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GRI (see: Diana (Patience Beverley) ROSS)

John (R) GRIBBIN {UK} (M: 1946 Mar 19 - living 2022)
	The Hole In The Sky [n|1988/93]

Mary GRIBBIN, nee ? {UK} (F: c1946 - living 2017)

Rev, Ernest Richard Bulmer GRIBBLE {AU} (M: 1868 Nov 23 - 1957 Oct 18)
	Forty Years With The Aborigines [a|1930]
	The Problem Of The Australian Aboriginal [n|1932]
	A Despised Race [n|1933]

Florence Alma GRIBBLE, nee NEWBERRY {US} (F: 1879 - 1942)
	Undaunted Hope [b|1932]
	Stranger Than Fiction [a|1949]

Francis (Henry) GRIBBLE {UK} (M: 1862 Jul 15 - 1946 Oct 1 (wrongly 3 or 10))
	The Red Spell [f|1895]
	The Lower Life [f|1896]
	The Things That Matter [f|1896]
	Only An Angel [f|1897]
	Sunlight And Limelight [f|1898]
	The Early Mountaineers [n|1899]
	George Sand And Her Lovers [b|?/1900]
	Lake Geneva And Its Literary Landmarks [n|1901]
	A Romance Of The Tuileries [f|1902]
	Stromboli And The Guns [s|1904]
	The Story Of Alpine Climbing [n|1904]
	The Dream Of Peace [1904]
	The Pillar Of Cloud [f|1906]
	Madame De Staël And Her Lovers [b|1907]
	Geneva [n|1908]
	Rousseau And The Women He Loved [b|1908]
	Montreux [n|1908]
	Chateaubriand And His Court Of Women [b|1909]
	Lausanne [n|1909]
	The Lake Of Geneva [n|1909]
	The Romance Of The Oxford Colleges [n|1910]
	The Passions Of The French Romantics [n|1910]
	The Love Affairs Of Lord Byron [b|1910]
	Rachel [b|1911]
	Double Lives [f|1911]
	The Romantic Life Of Shelley And The Sequel [b|1911]
	The Comedy Of Catherine The Great [1912]
	The Romance Of The Men Of Devon [1912]
	Romances Of The French Theatre [n|1912]
	The Tragedy Of Isabella II [1913]
	The Court Of Christina Of Sweden.. [n|1913]
	The Romance Of The Cambridge Colleges [n|1913]
	The Life Of The Emperor Francis Joseph [b|1914]
	The Royal House Of Portugal [n|1915]
	Women In War [n|1916]
	In Luxemburg In War Time [n|1916]
	The History Of Ruhleben (w Joseph POWELL) [n|1919]
	Seen In Passing [a|1929]
	Dumas, Father And Son [b|1930]
	Balzac [b|1930]
	Emperor And Mystic [b|1931]
	What America Owes Europe [n|1932]
	The Fight For Divorce [1932]

Harry Wagstaff (Graham) GRIBBLE {UK} (M: 1896 Mar 27 - 1981 Jan 28)
	The Dancing Girl (w Harold ATTERIDGE) [d|1923]
	March Hares (The Temperamentalists) [1923]

Rev, John Brown GRIBBLE (M: 1847 Sep 1 - 1893 Jun 3)
	A Plea For The Aborigines Of New South Wales [n|1879]
	Black But Comely [n|1884]
	Dark Deeds In A Sunny Land [n|1886]

Julian Royds GRIBBLE (M: 1897 - 1918 Nov 11)

Leonard Reginald GRIBBLE {UK} (M: 1908 Feb 1 - 1985 Sep 27)
(&ps: Landon GRANT; Leo GREX; Louis GREY; Dexter MUIR)
	The Gillespie Suicide Mystery [f|1929]
	A Christmas Treasury [?]
	Is This Revenge? [?]
	The Queens Of Crime [?]
	The Yellow Bungalow Mystery [f|?]
	The Secret Of Tangles [f|?]
	The Nightborn (ps: Leo GREX) [1931]
	The Tragedy At Draythorpe (ps: Leo GREX) [1931]
	The Lonely Inn Mystery (ps: Leo GREX) [f|1933]
	The Madison Murder: A Paul Irving.. (ps: Leo GREX) [f|1933]
	The Riddle Of The Ravens [f|1934]
	The Man From Manhattan (ps: Leo GREX) [1934]
	The Signet Of Death (ps: Louis GREY) [f|1934]
	Murder In The Sanctuary (ps: Leo GREX) [1934]
	Crooner's Swan Song (ps: Leo GREX) [1935]
	Rustler's Gulch (ps: Landon GRANT) [f|1935]
	Stolen Death (ps: Leo GREX) [f|1936]
	Transatlantic Trouble (ps: Leo GREX) [f|1937]
	Wyoming Deadline (ps: Landon GRANT) [f|1939]
	The Carlent Manor Crime (ps: Leo GREX) [f|1939]
	The Black-Out Murders (ps: Leo GREX) [f|1940]
	King Spiv (ps: Leo GREX) [1948]
	Texas Buckaroo (ps: Landon GRANT) [1948]
	Crooked Sixpence (ps: Leo GREX) [1949]
	Ramrod Of The Bar X (ps: Landon GRANT) [1949]
	The Speckled Swan (ps: Dexter MUIR) [1949]
	She Died Laughing [1953]
	Triumphs Of Scotland Yard [n|1955]
	True Book About Scotland Yard [n|1957]
	The Arsenal Stadium Mystery [f|?]

Norah GRIBBLE, nee ROYDS {UK} (F: 1859 Apr 5 - 1923 Mar 8)
	The Book Of Julian [Julian Royds Gribble, VC] [b|?]
	The Way Out [n|?]

Maj, Philip (le Grand) GRIBBLE {UK} (M: 1891 May 6 - 1976 Feb 23)
	No Road [1928]
	Mulleins [f|1928]
	Loggerheads [f|1931]
	The Diary Of A Staff Officer, Air Intelligence.. (anon) [n|1941]
	Ways And Means (anon) [n|1941]

Vivien (Massie) GRIBBLE, Mrs DOYLE JONES {UK} (F: 1888 - 1932 Feb 6)

Walter (Harold) GRIBBON {UK} (M: 1881 Jan 29 - 1944 Dec 18)

