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Welcome to the new location of the website formerly known as
now being hosted here at authorandbookinfo.com!

Family motto: No life east of Sepulveda

This is the world's first site to help alleviate the overcrowding of the Internet's limited bandwidth – as a demonstration of (Where do you want your BSoD today? – no can do) Macrohard®'s new not-so-Passive-XYY technology, using the Bali± language, kingkong has reached out into your browser and switched the graphics off!

Before you ask, the site is named after King Kong, a piece of music by Frank Zappa, rather than directly after the fictitious giant ape, though the name fits in neatly with Demon Internet's demonic theme.  Any similarity between the fictitious giant ape and the owner of this site is entirely libellous.

Here on kingkong's homesite, you can view the following, completely graphics-free pages:

  • The New General Catalog of Old Books and Authors pages, which contain a list of old authors and the titles of some of their books, and where to find tens of thousands of those books for free online on the Internet.

  • The Author Anniversaries pages, which should answer your question, should you be wondering which authors were born or died on this day in history, or which authors share your birthday.

  • The Authors by Year of Death pages, which list the authors who died in each year since 1700, for seeing whose copyrights expire(d) each New Year in recent and coming years (NB: US copyright uses a different system).

  • The US Catalog of Copyright Entries (Renewals) pages, which are intended to help with finding out whether the US copyright of works published in the US in 1923 thru 1963 was renewed, including transcribed listings of the renewals for literary works first US-copyrighted in 1923 thru 1927/28.

  • The Good Short Reading pages, which have a small selection of the best short fiction, non-fiction and poetry that's old enough to be out of copyright almost everywhere, in case you're stuck on the hard shoulder of the Information Superhighway and want to pass some time.

  • The Where's That Vehicle Come From? pages, which will be of interest if you ever noticed a foreign or unusual vehicle and wondered where it came from.  It's trainspotting for road users, so prepare to enter . . . The Anorak Zone !

  • Or ... amuse yourself for a lifetime following a self-referential link, by clicking this button:

Alternatively, you can look at these other Internet locations that I like for one reason or another (but I'll be extremely upset if you do so first):

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