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Jean-Claude BRIALY {FR} (M: 1933 Mar 30 - 2007 May 30)

Mrs J F, BRIAN, nee ? (F: 1838 - 1895 Jan 1)

Havergal BRIAN (see: William BRIAN)

James BRIAN (see: Arthur George STREET)

Marilyn BRIAN (see: Jillian DAGG)

William BRIAN {UK} (M: 1876 Jan 29 - 1972 Nov 28)
(ps: Havergal BRIAN)

Henri L BRIANCEAU (M: ? - ?)
(ps: H L B)

Nikolai BRIANCHANINOV (M: ? - ?)
	History Of Russia [n|?-?] (tr C J HOGARTH) [1930]

Aristide BRIAND {FR} (M: 1862 - 1932 Mar 7)
	Rapport Sur La Séparation Des Eglises Et De L'Etat [n|Fr-?]
	Discussion Et Vote De La Loi Séparation [n|Fr-?]
	Application De La Loi De Séparation [n|Fr-?]

Bp, Jean-Olivier BRIAND (M: 1715 Jan 23 - 1794 Jun 25)
I	Catéchisme A L'Usage Du Diocese De Quebec [n|Fr-1777]

Paul L BRIAND, Jr {US} (M: 1920 Oct 29 (or 19) - 1986 Apr)

Keith BRIANT (M: ? - ?)
	Oxford Limited [1937]

Grendel BRIARTON (see: Alfred Reginald KAHN)

Eric William Henry BRIAULT {UK} (M: 1911 Dec 24 - 1996 Jan 14)
	Sussex, East And West [n|1942]
	Introduction To Advanced Geography (w ?) [n|1957]
	Geography In And Out Of School (w ?) [n|1960]

Joanny(=Jean) BRICAUD (ps) {FR} (M: 1881 Feb 11 - 1934 Feb 21)
18085	J-K Huysmans Et Le Satanisme [n|Fr-1913]

Arthur John Hallam Montefiore BRICE {UK} (M: c1859 - 1927 Jan 6)
	David Livingstone [b|?]
	Geographical Methods [n|1895]
	The Great Frozen Land (ed) [n|1895]
	The Law Relating To The Architect [n|?]
	The Law Of Misrepresentation [n|?]

Judge, Geoffrey James Barrington Groves BRICE {UK} (M: 1938 Apr 21 - 1999 Nov 14)
	Maritime Law Of Salvage [n|1983/?/99]

James BRICE {US} (M: ? - ?)
	Reminiscences Of Ten Years Experience On The Western Plains.. [a|c1905]

Maj, (Michael) Mitford BRICE {UK} (M: 1888 Aug 22 - c1966)
	The Tale Of Your Dog [n|1934]
	The King's Dogs [n|1935]

(Marvelle) Monte BRICE {US} (M: 1891 Jul 12 - 1962 Nov 8)

Seward BRICE (M: 1846 - 1914 Dec 18)
	The Law Relating To Public Worship [n|1876]
	The Law Practice, And Procedure Relating To Patents.. [n|1884]
	A Treatise On The Doctrine Of Ultra Vires [n|?/?/1893]
	The Law Of Tramways And Light Railways [n|?/1902]

Tony BRICE (see: Helen EVERS)

William (Charles) BRICE {UK} (M: 1921 Jul 3 - 2007 Jul 24)

Beatrix BRICE (see: Beatrix Brice MILLER)

Arturo BRICEÑO {VE} (M: 1908 - 1971 Apr 16)

Antonio S BRICEÑO {VE} (M: ? - 1925)

Félix Ramón BRICEÑO {VE} (M: ? - ?)

Ramón BRICEÑO ARAUJO {VE} (M: 1900 - ?)

Mario BRICEÑO IRAGORRY {VE} (M: 1897 Sep 15 - 1958 Jun 6)
	Horas [Sp-1921]
	Motivos [Sp-1922]
	Ventanas En La Noche [Sp-1925]
	Lecturas Venezolanas [Sp-1926]
	Tapices De Historia Patria [Sp-1933]
	Temas Inconclusos [Sp-1942]
	Sentido Y Ámbito Del Congreso De Angostura [Sp-1943]
	Relación Geográfica De La Provincia De Cuyas [Sp-1947]
	El Caballo De Ledesma [Sp-1951]
	Sentido Y Presencia De Miranda [Sp-1950]
	La Tragedia De Peñalver [Sp-1951]
	Mensaje Sin Destino [Sp-1951]
	Por La Ciudad Hacia El Mundo [Sp-1957]
	Ideario Político [Sp-1958]

Rafael BRICEÑO ORTEGA {VE} (M: 1887 - 1934 Dec 25)

Mario BRICEÑO PEROZO {VE} (M: 1917 Jul 22 - ?)

Adolfo BRICEÑO PICON {VE} (M: 1846 Sep 18 - 1929 Jun 11)

Gabriel BRICEÑO ROMERO {VE} (M: 1909 Jan 18 - ?)

Adelaide-Edmée Prevost de la BRICHE (F: 1755 - 1844)

Moritz BRICHTA {AT} (M: 1867 Jul 9 - after 1939)

Rabbi, Herbert Chanan BRICHTO {US} (M: 1925 Jan 22 - 1996 Feb 19)

Rabbi, Sidney BRICHTO {US} (M: 1936 Jul 21 - 2009 Jan 16)

John BRICK {US} (M: 1922 Jan 1 - 1973 Oct 15)
	Troubled Spring [1950]
	Homer Crist [1952]
	The Rifleman [1953]
	The King's Rangers [1954]
	They Ran For Their Lives [1954]
	Eagle Of Niagara [1955]
	Jubilee [1956]
	Panther Mountain [1958]
	The Strong Men [1959]
	Gettysburg [1960]
	The Raid [1960]
	Yankees On The Run [1961]
	Tomahawk Trail [1962]
	Captives Of The Senecas [1963]
	The Richmond Raid [1963]
	Ben Bryan, Morgan Rifleman [1963]

(Mary) Eleanor (later)Fortescue BRICKDALE / FORTESCUE-BRICKDALE {UK} (M: 1872 (wrongly 1871) Jan 25 - 1945 Mar 10)

John Matthew Fortescue BRICKDALE {UK} (M: 1869 - 1921 Jun 2)
	The Chemical Basis Of Pharmacology (w Francis FRANCIS) [n|1908]

Henry Herschel BRICKELL {US} (M: 1889 Sep 13 - 1952 May 29)
	Cosecha Colombiana [Sp-1944]

Mayor, Gordon BRICKEN {US} (M: 1936 Nov 1 - 2013 Jun 17)

Catherine BRICKENDEN, nee McCORMICK {CA} (F: 1896 - ?)
	A Pig In A Poke [d|1948]

Garland Armor BRICKER {US} (M: 1881 Mar 20 - 1962 Feb 20)

Gertrude DeWeese BRICKER (F: 1876 - 1970)
	Preacher's Girl [1957]

Herschel(wrongly Hershel) (Leonard) BRICKER {US} (M: 1905 May 22 - 1984 May 20)

Rev, Luther Otterbein BRICKER {US} (M: 1874 May 15 - 1942 Aug 13)
	The Christian Life [n|1914]
	The Voice Of The Deep [n|1926]
	Cultivate Your Own Garden [n|1935]
	The Windows Of Peachtree Church [n|1938]
	The Altar [n|1940]

Jack M BRICKHAM {US} (M: 1930 - 1997)
(&ps: Jeff CLINTON; John MILES)

Paul (Chester Jerome) BRICKHILL {AU} (M: 1916 Dec 20 - 1991 Apr 23)
	Escape To Danger (w Conrad NORTON) [1946]
	The Great Escape [n|1950]
	The Dam Busters [n|1951]
	Escape Or Die [n|1952]
	Reach For The Sky [b|1954]
	The Deadline [n|1962]

Prof, William Wolfgang BRICKMAN {US} (M: 1913 Jun 30 - 1986 Jun)

John Lea BRICKNELL {UK} (M: 1867 Nov 5 - 1952)
(ps: John LEA)
	Willie Wimple's Adventures [1908]

