1927] Shackles Of The Free [1928] Sons Of Jacob [1929] The Lonely Journey [1931] Prof, John ASHURST {UK}
(M: 1937 Mar 14 - 2008 May 19) The Conservation Of Ruins (ed) [n|2007] Eliot (Tager) ASINOF {US}
(M: 1919 Jul 13 - 2008 Jun 10) Man On Spikes [f|1955] Eight Men Out [n|1963] Seven Days To Sunday [n|1968] People Vs Blutcher: Black Men And White Law In Bedford-Stuyvesant [n|1970] 1919: America's Loss Of Innocence [n|1990] Final Judgment [f|2008] Prof, Janet (Mary) ASKHAM, Mrs CRIDDLE {UK}
(F: 1941 Oct 27 - 2008 Jul 7) Identity And Stability In Marriage [n|1984] Caring: The Importance Of Third-Age Carers [n|1992] Opinions On Pensions [n|1995] A Review Of Professional Codes And Standards For Doctors... [n|2006] Prof, Hugo ASSMANN {BR}
(M: 1933 Jul 22 - 2008 Feb 22) Practical Theology Of Liberation [n|Pt-?] (tr ?) [1975] The Idolatry Of The Market (w Franz HINKELAMMERT) [n|1989] (Penelope) Joan (McKerrow) (nee)Bright ASTLEY {UK}
(F: 1910 Sep 27 - 2008 Dec 24) A History Of The Northumberland Hussars, 1924-1949 [n|1949] 9th Queen's Royal Lancers, 1936-1945 [n|1951] The Inner Circle [a|1971] George Nicholas ATIYEH {US}
(M: 1923 May 21 - 2008 Apr 21) The Book In The Islamic World [n|?] Prof, Giuseppe (Maria) ATTARDI {IT/US:1974on}
(M: 1923 Sep 14 - 2008 Apr 5) Animal Ribosomes: Experimental Studies... (w others) [e|1972] Mitochondrial Genes (jt ed) [e|1982] Prof, Lettie Jane AUSTIN, Mrs FENDERSON {US}
(F: 1925 Mar 21 - 2008 Apr 4) College Reading Skills (w ?) [n|1966] The Black Man And The Promise Of America (jt ed) [e|1970] Peter (William) AVERY {UK}
(M: 1923 May 15 - 2008 Oct 6) Modern Iran [n|1965] The Spirit Of Iran: A History Of Achievement From Adversity [n|2007] Martín AYALA {VE}
(M: ? - ?) Miguel Angel AYALA DUARTE {VE}
(M: ? - ?) Frank J AYD, Jr {US}
(M: 1920 Oct 14 - 2008 Mar 17) Recognizing The Depressed Patient...Management And Treatment [n|1961] Oral Contraceptives [n|1964] Discoveries In Biological Psychiatry (jt ed) [e|1970] Future Of Pharmacotherapy: New Drug Delivery Systems (ed) [e|1973] Medical, Moral, And Legal Issues In Mental Health Care (ed) [e|1974] Rational Psychopharmacotherapy And The Right To Treatment (ed) [n|1975] Mood Disorders, The World's Major Public Health Problem (jt ed) [e|1978] Depot Fluphenazines: Twelve Years' Experience (ed) [n|1978] Haloperidol Update, 1958-1980 (ed) [n|1980] Clinical Depressions: Diagnostic And Therapeutic Challenges (ed) [n|1980] Lexicon Of Psychiatry, Neurology, And The Neurosciences [n|1995] Rowan AYERS {UK}
(M: 1922 Jun 16 - 2008 Jan 5) Aspects In Adolescence: Being The Moods Of A Young Man [p|1940] Muhammad Ali AZAM {BD?}
(M: 1908 - ?) Report On Technical Education, East Bengal [n|1953] Rafael AZCONA (FERNÁNDEZ) {ES}
(M: 1926 Oct 24 - 2008 Mar 23 or 24) El Pisito [f|Sp-?] L G B (ps)
