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MAC (see: William BRAND)

MAC (see: William McCARRY)

MAC (see: Herbert W MacKINNEY)

MAC (see: Seumus/James MacMANUS)

MAC (see: Stanley McMURTRY)

Carm MAC (see: Keith Francis Whitfield ARMSTRONG)

J MAC {ZA?} (?: ? - ?)
	Little Indabas [s|1900]



Constance McADAM / MACADAM {NZ} (F: 1872 - ?)
(&ps: Constance CLYDE; Clyde WRIGHT ?)
	A Pagan's Love (ps: Constance CLYDE) [f|1905]
	New Zealand: Country And People (ps: Constance CLYDE) [n|1925/1937/?/1943/?/?/1955]

Prof, Doug McADAM {US} (M: 1951 Aug 31 - living 2021)
	Political Process And The Development Of Black Insurgency.. [n|1982/99]

James MacADAM (Jr) (M: 1801 Jan - 1861 Jun 1)
	On Industrial, Educational, And Scientific Progress In..Ireland [n|1849]
	On The Production Of The Flax Plant..Fibre For Manufacture [n|1852]
	Two Letters On The Flax And Linen Duties [e|1854]

John Loudon McADAM (M: 1756 Sep 21 - 1836 Nov 26)
	Remarks On The Present System Of Road-Making [n|1816]
	Practical Essay On The..Repair And Preservation Of Roads [n|1819]

Lucius McADAM (M: 1845 Sep 14 - 1913 Mar 31)
	Total Disability Benefits In Health Insurance (anon) [n|c1911]

Madalena Victoria (nee)Brocklebank MacADAM {US} (F: 1863 Jun 30 - 1958 Jun 28)
	Fortune In My Own Hands [a|1940]

Preston MacADAM (see: John PRESTON)

Prof, Robert McADAM {UK} (M: 1906 Mar 15 - 1978 Nov 5)

Robert King MACADAM {US} (M: 1841 Nov 11 - ?)
51393	Toadstools, Mushrooms, Fungi, Edible.. (w C McILVAINE) [n|1900/02/12]

Prof, Stevenson (John Charles George) MACADAM {UK} (M: 1866 Jan 30 (or 31) - 1939 Jan 26)

William McADAM {UK} (M: 1886 Aug 7 - 1952 Apr 22)
	Birth, Growth And Eclipse Of Glasgow And South Western Railway.. [n|1923]

Charles McADAMS (see: Gladwell (Grady) RICHARDSON)

Lewis (Perry) MacADAMS (Jr) {US} (M: 1944 Oct 12 - 2020 Apr 21)
	The River [1998/2007]

William Henry McADAMS {US} (M: 1892 Mar 15 - 1975 May 2)
	Principles Of Chemical Engineering (w W LEWIS & W WALKER) [n|1923/1927]
	Principles Of Chemical Engineering (3e w others) [n|1937]

Prof, Alexander George McADIE {US} (M: 1863 Aug 4 - 1943 Nov 1)
	The Aurora In Its Relations To Meteorology [n|1885]
	Clouds And Fogs Of San Francisco [n|1911]
	The Ephebic Oath [n|1912]
	The Founder Of The Blue Hill..Abbott Lawrence Rotch (anon) [b|1914]
	Rainfall Of California [n|1914]
	Principles Of Aërography [n|1917]
	Manual Of Aerography For The United States Navy [n|1918]
	Wind And Weather [n|1922]
	A Cloud Atlas [n|1923]
	Making The Weather [n|1923]
	War Weather Vignettes [n|1925]
	Man And Weather [n|1926]
	Cloud Formations As Hazards In Aviation [n|1929]
	Clouds [n|1930]
	Airgraphics [n|1931]
	Fog [n|1934]
	The Climatology Of California [n|?]

Abp, Henry Robert McADOO {UK} (M: 1916 Jan 10 - 1998 Dec 10)
	The Structure Of Caroline Moral Theology [n|1949]

Sen, William Gibbs McADOO {US} (M: 1863 Oct 31 - 1941 Feb 1)
	The Challenge [n|1928]
	Crowded Years.. [a|1931]

Prof, Cleland Boyd McAFEE {US} (M: 1866 Sep 25 - 1944 Feb 4)
	Where He Is [n|1898]
	Faith, Fellowship And Fealty [n|1902]
	The Growing Church [n|1903]
	What Constitutes A Christian College? [n|1904]
	The Mosaic Law In Modern Life [n|1906]
	Studies In The Sermon On The Mount [n|1910]
1592	The Greatest English Classic: A Study Of The King James Bible [n|1912]
	'His Peace' [n|1913]
	Psalms Of The Social Life [n|1916]
	The Christian Faith And The New Day [n|1920]
	The Christian Conviction [n|1926]
	Changing Foreign Missions [n|1927]
	Ministerial Practices [n|1928]
	The Christian Message And Program [n|1929]
	The Ruling Elder, His Duties And His Opportunities [n|1931]
	The Uncut Nerve Of Missions [n|1932]
	The Foreign Missionary Enterprise.. [n|1935]
	Studies In The Philippines [n|1943]

Rev, Daniel McAFEE (M: 1790 - 1873 Jan 11)

James Thomas McAFEE {US} (M: 1928 May 13 - 1982 Aug 10)

Joseph Ernest McAFEE {US} (M: 1870 Apr 4 - 1947 Mar 14)
	Missions Striking Home [n|1908]
	World Missions, From A Home Base [n|1911]
	Religion And The New American Democracy [n|1917]
	A Mid-West Adventure In Education [n|1937]
	College Pioneering [n|1938]

Paul K McAFEE (M: ? - ?)

Prof, Randolph Preston McAFEE {US} (M: 1956 Jul 7 - living 2017)

Peter MacALAN (see: Peter Berresford ELLIS)

Mathias Wilson McALARNEY {US} (M: 1840 Jun 7 - 1900 Dec 5)
	History Of The Sesqui-centennial Of Paxtang Church..1890 [n|1890]

Robert Emmett MacALARNEY / McALARNEY {US} (M: 1873 Dec 30 - 1945 (wrongly 1944) Nov 15)

Mike McALARY {US} (M: 1957 Dec 15 - 1998 Dec 25)

Alexander Morison McALDOWIE {UK} (M: 1852 - 1926 Sep 4)
	The Birds Of Staffordshire [n|1893]

Jesse Fay McALEAR {US} (M: 1894 Oct 25 - 1974 Jan 5)

Henry McALEAVY {UK} (M: 1912 Jan 11 - 1968 Oct 25)
	A Dream Of Tartary [n|1963]

George McALEER {US} (M: 1845 Nov 29 - 1923 Sep 19)
	Reminiscent.. [a|1901]
	A Study In The Etymology Of The Indian Place Name Missisquoi [n|1906]
	A Study In The Origin..Of The Surname McAleer (ed) [b|1909]
	Gathered Waiflets [e|1913]

Jinny(=Virginia) (Ann) McALEER, nee WHITTEMORE {US} (F: 1926 Sep 27 - 1997 Nov 13)

John McALEER {US} (M: c1927 - ?)

Daniel McALEESE (M: 1833 - 1900 Dec 1)

Thomas (E) McALINDON {UK} (M: 1932 Sep 14 - ?)