William Lancaster GRIBBON {UK/US:1917on} (M: 1879 Apr 23 - 1940 Aug 5)
(ps: [Walter GALT]; Talbot MUNDY)
5153	Rung Ho!: A Novel Of India [f|1914]
6066,Q	King Of The Khyber Rifles [f|(1916)/1916]
6751	The Winds Of The World [f|(1915)/1916]
4400	Hira Singh's Tale [f|1918]
5194	The Ivory Trail [f|1919]
5315	Told In The East [s|1920]
5241	The Eye Of Zeitoon [f|c1920]
5606	The Guns Of The Gods: A Story Of Yasmini's Youth [f|(1921)/1921]
	The Bubble Reputation [f|1923]
#	Her Reputation (w Bradley KING) [f|1923]
18970	Caves Of Terror [f|(1922)/1924]
#	The Nine Unknown [f|(1923)/1924]
#,&	Om: The Secret Of Ahbor Valley [f|(1924?)/1924]
#	The Devil's Guard (aka: Ramsden) [f|(1926)/1926]
#	Queen Cleopatra [f|1929]
	Gup Bahadur [f|1929]
#	Black Light [f|1930]
#	The Woman Ayisha [f|(1922)/1930]
#	The Lost Trooper [f|(1922)/1930]
#	The Marriage Of Meldrum Strange [f|(1923)/1930]
#	Jungle Jest [s|(1923)/1930]
#	The Hundred Days [f|1930]
#	Jimgrim (Sahib) (aka: King Of The World) [f|(1930-1931)/1931]
	The Hundred Days And The Woman Ayisha [s|1931]
	W H [1931]
#	'CID' [f|(1933)/1932]
	When Trails Were New [f|1932]
19307	The Lion Of Petra [f|(1922)/1932]
	The Gunga Sahib [f|1933]
	The King In Check [f|(1922)/1933]
#	The Mystery Of Khufu's Tomb [f|(1922)/1933]
11357	Jimgrim And Allah's Peace [f|1933]
	All Four Winds [s|1933]
	The Red Flame Of Erinpura [f|(1927)/1934]
#	Tros Of Samothrace [f|1934]
10422	Cæsar Dies (aka: The Falling Star) [f|1934]
	There Was A Door [f|1935]
#	The Seventeen Thieves Of El-Kalil [f|(1921)/1935]
#	The Purple Pirate [f|1935]
#	Full Moon [f|1935]
	Romances Of India [s|1936]
	Diamonds See In The Dark [f|1937]
#	The Thunder Dragon Gate [f|(1937)/1937]
#	Old Ugly Face [f|(1938)/1939]
	The Valiant View [s|1939]
	I Say Sunrise [n|1947]
10551	Affair In Araby [f|?]
#	The Lady And The Lord [f|?]
#	A Secret Society [?]
#	Moses And Mrs Aintree [f|?]
#	For The Salt He Had Eaten [?]
#	Hookum Hai [?]
#	Poems And Dicta [?]
#	The Middle Way [?]
#	MacHassan Ah [?]
#	Kitty Burns Her Fingers [?]
#	Making 10000 Pounds [?]
#	The Pillar Of Light [?]
#	The Soul Of A Regiment [?]
#	The Man From Poonch [?]
#	Selected Short Stories [s|?]
#	Payable To Bearer [?]
#	A Soldier And A Gentleman [?]
#	The Iblis At Ludd [f|?]

Aleksander Sergeyevich GRIBOYEDOV / GRIBOEDOV (M: 1795 - 1829)
	[Gore Ot Uma] [Ru-1833/61]

Frederick GRICE {UK} (M: 1910 Jun 21 - 1983 Feb 8)
	Folk Tales Of The North Country.. [s|1944]
	Folk Tales Of The West Midlands [s|1952]
	Folk Tales Of Lancashire [s|1953]
	Night Poem.. [p|1955]
	Aidan And The Strolling Players [1960]

Prof, Herbert Paul GRICE {UK/US?} (M: 1913 Mar 13 or 15 - 1988 Aug 28)

Judge, Warren GRICE {US} (M: 1875 Dec 6 - 1945 May 27)
	Law Of Administrators, Executors And Guardians [n|1923]
	Georgia Bench And Bar [n|1931]

Marjorie GRICE-HUTCHINSON, 1:Baroness von SCHLIPPENBACH {UK} (F: 1909 May 26 - 2003 Apr 12)
	School Of Salamanca [n|1952]
	Málaga Farm [1956]
	Children Of The Vega [1962]

Volsted GRIDBAN (see: John (Francis) Russell FEARN)

Volsted GRIDBAN (house pseudonym)
	Alien Universe [f|1952]
	Reverse Universe [f|1952]
	Panetoid Disposals Ltd [f|1953]
	Debracy's Drug [f|1953]
	Fugitive Of Time [f|1953]

Dorothy GRIDER {US} (F: 1915 Jan 19 - 2012 Feb 18)
(&ps: DOTTIG; Patti FENWICK)
	Back And Forth [?]

Marion Eleanor GRIDLEY, Mrs JOHNSON {US} (F: 1906 Nov 16 - 1974 Oct 31)
	Indians Of Today [n|1936]
	Indians Of Yesterday [n|1940]
	Pocohontos [1948]
	Hiawatha [1950]

Constant GRIEBEL {DE} (M: 1876 Jan 16 - 1965 Dec 7)
	Gewürze Und Gewürzhaltige Gemenge [n|Ge-1954]

Robert Theodore GRIEBLING {US} (M: 1901 Nov 9 - 1959)

Edvard (Hagerup) GRIEG (M: 1843 Jun 15 - 1907 Sep 4)

Harald GRIEG {NO} (M: 1894 (or 1895) Aug 3 - 1972 Oct 6)

(Johan) Nordahl (Brun) GRIEG {NO} (M: 1902 Nov 1 - 1943 Dec 3 (or 2))
(&ps: Jonatan JERV)
	Rundt Kap Det Gode Håp [p|No-1922]
	Skibet Gaar Videre [p|No-1924]
	Stene I Strømmen [No-1925]
	Kinesiske Dage [No-1927]
	En Ung Manns Kjærlighet [d|No-pro:1927]
	Barabbas [d|No-pro:1927]
	Norge I Våre Hjerter [No-1929]
	Atlanterhavet [No-1932]
	De Unge Døde [No-1932]
	Vår Ære Og Vår Makt [d|No-1935]
	Men Imorgen [No-1936]
	Nederlaget [d|No-1937]
	Til Ungdommen [p|No-1936]
	Spansk Sommer [No-1938]
	Ung Må Verden Ennu Være [No-1938]
	Øya I Ishavet [p|No-1942]
	Friheten [No-1945]
	Flagget [No-1945]
	Håbet [No-1946]

Friedrich GRIEGER {DE} (M: 1892 Feb 19 - 1961 Jul 15)

Sir, Edmund Wyly GRIER {CA} (M: 1862 Nov 26 - 1957 Dec 7)

Rev, Esther L GRIER, nee BLAIR {US} (F: 1906 Jul 12 - 2008 Feb 15)

George T GRIER {US} (M: ? - 1960)

(Mary) Lynda (Dorothea) GRIER {UK} (F: 1880 May 3 - 1967 Aug 21)
	Life Of Winifred Mercier [b|1937]
	Investigations..Men By Women In Industry During The War [n|1919-1921]
	Achievement In Education [n|1952]

Rose J E GRIER (F: 1832 - 1920)
	Alleviations [p|1905]

Dean, Roy Macgregor GRIER {UK} (M: 1877 May 8 - 1940 Feb 1)

Sydney Carlyon GRIER (see: Hilda Caroline GREGG)

William (Henry) GRIER {US} (M: 1926 Feb 7 - 2015 Sep 3)

Constantia GRIERSON, nee CRAWLEY (F: c1705 - 1732)

Edward (Dobbyn) GRIERSON {UK} (M: 1914 Mar 9 - 1975 May 24)
	Reputation For A Song [f|1952]
	The Hastening Wind [f|1953]
	Far Morning [f|1955]
	The Second Man [f|1956]
	The Captain General [f|1956]
	Dark Torrent Of Glencoe [f|1960]
	The Massingham Affair [f|1962]

Elizabeth Wilson GRIERSON {UK} (F: 1869 - 1943 Apr 25)
	The Children's Book Of Edinburgh [n|1906]
	Children's Tales From Scottish Ballads [s|1906]
	Scotland [n|1907]
	Vivian's Lesson [1907]
	The Children's Book Of Celtic Stories [n|1908]
	Children's Tales Of English Minsters [n|1910]
	The Scottish Fairy Book [s|1910]
	Florence [n|1911]
	What The Other Children Do [n|1912]
	The Story Of St Francis Of Assisi [b|1912]
	Sir Walter Scott [b|1913]
	Life Of St Paul For Young People [b|1913]
	The Story Of The Northumbrian Saints [n|1913]
	Things Seen In Florence [n|1914]
	Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace And St Giles' Cathedral [n|1914]
	Sketches Of English Church History [n|1914]
28424	Tales From Scottish Ballads [s|1916]
	Our Scottish Heritage [n|1917]
	Things Seen In Edinburgh [n|1925]
	Bishop Pattison Of The Cannibal Islands [b|1926]
	Knights Of St Francis [n|1926]
	Tales Of Scottish Keeps And Castles [n|1928]
	Tales Of English Castles And Manors [n|1930]
	Tales Of The Covenanters [n|1932]

