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John HUS (M: c1369 - 1415)

Prof, Hans Felix HUSADEL {DE} (M: 1897 May 18 - 1964 Jul 25)

Ata HUSAIN (M: 1885 - ?)
	Manual Of Translation [n|1915]
	Physical Education, And Drill [n|1916]
	Educational Statistics [n|1928]
	Essays Writing [n|1929]
	Sources Of Indian History [n|1929]
	Specimen Of Arabic Manuscripts [n|?]
	Manual Of Translation [n|Ar-1930]
	Geography Of Aden (w A KHAN) [n|1929]

Gustáv HUSÁK {CS} (M: 1913 Jan 10 - 1991 Nov 18)

Mirza HUSAYN-ALI (M: 1817 Nov 12 - 1892 May 29)
16523	The Kitab-I-Aqdas [n|Ar-?] (tr Shoghi EFFENDI) [?]
16697	Epistle To The Son Of The Wolf [n|?]
16939	Gems Of Divine Mysteries [n|?]
16940	Gleanings From The Writings Of Baha'u'llah [n|?]
16941	The Hidden Words Of Baha'u'llah [n|?]
16983	The Kitab-I-Iqan [n|?]
16984	Prayers And Meditations [n|?]
16985	Proclamation Of Baha'u'llah [n|?]
16986	The Seven Valleys And The Four Valleys [n|?]
17309	The Summons Of The Lord Of Hosts [n|?]
17310	Tablets Of Baha'u'llah Revealed After The Kitab-I-Aqdas [n|?]
19240	Baha'i Prayers (w ABDUL-BAHA) [n|?]

Sultan, HUSAYN BAYQARA, of Khorasan (M: 1468 - 1506)

A Bereaved HUSBAND (see: John Mockett CRAMP)

Joseph HUSBAND {US} (M: 1885 - ?)
	Tear On A Coal Mine [1911]
	America At Work [n|1915]
          The Story Of A Pullman Carn 1917
	A Year In The Navy [n|1919]
	On The Coast Of France [n|1919]
	Americans By Adoption [b|1920]
	High Hurdles [1923]
	Citidel [?]

Margaret Fair Anderson HUSBAND {UK} (F: 1865 Oct 11 - 1910 Jan 13)
	Punctuation, Its Principles And Practice (w T F HUSBAND) [n|1905]
	Dictionary..Characters..Waverley Novels Of Sir Walter Scott [n|1910]

S Berthe HUSBAND, nee ? {CA} (F: ? - ?)
	Altar Flowers [p|1936]

Thomas Fair HUSBAND {UK} (M: 1862 Sep 5 - 1921 Jan 24)
	Punctuation, Its Principles And Practice (w M F A HUSBAND) [n|1905]

(William) Tony(=Anthony) HUSBAND {UK} (M: 1950 Aug 28 - living 2022)

Richard J HUSCH {US} (M: c1876 - 1948 Jul 2)
(ps: Richard GERARD)

Maj, Caleb HUSE (M: 1831 Feb 11 - 1905 Mar 12)
24469	The Supplies For The Confederate Army.. [n|1904]

Harry Pinckney HUSE {US} (M: 1858 Dec 8 - 1942 May 14)
	The Descendants Of Abel Huse Of Newbury (1602-1690) [n|?]

Prof, Theodore Robert HUSEK {US} (M: 1931 Aug 22 - 1970 Jan 16)

Prof, Torsten HUSÉN {SE} (M: ? - ?)

Rev, Frederick Charles HUSENBETH (M: 1796 May 30 - 1872 Oct 31)
(&ps: [F C H])

Prof, Isaac HUSIK {US} (M: 1876 Feb 10 - 1939 Mar 22)
27821	A History Of Mediaeval Jewish Philosophy [n|1916]

Edward(=Edmund) Britt HUSING {US} (M: 1901 Nov 27 - 1962 Aug 10)
	Ten Years Before The Mike.. [a|1935]

Leopold HUSINSKY {AT} (M: 1890 Dec 21 - 1951 Mar 31)

William Henry HUSK (M: 1814 Nov 4 - 1887 Aug 12)

Richard King HUSKINSON {UK} (M: 1879 Mar 26 - 1947 Apr 3)
(ps: Richard KING)
	With Silent Friends [1917]
	Passion And Pot Pourri [1918]
	The Second Book Of Silent Friends [1919]
25111	Over The Fireside With Silent Friends [e|1921]
	Below The Surface [1921]
	Some Confessions Of An Average Man [1922]
	The Book Of Fair Women (w E O HOPPÉ) [1922]
	Folded Hands [1923]
	The Return Journey [1924]
	New Silent Friends [1925]
	One Quiet Evening [1927]
	At The Close Of Day [1929]
	Soul's Dark Cottage [1930]

Henrietta Dorothy HUSKISSON, Mrs EVERETT {UK} (F: 1851 - 1923 Sep 16)
(ps: Theo DOUGLAS)
	A Bride Elect [f|1896]
	Iras [f|1896]
	Behind A Mask [f|1898]
	Windygap [f|1898]
	Carr Of Dimscaur [f|1899]
	A Legacy Of Hate [f|1899]
	Nemo [f|1900]
	Miss Caroline [f|1904]
	Three Mysteries [s|1904]
	A Golden Trust [f|1905]
	A Lost Summer [f|1907]
	One Or Two [f|1907]
	A White Witch [f|1908]
	White Webs [f|1912]
	The Grey Countess [f|1913]
	Malevola [f|1914]
	Miss Maybud, Marriage-Maker [f|1920]

Robert HUSKISSON (M: 1820 - 1861)

William HUSKISSON (M: 1770 Mar 11 - 1830 Sep 15)
	Essays On Political Economy (anon) [e|1830]
	The Huskisson Papers (ed Lewis MELVILLE) [a|1931]

Fritz HUSMANN {DE} (M: 1877 Feb 7 - 1950 May 10)
(ps: von'e WATERKANT)

George HUSMANN (M: 1827 - 1902)
20917	The Cultivation Of The Native Grape, And..American Wines [n|1866]

Thomas HUSON {UK} (M: 1844 Jan 18 - 1920 Feb 2)
	Six Landscape Mezzotints [n|1880]
	Round About Snowdon (w James J HISSEY) [n|1894]
	Round About Helvellyn [n|1895]
	Photoaquatint And Photogravure [n|1897]

George Morehouse HUSS {US} (M: 1857 Jul 14 - 1947 Feb 22)
	Syrian Letters [1897]

Hans HUSS (see: (Ingo Clemens) Gustav (Adolf) von WANGENHEIM)

Prof, Richard HUSS {HU?} (M: 1885 Feb 2 - 1941 Feb 14)
(ps: Richard von LILIENTHAL)

Sir, Ahmad/Ahmed HUSSAIN {IN} (M: 1863 Aug 11 - 1950 Aug 28)
25254	Notes On Islam (ed Khaja Muhammad HUSSAIN) [e|1922]
	Philosophy Of Faqirs [n|?]

Abdullah HUSSAIN (see: Mohammed KHAN)

Khaja Muhammad HUSSAIN (M: 1858 - ?)

Nadiya (Jamir) HUSSAIN, nee BEGUM {UK} (F: 1984 Dec 25 - living 2022)

Prof, Nasser HUSSAIN {US} (M: 1965 - 2015)

Nasser HUSSAIN {UK} (M: 1968 Mar 28 - living 2022)

Zahid HUSSAIN {PK} (M: c1960 - ?)
	Frontline Pakistan [n|?]