Prof, Alexander MACALISTER (M: 1844 Apr 9 - 1919 Sep 2)
	Introduction To Animal Morphology [n|1876]
	Morphology Of Vertebrate Animals [n|1878]
	Evolution In Church History [n|1879]
	Text-Book Of Human Anatomy [n|1889]
	Physiology [n|1895]
	Memoir Of James Macartney [b|1900]

Alexander Wardrope Greenshields MacALISTER {CA} (M: 1876 Mar 6 - 1957)
	The Bench And Bar Of The Provinces Of Quebec.. (ed) [b|1907]

Charles MACALISTER (M: 1830 - 1908)
	Old Pioneering Days In The Sunny South [a|1907]

Charles John MACALISTER {UK} (M: c1861 - 1943 Oct 25)
	A Research Concerning The Symphytum Officinale And..Allantoin [n|1936]
	History Of The Liverpool Royal Southern Hospital [n|1936]
	History Of Royal Liverpool Country Hospital For Children [n|1930]

Sir, Donald MACALISTER, 1st Bt {UK} (M: 1854 May 17 - 1934 Jan 15)

Earl C McALISTER {US} (M: ? - ?)
	On Tower Island [f|1907]
	An Island Secret [f|1909]

George Alexander McALISTER {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	High-Sky! [a|1944]

Hugh McALISTER (see: Margaret Alison JOHANSEN & Alice Alison LIDE)
	The Mystery At Roaring Brook Farm [f|1930]
	Flaming River [f|1930]
	Conqueror Of The High Road [f|1930]
	Stand By [f|1930]
	A Viking Of The Sky [f|1930]
+	The Flight Of The Silver Ship [f|1930]
	Steve Holworth Of The Oldham Works [f|1930]
	Sea Gold [f|1931]
	That Boy At Roaring Brook Farm [f|1931]

Ian MacALISTER (see: Marvin Hubert ALBERT)

James MacALISTER (M: 1840 Apr 26 - 1913 Dec 11)

Lottie (L) McALISTER, nee PLEWES {CA} (F: 1865 - ?)
I	Clipped Wings [f|1899]

Mamie (Idell) (nee)Medley McALISTER {US} (F: 1903 Feb 17 - 1989 Sep 25)
	Flowing Thoughts [p|1954]

Prof, Robert Alexander Stewart MACALISTER {UK} (M: 1870 Jul 8 - 1950 Apr 26)
	Studies In Irish Epigraphy [3v|n|1897-1907]
	Excavations In Palestine (w F J BLISS) [n|1902]
	The Vision Of Merlino [1903]
	Bible Sidelights From The Mound Of Gezer [n|1906]
	Two Irish Arthurian Romances [n|1908]
	Memorial Slabs Of Clonmacnoise [n|1909]
	A History Of Civilization In Palestine [n|1912/21]
	The Excavation Of Gezer [3v|n|1912]
	The Philistines, Their History And Civilization [n|1913]
	A Grammar Of The Nuri Language [n|1914]
	Muiredach, Abbot Of Monasterboice, His Life And Surroundings [b|1914]
	The History And Antiquities Of Inis Cealtra [n|1916]
	Leabhar Gabhala (w MacNEILL) [IG?-1916]
	The Life Of Ciaran Of Clonmacnois [b|1921]
	A Text-book Of European Archæology [n|1921]
	Ireland In Pre-Celtic Times [n|1921]
	Report On The Excavation Of The Hill Of Ophel, Jerusalem [n|1925]
	A Century Of Excavation In Palestine [n|1925/1930]
	The Archæology Of Ireland [n|1927/1944]
	A History Of Western Europe [n|1928]
	The Excavation Of Uisneach (w R Ll PRAEGER) [n|1929]
	Tara, A Pagan Sanctuary Of Ancient Ireland [n|1931]
	Ancient Ireland [n|1935]
	The Secret Languages Of Ireland [n|1936]
	The Book On The Taking Of Ireland [4v|n|1938-1941]
	The Book Of Fermoy [n|1939]
	Corpus Inscriptionum Celticarum [n|1945]
	The Book Of Ui Maine [n|1943]
	Monasterboice, Its History And Monuments [n|1946]

Maj-Gen, Ronald William Lorne McALISTER {UK} (M: 1923 May 26 - 2015 Sep 8)

Frances McALL, nee ? (F: c1910 - ?)

(Robert) Kenneth McALL {UK} (M: 1910 - 2001 Jun 2)
	Healing The Haunted [n|?]
	Guide To Healing The Family Tree [n|?]

Rev, Robert Stephens McALL (M: 1792 Aug 4 - 1838 Jul 27)

Robert Whitaker M'ALL (M: 1821 - 1893 May 11)

Samuel McALL (M: 1807 Oct 5 - 1888 Mar 9)

Andrew MacALLAN (see: (Thomas) James LEASOR)

David MACALLAN (M: ? - ?)
	The Mode And Subjects Of Christian Baptism [n|1858]

Harry MacALLAN {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Poems (February - September 1942) [p|1942]

Adams Stratton McALLISTER {US} (M: 1875 Feb 24 - 1946 Nov 26)
	Alternating Current Motors [n|1906/?/?/?]
	Standard Handbook For Electrical Engineers [n|1907/?/?]
	The Descendants Of John Thomson [n|1917]

Agnes McALLISTER (F: ? - ?)
	A Lone Woman In Africa [a|1896]

Alister McALLISTER {UK} (M: 1877 - 1943 Apr (wrongly Aug) 6)
(ps: Henry ALEXANDER; Lynn BROCK; Anthony (P) WHARTON)
	Irene Wycherley [d|pro:1907]
	Nocturne [d|pro:1908]
	At The Barn [d|pro:1911]
	13 Simon St [d|pro:1913]
	The Riddle [d|pro:1914]
	Benvenuto Cellini [d|pro:1915]
	Joan Of Over Barrow (ps: Anthony WHARTON) [f|1922]
	The Man On The Hill (ps: Anthony WHARTON) [f|1923]
	Be Good Sweet Maid (ps: Anthony WHARTON) [1924]
	The Deductions Of Colonel Gore (ps: Lynn BROCK) [1] [f|1924]
	Colonel Gore's Second Case (ps: Lynn BROCK) [f|1925]
	Evil Communications (ps: Anthony WHARTON) [f|1926]
	The Two Of Diamonds (ps: Anthony WHARTON) [f|1926]
	Colonel's Gore's Third Case (US: The Kink) (ps: Lynn BROCK) [f|1927]
	The Slip-Carriage Mystery (ps: Lynn BROCK) [f|1928]
	Needles And Pins [d|1929]
	The Dagwort Coombe Murder (US: The Stoke Silver Case) (ps: Lynn BROCK) [f|1929]
	The Mendip Mystery (US: Murder At The Inn) (ps: Lynn BROCK) [f|1929]
	QED (US: Murder On The Bridge) (ps: Lynn BROCK) [f|1930]
	The Barrington Mystery (ps: Lynn BROCK) [repr of 1] [f|1932]
	Nightmare (ps: Lynn BROCK) [f|1932]
	The Silver Sickle Case (ps: Lynn BROCK) [f|1938]
	Four Fingers (ps: Lynn BROCK) [f|1939]
	The Riddle Of The Roost (ps: Lynn BROCK) [f|1939]
	The Stoat: Colonel Gore's Queerest Case (ps: Lynn BROCK) [f|1940]
	The O'Cuddy [d|1942]

Alvan McALLISTER (M: ? - ?)
25184	A Dissertation On The Medical..Tobacco (w Moses STUART) [n|1832]

Amanda McALLISTER (see: Jean HAGER)

Amanda McALLISTER (see: Eloise MEAKER)

Anne McALLISTER (see: Barbara SCHENCK)

Archibald McALLISTER {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	Voyages Of Captain Crinkle And The Good Ship Swan (anon) [n|1945]

Bryan McALLISTER {UK} (M: 1945 Apr 3 - ?)

