Declarations of pseudonyms and their resolutions
in the US Catalog of Copyright Entries (Renewals)

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This page contains a unified extract of all the declarations of pseudonyms and their resolutions in the US Catalog of Copyright Entries (Renewals) pages that I have transcribed so far from the 1920s, followed here by a unified extract of all the declarations of pseudonyms and their resolutions in the US Catalog of Copyright Entries (Renewals) pages that Tim Ryan has transcribed from the 1970s.  They are in alphabetical order by first word, rather than surname.  I have not edited out what will appear to be obvious duplicates.

From the 1920s:

A A Payn (pseud of C Austin Miles)
AE (pseud of George William Russell)
Adam Applebud (pseud of Carl Webster Pierce)
Adam Gregory (pseud of Henry S Sawyer)
Adrian Ross (pseud of Arthur Ropes)
Agnes Edwards Rothery (pseud of Agnes Rothery Platt)
Alain (pseud of Emile Chartier)
Alan Monk (pseud of George Milburn)
Alexandre Nevierov (pseud of Aleksandr Sergeievich Skobelev)
Alfred Judson (pseud of J Lincoln Hall)
Alfred Savoir (pseud of Alfred Poznanski)
Ali-Bab (pseud of Henri Babinski)
Allan Langdon Martin (pseud of Jane Murfin & Jane Cowl)
Amelie Rives (pseud of Princess Amelie (Rives) Chanler Troubetzkoy)
Andre Armandy (pseud of Andre Aguilard)
Andre Bruyere (pseud of Claire Ducos)
Andre Corthis (pseud of Andree (Husson) Lecuyer)
Andre Maurois (pseud of Emile Herzog)
Andre Maurois (pseud of Emile Salomon Wilhelm Herzog)
Andre Maurois (pseud of Herzog)
Andree Viollis (pseud of Andree Francoise Caroline d'Ardenne de Tizac)
Anne Morrison (pseud of Mary Hazel Hawkins)
Anthony Gilbert (pseud of Lucy Beatrice Malleson)
Anthony Gilbert (pseud of Lucy Malleson)
Anthony Hope (pseud of Sir Anthony Hope Hawkins)
Anthony Pryde (pseud of Agnes R Weekes)
Anthony Pryde (pseud of Agnes Russell Weekes)
Anthony Wynne (pseud of R McNair Wilson)
Anthony Wynne (pseud of Robert McNair Wilson)
Arnold Fountain (pseud of Foulton Oursler)
Arnold Fountain (pseud of Fulton Oursler)
Arnold Hollriegel (pseud of Richard Arnold Behmann)
Arthur Grantley (pseud of I H Meredith)
Arthur M Winfield (pseud of Edward Stratemeyer)
Arthur Pendragon (pseud of Arthur Goadby)
Augur (pseud of Vladimire Poliakoff)
Aurania Rouverol (pseud of Aurania Ellerbeck Rouveyrol)
Aurel (pseud of Aurelie de Faucamberge Mortier)
Austin Macleod (pseud of William MacLeod Raine)
Azorin (pseud of Jose Martines Ruiz)
B M Bower (pseud of Bertha (Muzzy) Sinclair)
B M Bower (pseud of Bertha Muzzy Sinclair)
Bennet Copplestone (pseud of Frederick Harcourt Kitchin)
Bernard Frank (pseud of Bernard Poulailler)
Broughton Edwards (pseud of I H Meredith)
Burt L Standish (pseud of Gilbert Patten)
C (pseud of Merian C Cooper)
C C Zain (pseud of Elbert Benjamine)
C Collodi (pseud)
C Kay Scott (pseud)
Capini Vequin (pseud of Vernon Quinn)
Charles Barry (pseud of Charles Bryson)
Charles Wright Gray (pseud of Charles W Grayson)
Clara Doria (pseud of Clara K Rogers)
Claude Anet (pseud of Jean Schopfer)
Claude Farrere (pseud of Frederic Bargone)
Clemence Dane (pseud of Winifred Ashton)
Clement Vautel (pseud of Clement Vaulet)
Clementia (pseud of Sister Mary Edward (Agnes Feehan))
Clementia (pseud of Sister Mary Edward Feehan)
Cleone Knox (pseud of Magdalen King-Hall (Mrs P Perceval Maxwell))
Clive Arden (pseud of Lily C Nutt)
Clive Arden (pseud of Lily Clive Nutt)
Clyde Willard (pseud of J Lincoln Hall)
Clyde Willard (pseud)
Colette (pseud of Mme Goudeket, ie Sidonie Gabrielle Colette)
Colette (pseud of Mme Goudeket, nee Gabrielle Sidonie Colette)
Colette (pseud of Mme Goudeket, nee Sidonie Gabrielle Colette)
Colette (pseud of Mme Maurice Goudeket / Mme Henri de Jouvenal, nee Gabrielle Sidonie Colette)
Colette Yver (pseud of Mme Antoinette Huzard, nee Antoinette de Bergevin)
Columbia Boyer (pseud of Nell Columbia Boyer Martin)
Constantin Stanislavsky (pseud of Konstantin Sergeevich Alekseef)
Cornelius Van Loot (pseud)
Curnonsky (pseud of Maurice Edmond Sailland)
D R Enness (pseud of Nathan Sulzberger)
D Riazanov (pseud of David Borisovich Goldendach)
David Britton (pseud of John Wilson Dodge)
David Grayson (pseud of Ray Stannard Baker)
Dean Bryden (pseud of Helen Edmunds Brown Beckett, Mrs Henry)
Delly (pseud of Frederic Henri Joseph Petitjean de la Rosiere & Jean Marie Henriette Petitjean de la Rosiere ?)