(?: ? - ?) The Hidden Treasure, And Other Fragments [1928] Prof, Howard L BACHRACH {US}
(M: 1920 May 21 - 2008 Jun 26) Immunobiology Of Proteins And Peptides III (jt ed) [e|1985] Richard BAER {US}
(M: 1928 Apr 28 - 2008 Feb 22) Mixed Emotions [d|pro:c1993] John Malcolm BAILEY {UK}
(M: 1936 May 1 - 2008 Jan 10) Timber Framed Buildings:...Bedfordshire And Neighbouring Counties [n|1979] Sir, Stanley (Ernest) BAILEY {UK}
(M: 1926 Sep 30 - 2008 Aug 9) Community Policing And Crime Prevention... (w Robert WADMAN) [n|1993] Ian Fowler BAILLIE {UK}
(M: 1921 Feb 16 - 2008 Nov 29) Edna BAKER {CA}
(F: ? - ?) Prairie Place Names [n|1928] Frank BAKER {UK}
(M: 1908 - ?) My Friend The Enemy [f|1948] Patricia BAKER
(F: ? - 2008) Sara (nee)Mullin BALDWIN {US}
(F: ? - ?) Who's Who In Lincoln [b|1928] William Lee BALDWIN {US}
(M: 1928 Apr 12 - 2008 May 8) (Hugh) Glen(=Glencairn) BALFOUR-PAUL {UK}
(M: 1917 Sep 23 - 2008 Jul 2) The End Of Empire In The Middle East [n|1991] A Kind Of Kindness [p|2000] Bagpipes In Babylon [a|2006] Martin BALIN {US}
(M: 1945 Nov 13 - 2008 Apr 6) (wrote as: Martin LEWIS) Monopoly [d|pro:1979] Ann (Bolton) BALL {US}
(F: 1944 May 13 - 2008 Jun 8) Augustus H BALL {CA}
(M: ? - ?) Rovers Of The Valley [f|1928] Robert Myers BALL {US}
(M: 1914 Mar 28 - 2008 Jan 29) Pensions In The United States [n|1952] Final Report [n|1973] Social Security, Today And Tomorrow [n|1978] Insuring The Essentials: Bob Ball On Social Security [n|2000] John Chalmers BALLANTYNE {UK}
(M: 1917 Sep 26 - 2008 Jun 25) Deafness [n|1960] Bedside Manners: An Anthology Of Medical Wit And Wisdom [n|1995] John BANNERMAN {UK}
(M: 1922 Nov 27 - 2008 Oct 8) Studies In The History Of Dalriada [n|1974] The Beatons [n|1986] Prof, Dan BAR-ON {IL}
(M: 1938 - 2008) Natalia Vladimirovna BARANSKAIA
(F: 1908 - ?) Prof, Ronald Henry BARBACK {UK}
(M: 1919 Oct 31 - 2008 Apr 26) Clive (Alexander) BARNES {UK}
(M: 1927 May 13 - 2008 Nov 19) Ballet In Britain Since The War [n|1953] Frederick Ashton And His Ballets [n|1961] Ballet Here And Now [n|1961] Dance Scene USA [n|1967] Inside American Ballet Theatre [n|1977] Nureyev [n|1982] Best American Plays (6th series) (ed) [d|?] Best American Plays (7th series) (ed) [d|?] Best American Plays (8th series) (ed) [d|?] John (Stuart Lloyd) BARNES {UK}
(M: 1920 Jun 28 - 2008 Jun 1) Beginnings Of The Cinema In England, 1894-1901 [5v|n|1976-98] Phoebe BARNES, nee WASHBURN {US}
(F: 1908 May 10 - ?) Pedro Pablo BARNOLA (DUXANS) {VE}
(M: 1908 Jun 28 - ?) Prof, Dagmar BARNOUW, nee ? {US}
(F: 1936 Mar 22 - 2008 May 14) War In The Empty Air: Victims, Perpetrators And Postwar Germans [n|2005] Ramón M BARQUÍN (Sr) {CU}
(M: 1914 May 12 - 2008 Mar 3) My Dialogues With Fidel, Raul And Che [n|2008] Sir, John BARRACLOUGH {UK}