Colin (Lewis) McALLISTER {UK} (M: 1968 Jan 10 - living 2017)

David McALLISTER (M: ? - ?)
	The National Reform Movement [n|1898]

Elizabeth (May) McALLISTER, nee GLEN {UK} (F: 1912 Nov 29 - 1991 Nov 8)
	Town And Country Planning (w Gilbert McALLISTER) [1941]
	Homes, Towns And Countryside (jt ed) [1945]
	The Pub And The Garden City (w Gilbert McALLISTER) [n|1948]

Gilbert McALLISTER {UK} (M: 1906 Mar 26 - 1964 May 27)
	James Maxton [b|1935]
	The Book Crisis (ed) [n|1940]
	Town And Country Planning (w Elizabeth McALLISTER) [n|1941]
	Homes, Towns And Countryside (jt ed) [n|1945]
	Houses As Homes [n|1945]
	The Pub And The Garden City (w Elizabeth McALLISTER) [n|1948]
	The Bomb - Questions And Answers [n|1955]
	Music In Britain Today And Tomorrow (ed) [n|1960]

Harry Edward McALLISTER {US} (M: 1916 Oct 8 - 2002 Mar 28)
	Readings In Current Economics (jt ed) [n|1958/1961]

Heather MacALLISTER, nee/Mrs ? {US} (F: ? - ?)
(&ps: Heather ALLISON)

Jane Ellen McALLISTER {US} (F: 1899 Oct 24 - 1996 Jan 10)
	The Training Of Negro Teachers In Louisiana [n|1929]

Mrs M E M'ALLISTER, nee ? {US} (F: 1844 - ?)
	Sunshine Among The Clouds [a|1873]

(Samuel) Ward McALLISTER (M: 1827 Dec 28 - 1895 Jan 31)
	Society As I Have Found It [a|1890]

Robert McALMON {US/FR?} (M: 1896 - 1956)
	Explorations [p|1921]
	Post-Adolescence [f|1923]
	A Companion Volume [s|1923]
	Village.. [s|1924]
	Distinguished Air (Grim Fairy Tales) [s|1925]
	The Portrait Of A Generation [p|1926]
	North America, Continent Of Conjecture [p|1929]
	Not Alone Lost [p|1937]
	Being Geniuses Together [1938]

(Robert) Alistair McALPINE, (life) Baron McALPINE Of WEST GREEN {UK} (M: 1942 May 14 - 2014 Jan 17)

Avery MACALPINE (?: ? - ?)
	A Man's Conscience [f|1891]

Rev, Charles Alonzo McALPINE {US} (M: 1874 Feb 7 - 1945 Aug 5)
	Hogan And Hogan [1914]
	The Pulpit Committee [n|1916]
	Says Hogan [1917]
	The Readers Bible [n|1936]
	The Life And Teachings Of Jesus Christ [b|1937]
	Through The Bible In A Year [n|1939]
	The Bible Log [n|1942]

Dale Keating McALPINE {US} (M: 1893 Jul 11 - 1968 Apr 9)
	Marie Maimska [f|1954]

Douglas McALPINE {UK} (M: 1890 Aug 19 - 1981 Feb 4)

Emily Eliza Jours McALPINE (F: ? - ?)
R	Doings In Maryland; Or Matilda Douglas [f|1871]

Prof, Frank McALPINE (M: ? - ?)
	Treasures From The Poetic World [1882]
	Treasures From The Prose World [1883]
	Popular Poetic Pearls, And Biographies Of Poets [1885]
	Our Album Of Authors, A Cyclopedia Of Popular Literary People [n|1885]
	Mile-stones Of History, Literature, Travel, Mythology..Art [n|1887]
	In The Literary World [n|1895]

Sir, George Watson MACALPINE (M: 1850 Mar 10 - 1919 Jul 16)
	The Days Of The Son Of Man [n|?]

Jessie McALPINE, Mrs PRENTICE {UK} (F: 1901 May 10 - 1979 May 27)
	The Dominant Fifth [f|1930]
	Allies In The Fourth [f|1933]
	Growing Up At St Monica's [f|1937]

Kenneth McALPINE {UK} (M: 1925 - ?)

Margaret (Macfarlane) Hesketh MacALPINE, nee MURRAY {UK} (F: 1907 Oct 22 - 1995 Sep 3)
	The Hand In The Bag [1959]
	Dougal And The Wee Folk [1960]

Rachel McALPINE {NZ} (F: 1940 - ?)

Thomas H McALPINE {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	McAlpine's Illustrated..Nova Scotia, New Brunswick And PEI [n|1897]

William Henry MACALPINE (M: ? - ?)
	A Catalogue Of The Law Library At Hartwell House, Bucks [n|1865]

Domhnall MacAMHLAIGH {UK} (M: 1930 - ?)

Canon, Charles Mortimer McANALLY {UK} (M: 1854 Dec 31 - 1929 Jan 2)

David Rice McANALLY, Jr (M: 1810 Feb 17 - 1895 Jul 11)
19486	Irish Wonders [n|1888]

Sir, Henry William Watson McANALLY {UK} (M: 1870 - 1952 Apr 2)
	The Irish Militia, 1793-1816 [n|?]

Francesco MACALUSO {IT} (M: 1866 Dec 14 - 1945 May 4)
	Scatti D'Anima [p|It-1896]
	L'Ideale [p|It-1897]
	'A Bumma [p|It-?]
	'U Marasciallu [p|It-?]
	Capo Raisi [p|It-?]
	'A Muntagna [p|It-?]
	Cori Cuntentu [p|It-?]
	Arsura [p|It-?]
	'I Sucanchiostu [p|It-?]
	Don Lattanzio E Il Suo Tesoro [p|It-?]
	'A Soggira [p|It-?]
	Lucrezia Borgia [p|It-?]
	Nel Popolo [p|It-?]
	Una Madre [p|It-?]
	Mio Figlio È Conte [p|It-?]

Judge, Reginald Walter MACAN {UK} (M: 1848 - 1941 Mar 23)
	The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ [b|1877]
	The Collects Rendered Into Latin Verse [1928]

Thomas Townley MACAN {UK} (M: 1910 Sep 12 - 1985 Jan 12)
	Asteroidea [n|1938]
	A Key To The British Species Of Corixidae-Hemiptera-Heteroptera [n|1939]
	A Key To The British Water Bugs-Hemiptera-Heteroptera [n|1941]

George Lionel MACANDIE {AU} (M: 1877 Jun 26 - 1968 Apr 30)
	The Genesis Of The Royal Australian Navy [n|1950]

Cass McANDREW (see: Mary Ann TAYLOR)

James MACANDREW (M: 1820 - 1887 Feb 24)

Rennie MACANDREW (see: Andrew George ELLIOT)

Wordsworth (A) McANDREW {GY} (M: 1936 Nov 22 - 2008 Apr 25)

Ferdia MAC ANNA {IE} (M: ? - ?)

