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Elsie TU, nee ?, 1:Mrs ELLIOTT {UK} (F: 1913 Jun 2 - 2015 Dec 8)

TU Fu (?: 712 - 770)

Giacinto TUA (M: 1894 Dec 25 - 1949 Mar 12)

Joaquin TUASON (M: 1843 - 1908)
16312	Patnubay Nang Cabataan; Ó, Talinhagang Buhay Ni Eliseo.. [p|Ta-1901]

Henri-Charles TAUXE {CH} (M: 1933 Nov 26 - 2013 Aug 4)

Édouard TAVAN (M: 1842 May 18 - 1919 Aug 3)
	Fleurs De Rêve [Fr-1889]
	Fantaisie Occultiste [Fr-1900]
	La Coupe D'Onyx [Fr-1903]
	Myrtes D'Antan [Fr-1918]

Eugen TUBANDT (see: Otto Moritz KRILLE)

Burton TUBB {ZA?} (M: ? - ?)
(&ps: Colonus CAPENSIS)
	Musical Ripples On Ionia's Founts [p|1868]
	The Reception Of..Duke Of Edinburgh (ps: Colonus CAPENSIS) [p|1869]
	A Xmas Tale [c1885]
	A South African Drought.. [p|1890]
	Wynberg [p|?]

Edwin Charles TUBB {UK} (M: 1919 Oct 15 - 2010 Sep 10 (wrongly 11))
	Alien Impact [f|1952]
	Atom War On Mars [f|1952]
	The Mutants Rebel [f|1953]
	Venusian Adventure [f|1953]
	The Wall (ps: Charles GREY) [f|1953]
	Dynasty Of Doom (ps: Charles GREY) [f|1953]
	Tormented City (ps: Charles GREY) [f|1953]
	Space Hunger (ps: Charles GREY) [f|1953]
	I Fight For Mars (ps: Charles GREY) [f|1953]
	Alien Life [f|1954]
	The Extra Man [f|1954]
	Journey To Mars [f|1954]
	World At Bay [f|1954]
	City Of No Return [f|1954]
	Hell Planet [f|1954]
	The Resurrected Man [f|1954/2008]
	The Stellar Legion [f|1954]
	The Hand Of Havoc (ps: Charles GREY) [f|1954]
	Enterprise 2115 (aka: The Mechanical Monarch) (ps: Charles GREY) [f|1954]
	The Living World (ps: Carl MADDOX) [f|1954]
	Menace From The Past (ps: Carl MADDOX) [f|1954]
	Assignment New York (ps: Mike LANTRY) [f|1955]
	The Fighting Fury (aka: The Gold Seekers) (&ps: Paul SCHOFIELD; later Chuck ADAMS) [f|1955]
	Comanche Capture (aka: The Captive) (ps: E F JACKSON) [f|1955]
	Sands Of Destiny (ps: Jud CARY) [f|1955]
	Men Of The Long Rifle (aka: The Pathfinders) (ps: J F CLARKSON; later Charles GREY) [f|1955]
	Alien Dust [f|1955]
	Scourge Of The South (aka: The Marauders) (ps: M L POWERS; later George HOLT) [f|1956]
	Vengeance Trail (aka: The Liberators) (ps: James FARROW; later Brett LANDRY) [f|1956]
	Trail Blazers (aka: The Last Outlaw) (ps: Chuck ADAMS; later Eric STORM) [f|1956]
	Quest For Quantrill (aka: Night Raiders) (aka: Curse of Quantrill) (ps: John STEVENS; later Carl MADDOX) [f|1956]
	Drums Of The Prairie (aka: The Red Lance) (aka: The Dying Tree) (ps: P LAWRENCE; later L P EASTERN; later Edward THOMSON) [f|1956]
	Men Of The West (aka: Massacre Trail) (aka: Hills Of Blood) (ps: Chet LAWSON; later Chuck ADAMS; later Frank WEIGHT) [f|1956]
	Wagon Trail (aka: Cauldron Of Violence) (ps: Charles S GRAHAM; later Gordon KENT) [f|1956]
	The Space-Born [f|1956/2008]
	Colt Vengeance (aka: Colt Law) (aka: The First Shot) (&ps: James R FENNER; later Chuck ADAMS) [f|1957]
	The Devil's Dictionary (ps: James S STANTON) [s|1957]
	Touch Of Evil (ps: Arthur MACLEAN) [f|1957]
	Moon Base [f|1964/2007]
	Escape Into Space [f|1969/2009]
	Earthfall [f|1977/2002]
	The Luck Machine [f|1980/2009]