IN Pres, Zakir HUSSAIN {IN} (M: 1897 Feb 8 - 1969 May 3)

Louis HUSSAKOF {SU/US} (M: 1881 Nov 19 - 1965 May 12)

King, HUSSEIN (Ibn TALAL), of Jordan {JO} (M: 1935 Nov 14 - 1999 Feb 7)
	Uneasy Lies The Head [n|1962]

Abdullah HUSSEIN (see: Mohammed KHAN)

Horst HUSSEL {DE} (M: 1934 Apr 28 - 2017 Nov 18)

Edmund (Gustav Albrecht) HUSSERL {DE} (M: 1859 Apr 8 - 1938 Apr 27)
	Philosophie Der Arithmetik [n|Ge-1891]
	Logische Untersuchungen [2v|n|Ge-1900]
	Philosophie Als Strenge Wissenschaft [n|Ge-1911]
	Ideen Zu Einer Reinen Phänomenologie..Philosophie [n|Ge-1913]
	Vorlesungen Zur Phänomenologie Des Inneren Zeitbewusstseins [Ge-1928]
	Formale Und Transzendentale Logik [n|Ge-1929]
	Nachwort Zu Meinen 'Ideen Zu Einer Reinen Phänomenologie..' [n|Ge-1930]
	Die Krisis Der Europäischen Wissenschaften.. [n|Ge-1936]
	Erfahrung Und Urteil [n|Ge-1939]

Prof, Gerhart (Adolf) HUSSERL {DE} (M: 1893 Dec 22 - 1973 Sep 8)
	Rechtskraft Und Rechtsgeltung [n|Ge-1925]
	Der Rechtsgegenstand..Einer Theorie Des Eigentums [n|Ge-1933]
	Recht Und Zeit [e|Ge-1955]
	Die Ausbildung Der Deutschen Juristen [n|Ge-1960]

Mrs (Thomas John), HUSSEY, nee ? (F: ? - ?)
	Illustrations Of British Mycology [n|1847-55]

Christopher Edward Clive HUSSEY {UK} (M: 1899 Oct 21 - 1970 Mar 20)
	Eton College [n|1922]
	The Fairyland Of England [n|1924]
	Petworth House [n|1926]
	Garden Ornament (w G JEKYLL) [n|1927]
	The Architecture Of Sir John Vanburgh (w H A TIPPING) [n|1928]
	The Picturesque [n|1927]
	Tait McKenzie [n|1929]
	The Work Of Sir Robert Lorimer, KBE, ARA, RSA [n|1931]
	Clarence House [n|1949]
	The Life Of Sir Edwin Lutyens [b|1950]
	Country Houses Open To The Public [n|1951]
	English Country Houses - Early Georgian [n|1955]
	English Country Houses - Mid Georgian [n|1956]
	English Country Houses - Late Georgian [n|1958]

Cyrus M HUSSEY (M: 1805 - 1829 Feb 5)
28955	A Narrative Of The Mutiny, On..'Globe'.. (w William LAY) [n|1828]

David E HUSSEY {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	Introducing Corporate Planning [n|1971/79/85/91]

Dyneley HUSSEY {UK} (M: 1893 Feb 27 - 1972 Sep 6)
	Fleur De Lys [p|1916]
	Wolfgang Amade Mozart [n|1927]
	Eurydice [n|1928]

Effie Howie HUSSEY {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	Times And Seasons [p|1954]

Rev, Eyre (William) HUSSEY (M: c1840 - 1910 Jun 30)
	On Account Of Sarah [f|1899]
	Just Jannock! [f|1899]
	Dulcinea [f|1902]
	Carita [f|1903]
	Miss Badsworth, MFH [f|1905]
	A Girl Of Resource [f|1906]
	That Little - ? [f|1907]
	Polly Winford [f|1909]

Henry HUSSEY (M: 1825 Aug 27 - 1903 May 6)
	The Australian Colonies Together With Notes Of A Voyage.. [n|c1855]
	Nebuchadnezzar's Image [n|1878]
	More Than Half A Century Of Colonial Life And Christian Experience [n|1897]
	The Scripture History Of The Christ And Of The Antichrist [n|1900]

Rev, James McConnell HUSSEY (M: c1819 - 1891 May 19)

Prof, Joan Mervyn HUSSEY {UK} (F: 1907 Jun 5 - 2006 Feb 20)

Lois J HUSSEY {US} (F: ? - ?)
	Collecting Cocoons (w Catherine M PESSINO) [n|1953]

Marmaduke (James) HUSSEY, (life) Baron HUSSEY Of NORTH BRADLEY of North Bradley {UK} (M: 1923 Aug 29 - 2006 Dec 27)

Maurice Percival HUSSEY {UK} (M: 1925 Jun 7 - 1991 Jun 9)
	The Chester Mystery Plays [d|1957]
	Shakespeare And His Betters (w R C CHURCHILL) [n|1958]

Prof, Roland Dennis HUSSEY {US} (M: 1897 Oct 13 - 1959 Oct 28)
	The Caracas Company, 1728-1784 [n|1934]
	History Of Latin America (2e w Hutton WEBSTER) [n|1936]

Samuel Murray HUSSEY (M: 1824 Dec 17 - 1913 Nov 8 or 10)
16450	The Reminiscences Of An Irish Land Agent (ed Home GORDON) [a|1904]

Prof, Stanley Stewart HUSSEY {UK} (M: 1925 May 14 - 2004 Oct 18)

Tacitus HUSSEY (M: 1833 (or 1832) Oct 10 - 1919 Aug)
	Beginnings [a|1919]

Ward MacLean HUSSEY {US} (M: 1920 Mar 13 - 2009 Nov 16)
	Basic World Tax Code And Commentary (w Donald C LUBICK) [n|?]

Albert HUSSON {FR} (M: 1912 Aug 3 - 1978)

Andrée Magdeleine HUSSON, Mrs LÉCUYER {FR} (M: 1882 (wrongly 1885) Apr 15 - 1952 Aug 8)
(ps: André CORTHIS)
	Gemmes Et Moires [p|Fr-1906]
	Mademoiselle Arguillis [Fr-1908]
	Le Pauvre Amour De Doña Balbine [Fr-1910]
	Le Pardon Prématuré [Fr-1914]
	Petites Vies Dans La Tourmente [Fr-1917]
	Pour Moi Seule [f|Fr-1919]
	Sa Vraie Femme [Fr-1920]
	La Marâtre [Fr-1920]
	L'Obsédé [Fr-1921]
	L'Entraîneuse [f|Fr-1923]
	Le Pardon Prématuré [Fr-1925]
	Victime Expiatoire [f|Fr-1926]
	Tourmentes [Fr-1927]
	Les Rameaux Rouges [Fr-1928]
	Passion [Fr-1928]
	La Danseuse Impassible [Fr-1928]
	La Fiancée Perdue [Fr-1929]
	Pèlerinages En Espagne [Fr-1930]
	La Nuit Incertaine [Fr-1930]
	Soledad [f|Fr-1931]
	Appel De Flammes [f|Fr-1932]
	Le Printemps Sous L'Orage [f|Fr-1934]
	Le Merveilleux Retour [Fr-1935]
	Du Couvent Aux Cortès [Fr-1936]
	Le Co=eur Forcé [Fr-1936]
	La Chouette Écartelée [Fr-1937]
	Révoltées [Fr-1938]
	Masques [Fr-1938]
	Cris Dans Le Ciel [Fr-1939]
	Destinées [Fr-1941]
	L'Espagne De La Victoire [Fr-1941]
	L'Otage [Fr-1944]
	Séverine [Fr-1945]
	Lettres Anonymes [Fr-1946]
	Le Mystère Des Trois-Gours [Fr-1949]
	La Mesure D'Aimer [[Fr-1951]]

Jules(-François-Félix) HUSSON (M: 1821 Sep 10 - 1869 Dec 6)
34382	Richard Wagner (ps: CHAMPFLEURY) [Fr-1860]
g	Les Aventures De Mlle Mariette (ps: CHAMPFLEURY) [Fr-?]
g	Les Bourgeois De Molinchart (ps: CHAMPFLEURY) [Fr-?]
g	Les Souffrances Du Professeur Delteil (ps: CHAMPFLEURY) [Fr-?]
*	Histoire De La Caricature Au Moyen Âge.. (ps: CHAMPFLEURY) [Fr-?]