Tomás MAC ANNA {IE} (M: 1924 Mar 5 - 2011 May 17)

Marshall MACAO (see: Ron(=Ronald) (Joseph) GOULART)

Sir, Alexander (Wiseman) MACARA {UK} (M: 1932 May 4 - 2012 Jun 21)

John MACARA (M: 1813 - 1882)

Peter McARA {CA} (M: 1862 - 1949)
	Sixty-Two Years On The Saskatchewan Prairies (anon) [a|1945]

Donald Wales MacARDLE {US} (M: 1897 Jul 3 - 1964 Dec 23)
	An Index To Beethoven's Conversation Books [n|1962]

Dorothy(=Dorothea) (Margaret/Marguerita Callan) MACARDLE {IE} (F: 1889 or 1899 - 1958 Dec 23)
	Atonement [d|pro:1918]
	Asthara [d|pro:1918]
	Ann Kavanagh [d|pro:1922/pub:1937]
	Earthbound [s|1924]
	Tragedies Of Kerry 1922-1923 [n|1924]
	The Old Man [d|pro:1925]
	Witch's Brew [d|pub:1931]
	The Irish Republic [n|1937]
	The Children's Guest [d|pub:1940]
	Uneasy Freehold (US: The Uninvited) [f|1941]
	The Loving-Cup [d|pub:1943]
	The Seed Was Kind [f|1944]
	Fantastic Summer (US: The Unforeseen) [f|1946]
	Without Fanfares [n|1946]
	Children Of Europe [n|1949]
	Dark Enchantment [f|1953]
	Shakespeare, Man And Boy (ed George BOTT) [b|1961]

John Francis M'ARDLE (M: 1842 - 1883 Feb 21)

Prof, John Stephen M'ARDLE {IE} (M: 1859 - 1928 Apr 14)
	The Surgery Of The Abdomen [n|1888]
	Hydrocele And Its Treatment [n|1888]
	Diseases Of Joints [n|1889]
	Clinical And Operative Surgery [n|1900]
	Renal Surgery [n|1895]
	Operative Surgery [n|1905]

John Verner McAREE {CA} (M: 1876 - 1958)
	Cabbagetown Store [b|1953]

McARONE (see: George ARNOLD)

Alan Grant McARTHUR {AU} (M: 1923 Jul 21 - 1978 Nov 9)

Alexander McARTHUR (M: 1814 Mar 10 - 1909 Aug 1)
	Transportation To Western Australia [n|1864]

Archie McARTHUR {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	The New Challenge Of Science To Religion (anon) [n|c1930]

Rev, Arthur (Leitch) MACARTHUR {UK} (M: 1913 Dec 9 - 2008 Sep 1)

Bessie Jane Bird MacARTHUR, nee BISSET {UK} (F: 1889 - ?)
	Last Leave [p|1943]
	From Daer Water [p|1962]

Burke MacARTHUR (see: Arthur J BURKS)

Charles McARTHUR / M'ARTHUR (M: 1844 May - 1910 Jul 3)

Charles MacARTHUR {US} (M: 1895 Nov 5 - 1956 Apr 21)
	Lulu Belle (w Edward SHELDON) [d|1926]
	Salvation (w Sidney HOWARD) [d|1927]
	The Front Page (w Ben HECHT) [d|1928]
	War Bugs [a|1929]
	20th Century (w Ben HECHT) [d|1932]
	Ladies And Gentlemen (w Ben HECHT) [d|1939]

David Wilson MacARTHUR {UK} (M: 1903 Aug 29 - 1981 Nov 13)
(&ps: David WILSON)
	Yellow Stockings [f|1925]
	The Road To The Nile (aka: The Road To Benghazi) [n|1941]
	The River Fowey [n|1948]
	Auto Nomad In Barbary [n|1950]
	The River Doon [n|1951]
	Auto Nomad Through Africa [n|1951]
	The Desert Watches [n|1954]
	Traders North [n|?]

Prof, Donald Neil McARTHUR {UK} (M: 1892 Aug 2 - 1965 Aug 23)
	Agricultural Progress [n|?]

Gen, Douglas MacARTHUR {US} (M: 1880 Jan 26 - 1964 Apr 5)

Duncan McARTHUR {CA} (M: 1885 Mar 17 - 1943 Jul 20)

Sir, Edward MACARTHUR (M: 1789 Mar 16 - 1872 Jan 4)
	Colonial Policy Of 1840 And 1841..Governor's Despatches.. [n|1841]
	Brief Remarks On Colonization [n|1846]

Dame, Ellen (Patricia) MacARTHUR {UK} (F: 1976 Jul 8 - living 2020)

Florence Mary MacARTHUR, Mrs ANDERSON {UK} (F: 1893 Oct 27 - 1972 Jan 12)
(&ps: Florence (Mary) ANDERSON; Molly MacARTHUR)
	The Rainbow Twins (ps: Florence Mary ANDERSON) [1919]

Fiona MCARTHUR (F: ? - ?)

Rev, George Fairfowl MACARTHUR (M: 1825 Jan 19 - 1890 Jun 16)
	Memoriam [n|1866]

Harriet McARTHUR {US} (F: 1851 - ?)
	Recollections Of The Rickreall [a|1930]

Prof, Harvey King McARTHUR {US} (M: 1912 May 9 - 2008 (wrongly 2007) Jan 12)

James MACARTHUR (M: 1798 - 1867 Apr 21)
	New South Wales [n|1837]

(Paul) James MacARTHUR (M: ? - ?)
	The Spoilers (w Rex BEACH) [d|1907]
	Going Some (w Rex BEACH) [d|?]

Margaret MacARTHUR, nee CROWL {US} (F: 1928 May 7 - 2006 May 23)

Molly MacARTHUR (see: Florence Mary MacARTHUR)

Peter (Gilchrist) McARTHUR {CA} (M: 1866 Mar 10 - 1924 Oct 28)
I	Five Sonnets [p|1899]
	Lines [p|1901]
	To Be Taken With Salt [1903]
	The Ghost And The Burglar [f|1905]
	The Peacemakers [f|1905]
	The Prodigal.. [p|1907]
+	In Pastures Green [1915]
+	The Red Cow And Her Friends [1919]
+	Sir Wilfrid Laurier [b|1919]
+	The Affable Stranger [1920]
	The Last Law - Brotherhood [1921]
k	Stephen Leacock [b|1923]
+	Around Home [1925]
+	Familiar Fields [1925]
+	Friendly Acres [1927]

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(ps: MARO)
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MACAW (see: Kitty HANNAYS)

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Henry Raeburn MACBETH-RAEBURN {UK} (M: 1860 Sep 24 - 1947 Dec c6)

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Caitlin McBRIDE (see: Danice Jo ALLEN)

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James McBRIDE {US} (M: ? - ?)

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Jule MCBRIDE (F: ? - ?)

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Mary McBRIDE (see: Mary MYERS)

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Robert McBRIDE {CA} (M: ? - ?)
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Beryl McBURNIE {TT} (F: 1915 Nov 2 - 2000 Mar 3)

Amanda/Ammanda McCABE {US} (F: ? - ?)
(&ps: Laurel McKEE)

Cameron McCABE (see: Ernst Wilhelm Julius BORNEMAN)

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Lily (nee)Lambert McCARTHY {US} (F: 1914 Sep 3 - 2006 Mar 3)

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(&ps: Margaret McKAY)

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Patrick Joseph McCARTHY {US} (M: 1848 - 1921)
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Perry McCARTHY, aka 'The Stig' {UK} (M: 1961 Mar 3 - living 2017)

Pete McCARTHY (see: Peter Charles McCarthy ROBINSON)

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(ps: A MEMBER of the Company)
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(ps: Janette COOPER)
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&	Sac-A-Ja-Wea, America's Greatest Heroine [b|?]

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Kate McCULLAGH (F: ? - ?)

