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Ben MACOMBER (M: ? - ?)
7348	The Jewel City [1915]

Debbie MACOMBER, nee ? {US} (F: 1948 Oct 22 - ?)

Donald MACOMBER {US?} (M: 1885 - after 1951)
	Fertility And Sterility In Human Marriages (w Edward REYNOLDS) [n|1924]

Freeman Glenn MACOMBER {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	Psychological Factors In Education (w Henry BEAUMONT) [n|1949]

Hattie E MACOMBER (F: ? - ?)
19533	Stories Of Great Inventors: Fulton, Whitney, Morse, Cooper, Edison [b|1897]

William Butts MACOMBER, Jr {US} (M: 1921 Jan 28 - 2003 Nov 19)

Emma Cassandra (nee)Riely MACON {US} (F: 1847 Oct 1 - 1942 Jan 13)
	Reminiscences Of The Civil War (w Reuben Conway MACON) [a|1911]

Rev, Leon Meertief MACON {US} (M: 1908 Oct 25 - 1965 Nov 15)
	Salvation In A Scientific Age [n|1955]

Prof, Nathaniel MACON {US} (M: 1926 Nov 15 - 2001 Nov 26)

Reuben Conway MACON {US} (M: 1838 May 14 - 1927 Mar 20)
	Reminiscences Of The Civil War (w Emma Cassandra Riely MACON) [a|1911]

Thomas Joseph MACON (M: 1839 - 1917)
T	Life Gleanings [a|1913]

Stuart (John) MACONIE {UK} (M: 1961 Aug 13 - living 2017)

Prof, Alexander MACONOCHIE, ne M'KONOCHIE (M: 1787 Feb 11 - 1860 Oct 25)
	A Summary View Of The Statistics..Shores Of The Pacific Ocean [n|1818]
	Report On The State Of Prison Discipline In Van Diemen's Land [n|1838]
	Crime And Punishment [n|1846]
#	Criminal Statistics..Of The Bond Population Of Norfolk Island [n|?]

Sir, Evan MACONOCHIE {UK} (M: 1868 Jul 8 - 1927 Dec 4)
	Life In The Indian Civil Service [n|1926]

Robert Henry MACONOCHIE (M: 1883 - ?)

Pierre MacORLAN (see: Pierre DUMARCHAY)

Auguste MACOUBA (see: Auguste ARMETH)

James Melville MACOUN {CA} (M: 1862 Nov 7 - 1920 Jan 8)
	Flora Of The Pribyloff Islands [n|?]
	Catalogue Of Canadian Birds (w John MACOUN) [n|1909]

John MACOUN {CA} (M: 1831 (or 1832) Apr 17 - 1920 Jul 18 (or 8))
	Manitoba And The Great North West [n|1882]
	Catalogue Of Canadian Birds (w James M MACOUN) [n|1909]
	Autobiography Of John Macoun, Canadian Explorer.. [a|1922]

Michael John MACOUN {UK} (M: 1914 Nov 27 - 1997 Mar 25)

Bernard J McOWEN (M: ? - after 1951)

Robert MACOY (M: 1815 - 1895)
A	The Masonic Manual: A Pocket Companion For The Initiated [n|1852]
	The Masonic Vocal Manual (ed) [n|1866]
	A Cyclopedia Of Freemasonry (ed) [n|1867]
	(General History, Cyclopedia And) Dictionary Of Freemasonry [n|1869]
	Manual Of The Cross And Crown [1875]
	Centenniel [1875]
	The Centennial Guide To New York City And Its Environs [n|1876]
	The Rite Of Adoption [n|1876]
	Worshipful Master's Assistant [n|1885]

Walter G MacPEEK {US} (M: 1902 Mar 14 - 1973 Jan 31)
(&ps: Hugo JUMPP)
	George Washington - Real Boy [b|1932]
	Glimpses Into Boyland [1933]

Alexander James McPHAIL {CA} (M: 1883 - 1931)
	The Diary Of Alexander James McPhail (ed Harold A INNIS) [a|1940]

Sir, Andrew MACPHAIL {CA} (M: 1864 Nov 24 - 1938 Sep 23)
	The Vine Of Sibmah [f|1906]
	The Land [d|1914]
	The Book Of Sorrow (ed) [p|1916]
	Three Persons [b|?/?/1929]
	The Bible In Scotland [n|1931]
	The Master's Wife [1939]

Carex MACPHAIL (see: Lilly ANDERSON)

David MacPHAIL (M: ? - ?)
	The Book Of Sorrow (ed) [1916]

David Michael McPHAIL {US} (M: 1940 Jun 30 - ?)