Laah (Ceil Manatoi Elaah) TUBBEE, nee ? (F: c1810 - ?)
	A Sketch Of The Life Of Okah Tubbee.. (w Okah TUBBEE) [b|1848]

Okah TUBBEE (M: c1810 - ?)
	A Sketch Of The Life Of Okah Tubbee.. (w Laah TUBBEE) [a|1848]

Arthur Lewis TUBBS {US} (M: 1867 Jul 2 - 1946 Jan 27 (or Mar 8))
	The Country Doctor [d|?]

Colin (Rodney) TUBBS {UK} (M: 1937 Jun 12 - 1997 Oct 17)

Bp, Norman Henry TUBBS {UK} (M: 1879 Jul 5 - 1965 Sep 2)
	A Modern Pilgrim's Progress [a|1945]

Ralph TUBBS {UK} (M: 1912 Jan 9 - 1996 Nov 23)

Alfred Herbert TUBBY {UK} (M: 1862 May 23 - 1930 Feb 23)

Gertrude TUBBY {US} (F: ? - ?)
	James Hysop X - His Book [1929]

I M TUBBY (see: (Herman) Robert KRAUS)

Henry TUBERVILLE (M: ? - ?)
	An Abridgment Of The Christian Doctrine [n|c1883]

Marthe-Marguerite de TUBIÈRES, Marquise de CAYLUS, nee LE VALOIS De VILLETTE De MURÇAY / MURSAY (F: 1671 (wrongly 1673) Apr 17 - 1729 Apr 15)
	Souvenirs De Madame De Caylus (ed VOLTAIRE) [a|Fr-1770]

Anne Claude Philippe de TUBIÈRES-GRIMOARD De PESTELS De LÉVIS, Comte de CAYLUS (M: 1692 Oct 31 - 1765 Sep 5)
(&ps: M L C D C)
g	Histoire De M Guillaume, cocher [Fr-1730]
	Recueil D'Antiquités Égyptiennes, Étrusques, Grecques.. [6v|n|Fr-1752-55]
	Numismata Aurea Imperatorum Romanorum [n|Fr-?]
	Mémoire [a|Fr-1755]
	Nouveaux Sujets De Peinture Et De Sculpture [n|Fr-1755]
	Tableaux Tirés De L'Iliade, De L'Odyssée, Et De L'Enéide [n|Fr-1757]
	O=Euvres Badines Complètes [Fr-1787]
g	Nouveaux Contes Orientaux [s|Fr-?]

Niccolo TUCCI {US} (M: 1908 May 1 - 1999 Dec 10)

Endres TUCHER (M: 1423 Apr 5 - 1507 Apr 14)
48689	Endres Tuchers Baumeisterbuch Der Stadt Nürnberg (ed M LEXER) [n|Ge-?]

Barbara TUCHMAN, nee WERTHEIM {US} (F: 1912 Jan 30 - 1989 Feb 6)
	The Lost British Policy [n|1938]
	Bible And Sword [n|1956]
	The Zimmerman Telegram [n|1958]
	The Guns Of August [n|1962]

