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A P (see: George S M'NAIRN)

A C P (see: Aurelia C PACE)

A O P (ps) (?: ? - ?)
	The Dream Of Noel [?]

A W P (see: Alfred William POLLARD)


Rev, B P P (see: Rev, Benjamin Plummer PRATTEN)

C P (see: Cuthbert PLUMMER)

D M P (see: David Morrieson PANTON)

D M W P (see: Dorothy Maud PICKLES & William PICKLES)
	Is France Still A Democracy? [n|1940]


D R P (see: D R PUGH)

E M P (see: Emmeline (Mary) PLUNKET)

E M P (?: ? - ?)
	Mabel's Cross [f|1861]

E S P (see: E S POYNTER)

E 'S' P (see: Ellen PRICE)

F P (see: Francis PETER)

F A P (see: Frederick Apthorp PALEY)

F E F P (see: Fanny Emily (nee)Farr PENNY)

F E P (see: Fanny Emily (nee)Farr PENNY)

F M P (see: Frederick Maurice POWICKE)

G P (see: Georges Constantin LISSIER)

G P (ps) {AU} (M: ? - ?)
	Sickness Without Sorrow [n|1947]
	Life With Laughter [n|1950]

G B P (see: Gerald Bernard PHELAN)

G E P (see: Geoffrey Eastcott PEARSE)

G H P (see: Godfrey Holden PIKE)

G P P (see: G G PUTNAM)

H P (see: Hilary Douglas Clarke PEPLER)

H P (see: Hilda POPE)

H F P (see: Helen Fitch PARKER)

H H P (see: Harry Hardy PEACH)

H J P (see: H J PAINE)

H N P (see: Horace/Horatio Noble PYM)

Hy P (see: Henry PICKERING)

J E P (see: James Edward POLLARD)

K P (see: W Kineton PARKES)

Kåre P (see: Nini ROLL)

An M P (see: Charles Herbert DICKIE)

An M P (see: Aubrey Nigel Henry Molyneux HERBERT)

M P (see: John Delaware LEWIS)

M P (see: Dorothy KILNER)

M P (see: Marna PEASE)

M C P (ps) {US?} (?: ? - ?)
R	Miriam Rivers, The Lady Soldier; or, General Grant's Spy [f|1865]

M E P (see: Mary Elizabeth PALGRAVE)

P P (ps) {UK?} (?: ? - ?)
26068	The Bath Tatting Book [n|1865]

P P (see: (Alexis-)Paulin PARIS)

P- P- (see: George DANIEL)

P C P (see: Pierre CHARRON)

R A P (see: Rhoda Ann FAULKNER)

R A P (see: R A PORATI)

S F P (see: Stephen F PECKHAM)

T L P (see: Thomas L PATON)

V de S P (see: Vivian de Sola PINTO)

W P (see: William PATON)

W P (see: Wilder (Graves) PENFIELD)

W T P (see: William Thomas PALMER)

Z P (see: Lewis William MANSFIELD)

A R P-M (see: John GALSWORTHY)