Rabbi, Balfour (A) BRICKNER {US} (M: 1926 Nov 18 - 2005 Aug 29 (or 28))

Richard Pilpel BRICKNER {US} (M: 1933 May 14 - 2006 May 12)

BRICKTOP (see: Ada Beatrice Queen Victoria Louise Virginia SMITH)

Prosper BRICOLE (see: Fernand FLEURET)

John BRIDDOCK (M: ? - 1803 Jul)

Arthur Stanley BRIDE (M: 1804 - 1867)
	Guthrum Castle (aka: Edrick The Saxon) [f|1836]

Johnny Mack BRIDE (see: John McGEOUGH)

Jessica (nee)Hill BRIDENBAUGH {US} (F: c1905 - 1943 Mar 23)

Bp, Ralph BRIDEOAKE (M: 1614 - 1678)

Lemuel Owens BRIDEWELL (M: 1829 Nov 2 - 1913 Mar 12)
	Mississippi Justice Of The Peace [n|1877]
	Mississippi Form-Book And..Guide (w John L POWER) [n|1893]

Ann BRIDGE (see: Mary Dolling SANDERS)

Dean, Antony (Cyprian) BRIDGE {UK} (M: 1914 Sep 5 - 2007 Apr 23)
	Images Of God [n|1960]

Bewick BRIDGE (M: 1767 - 1833)

Sir, Cyprian (Arthur George) BRIDGE {UK} (M: 1839 Mar 15 - 1924 Aug 16)
	The Art Of Naval Warfare [n|?]
10694	Sea-Power.. [e|1910]
	Some Recollections [a|1918]

Frank BRIDGE {UK} (M: 1879 Feb 26 - 1941 Jan 10)

Sir, Frederick BRIDGE {UK} (M: 1844 Dec 5 - 1924 Mar 18)
	Shakespeare And Music Birthday Book [n|?]
	Samuel Pepys [n|?]
	Lover Of Music [1904]
	A Westminster Pilgrim [1919]
	Twelve Good Musicians [1920]
	The Old Cryes Of London [1921]
	Shakesperean Music (In The Plays And Early Operas) [n|1923]

Cdre, Horatio BRIDGE (M: 1806 Apr 8 - 1893 Mar 20)
7937	Journal Of An African Cruiser (ed Nathaniel HAWTHORNE) [1845]
	Personal Recollections Of Nathaniel Hawthorne [b|1893]

Lt-Cdr, John BRIDGE {UK} (M: 1915 Feb 5 - 2006 Dec 14)
	Trip To Nijmegen [a|?]

John BRIDGE (M: 1947 - ?)

Joseph Cox BRIDGE {UK} (M: 1853 - 1929 Mar 29)
	Horns [n|?]
	Chester Madrigalists [n|?]
	Recorders [n|?]
	Cheshire Soldiers Of Fortune [n|?]
	Ludlow And The Masque Of Comus [n|?]
	Chester Miracle Plays [n|?]
	Cheshire Proverbs And Sayings [n|?]

Norman BRIDGE {US} (M: ? - ?)
	The Marching Years [a|1920]

Prof, Peter Gonzalez BRIDGE {UK} (M: 1885 - 1942 Mar 5)
	Ramon Lull [n|?]

Rev, Wilfred Herbert BRIDGE {UK} (M: 1906 Jun 2 - 1988)

The Master BRIDGEBUILDER (see: Francis Symes THOMPSON)

Maurice BRIDGELAND {UK} (M: c1928 - 2013)

Arthur John BRIDGEMAN {UK} (M: 1916 Feb 2 - 2004 Dec 29)

Rev, Ernest Richard Orlando BRIDGEMAN {UK} (M: 1851 May 9 - 1940 Oct 9)

Canon, George Thomas Orlando BRIDGEMAN (M: 1823 Aug 21 - 1895 Nov 25)

Irene BRIDGEMAN, nee DANCYGER (F: c1920 - ?)

Roger BRIDGEMAN {GG?} (M: ? - ?)

S C BRIDGEMAN (?: ? - ?)
	Uncle George's Money [f|1884]

Thomas BRIDGEMAN (M: ? - 1850)
	The Young Gardener's Assistant [n|1832]
	Florist's Guide [n|1835]
	The Kitchen Gardener's Instructor [n|1836]
	Report Of The Committee On Horticulture [n|1844]
	The Fruit Cultivator's Manual [n|1844]
A	The American Gardener's Assistant [n|1867]

William BRIDGEMAN (M: 1916 - ?)

William Clive BRIDGEMAN, 1st Viscount BRIDGEMAN {UK} (M: 1864 Dec 31 - 1935 Aug 14)

Thomas Attwood BRIDGEN (M: ? - 1833)

Richard (Hicks) BRIDGENS (M: 1784 or 1785 - 1846)
	West India Scenery [1836]

Adam BRIDGER (see: David (Ernest) BINGLEY)

Bub BRIDGER {NZ} (F: 1924 - ?)
	Up Here On The Hill [?]
	Wild Daisies [?]

Charles BRIDGER (M: c1826 - 1879 May 27)

Harold BRIDGER {UK} (M: 1909 May 15 - 2005 May 3)

Aaron BRIDGERS {US/FR:1974on} (M: 1918 Jan 10 - 2003 Nov 3)

Ann Preston BRIDGERS (F: ? - ?)
	Coquette (w George ABBOTT) [d|pub:1928]


Calvin Blackman BRIDGES {US} (M: 1889 - 1938)
	The Mechanism Of Mendelian Heredity (w others) [n|1915/1923]
	Laboratory Directions For An Elementary..Genetics (w others) [n|1923]
	The Genetics Of Drosophila (w T H MORGAN & A H STURTEVANT) [n|1925]
*	Sex-Linked Inheritance In Drosophila (w Thomas Hunt MORGAN) [n|?]

Rev, Charles BRIDGES (M: c1794 - 1869 Apr 2)

Clifton BRIDGES {US} (M: ? - ?)
	Lyrics Of A Georgia Soldier [1919]

Daisy Caroline BRIDGES {UK} (F: 1894 Apr 7 - 1972 Nov 29)

Dorothy (Louise Dean) BRIDGES, nee SIMPSON, aka Dorothy DEAN {US} (F: 1915 Sep 19 - 2009 Feb 16)

Edward (Ettingdene) BRIDGES, 1st Baron BRIDGES of Headley and Saint Nicholas at Wade {UK} (M: 1892 Aug 4 - 1969 Aug 27)

Elizabeth BRIDGES, Mrs DARYUSH {UK} (F: 1887 Dec 5 or 8 - 1977 Apr 7)
(&ps: Elizabeth DARYUSH)
	Verses [p|1916]
	Sonnets From Hafez.. [p|1921]
	Verses [p|1930]
	Verses, Second Book [p|1932]
	Verses, Third Book [p|1933]
	Verses, Fourth Book [p|1934]
	Poems [p|1935]
	The Last Man.. [p|1936]
	Selected Poems (ed Yvor WINTERS) [p|1948]

George B BRIDGES (M: ? - ?)
	Tumble-weed Trail [f|1939]
	Gold In The Valley [f|1940]

George Bramstone BRIDGES {UK} (M: baptised 1839 Oct 13 - ?)