Tom(=Thomas) (William Mostyn) HUSTLER {UK} (M: 1934 Oct 3 - 2006 Jul 24)
	Tom Hustler On Photography [n|1963]

George HUSTON (M: 1821 Feb 5 (wrongly 25) - 1904 Aug 1)
	Memories Of Eighty Years [a|1904]

James HUSTON (M: 1820 Aug 21 - 1854 Sep 21)
I	Légendes Canadiennes [n|Fr-1853]

James Webb HUSTON {US} (M: 1953 Oct 26 - 2016 Apr 14)

John (Marcellus) HUSTON {US} (M: 1906 Aug 5 - 1987 Aug 28)

Luther Allison HUSTON {US} (M: 1888 Nov 18 - 1975 Nov 26)

Prof, Mervyn James HUSTON {CA} (M: 1912 - 2001 Mar 4)

Perdita HUSTON, 1:Mrs CHAMPEY, 2:Mrs DIENNET {US} (F: 1936 May 2 - 2001 Dec 4)

Prof, Sigurd Bernhard HUSTVEDT {US} (M: 1882 Mar 28 - 1954 Oct 4)
	Ballad Criticism In Scandinavia And Great Britain During The 18thC [n|1916]
	Ballad Books And Ballad Men [n|1930]

Max Joseph HUSUNG {DE} (M: 1882 Nov 16 - 1944 Sep 17)
	Buch Und Bucheinband, Seine Technik Und Seine Geschichte [n|Ge-1890]
	Buch Und Bucheinband (ed) [e|Ge-1923]
	Das Restaurieren Alter Bücher [n|Ge-1927]

George Bernard de HUSZAR {CH/US} (M: 1919 Mar 15 - 1968 Dec 21)
	New Perspectives On Peace (jt ed) [n|1944]
	Practical Applications Of Democracy [n|1945]
	Anatomy Of Racial Intolerance [n|1946]

Laszlo (Istvan) HUSZAR {HU} (M: 1932 Nov 15 - 2007 May 26)

Patrick HUTBER {UK} (M: 1928 May 18 - 1980 Jan 3)

Diana HUTCHCROFT {UK} (F: 1916 Aug 26 - 2010 Jun 17)

Ernest (Henry) HUTCHEON {AU} (M: 1889 Jun 17 - 1937 Jun 9)
	A History Of Queensland Cricket [n|1946]

Frank HUTCHEN {UK} (M: 1870 Mar 1 - 1942 Feb 14)
	Under The Southern Cross [n|1921]

Prof, Eleanor Newman HUTCHENS {US} (F: 1919 Oct 9 - 2016 Nov 9)

Prof, Francis HUTCHENS {NZ/AU?} (M: 1892 Jan 15 - 1965 Oct 18)

Frank HUTCHENS {NZ} (M: 1892 Jan 15 - 1965 Oct 18)

Rev, Paul HUTCHENS {US} (M: 1902 Apr 7 - 1977 Jan 23)
	The Know-So Christian [1933]
	Romance Of Fire [f|1934]
	Mastering Marcus [1938]
	The Sugar Creek Gang [f|1939]
	Blaze Star [1939]
	Shafted Sunlight [1939]
	We Killed A Bear [f|1940]
	Further Adventures Of The Sugar Creek Gang [f|1940]
	The Vision [1940]
	Cup Of Cold Water [1941]
	The Sugar Creek Gang Goes Camping [f|1941]
	The Sugar Creek Gang In Chicago [f|1941]
	The Sugar Creek Gang In School [f|1942]
	Eclipse [1942]
	Mystery At Sugar Creek [f|1943]
	The Sugar Creek Gang Flies To Cuba [f|1944]
	One Stormy Day At Sugar Creek [f|1946]
	A New Sugar Creek Mystery [f|1946]
27426	Shenanigans At Sugar Creek [f|1947]
	The Sugar Creek Gang Goes North [f|1947]
	Adventure In An Indian Cemetery [f|1947]
	The Sugar Creek Gang Digs For Treasure [f|1948]
	Northwoods Manhunt [f|1948]
	The Haunted House At Sugar Creek [f|1949]
	Lost In A Sugar Creek Blizzard [f|1950]
	The Sugar Creek Gang On The Mexican Border [f|1950]
	The Green Tent Mystery At Sugar Creek [f|1950]
	10,000 Minutes At Sugar Creek [f|1952]
	The Trap Line At Sugar Creek [f|1953]
	Blue Cow At Sugar Creek [f|1953]
	Watermelon Mystery At Sugar Creek [f|1955]
	Sugar Creek Gang At Snow Goose Lodge [f|1957]
	Old Stranger's Secret At Sugar Creek [f|1957]
	Sugar Creek Gang Goes Western [f|1957]
	Wild Horse Canyon Mystery [f|1959]
	Sleeping Beauty At Sugar Creek [f|1962]

William HUTCHEON {UK} (M: 1866 Oct 23 - 1938 Jul 21)
	Gentlemen Of The Press [a|1933]

Dudley Robert HUTCHERSON {US} (M: 1902 Oct 28 - 1960 Sep 2)
	Complete College Composition (w others) [n|1940]

Charles HUTCHESON (M: 1792 - 1856)

Ernest HUTCHESON {AU?} (M: 1871 Jul 20 - 1951 Feb 9)
	Elements Of Piano Technique [n|1907]
	Literature Of The Piano From The 16th Cent To The Present Time [n|1924]
	Musical Guide To The Richard Wagner 'Ring Of The Nibelung' [n|1940]
	The Literature Of The Piano [n|1948]

Prof, Francis HUTCHESON (M: 1694 Aug 8 - 1746 Nov 1)
	Thoughts On Laughter [n|1725]
k	An Inquiry Into The Original Of Our Ideas Of Beauty And Virtue [e|1725/26/?/38]
	An Essay On The Nature And Conduct Of The Passions And Affections [e|1728]
	Considerations On Patronages, Addressed To Gentlemen Of Scotland [n|1735]
	Philosophiae Moralis Institutio Compendiaria.. [n|La-1742]
	Metaphysicae Synopsis [n|La-1742]
	A System Of Moral Philosophy, In Three Books [n|1755]
	Logicae Compendium [n|La-1756]