Diana Patrick (pseud of Desemea (Newman) Wilson)
Diana Patrick (pseud of Desemea Newman Wilson)
Diana Patrick (pseud of Desemea Wilson)
Donn Byrne (pseud of Brian Oswald Donn-Byrne)
Dorothy Dix (pseud of Elizabeth (Meriwether) Gilmer)
E Barrington (pseud of Eliza Louisa Moresby Beck)
E Barrington (pseud of Lily (Moresby) Adams Beck)
E Barrington (pseud of Lily Adams Beck)
E J Rath (pseud)
E M Delafield (pseud of Edmee Elizabeth Monica De La Pasture)
E M Delafield (pseud of Elizabeth Monica Dashwood)
Edith Ellis (pseud of E E Furness)
Edward C Boykin (pseud of Osbourne McConathy)
Edward Hope (pseud of Edward Hope Coffey)
Edward Percy (pseud of Edward Percy Smith)
Elizabeth (pseud of Elizabeth Mary Annete Russell)
Elizabeth (pseud of Elizabeth Mary Annette Russell)
Elizabeth (pseud of Mary Annette (Beauchamp), Countess Russell)
Elizabeth (pseud of Mary Annette (Beauchamp), Countess, Russell)
Elizabeth Alexander (pseud of Elizabeth Alexander Heermann)
Elmer A Dawson (pseud of Edward Stratemeyer)
Elsie Jane Jerard (pseud of Elsie Jacobs)
Elton Thomas (pseud of Douglas Fairbanks, Sr)
Emile Zavie (pseud of Emile Boyer)
Erick Berry (pseud of Allena Champlin Best)
Ernest Bramah (pseud of E B Smith)
Ernest Bramah (pseud of Ernest Bramah Smith)
Eulalie (pseud of Eulalie Wilson)
Eulalie (pseud)
Evelyn Scott (pseud of Elsie (Dunn Scott) Wellman, later Metcalfe)
Everett 'Deacon' Scott (pseud of Irving Crump)
Evoe (pseud of E V Knox)
Evoe (pseud of Edmund George Vaply Knox)
Fernand Noziere (pseud of Fernand Weyl)
Ford Madox Ford (pseud of F M Hueffer)
Foster Johns (pseud of Gilbert Seldes)
Fra Elburtus (pseud of Elbert Hubbard)
Franc-Nohain (pseud of Maurice Le Grand)
Francis Beeding (pseud of H A St George Saunders & John Palmer)
Francis Beeding (pseud of H St George Saunders & John Palmer)
Francis Beeding (pseud of John Palmer & H A St George Saunders)
Francis Carco (pseud of Francis Carcopino)
Francis Carco (pseud of Francois Marie Alexandre Carcopino-Tusoli)
Francis Everton (pseud of Francis W Stokes)
Franklin W Dixon (pseud of Edward Stratemeyer)
Fred B Holton (pseud of Ira B Wilson)
Fred B Holton (pseud)
Fulanain (pseud of Monica Grace Hedgcock & Stuart Edwin Hedgcock)
G L Steinmetz (pseud of Geraldine Runchey ?)
G Lenotre (pseud of Louis Leon Theodore Gosselin)
Ganpat (pseud of Martin Louis Alan Gompertz)
George A Birmingham (pseud of James Owen Hannay)
George Challis (pseud of Frederick Faust)
George Eliot (pseud of Marian Evans, later Cross)
George Owen Baxter (pseud of Frederick Faust)
Georges Dolley (pseud of Georges Salomon)
Gerard d'Houville (pseud of Marie Louise Antoinette (de Heredia) de Regnier)
Gilbert Emery (pseud of Emery Bemsley Pottle)
Gladys Cumberland (pseud of Cuthbert Harris)
Grace Gordon (pseud of Elsie Duncan Yale)
Gracia Stayton (pseud of Gladys Henderson)
Grant Sinclair (pseud of Harry Sinclair Drago)
Granville Street (pseud of Edgar Fletcher-Allen)
H B V (pseud of Mrs Ernest Boyd)
H I Larity (pseud of Arthur LeRoy Kaser)
H I Larity (pseud of W G Hall)
H McCarty-Lee (pseud of Howard M Lee & Wilson McCarty)
H T (pseud of Helen (Noble) Thomas)
H V Crosby (pseud)
Hafsa (pseud of Dolores Perkins Esquer ?)
Hamish Macleod (pseud)
Harmonica Bill (pseud of Sam A Perry)
Harrison Adams (pseud of Edward C Stratemeyer)
Hearnden Balfour (pseud of Lady Eve Balfour & Beryl Hearndon)
Helen Berger (pseud of Helen Bamberger)
Henri Duvernois (pseud of Henri Schwabacher)
Henri Duvernois (pseud of Henri Schwabacher?)
Henrie Waste (pseud of Ettie Stettheimer)
Henry Behle-Stendahl [ie, Stendahl, pseud of Marie Henri Beyle]
Henry Dupuy-Mazuel (pseud of Henry Dupuy)
Henry Wildermere (pseud)
Holworthy Hall (pseud of Harold Everett Porter)
I M B of K (pseud of Ivy May Bolton)
Ian Hay (pseud of John Hay Beith)
Isabell Camp (pseud of Ida Campbell or Ida S Anderson)
Isidora Newman (pseud of Miriam Newman Neugass)
J E Buckrose (pseud of Annie Edith (Foster) Jameson)
J G Sarasin (pseud of Geraldine Gordon Salmon)
J J Connington (pseud of Alfred W Stewart)
Jacques Deval (pseud of Jacques Boularan)
Jacques Sindral (pseud of Alfred Fabre-Luce)
Jacques-Charles (pseud of Jacques Charles)
Jake Falstaff (pseud of Herman Fetzer)
James Cody Ferris (pseud of Edward Stratemeyer)
James Craig (pseud of Roy J Snell)
James Priceman (pseud of Winifred Margaretta Kirkland)
Jane A Lincoln (pseud of Sarah Lillian Partridge)
Jane Burr (pseud of Rose/Rosalind Winslow)
Jane England (pseud of Vera Jervis)
Janet Lewis (pseud of Janet Lewis Winters)
Jean Bart (pseud of Marie Antoinette Sarlabous)
Jean Sarment (pseud of Jean Bellemere)
Jean Sartini (pseud of Jean Sintair)
Jean d'Esme (pseud of Vicomte Jean d'Esmenard)
Jeanne de Coulomb (pseud of Jeanne de Lagrandval)
Jeffery E Jeffery (pseud)
Jerry Tarbot (pseud of Jerry J Martin)