Euan M MACPHAIL {ZA} (M: 1922 - ?)

Iain Duncan MACPHAIL, Lord MACPHAIL {UK} (M: 1938 Jan 4 - 2009 Oct 21)

John Goodwill MACPHAIL {CA} (M: 1877 - ?)

Walter McPHAIL {UK} (M: ? - 1941 Aug 29)
	Edinburgh Street Studies [n|?]

Prof, William Merry MACPHAIL (M: 1857 Oct 31 - 1916 Sep 23)
	The Presbyterian Church, Its Doctrine, Worship And Polity [n|?]

Paul McPHARLIN {US} (M: 1902 Dec 22 - 1948 Sep 28)
	Charlemagne, Alcuin And Books (anon) [1941]

Jack(=John) (J) McPHAUL {US} (M: 1904 Jun 19 - 1983 Aug 6)

Marie McPHEDRAN / MacPHEDRAN, nee ? {CA} (F: ? - ?)
	Golden North [f|1948]
	David And The White Cat.. [f|1950]

E D MacPHEE {CA?} (M: ? - ?)
	An Annotated Bibliography Of Modern Language.. (w M A BUCHANAN) [n|1928]

Charles (Lambert) McPHEE {US} (M: 1962 Apr 24 - 2011 May 8)

Colin McPHEE {CA} (M: 1900 Mar 15 - 1964 Jan 7)
	Balinese Wajang Koelit And Its Music [n|1936]
	Angkloeng Gamelans In Bali [n|1937]
	Children And Music In Bali [n|1938]
	A House In Bali [n|1944]
	Transitions For Orchestra [n|1954]

James McPHEE (see: Laurence (William) JAMES)

John McPHEE (M: 1931 - ?)

Margaret McPHEE, nee ? {UK} (F: ? - ?)

Charlotte McPHERREN (see: Jane KIDDER & Charlotte (Rae) McPHERREN)

Charlotte (Rae) McPHERREN, Mrs CHIN {US} (F: 1951 Jan 2? - 2019 Apr 18)
(ps: Charlotte McPHERREN (2); Sharla RAE; Charlotte SIMMS (1))

Ida (Geneva Miller) McPHERREN {US} (F: 1886 - ?)
	Trail's End [1938]

Aimee (Elizabeth) (1:Mrs)Semple McPHERSON / MACPHERSON, nee KENNEDY {US} (F: 1890 Oct 9 - 1944 Sep 27)
	The Bridal Call [1915]
	This Is That [a|1919]
	Divine Healing Sermons [e|1920]
	The Second Coming Of Christ [n|1920]
	In The Service Of The King [a|1927]
	I View The World [n|1937]

Brig, Alan Bruce McPHERSON {UK} (M: 1887 Jan 6 - 1978 Dec 14)

Rev, Alexander MACPHERSON (M: 1781 - 1861 Aug 6)

Lt-Col, Alexander Kilgour MACPHERSON of Pitmain {UK} (M: 1888 Mar 6 - 1974 Aug 12)

Lt-Col, Allan MACPHERSON (M: 1740 - 1816)
	Soldiering In India, 1764-1787 (w J MACPHERSON) (ed W C MACPHERSON) [n|1928]

Allan MACPHERSON (3rd) (M: 1818 Oct 24 - 1891 Nov 6 (wrongly 1897 Jun 11))
#	Mount Abundance; or,..Squatter In Australia Thirty Years Ago [n|c1879]

Ann McPHERSON, nee EGELNICK {UK} (F: 1945 Jun 23 - 2011 May 28)
	Miscarriage (w ?) [n|1984/1990]
	Diary Of A Teenage Health Freak [n|1987/?/2002]
	I'm A Health Freak Too [n|1989/?]