Francis GRIERSON (see: Benjamin Henry Jesse Francis SHEPARD)

Francis Durham GRIERSON {UK} (M: 1888 Nov 27 - 1972 Sep 24)
	ABC Of Military Law [n|1916]
	Pan's Punishment [f|1917]
	The Single Star [f|1917]
	The Limping Man [f|1924]
	The Double Thumb [s|1925]
	The Lost Pearl [f|1925]
	Secret Judges [f|1925]
	The Zoo Murder (US: The Murder In The Garden) [f|1926]
	The Smiling Death [f|1927]
	The Blue Bucket Mystery [f|1929]
	The White Camellia [f|1929]
	The Yellow Rat (aka: Murder At The Wedding) [f|1929]
	The Green Diamond Mystery [f|1929]
	The Mysterious Mademoiselle [f|1930]
	The Lady Of Despair [f|1930]
	The Jackdaw Mystery [f|1931]
	Mystery In Red [f|1931]
	Murder In Mortimer Square [f|1932]
	The Monkhurst Murder [f|1933]
	The Mystery Of The Golden Angel [f|1933]
	The Empty House [f|1933]
	Murder At Lancaster Gate [f|1934]
	Death On Deposit [f|1935]
	Murder In Black [f|1935]
	The Heart In The Box [f|1936]
	The Coward's Club [f|1937]
	The Man From Madagascar [f|1937]
	The Acrefield Mystery [f|1938]
	The Cabaret Crime [f|1938]
	A Covenant With Death [f|1938]
	The Mystery Of The Two-Faced Man [f|1939]
	The Ink Street Murder [f|1940]
	The Mad Hatter Murder [f|1941]
	Thrice Judas [f|1942]
	The Crimson Cat [f|1944]
	Entertaining Murder [f|1945]
	Out Of The Ashes [f|1946]
	He Had It Coming To Him [f|1948]
	No Wreaths For The Duchess [f|1948]
	The Buddha Of Fleet Street [f|1949]
	The Strange Case Of Edgar Heriot [f|1950]
	Boomerang Murder [f|1951]
	Madame Shadow [f|1952]
	Traitor's Cross [f|1952]
	Blackmail In Red [f|1954]
	Judas CID [f|1954]
	The Blind Frog [f|1955]
	The Sign Of The Nine [f|1956]
	Green Evil [f|1958]
	The Red Cobra [f|1960]

Sir, George Abraham GRIERSON {UK} (M: 1851 Jan 7 - 1941 Mar 7)
	A Handbook To The Kaithi Character [n|1880/99]
	Introduction To The Maithili Language [n|1881/1910]
	Grammars Of The Dialects And Sub-Dialects Of The Bihari Language [7v|n|1883-87]
	Bihar Peasant Life [n|1885/1925]
	Modern Vernacular Literature Of Hindustan [n|1889]
	Satsaiya Of Bihari [n|1896]
	Essays On Kashmiri Grammar [e|1899]
	The Languages Of India [n|1914]
	Linguistic Survey Of India [n|1903-1929]
	The Pisaca Languages Of North-Western India [n|1906]
	Manual Of The Kashmiri Language [n|1911]
	Lalla Vakyani Or Wise Sayings Of Lai Ded (w L D BARNETT) [n|1920]
	Ishkashmi Zebafo And Yazghulami [n|1920]
	Hatim's Talcs (w Aurel STEIN) [n|1923]
	Sri Ramavataracarita (ed) [1929]
	Torwali [n|1929]

Sir, Herbert (John Clifford) GRIERSON {UK} (M: 1866 (wrongly 1886) Jan 16 - 1960 Feb 19)
	The First Half Of The Seventeenth Century [n|1906]
B	Metaphysical Lyrics & Poems Of The Seventeenth Century [n|1921]
	The Background Of English Literature.. [e|1925]
	Lyrical Poetry From Blake To Hardy [n|1928]
	Cross-Currents In The Literature Of The Seventeenth Century [n|1929]
	Carlyle And Hitler [n|1933]
	Milton And Wordsworth, Prophets And Poets [n|1937]
	Sir Walter Scott, Bart [b|1938]
	Essays And Addresses [e|1940]
	The English Bible [n|1944]
	A Critical History Of English Poetry (w James S SMITH) [n|1944]
	Rhetoric And English Composition [n|1945]
	And The Third Day [n|1948]
	Criticism And Creation [e|1950]

James GRIERSON (M: 1827 Oct 10 - 1887 Oct 7)

Sir, James Moncrieff GRIERSON (M: 1859 Jan 27 - 1914 Aug 17)
	The Armed Strength Of Russia [n|1886]
	The Armed Strength Of Japan [n|1886]
	The Armed Strength Of The German Empire [n|1888]
	Staff Duties In The Field [n|1891]
	Handbook Of The Russian Army [n|1894]
	Records Of The Scottish Volunteers, 1859-1908 [n|1909]

John GRIERSON {UK} (M: 1898 Apr 26 - 1972 Feb 19)
	Grierson On Documentary (ed Forsyth HARDY) [e|1946]

John GRIERSON {UK} (M: 1909 Jan 2 - 1977 May 20)
	Through Russia By Air [n|1933]
	High Failure [n|1936]
	Jet Flight [n|1945]
	Air Whaler [n|1948]
	Sir Hubert Wilkins [b|1961]

(Monica) Linden GRIERSON, nee CORPS / COOPS {UK} (F: 1914 Sep 14 - 1987)
	The Bond Between [f|1950]
	Senorita Penny [f|1959]

Maisie Hamilton GRIERSON / HAMILTON-GRIERSON {UK?} (F: ? - ?)
(ps: M H G)
	In Scotland Now [a|1941]

Mary (Anderson) GRIERSON {UK} (F: 1912 Sep 27 - 2012 Jan 30)

Prof, Philip GRIERSON {UK} (M: 1920 Nov 15 - 2006 Jan 15 (wrongly 16))

Ronald GRIERSON (see: Rolf Hans GRIESSMANN)

John Henry GRIESBACH (M: 1798 Jun 20 - 1875 Jan 9)

Maj-Gen, William Antrobus GRIESBACH {CA} (M: 1878 Jan 3 - 1945 Jan 21)
	Hints To Western Canadian Cavalrymen [n|1914]
	Memoranda And Extracts From Operation Orders [n|1916]
	I Remember [a|1946]

Albert Edouard Pierre GRIESSEN {UK} (M: 1875 - 1935 Oct 6)
	Horticulture In France [n|1898]
	Indian Town Planning Notes [n|1918]

Paul GRIESSER {DE} (M: 1894 Sep 6 - 1964 Jun 6)
	Das Neue Möbel [n|Ge-1929]
	Die Neue Wohnung Und Ihre Möbel [n|Ge-1930]

Sir, Rolf Hans GRIESSMANN {UK} (M: 1921 Aug 6 - 2014 Oct 23)
(ps: Ronald GRIERSON)

Ellwood GRIEST (M: 1824 Jun 17 - 1900 Feb 2)
R	John And Mary; or, The Fugitive Slaves [f|1873]

Andrew Wilson GRIEVE {US} (M: 1925 Jun 19 - 1982 Jul)
	Directing High School Athletics [n|1963]

Barbara GRIEVE {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	Who Is God?.. [p|1942]