(M: 1918 May 2 - 2008 May 10) The Third World War (w John HACKETT) [n|1978] Leonard BARRAS {UK}
(M: 1922 Feb 13 - 2008 Jan 20) A Little Stiff Built Chap [d|1969] The Shy Gasman [d|1970] Bluebottles On My Marmalade [1982] Up The Tyne In A Flummox [1987] Tight At The Back [d|1987] Come Snow, Come Blow [d|1988] Through My Hat [1991] The Turnip In The Night [1997] The Chocolate Cream Society [f|1997] The Purple Pullover [d|2007] Prof, John (Penrose) BARRON {UK}
(M: 1934 Apr 27 - 2008 Aug 16) Greek Sculpture [n|1965] The Silver Coins Of Samos [n|1966] An Introduction To Greek Sculpture [n|1981] Prof, Norman BARRY {UK}
(M: 1944 Jun 25 - 2008 Oct 21) The Morality Of Business Enterprise [n|1991] Classical Liberalism In An Age Of Post-Communism [n|1996] Business Ethics [n|1998] The Invisible Hand In Economics And Politics [n|?] Wg-Cdr, Patrick Peter Colum BARTHROPP {UK}
(M: 1920 Nov 9 - 2008 Apr 16) Paddy [a|1987] Christopher John BARTLETT {UK}
(M: 1931 - 2008 Jul 8) Elizabeth(=Betty) BARTLETT, Mrs PERKINS {UK}
(F: 1924 Apr 24 - 2008 Jun 18) A Lifetime Of Dying: Poems 1942-1979 [p|1979] Strange Territory [p|1983] The Czar Is Dead [p|1986] Instead Of A Mass [p|1991] Look, No Face [p|1991] Two Women Dancing: New & Selected Poems (ed Carol RUMENS) [p|1995] Appetites Of Love [p|2001] Mrs Perkins And Oedipus [p|2004] Prof, Neil BARTLETT {UK}
(M: 1932 Sep 15 - 2008 Aug 5) The Chemistry Of The Monatomic Gases [n|1975] The Oxidation Of Oxygen And Related Chemistry [n|2001] (Richard) Nicholas BARTLETT {UK}
(M: c1934 - 2008 May 20) (also wrote as: Richard WISEMAN) The Second Prize [f|1961] The Beggars Are Coming To Town [f|?] First Person Plural (ps: Richard WISEMAN) [f|1975] Duncan Is In His Grave (ps: Richard WISEMAN) [f|1978] Henri BARTOLI {FR}
(M: 1918 Apr 22 - 2008 Oct 1) Repenser Le Développement: En Finir Avec La Pauvreté [n|Fr-1999] Frank BARTON {UK}
(M: 1924 Jul 3 - 2008 Dec 26) The Press Of Africa: Persecution And Perseverance [n|?] Prof, John Latimer BARTON {UK}
(M: 1929 Mar 28 - 2008 Mar 25) Roman Law In Medieval England [n|1971] Les(=Leslie Alfred) BARTON, aka Lezz {UK}
(M: 1923 Dec 8 - 2008 Oct 20) Miles Of Smiles [1946] The Best Of Barton [1960] Just Joking! [1997] R-Adm, Joe(=Józef) (Czeslaw) BARTOSIK {PL/UK}
(M: 1917 Jul 20 - 2008 Jan 14) [The Faithful Ship] [Pl-1947] Peter Clement BARTRUM {UK}
(M: 1907 Dec 4 - 2008 Aug 14) Early Welsh Genealogical Tracts [n|1966] Welsh Genealogies AD 300-1400 [n|1974] Welsh Genealogies AD 1400-1500 [n|1983] Peter BASKETT {UK}
(M: 1934 Jul 26 - 2008 Apr 18) Resuscitation Greats (jt ed) [n|?] Rev, Gerhard BASSARAK {DE}
(M: 1918 Feb 3 - 2008 Sep 22) Uppsala 1968 [n|Ge-1968] Diagnose Und Prognose [n|Ge-1969] Der Auferstandene Gekreuzigte [n|Ge-1969] Gebet Für Die Welt [n|Ge-1969] Theologie Des Genitivs?: Wider Falsche Wege Des Dienstes Am Wort [n|Ge-1975] Luther Und Luthertum In Osteuropa [n|Ge-1983] Sprache Des Friedens [n|Ge-1987] Reg BATCHELOR {UK}