John Conroy HUTCHESON (M: 1840 - 1897 (wrongly 1896) Jan c23)
	The Pettyshams [f|1867]
34247	Caught In A Trap [f|1870]
21095,i	She And I: A Love Story, A Life History [f|1873]
24267,i	Picked Up At Sea; or, The Gold Miners Of Minturne Creek [s|1884]
21107,i	On Board The 'Esmeralda'; or, Martin Leigh's Log [f|1885]
21085,i	The Wreck Of The 'Nancy Bell'; or, Cast Away On Kerguelen Land [f|1885]
21097,i	Tom Finch's Monkey, And How He Dined With The Admiral [s|1886]
21086	The Penang Pirate; and, The Lost Pinnace [s|1886]
21108,i	Fritz And Eric; or, The Brother Crusoes [f|1886]
21105,i	Teddy: The Story Of A 'Little Pickle' [f|1887]
21088,i	The White Squall: A Story Of The Sargasso Sea [f|1887]
23141,i	The Black Man's Ghost (aka: The Island Treasure) [f|1889]
21104,i	Afloat At Last: A Sailor Boy's Log Of His Life At Sea [f|1890]
24916	Crown And Anchor; or, Under The Pen'ant [f|1896]
	The Pirate Junk [f|1896]
21089	Young Tom Bowling: A Story Of The Boys Of The British Navy [f|1896]
21106,i	Bob Strong's Holidays; or, Adrift In The Channel [f|1897]
21087,i	The Ghost Ship: A Mystery Of The Sea [f|1903]

Thomas Barksdale HUTCHESON {US?} (M: 1882 - 1950)
	The Production Of Field Crops (w T K WOLFE) [n|1924]

Alan Eric HUTCHINGS {UK} (M: 1910 May 9 - 1982)
	Five Past Ten [1955]
	Training For Triumph In Victorious Living [n|1959]

Prof, Arthur (James Bramwell) HUTCHINGS {UK} (M: 1906 Jul 14 - 1989 Nov 13)
	Schubert [1940]
	Delius [1947]

Emily (nee?)Grant HUTCHINGS {US} (F: c1869 - ?)
33048	Jap Herron: A Novel Written From The Ouija Board [f|1917]

Frank HUTCHINGS {AU} (M: 1936 - ?)
          How Purdy Won (w Kevin HARRISON & C J S PURDY)

James HUTCHINGS {UK?} (M: ? - ?)
(&ps: Harry NEVILLE)
	The Angle House (ps: Harry NEVILLE) [f|1865]
	The Bramble Hut [f|1868]

James Mason HUTCHINGS (M: 1820 Feb 10 - 1902 Oct 31)
	In The Heart Of The Sierras [n|c1888]

Capt, John Fenwick HUTCHINGS {UK} (M: 1885 May 17 - 1968 Sep 20)
	The Guide To The Threefold Path To World Recovery [n|?]

LaVere HUTCHINGS {US} (M: 1918 Sep 18 - 1999 Jun 17)
	Let's Paint Old Shacks And Barns [n|?]
	Painting Waterfalls And Rivers [n|?]

Leslie Morton HUTCHINGS {US} (M: 1915 - ?)

Margaret (Joscelyne) HUTCHINGS, nee HOWARD {UK} (F: 1918 Dec 18 - 1981 Jun 8)
	Glove Toys [n|1958]
	Modern Soft Toy Making [n|1959]
	Toying With Trifles [n|1960]
	Dolls And How To Make Them [n|1963]

Monica Mary HUTCHINGS (see: Monica Mary SCOTT)

Richard Henry HUTCHINGS {US} (M: 1869 Aug 28 - 1947 Oct 28)
	A Psychiatric Word Book (7e) [n|1943]

Tony(=Anthony) HUTCHINGS {UK} (M: 1946 Aug 17 - ?)

Archdeacon, William Henry HUTCHINGS (M: 1835 - 1912 Jan 7)

Ailene (nee)Williams HUTCHINS, 1:Mrs MOHLER {US} (F: 1919 Nov 4 - 2006 Jun 23)

Brett HUTCHINS (M: 1973 - ?)

Carleen (nee)Maley HUTCHINS {US} (F: 1911 May 24 - 2009 Aug 7)

Cortelle HUTCHINS (F: ? - ?)
	Houseboating On A Colonial Waterway (w Frank W HUTCHINS) [1] [1910]
11731	Virginia, The Old Dominion.. (w Frank W HUTCHINS) [repr of 1] [1921]

David HUTCHINS {US} (M: 1948 Dec 11 - 2009 Aug 22)
(ps: David AVADON)
	Cutting Up Touches [n|?]

Sir, David Ernest HUTCHINS {UK} (M: 1850 Sep 22 - 1920)
	Report On Forests Of British East Africa [n|1909]
	Forests Of Mount Kenia [n|1907]
	S African Forestry [n|1905]
	Extra-Tropical Forestry [n|1906]
	Report On Transvaal Forestry [n|1903]
	Report On Rhodesia [n|1904]
	The Cluster-Pine At Genadendaal [n|?]
	Tree-Planting In Cape Colony [n|?]
	Cyprus Forestry [n|1909]
	A Forest Tour In Australia [n|?]
	Report On Forestry To W Australian Government [n|1914-15]
	British Forestry [n|?]
	Journal Of A Forest Tour (In Germany) [n|?]

Elias HUTCHINS (M: 1783 - ?)
	The Old Sailor.. [a|1854]

Elizabeth Leigh HUTCHINS {UK} (F: 1858 Apr 20 - 1935 (wrongly 1937) Oct 17)
	A History Of Factory Legislation (w Amy HARRISON) [n|1903]
	Labour Laws For Women In Australia And New Zealand (anon) [n|1906]
	Labour Laws For Women In France (anon) [n|1907]
	Home Work And Sweating [n|1907]
	Home Industries Of Women In London [n|1908]
	The Public Health Agitation, 1833-1848 [n|1909]
	Women In Industry After The War [n|1917]

Frank W HUTCHINS {US?} (M: ? - ?)
11731	Houseboating On A Colonial Waterway (w Cortelle HUTCHINS) [1] [1910]
11731	Virginia, The Old Dominion.. (w Cortelle HUTCHINS) [repr of 1] [1921]

Fred Lew HUTCHINS {US} (M: 1888 Jan 14 - 1984 Feb 11)
	The History Of Second Congregational Church [n|?]

Prof, Harry Burns HUTCHINS {US} (M: 1847 Apr 8 - 1930 Jan 25)

Isabelle Graham HUTCHINS {US} (F: 1875 - 1957 Feb 7)
	Belle Of Bohemia [a|1927]
	Belle Out Of Order [a|1959]

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Bobby HUTCHINSON (?: ? - ?)

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E HUTCHINSON (?: ? - 1921 Nov 7)

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George (Wyllie) HUTCHINSON {UK} (M: 1920 Dec 12 - 1980 Mar 26)

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Ernst HUTH (see: Karl SCHNOG)

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Josef HUTSCHNEKER {DDR} (M: 1898 Nov 27 - 1969 Sep 15)
(ps: Basil SPIRU)
	Freiheit, Die Sie Meinen .. [n|Ge-1956]
	Giftmischer [e|Ge-1960]
	Bulgariens Volk Im Widerstand 1941-1944 [n|Ge-1962]

Joe HUTSKO {US} (M: 1963 - living 2022)

Rev, Charles Frederick HUTSLAR (Sr) {US} (M: 1877 Nov 27 - 1964 Nov 15)
	Along The Way.. [a|1942]

Alton HUTSON {US} (M: 1903 Dec 26 - 1980 Feb 29)

Anthony Brian Austen HUTSON {NZ} (M: ? - ?)