Prof, (Leonard) Hal BRIDGES {US} (M: 1918 Nov 10 - ?)
	Iron Millionaire [b|1952]
	Lee's Maverick General [b|1961]
	Civil War And Reconstruction [n|1957/1962]

Hilda (Maggie) BRIDGES {AU} (F: 1881 (wrongly 1882) Oct 19 - 1971 Sep 11)
	Our Neighbours [f|1922]
	The Squatter's Daughter [f|1922]
	Lady Of The Cavern [1924]
	Bobby's First Term [f|1924]
	Chinese Lacquer [1926]
	The House Of Make Believe [f|1928]
	Carnaby's Boy [1928]
	House Of Storms [1931]
	Connie Of The Fourth Form [f|1931]
	Chinese Jade [1933]
	Distant Fields [1936]
	Men Must Live [f|1938]

Horace James BRIDGES {UK} (M: 1880 Aug 31 - 1955 Oct 7)
	Ethical Movement [n|1911/12]
	Criticisms Of Life [n|1915]
	The Religion Of Experience [n|1916]
	Our Fellow Shakespeare [1916]
	On Becoming An American [n|1919]
	As I Was Saying [e|1923]
	Jew-Baiting [n|1923]
	The God Of Fundamentalism.. [e|1925]
	Taking The Name Of Science In Vain [n|1928]
	The Fine/First Art Of Marriage [n|1930]
	Signs Of The Times In Religion [n|1936]
	The Emerging Faith [n|1937]
	Humanity On Trial [n|1941]
	Some Applications Of Ethical Religion [n|1944]

James BRIDGES (M: ? - ?)
R	The Collier's Tale [f|1853]

John Affleck BRIDGES {UK} (M: 1833 - 1924 Jun 11)
(&ps: A FARMER)
	Wet Days (ps: A FARMER) [p|1879]
	Idylls Of A Lost Village [p|1889]
	A Brummagem Baron [f|1890]
	Poets All [f|1893]
	Myrtle And Ivy [f|1895]
	In A Village [p|1898]
	The Lost Parson.. [p|1902]
	Reminiscences Of A Country Politician [a|1906]
	A Sportsman Of Limited Income [a|1910]
	Victorian Recollections [a|1919]

John Henry BRIDGES (M: 1832 Oct 11 - 1906 Jun 15)
	Richelieu And Colbert [n|1866]

Kate BRIDGES, nee ? {CA} (F: 1959 - ?)
(&ps: Kate MADDISON)

Marjorie (nee)Lismer BRIDGES {CA/US?} (F: 1913 May 16 - 2006 Apr 23)

Archdeacon, Peter (Sydney Godfrey) BRIDGES {UK} (M: 1925 Jan 30 - 2015 Jan 24)

Robert BRIDGES, aka 'Droch' {US} (M: 1858 Jul 13 - 1941 Sep 1)
	Overheard In Arcady [1894]
	Suppressed Chapters [1895]
	Bramble Brae [p|1902]
	The Roosevelt Book (ed) [1904]

Robert (Seymour) BRIDGES {UK} (M: 1844 Oct 23 - 1930 Apr 21)
	Shorter Poems [p|1873/79/80/90/93]
	Prometheus, The Firegiver [p|1884]
	Eden [p|1891]
	Milton's Prosody [n|1893]
	Eros And Psyche [p|1894]
	John Keats [1895]
*	Poetical Works Of Robert Bridges [p|1898-1905]
	Demeter [d|1905]
	October.. [p|1914/20]
	The Spirit Of Man (ed) [1916]
	Yattendon Hymnal, Ibant Obscuri [n|1917]
	The Necessity Of Poetry [n|1918]
14227	On English Homophones [n|1919]
12524	On The Dialectal Words In Blunden's Poems [n|1921]
	The Chilswell Book Of English Poetry (ed) [p|1924]
	New Verse Written In 1921.. [p|1925]
	The Influence Of The Audience On Shakespeare's Drama [n|1927]
	The Testament Of Beauty [p|1929]
	Shorter Poems [p|1931]
	Verses Written For Mrs Daniel [p|1932]
	Poetical Works.. [p|1936]
	Selected Poems [p|1941]
21722	Practical Discourse On Some Principles Of Hymn-Singing [n|?]
	Nero (Parts I And II) [d|?]
	Palicio [d|?]
	Ulysses [d|?]
	Christian Captives [d|?]
	Achilles In Scyros [d|?]
	Humours Of The Court [d|?]
	Feast Of Bacchus [?]

Roy(=Royal) (Tasman) BRIDGES {AU} (M: 1885 Mar 23 - 1952 Mar 14)
	The Barb Of An Arrow [f|1909]
	By His Excellency's Command [f|1910]
	Mr Barrington [f|1911]
	On His Majesty's Service [f|1914]
	The Fugitive [f|1914]
	The Fires Of Hate [f|1915]
	The Bubble Moon [f|1915]
	Dead Men's Gold [f|1916]
	The Immortal Dawn [s|1917]
	Merchandise [f|1918]
	The Black House [f|1920]
	The Fenceless Ranges [f|1920]
	From Silver To Steel [n|1920]
	The Vats Of Tyre [f|1921]
	Rogues' Haven [f|1922]
	The Cards Of Fortune [f|1922]
	Green Butterflies [f|1923]
	Rats' Castle, By Mountain Tracks [f|1924]
	Gates Of Birth [f|1926]
	A Mirror Of Silver [f|1927]
	Through Another Gate [f|1927]
	Legion [f|1928]
	And All That Beauty [f|1929]
	Negrohead [f|1930]
	Trinity [f|1931]
	Cloud [f|1932]
	Soul From The Sword [f|1933]
	One Hundred Years [n|1934]
	These Were Thy Merchants [f|1935]
	The House Of Fendon [f|1936]
	Sullivan's Bay [f|1937]
	The Alden Case [f|1937]
	This House Is Haunted [f|1939]
	Old Admiral Death [f|1940]
	The Owl Is Abroad [f|1941]
	The Case For Mrs Heydon [f|1944]
	'That Yesterday Was Home' [a|1948]
	The League Of The Lord [f|1950]
	Youth Triumphant [f|1951]

Thomas BRIDGES (M: ? - ?)
(&ps: Caustic BAREBONES, a Broken Apothecary)
	The Adventures Of A Banknote (anon) [f|1770]

Thomas Charles BRIDGES {UK} (M: 1868 Aug 22 - 1944 May 26)
(&ps: Christopher BECK)
k	The River Riders: An Exciting Lumberjack Story [f|1892]
	Paddy Leary's Schooldays [f|1902]
	Life Story Of A Squirrel [n|1908]
	A Fight For Fortune [1914]
	The People Of The Chasm (ps: Christopher BECK) [f|1914]
11513	On Land And Sea At The Dardanelles [n|1915]
	The Secret Of The Baltic [f|1916]
	Convict 88 [f|1917]
	The Golden Key [f|1917]
	With Beatty In The North Sea [1917]
	Brigand Of The Air [1918]
	Sons Of The Sea [1920]
	Martin Crusoe [f|1920]
	Men Of The Mist [f|1920]
	The Sky Riders [1923]
	Young Folks Book Of The Sea [n|1925]
	Kings Of Modern Commerce [n|1925]
	Criminal Yarns [s|1925]
	Secret Of Smoking Swamp [1926]
	The Mystery Message [f|1926]
&	The Young Folk's Book Of Invention [n|c1926]
	Young Folks Book Of Discovery [n|1927]
	Heroes Of Modern Adventure (w H H TILTMAN) [3v|n|1927]
	City Of No Escape [1928]
	Florida To Fleet Street [a|1928]
	More Heroes Of Modern Adventures [1929]
	Master Minds Of Modern Science [n|1930]
	The Bush Boys [1930]
	Romance Of Buried Treasure [1931]
	Killer's Contract [f|1934]
	The Crime On The Moor [f|1935]
	Watching Eyes [f|1946]

Sir, (George) Tom Molesworth BRIDGES {UK} (M: 1871 Aug 20 - 1939 Nov 26)
	Alarms And Excursions [a|1938]