Anna (Mary) (nee)Talbott McPHERSON {US} (F: 1904 Dec 3 - 2003 Jan 5)
	God Saw A Preacher (w Harry RANDALL) [n|1955]
	'Tis The Master Calling Me (w Ina SHREVE) [n|1959]

Annie MACPHERSON {UK} (F: c1842 - ?)
I	Canadian Homes For London Wanderers [n|c1870]

Catriona McPHERSON, Mrs McROBERTS {UK} (F: 1965 - ?)

Prof, Charles MACPHERSON {UK} (M: 1870 May 10 - 1927 May 28)
	A Short History Of Harmony [n|?]

Crawford Brough MACPHERSON {CA} (M: 1911 Nov 18 - 1987 Jul 22)
	Democracy In Alberta [n|1953/1062]
	The Political Theory Of Posessive Individualism [n|1962]

Mrs Daniel, (Charlotte Holt) MacPHERSON, nee GETHINGS (F: 1828 - 1890 or 1892)
I	Etat Des Ramonages De La Ville Et Des Faubourgs De Québec [n|Fr-c1889]
I	Reminiscences Of Old Quebec (aka: Quebec And Its Viciinity) [a|1890]
I	Notes On Nursing [n|1890]
I	Old Memories, Amusing And Historical [a|1890]
I	Mes Mémoires [a|Fr-1891]
	True Stories For Young People [s|?]

David William Anthony Blyth MACPHERSON, 2nd Baron STRATHCARRON of Banchor {UK} (M: 1924 Jan 23 - 2006 Aug 31)
	Motoring For Pleasure [n|1963]

Donald MACPHERSON (see: George William HUMPHREY)

Duncan MACPHERSON (M: ? - 1867 Jun 8)
	Antiquities Of Kertch And Researches In The Cimmerian Bosphorus [n|1857]

Rev, Duncan MACPHERSON (M: 1837 - 1881 Aug)
	Last Words [a|?]

Edward McPHERSON (M: 1830 Jul 31 - 1895 Dec 14)
(&ps: A CITIZEN of Adams County)

Ethel L MacPHERSON {ZA?} (F: ? - ?)
	Native Fairy Tales Of South Africa [s|1919]
	Women Letter Writers And Diarists Of South Africa [b|1919]

Ewan Francis MACPHERSON {UK} (M: 1864 Mar 15 - 1941)

Rev, Fergus MACPHERSON {UK} (M: 1921 Aug 9 - 2002 Jun 25)

George Wilson McPHERSON {US} (M: 1865 Jun 15 - ?)
	Socialism And The New Theology [n|1921]
	A Parson's Adventures.. [a|1925]
	The Crisis In Church And College [n|?]
	The Modern Conflict Over The Bible [2v|n|?]

Gerardine MACPHERSON, nee BATE (F: c1830 - 1878 May 24)
I	Memoirs Of The Life Of Anna Jameson.. [b|1878]

Harry Cummings McPHERSON (Jr) {US} (M: 1929 Aug 22 - 2012 Feb 16)

Heather McPHERSON {NZ} (F: 1942 - ?)

Hector MACPHERSON {CA/US?} (M: 1875 Apr 22 - 1970 Mar 28)
	Co-operative Credit Associations In The Province Of Quebec [n|1910]
	A Survey Of Typical Cooperative Stores In The US (w J A BEXELL) [n|1916]

Hector (Carsewell) MACPHERSON {UK} (M: 1851 Oct 16 - 1924 Oct 17)
	Mr Gladstone [b|1892]
32626	Thomas Carlyle [b|1896]
	Adam Smith [b|1899]
	Herbert Spencer [b|1900]
	Spencer And Spencerism [n|1900]
	Books To Read, And How To Read Them [n|1904]
	The Scottish Church Crisis [n|1904]
	Scotland's Battles For Spiritual Independence [n|1905]
	A Century Of Intellectual Development [n|1907]
	A Century Of Political Development [n|1908]
	Intellectual Development Of Scotland [n|1911]
	Scotland's Debt To Protestantism [n|1912]
	The Jesuits In History [n|1914]