Arthur Cary HUTSON {US} (M: 1882 Apr 14 - 1971 May 1)

Prof, Arthur Eugene HUTSON {US} (M: 1906 Dec 22 - 1982 May 17)
	British Personal Names In The Historia Regum Britanniae [n|1940]
	Essentials Of English Grammar (w G D CRAIG & Guy MONTGOMERY) [n|1941]

Henry Porter Wolseley HUTSON {UK} (M: 1893 Mar 22 - 1991 Dec 23)

Shaun HUTSON {UK} (M: 1958 - ?)
(&ps: Samuel P BISHOP; Nick BLAKE; Robert NEVILLE)

(George) Allen HUTT {UK} (M: 1901 (wrongly 1900) Sep 20 - 1973 Aug 10)
	Communism And Coal (w Arthur HORNER) [n|1928]
	The Condition Of The Working Class In Britain [n|1933]
	Newspaper Design [n|1960]

Sir, (Alexander McDonald) Bruce HUTT {UK} (M: 1904 Feb 9 - 1978 Mar 24)

Cecil William HUTT {UK} (M: 1880 Mar 23 - 1934 Aug 20)
	Crowley's Hygiene Of School Life (9e) [n|1909]
	Hygiene For Health Visitors, School Nurses And Social Workers [n|1912]
	Medical Notes For School Teachers [n|1912]
	Future Of The Disabled Soldier [n|1917]
	Manual Of Hygiene (w William H HAMER) [n|1925]
	International Hygiene [n|1927]

Christopher John HUTT {UK} (M: 1948 Apr 10 - ?)

Frank Walcott HUTT {US} (M: 1869 Sep 6 - 1946 Nov 30)
	The Haymow News [1923]

Sir, George HUTT (M: 1809 - 1889 Sep 27)

Henry HUTT {US} (M: 1875 - 1950)

John Samuel HUTT {ZA?} (M: ? - ?)
	South Africa Advance!.. [p|c1942]

Maurice George HUTT {UK} (M: 1928 Sep 22 - 2013 May 20)

Prof, William Harold HUTT {UK} (M: 1899 Aug 3 - 1988 Jun 19 (or 25))

Hermann HUTTEL {DE} (M: 1895 May 17 - 1973 Nov 20)
	Auf Silbernen Zinnen [n|Ge-1941]
	Die Grobe Fährte [Ge-1949]
	Der Wildkater [Ge-1951]
	Neue Jägerlieder [Ge-1953]
	In Freier Wildbahn [n|Ge-1954]
	Hochwild Zieht Durch Die Wälder [n|Ge-1955]
	Jäger Jörg Und Der Wildschütz [Ge-1956]
	Der Wildkater Und Andere Erzählungen [s|Ge-1956]
	Der Korsische Widder [n|Ge-1957]
	Die Jagd Ist Immer Neu [Ge-1958]
	Auf Eigener Spur [Ge-1958]
	Waidwerk Am Ende Der Welt [n|Ge-1959]
	Weltjagd Heute (ed) [n|Ge-1961]
	Jagd In Einsamen Revieren [s|Ge-1962]
	Des Jägers Schönste Pirsch [Ge-1963]

Freifrau, (Bettina/Betsey) von HUTTEN (Zum STOLTZENBERG), nee RIDDLE {US/DE/US:1938on} (F: 1874 Feb 14 - 1957 Jan 26)
	Miss Carmichael's Conscience [f|1900]
	Marr'd In Making [f|1901]
	Our Lady Of The Beeches [f|1902]
	Pam [f|1904]
	Araby [f|1904]
	Violett, A Chronicle [f|1904]
	He And Hecuba [f|1905]
	Pam Decides (UK: What Became Of Pam) [f|1906]
	The One Way Out [f|1906]
16909	The Halo [f|1907]
	Beechy (UK: The Lordship Of Love) [f|1909]
	Kingsmead [f|1909]
	The Green Patch [f|1910]
	Sharrow [f|1910]
	Mrs Drummond's Vocation [f|1913]
	Maria [f|1914]
	Bird's Fountain [f|1915]
	The Bag Of Saffron [f|1917]
	Mag Pye [f|1917]
	Happy House [f|1919]
	Helping Hersey [f|1920]
	Mothers-In-Law [f|1922]
	Pam At Fifty [f|1923]
	Julia [f|1924]
	Candy.. [s|1925]
	Flies [s|1927]
	Eddy And Édouard [f|1928]
	The Loves Of An Actress [f|1929]
	The Curate's Egg [s|1930]
	Pam's Own Story [f|1930]
	Swan House [f|1930]
	In The Portico.. [s|1931]
	Monkey-Puzzle [f|1932]
	Mice For Amusement [f|1933]
	The Notorious Mrs Gatacre.. [s|1933]
	The Courtesan [b|1933]
	Die She Must [f|1934]
	Lives Of A Woman (UK: Mem) [f|1934]
	Gentlemen's Agreement (UK: Cowardly Custard) [f|1936]
	Youth Without Glory (UK: The Elgin Marble) [f|1937]
	What Happened Is This [f|1938]

Hans HÜTTEN (see: Rudolf LEITNER)

Freiin, Marie von HUTTEN {DE} (F: 1867 Jan 24 - 1944 Nov 19)

Ulrich von HUTTEN (M: 1488 - 1523)

Peter HÜTTENBERGER {DE} (M: 1938 Jul 15 - 1992 Mar 12)

Friedrich HUTTENLOCHER {DE} (M: 1893 Sep 2 - 1973 Apr 24)
	Versuche Kulturlandschaftlicher Gliederung..Württemberg [n|Ge-1949]
	Geographische Landesaufnahme..Stuttgart (w Hansjörg DONGUS) [n|Ge-1949]
	Geographische Landesaufnahme..Sigmaringen [Ge-1959]

Peter (Richard) HUTTENLOCHER {DE/US} (M: 1931 Feb 23 - 2013 Aug 15)

Hannes HÜTTNER {DE} (M: 1932 Jun 20 - ?)
(ps: Karl Georg von LÖFFELHOLZ (2))

John Christian HÜTTNER (M: c1765 - 1847 May 24)

Nelson (Allen) HUTTO {US} (M: 1904 Dec 12 - 1985 Jan 3)
	Breakaway Back [1963]

Albinia C HUTTON, nee McKAY, 1:Mrs DAVIS {JM?} (F: 1894 - ?)

Alfred HUTTON (M: 1840 - 1910 Dec 17)

Rev, Arthur Wollaston HUTTON (M: 1848 Sep 5 - 1912 Mar 25)

Catherine HUTTON (F: 1756 - 1846)
	The Miser Married [f|1813]
	The History Of Birmingham .. Continued To The Present Time [n|1819]

Prof, Charles HUTTON (M: 1737 Aug 14 - 1828 Jan 27)
	The Schoolmasters Guide [n|1764]
	Treatise On Mensuration Both In Theory And Practice [n|1770]
	The Principles Of Bridges [n|1772]
	Tables Of The Products And Powers Of Numbers [n|1781]
	Mathematical Tables [n|1785]
	Elements Of Conic Sections [n|1787]
	Course Of Mathematics [2v|n|1798/99/?/1803/?/11]
	Mathematical And Philosophical Dictionary [n|1795/1815]
	Recreations In Mathematics And Natural Philosophy [4v|n|1803]
	The Diarian Miscellany [5v|?]
	Tracts On Mathematical And Philosophical Subjects [e|?]