Victor (George de Freyne) BRIDGES {UK} (M: 1878 Mar 14 - 1972 Nov 29)
	Camping Out, For Boy Scouts.. [n|1912]
	Another Man's Shoes [f|c1913]
	The Man From Nowhere [f|1913]
	Jetsam [s|1914]
	The Cruise Of The 'Scandal'.. [s|1914]
10511	A Rogue By Compulsion: An Affair Of The Secret Service [f|1915]
	Mr Lyndon At Liberty [f|1915]
	The Lady From Long Acre [f|1918]
	Deadman's Pool [d|pro:1921]
	Greensea Island [f|1922]
	Another Pair Of Spectacles [d|pub:1923]
	The Red Lodge [f|1924]
	A Handful Of Verses [p|1924]
	The Girl In Black [f|1927]
	The Hidden City [1928]
	The Green Monkey [d|1929]
	The Secret Of The Creek [f|1930]
	The King Comes Back [f|1930]
	Edward Fitzgerald.. [p|1932]
	Three Blind Mice [f|1933]
	The Happy Murderers [f|1933]
	I Did Not Kill Osborne [f|1934]
	Peter In Peril [f|1935]
	Blue Silver [f|1936]
	It Happened In Essex [1938]
	The Seven Stars [f|1939]
	Dusky Night [f|1940]
	The House On The Saltings [f|1941]
	The Man Who Butted In [f|1942]
	The Gulls Fly Low [f|1943]
	It Never Rains - [f|1944]
	Trouble On The Thames [f|1945]
	The Man Who Limped [f|1947]
	Accidents Will Happen [f|1948]
	Quite Like Old Days [f|1949]
	The Tenth Commandment [f|1951]
	The Man From Nowhere [f|1952]
	We Don't Want To Lose You [f|1952]
	All Very Irregular [f|1953]
	The Man Who Vanished [f|1954]
	The Secret Of The Saltings [f|1955]
	What The Doctor Ordered [f|1956]
	Exit Mr Marlowe [f|1957]
	The Creaking Gate [f|1958]
	Secrecy Essential [f|1959]
	The Girl From Belfast [f|1961]

William (Andrew) BRIDGES {US} (M: 1901 Jan 27 - ?)
	Snake-Hunters' Holiday (w Raymond L DITMARS) [1936]
	Wild Animal World (w Raymond L DITMARS) [1938]

William BRIDGES-ADAMS {UK} (M: 1889 Mar 1 - 1965 Aug 17)
	The Shakespeare Country [n|1932]
	The British Theatre [n|1944]
	Looking At A Play [n|1947]
	The Lost Leader [n|1954]
	The Irresistible Theatre [n|1957]
	To Charlotte While Shaving [p|1957]

Prof, Charles BRIDGES-WEBB {AU} (M: 1934 Oct 15 - 2010 Jun 16)
	To Travel Hopefully [a|?]

St, BRIDGET, of Sweden, aka St, BIRGITTA, av Vadstena (F: 1303 - 1373)

Robert Currie BRIDGETT {UK} (M: 1880 - 1961)
	An Introduction To Algebra [n|1905]
	Experimental Trigonometry [n|1907]
	Trigonometry, Theoretical And Practical.. (w W HYSLOP) [n|1907]
	Blackie's Elementary Modern Algebra [n|1908]
	Examples In Practical Physics [n|1908]
	Dry-Fly Fishing [n|1922]
	By Loch And Stream [n|1922]
	Loch Fishing In Theory And Practice [n|1924]
	Tight Lines [n|1926]
	Sea-Trout Fishing [n|1929]
	Loch-Fishing [n|1962]

Thomas Edward BRIDGETT (M: 1829 Jan 20 - 1899 Feb 17)

Capt, Geoffrey Thornton BRIDGEWATER {UK} (M: 1885 (or 1886) Nov 17 - 1974)
	War Song [?]
	Blind Hero [?]

(William) Patrick BRIDGEWATER {US} (M: 1931 May 18 - ?)

Albert Stanford BRIDGLAND {UK} (M: 1874 Nov 15 - 1944 Jul 26)
	The Modern Tailor, Outfitter And Clothier [3v|n|1928]
	Window Dressing For Tailors, Outfitters (w F W ALCOCK) [n|1932]
	The Art Of Measuring, For All Kinds Of Tailor Made Garments [n|1933]
	Cutting From Model Patterns [n|1937]

Frank Easter BRIDGMAN (M: 1869 - ?)

Frederick Arthur BRIDGMAN {US} (M: 1847 - 1928)
	The Ignoramuses [1887]
	Winters In Algeria [1890]

George Brant BRIDGMAN {US} (M: 1864 Nov 5 - 1943 Dec 16)
	Life Drawing [n|1924]
	Bridgman's Complete Guide To Drawing From Life [n|?]
	Constructive Anatomy [n|?]
	The Human Machine [n|?]
	Heads, Features And Faces [n|?]
	The Book Of A Hundred Hands [n|?]

Helen BRIDGMAN, nee BARTLETT {US} (F: 1855 - 1935)
	Within My Horizon [a|1920]

Leonard Logoz BRIDGMAN {UK} (M: 1895 Feb 15 - 1980 Dec 19)
	Aircraft Of The British Empire [n|1935]
	The Clouds Remember (w O STEWART) [n|1935/72]

Lewis Jesse BRIDGMAN {US} (M: 1857 - 1931)
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	Gulliver's Bird Book [1901]
	Guess [1901]
	Guess Again [1902]
	Bridgman's Kewts [1902]
	Jest-Nuts [1903]
	Lawsonized Lyrics [1905]
	Seem-So's [1906]
	Guess Book Of Riddles [1929]
&	Farmer Fox.. [p|?]
	The Little Eskimo [?]
	The Little African [?]
	The Little Indian [?]
	The Little Russian [?]
	The Little Brown Boy [?]
	The Little Japanese Girl [?]
	The Little Chinese Girl [?]
	The Little Norwegian Girl [?]

Margaret BRIDGMAN {US} (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Iris VOREL)
	Ad Astra [f|1933]
	Be Your Own Astrologer [n|?]

Mary BRIDGMAN (F: ? - ?)
	Robert Lynne [f|1870]
	Christopher Dudley [f|1872]

Prof, Olga Louise BRIDGMAN {US} (F: 1886 Mar 30 - 1974 Feb 6 (wrongly 15))

Olive (Rosalie) BRIDGMAN, nee ADDISON {ZA?} (F: 1880 - ?)
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	The Heritage [p|1935]
	On Beauty's Trail [1935]

Percy Williams BRIDGMAN {US} (M: 1882 Apr 21 - 1961 Aug 20)
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	Physics Of High Pressure [n|1931]
	Thermodynamics Of Electrical Phenomena In Metals [n|1933]
	Nature Of Physical Theory [n|1936]
	Intelligent Individual And Society [n|1938]
	Nature Of Thermodynamics [n|1941]
	Reflections Of A Physicist [n|1950/1955]
	Studies In Large Plastic Flow And Fracture [n|1952]
	The Nature Of Some Of Our Physical Concepts [n|1952]
	The Way Things Are [n|1959]

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Rev, William BRIDGNELL (M: 1800 Sep 17 - 1858 Apr 19)
	A Dictionary, Sinhalese And English [n|1847]
	An English Grammar In Sinhalese And English [n|1847]

James BRIDIE (see: Osborne Henry MAVOR)

Augustus BRIDLE {CA} (M: 1869 - 1952 Dec 21)
(&ps: DOMINO)
	Sons Of Canada [b|1916]
20961	The Masques Of Ottawa (ps: DOMINO) [n|1921]
+	Hansen [f|1924]
	The Story Of The Club [Toronto Arts & Letters] [n|1945]
	The Old 24th Of May [n|?]

O E BRIDLE {UK} (?: ? - ?)

Douglas Geoffrey BRIDSON {UK} (M: 1910 Aug 21 - 1980 Oct 19)
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Gavin (Douglas Ruthven) BRIDSON {UK} (M: 1936 Feb 12 - 2008 Jan 10)
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Norman (Ray) BRIDWELL {US} (M: 1928 Feb 15 - 2014 Dec 12)
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André BRIE {DE} (M: 1950 Mar 13 - living 2018)
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Prof, Michael BRIE {DE} (M: 1954 Mar 24 - ?)