Christopher Murray GRIEVE {UK} (M: 1892 Aug 11 - 1978 Sep 9)
	Annals Of The Five Senses [1923]
	Sangschaw (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [1925]
	Penny Wheep (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [1926]
	A Drunk Man Looks At The Thistle (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [1926]
	Contemporary Scottish Studies (1st series) [n|1926/76]
	Albyn [n|1927]
	The Present Position Of Scottish Music [n|1927]
	To Circumjack Cencrastus (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [p|1930]
	First Hymn To Lenin.. (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [p|1931]
	Second Hymn To Lenin (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [p|1932]
	Scots Unbound.. (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [p|1932]
	At The Sign Of The Thistle (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [e|1934]
	Stony Limits.. (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [p|1934]
	Scottish Scene (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) (w Lewis Grassic GIBBON) [1934]
	Selected Poems (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [p|1934]
	Second Hymn To Lenin.. (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [p|1935]
	Scottish Eccentrics (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [1936]
	The Islands Of Scotland (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [n|1939]
	Lucky Poet (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [a|1943]
	Cornish Heroic Song For Valda Trevlyn (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [1943]
	Poems Of East-West Synthesis (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [1946]
	Speaking For Scotland: Selected Poems (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [p|1946]
	Golden Treasury Of Scottish Poetry (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) (ed) [p|1946]
	A Kist Of Whistles: New Poems (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [p|1947]
	Cunninghame Graham: A Centenary Study (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [1952]
	Francis George Scott (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [1955]
	In Memoriam James Joyce (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [b|1955]
	Stony Limits; and, Scots Unbound.. (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [p|1956]
	Three Hymns To Lenin (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [1957]
	The Battle Continues (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [1957]
	Burns Today And Tomorrow (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [n|1959]
	The Kind Of Poetry I Want (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [n|1961]
	Collected Poems (ps: Hugh MacDIARMID) [p|1962]

Edith GRIEVE {AU} (F: 1892 Nov 12 - 1972 Mar 30)

Hamilton GRIEVE (see: Beatrice Scott LAKE)

Jemima Bessie GRIEVE, nee SKEA {UK} (F: 1923 - 1996)

Kenneth (John) Mackenzie GRIEVE {CA} (M: c1880 - 1942 Sep 26)
	Our Atlantic Attempt (w H G HAWKER) [n|1919]

(Sophie Emma) Maud(=Magdalene) GRIEVE, nee LAW {UK} (F: 1858 May 4 - 1941 Dec 21)
	Culinary Herbs [n|1920]
	The Soil And Its Care [n|1920]
	Economic Trees And Their By-Products [n|1920]
	Bulbs And Tubers Used In Medicine And Commerce [n|1924]
	Fungi As Food And In Medicine [n|1925]
	Herbs And Vegetables In The Orchard And In The Wild [n|1926]
	Plants Of Sweet Scent, And Their Employment In Perfumery [n|1926]
	A Modern Herbal [n|1931]
	Culinary Herbs And Condiments [n|1933]

Narelle (Elmie Holden) GRIEVE, nee SMITH {AU} (F: 1939 Feb 9 - 2009)

Sir, Robert GRIEVE {UK} (M: 1910 Dec 11 - 1995 Oct 25)

Robert (Leslie) GRIEVES {UK} (M: 1944 Apr 13 - 2009 Dec 14)

Mildred GRIEVESON, nee ? {UK} (F: 1946 Oct 10 - living 2017)
(ps: Cardine FLEMING; Caroline FLEMING; Anne MATHER)

Prof, Stephen GRIEW {UK} (M: 1928 Sep 13 - 2010 Oct 2)

Karl GRIEWANK {DDR} (M: 1900 Aug 16 - 1953 Oct 27)
	Staat Und Wissenschaft Im Deutschen Reich [n|Ge-1927]
	Deutsche Studenten Und Universität..Revolution Von 1848 [n|Ge-1949]
	Der Neuzeitliche Revolution-Begriff [n|Ge-1955]

Ann GRIFALCONI {US} (F: 1929 Sep 22 - 2020 Feb 19)
	Camping Through Europe By Car (w Ruth JACOBSEN) [n|1963]

GRIFF (house pseudonym)

GRIFF (see: Frank Dubrez FAWCETT)

GRIFF (see: John (Francis) Russell FEARN)

GRIFF (see: Ernest Lionel McKEAG)

Alan GRIFF (see: (William) Donald SUDDABY)

Benjamin GRIFFEN (M: c1680 - 1740 Feb 18)

Edmund GRIFFEN (see: (Elizabeth) Lorinda HAGEN)

Elizabeth L GRIFFEN (see: (Elizabeth) Lorinda HAGEN)

(James) Jeff(=Jefferds) GRIFFEN {US} (M: 1923 Oct 11 - ?)
	The Book Of Horses And Horsemanship [n|1963]

George B GRIFFENHAGEN (M: ? - ?)
30162	Old English Patent Medicines In America (w James H YOUNG) [n|1959]

James Hartness GRIFFES (M: 1863 Apr 15 - 1919 Feb 7)
(ps: Luke NORTH)
	Every Man Has His Price [d|1910]
	The Price Of Money [d|1911]

Sir, Erasmus Henry GRIFFIES-WILLIAMS, 2nd Bt (M: 1794 Jul 22 - 1870 Nov 30)

A A GRIFFIN {US} (M: 1866 - ?)
	A Misspent Life [a|1914]

Prof, Alice GRIFFIN {US} (F: 1921 - 2013)

Anne J GRIFFIN (see: Arthur J GRIFFIN)

Annie GRIFFIN (see: Sally CHAPMAN)

Appleton Prentiss Clark GRIFFIN {US} (M: 1852 Oct 25 - 1926 Apr 18)
38552	Select List Of Books .. Relating To The Far East [n|1904]

Arthur Harold GRIFFIN {UK} (M: 1911 Jan 15 - 2004 Jul 9)
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	In Mountain Lakeland [n|1963]
	Discovering Lakeland (A Motorist's Guide) [n|?]

Arthur J GRIFFIN (M: ? - ?)
(ps: Anne J GRIFFIN)

Arthur Kent GRIFFIN {CA} (M: 1893 - ?)
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Bartholomew GRIFFIN (M: ? - ?)
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Rev, (James) Bernard GRIFFIN {UK} (M: 1892 Nov 30 - 1957 Feb 21)
	A Good Warfare And The Apostles Creed [n|?]

Sir, Bernard William GRIFFIN {UK} (M: 1899 Feb 21 - 1956 Aug 20)
	Seek Ye First [n|1949]

Brian GRIFFIN {UK} (M: 1948 - ?)

C F GRIFFIN (see: Eunice (E/Louise) (nee)Cleland FIKSO)

Sir, Charles James GRIFFIN {UK} (M: 1875 - 1962 Jan 3)
	Revised And Consolidated Laws Of Nyasaland [n|1913]
	Revised Statutes Of The Presidency Of Montserrat (Leeward Islands) [n|1921]
	Revised Statutes Of The Presidency Of Antigua (Leeward Islands) [n|1921]
	Revised Statutes Of The Presidency Of Uganda [n|1923]

Charles (William Langmead) GRIFFIN {UK} (M: 1946 May 20 - living 2016)

Cheryl GRIFFIN, nee ? {US} (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Victoria ALEXANDER)

Sir, (Charles) David GRIFFIN {AU} (M: 1915 Jul 8 - 2004 Mar 25)
	The Happiness Box [f|1947]
	The Will Of The People [?]