(Stanley) Clarke HUTTON {UK} (M: 1898 Nov 14 - 1984 Jun 11)
	Picture History Of Great Discoveries [n|1954]

Deborah (Helen) HUTTON, Mrs STEBBINGS {UK} (F: 1955 Sep 7 - 2005 Jul 15)

Dorothy HUTTON {UK} (F: ? - ?)

Rev, Edward Ardron HUTTON (M: 1861 Aug 3 - 1915 May 18)
	An Atlas Of Textual Criticism (w F Crawford BURKITT) [n|1911]
	A Simple Form Of Chant Service For The Office Of Holy Communion [n|1914]

Edward (Francis) HUTTON {UK} (M: 1875 Apr 12 - 1969 Aug 20)
(&ps: Luis CARREÑO)
	Frederic Uvedale [f|1901]
	Italy And The Italians [n|1902]
	Studies In The Lives Of The Saints [n|1902]
	English Love Poems (ed) [p|1905]
	The Cities Of Umbria [n|1905/06/08/?/13/1923/1925]
	The Cities Of Spain [n|1906/?/09/11]
	Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, Lord Of Rimini [b|1906]
16477	Florence And (The Cities Of) Northern Tuscany, With Genoa [n|1907]
	Country Walks About Florence [n|1908/11/1923/1926]
	In Unknown Tuscany [n|1909]
*	Giovanni Boccaccio [b|1910]
	Rome [n|1910/12/?/22/1926/?/1950]
	Siena And Southern Tuscany [n|1910/?/1923/1955]
	Venice And Venetia [n|1911/?/?/1954]
	Cities Of Lombardy [n|1912]
	Highways And Byways In Somerset [n|1912/?/?/?/?/1955]
12542	Ravenna: A Study [n|1913]
	The Cities Of Romagna And The Marches [n|1913]
10120	England Of My Heart - Spring [n|1914]
	Atilla And The Huns [n|1915]
	Highways And Byways In Wiltshire [n|1917]
	The Pageant Of Venice [n|1921]
	Pietro Aretino [n|1922]
	The Sienese School In The National Gallery [n|1925]
	A Wayfarer In Unknown Tuscany [n|1925]
	The Mastiff Of Rimini [n|1925]
	The Franciscans In England [n|1926]
	Cities Of Sicily [n|1926]
	The Story Of Ravenna [n|1926]
	The Valley Of Arno [n|1927]
	A Glimpse Of Greece [n|1928]
	A Note On Theocritus [n|1929]
	Highways And Byways In Gloucestershire [n|1931]
	Life Of Christ In The Old Italian Masters [n|1935]
	Catholicism And English Literature [n|1942]
	The Cosmati, The Roman Marble Craftsmen [n|1950]
	Florence [n|1952]
	Assisi And Umbria Revisited [n|1953]
	Naples And Campania Revisited [n|1958]

Sir, Edward (Thomas Henry) HUTTON {UK} (M: 1848 Dec 6 - 1923 Aug 4)
	The Defence And Defensive Power Of Australia [e|1902]
	Brief History Of The KRRC [n|?]

Eileen Mary HUTTON, Mrs BOWEN-JUDD, aka Lanna HUTTON {UK/CA?} (F: 1916 (wrongly 1922) Mar 7 - 1985 (wrongly 1986) Nov 6 (or 5))
(ps: Anne BURTON; Mary CHALLIS; Margaret LEEK; Sara WOODS)
	Bloody Instructions (ps: Sara WOODS) [f|1962]
	Malice Domestic (ps: Sara WOODS) [f|1962]
	The Taste Of Fears (ps: Sara WOODS) [f|1963]
	Error Of The Moon (ps: Sara WOODS) [f|1963]

Frederick Wollaston HUTTON (M: 1836 Nov 16 - 1905 Oct 27 or 29)
	The Animals Of New Zealand (w James DRUMMOND) [n|1905]

Geoffrey (William) HUTTON {AU} (M: 1909 Oct 18 - 1985 Dec 1)

Rev, George Clark HUTTON (M: 1825 May 16 - 1908 May 29)

(David) Graham HUTTON {UK} (M: 1904 Apr 13 - 1988 Oct 14)

Rev, Henry HUTTON (M: 1808 - 1863 Jun 23)

Hugh HUTTON (M: 1795 - 1871 Sep 13)

Lady, Isabel (Galloway) (nee)Emslie HUTTON / EMSLIE-HUTTON {UK} (F: 1887 Sep 10 - 1960 Jan 11)
	With A Woman's Unit In Serbia, Salonika And Sebastopol [n|1928]
	The Hygiene Of Marriage [n|1923/1929/1932/1933/1937/?/1940/1953]
	The Last Of The Taboos (aka: Mental Disorders In Modern Life) [n|1934]
	The Hygiene Of The Change In Women - The Climacteric [n|1936]
	Woman's Change Of Life [n|1958]
	Memories Of A Doctor In War And Peace [a|1960]
	The Sex Technique In Marriage [n|1961]

James HUTTON (M: J 1726 Jun 3 - 1797 Mar 26)
12861	The Theory Of The Earth [4v|n|1788]

James HUTTON (M: 1818 - 1893 Mar 21)
	A Hundred Years Ago [1857]
	Central Asia [n|1875]

James Arthur HUTTON {UK} (M: 1862 - 1955 Feb 28)
	The Work Of The British Cotton Growing Association [n|?]
	Cotton Growing In The British Empire [n|?]
	Scale Examination [n|?]
	The Life-History Of The Salmon [n|?]
	Rod-fishing For Salmon On The Wye [n|?]
	The Reminiscences Of Halsten Muri [n|?]
	Our Fishing Diary [n|?]
	Wye Salmon.. [n|?]

James Buchanan HUTTON, Jr {US} (M: 1904 Nov 1 - 2004 Feb 10)
	Summary Statement Of The Law Of Evidence In..Mississippi [n|1941]

John HUTTON {UK} (M: 1847 Jan 10 - 1921 Dec 19)
	Northallerton Farm Account Book [n|?]
	The Columnar Farm Account Book [n|?]

John HUTTON {UK} (M: 1928 - ?)

John HUTTON {UK} (M: 1940 - ?)

Rev, John Alexander HUTTON {UK} (M: 1868 Apr 21 - 1947 Jan 13)
	Guidance From Robert Browning In Matters Of Faith [n|1903]
	Pilgrims In The Region Of Faith [n|1906]
	The Authority And Person Of Our Lord [n|1910]
	The Fear Of Things [n|1911]
	The Winds Of God [e|1911]
	The Weapons Of Our Warfare [n|1912]
	At Close Quarters [n|1913]
	If God Be For Us [n|1913]
	Ancestral Voices [n|1915]
	Loyalty [n|1917]
	Our Only Safeguard [n|1918]
	That The Ministry Be Not Blamed [n|1921]
	The Persistent Word Of God [n|1921]
	The Victory Over Victory [n|1922]
	Our Ambiguous Life [n|1922]
	There They Crucified Him [e|1924]
	As At The First [n|1925]
	The Dark Mile [n|1926]
	Guidance From Francis Thompson In Matters Of Faith [n|1926]
	Guidance On Russia From Her Literature [n|1930]
	Finally [n|1934]
	The Resurrection Of The Body [n|1940]

John Ernest HUTTON {UK} (M: 1877 - 1953 Sep 19)
	Cars And How To Drive Them [n|?]
	Welfare And Housing [n|1918]
	Fishing Ways And Fishing Days [n|1930]
	Trout And Salmon Fishing [n|1950]

Prof, John Henry HUTTON {UK} (M: 1885 Jun 27 - 1968 May 23)
	The Angami Nagas [n|1921/69]
	The Sema Nagas [n|1921/68]
	Report On The Census Of India, 1931 [n|1933]
	Caste In India [n|1946/?/?/1963]
	Pictures In The Possession Of St Catharine's College, Cambridge [n|1950]

Joseph HUTTON (M: 1787 - 1828)

Joseph (Bernard) HUTTON (M: 1911 - ?)