Rev, Hector (Copeland/Copland) MACPHERSON {UK} (M: 1888 Apr 1 - 1956 May 19)
	Astronomers Of Today [b|1905]
	A Century's Progress In Astronomy [n|1906]
	Through The Depths Of Space [n|1908]
	Romance Of Modern Astronomy [n|1910/22]
	Practical Astronomy [n|1912/19]
k	Herschel [b|1919]
	The Covenanters Under Persecution [n|1923]
	Hector Macpherson [b|1925]
	Modern Astronomy, Its Rise And Progress [n|1926]
	The Church And Science [n|1927]
	The Church, The Bible And War [n|1928]
	Modern Cosmologies [n|1929]
	The Religion Of Common Sense [n|1930]
	The Cameronian Philosopher, Alexander Shields [b|1932]
	Makers Of Astronomy [n|1933]
	The Heavens Declare [n|1937]
	Biographical Dictionary Of Astronomers [b|1940]
	Guide To The Stars [n|1943/1953]
	Thomas David Anderson [b|1955]

Hugh MACPHERSON (M: c1953 - 2001 Apr 29)

(James) Ian MACPHERSON, 1st Baron STRATHCARRON of Banchor {UK} (M: 1880 May 14 - 1937 Aug 14)
	Life At A Scottish University [n|?]
	Satire In Celtic Literature [n|?]
	The Land Question [n|?]

Ian MACPHERSON {UK} (M: 1905 Oct 5 - 1944 Jul 15)
	Shepherds' Calendar [f|?]
	Land Of Our Fathers [f|1933]
	Pride In The Valley [f|1936]
	Wild Harbour [f|1936]

Ian Gibson MACPHERSON {UK} (M: 1920 Apr 7 - 2010 Dec 1)

J du Rocher MACPHERSON (see: (Abbie) Jeanie(=Jean) MACPHERSON)

James MACPHERSON (M: 1736 Oct 27 - 1796 Feb 17)
8161	Fragments Of Ancient Poetry:..Highlands Of Scotland.. [p|1760]
	Fingal [6v|p|1762]
	Temora [8v|p|1763]
	History Of Great Britain..Restoration..George I [n|1775]

Prof, James Alan McPHERSON {US} (M: 1943 Sep 16 - 2016 Jul 27)

James Pennington MACPHERSON (M: 1839 May 29 - 1916 Feb 9)
	Life Of The Rt Hon Sir John A Macdonald..By His Nephew [2v|b|1891]

(Jean) Jay MACPHERSON {CA} (F: 1931 Jun 13 - 2012 Mar 21)
	Nineteen Poems [p|1952]
	O Earth Return [p|1954]
	The Fisherman [p|1957]
	The Boatman [p|1957]
	A Dry Light & The Dark Air [p|1959]
	The Four Ages Of Man [f|1962]

(Abbie) Jeanie(=Jean) MACPHERSON {US} (F: 1886 (or 1884 or 1887 or 1888) May 18 - 1946 Aug 26)
(&ps: J du Rocher MACPHERSON)
	Evidence (ps: J du Rocher MACPHERSON) (w L du Rocher MACPHERSON) [d|pro:1914]
	A King Of Nowhere (ps: J du Rocher MACPHERSON) (w L du Rocher MACPHERSON) [d|pro:1916]
	The Happy Ending (ps: J du Rocher MACPHERSON) (w L du Rocher MACPHERSON) [d|pro:1916]
	Henrietta The Eighth (ps: J du Rocher MACPHERSON) (w L du Rocher MACPHERSON) [d|1923]
	The King Of Kings (w Henry MacMAHON) [f|1927]
	Madame Satan (w Harry Sinclair DRAGO) [f|1930]

John MACPHERSON (M: 1710 - 1765)
	Critical Dissertations On The Origin..Ancient Caledonians.. [n|1768]

John MACPHERSON (M: 1726 - 1792)
	Pennsylvania Sailor's Letters, Alias, The Farmer's Fall [1771]
	History Of The Life, Very Strange Adventures, And Works.. [n|1789]
	Lectures On Moral Philosophy [e|1791]

Lt-Col, John MACPHERSON (M: c1742 - ?)
	Soldiering In India, 1764-1787 (w A MACPHERSON) (ed W C MACPHERSON) [n|1928]

John McPHERSON (M: 1817 Feb 4 - 1845 Jul 26)
	The Praise Of Water [p|1843]
	Poems, Descriptive And Moral [p|1862]

John MACPHERSON (M: 1817 - 1890 Mar 17)
	Cholera In Its Home [n|1866]

Rev, John MACPHERSON (M: 1847 - 1902)
	The Christian Hero [b|1867]
	A Brand Plucked From The Burning (w Charles CAMPBELL) [b|1869]

Sir, John MACPHERSON {UK} (M: 1857 Nov 17 - 1942 Aug 14)
	Mental Affections [n|?]