Daniel GRIFFIN (M: c1803 - ?)
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Prof, Donald Redfield GRIFFIN {US} (M: 1915 Aug 3 - 2003 Nov 7)
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	Echoes Of Bats And Men [n|1959]

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	Lady Sarah's Deed Of Gift [f|1906]
	Mrs Vanneck [f|1907]
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	Amber And Jade [f|1928]
	Genesta [f|1930]
	Conscience [f|1931]
	Delia's Dilemma [f|1934]
	Motive For Murder (w Joy GRIFFIN) [f|1935]
	Commandments Six And Eight [f|1936]
	The Punt Murder [f|1936]
	Sweets And Sinners [f|1937]
	'Where There Is A Will..' [f|1939]

Rev, Edward Dorr GRIFFIN (M: 1770 Jan 6 - 1837 Nov 8)
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	Sermons By The Late Edward Dorr Griffin.. [2v|e|1839]
	Sixty Sermons On Practical Subjects [e|1844]

Edwin Ellis GRIFFIN {UK} (M: 1848 - 1929)
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Ernest Harrison GRIFFIN {UK} (M: 1877 - 1936 Mar 10)

Sir, Francis (Frederick) GRIFFIN {UK} (M: 1904 Jun 3 - 1982 Jul 22)

Frank Loxley GRIFFIN (Sr) {US} (M: 1881 Aug 19 (or 18) - 1969 Nov 9)
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Frederick GRIFFIN (M: 1798 - 1879)
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	The World Under Glass [1879]

Frederick (Samuel) Gilmore GRIFFIN {CA} (M: 1889 Mar 5 - 1946 Jan 15)
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+	Variety Show [a|1936]
	Major-General Sir Henry Mill Pellatt, CVO, DCL, VD.. [b|1942]

Geoffrey (William) GRIFFIN {UK} (M: 1933 Jun 13 - 2005 Jun 28)

George GRIFFIN (M: 1778 Jan 14 - 1860 May 6)
(ps: A LAYMAN)
C	The Sufferings Of Christ [n|1845/46]

George H GRIFFIN {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	Legends Of The Evergreen Coast [s|1934]

Gerald GRIFFIN (M: 1803 Dec 12 - 1840 Jun 12)
(&ps: [OSCAR])
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	Tales Of The Munster Festivals (anon) [s|1827]
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	The Rivals [f|1829]
	The Christian Physiologist (aka: Offering Of Friendship) (anon) [s|1830]
	The Invasion (anon) [f|1832]
	Tales Of My Neighbourhood (anon) [s|1835]
	The Duke Of Monmouth [f|1836]
	Talis Qualis [s|1842]
	Gisippus [d|pro:1842/pub:1842]
	The Life And Works Of Gerald Griffin [8v|1842-43]
	Poetical Works [p|1843]
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	The Poetical And Dramatic Works Of Gerald Griffin [p|1857]
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Gerald GRIFFIN {US} (M: 1891 - 1962 Jan 11)

Gerald Benbow GRIFFIN {UK} (M: 1871 (wrongly 1872) - ?)
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(Arthur) Gwyn GRIFFIN {UK} (M: 1922 or 1925 - 1967 Oct 12)
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	By The North Gate [f|1958]
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	Shipmaster [f|1961]
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James J GRIFFIN {US} (M: 1949 - living 2022)

John GRIFFIN (M: ? - ?)
	A Practical Treatise On The Use Of The Blowpipe.. [n|1827]
	Chemical Recreations [n|?]

Sir, John Bowes GRIFFIN {UK} (M: 1903 Apr 19 - 1992 Feb 2)

John Howard GRIFFIN {US} (M: 1920 Jun 16 - 1980 Sep 9 (wrongly 8))
	The Devil Rides Outside [1952]
	Nuni [1956]
	Mansfield, Texas (w Theodore FREEDMAN) [n|1957]
	Black Like Me [1961]

John Joseph GRIFFIN (M: 1802 - 1877 Jun 9)

John Parry GRIFFIN {UK} (M: 1938 May 21 - 2020 Apr 2)
	Iatrogenic Diseases (w ?) [n|1972/?/85]
	Manual Of Adverse Drug Interactions (w ?) [n|1975/?/?/?/97]
	Medicines [n|1989/92]
	The Textbook Of Pharmaceutical Medicine (w ?) [n|1993/?/?/?/?/?/2013]

(Ursula Mary) Joy GRIFFIN {UK} (F: 1913 May 23 - 1973 Dec 4)
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Justin Alonzo GRIFFIN {CA} (M: c1846 - ?)
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Sir, Lepel Henry GRIFFIN (M: 1840 - 1908 Mar 9)
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	The Rajas Of The Panjab [n|1870]
	The Great Republic [n|1884]
	Famous Monuments Of Central India [n|1888]
	Ranjit Singh [b|1894]

Martin Ignatius Joseph GRIFFIN (M: 1842 Oct - 1911 Nov 10)
25100	The Story Of Commodore John Barry.. [b|1908]

Merv(=Mervyn) (Edward) GRIFFIN (Jr) {US} (M: 1925 Jul 6 - 2007 Aug 12)

Paul GRIFFIN {UK} (M: 1922 Mar 2 - 2012 Jan 29)

Peter GRIFFIN {US} (M: 1937 Jul 19 - 1998 Oct 18)

Russell Morgan GRIFFIN {US} (M: 1943 Apr 29 - 1986 Aug)

Samuel Franklin GRIFFIN (M: ? - ?)
	Teacher Of The Dead [f|?]
	Return Of The Dark Virgin [f|?]

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(William) Stuart GRIFFIN {US} (M: 1917 Aug 30 - 2004 Jan 17)
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Rev, Thomas Ancel GRIFFIN (M: 1832 Sep 1 - 1910 Nov 7)
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W E B GRIFFIN (see: William Edmund BUTTERWORTH, III)

W H GRIFFIN {CA} (?: c1887 - ?)
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	The Printer Of Green Grove Farm [b|?]

Watson GRIFFIN {CA} (M: 1860 Nov 4 - 1952 Jan 10)
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	Protection And Prices [n|?]
	Canada The Country Of The Twentieth Century [n|?]
	Canada And The British West Indies [n|?]

Canon, William Nathaniel GRIFFIN (M: 1815 Jan 28 or Feb 5 - 1892 Nov 25)

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	Saxon Obsequies, Illustrated By Ornaments And Weapons..1851 [n|1852]
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Prof, Kathleen R F GRIFFIN-BURRILL {UK} (F: 1924 Mar 8 - 2005 Sep 18)

Arthur GRIFFINHOOD (see: George COLMAN)

Joseph K GRIFFIS {US} (M: c1850 (or 1852) - 1954 May 10)
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Rev, William Elliot GRIFFIS {US} (M: 1843 Sep 17 - 1928 Feb 5)
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Rev, Alexander GRIFFITH (M: c1601 - 1676)

(Maria) Aline GRIFFITH, Condesa de QUINTANILLA, Countess of ROMANONES {US} (F: 1921 (wrongly 1923) May 22 - 2017 Dec 11)
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Alonzo Kinney GRIFFITH {US} (M: 1897 Aug 25 - 1981 May 25)
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	Arizona Bibliography Of Life And Literature (w ?) [n|?]

Anne GRIFFITH (see: Judy GILL)

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Benjamin Woodward GRIFFITH, Jr {US} (M: 1922 Mar 20 - 2016 Jun 14)



David (Lewelyn) Wark GRIFFITH {US} (M: c1875 Jan 13 - 1948 Jul 23)

Edward GRIFFITH (M: 1790 - 1858 Jan 8)

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George (Chetwynd) GRIFFITH(-JONES) (M: 1857 (or 1859) - 1906 Jun 4)
(&ps: Levin CARNAC; LARA; Stanton MORICH)
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Grace Wynne GRIFFITH, nee ROBERTS {UK} (F: 1888 Feb 18 - 1963 May 3 (or 1))

Griffith Wynne GRIFFITH {UK} (M: 1883 Feb 4 - 1967 Feb 2)

Grosvenor Talbot GRIFFITH {UK} (M: 1899 Jan 27 - 1981 Jul 9)

Guy Thompson GRIFFITH {UK} (M: 1908 Jan 7 - 1985 Sep 11)

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(&ps: J G)
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Margaret Isabel GRIFFITHS (F: ? - ?)