John Ayscough (pseud of Count Francis Browning Drew Bickerstaffe-Drew)
John Brandane (pseud of John MacIntyre)
John E Lawrence (pseud of Larry Edward Johnson)
John Fame (pseud of Frank Richard Longenecker)
John Frederick (pseud of Frederick Faust)
John Friend (pseud of William Porter Hamilton)
John Martin (pseud of Morgan Shepard)
John Paris (pseud of Frank Ashton-Gwatkin)
John Paris (pseud)
John Rhode (pseud of Cecil J C Street)
John Rhode (pseud of Cecil John Charles Street)
John Schoolcraft (pseud of Frederick Faust)
John Somers (pseud of Hilary St George Saunders)
John Stephen Strange (pseud of Dorothy Stockbridge Tillett)
Joice M Nankivell (pseud of Joice M Loch)
Jonathan Brooks (pseud of John C Mellett)
Joseph Morris (pseud of Joseph M Bachelor)
Joseph Morris (pseud of Joseph Morris Bachelor)
Joseph White (pseud of Giuseppe Bianco)
Jules Romains (pseud of Louis Farigoule)
K M S (pseud of Kurt M Stein)
Kale Kini (pseud of Charles E King)
Keble Howard (pseud of John Keble Bell)
Kelvin McKready (pseud of Edgar Gardner Murphy)
L Moresby (pseud of Lily (Moresby) Adams Beck)
Leo Edwards (pseud of Edward Edgar (ie Edson) Lee)
Leo Edwards (pseud of Edward Edson Lee)
Leon Trotsky (pseud of Lev Davidovich Bronshtein)
Leon de Kerany (pseud of Melle de Champeaux)
Lesley Storm (pseud of Mabel Doran Clark)
Lewis Carroll (pseud of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson)
Lewis Carroll (pseud)
Lieutenant Beale Cormack (pseud of Walter Ben Hare)
Lorenzo Azertis (pseud of Lorand Orbok)
Lorenzo de Azertis (pseud of Lorand Orbok)
Louis Moresby (pseud of Lily (Moresby) Adams Beck)
Louis Moresby (pseud of Lily Moresby Adams Beck)
Luc Durtain (pseud of A Nepveu)
Lucas Malet (pseud of Mary St Leger (Kingsley) Harrison)
Lucas Malet (pseud of Mary St Leger Harrison)
Lynn Brock (pseud of Alister McAllister)
M Celeste Hanlon (pseud of Brooke Hanlon) [actually vice-versa]
M-L Caumery (pseud of Maurice Languereau)
M-L Caumery (pseud)
Maol-Iosa (pseud of Sister M Cherubim)
Marcelle Vioux (pseud of Marcelle Viouja / Viougeas)
Marcia MacDonald (pseud of Grace Livingston Hill)
Marcia MacDonald (pseud of Grace Livingstone Hill)
Margery Clark (pseud of Mary E Clark & Margery Quigley)
Marian Keith (pseud of Mary Esther (Miller) MacGregor, Mrs D C MacGregor)
Marian Keith (pseud of Mrs D C, Mary Esther (Miller) MacGregor)
Mark Twain (pseud of Samuel Langhorne Clemens)
Martin Mills (pseud of Martin Boyd)
Mary Borden (pseud of Mary Spears)
Mary E Blain (pseud of Mary Emma (Salisbury) Barse)
Mary Spears (pseud of Mary Borden)
Mary Wiltshire (pseud of Frances M Isborn)
Maryse Rutledge (pseud of Marice Rutledge (Gibson) Hale)
Max Brand (pseud of Frederick Faust)
Maxim Gorky (pseud of Aleksiei Maksimovich Pleshkov)
May Edginton (pseud of Helen Marion Edginton Baily)
May Edginton (pseud of Helen Marion Edginton)
May Edginton (pseud of Helen May Baily)
May Wynne (pseud of Mabel Winifred Knowles)
Michael Arlen (pseud of Dikran Kuyumjian)
Milton Kilgallen (pseud)
Monica Shannon (pseud of Monica Shannon Wing)
Morgan Marsh (pseud of Maurice E Marks)
Morris Aborn (pseud of Maurice Baron)
Multatuli (pseud of Eduard Douwes Dekker)
Murgatroyd Elphinstone (pseud)
Myriam Catalany (pseud of Marie Barrere-Affre)
Myriam Harry (pseud of Mme Emile Perrault, nee Maria Shapira)
Myriam Harry (pseud of Mme vve Emile Perrault, nee Maria Shapira)
N Hudson Moore (pseud of Hannah (Hudson) Moore)
Nalim (pseud)
Nancy Boyd (pseud of Edna St Vincent Millay Boissevain)
Nell Martin (pseud of Columbia Boyer)
Neltje Blanchan (pseud of Nellie Blanchan (De Graff) Doubleday)
Nicholas Silver (pseud of Frederick Faust)
Nina Stafner (pseud of Arthur Leroy Kaser)
Normal Angell (pseud of Ralph Norman Angell Lane)
Norman Lighthill (pseud of Ira B Wilson)
Norwood Dale (pseud of Robert M Stults)
O Buchan (pseud of Anna Buchan)
O Douglas (pseud of Anna Buchan)
O Henry (pseud of William Sydney Porter)
Odette Tyler (pseud of Elizabeth Lee Shepherd)
Olive Conway (pseud of Harold Brighouse & John Walton)
Oliver Onions (pseud of George Oliver)
Ozark Ripley (pseud of John B Thompson)
Pamela Wynne (pseud of Winifred Mary (Watson) Scott)
Pamela Wynne (pseud of Winifred Mary Scott)
Pansy (pseud of Mrs G R Alden)
Patricia Wentworth (pseud of Mrs G O Turnbull)
Patrick Wynnton (pseud of Anthony Richardson)
Paul Armont (pseud of Dimitri Petrocochino)
Paul Daucray (pseud of Paul Darcy)
Paul Eluard (pseud of Paul (ie, Eugene) Grindel)
Paul La Croix (pseud of Pierre Dufour)
Paul d'Ivoi (pseud of Paul Charles Philippe Eric Deleutre)
Peggy Reece (pseud of Gladys Henderson)
Penelope Dickerson (pseud of Gladys Henderson)
Peter Henry Morland (pseud of Frederick Faust)
Petroleum V Nasby (pseud of David Ross Locke)
Pierre Coalfleet (pseud of Frank C Davison)
Pierre Frondaie (pseud of Rene Fraudet)