John MacPHERSON {US} (M: 1876 - ?)
	The Mystery Chef's Own Cook Book [n|1945]
	The Mystery Chef's Never Fail Cook Book [n|1949]

John MacPHERSON {UK} (M: 1876 Dec 26 - 1955)
	Tales Of Barra [s|1960]

John Hanson Thomas McPHERSON {US} (M: 1865 Oct 30 - 1953 Sep 19)
11353	History Of Liberia [n|1891]

Sir, John Molesworth MACPHERSON (M: 1853 Aug 8 - 1914 Jan 5)
	Lists Of British Enactments In Force In Native States [6v|n|?]
	Law Of Mortgages In British India [n|?]

Katharine Livingstone MACPHERSON {CA} (F: 1855 Dec 7 - 1933 Feb 28)
I	Pictures From Canadian History For Boys And Girls [n|c1899]

Rev, Kenneth Cecil McPHERSON {UK} (M: 1890 Jul 8 - 1973 Dec 19)
	The Marriage Vow (anon) [1931]

La Margaret du Rocher MACPHERSON {US?} (F: ? - after 1950)
	Evidence (w J du Rocher MACPHERSON) [d|pro:1914]
	A King Of Nowhere (w J du Rocher MACPHERSON) [d|pro:1916]
	The Happy Ending (w J du Rocher MACPHERSON) [d|pro:1916]
	Henrietta The Eighth (w J du Rocher MACPHERSON) [d|1923]

Malcolm (Cook) MacPHERSON {US} (M: 1943 Aug 23 - 2009 Jan 17)
	The Black Box (ed) [e|1984/?]

Margaret MACPHERSON, nee ? {UK/NZ?} (F: 1895 - 1974)

Margaret (Hope) MacPHERSON, nee MACLEAN {UK} (F: 1908 Jun 29 - 2001 Oct 21)

Mary MACPHERSON, aka Mairi Mhor nan ORAN (F: 1821 - 1898)
(ps: Mairi nic-a-PHEARSAIN)

Mary MacPHERSON, aka Molly MacPHERSON, aka Jane MacPHERSON, nee McDOWELL, 1:Mrs LINDSAY {UK} (F: 1903 Aug - 1974 Mar 11 (wrongly 1978 Oct 30))
(ps: Sara SEALE)
	Beggars May Sing [f|1932]
	Chase The Moon [f|1933]
	Summer Spell [f|1937]
	Grace Before Meat [f|1938]
	This Merry Bond [f|1938]
	Spread Your Wings [f|1939]
	Green Grass Growing [f|1940]
	Barn Dance [f|1941]
	Stormy Petrel [f|1941]
	The Silver Sty [f|1942]
	House Of Glass [f|1944]
	Folly To Be Wise [f|1946]
	The Reluctant Orphan [f|1947]
	The English Tutor [f|1948]
	The Gentle Prisoner [f|1949]
	These Delights [f|1949]
	The Young Amanda [f|1950]
	Then She Fled Me [f|1950]
	The Dark Stranger [f|1951]
	Wintersbride [f|1951]
	The Lordly One [f|1952]
	The Forbidden Island [f|1953]
	Turn To The West [f|1953]
	The Truant Spirit [f|1954]
	Time Of Grace [f|1955]
	Child Friday [f|1956]
	Sister To Cinderella [f|1956]
	I Know My Love [f|1957]
	Trevallion [f|1957]
	Lucy Lamb [f|1958]
	Charity Child [f|1959]
	Dear Dragon [f|1959]
	Cloud Castle [f|1960]
	The Only Charity [f|1961]
	Doctor's Ward [f|1962]
	The Reluctant Landlord [f|1962]
	Valentine's Day [f|1962]
	By Candlelight [f|1963]
	The Youngest Bridesmaid [f|1963]