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Margaret W GRIFFITHS (F: ? - ?)
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Georg GRILLMAYER {AT} (M: 1887 Apr 18 - 1951 Dec 15)

Franz (Seraphicus) GRILLPARZER (M: 1791 Jan 15 - 1872 Jan 21)
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	Spartakus [d|Ge-1809]
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9181	Die Ahnfrau [d|Ge-1817]
9062	Sappho [d|Ge-1818]
7946	Das Goldene Vliess [d|Ge-1818-21]
7943	  Die Argonauten [d|Ge-1818]
7944	  Der Gastfreund [d|Ge-c1820]
7945	  Medea [d|Ge-1821]
	Melusina [d|Ge-1822]
9046	König Ottokars Glück Und Ende [d|Ge-1825]
9058	Ein Treuer Diener Seines Herrn [d|Ge-1828]
8999	Das Kloster Bei Sendomir [f|Ge-1828]
8568	Des Meeres Und Der Liebe Wellen [d|Ge-1831]
7996	Der Traum, Ein Leben [d|Ge-1834]
	Tristia Ex Ponto [d|Ge-1835]
9044	Weh' Dem, Der Lügt [d|Ge-1838]
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8961	Der Arme Spielmann [f|Ge-1847]
9049	Libussa [d|Ge-1848]
8964	Ein Bruderzwist In Habsburg [d|Ge-1848]
9045	Die Jüdin Von Toledo [d|Ge-1851]

Anthony GRIM (see: Arthur (Claud) LINECAR)

Adrian GRIMA {MT} (M: 1968 Jan 25 - ?)

Andrew (Peter) GRIMA {UK} (M: 1921 May 31 - 2007 Dec 26)

Anna (M) GRIMA {MT} (F: 1958 Feb 16 - ?)

Prof, George GRIMA {MT} (M: 1945 Apr 29 - ?)

Grace GRIMA {MT} (F: 1966 Aug 9 - ?)

Joseph GRIMA {MT} (M: 1929 Sep 13 - 1999 Nov 2)

Joseph Francis GRIMA {MT} (M: 1945 Oct 16 - ?)

Michael Angelo GRIMA (M: 1729 Sep 13 - 1798 Aug 25)

Fr, Odorik GRIMA {MT} (M: 1889 Jun 10 - 1964 Jun 15)

Pietru Pawl GRIMA (M: 1894 Sep 19 - 1932 May 13)

Reuben GRIMA {MT} (M: 1969 Dec 22 - ?)

Salvatore GRIMA {MT} (M: 1909 Dec 11 - 1990 Jan 27)

Prof, Pierre (Antoine) GRIMAL {FR} (M: 1912 Nov 21 - 1996 Oct 11)
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Fr(SJ), Francesco Maria GRIMALDI (M: 1618 Apr 2 - 1663 Dec 28)
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George H GRIMALDI {US} (M: c1893 - 1951 Apr 12)

John Vincent GRIMALDI {US} (M: 1916 Sep 6 - 2011 Oct 8)
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	Ground Safety In Aviation Operations (w ?) [n|1950]

Joseph GRIMALDI (M: 1778 (or 1779) Dec 18 - 1837 May 31)
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Stacey GRIMALDI (M: 1790 Oct 18 - 1863 Mar 28)

Tabitha GRIMALKIN (F: ? - ?)
(ps: An Old TABBY)
30050	Tales From Catland, For Little Kittens [1852]

Andrés GRIMARD (see: René André de ROOY)

Luc GRIMARD {HT} (M: 1866 Jan 30 - 1954 Oct 24)
(ps: Lin DEGE; Marie GERARD)

Berthe GRIMAULT {FR} (F: 1940 Apr 13 - ?)
	Beau Clown [Fr-1956]
	  Beau Clown [Fr-1956] (tr Diana ATHILL) [1957]
	Tuer Son Enfant [Fr-1957]
	  Blood On The Straw [Fr-1957] (tr Lucianne HILL) [1959]

Margaret Ann Meta Morris GRIMBALL (F: 1810 - 1871)
T	Diary, 1860-1866 [a|c1999?]

Sir, Arthur Francis GRIMBLE {UK} (M: 1888 Jun 11 - 1956 Dec 12)
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	Return To The Islands [n|1957]

Augustus GRIMBLE {UK} (M: 1840 - 1925 Feb 1)
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	Shooting And Salmon-Fishing [n|1892]
	Highland Sport [n|1894]
	The Deer Forests Of Scotland [n|1896]
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	The Salmon Rivers Of Scotland [n|1899]

Ian GRIMBLE {UK} (M: 1921 Aug 7 (or 12) - 1995 Jan 14 (or 15))
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	The Trial Of Patrick Selar [1962]

Rosemary (Ann) GRIMBLE {UK} (F: 1932 - 2013)

Edward GRIME (M: ? - 1821 Nov 4)

Sir, Harold (Riley) GRIME {UK} (M: 1896 May 12 - 1984 Aug 31)

John Favell GRIME {UK} (M: 1907 (wrongly 1904) Mar 2 - 1982 May 6)
	No One Walked [?]

(Mary) Kitty(=Christine) (Godfrey) GRIME {UK} (F: 1930 Jan 21 - 2007 Aug 10)
(&ps: [Anne LENNOX])

Prof, (John) Philip GRIME {UK} (M: 1935 Apr 30 - 2021 Apr 19)

Absalom Carlisle GRIMES {US} (M: 1834 - 1911)
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Prof, Alan Pendleton GRIMES {US} (M: 1919 Feb 3 - 2008 Jun 22)
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	American Political Thought [n|1955/1960]
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Maj-Gen, Bryan GRIMES (M: 1828 - 1880)
T	Extracts Of Letters Of Maj Gen Bryan Grimes To His Wife [a|1883]

Edward Breene GRIMES (M: ? - ?)
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Helen Mills GRIMES {US} (F: ? - ?)
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Archdeacon, (Cecil) John GRIMES {UK} (M: 1881 Jan 6 - 1976 Nov 19)
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Martha GRIMES {US} (F: ? - ?)