Pierre Hamp (pseud of Henri Bourillon)
Pierre Loti (pseud of Julien Viaud)
Pierre MacOrlan (pseud of Pierre Dumarchay)
Pierre Macorlan (pseud of Pierre Dumarchay)
Pierre l'Ermite (pseud of Edmond Loutil)
Princess Pignatelli (pseud of Constance Grenelle Wilcox)
Professor Milton Kilgallen (pseud of Kenneth L Roberts)
R B Trevelyan (pseud of Guy Reginald Bolton)
Radcliffe Carter (pseud of William Openshaw Carter)
Ralph Connor (pseud of Charles William Gordon)
Randle McKay (pseud Of Richard W Rowan)
Rebecca West (pseud of Cecily Fairfield Andrews)
Rebecca West (pseud of Cecily Isabel Fairfield Andrews)
Reginald Goode (pseud of Reginald Goode Butler)
Rhea Wells (pseud of Peter Wells)
Richard Saunders (pseud of Benjamin Franklin)
Richard Wasson (pseud of Richard V Sipe)
Ridgwell Cullum (pseud)
Rip (pseud of Georges Thenon)
Robert Cherade (pseud of Louis Mercier)
Robert Honnert (pseud of Robert Dreyfus)
Roland Dorgeles (pseud of Roland Lecavele)
Roland Dorgeles (pseud of Rolland Maurice Lecavele)
Romain Coolus (pseud of Max Rene Weil)
Romain Coolus (pseud of Max Rene Weill)
Romain Coolus (pseud of Rene Weil)
Romain Coolus (pseud of Rene Weill)
Roy Rockwood (pseud of Edward Stratemeyer)
Rufus Learsi (pseud of Israel Goldberg)
Rufus Learsi (pseud of Shalom Asch)
Ruth Dale (pseud of Ira B Wilson)
S A Wilson (pseud of W S Ramsey)
S Ansky (pseud of Solomon Rappoport)
S S Van Dine (pseud of Willard Huntington Wright)
Samri Frikell (pseud of Fulton Oursler)
Sapper (pseud of H C McNeile)
Sapper (pseud of Herman Cyril McNeile)
Sax Rohmer (pseud of Arthur Sarsfield Ward)
Seaman Lewis (pseud of Simon L Simpson)
Seckatary Hawkins (pseud of Robert Franc Schulkers)
Sholom Aleichem (pseud of Shalom Rabinowitz)
Sidney Steele (pseud of Arthur Leroy Kaser)
Stanley Vestal (pseud of Walter Stanley Campbell)
Stephen Hudson (pseud of Sydney Schiff)
Sylvia Denys Hooke (pseud of Lucy Malleson)
The author of 'By an Unknown Disciple' (pseud of Hon Mrs Cecily Phillimore, nee Spencer-Smith)
Theodate Geoffrey (pseud of Dorothy G Wayman)
Thomas Raucat (pseud of Roger Poidatz)
Upton Close (pseud of Josef Washington Hall)
Victor Appleton (pseud)
Victor Zorin (pseud of Victor Rosen)
Viers Robertson (pseud of Valeria R Lehman)
Virginia Chadbourne (pseud of Thomas Tapper)
Ward Morley (pseud of Arthur Le Roy Kaser)
Warner Fabian (pseud of Samuel Hopkins Adams)
Watty Piper (pseud)
Will Scarlet (pseud)
Willard Mack (pseud of Charles W McLaughlin)
Wilson Crockett (pseud of George Wilson Crockett Hill)
Wolff (pseud of Morris M Cole)
Young Boswell (pseud of Harold Stark)

From the 1970s:

A A Fair (pseud of Erle Stanley Gardner)
A L Barker (pseud of A L Bourne)
Abd-ru-shin (pseud of Oskar Ernst Bernhardt)
Adam Gates (pseud of Beth Wheeler & John Storck)
Adam Ring (pseud of Blair Reed)
Adrienne Stone (pseud of Edith Tomlinson)
Aesop Glim (pseud of George Laflin Miller)
Al Cody (pseud of Archie Joscelyn)
Alain (pseud of Emile Chartier)
Alan Amos (pseud of Kathleen Moore Knight)
Alan Gregg (pseud of Gertrude E Mallette)
Alden Hatch & Nutchuk (pseud of Simeon Oliver)
Alexander Baron (pseud of Alex Bernstein)
Alice Caddy (pseud of Mrs Ben Lucien Burnam)
Allen James (pseud of Ellen Jane Lorenz)
Amber Dean (pseud of Amber Dean Getzin)
Amicus Curiae (pseud of Edmund Fuller)
Andre Castelot (pseud of Andre Storms)
Andrew Holt (pseud of Edward Anhalt)
Angeline Taylor (pseud of Marie C Carroll)
Ann Seranne (pseud of Margaret Smith)
Anna Kayan (pseud of Helen Woods Edmonds)
Anne Hocking (pseud of Mona Naomi Anne Messer)
Anne Kramer (pseud of Marguerite Vance)
Anne Mace (pseud of Anne Coment)
Anne Meredith (pseud of Lucy Malleson)
Anne Paterson (pseud of Anne F Einselen)
Annie North Bedford (pseud of Jane Werner)
Anthony Abbot (pseud of Fulton Oursler)
Anthony Boucher (pseud of V A P White)
Anthony Gilbert (pseud of Lucy Beatrice Malleson)
Arouet (pseud of Georges Politzer)
Art Henley (pseud of Arthur Henley Siegel)
Arthur Baker (pseud of Arthur F Giddings)
Arthur Stirling (pseud of Upton Beall Sinclair, Jr)
B B (pseud of Denys J Watkins Pitchford)
Barbara Cooney (pseud of Mrs Charles Talbot)
Barnaby Dogbolt (pseud of Herbert Silvette)
Beatrice Alexander (pseud of Louise Raymond Amann)
Bernard Kell (pseud of Bernard Finkel)
Bernard Mack (pseud of Cornelius McGillicuddy)
Beryl Williams (pseud of Beryl Epstein)
Betsy Allen (pseud of Elizabeth Cavanna Headley)
Bettina (pseud of Bettina Ehrlich)
Betty Blocklinger (pseud of Jeanne Bowman)
Bill Pause (pseud of William Arthur Pausewang)
Bj Kidd (pseud of Elizabeth Kidd)
Bliss Lomax (pseud of Harry Sinclair Drago)
Brant House (pseud of editors at A A Wyn (now Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Inc))
Brett Halliday (pseud of Davis Dresser)
Brigid Knight (pseud of Kathleen Henrietta Eve (Kathleen Henrietta Eve Sinclair))