R B MACPHERSON (?: ? - ?)
	Under The Red Crescent [n|1885]

Rett MacPHERSON (see: Lauretta ALLEN)

Robert MACPHERSON (M: 1786 - 1867 Jan 23)

Maj, Samuel Charters MACPHERSON (M: 1806 Jan 7 - 1860 Apr 15)
	Memorials Of Service In India (ed William MACPHERSON) [n|1865]

Scott (W) McPHERSON {US} (M: 1959 Oct 13 - 1992 Nov 7)

(Charles) Stewart MACPHERSON {UK} (M: 1865 - 1941 Mar 27)
	Practical Harmony [n|?]
	Practical Counterpoint [n|?]
	Rudiments Of Music [n|?]
	350 Exercises In Harmony, Counterpoint And Modulation [n|?]
	Questions And Exercises On The Rudiments Of Music [n|?]
	Form In Music [n|1908]
	Music And Its Appreciation [n|1910]
	The Appreciative Aspect Of Music-Study [n|1910]
	Studies In Phrasing And Form [n|1911]
	Aural Culture Based Upon Musical Appreciation (w Ernest READ) [n|?]
	The Musical Education Of The Child [n|1915]
	Melody And Harmony [n|1920]
	The Appreciation Class [n|1923]
	Studies In The Art Of Counterpoint, Including Canon And Fugue [n|1928]
	A Simple Introduction To The Principles Of Tonality [n|1929]
	A Commentary On Bach's Wohltemperites Klavier [n|1933]
	First Steps In Musicianship (w Hilda COLLENS) [n|1934]
	Cameos Of Musical History [n|1937]

Sir, (Thomas) Stewart MACPHERSON {UK} (M: 1876 Aug 21 - 1949 Aug 6)
	Settlement Report Of Porahat [n|?]
	Ranchi District Gazetteer (w ?) [n|?]

Stewart (Myles) MacPHERSON {CA} (M: 1908 Oct 29 - 1995 Apr 16)
	The Mike And I [b|1948]

Thomas George MacPHERSON {US} (M: 1915 Oct 28 - 1976 May 7)
(&ps: Tom PARSONS)
	How To Make Earthworms Pay [1958]
	Boys' Book Of Outboard Boating [n|1959]

Sir, (Ronald) Thomas (Stewart) MACPHERSON {UK} (M: 1920 Oct 4 - 2014 Nov 6)

William McPHERSON {US} (M: 1864 Jul 2 - 1951 Oct 2)
20848	An Elementary Study Of Chemistry (w W E HENDERSON) [n|1905/06/17]

William MACPHERSON (M: 1812 Jul 19 - 1893 Apr 20)
	The Procedure Of The Civil Courts Of The East India Company [n|1850]
	Outlines Of The Law Of Contracts..Courts Of British India [n|1860]
	The New Procedure Of The Civil Courts Of British India [n|1860]

William Charles MACPHERSON {UK} (M: 1855 Aug 11 - 1936 Jul 6)

William David McPHERSON {CA} (M: 1863 Aug 22 - 1929 May 2)

William John MACPHERSON, aka Iain MACPHERSON {UK} (M: 1924 Nov 2 - 2011 Jul 17)

John P MacPHIE {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	Pictonians At Home And Abroad [b|1914]

Eugene Fairfield MacPIKE {US} (M: 1870 - 1946)
(&ps: E F M)
	Material For..Dr Edmond Halley (1656-1752) (w A J RUDOLPH) [b|1904]
	Intercommunication [n|1917]
	Genealogical Notes On The Pike And Pyke Families (anon) [b|1933]
	The Halleys In Derbyshire (anon) [n|1933]

Francis P McQUADE {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	How To Eat Three Square Meals A Day And Grow Thin.. (anon) [n|1916]

Walter McQUADE {US} (M: c1925 - ?)