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(ps: Michael DRIN / DRINN)
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Prof, Constance Mary McCULLOUGH {US} (F: 1912 Jan 15 - 1988 Sep 21)

David (Gaub) McCULLOUGH {US} (M: 1933 Jul 7 - living 2017)

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John Tyler McCULLOUGH (see: Sue BURRELL)

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Shannon McCUNE {US} (M: 1913 Apr 6 - 1993 Jan 4)

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Peter McCURTIN (see: George Harmon SMITH)

Peter (J) McCURTIN {US} (M: 1929 Oct 15 - 1997 Jan 27)
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(ps: Dan MASON)

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V L McDERMID (see: Val(=Valerie) (Lesley Campbell) McDERMID)

Val(=Valerie) (Lesley Campbell) McDERMID {UK} (F: 1955 Jun 4 - living 2021)
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Geoffrey Lyster McDERMOTT {UK} (M: 1912 Oct 7 - 1978 Nov 29)

Gerald McDERMOTT {US} (M: 1941 Jan 31 - 2012 Dec 26)

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John W McDERMOTT (M: ? - ?)
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Maurice Joseph McDERMOTT {US} (M: 1928 Aug 28 - 2003 Aug 7)
(ps: Mickey McDERMOTT)

Mickey McDERMOTT (see: Maurice Joseph McDERMOTT)

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Aeneas MACDONALD (see: George Malcolm THOMSON)

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Æneas MACDONALD {AU?} (M: ? - ?)
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Alexander MACDONALD (M: c1700 - c1780)

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Alexander John Hilton MACDONALD {AU} (M: 1916 Aug 19 - 1973 Dec 17)
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Alistair MACDONALD {UK} (M: 1912 Jul 23 - 1991 May 1)

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Andrew MACDONALD (see: William Luther PIERCE)

Andrew MACDONALD (M: c1755 - 1790 Aug 22)

Angus MACDONALD (M: 1816 - 1886 Feb 10)

Angus McDONALD {AU} (M: 1962 Mar 14 - 2012)
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Ann-Marie MacDONALD, Mrs PALMER {CA} (F: 1958 Oct 29 - living 2017)

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Anne (Therese) McDONALD {AU} (F: 1961 Jan 11 - 2010)

Anson MACDONALD (see: Robert Anson HEINLEIN)

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Ballard MacDONALD {US} (M: 1882 Oct 15 - 1935 Nov 17)

(Anne) Betty(=Elizabeth) (Campbell) MacDONALD, nee BARD, 1:Mrs HESKETT {US} (F: 1907 (or 1908) Mar 26 - 1958 Feb 7 or 8)
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Blackie MACDONALD (see: Duncan (Black Macdonald) EMRICH)

Calum(=Malcolm) MACDONALD {UK} (M: 1948 Feb 26 - 2014 May 17)

Prof, Callum Alexander MACDONALD {UK} (M: 1947 Nov 11 - 1997 Jan 24)

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Coll MACDONALD {UK} (M: 1924 Jan 21 - 1983 May 20)

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Prof, Donald Farquhar MACDONALD {UK} (M: 1906 Jun 3 - 1988 Oct 14)

Rev, Donald Farquhar Macleod MACDONALD {UK} (M: 1915 May 1 - 1995 Apr 26)

Dora McDONALD {US} (F: 1925 Jul 16 - 2007 Jan 13)

Douglas McDONALD {US} (M: 1925 Sep 17 - ?)

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(ps: Edwina LEVIN)
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Elisabeth MACDONALD (F: ? - ?)
(&ps: Sabrina RYAN)

Elizabeth (Sebree) MacDONALD, nee PEET, 2:Mrs HEPPNER, 3:Mrs McINTOSH {US} (F: 1915 Mar 1 - 2015 Jun 8)
(&ps: Elizabeth HEPPNER; Elizabeth McINTOSH)
	Undercover Girl [a|1947]
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Elizabeth (nee)Roberts MACDONALD (F: 1864 Feb 17 - 1922)
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Elvin McDONALD {US} (M: 1937 Feb 17 - ?)
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Erskine MACDONALD (see: Anette Muriel HILL)

Etta (Austin) Blaisdell McDONALD (F: 1872 - ?)
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&	Boris In Russia (w Julia DALRYMPLE) [f|1910]
13758	Gerda In Sweden (w Julia DALRYMPLE) [f|1910]
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28765	Rafael In Italy (w Julia DALRYMPLE) [f|1910]
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	Boy Blue And His Friends (w ?) [?]
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Eva Rose McDONALD {UK} (F: 1909 Mar 30 - 1998 Aug 30)

Everett MacDONALD {US} (M: ? - ?)
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Ewen McDONALD {UK} (M: 1920 Jun 30 - 2015 May 6)
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Frances MACDONALD, Mrs APPLEBEE (F: 1914 Apr 12 - 2002 Mar 5)

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(ps: G B-J)
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Geraldine MACDONALD / McDONALD (F: ? - ?)
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Golden MacDONALD (see: Margaret Wise BROWN)

(Cuthbert) Goodridge MacDONALD {CA} (M: 1897 May 10 - 1967 Jan 9)
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Gordon James Fraser MacDONALD {US} (M: 1929 Jul 30 - 2002 May 14)

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Hugh N MacDONALD {CA} (M: 1856 - ?)
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Ian MacDONALD (see: Ian MacDonald MacCORMICK)

Ian MacDONALD {TT} (M: 1933 Apr 18 - ?)

Iverach McDONALD {UK} (M: 1908 Oct 23 - 2006 Dec 14)

Mrs James, McDONALD, nee ? (F: ? - ?)
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Rev, James Middleton MacDONALD {AU} (M: 1857 - 1920 Oct 14)
(&ps: James MIDDLETON)
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Jamie McDONALD (see: Florence (Fisher) Parry HEIDE)

Jane Elizabeth Gostwycke MacDONALD, nee ROBERTS {CA} (F: 1864 Feb 17 - 1922 Nov 8)
	Poems [p|1885]
	Our Little Canadian Cousin [f|1904]
	Dream Verses.. [p|1906]

Janice MACDONALD {US} (F: ? - ?)

Jill Masefield McDONALD {NZ} (F: 1927 Oct 30 - 1982 Jan 2)
	Counting On An Elephant [?]

John MACDONALD (see: Kenneth MILLAR)

John MACDONALD (M: c1624 - c1710)
(ps: Iain LOM)

Lt-Col, John MACDONALD (M: 1759 Oct 30 - 1831 Aug 16)
	Some Short Arguments And Plain Facts..Natives Of India.. [n|1820]

Rev, John MACDONALD (M: ? - ?)
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John MACDONALD (M: ? - ?)
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John MACDONALD {UK} (M: 1843 - 1928 Feb 19)
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John McDONALD {UK} (M: ? - ?)
(&ps: J McD)
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John Alexander MacDONALD {CA} (M: 1846 - 1922 Aug 22)
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(&ps: John DANN; John Wade FARRELL; Peter REED)
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	Murder For The Bride [f|1951]
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	Judge Me Not [f|1951]
	Weep For Me [f|1951]
	The Damned [f|1952]
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	The Neon Jungle [f|1953]
	Cancel All Our Vows [f|1953]
	Contrary Pleasure [f|1954]
	All These Condemned [f|1954]
	Area Of Suspicion [f|1954]
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	The Empty Trap [f|1957]
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	The Only Girl In The Game [f|1960]
	Slam The Big Door [f|1960]
	Where Is Janice Gantry? [f|1961]
	One Monday We Killed Them All [f|1962]
	A Flash Of Green [f|1962]
	A Key To The Suite [f|1962]
	The Girl, The Gold Watch & Everything [f|1962]
	The Drowner [f|1963]
	I Could Go On Singing [f|1963]
	On The Run [f|1963]

Sir, John Denis MACDONALD (M: 1826 Oct 26 - 1908 Feb 7)
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John Ford MACDONALD {CA} (M: 1878 - ?)
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John Harry MacDONALD {CA} (M: ? - ?)
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John James MACDONALD {CA} (M: 1849 - ?)
(&ps: James MacRAE)
	Poems [p|c1877]
	An Ideal Courtship (ps: James MacRAE) [p|1923]
	Poems And Essays [p|1928]

John Lom MACDONALD {UK} (M: ? - ?)
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John Robert MACDONALD {UK} (M: 1879 Jun 29 - 1965 Sep 5)
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	Craigengower [1950]

John Ronald Moreton MACDONALD {UK} (M: 1873 - 1921 Sep 10)
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John Ross MACDONALD (see: Kenneth MILLAR)

John William MACDONALD {NZ} (M: 1882 - 1934 Jun 21)

Laura MacDONALD, nee ? {UK} (F: ? - ?)