Brigid Knight (pseud of Kathleen Henrietta Sinclair, (now Kathleen Henrietta Eve))
Brooke Conway (pseud of Marjorie Frickel)
Bruce Campbell (pseud of Samuel Epstein)
C C Zain (pseud of Elbert Benjamine)
C H Liddell (pseud of Henry Kuttner)
C L Boarde (pseud of Warren K Schoonmaker)
C L Moore (pseud of Mrs Thomas Reggie)
Caldwell (pseud of Janet Reback Stancell)
Carl Henry (pseud of Carl Henry Hjersman)
Carmichael Smith (pseud of Paul M A  Linebarger)
Carol Carnac (pseud of Edith Carolyn Rivett)
Carola Oman (pseud of Carola A Lenanton)
Carolyn Keene (pseud of Harriet S Adams)
Carolyn Thomas (pseud of Actea Duncan)
Carter Dickson (pseud of John Dickson Carr)
Caryl Brahms (pseud of Doris Abrahams)
Case Kusby (pseud of Case Kuczborski)
Catherine Gregoire (pseud of Jacqueline Raffegeaud)
Charles Francis Lane (pseud of Ira B Wilson)
Charles L Leonard (pseud of Mary Violet Heberden)
Charlie May Simon (pseud of Mrs John Gould Fletcher)
Chase Churchill (pseud of Erle Stanley Gardner)
Christopher Hale (pseud of Frances Stevens)
Clare Jaynes (pseud of Jane R Mayer & Clara G Spiegel)
Clem Colt (pseud of Nelson C Wye)
Cliff Campbell (pseud of Burt Arthur)
Colette Vivier (pseud of Madme J Duval)
Colette (pseud of Gabrielle Goudeket)
Colette (pseud of Gabrielle Sidonie Colette)
Colin Lochlons (pseud of Caary Paul Jackson)
Constance Little (pseud of Constance Baker)
Cornelia Spencer (pseud of Grace S Yaukey [sister of Pearl S Buck])
Cornell Woolrich (pseud of Cornell George Hopley Woolrich)
Cottonseed Clark (pseud of S Clark Fulks)
Cyrus Fisher (pseud of Darwin L Teilhet)
D B Olsen (pseud of Dolores B Hitchens)
D E Stevenson (pseud of D E Peploe)
D R Banet (pseud of Ray Bradbury)
Dale Clark (pseud of Ronal Kayser)
Dan J Stevens (pseud of Wayne D Overholser)
Dana Chambers (pseud of Albert Leffingwell)
Dana Lee Thomas (pseud of Dana Arnold Schnittkind)
Daniel Gray (pseud of Agnes Chabrier)
Daniel Taylor (pseud of Daniel Schneider)
David Craigie (pseud of Dorothy Craigie)
David Grayson (pseud of Ray Stannard Baker)
David Keith (pseud of Francis Steegauller)
David Prose (pseud ot Zenith Brown)
David Severn (pseud of David Unwin)
David Thomas (pseud of Abraham Loew Furmau)
Dean Bryant (pseud of Helen Evers Adler)
Doctor Seuss (pseud of Theodor S Geisel)
Donald F Bedford (pseud of Donald Friede, H Bedford Jones & Kenneth Fearing)
Donald Laverty (pseud of James Blish, & Damon Knight)
Dornford Yates (pseud of C W Mercer)
Dorothy Abbott (pseud of Elsie Duncan Yale)
Dorothy Langley (pseud of Dorothy Kissling)
Dorothy Quentin (pseud of Madeleine Batten)
Douglas Fields Bailey (pseud of William Fields Bailey)
Drayton Mayrante (pseud of Katherine Drayton Mayrant)
Dudley Peele (pseud of Henry W Baker)
During (pseud of Marie-Anne Desmarest)
Dwight Bennett (pseud of Dwight Bennett Newton)
E C R Lorac (pseud of Edith Carolyn Rivett)
Edith Roberts (pseud of Elizabeth Van Dusen Roberts)
Edmond Pognon (pseud of Emile Pognon)
Edmund Crispin (pseud of Bruce Montgomery)
Edward Ronns (pseud of Edward Sidney Aarons)
Edward W Norman (pseud of Roy E Nolte)
Edwin James (pseud of James E Gunn)
Elinor Ames (pseud of J A Darning)
Eliot Reed (pseud of Eric Ambler & Charles Rodda)
Elisabeth Barbier (pseud of Renee Barbier)
Elisabeth Kyle (pseud of Agnes Mary R Dunlop)
Elizabeth Bowen (pseud of Elizabeth D C Cameron)
Elizabeth Houness (pseud of J A McKaughan)
Elizabeth Kinsey (pseud of Eleanor Clymer)
Elizabeth Webbe (pseud of Marjorie Cooper)
Elizabeth X Ferrars (pseud of Morna Brown)
Ellen Caren (pseud of Elenore Schoenberner)
Ellery Queen, Jr (pseud of Samuel Duff McCoy, Frederic Dannay & Manfred B Lee)
Ellery Queen (pseud of Frederic Dannay & Manfred B Lee)
Elsa Ruth Nast (pseud of Jane Werner)
Emery Bonett (pseud of Emery Bonett Coulson)
Enid LaMonte Meadowcroft (pseud of Mrs Donald Wright)
Erick Berry (pseud of Allena Champlin Best, & Herbert Best)
Erika Weihs Harpor (pseud of Cyrus Porter & Zola E Harvey)
Ethel Hamill (pseud of Jean Francis Webb)
Ethel Vance (pseud of Grace Zaring Stone)
Evelyn Piper (pseud of Merriam Modell)
F B Evans (pseud of Melvin Evans & Dorothy Sara)
Feike Feikema (pseud of Frederick Feikema Manfred)
Felix C Forrest (pseud of Paul M A Linebarger)
Ferguson Findley (pseud of Charles F Frey)
Fern Shepard (pseud of Florence Stonebraker)
Fielding Burke (pseud of Olive T Dargan)
Florence Arfmann & Nika Standen (pseud of Nika Hazelton)
Florence Stuart (pseud of Florence Stonebraker)
Florenz Branch (pseud of Florence Stonebraker)
Forestier (pseud of Edouard Leon)
Francis Ambriere (pseud of Charles Letellier)
Francis Beeding (pseud of John Palmer & Hilary Aidan Saint George Saunders)
Francis Bonnamy (pseud of Audrey Walz)
Francis Carco (pseud of Francois Carcopino)
Francoise (pseud of Francoise Seignobosc)
Frank Deane (pseud of Leo Stone)