A BRIEFLESS, Junior (see: Arthur William à BECKETT)

Jeremiah BRIEFLESS (see: John DICKINSON)

Prof, Goetz Antony BRIEFS {DE/US} (M: 1889 Jan 1 - 1974 May 16 or 18)
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	Probleme Der Sozialen Betriebspolitik (ed) [n|Ge-1930]
	Probleme Der Sozialen Werkspolitik (ed) [n|Ge-1930]
	Betriebsführung Und Betriebsleben In Der Industrie [n|Ge-1934]
	The Proletariat [n|Ge-?] (tr Ruth A ECKHART) [1937]
	Can Labor Sit In The Office? [n|1948]
	Zwischen Kapitalismus Und Syndikalismus [n|Ge-1952]
	Die Verantwortung Des Christlichen Unternehmers Heute [n|Ge-1955]
	Unionism Reappraised [n|1960]

Alan BRIEN {UK} (M: 1925 Mar 12 - 2008 May 23)

Francis BRIEN (see: Hilary (Joseph Francis) LOFTING)

Daniel BRIER {AT} (M: 1918 Nov 28 - 1955 Feb 14)
	Netze Im Meer [p|Ge-1954]

Howard Maxwell BRIER {US} (M: 1903 Mar 20 - 1969 Oct 2)
	Waterfront Beat [1937]
	Skycruiser [1939]
	Smoke Eater [1941]
	Skyfreighter [1942]
	Swing Shift [1943]
	Skyblazer [1946]
	Phantom Backfield [1948]
	Blackboard Magic [1949]
	Shortstop Shadow [1950]
	Cinder Cyclone [1952]
	Fighting Heart [1956]
	Swadust Empire [1958]

Percy BRIER {AU} (M: 1885 Jun 7 - 1970 May 9)
	The Pioneers Of Music In Queensland [n|1962]

Harold BRIERCLIFFE {UK} (M: 1910 Apr 13 - 1994 Nov)
	Northern England [n|1947]
	Wales [n|1947]
	Scottish Highlands [n|1948]
	South-west England [n|1948]
	The Midlands [n|1949]
	Southern England [n|1950]

A R BRIERLEY {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	A Mixed Grill Of Chester Poems [p|1945]

Ben/Benjamin BRIERLEY (M: 1825 Jun 26 - 1896 Jan 18)
(ps: AB-O'-TH'-YATE)
	Irkdale [f|1865]

Rev, Harold Eustace BRIERLEY {UK} (M: 1873 May 19 - 1954 Mar 30)
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	Life Indeed [n|?]
	Freedom And Faith [n|?]

Jonathan BRIERLEY (M: 1843 - 1914 Feb 8)
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	Questions For The Free Churches [n|1889]
	From Philistia [e|1893]
	Studies Of The Soul [n|1898]
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	Ourselves And The Universe [n|1902]
	Problems Of Living [n|1903]
+	The Common Life [n|1904]
	The Eternal Religion [n|1905]
	Religion And Experience [n|1906]
	Our City Of God [n|1907]
	Sidelights On Religion [n|1908]
	Aspects Of The Spiritual [n|1909]
	Life And The Ideal [n|1910]
	The Secret Of Living [n|1911]
	The Life Of The Soul [n|1912]
	Religion And To-day [n|1913]
	Faith's Certainties [n|1914]
	Selections From Brierley - 'J B' Of 'The Christian World' [e|1914]

James Samuel BRIERLEY {CA} (M: 1858 Mar 4 - 1935 Dec 1)
	1881 And Onward [b|1931]

Roger BRIERLEY / BRERELEY (M: 1586 - 1637)
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Susan (Sutherland) BRIERLEY, nee FAIRHURST, 2:Mrs ISAACS, aka KOHL ? {UK} (F: 1885 May 24 - 1948 Oct 12 (wrongly 11))
(&ps: Susan ISAACS)
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	The Nursery Years (ps: Susan ISAACS) [n|1929/1932]
	Intellectual Growth In Young Children (ps: Susan ISAACS) [n|1930]
	Health And Education In The Nursery (ps: S ISAACS) (w V BENNETT) [n|1931]
	The Nursery Years (ps: Susan ISAACS) [n|1932]
	The Children We Teach: Seven To Eleven Years (ps: Susan ISAACS) [n|1932]
	Social Development In Young Children (ps: Susan ISAACS) [n|1932]
	The Psychological Aspects Of Child Development (ps: Susan ISAACS) [n|1935]
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Walter BRIERLEY {UK} (M: 1900 Jun 25 - 1972 (wrongly 1967) Feb 1)
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	Sandwichman [f|1937]
	Dalby Green [f|1938]
	Danny [f|1940]

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Sir, Oswald Walters BRIERLY (M: 1817 May 19 - 1894 Dec 14)
(&ps: William BRIERLY)
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	The Cruise Of HMS Galatea (w John MILNER) [n|1869]

William BRIERLY (see: Oswald Walters BRIERLY)

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	Chansons Secrètes [p|Fr-1933]
	Les Horizons Sans Ciel [f|Fr-1935]
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	Black Soul [p|Fr-1947]
	Belle [d|Fr-1948]
	Dessalines Nous Parle [p|Fr-1953]
	Les Aïeules [d|Fr-1954]
	Pétion Et Bolivar, Et L'Adieu À La Marseillaise [d|Fr-1955]
	La Source [p|Fr-1956]
	La Nuit [p|Fr-1957]
	Images D'Or [p|Fr-1959]
	Aux Champs Pour Occide [p|Fr-1960]
	Or, Uranium, Cuivre, Radium [p|Fr-1961]

Phyllis M BRIERS (F: ? - ?)
	The History Of Nuffield [n|1939]

Richard (David) BRIERS {UK} (M: 1934 Jan 14 - 2013 Feb 17)

Frank BRIERWOOD (M: ? - ?)
R	Mabel Clifton [f|1869]

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1157	  Damaged Goods [d|Fr-1902] (tr Sinclair LEWIS) [?]
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	  The Advocate [d|Fr-1922] (tr George MIDDLETON) [1923]
	L'Enfant [Fr-1923]
	Theatre Complet [Fr-1924]
	La Famille Lavolette [Fr-1926]

Vicomte, de BRIEUX-SAINT-LAURENT (M: ? - ?)
L	Quelques Mots Sur Les Danses Modernes [n|Fr-1856/?/?/1863]

Angela BRIFFA, nee FENECH {MT} (F: 1953 Jan 20 - ?)

Anthony BRIFFA {MT} (M: 1948 Jul 6 - ?)

Charles BRIFFA {MT} (M: 1951 Jul 16 - ?)

Louis BRIFFA {MT} (M: 1971 May 14 - ?)

Ruzar BRIFFA {MT} (M: 1906 Jan 16 - 1963 Feb 22)

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	Breakdown [n|1932]
	Europa [f|1935]
	Reasons For Anger [n|1936]
	Europa In Limbo [f|1937]
	The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire [n|1938]
	The Ambassadress [f|1939]
	Les Troubadours Et Le Sentiment Romanesque [n|Fr-1945]
	  [?] [n|Fr-1945] (tr ?) [1948]
	Fandango [f|1940]
	New Life Of Mr Martin [f|1946]

Jonathan BRIG (M: ? - ?)
	Hearts That Burn (w C C BEAL & K L GREEN) [d|1924]

William Norwood BRIGANCE {US} (M: 1896 Nov 17 - 1960 Jan 30)

Frederick Henry BRIGDEN {CA} (M: 1871 Apr 9 - 1956 Mar 24)
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	Escape To Prosperity [n|1930]
	PP [n|1931]
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	Credit [n|1932]
	The Story Of Sugar [n|1932]

Carmen BRIGE {VE} (F: 1868 Jan 26 - 1943 Nov 17)

Arthur Carrington BRIGGS {UK} (M: 1888 Sep 4 - 1956)

Prof, Asa BRIGGS (M: 1921 May 7 - 2016 Mar 15)

Austin BRIGGS {US} (M: 1908 Sep 8 - 1973 Oct)

Berta N BRIGGS {US} (F: 1884 Jun 5 - 1976 Nov 12)

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Prof, Charles Augustus BRIGGS (M: 1841 Jan 15 - 1913 Jun 8)
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Charles Frederick BRIGGS (M: 1804 Dec 30 - 1877 Jun 20)
(&ps: B C F; Harry FRANCO; Tom PEPPER, Esq)
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Edward Page BRIGGS (M: 1839 - ?)
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Ernest BRIGGS (M: 1832 - 1903)