(Edward) Lawson McDONALD {UK} (M: 1918 Feb 8 - 2007 Jan 13)

Prof, Lee Cameron McDONALD {US} (M: 1925 Feb 22 - ?)
	Western Political Theory [n|1962]

Leila MACDONALD, Mrs CRACKANTHORPE {UK} (F: c1870 - ?)
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Lesley (Mary) MACDONALD, Mrs WEISSENBORN {UK} (F: 1911 Dec 14 - 2001 May 22)

Louisa MacDONALD {AU?} (F: ? - ?)
(ps: L M)
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	The Mystery Of Catesby Island (w Zola ROSS) [f|1950]
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	Washington's Yesterdays [n|1953]
	Friday's Child (w Zola ROSS) [f|1954]
	Mystery Of The Long House (w Zola H ROSS) [f|1956]
	Pigtail Pioneer (w Zola Helen ROSS) [1956]
	Wing Harbor (w Zola H ROSS) [1957]
	Search For The Northwest Passage [n|1958]
	The Courting Of Ann Maria (w Zola Helen ROSS) [1958]
	Assignment In Ankara (aka: Stolen Letters) (w Zola H ROSS) [1959]
	Winter's Answer (w Zola Helen ROSS) [1961]

Lyla (nee)Merrill McDONALD {US} (F: 1876 Apr 9 - 1962 Dec 27)
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Mrs M A MACDONALD, nee ? (F: ? - ?)
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M C MACDONALD {CA} (?: ? - ?)
	No Tax On The Pericranium [p|1938]

Malcolm (Ian) MACDONALD {UK} (M: 1950 Jan 7 - living 2017)

Malcolm (John) MacDONALD {UK} (M: 1901 Aug 17 - 1981 Jan 11)

Marcia MACDONALD (see: Grace Livingston HILL)

Margaret MACDONALD, Mrs PARKER {UK} (F: ? - ?)
(&ps: Margaret PARKER)
	For The Sake Of A Friend (ps: Margaret PARKER) [f|1896]
	The Desire Of Their Hearts (ps: Margaret PARKER) [f|1899]
	Trefoil (ps: Margaret PARKER) [f|1900]

Marianne MACDONALD {CA} (F: 1934 - ?)

Mary MACDONALD {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	Flowers In The Crevices [p|1962]

Mary Elizabeth MACDONALD, Mrs MacVAY {CA} (F: 1958 Aug 2 - 2012 Feb 11)

Mary (Clare) (nee)Reynolds McDONALD {US} (F: 1888 Mar 17 - 1972 Jan 3)

Melody MacDONALD {UK} (F: ? - ?)

Sir, Murdoch MACDONALD {UK} (M: 1866 May 6 - 1957 Apr 24)
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Nan(=Nancy) (May) McDONALD {AU} (F: 1921 Dec 25 - 1974 Jan 7)
	Pacific Sea [p|1947]
	Australian Poetry (ed) [p|1953]
	The Lonely Fire [p|1954]
	The Lighthouse [p|1959]

Nesta(=Ernestine) MACDONALD, nee ROSS {UK} (F: 1914 - c2015)

Nina MACDONALD {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	War-time Nursery Rhymes [p|1918]

Norman MacDONALD {UK} (M: 1904 - ?)

Norman MacDONALD {US} (M: 1911 - ?)
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Norman Malcolm MACDONALD {UK&CA} (M: 1927 - 2000 (wrongly 1998))

Peter McLaren MACDONALD {CA} (M: ? - ?)
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Philip MacDONALD {UK} (M: 1900 (wrongly 1896 or 1899 or 1901) Nov 5 - 1980 (wrongly 1981) Dec 10)
(&ps: Oliver FLEMING (2); Anthony LAWLESS; Martin PORLOCK; W J STUART; Warren STUART)
	Gentleman Bill [1923]
	The Rasp [f|1924]
	The White Crow [f|1928]
	The Noose [f|1930]
	The Link [f|1930]
	Rynox (US: The Rynox Murder Mystery) [f|1930]
	Murder Gone Mad [f|1931]
	The Choice (US: The Polferry Riddle) [f|1931]
	The Wraith [f|1931]
	The Crime Conductor [f|1931]
	Harbour [f|1931]
	Mystery At Friar's Pardon (&ps: Martin PORLOCK) [1931]
	The Maze (US: Persons Unknown) [f|1932]
	Rope To Spare [f|1932]
	Mystery In Kensington Gore (US: Escape) (&ps: Martin PORLOCK) [1932]
	Death On My Left [f|1933]
	RIP (US: Menace) [f|1933]
	X V Rex (US: Mystery Of The Dead Police) (&ps: Martin PORLOCK) [1933]
	The Nursemaid Who Disappeared (US: Warrant For X) [f|1938]
	The Sword And The Net (ps: Warren STUART) [f|1941]
	The Dark Wheel (aka: Sweet And Deadly) (w A Boyd CORRELL) [f|1948]
	Something To Hide (UK: Fingers Of Fear) [f|1952]
	Guest In The House (aka: No Time For Terror) [f|1955]
	The Man Out Of The Rain [s|1955]
	The List Of Adrian Messenger [f|1959]
	Death And Chicanery [s|1962]

Prudence MACDONALD {UK} (F: ? - ?)
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R C MACDONALD {CA} (?: ? - ?)
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R D McDONALD (M: ? - ?)
16463	In The Shadow Of Death (w P H KRITZINGER) [n|1904]

Ranald MacDONALD (M: 1824 - 1894)
	Ranald MacDonald (ed William S LEWIS & Naojiro MURAKAMI) [a|1923]

Capt, Reginald James MACDONALD {UK} (M: 1867 - 1955)

Richard MACDONALD {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Rev, Robert MACDONALD (M: 1813 May 18 - 1893 Aug 23)
	Lessons For The Present From The Records Of The Past [n|1848]
	From Day To Day [n|1879]

Robert McDONALD (M: 1829 - 1913)
I	Chilig Takudh Tshah Zit / Hymns In Takudh Language [n|1899]

Robert McDONALD {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	First Poems [p|1942]

Robert David MacDONALD {UK} (M: 1929 Aug 27 - 2004 May 19)

Robert Gear MacDONALD {CA} (M: 1874 Aug 5 - 1943)
	From The Isle Of Avalon [p|1908]

Robert Gordon MACDONALD {UK/NZ?} (M: 1854 - 1931 Sep 14)
	The Highlanders Of Waipu [1928]

Robert MacLaughlan MACDONALD {AU} (M: 1874 - ?)
	The Great White Chief [f|1908]
	The Secret Of The Sargasso [f|1909]
	Chillagoe Charlie [f|1909]
	The Gold Seekers [f|1910]
	The Rival Treasure Hunters [f|1910]
	The Moon God's Secret [f|1910]
	The Pearl Lagoons [f|1911]
	Danger Mountain [f|1911]
	The Opal Hunters [f|1912]
	Opals & Gold [n|1928]

Sir, Roderick (Douglas) MACDONALD {UK} (M: 1921 Feb 25 - 2001 Jan 19)

Ronald MacDONALD {UK} (M: 1860 Oct 27 - 1933 Jul 13)
(&ps: Oliver FLEMING (1))
	God Save The King [f|1901]
	Raymond Lanchester [f|1912]
	Gambier's Advocate [f|1914]

Ross MACDONALD (see: Kenneth MILLAR)

Sir, (Robert) Ross McDONALD {AU} (M: 1888 Jan 25 - 1964 Mar 24)
	Digest Of WA Law Reports [n|?]