Frank O'Connor (pseud of Michael O'Donovan)
Frank O'Malley (pseud of Frank O'Rourke)
Franklin W Dixon (pseud of Harriet S Adams)
Franklyn Pell (pseud of Frank E Pellegrin)
Fred B Holton (pseud of Ira B Wilson)
Frederic Van Ermengen (pseud of Franz Hellens)
G Sellier-LeClercq (pseud of Genevieve Seligmann)
Gail Jordan (pseud of Peggy Gaddis Dern)
Garth Hale (pseud of Albert Benlamin Cunningham)
Garth (pseud of A B Cunningham)
Gennie Luccioni (pseud of Eugenie Luccioni)
George Bagby (pseud of Aaron Marc Stein)
George Hopley (pseud of Cornell George Hopley Woolrich)
George U Fletcher (pseud of Fletcher Pratt)
Georges Herge (pseud of Georges Remi)
Georges Magnane (pseud of Rene Catinaud)
Georges Mounin (pseud of I LeBoucher)
Georgia Craig (pseud of Peggy Gaddis)
Georgiana (pseud of Ruth Gottesman)
Gerald Marsh (pseud of Fleming Henry James)
Germaine Beaumont (pseud of Germaine De Battendier)
Gilchrist Waring (pseud of Holly Witherspoon Waring Hamilton)
Godfrey Lynn (pseud of Tilden Wells)
Golden MacDonald (pseud of Margaret Wise Brown)
Gwenyth Little (pseud of Gwenyth Hemming Jones)
Hal Clement (pseud of Harry C Stubbs)
Hal Debrett (pseud of David Dresser & Kathleen Rollins)
Hampton Stone (pseud of Aaron Marc Stein)
Harold Madne (pseud of Walker Winslow)
Harold Robbins (pseud of Harold Rubin)
Harpor (pseud of Cyrus Porter & Zola E Harvey; & Jessie Spicer Zerner)
Helen Ashton (pseud of Helen Rosaline Jordan)
Helen Ashton (pseud of Mrs Arthur E M Jordan)
Helen Earle Gilbert (pseud of Helen Earle Sellers)
Helen Evers (pseud of Helen Evers Adler)
Helen Louise Thorndyke (pseud of Harriet S Adams)
Helen Palmer (pseud of Helen Geisel)
Henri Calet (pseud of Raymond Theodore Berthelmess)
Henri Collard (pseud of Minnie Danzas)
Henri Gamache (pseud of Joseph W Kay)
Henri Rochard (pseud of Roger Henri Charlier)
Henri Troyat (pseud of Leon Torossian-Tarasoff)
Henry Hay (pseud of June Barrows Mussey)
Henry J Colyton (pseud of Samuel Zimmermann)
Henry Petiot (pseud of Henry Daniel-Rops)
Henry Thomas (pseud of Henry Thomas Schnittkind)
Herbert Hespro (pseud of Herbert Spencer Robinson)
Herbert Shappiro (pseud of Herbert Arthur)
Herge (pseud of Georges Remi)
Herve Bazin (pseud of Jean Herve-Bazin)
Hilda Williams (pseud of Margaret J McElroy)
Hilea Bailey (pseud of Lenore Harting (Ruth Lenore Harting Silvers))
Howard R Bayer (pseud: Oliver Weld Bayer))
Hugh MacCraig (pseud of Craig Ward)
Hugh MacDiarmid (pseud of Christopher Murray Grieve)
Hugh Pentecost (pseud of Judson Philips)
Irena Orska (pseud of Irena Bytniewska)
Isidore Isou (pseud of Isou Goldstein)
Isobel Bolton (pseud of Mary Britton Miller)
J Linacre Blundell (pseud of Helen Blundell Walsh)
J Lucas-Dubreton (pseud of Jean-Marie Peslouan)
J Sheridan LeFanu (pseud of August Derleth)
Jacqueline Marenis (pseud de T Mansire)
James Craig Gordon (pseud of Fulton Cursler)
James Crockett (pseud of Cornelia Warriner & James A MacPhail)
James Geralton (pseud of Gerald Holton)
James Gordon (pseud of James Stewart-Gordon)
James MacCreigh (pseud of Frederik Pohl)
Jan Struther (pseud of Joyce Maxtone Graham)
Jan Valtin (pseud of Richard J Krebs)
Harpor (pseud of Cyrus Porter & Zola Harvey)
Jane Werner (pseud of Elsa Ruth Nast)
Janes G Edwards (pseud of J W MacQueen)
Janet Bell (pseud of Eleanor Clymer)
Janet Rand (pseud of Louise L Wilson)
Jay Franklin (pseud of John Franklin)
Jean Gracey (pseud of Eva Knox Evans)
Jean Guehenno (pseud of Marcel Guehenno)
Jean J Parrish (pseud of Elsie Church)
Jean Le Gallec (pseud of M J Marsouin)
Jean Leslie (pseud of Jean Leslie Cornett)
Jean Plaidy (pseud of Eleanor Hibbert)
Jean Vercher (pseud of Jane Stone)
Jean-Louis Curtis (pseud of J-Louis Laffitte)
Jeanne Bowman (pseud of Jeanne Blocklinger)
Jeb Stuart (pseud of E R Stuart)
Jennifer Ames (pseud of Maysie Greig)
Jessica Lyon (pseud of Cateau De Leeuv)
Jim Kjelgaard (pseud of Robert Bloch)
Jim Mayo (pseud of Louis l'Amour)
Jim O'Mara (pseud of Vernon L Fluharty)
Jo Sinclair (pseud of Ruth Seid)
Jo-Ann Leeming (pseud of Joseph Leeming, & Margaret Gleeson)
Joan Charles (pseud of Charlotte Woolley Underwood)
Joan Hubbard (pseud of Kathryn Jackson)
Joan Sargent (pseud of Sara Jenkins)
Joanna Strong (pseud of Caroline Horowitz)
John Blaine (pseud of Hal Goodwin)
John Bonett (pseud of John Coulson)
John Callahan (pseud of Joseph Chadwick)
John Calvert (pseud of Munro Leaf)
John Cobb (pseud of John Cobb Cooper)
John Evans (pseud of Howard Browne)
John Godey (pseud of Morton Freedgood)
John Lane (pseud of John D MacDonald)
John Pen (pseud of John Szekely)
John Rhode (pseud of Cecil John Charles Street)
John Ross Macdonald (pseud of Kenneth Millar)
John Roy Carlson (pseud of Arthur Derounian)
John Sedges (pseud of Pearl S Buck)
John Sims (pseud of William Hopson)