Ernest BRIGGS {AU} (M: 1905 Jan 24 - 1967 Jun 21)
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	The Death Of The Hare [1949]
	The Secret Listener [p|1949]
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Gilbert Arthur BRIGGS {UK} (M: 1890 Dec 29 - 1978 Jan 11)
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	Audio Biographies [b|1961]

(William James) Harold BRIGGS {UK} (M: 1870 May 26 - 1945 May 6)
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Prof, Henry BRIGGS {UK} (M: 1883 - 1935 Aug 24)
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	Black Diamond Reader [n|?]
	Mine Ventilation [n|?]
	The Generation Of Air Current [n|?]
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Henry George BRIGGS (M: 1824 Oct 20 - 1872 Jul 4)
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Isaac George BRIGGS {UK} (M: 1892 - 1950 Nov 2)
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	How To Start In General Practice [n|1928]
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	The Surgeon Goes To Sea [a|1939]
	Rootless Man [1940]
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Jack BRIGGS {UK} (M: c1920 - 2006)

Jimuel BRIGGS (see: Thomas Phillips THOMPSON)

John BRIGGS (M: 1765 - 1875 Apr 27)

John BRIGGS (M: 1788 Dec 25 - 1824 Nov 21)

Sir, John Henry BRIGGS (M: 1808 Apr 19 - 1897 Feb 26)

John Joseph BRIGGS (M: 1819 Mar 6 - 1876 Mar 23)

Prof, Jonathan (Harland) BRIGGS {UK} (M: c1960 - living 2017)

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L	California And The West, 1881, And Later.. [n|1931]

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Olive M BRIGGS (F: ? - ?)
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Peter BRIGGS {US} (M: 1921 Apr 15 - 1975 Jul 18)

Raymond (Redvers) BRIGGS {UK} (M: 1934 Jan 18 - living 2017)
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	Midnight Adventure [1961]
	Ring-A-Ring O' Roses [1962]
	Sledges To The Rescue [1963]

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Shirley Ann BRIGGS {US} (F: 1918 May 12 - 2004 Nov 11)

Sophia BRIGGS (F: ? - ?)
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(Albert) Ted(=Edward) (Pryke) BRIGGS {UK} (M: 1923 Mar 1 - 2008 Oct 5)

Prof, Thomas Henry BRIGGS {US} (M: 1877 - 1971)
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William Adolphus BRIGGS {US} (M: 1915 Jan 8 - 1988 Nov)
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Clarence Saunders BRIGHAM {US} (M: 1877 Aug 5 - 1963 Aug 13)
*	British Royal Proclamations Relating To America, 1603-1783 (ed) [n|1911]
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Johnson BRIGHAM (M: ? - ?)
*	Prairie Gold [?]

Louise BRIGHAM (F: ? - ?)
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William T BRIGHAM (M: ? - ?)
*	Baltimore Hats [n|?]

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Harold BRIGHOUSE {UK} (M: 1882 Jul 26 - 1958 Jul 25)
(ps: Olive CONWAY (1))
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6347	Hobson's Choice; and, The Clock Goes Round [d|1916]
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	What's Bred In The Bone [d|1927]
	When Did They Meet Again? [d|1927]
	The Little Liberty [d|?]
	The Witch's Daughter [d|1928]
	Safe Amongst The Pigs [d|1929]
	The Stoker [d|1930]
	Four Fantasies [d|1931]
	The Wish-Shop; Smoke Screens [d|1932]
	A Bit Of War; Exhibit C [d|1933]
	The Dye-Hard [d|1934]
	The Great Dark [d|?]
	New Leisure [d|?]
	Back To Adam [d|1935]
	In America [d|1936]
	Albert Gates [d|1937]
	The Funk-Hole [d|1938]
	Passport To Romance [d|1938]
	Under The Pylon; British Passport [d|1939]
	The Man Who Ignored The War; London Front [d|1940]
	The Girl In The Tube [d|1941]
	Hallowed Ground [d|1942]
	Sporting Rights [d|pub:1944]
	What I Have Had [a|1953]

James Harris BRIGHOUSE (M: 1845 - 1915 Mar 5)
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Allan Heywood BRIGHT {UK} (M: 1862 May 24 - 1941 Aug 3)
	New Light On Piers Plowman [n|?]

Amanda (nee?)Metcalf BRIGHT {US} (F: ? - ?)
R	The Three Bernices; or, Ansermo Of The Crag [f|1869]

Annie(=Anna) BRIGHT, nee WRIGHT, 1:Mrs PILLARS (F: 1840 Jul 14 - 1913 Jun 21)
	A Soul's Pilgrimage [f|1907]
	What Life In The Spiritualist World Really Is [n|1912]

Bill(=William) (Rohl) BRIGHT {US} (M: 1921 Oct 19 - 2003 Jul 19)

Sir, Charles BRIGHT {UK} (M: 1863 Dec 25 - 1937 Nov 20)
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	The Story Of The Atlantic Cable [n|?]
	Science And Engineering [n|?]
	The Life Of Sir Charles Tilston Bright [b|?]
	Imperial Telegraphic Communication [n|?]
	Industrial Co-operation [n|?]
	Inter-Imperial Trade [n|?]
	Inter-Imperial Patents [n|?]
	Telegraphy, Aeronautics And War [n|?]
	A Ministry Of Defence [n|?]
	Let's Help [1931]

Sir, Charles (Hart) BRIGHT {AU} (M: 1912 Nov 25 - 1983 May 16)

Deborah (Sue) BRIGHT, nee TOMBERG, 2:Mrs KAYE {US} (F: 1949 Mar 4 - ?)

Derek BRIGHT {UK} (M: c1970 - ?)

Elizabeth BRIGHT (see: Tim MYERS)

Eve BRIGHT {UK} (F: c1877 - ?)

Florence (Katharine) BRIGHT {UK} (F: c1877 - ?)
	The Vision Splendid (w Robert MACHRAY) [f|1899]
	A Girl Capitalist [f|1903]
	One Pretty Pilgrim's Progress [1904]
	That Betty [d|pro:1920]
	Caught Out [d|?]
	Tabitha's Courtship [d|?]

Henry BRIGHT (M: ? - ?)

Henry Arthur BRIGHT (M: 1830 Feb 9 - 1884 May 5)

Rev, James Franck BRIGHT {UK} (M: 1832 May 29 - 1920 Oct 22)
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*	A History Of England [5v|n|1880-1904]
	Maria Theresa [b|1897]
	Joseph II [b|1897]

John BRIGHT (M: 1811 Nov 16 - 1889 Mar 27)
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7080	Speeches On Questions Of Public Policy (ed J E T ROGERS) [2v|e|1868]
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I	Women's Disabilities Removal Bill [n|1889]
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Prof, John BRIGHT {US} (M: 1908 Sep 25 - 1995 Mar 26)
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	A History Of Israel [n|1959]

John Edward BRIGHT (M: 1811 - ?)
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John H BRIGHT (M: 1911 - ?)

John (Milton) BRIGHT {US} (M: 1908 Jan 1 - 1989 Sep 14)

John Morgan BRIGHT (M: 1817 - 1911 (wrongly 1891))
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	The Influence Of Literature On Nations [n|1873]
A	Circular Letter From Hon John M Bright [n|1873]
	Currency [n|1874]
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	..Centennial..Mecklenburg Declaration Of Independence [n|1875]
	Remonetization And Free Coinage [n|1878]
	Donelson And The Pioneers Of Middle Tennessee [n|1880]
	Financial Policy Of The Country [n|1880]

John Williams BRIGHT (M: 1892 - ?)