Joseph Edmund HUTTON {UK} (M: 1868 Nov 12 - 1937 Sep 30)
2099	A History Of The Moravian Church [n|?/1909]


Kathryn HUTTON, nee WHITAKER {US} (F: 1915 Feb 20 - ?)

Laurence HUTTON (M: 1843 Aug 8 - 1904 Jun 10)
	Curiosities Of The American Stage [n|1891]
	From The Books Of Laurence Hutton [1892]
	Literary Landmarks Of Florence [n|1897]
29020	A Boy I Knew And Four Dogs [1898]
	Literary Landmarks Of Rome [n|?]
	Literary Landmarks Of Venice [n|?]
	Literary Landmarks Of Jerusalem [n|?]
	Literary Landmarks Of London [n|?]
	Literary Landmarks Of Edinburgh [n|?]
	Portraits In Plaster [n|?]
	Other Times.. [?]
	Edwin Booth [?]

Linda J HUTTON, nee ? {UK} (F: ? - ?)

Sir, Leonard HUTTON {UK} (M: 1916 Jun 23 - 1990 Sep 6)

Bp, Matthew HUTTON (M: 1529 - 1605-06 Jan 16)

Prof, Maurice HUTTON {CA} (M: 1856 Oct 8 - 1940 Apr 5)
	The Greek Point Of View [n|1925]

Maurice HUTTON {UK} (M: 1914 Nov 4 - 1986 Feb 21)
	Engineering Mathematics (w ?) [n|1959]

Rev, Reginald Ernest HUTTON {UK} (M: baptised 1859 Nov 29 - 1939 Feb 16)
	The Soul Here And Hereafter [n|1898]
	The Sorrows Of The King [n|1899]
	The Crown Of Christ [n|1900]
	The Soul In The Unseen World [n|1901]
	The Life Beyond [n|1916]

Richard Holt HUTTON (M: 1826 Jun 2 - 1897 Sep 9)
	Essays, Theological And Literary [e|1871/77]
18124,&	Sir Walter Scott [b|1878]
	Essays On Some Modern Guides Of English Thought [e|1887]
	Criticism On Contemporary Thought And Thinkers [n|1894]
	Aspects Of Religious And Scientific Thought [n|1899]

R N HUTTON (see: Charles Henry NEWMARCH)

Robert Salmon HUTTON {UK} (M: 1876 Nov 28 - 1970 Aug 5)

Samuel King HUTTON {UK} (M: 1877 Nov 26 - 1961 May 11)
	Among The Eskimos Of Labrador [n|1912]
	By Eskimo Dog-Sled And Kayak [n|1919]
	Health Conditions And Disease Incidence..Eskimos Of Labrador [n|1925]
	An Eskimo Village [n|1929]
	By Patience And The Word [n|1935]
	A Shepherd In The Snow [n|1936]
	The Household Doctor [n|1938]

Rev, Thomas Biddulph HUTTON (M: 1824 Apr 13 - 1886 Feb 15)
	Maori Legends [?]
	Odds And Ends [?]

Thomas Winter HUTTON {UK} (M: 1887 Oct 14 - 1973 Feb 18)
	King Edward's School, Birmingham, 1552-1952 [n|1952]

Rev, Vernon Wollaston HUTTON (M: 1841 Dec 24 - 1887 Jun 21)

Warwick (Blair) HUTTON {UK} (M: 1939 Jul 17 - 1994 Sep 28)

Will(=William) (Nicholas) HUTTON {UK} (M: 1950 May 21 - living 2022)

William HUTTON (M: 1723 - 1815)
13926	An History Of Birmingham [n|1783]
	Journey From Birmingham To London [n|1785]
	The Barbers [1793]
	Edgar And Elfrida [p|1793]
	Courts Of Requests [n|1787]
	A Description Of Blackpool In Lancashire [n|1789/1804]
	Poems, Chiefly Tales [p|1804]
	A Trip To Coatham, A Watering Place In The North..Of Yorkshire [n|1810]
	The Battle Of Bosworth Field [1813]
	The History Of The Roman Wall [n|1813]
	The Life Of William Hutton [a|1816]
	The History Of Derby [n|1817]
	The Court Of Requests, With A Memoir [1840]

William HUTTON (M: 1737 - 1811)
	The Beetham Repository, 1770 [1906]

William HUTTON (M: 1797 Mar 21 - 1860 Nov 21)
	The Fossil Flora Of Great Britain (w John LINDLEY) [3v|n|1831-27]

William HUTTON (M: 1801 - 1861 Jul 19)
	Canada [n|1854]

Rev, William HUTTON (M: 1838 - ?)
	Twelve Thousand Miles Over Land And Sea [n|1878]

William HUTTON {US?} (M: 1877 - ?)
	Country Plumbing Practice [n|1914]
	Joint Wiping And Lead Work [n|1912/17/1928]

Dean, William Holden HUTTON {UK} (M: 1860 May 24 - 1930 Oct 24)
22366	The Church And The Barbarians [n|1906]

William Rich HUTTON {US} (M: 1826 Mar 21 - 1901 Dec 11)
L	Glances At California, 1847-1853 [n|1942]

Rev, Wyndham Madden HUTTON (M: c1830 - 1882 Jan 18)
(&ps: A MEMBER of the University of Oxford)

(Carl/Charles) Richard HUTTULA (M: c1839 - 1893 Apr 14)

Evert (Johan Valdemar) HUTTUNEN {FI} (M: 1884 May 8 - 1924 Mar 29)
	Piirteitä Asuntokysymyksestä [Fi-1912]
	Sos-Dem Puoluejohto Ja Kansalaissota [n|Fi-1918]
	Mietteitä Nykyisestä Tilanteesta [Fi-1920]

Emerson Edward HUTZEL {US} (M: 1890 Sep 22 - 1975 Feb 28)
	Memories Of Days That Were [a|c1944]

Helen (Margaret) HUUS {US} (F: 1913 Nov 1 - 2011 Feb 2)
	The Education Of Children And Youth In Norway [n|1960]
	Children's Books To Enrich The Social Studies [n|1961/66]

Daniel HUWS {UK} (M: 1932 - ?)