John Stephen Strange (pseud of Dorothy Stockbridge Tillett)
John Taine (pseud of Eric Temple Bell)
John Wade Farrell (pseud of John D MacDonald)
Johnnie Laurence (pseud of Clarence Biers)
Jon Godden (pseud of Mrs R W K Baughan)
Jonathan Stagge (pseud of Hugh C Wheeler and R Wilson Webb)
Jonathan Titulescu Fogarty (pseud of James T Farrell)
Joseph Shearing (pseud of Margaret Gabrielle Long)
Josephine Tey (pseud of Elizabeth MacKintosh)
Jules Romains (pseud of Louis Farigoule)
Kacev (pseud of Romain Gary)
Kathryn Forbes (pseud of Kathryn Anderson McLean)
Kathryn Kent (pseud of Kathryn Schwerke)
Kelley Roos (pseud of William E Roos & Audrey Kelley Roos)
L P Hartley (pseud of Leslie Poles Hartley)
Cady Hewes (pseud of Bernard Devoto)
Lady Kinnoull (pseud of Claude Kinnoull)
Langdon Dodge (pseud of Victor Wolfson)
Lau Shaw (pseud of S Y Shu)
Laura Lee Hope (pseud of Harriet S Adams)
Lawrence O'Donnell (pseud of Henry Kuttner)
Le Grand (pseud of Le Grand Henderson)
Lee Kingman (pseud of Mary Lee Natti)
LeGrand (pseud of LeGrand Henderson)
Leonard Q Ross (pseud of Leo C Rosten)
Leslie Ford (pseud of Zenith Brown)
Lewis C Henry (pseud of Lewis Copeland)
Lewis Carroll (pseud of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson)
Lewis Padgett (pseud of Henry Kuttner)
Lillian DeLaTorre (pseud of Lilliam McCue)
Lillian Janet (pseud of Lillian Ressler Groom & Janet O'Daniel Cicchetti)
Lindsay Hayes (pseud of Elizabeth Earl Whitbeck)
Lotus Ray King & Chanera (pseuds of Edna W Ballard)
Louis DeClermont (pseud of Joseph W Kay)
Louisa Revell (pseud of Ellen Hart Smith)
Luke Short (pseud of Frederick D Glidden)
Lusandre Feu (pseud of Estelle Lusandre Lingham Pritchard)
Lynn Bronson (pseud of Evelyn Sibley Lampman)
Lynn Westland (pseud of Archie Joscelyn)
Lysle Carveth (pseud of Grace F Cunningham)
Lysle Carvoth (pseud of Grace F Cunningham)
M Louis (pseud of Thomas Merton)
M O'Moran (pseud of Mabel O'Connell)
Man Gilbert (pseud of Mildred Geiger Gilbertson)
Manning Coles (pseud of Adelaide Frances Oke Manning & of Cyril Henry Coles)
Marc Brandel (pseud of Marcus Beresford)
Marcia Paul (pseud of Martin Panzer)
Margaret Erskine (pseud of Margaret Wetherby Williams)
Marge (pseud of Marjorie Henderson Buell)
Marie-Jeanne (pseud of Philip Freund)
Marion Jollison (pseud of Caroline Horowitz)
Marion Palmer (pseud of Helen Geisel)
Mariot Chamberlain (pseud of Mary Lou Chamberlain)
Marjorie Alan (pseud of Doris Bumpus)
Marjorie Holmes (pseud of Lynn Mighell)
Mark Twain (pseud of Samuel L Clemens)
Margaret Erskine (pseud of Margaret Wetherby Williams)
Martha Albrand (pseud Mrs Joseph Lowengard)
Marti (pseud of Martha Dreiblatt)
Martin Colt (pseud of Samuel Epstein)
Mary Adrian (pseud of Mary Venn Jorgensen)
Mary K Winters (pseud of Harold Hart Horowitz)
Mary Renaullt (pseud of Mary Challans)
Mary Westmacott (pseud of Agatha Christie (Agatha Christie Mallowan))
Mary Windsor (pseud of Edith K Lowe)
Masha (pseud of Marie Stern)
Matilda Bailey (pseud of Ruby Lorraine Radford)
Maurice Allen (pseud of Maurice Allemand)
Maurice Druon (pseud of Maurice Druon De Reyniac)
Max Brand (pseud of Frederick Faust)
Max Peacock (pseud of Dennis Max Cornelius Woodruffe Peacock)
Max White (pseud of Charles W White)
May Edginton (pseud of Helen Marion Edginton Bailey)
Mentor (pseud of Maurice Walrave)
Michael Home (pseud of Christopher Bush)
Michael Innes (pseud of John Innes Mackintosh Stewart)
Michael Stark (pseud of Lawrence Lariar)
Micheal Morgan (pseud of C E Carle & Dean M Dorn)
Michel Carrouges (pseud of Michel Sedillot)
Mickey Spillane (pseud of Frank Morrison Spillane)
Mildred Criss (pseud of Mrs George Catlin)
Miriam Lois Fisher (pseud of Ira B Wilson & A D Burkett)
Miryam (pseud of Miryam Yardumian)
Montagu O'Reilly (pseud of Wayne Andrews)
Moray Firth (pseud of William Rose)
Morgan Towne (pseud of Carl W Drepperd)
Murdo Coombs (pseud of F C Davis)
Myonne (pseud of Charlotte Nielsen)
Nancy Hartwell (pseud of Claire Wallis Callahan)
Nancy Paschal (pseud of Grace V Trotter)
Nathaniel Maxwell (pseud of Maxwell Sachs)
Nevil Shute (pseud of Nevil Shute Norway)
Newton Gayle (pseud of Ruth Emily McMurry & Muna Lee)
Nicholas Blake (pseud of Cecil Day Lewis)
Nicole (pseud of George Duplaix & Gertrude Elliott)
Ninon (pseud of Ninon macKnight Smith)
Noel Benson (pseud of Ira B Wilson)
Noel Season (pseud of Ira B Wilson)
Norma Oliver (pseud of Aurelia Zadory)
Norman E King (pseud of Kenneth Oscar Anderson)
O Henry (pseud of William Sydney Porter)
Oliver Weld Bayer (pseud of Leo G Bayer & Eleanor Bayer)
Oriel Malet (pseud of Lady Auriel Vaughan)
Otis Kidwell Burger (pseud of Abigail Lewis)
Pan Gilbert (pseud of Mildred Geiger Gilbertson)
Patience Strong (pseud of Winifred Emma Cushing)
Patrick Quentin (pseud of Hugh C Wheeler & Richard Wilson Webb)
Paul Eluard (pseud of Paul Grindel)