Laurey BRIGHT (see: Daphne (Clair) de JONG)

Matilda A BRIGHT (F: ? - ?)
(ps: LYNDON)
R	Margaret: A Story Of Life In A Prairie Home [f|1868]
R	Oxley [f|1873]

Rev, Mynors BRIGHT (M: 1818 - 1883 Feb 23)

Nellie Rathbone BRIGHT (F: 1902 - 1976)

Richard BRIGHT (M: 1789 Sep 28 (or 13) - 1858 Dec 16)

Robert BRIGHT {US} (M: 1902 Aug 5 - 1988 Nov 21)
	Georgie [f|1944]
	The Travels Of Ching [f|1943]
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	The Life And Death Of Little Jo [f|1944]
	Georgie [f|1944]
	The Oliver [f|1947]
	Me And The Bears [f|1951]
	Hurrah For Freddie! -publish [f|1953]
	Miss Pattie -publish [f|1954]
	I Like Re [f|1955]
	Georgie To The Rescue [f|1956]
	The Friendly Bear [f|1957]
	Richard Brown And The Drago [f|1957]
	Georgie's Halloween [f|1958]
	Which Is Willy? [f|1962]
	Georgie And The Robbers [f|1963]

Susie(=Susannah) BRIGHT, aka 'Susie Sexpert' {US} (F: 1958 Mar 25 - living 2017)
	Susie Sexpert's Lesbian Sex World [n|?/1998]

Warren BRIGHT {AU} (M: 1965 Mar 30 - ?)

Prof, William BRIGHT (M: 1824 Dec 14 - 1901 Mar 16)
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9332,I	Georgie's Present; or, Tales Of Newfoundland [s|1872]
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Emily BRIGHTWELL (see: Cheryl Ann LANHAM)

Leonard Robert BRIGHTWELL {UK} (M: 1889 May 17 - 1962 (or 1983))
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	The Tiger In The Town [1930]
	Zoo Calendar [1934]
	The Zoo You Knew [1936]
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Thomas BRIGHTWELL (M: 1787 Mar 18 - 1868 Nov 17)

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21111	Wild Nature Won By Kindness [n|1880]
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	Inmates Of My House And Garden [n|1895]
	Glimpses Into Plant Life [n|1897]
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	Side Lights On The Bible [n|1901]
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Richard William BRIGINSHAW, (life) Baron BRIGINSHAW of Southwark {UK} (M: 1908 May 15 - 1992 Mar 27)
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	Britain And The World Trade Conference [n|1963]

Frau, BRIGITTE (see: Brigitte von RECHENBERG)

Rev, Frederick Hervey John BRIGSTOCKE (M: 1841 - 1899)

Thomas BRIGSTOCKE (M: 1809 - 1881 Mar 11)

Prof, Lino BRIGUGLIO {MT} (M: 1944 Jan 27 - ?)

Tonio BRIGUGLIO {MT} (M: 1934 Jul 22 - ?)

Osip (Maksimovich) BRIK {SU} (M: J 1888 Jan 4 - 1945 Feb 22)

Jamila BRIJBHUSHAN {IN} (F: 1918 - 1990)
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	Indian Embroidery [n|?]

Abraham Arden BRILL {US} (M: 1874 Oct 12 - 1948 Mar 2)
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August Christian BRILL {DE} (M: 1879 Oct 15 - 1964 Dec 14)
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Edith (May) BRILL, Mrs TIMPERLEY {UK} (F: 1899 Feb 11 - 1986 Feb 13)
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	New Bed [f|1931]
	Heart Alone [f|1933]
	Three Maids Of Islington [f|1933]
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Ernst-Heinrich BRILL {DE} (M: 1892 Aug 6 - 1945 May 2)
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Ethel Claire BRILL {US} (F: 1877 Jan 19 - 1962 Nov)
(ps: Edwin C BURRITT)
	Cameron Island [1919]

(Jean-)Anthelme BRILLAT-SAVARIN (M: 1755 Apr 1 - 1826 Feb 2)
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	  The Physiology Of Taste [n|Fr-1825] (tr ?) [1925]
5434	  The Physiology Of Taste [n|Fr-1825] (tr ?) [?]

Gerrit BRILLENBURG WURTH {NL} (M: 1898 Apr 18 - 1963 Nov 22)
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	Christelijke Zielszorg [n|Du-1955]
	Het Christelijk Leven - Grondlijnen Der Ethiek [n|Du-1957]
	Het Christelijk Leven - In Huwelijk En Huisgezin [n|Du-1960]

Rebekka BRILLESLIJPER {DDR} (F: 1912 Dec 13 - 1988 Aug 31)
(ps: Lin JALDATI)
	Sag Nie, Du Gehst Den Letzten Weg (w E REBLING) [a|Ge-1986/95]

Fredda BRILLIANT, Mrs MARSHALL {UK} (F: 1904 Apr 7 - 1999 May 25)

Bernie(=Bernard) (J) BRILLSTEIN {US} (M: 1931 Apr 26 - 2008 Aug 7)

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	Evangelicalism And The Oxford Movement [n|1934]
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Orville Gilbert BRIM, Jr {US} (M: 1923 Apr 7 - ?)

Elaine BRIMBERG, Mrs TYNAN {US} (F: 1927 (wrongly 1937) Aug 2 - 2008 May 1)
(ps: Elaine DUNDY)
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	My Place [d|pub:1962]
	The Old Man & Me [f|?]
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Lionel John Farnham BRIMBLE {UK} (M: 1904 Jan 16 - 1965 Nov 15)
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	Physiology, Anatomy And Health (w K HAWKINS & T H HAWKINS) [n|1957]
	A School Course Of Biology.. [n|1961]

Derek BRIMSTONE {UK} (M: 1932 - 2017 Mar)

Herb(=Herbert) (H) BRIN {US} (M: 1913 Feb 17 - 2003 Feb 6)

Carmelo BRINCAT {MT} (M: 1896 Nov 21 - 1968 Jan 3)

Fr, Emmanuel BRINCAT {MT} (M: 1905 Jan 22 - 1986 Jul 3)

Joseph BRINCAT {MT} (M: 1944 Mar 22 - ?)

Joseph M BRINCAT {MT} (M: 1944 Mar 31 - ?)

Mark Paul BRINCAT {MT} (M: 1955 Nov 16 - ?)

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A BRINCKMAN (M: ? - ?)
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June (nee)Rachuy BRINDEL {US} (F: 1919 - 2011 Nov 4)

Max BRINDLE (see: Albert Sidney FLEISCHMAN)

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Louis H BRINDLEY {IE} (M: ? - ?)
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Louise BRINDLEY, nee HEMBROUGH {UK} (F: 1922 - 2009 Jun 29)

Everard Lindesay BRINE {UK} (M: 1890 Dec 1 - 1918 (wrongly 1917) Sep 24)
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Frederick BRINE (M: 1829 Jun 6 - 1890 May 30)

Mary Dow BRINE, nee NORTHAM (F: 1816 - 1913)
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Charles H BRINER {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	K Company, 71st Regiment, NY Volunteers (anon w A C ANDERSON) [n|1900]

Mary BRINGLE (see: Mary (Hanford) BRANNUM)

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	Singermann [f|1929]
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	The Sun Sets In The West [f|1935]
	The Sisters [f|1937]
	May Flavin [f|1938]
	Anne Minton's Life [f|1939]
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	Copper City [f|?]
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Carl BRINITZER {DE/UK} (M: 1907 Jan 30 - 1974 Oct 24)
(&ps: USIKOTA)
	G C Lichtenberg [Ge-1956]
	Heinrich Heine [Ge-1960]
	Das Streitbare Leben [Ge-1962]

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Prof, Charles Oscar BRINK (Karl Oscar LEVY ?) {UK} (M: 1907 Mar 13 - 1994 Mar 2)
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	Latin Studies And The Humanities [n|1957]

Dirk van den BRINK (M: 1916 - ?)

Prof, Daniel T BRINK, Jr {US} (M: ? - 1997)

Ebenezer Cobb BRINK {US} (M: 1905 Mar 18 - 1964 Jun 21)
	And God Was There [n|?]

Jan ten BRINK (M: 1834 - 1901)
33981	Eene Schitterende 'Carrière' [f|Du-?]