Aldous (Leonard) HUXLEY {UK} (M: 1894 Jul 26 (or 27) - 1963 Nov 22)
	The Burning Wheel [p|1916]
24364	The Defeat Of Youth.. [p|1918]
	Limbo [s|1920]
	Leda [p|1920]
1999,Q	Crome Yellow [1921]
	Mortal Coils [s|1922]
	Antic Hay [1923]
	On The Margin [1923]
	Young Archimedes.. (aka: Little Mexican..) [s|1924]
	Along The Road [1925]
	Those Barren Leaves [1925]
	Two Or Three Graces [1926]
	Jesting Pilate [1926]
	Proper Studies [1927]
	Point Counter Point [1928]
	Do What You Will [1929]
	Brief Candles [1930]
	The World Of Light [1931]
	The Cicadas [1931]
	Music At Night.. [e|1931]
	Texts And Pretexts [1932]
D	Brave New World [f|1932]
	Beyond The Mexique Bay [1934]
	Eyeless In Gaza [1936]
	The Olive Tree.. [e|1936]
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	The Most Agreeable Vice [1938]
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	Grey Eminence [1941]
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	Time Must Have A Stop [1944]
	The Perennial Philosophy [1946]
	Science, Liberty And Peace [1947]
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	Themes And Variations [1950]
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+	The Doors Of Perception [n|1954]
	The Genius And The Goddess [1955]
	Heaven And Hell [1956]
	Adonis And The Alphabet [1956]
	Collected Short Stories (aka: Giaconda Smile) [s|1957]
	Brave New World Revisited [1958]
	Collected Essays [e|1960]
	On Art And Artists [1961]
+	Island [1962]
	Literature And Science [n|1963]
	The Human Situation [?]
	Time Must Have A Stop [?]
	The Genius And The Goddess [?]
	The Perennial Philosophy [?]
	Science, Liberty And Peace [?]
	Moksha [?]
	Verses And A Comedy [p|?]
	The Crows Of Pearblossom [?]
	Stories, Essays And Poems [s|?]

Andrew Fielding HUXLEY {UK} (M: 1917 Nov 22 - 2012 May 30)

Anthony Julian HUXLEY {UK} (M: 1920 Dec 2 - 1992 Dec 26)

Donna HUXLEY (F: ? - ?)

Elspeth (Josceline) HUXLEY, nee GRANT {UK} (F: 1907 Jul 23 - 1997 Jan 10)
	White Man's Country [n|1935]
	Murder At Government House [f|1937]
	Murder On Safari [f|1938]
	Death Of An Aryan (US: The African Poison Murders) [f|1939]
	Red Strangers [1939]
	The Sorcerer's Apprentice [n|1948]
	The Walled City [1948]
	Four Guineas [n|1954]
	The Red Rock Wilderness [n|1957]
	The Flame Trees Of Thika [n|1959]
	A New Earth [n|1960]
	The Mottled Lizard [1962]
	The Merry Hippo (US: The Incident At The Merry Hippo) [1963]

Gervas HUXLEY {UK} (M: 1894 Apr 6 - 1971 Apr 2)

Helen Rosa HUXLEY, Mrs FOWLER {UK} (F: 1917 Jul 23 - 2007 Mar 11)
(ps: Helen FOLEY)
	Between The Parties [1958]
	The Traverse [1960]
	A Handful Of Time [1961]
	Fort Of Silence [1963]

Herbert Henry HUXLEY {UK} (M: 1916 Jul 29 - 2010 May 5)
(&ps: STENUS)
	Carmina MCMLXIII (ed) [p|La-1963]

Judith HUXLEY, nee ? {US?} (F: 1926 Dec 3 - 1983 Oct)

Sir, Julian (Sorell) HUXLEY {UK} (M: 1887 Jun 22 - 1975 Feb 14)
(&ps: BALBUS)
	Essays Of A Biologist [e|1923]
	Religion Without Revelation [n|1927/1957]
	The Science Of Life (w G P WELLS & H G WELLS) [n|1930]
	Reconstruction And Peace: Needs And Opportunities (ps: BALBUS) [n|1941]
	Evolution [n|1942]
	Reshaping Man's Heritage (w J B S HALDANE & H G WELLS) [n|1944]

Laura (Francesca) (nee)Archera HUXLEY {IT/US:1951on} (F: 1911 Nov 2 - 2007 Dec 13)
	You Are Not The Target [n|1963]

Prof, Leonard HUXLEY {UK} (M: 1860 Dec 11 - 1933 May 2)
15429	Thomas Henry Huxley: A Character Sketch [b|1920]

Sir, Leonard (George Holden) HUXLEY {AU} (M: 1902 May 29 - 1988 Sep 4)
	A Survey Of The Principles & Practice Of Wave Guides [n|1947]

Marian HUXLEY (F: ? - ?)

Matthew HUXLEY {UK} (M: 1920 Apr 19 - 2005 Feb 10)

Prof, Thomas Henry HUXLEY (M: 1825 May 4 - 1895 Jun 29)
2931	Evidence As To Man's Place In Nature [n|1863]
	The Physical Basis Of Life [n|1868]
16729	Lay Sermons, Addresses And Reviews [e|1870]
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&	The Crayfish: An Introduction To The Study Of Zoology [n|1880]
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2940	Evolution And Ethics [e|1894]
15905,&	  Collected Essays [9v|e|1894]
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7150	  Science & Education: Collected Essays, v3 [e|1894]
	Scientific Memoirs [a|1898-1901]
5084	The Life And Letters.. (ed Leonard HUXLEY) [3v|a|1900]
1315	Autobiography And Selected Essays [a|1909]
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&	Aphorisms And Reflections.. (ed Henrietta A HUXLEY) [e|?]
&	The Huxley File [e|?]
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6414	Lectures And Essays [Cassell ed] [e|1908]
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2922	  The Past Condition Of Organic Nature [n|?]
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2925	  The Conditions Of Existence As Affecting..Living Beings [n|?]
2926	  A Critical Examination Of..'On The Origin Of Species'.. [n|?]
2927	  The Darwinian Hypothesis [n|?]
2928	  Time And Life [n|?]
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2930	  Criticisms On Origin Of Species [n|?]
2932	  On The Relations Of Man To The Lower Animals [n|?]
2933	  On Some Fossil Remains Of Man [n|?]
2934	  On The Advisableness Of Improving Natural Knowledge [n|?]
2935	  On The Study Of Zoology [n|?]
2936	  Geological Contemporaniety And Persistent Types Of Life [n|?]
2937	  Coral And Coral Reefs [n|?]
2938	  Yeast [n|?]
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Peter HUXLEY-BLYTHE {UK} (M: 1925 Nov 16 - 2013 Aug 18)

John HUXMAN (M: 1692 - 1768)

Avon Paolo HUXOR {UK} (M: c1959 - ?)

Ada Louise HUXTABLE, nee LANDMAN {US} (F: 1921 Mar 14 - 2013 Jan 7)

Archdeacon, Anthony HUXTABLE (M: 1808 - 1883 Dec 12)

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George Gellard HUXTABLE (M: 1832 - ?)

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Jessie Catherine HUYBERS, 1:Mrs FRASER, 2:Mrs COUVREUR (F: 1848 Oct 28 - 1897 Oct 23)
(ps: TASMA)
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#	A Sydney Sovereign.. [s|1890]
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Sir, Constantijn/Constantine HUYGENS (M: 1596 Sep 4 - 1687 Mar 26)
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Christiaan/Christian HUYGENS (M: 1629 Apr 14 - 1695 Jul 8)
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Prof, René Louis HUYGHE {FR} (M: 1906 May 3 - 1997 Feb 7)

Jan HUYGHEN Van LINSCHOTEN (M: 1563 - 1611 Feb 8)
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(Samuel) Douglas Smith HUYGHUE (M: 1816 Apr 23 - 1891 Jul 24)
(&ps: EUGENE)
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Rev, John HUYSHE (M: 1800 Sep 15 - 1880 Oct 18)

Camille HUYSMANS {BE} (M: 1871 May 25 - 1968 Feb 25)

Joris-Karl HUYSMANS (see: Charles Marie Georges HUYSMANS)

Charles Marie Georges HUYSMANS (M: 1848 Feb 5 - 1907 May 13)
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