Paul Fleming (pseud of Paul Fleming Gemmill)
Paul M A Linebarger (pseud of Felix Forrest)
Paul M Robertse (pseud of Jack Willig)
Paul Strahl (pseud of Otto Reising)
Peggy Dern (pseud of Peggy Gaddis Dern)
Peggy O'More (pseud of Jeanne Blocklinger)
Peggy O'More (pseud of Jeanne Bowman)
Peggy O'More (pseud of Peggy (O'More)Blocklinger)
Perry Lindsay (pseud of Peggy Gaddis Dern)
Peter Archer (pseud of Kathryn Jackson & Byron Jackson)
Peter Bourne (pseud of Bruce Graham Montague Jeffries)
Peter Dawson (pseud of Jonathan H Glidden)
Peter Field (pseud of Robert J Hogan)
Peter Marshall (pseud of L S Clark)
Peter Reed (pseud of John D MacDonald)
Petrus Talemarianus (pseud of Alexandre Rouhier)
Philip B Kay (pseud of Alger Adams)
Philip Woodruff (pseud of Philip Mason)
Phyllis Ann Carter (pseud of Irmengarde Eberle)
Phyllis Arthur (pseud of Natalie Shipman)
Pierre MacOrlan (pseud of Pierre Dumarchay)
Pierre Nord (pseud of Andre Brouillard)
Radler (pseud of Ellen Jane Lorenz)
Rae Foley (pseud of Elinore Denniston)
Ramona Hunter (pseud of Mona Kent)
Raymond Abellio (pseud of Georges Soules)
Raymond Marshall (pseud of James Hadley Chase)
Raymonde Vincent (pseud of Raymonde Beguin)
Rebecca West (pseud of Cecily Fairfield Andrews)
Rene Lafayette (pseud of L Ron Hubbard)
Renee Barbier (pseud of Elisabeth Barbier)
Robert Bishop (pseud of Ira B Wilson)
Robert Bloomfield (pseud of Leslie Edgley)
Robert Garfield (pseud of Byron Jackson, & Aurelius Battaglia)
Robert O Barlow (pseud of Heinrich K Meyer)
Robert Standish (pseud of Digby George Gerahty)
Roberta Courtland (pseud of Peggy Gaddis)
Robin Grey (pseud of Elizabeth F Gresham)
Roger Bax (pseud of Paul Winterton)
Roger Vercel (pseudo of Roger Auguste Cretin)
Romney Gay (pseud of Phyllis Britcher)
Ronny Lewis (pseud of Harold Hart Horowitz)
Ross Rocklynne (pseud of Ross L Rocklin)
Rumer Godden (pseud of Margaret Rumer Foster (Margaret Rumer Haynes Dixon))
Rumer Godden (pseud of Mrs R Haynes-Dixon)
Ruth Dale (pseud of Ira B Wilson)
S J Perelman (pseud of Sidney Namlerep)
Saint-John Perse (pseud of Alexis Leger)
Saltykov-Chtchedrine (pseud of Mikhail Evgrafovich Saltykov)
Sarah K Wright (pseud of Marguerite Vance)
Sari (pseud of Anne Fleur)
Sax Rohmer (pseud of Arthur Sarsfield Ward)
Scott Finley (pseud of Winifred Clark Gandy)
Scott O'Hara (pseud of John D MacDonald)
Shelley Smith (pseud of Nancy Bodington)
Shelly Smith (pseud of Nancy Bodington[verified])
Simon Leys (pseud of Pierre Ryckmans)
Simon York (pseud of Robert A Heinlein)
Siril Deaulan (pseud of Bernice Joyce Stout)
Sophie Kerr (pseud of Sophie Kerr Underwood)
Souky DeCotte (pseud of Sylvie Foucart DeCotte)
Stan Lee (pseud of Stanley Lieber)
Stanley Vestal (pseud of Walter Stanley Campbell)
Stendhal (pseud of Marie Henri Beyle)
Stephen Cole (pseud of Gale D Webbe)
Stephen Grendon (pseud of August Derleth)
Stewart Landon (pseud of Roger C Wilson)
Stewart Sterling (pseud of Prentice Winchell)
Susan Kerby (pseud of Elizabeth Burton)
Susan Thomas (pseud of Mildred Lewis Kerr)
Susan Wells (pseud of Doris Siegel)
Susannah Shane (pseud of Harriette Ashbrook)
Sylvia Dee (pseud of Josephine M Proffitt)
Tante Marie (pseud of Alice Marie Taride Taylor)
Taylor Caldwell (pseud of Janet Taylor Caldwell Reback)
Teresa Kilham (pseud of Julia Davis)
Terrus (pseud of Cyrus Porter)
Tex Burns (pseud of Louis L'Amour)
Thomas Fall (pseud of Donald Clifford Snow)
Thomas Kyd (pseud of Alfred Harbage)
Tom B Leonard (pseud of Harold Hart)
Tom Collins (pseud of Joseph Furphy & C Hartley Grattan)
Tom Two-Arrows (pseud of Tom Dorsey)
Tony Brice (pseud of Helen B Adler)
Trader Vic (pseud of Victor Jules Bergeron)
Van Siller (pseud of Hilda VanSiller)
Vanya Oakes (pseud of Virginia Armstrong Oakes)
Vara P Raye (pseudo of Lloyd Otis Sanderson)
Vercors (pseud of Jean Bruller)
Vicki Baum (pseud of Hedwig Lert)
Victor Serge (pseud of V K Poderewski)
Vincent Laborde (pseud of Jacques DaBourbon Busset)
Vivian Breck (pseud of Vivian Gurney Breckenfeld)
W T Rhodes (pseud of Morris Rosenblum)
Wade Miller (pseud of Robert Wade & Bill Miller)
Ward Thomas (pseud of Edward T McNamara)
Wendell Farmer (pseud of Lavinia R Davis)
Will Ermine (pseud of Harry Sinclair Drago)
Will Stewart (pseud of Jack Williamson)
Will Watson (pseud of Lee Floren)
William Colt MacDonald (pseud of Allan William Colt MacDonald)
William Irish (pseud of Cornell George Hopley Woolrich)
William Kinsey (pseud of William K Eberbach & Rita L Eberbach)
William Marsh (pseud of William Edward Campbell)
William Tenn & Kenneth Putnam (pseuds of Philip Klass)
Wolo (pseud of Wolf Von Trutzschler)
World's Worst Poet (pseud of George Clarence Burton)
Ylla (pseud of Ylla Koffler)
Yves Dermeze (pseud of Paul Berato)
Yvonne Escoula (pseud de Berlcvitz)
Zachary Ball (pseud of Kelly R Masters)