(M: 1921 - 2008) Towing, Caravanning & Trailer Tenting [n|1999] (Charles) Robert BAUDUY {HT}
(M: 1940 Dec 21 - 2008 Jan 31) Prof, Bernard Helmut BAUM {US}
(M: 1926 Apr 18 - 2008 Jun 6) Klaus-Dieter BAUMGARTEN {DE}
(M: 1931 Mar 1 - 2008 Feb 17) Die Grenzen Der DDR (jt ed) [n|Ge-2004] Erinnerungen:...Des Chefs Der Grenztruppen Der DDR [a|Ge-2008] Prof, Michael David Kighley BAXANDALL {UK}
(M: 1933 Aug 18 - 2008 Aug 12) Giotto And The Orators [n|1971] Painting And Experience In Fifteenth Century Italy [n|1972] The Limewood Sculptors of Renaissance Germany [n|1980] Patterns Of Intention [n|1985] Tiepolo And The Pictorial Intelligence (w Svetlana ALPERS) [n|1994] Shadows And Enlightenment [n|1994] Words For Pictures [n|2003] Barrington John BAYLEY {UK}
(M: 1937 Apr 9 - 2008 Oct 13) (also wrote as: Alan AUMBRY) Star Virus [f|1970] Empire Of Two Worlds [f|1972] Collision With Chronos [f|1973] The Fall Of Chronopolis [f|1974] The Soul Of The Robot [f|1974] The Garments Of Caean [f|1976] The Knights Of The Limits [s|1978] The Pillars Of Eternity [f|1982] The Rod Of Light [f|1985] Pauline (Diana) BAYNES, Mrs GASCH {UK}
(F: 1922 Sep 9 - 2008 Aug 1) Jeremy (James Anthony Gibson) BEADLE {UK}
(M: 1948 Apr 12 - 2008 Jan 30) Today's The Day: A Chronicle Of The Curious [n|1979] Rodney Rootle's Grown-Up Grappler... (w Chris WINN) [n|1982] How To Make Your Own Video Blockbuster (w M LEIGH & M LEPINE) [n|1998] Watch Out! (w Alec LOM) [a|1998] Firsts, Lasts & Onlys Crime (w Ian HARRISON) [n|2007] Firsts, Lasts & Onlys Military (w Ian HARRISON) [n|2007] Beadle's Miscellany [n|2007] The Book Of Outlawed Inventions (w Chris WINN) [n|?] Beadle's About (w Robert RANDELL) [n|?] The Gossip's Guide To Madam Tussaud (w M LEIGH & M LEPINE) [n|?] Calvin Lunsford BEALE {US}
(M: 1923 Jun 6 - 2008 Sep 1) A Taste Of The Country [e|1990] Francis Edward BEALES {UK}
(M: 1908 - ?) Victory Poems, And Others [p|1944] Timothy Wentworth BEAUMONT, (life) Baron BEAUMONT Of WHITLEY of Child's Hill {UK}
(M: 1928 Nov 22 - 2008 Apr 8) The End Of The Yellowbrick Road [1997] Robert Nason BECK {US}
(M: 1928 Mar 26 - 2008 Aug 6) Fundamental Problems In Scanning (jt ed) [n|1968] Role Of Semiconductor Detectors In...Nuclear Medicine (jt ed) [n|1971] Ernest BEHA
(M: 1908 Dec 7 - ?) (also wrote as: Andrew BEDE; Drake ELVIN) Edwin Wallace BELL {CA}
(M: 1908 - ?) Israel Kenny (ed Lilian M B MAXWELL) [b|1944] Jeanne
(1:Mrs)Viner BELL, nee SPITZEL {US} (F: 1923 Feb 27 - 2008 May 21) Shattered: In The Eye Of The Storm (w Faye RESNICK) [b|1996] John Frederick BELL {UK}
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