Ruby M GRIMES {US} (F: ? - ?)
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Waldo Ernest GRIMES {US} (M: 1891 Oct 5 - 1947 May 23)
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Prof, William (Francis) GRIMES {UK} (M: 1905 Oct 31 - 1988 Dec 25)
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William W GRIMES (M: 1824 - ?)
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James Stanley GRIMES (M: 1807 May 10 - 1903 Sep 27)
A	Geonomy: A Theory Of The Ocean Currents..Continents [n|1866]
	Phreno-Physiology [n|1893]

Katherine Atherton GRIMES (F: ? - ?)
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	Labu The Little Lake Dweller [f|1913]
	Tara Of The Tents [f|1914]
	Bolo The Cave Boy [f|1915]
	Kwasa The Cliff Dweller [f|1916]

Paul (Mark) GRIMES {US} (M: 1924 May 8 - 2002 Apr 23)

Lindsay GRIMISON {AU} (M: 1947 - 2007)

Angelina Emily GRIMKÉ, Mrs WELD (F: 1805 Feb 20 - 1879 Oct 26)
9915	An Appeal To The Christian Women Of The South [n|1836]
	Appeal To The Women Of The Nominally Free States [n|1837]
	American Slavery As It Is.. (w Sarah M GRIMKÉ) [n|1839]

Angelina (Emily) Weld GRIMKÉ {US} (F: 1880 Feb 27 - 1958 Jun 10)
	Rachel [d|pro:1916/pub:1920]

Archibald Henry GRIMKÉ {US} (M: 1849 Aug 17 - 1930 Feb 25)
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	Life Of Charles Sumner [b|1892]
31290	Right On The Scaffold; or, The Martyrs Of 1822 [n|1901]
31330	Modern Industrialism And The Negroes Of The United States [n|1908]
31315	Charles Sumner Centenary [b|1911]
31331	The Ballotless Victim Of One-Party Governments [n|1913]
31299	The Ultimate Criminal [n|1915]

Francis James GRIMKÉ {US} (M: 1850 Nov 4 - 1937 Oct 11)

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&	Letters On The Equality Of The Sexes And..Woman [n|1838]
	American Slavery As It Is.. (w Angelina E GRIMKÉ) [n|1839]

Fr, Bernard GRIMLEY {UK} (M: 1898 Mar 23 - 1950 Oct 2)
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Mildred (Mae) (nee)Hess GRIMLEY {US} (F: 1919 Nov 5 - 2010 Mar 21)
	Children Of The Bush Country [n|1959]

Vivian Edmund (Garnett) GRIMLEY {UK} (M: 1883 Jun 3 - 1968 Feb 20)

Charles Herbert GRIMLING (M: 1870 May 18 - 1906 Apr 11)

Anton von Langsdorff GRIMM {DE} (M: 1874 Jul 3 - 1945 Oct 5)
(ps: Anton vom KOCHER)
	Liederklänge Vom Oberen Neckar [p|Ge-1908]
	Wanderstimmungen [Ge-1910]
	Rottweiler Bilderblätter [Ge-1912]
	Weihnachtsglicken [Ge-1913]
	Jugendfreunde [Ge-1924]
	Wenn Weiber Wählen Gehen [Ge-1924]
	Der Franzosenschreck [Ge-1925]
	Heimat In Lied Und Bild [Ge-1925]
	Schule Und Leben [Ge-1927]
	Heimatlieb Und Leid [p|Ge-1928]

August Heinrich GRIMM {DE} (M: 1873 Jul 15 - c1943)
	Zu Viel Eisen [f|Ge-1917]
	De Füerböte [f|Ge-1920]
	Heidewig [f|Ge-1924]

Georg GRIMM {DE} (M: 1868 Feb 25 - 1945 Aug 26)
	Buddha Und Christus [n|Ge-1928]
	Der Samsaro, Die Weltenirrfahrt Der Wesen [n|Ge-1935]
	Ewige Fragen [n|Ge-?/1950]

Rev, George GRIMM (M: 1833 Jun 9 - 1897 Jun 2)
	The Australian Explorers [n|1888]
	The Unveiling Of Africa [n|1890]
	A Concise History Of Australia [n|1891]
	The Sabbath [n|1892]
	Twelve Lectures On The Immortality Of The Soul And The Life.. [e|1892]
	The Bulwarks Of Our Faith [n|1893]

George GRIMM, Jr {US} (M: ? - ?)
	The Public Service.. [a|1945]

Hans GRIMM {DE} (M: 1875 Mar 22 - 1959 Sep 27)

Hans GRIMM {DE} (M: 1886 Jan 7 - 1965 Jun 30)

Hans GRIMM (M: 1899 - ?)
	Tradition And History Of The Early Churches Of Christ.. [n|?]

Prof, Harold John GRIMM {US} (M: 1901 Aug 16 - 1983 Nov 10)
	Luther As A Preacher [b|1929]
	Western Civilization (w J D SQUIRES & F J TSCHAN) [2v|n|1942]

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2591	Fairy Tales (w W GRIMM) [s|Ge-1812-15] (tr TAYLOR & EDWARDES) [?]
5314	Household Tales (w W GRIMM) [s|Ge-1812-15] (tr ?) [?]
&	Household Tales (w W GRIMM) [s|Ge-1812-15] (tr Margaret HUNT) [1884]
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k	Kinder Und Hausmärchen Gesammelt.. (w W GRIMM) [s|Ge-1857]
*	Deutsche Märchen (w W GRIMM) [s|Ge-1921]
	Folk-lore And Fable (w AESOP, H C ANDERSEN & W GRIMM) [c1909]
*	Deutsche Sagen (w W GRIMM) [s|Ge-?]

Johannes/Hans GRIMM {DE} (M: 1910 Feb 7 - 1995 Apr 1)
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Baron, (Friedrich) Melchior von GRIMM (M: 1723 Dec 26 - 1807 Dec 19)
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Samuel Hieronymous GRIMM (M: 1733 Jan 18 - 1794 Apr 14)

Wilhelm Carl GRIMM (M: 1786 Feb 24 - 1859 Dec 16)
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*	Deutsche Sagen (w J GRIMM) [s|Ge-?]

Richard GRIMM-SACHSENBERG {DE} (M: 1873 Feb 22 - 1952 Jun 6)

Adolf GRIMME {DE} (M: 1889 Dec 31 - 1963 Aug 27)

Hans Jakob Christoffel von GRIMMELSHAUSEN (M: c1624 - 1676 Aug 17)
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33858	  The Adventurous Simplicissimus [Ge-1669] (tr A T S GOODRICK) [1912]
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Clarence Victor GRIMMETT {NZ/AU?} (M: 1891 Dec 25 - 1980 May 2)
	Getting Wickets [n|1930]
	Tricking The Batsman [n|1932]
	Grimmett On Cricket [n|1948]

Hans-Hendrik GRIMMLING {DE} (M: 1947 Jul 13 - living 2022)

Jo(=Joseph) GRIMOND, (life) Baron GRIMOND of Firth {UK} (M: 1913 Jul 29 - 1993 Oct 24)
	The Liberal Future [n|1959]
	The Liberal Challenge [n|1963]

Harold Barr GRIMSDALE {UK} (M: 1866 - 1942 May 5)
	Lectures On Nursing Of Diseases Of The Eye [n|?]
	Elementary Lectures On Errors Of Refraction [n|?]
	The Chief Operations Of Ophthalmic Surgery [n|1904]
	A Text-book Of Ophthalmic Operations (w Elmore BREWERTON) [n|1907/20/1937]

Herbert Borthwick GRIMSDITCH {UK} (M: 1898 Feb 28 - 1971 Oct 9)
	Character And Environment In The Novels Of Thomas Hardy [n|1925]
	William Hogarth [n|1926]
	Pitfalls In Everyday French [n|1933]
	This Is England [n|1941]
	The Paintings Of H H Newton [n|1952]

Tom GRIMSEY {UK} (M: c1960 - 2014)

Beatrice (Ethel) GRIMSHAW {UK/AU?} (F: 1870 (wrongly 1871) Feb 3 - 1953 Jun 30)
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	Vaiti Of The Islands [f|1906]
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	White Savage Simon [f|1924]
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	The Candles Of Katara [f|1925]
	The Wreck Of The 'Redwing' [f|1927]
	Eyes In The Corner.. [s|1927]
	Black Sheep's Gold [f|1927]
	The Paradise Poachers [f|1928]
	My Lady Far-Away [f|1929]
	The Star In The Dust [f|1930]
	Isles Of Adventure [n|1930]
	The Beach Of Terror.. [s|1931]
	The Mystery Of Tumbling Reef [f|1932]
	The Long Beaches.. [s|1933]
	Victorian Family Robinson [f|1934]
	Pieces Of Gold.. [f|1935]
	Rita Regina [f|1939]
	Lost Child [f|1940]
	South Sea Sarah; Murder In Paradise [s|1940]
	The Island Queen [f|1943]
	Helen Of Man O' War Island [f|?]
	Wild Mint Of Moresby [?]