Jos(=Josephus) (Gerardus) BRINK {NL} (M: 1942 Jun 19 - 2007 Aug 17)
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Louise BRINK {US?} (F: 1876 - ?)
	Women Characters In Richard Wagner [n|1924]

Margaret BRINK, nee BABER {ZA} (F: 1919 - 2008)

Michael BRINK (see: Emil PIEPKE)

Raymond Woodard BRINK {US?} (M: ? - ?)
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Royal Alexander BRINK {CA/US?} (M: 1897 Sep 16 - 1984 Oct 2)

Victor Zinn BRINK {US} (M: 1906 Jun 13 - 1992 Mar 14)

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Suze BRINKGREVE (see: Charles KRIENEN)

Prof, Kenneth Merle BRINKHOUS {US} (M: 1908 May 29 - 2000 Dec 11)
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David (McClure) BRINKLEY {US} (M: 1920 Jul 10 - 2003 Jun 11)

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George BRINLEY (M: 1819 Dec 29 - 1857 May 29)

Jay BRINLEY (see: Richard Morgan JONES)

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John BRINSLEY, the Elder (M: baptised 1566 Dec 8 - c1624)
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Hesba Fay BRINSMEAD, nee HUNGERFORD {AU} (F: 1922 Mar 15 - 2003 Nov 24)

Robert Daniel BRINSMEAD {AU} (M: 1933 Aug 9 - ?)

Beulah BRINTON (F: ? - ?)
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(&ps: W B)

Alessia BRIO {US} (F: ? - ?)
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Johny Hunt BRISBANE (see: Margaret Hunt BRISBANE)

Margaret (nee)Hunt BRISBANE {US} (F: c1856 - 1925 Jan 5)
(&ps: Johny Hunt BRISBANE)
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Pat (A) BRISCO (see: Patricia Anne (Klein) BRISCO)

Patty BRISCO (see: Patricia Anne (Klein) BRISCO)

Patricia Anne (Klein) BRISCO, nee ERNST, 2:Mrs MATTHEWS {US} (F: 1927 Jul 1 - 2006 Dec 7)
(&ps: Pat (A) BRISCO; Patty BRISCO; Patricia MATTHEWS; Laura WYLIE)
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Arthur John Trevor BRISCOE {UK} (M: 1873 Feb 25 - 1943 Apr 27)
(ps: Clove HITCH)
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(Harry) Desmond BRISCOE {UK} (M: 1925 Jun 21 - 2006 Dec 7)

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Charles Astor BRISTED (M: 1820 Oct 6 - 1874 Jan 14)
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John BRISTED (M: 1778 Oct 17 - 1855 Feb 23)

Eduard BRISTLER (see: John Hermann HERZ)

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Horace BRISTOL {US} (M: 1908 Nov 16 - 1997 Aug 4)
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	Formosa [n|1954]

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Lee H BRISTOL, Jr {US} (M: 1923 Apr 9 - ?)

Leigh BRISTOL (see: Donna BALL & Shannon HARPER)
	Legacy [f|?]

Rev, Sherlock BRISTOL (M: 1815 Jun 5 - 1906 Sep 26)
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Adrian BRISTOW {UK} (M: 1926 - living 2009)

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Dan BRITAIN (see: Donald Eugene PENDLETON)



Scoto BRITANNUS (see: Thomas M'CRIE, the Elder)

Phyllis I BRITCHER (F: 1900 - ?)
(ps: Romney GAY)
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	Cinder [1934]
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BRITHDIR (see: Hugh Douglas WILLIAMS)

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Ana de BRITO {PT} (F: ? - living 2006)

Gomes de BRITO (M: 1688 - c1760)

Gomes de BRITO (M: 1843 - 1923)
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Sam de BRITO {AU} (M: 1969 Feb 2 - 2015 Oct 12)

Félix António de BRITO CAPELLO (M: 1828 Mar 8 - 1879 Apr 16)
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A BRITON (ps) (M: ? - ?)
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A BRITON (?: ? - ?)
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Ancient BRITON (ps) {AU?} (?: ? - ?)
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E Vincent BRITON (M: ? - ?)
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Prof, Albert BRITT {US} (M: 1874 Nov 26 - 1969 Feb 18)
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Dell BRITT, nee CHILDERS {US} (F: 1934 Apr 29 - ?)

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Katrina BRITT {UK?} (F: ? - ?)
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Sappho Henderson BRITT (see: Josiah Pitts WOOLFOLK)

Prof, Steuart Henderson BRITT {US} (M: 1907 Jun 16 - 1979 Mar)

Rev, Alfred BRITTAIN (M: ? - ?)
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32451	Women Of Early Christianity (w Mitchell CARROLL) [n|1907]

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George BRITTAIN {ZA?} (M: ? - ?)

Sir, Harry Ernest BRITTAIN {UK} (M: 1873 Dec 24 - 1974 Jul 9)
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Charles Edward BRITTAN {UK} (M: 1870 Jun 2 - 1949 Dec 18)

Harriette G BRITTAN (F: 1823 - 1897)
R	Shoshie [f|1873]

Leon BRITTAN, (life) Baron BRITTAN OF SPENNITHORNE Of Spennithorne {UK} (M: 1939 Sep 25 - 2015 Jan 21)



(Edward) Benjamin BRITTEN, (life) Baron BRITTEN of Aldeburgh {UK} (M: 1913 Nov 22 - 1976 Dec 4)

David BRITTEN {AU} (M: ? - ?)
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Emma Hardinge BRITTEN (see: Emma HARDINGE)

F J BRITTEN (M: ? - ?)
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William BRITTEN (M: ? - ?)
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Walter BRITTING {DE} (M: 1885 Jan 30 - 1946)
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Luis BRITTO GARCÍA {VE} (M: 1940 Oct 9 - living 2017)

Andrew (P Vine) BRITTON {UK} (M: 1981 Jan 6 - 2008 Mar 15)

Anne BRITTON {UK?} (F: ? - ?)
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Charles J BRITTON (M: ? - ?)
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Prof, Denis King BRITTON {UK} (M: 1920 Mar 25 - 2005 Oct 12)

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John BRITTON (M: 1771 Jul 7 - 1857 Jan 1)

John James BRITTON (M: 1832 - 1913)
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	The Lay Of The Lady Ida [p|1882]
	A Sheaf Of Ballads [p|1884]
	Flight [f|?]

Prof, Karl William BRITTON {UK} (M: 1909 Oct 12 - 1983 Jul 23)
	Communication [n|1939]
	John Stuart Mill [n|1953]

Lionel (Erskine Nimmo) BRITTON {UK} (M: 1887 (wrongly 1885 or 1888) Nov 4 - 1971)
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	Hunger And Love [1931]
	Spacetime Inn [d|1932]
	Animal Ideas [d|1935]

Max(=Maxwell) (Edwin) BRITTON {US} (M: 1912 Jan 12 - 2004 Mar 16)
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Nan(=Nana) (Popham) BRITTON {US} (F: 1896 - ?)
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	Honesty Or Politics [a|1932]

Norman N BRITTON {US?} (M: ? - ?)
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	Love (anon) [1924]

Pamela BRITTON, nee ? {US} (F: ? - ?)

Peter Ewart BRITTON {UK} (M: 1936 Dec 8 - ?)
(&ps: Peter LEMESURIER)

Philip William Poole Carlyon BRITTON / CARLYON-BRITTON {UK} (M: 1863 - 1938 Jun 26)
	A Treatise On The Law Concerning Names.. (w A C FOX-DAVIES) [n|1906]

Rev, (John) Timothy (Hugh) BRITTON {UK} (M: 1950 Feb 12 - ?)

Vickie BRITTON {US} (F: ? - ?)
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Wiley BRITTON {US?} (M: ? - ?)
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William Everett BRITTON {US?} (M: ? - ?)
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William Johnstone BRITTON {US} (M: 1880 Jan 14 - 1961 Jun 24)
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Mattie (nee)Dyer BRITTS {US} (F: 1842 Nov 23 - ?)
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Hans BRIX {DK?} (M: ? - ?)
	Indledning Og Bemærkninger Til Palladius' Visitatsbog [n|Da-1927]

Rudolf BRIX {AT} (M: 1880 Jun 4 - 1953 Apr 26)

(Julien-)Auguste(-Pélage) BRIZEUX (M: 1803 Sep 12 - 1858 May 3)
(&ps: M M (1))
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Ivana BRLIC-MAZURANIC {YU} (F: 1874 Apr 18 - 1938 Sep 21)