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Roi Ankhkara KWABENA {TT} (M: c1956 - c2007)

Stanley (Shih Kuang) KWAN {CN/CA?} (M: 1925 Jan 10 - 2011 Dec 31)

Prof, Remigius Cornelius KWANT, aka Kees KWANT {NL} (M: 1918 Jan 14 - 2012 Jan 17)
	De Gradibus Entis [?-1946]
	Idelisme En Christendom [Du-1948]

Alexander Adum KWAPONG (M: 1927 Mar 8 - 2014 Aug 9)

Zavel(=Zevulun) KWARTIN {SU/US?} (M: 1874 Mar 25 - 1952 Oct 3)

Ilse KWASNIK, nee TEUBER {DE} (F: 1909 Aug 29 - 1961 Jul 7)
(ps: Renate RICHTER)

Adele (Dorothy) KWEDER, nee NELSON {US} (F: 1910 Oct 13 - 1979 Oct 21)
	Keep Calm Cookbook (w David KWEDER) [n|1963]

David (James) KWEDER {US} (M: 1905 Nov 20 - 1991 Oct 29)
	Keep Calm Cookbook (w Adele KWEDER) [n|1963]

Johannes KWELLA {DE} (M: ? - c1950)
	.. Alle Tage [f|Ge-1933]

Hanna Yaxa KWIATKOWSKA {US} (F: 1906 Jun 10 - 1980 Apr 1)

Guillermo Tharcisio Pieters KWIERS / PIETERS KWIERS {NL} (M: 1931 Feb 10 - ?)

Laureen KWOCK {US} (F: ? - ?)
(&ps: Clarice PETERS)
	Mystery In Paradise [f|?]
	Bangkok Serenade [f|?]