Brendon GRIMSHAW {UK} (M: 1925 Jul 25 - 2012 Jul 3)

Mark GRIMSHAW (see: Ernest Lionel McKEAG)

William GRIMSHAW (M: 1782 Nov 22 - 1852 Jan 8)

Rev, Thomas Shuttleworth GRIMSHAWE (M: 1778 - 1850 Feb 17)
	The Christian's Faith And Practice [n|1813]
	A Treatise On The Holy Spirit [n|1815]
	Memoir Of The Rev Legh Richmond [b|1828]
	Lectures On The Future Restoration And Conversion Of The Jews [n|1843]
	Life And Works Of William Cowper [8v|b|1835]

Gordon GRIMSLEY (see: Arthur William GROOM)

Prof, Ronald GRIMSLEY {UK} (M: 1915 Oct 19 - 2003 Aug 11)
	Existentialist Thought [n|1955]
	Jean-Jacques Rousseau [n|1961]

Will (H) GRIMSLEY {US} (M: 1914 Jan 27 - 2002 Oct 31)

Ellen Elizabeth GRIMSON, 1:Lady WOODROFFE {UK} (F: 1877 Aug 7 - 1941 Apr 8)
(ps: Ellen AVALON)
	Hymns To The Goddess (w Arthur AVALON) [1913]

Hettie(=Harriet) GRIMSTEAD {UK} (F: 1903 May 4 - 1986 Jul 12)
(&ps: Marsha MANNING)
	Painted Virgin [f|1931]
	Stolen Heavens [f|1932]
	The Journey Home [f|1950]
	Navy Blue Lady [f|1951]
	The Twisted Road [f|1951]
	The Captured Heart [f|1952]
	Strangers May Kiss [f|1952]
	The Passionate Summer [f|1953]
	Song Of Surrender [f|1953]
	Candles For Love [f|1954]
	Winds Of Desire [f|1954]
	Enchanted August [f|1955]
	The Tender Pilgrim [f|1955]
	The Burning Flame [f|1956]
	Escape To Paradise [f|1956]
	The Reluctant Bride [f|1957]
	Scales Of Love [f|1957]
	The Unknown Heart [f|1958]
	Tinsel Kisses [f|1958]
	Kisses For Three (ps: Marsha MANNING) [f|1958]
	Passport To Love (ps: Marsha MANNING) [f|1958]
	Dream Street [f|1959]
	A Kiss In The Sun [f|1959]
	The Heart Alone (ps: Marsha MANNING) [f|1959]
	Skyscraper Hotel (ps: Marsha MANNING) [f|1959]
	The Path To Love [f|1960]
	Because You're Mine (ps: Marsha MANNING) [f|1960]
	Sweet Prisoner [f|1961]
	Magic Of The Moon (ps: Marsha MANNING) [f|1961]
	Star Of Desire (ps: Marsha MANNING) [f|1961]
	The Golden Moment [f|1962]
	Love Has Two Faces [f|1962]
	Circle Of Dreams (ps: Marsha MANNING) [f|1962]
	Roses For The Bride (ps: Marsha MANNING) [f|1962]
	Wedding For Three [f|1963]
	Whisper To The Stars [f|1963]
	Flower Of The Heart (ps: Marsha MANNING) [f|1963]

Mary Leman GRIMSTONE, nee REDE, 2:Mrs GILLIES (F: c1796 - 1869 Nov 4)
(&ps: [OSCAR])
	The Beauty Of The British Alps [f|1825]
	Louisa Egerton [f|1829]
	Woman's Love [f|1832]
	Character [f|1833]
	Cleone [f|1834]

Nicholas GRIMVALD / Grimsald GRIMALD (M: 1519 - 1562)

Arthur GRIMWADE (M: 1913 Feb 10 - 2002 Nov 21)

Leonard Lumsden GRIMWADE {UK} (M: c1863 - 1931 Jan 26)

Mary (Girling) GRIMWADE {UK} (F: 1914 Jun 19 - 2011 Sep 8)

Frank Southgate GRIMWOOD {UK} (M: 1904 Jul 14 - 1990 Apr 6)

Ken(=Kenneth) (Milton) GRIMWOOD {US} (M: 1944 Feb 22 - 2003 Jun 5)

Aleksandr Stepanovich GRIN (see: Aleksandr Stepanovich GRINEVSKY)

Henri Louis GRIN / GREEN / GRIEN, aka Louis REDMAN {CH} (M: 1847 Nov 12 - 1921 Jun 9)
(ps: Louis de ROUGEMONT)
1194	The Adventures Of Louis De Rougemont [f|1899]

Hamar GRINBERG {IL} (M: 1953 - ?)

Bertha (Sophia) GRINDE, nee GUTTERSEN {US} (F: 1860 Oct 18 - 1943 Jun 2)
	Souvenir Autobiographies (w Carl GRINDE) [a|1932]

Carl (A) GRINDE {US} (M: 1857 Jan 9 - 1943 Mar 25 (or 23))
	Souvenir Autobiographies (w Bertha GRINDE) [a|1932]

(Mondi) Miron GRINDEA {RO/UK} (M: 1909 Jan 31 - 1995 Nov 18)
	Malta Calling (ed) [n|1943]
	Sir Henry Wood [n|1944]

Eugène Émile Paul GRINDEL {FR} (M: 1895 Dec 14 - 1952 Nov 18)
(ps: Didier DESROCHES; Jean DU HAUT; Paul ÉLUARD; Maurice HERVANT)
	Premiers Poèmes [p|Fr-1913]
	Dialogues Des Inutiles [Fr-1914]
	Le Devoir [Fr-1916]
	Le Devoir Et L'Inquiétude [Fr-1917]
	Poèmes Pour La Paix [p|Fr-1919]
	Les Animaux Et Leurs Hommes, Les Hommes Et Leurs Animaux [Fr-1920]
	Les Nécessités De La Vie Et La Conséquence Des Rêves [Fr-1921]
	Répétitions [Fr-1922]
	Mourir De Ne Pas Mourir [Fr-1924]
	152 Proverbes Mis Au Goût Du Jour [Fr-1925]
	Au Défaut Du Silence [Fr-1925]
	Les Dessous D'Une Vie [Fr-1926]
	Capitale De La Douleur [Fr-1926]
	Défense De Savoir [Fr-1928]
	L'Amour La Poésie [Fr-1929]
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	Thorns Of Thunder [Fr-1936] (tr G REAVEY) [?]
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	Liberté [Fr-1944]
	À Pablo Picasso [Fr-1944]
	En Avril 1944 [Fr-1945]
	Doubles D'Ombre [Fr-1945]
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I GRINDLAY {UK} (M: ? - ?)
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A GRINGO (ps) (?: ? - ?)
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Maria(=Maja) (Kristina/Stina) GRIPE, nee WALTER {SE} (F: 1923 Jul 25 - 2007 Apr 5)
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	  Josephine [f|Sw-1961] (tr ?) [?]
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	Pappa Pellerins Dotter [f|Sw-1963]
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Dmitry Vladimirovich GRISHIN {SU/AU:1954on} (M: 1908 Sep 12 - 1975 Sep 19)

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Don, Pietro GRISTI (M: 1696 Mar 31 - 1738 Mar 4)

Vittorioo GRISTI (M: c1714 - 1787 Aug 7)

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Joe GRIXTI {MT} (M: 1950 - ?)

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