Sarah MACDONALD (F: ? - ?)
	Cavalcade Of Endeavour [f|1936]

Sheila (Scobie) MACDONALD, nee MACKENZIE, 2:Mrs MOORE {NZ/ZA?} (F: 1880 - 1971)
	Sally In Rhodesia [f|1925]
	Martie.. [f|1927]
	Margaret Venning - Rhodesian [f|1928]
	Uphill Trek [f|1929]
	Susan Outside [f|1930]
	Jacaranda Nield [f|1930]
	Curtain Up, Curtain Down [f|1932]
	Mr Crusoe's Young Woman [f|1934]
	The Tune And The Dancer [f|1936]
	The Member For Mt Ida [Robert Halliday Lidderdale] [b|1938]
	Tanganyika Safari [n|1948]

Shelagh MACDONALD, nee BROOKESMITH {UK} (F: 1937 Dec 20 - ?)

Stuart MACDONALD (M: 1946 - ?)

Susan Marshall McDONALD {US} (F: 1918 Oct 7 - 1992 Mar 17)

Thomas Douglas MACDONALD {UK} (M: 1906 Mar 4 - 1975)
(ps: Fionn MacCOLLA)

Thoreau MACDONALD {CA} (M: 1901 - 1989)
	A Few Of The Old Gates At Thornhill And Some Nearby Farms [n|1933]
	Some Tools Of The Pioneers [n|1936]
	The Group Of Seven [n|1944]
	A Specimen Book Of Cuts Used By The Woodchuck Press [n|1946]

Tom(=Thomas) MacDONALD {UK} (M: 1900 Nov 22 - 1980)
	Gareth The Ploughman [1939]
	The Peak [1941]
	Gate Of Gold [1946]
	The Black Rabbit [1948]
	How Soon Hath Time [1950]
	The Song Of The Valley [1951]

Prof, Walter M'DONALD {UK} (M: 1854 - 1920 May 2)
	Motion [n|?]
	The Principles Of Moral Science [n|?]
	Some Ethical Questions Of Peace And War..Reference To Ireland [n|1919]

Wilbert Lorne MacDONALD {CA} (M: 1879 - ?)
	Beginnings Of The English Essay [n|1914]
	Pope And His Critics [n|1951]

Rev, William MACDONALD (M: 1784 - 1862 Jun 24)

William MACDONALD {ZA} (M: 1875 - 1935 Nov 20)

William Bell MACDONALD (M: 1807 - 1862 Dec 5)

(Allan) William Colt MacDONALD {US} (M: 1891 Dec 2 - 1968 Mar 27)
	Restless Guns [f|1929]
	Rustlers' Paradise [f|1932]
	Law Of The Forty-Fives (aka: Sunrise Guns) [f|1933]
	Six-Gun Melody [f|1933]
	The Singing Scorpion (aka: Ambush At Scorpion Valley) [f|1934]
	Powdersmoke Range [f|1934]
	Riders Of The Whistling Skull [f|1934]
	King Of Crazy River [f|1934]
	The Man From The Desert [f|1934]
	Ghost-Town Gold (aka: The Town That God Forgot) [f|1935]
	Roarin' Lead [f|1935]
	Gun Country [f|1935]
	The Red Rider Of Smoky Range [f|1935]
	Bullets For Buckaroos (aka: Bullet Trail) [f|1936]
	California Caballero [f|1936]
	Trigger Trail [f|1936]
	Spanish Pesos [f|1937]
	Roamin' Holiday [f|1937]
	Sleepy Horse Range (aka: The Fighting Kid From Eldorado) [f|1938]
	The Deputy Of Carabina [f|1938]
	Punchers Of Phantom Pass [f|1939]
	Six-Shooter Showdown [f|(1938)/1939]
	Renegade Roundup [f|1939]
	Black Sombrero (UK: Sombrero) [f|1940]
	The Phantom Pass [f|1940]
	The Battle At Three-Cross [f|1941]
	The Shadow Rider [f|1942]
	Boomtown Buccaneers [f|1942]
	The Crimson Quirt [f|1942]
	The Riddle Of Ramrod Ridge [f|1942]
	Rebel Ranger [f|1943]
	The Vanishing Gun-Slinger [f|1943]
	Peaceful Jenkins [f|1943]
	The Three Mesquiteers [f|1944]
	Cartridge Carnival [f|1945]
	Thunderbird Trail [f|1946]
	Wheels In The Dust [f|1946]
	Bad Man's Return [f|1947]
	Master Of The Mesa [f|1947]
	Dead Man's Gold [f|1948]
	Gunsight Range [f|1949]
	Powdersmoke Justice [f|1949]
	The Killer Brand [f|1950]
	Mesquiteer Mavericks [f|1950]
	Stir Up The Dust [f|1950]
	Blind Cartidges [f|1951]
	Ranger Man [f|1951]
	The Galloping Ghost [f|(1951)/1952]
	Three-Notch Cameron [f|1952]
	Law And Order, Unlimited [f|1953]
	Lightning Swift [f|1953]
	Cow Thief [f|1953]
	Showdown Trail [f|1953]
	Mascarada Pass [f|1954]
	Two-Gun Deputy [f|1954]
	The Comanche Scalp [f|1955]
	Destination Danger (UK: Whiplash) [f|1955]
	The Range Kid [f|1955]
	Snake Hunt [f|1955]
	The Devil's Drum (aka: Hellgate) [f|1956]
	Flaming Lead [f|1956]
	The Gun-Slingin' Gringo [f|1956]
	California Gunman [f|1957]
	Ridin' Through [f|1957]
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19809	The Story Of A Dewdrop [f|1881]
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	Story Of Bethlehem [n|?]

McDUFFIE (see: William Anderson GUTHRIE)

Dwayne (Glenn) McDUFFIE {US} (M: 1962 Feb 20 - 2011 Feb 22)

John McDUFFIE {US} (M: 1883 Sep 25 - 1950)

Prof, Cecil Alec MACE {UK} (M: 1894 Jul 22 - 1971 Jun (or Jul) 7)
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Herbert MACE (M: ? - ?)
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Sir, Hilary MACE (see: Henry Brereton Marriott WATSON / MARRIOTT WATSON)

Janet (Muriel) MACE {UK} (F: 1925 - 2011 Oct 23)
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Jean MACÉ (M: 1815 Aug 22 - 1894 Dec 13)
(&ps: Jean MOREAU)
6970	The History Of A Mouthful Of Bread [n|1870]

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	In The Light Of History [?]
	The Lights Of Nazareth [?]
	In The Land Of Solomon And Hiram Abiff [?]

Sharon MACE {UK} (F: 1969 Dec 1 - 2010 Sep 2)
(ps: Rowen JADE)

Vera MACE, nee CHAPMAN {UK} (F: 1902 - ?)
29899	Marriage Enrichment Retreats (w David MACE) [n|?]