John McQUAID {UK} (M: 1909 - 2004)

Tex McQUAID (see: Gordon (Holmes) LANDSBOROUGH)

Sofia McQUAIDE, Mrs DeBONIS (F: 1885 - ?)
(ps: Vahdah (Jeanne) BORDEUX)

Prof, John MACQUARRIE {UK} (M: 1919 Jun 27 - 2007 May 28)
	An Existentialist Theology [n|1955]
	The Scope Of Demythologising [n|1960]
	Twentieth Century Religious Thought [n|1963]

Nora McQUARRIE {CA} (F: ? - ?)
	Rainbow Of Verse [p|1945]

Mike(=Michael) (Dennis) McQUAY (M: 1949 Jun 3 - 1995 May 27)
(ps: Jack ARNETT)

Thomas Howard MACQUEARY {US} (M: 1861 May 27 - 1930 Jul)
	The Evolution Of Man And Christianity [n|1889]
	Topics Of The Times [n|1891]

Albert Lewis McQUEEN {US} (M: ? - ?)
	Atlas Of Medical Mycology (w Emma Sadler MOSS) [n|1953]

Cilla McQUEEN {UK/NZ?} (F: 1949 - ?)

Cyrus B McQUEEN {US} (M: 1951 - 1999)

Finley Taylor McQUEEN {US} (M: 1914 Mar 11 - 1995 Dec 11)

Harvey McQUEEN {NZ} (M: 1934 - ?)

Henry Silliman McQUEEN {US} (M: 1900 - ?)

Irel S McQUEEN {US} (M: 1921 Aug 29 - 2000 Jan 27)

James MACQUEEN (M: 1778 - 1870 May 14)
	A Geographical And Commercial View Of Northern Central Africa [n|1821]
	The West India Colonies [n|1824]
	The Colonial Controversy..Calumnies Of The Anticolonists [n|1825]
	General Statistics Of The British Empire [n|1836]
	West Indian Mail Communication [n|1838]
20702	A General Plan For A Mail Communication By Steam.. [n|1838]

Prof, James MACQUEEN {UK} (M: 1853 Feb 14 - 1936 Jun 23)

James William MacQUEEN {US} (M: 1900 - 1954)
(ps: James G EDWARDS; Jay McHUGH)
	Murder In The Surgery (ps: James G EDWARDS) [f|1935]
	The Private Pavilion (ps: James G EDWARDS) [f|1935]
	F Corridor (ps: James G EDWARDS) [f|1936]
	Murder At Leisure (ps: James G EDWARDS) [f|1937]
	Sex Is Such Fun (ps: Jay McHUGH) [1937]
	The Odor Of Bitter Almonds (ps: James G EDWARDS) [f|1938]
	Death Elects A Mayor (ps: James G EDWARDS) [f|1939]
	Death Among Doctors (ps: James G EDWARDS) [f|1942]
	But The Patient Died (ps: James G EDWARDS) [f|1948]

John Fraser MACQUEEN (M: 1803 - 1881 Dec 6)

Kenneth Robertson MACQUEEN {AU} (M: 1897 Apr 8 - 1960 Jun 21)
	Adventure In Watercolour [n|1948]

Lucy McQUEEN {CA} (F: ? - ?)
I	On Petition Of Right [n|c1879]
I	Petition Of Right In The Exchequer Court Of Canada [n|c1879]

Malcolm Alexander MacQUEEN {CA} (M: 1878 - ?)

Mildred McQUEEN, nee HARK {US} (F: 1908 Oct 19 - 1978 Aug)
(&ps: Mildred HARK (1))

Noel (Pendleton) McQUEEN {US} (M: 1904 - 1960 Mar 26)
(&ps: Mildred HARK (2))

Thomas MacQUEEN (M: 1803 Oct 9 - 1861 Jun 25)
	My Gloaming Amusements [p|1831]
	The Exile [p|1836]
	The Moorland Minstrel [p|1840]

Thomas Potter MACQUEEN (M: 1791 - 1854 Mar 31)
	The State Of The Nation At The Close Of 1830 [n|1831]
	The State Of The Country In 1832 [n|1832]
	Australia As She Is And As She May Be [n|1840]

Walter James MACQUEEN-POPE {UK} (M: 1888 Apr 11 - 1960 Jun 27)
	Theatre Royal, Drury Lane [n|1946]
	Carriages At Eleven [1947]
	Haymarket, Theatre Of Perfection [1948]
	Twenty Shillings In The Pound [1948]
	Indiscreet Guide To Theatreland [n|1947]
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