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(Walter) Malcolm (Neil) McEACHERN {AU} (M: 1883 Apr 1 - 1945 Jan 17)
(ps: Mr JETSAM)
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	On The Prevention Of Tuberculosis In Animals [n|1899]

Diogo de MACEDO (M: 1844 - ?)
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José Agostinho de MACEDO (M: 1761 - 1831)
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26848	Newton [p|Pt-1813]
27544	Epistola De Manoel Mendes Fogaça [p|Pt-1822]

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(Richard) Dennis McELDOWNEY {NZ} (M: 1926 Jan 29 - 2003 Sep 23)
	The World Regained [?]

Elliott McELDOWNEY {US?} (M: ? - ?)
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Rev, Neil Joseph McELENEY {US} (M: 1927 Aug 8 - 2004 Aug 19)

(Elizabeth) Adeline/Adelaine McELFRESH {US} (F: 1918 May 28 - 2015 Jul 3)
(&ps: Jennifer BLAIR; John CLEVELAND; Jane SCOTT; Elizabeth WESLEY)
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John McELGUN (M: ? - ?)
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Ada Agnes Jane McELHENNEY, Mrs NOYES (F: 1834 Jul - 1874 Mar 4)
(ps: [CLARE]; Ada CLARE)
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Brock McELHERAN (M: 1918 - ?)

Irene (Beatrice) (nee)Brock McELHERAN {CA} (F: 1879 - 1955)
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Mark Gamble McELHINNEY {CA} (M: 1867 - ?)
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2766	The Red Acorn [f|?]
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	Lenten Devotions For Young People [n|1940]

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	Life Sketches Of Government Officers..1875 (w Alex McBRIDE) [b|1875]

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	Ports Of Rumania [n|1927]
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John M'ENCROE (M: 1795 Dec 26 - 1868 Aug 22)
(&ps: A DONLEVY)

Fr, John MacENERY (M: 1796 Nov 27 - 1841 Feb 18)
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John Hartnett McENERY {UK} (M: 1925 Sep 5 - 2006 Dec 14)

John T McENNIS (M: ? - ?)
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Prof, Seaghan P MAC ENRI, ne HENRY {UK} (M: ? - 1930 Apr 15)

John (Patrick) McENROE (Jr) {US} (M: 1959 Feb 16 - living 2017)

Robert E McENROE {US} (M: 1916 Jul 1 - 1998 Feb 6)

Dorothy (Layng) McENTEE {US} (F: 1902 Sep 21 - 1990 May 16)

Séan MacENTEE, aka Séan Mac an tSaoi {IE} (M: 1889 Aug 22 - 1984 Jan 9)

Prof, Davis McENTIRE {US} (M: 1912 Oct 15 - 1983 Jul 29)

Beth MacEOIN, nee ? {UK} (F: ? - ?)

Dennis MacEOIN {UK} (M: 1949 - ?)
(ps: Jonathan AYCLIFFE; Daniel EASTERMAN)

Gary(=Garrett) (Anthony) MacEÓIN, originally JOHNSON {IE/US} (M: 1909 Jun 12 - 2003 Jul 9)
	Cervantes [n|1950]
	Nothing Is Quite Enough [a|1953]
	Latin America [n|1962]

Allegra (Sarah Bazzett) McEVEDY {UK} (F: 1970 Nov - living 2017)

Colin (Peter) McEVEDY {UK} (M: 1930 Jun 6 - 2005 Aug 1)
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Thomas McEVILLEY {US} (M: 1939 Jul 13 - 2013 Mar 2)

Abp, John McEVILLY (M: 1818 (or 1817) Apr 15 - 1902 Nov 26)

Bernard McEVOY {CA} (M: 1842 Feb 7 - 1932 Feb 16)
(&ps: DIOGENES, B A)
	Away From Newspaperdom.. [p|1897]
	The Feast Of The Dead [p|1899]
	From The Great Lakes To The Wide West [n|1902]
	Verses For My Friends [p|1926]
	The Rhyme Of The Streetcar [p|1926]
	The Spratts [d|1927]
	Elvira And Fernando.. [p|1927]
	Which Way, Canada (ps: DIOGENES, BA) [n|?]

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	The Likes Of Her [d|1923]

Cuthbert McEVOY {UK} (M: 1870 Mar 16 - 1944 Feb 27)
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	Grenfell Of Labrador [b|1922]
	A Latin-English Calendar (w Frank DALE) [n|1937]
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	The Sacred Actions [n|1949]

Prof, James (Riley) McEVOY, III {US} (M: 1940 Apr 16 - 1976 Mar 29)
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Judge, John Millar McEVOY {CA} (M: 1864 - 1935 Apr 16)

Joseph Patrick McEVOY {US} (M: 1894 (or 1895 or 1897) Jan 10 (or Jun 27) - 1958 (or 1955) Aug 8)
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	The Potters [1924]
	Show Girl [f|1928]
	Hollywood Girl [f|1929]
	Denny And The Dumb Cluck [s|1930]
	Mister Noodle [f|1931]
	Society [1931]
	The Bam Bam Clock [1934]

Marjorie Harte McEVOY (see: Marjorie HARTE)

Phyllis Margaret McEVOY {IE} (F: 1907 Feb 22 - ?)
(ps: Sister EBLANA)
	A Modern Mystic [b|1938]

Thomas Jefferson McEVOY {US} (M: 1869 - ?)
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David MacEWAN (M: 1830 Apr 19 - 1910 Nov 10)

Grant MacEWAN {CA} (M: 1902 - ?)
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	Agriculture On Parade [n|1950]
	Between The Red And The Rockies [n|1952]

Hugh G McEWAN {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Ian (Russell) McEWAN {UK} (M: 1948 Jun 21 - living 2017)

John McEWAN {UK} (M: ? - ?)
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Peter MacEWAN (M: ? - ?)
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Peter James Michael MacEWAN (M: ? - ?)

Watty McEWAN {NZ} (M: 1919 (or 1918) - ?)

Alexander MACEWEN (M: 1822 Apr 5 - 1875 Jun 4)

Sir, Alexander Malcolm MACEWEN {UK} (M: 1875 Jan 10 - 1941 Jun 29)
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	Scotland At School [n|1938]
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Constance MacEWEN (F: ? - ?)
	Gin A Body Meet A Body [f|1882]
	Miss Beauchamp, A Philistine [f|1883]
	Not Every Day [f|1885]
	Soap [f|1886]

D H McEWEN (M: ? - ?)

Prof, George Francis McEWEN {US} (M: 1882 Jun 16 - 1972 Mar 1)

Gwendolyn (Margaret) MacEWEN, 1:Mrs ACORN, 2:Mrs TSINGOS {CA} (F: 1941 Sep 1 - 1987 Nov 30)
	Selah [p|?]

Rev, James Stevenson McEWEN {UK} (M: 1910 Feb 18 - 1993 May 4)

Jessie Evelyn McEWEN {CA} (F: ? - ?)
(&ps: Agnes FISHER)
	The Blue Fly Caravan (ps: Agnes FISHER) [f|1932]
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	Short Stories Of Great Lives [n|1936]
	The Fairies Of The Glen (ps: Agnes FISHER) [f|1943]
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	Text-book Of Surgery [n|?]

Sir, John (Helias Finnie) McEWEN {UK} (M: 1894 Jun 21 - 1962 Apr 19)
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Malcolm MacEWEN {UK} (M: 1911 Dec 24 - 1996 May 11)

Prof, Peter MacEWEN {UK} (M: 1920 Aug 30 - 2015 Oct 12)
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Carn MACEY (see: Geoffrey John BARRETT)

David MACEY {UK} (M: 1949 Oct 5 - 2011 Oct 7)

John Percival MACEY {UK} (M: 1906 Dec 3 - 1987 Nov 20)