Kurt TUCHOLSKY {DE} (M: 1890 Jan 9 - 1935 Dec 29)
(&ps: Kaspar HAUSER; Peter PANTER; Theobald TIGER; Ignaz WROBEL)
	Rheinsberg [Ge-1912]
	Der Zeitsparer: Grotesken (ps: Ignaz WROBEL) [Ge-1914]
	Fromme Gesänge (ps: Theobald TIGER) [Ge-1919]
	Schall Und Rauch (w Heinz HERALD & Hans von WOLZOGEN) [n|Ge-1919]
	Träumereien An Preußischen Kaminen (ps: Peter PANTER) [Ge-1920]
	Die Verkehrte Welt In Knüttelversen Dargestellt (ps: Kaspar HAUSER) [Ge-1922]
	Ein Pyrenäenbuch [Ge-1927]
	Mit 5 PS [Ge-1928]
	Das Lächeln Der Mona Lisa [Ge-1929]
	Deutschland, Deutschland Über Alles (ed John HEARTFIELD) [Ge-1930]
	Schloß Gripsholm [Ge-1931]
	Lerne Lachen Ohne Zu Weinen [Ge-1931]
	Gruß Nach Vorn (ed Erich KÄSTNER) [Ge-1946]

Friar, TUCK (see: Irwin St John TUCKER)

Rep, Amos TUCK (M: 1810 Aug 2 - 1879 Dec 11)
	Autobiographical Memoir Of Amos Tuck [a|1902]

Clyde Edwin TUCK {US} (M: 1880 Feb 17 - 1961 Aug 23)
	For Love Of You [f|1909]
	The Bald Knobbers [f|1910]
	Voices In The Wind [p|1950]

Edward TUCK {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	A Sketch Of Ancient Barking And Its Abbey [n|1888/1900]

Henry Carlton TUCK {US} (M: 1864 Feb 12 - 1939 Dec 13)
	Four Years At The University Of Georgia, 1877-1881 [a|1938]

Wg-Cdr, (Roland) Robert Stanford TUCK / STANFORD-TUCK {UK} (M: 1916 Jul 1 - 1987 May 5)

Prof, Ronald Humphrey TUCK {UK} (M: 1921 Jun 28 - 2007 Apr 2)
	An Essay On The Economic Theory Of Rank [n|1954]
	An Introduction To The Principles Of Agricultural Economics [n|1961]

William Henry TUCK {UK} (M: 1840 Oct 3 - 1922 Nov 29)
	The Avi-Fauna Of A Suffolk Village [n|?]
	The Aculeate Hymenoptera Of Bury St Edmunds District [n|?]

Linda TUCK-JENKINS {US} (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Mary CLAY)

Abraham TUCKER (M: 1705 Sep 2 - 1774 Nov 20)
(ps: Edward SEARCH)
	The Light Of Nature Persued [6v|1768-78]

Alexander Lauzun Pendock TUCKER {UK} (M: 1861 Nov 2 - 1941 Nov 30)
	Life Of Sir Robert Sandeman [b|1921]

Alfred Brook TUCKER {UK} (M: 1861 Jun 19 - 1945 Jan 25)
	The Romance Of The King's Army [n|1907]
	A Book Of Anniversaries [n|1909]
	The Battle Glory Of Canada [n|1915]

Alfred Nicholson TUCKER {UK} (M: 1882 (or 1883) Oct 29 - 1961 Mar 5)
	Dart, Loveliest Of Rivers.. [p|1952]

Bp, Alfred Robert TUCKER (M: 1849 (wrongly 1860) Apr 1 - 1914 Jun 15)
	Eighteen Years In Uganda [2v|a|1908]
	Eighteen Years In Uganda & East Africa [a|1911]

Prof, Archibald Norman TUCKER {UK} (M: 1904 Mar 10 - 1980 Jul 16)

Bp, Beverley Dandridge TUCKER {US} (M: 1846 Nov 9 - 1930 Jan 17)

Blanche Roosevelt TUCKER, 1:MACCHETTA, Marchesa d'ALLIGRI, aka Mlle, ROSAVELLA (F: 1853 - 1898 Sep 10)
(ps: Blanche ROOSEVELT)
	The Home Life Of Henry W Longfellow [b|1882]
	Stage-Struck [f|1884]
	The Life And Reminiscences Of Gustave Doré [b|1885]
	Copper Queen [f|1886]
	Hazel Fane (anon) [f|1891]
	Elisabeth Of Roumania (anon) [1891]
	Familiar Faces - Victorien Sardou (anon) [b|1892]
	A Riviera Romance (anon) [1899]

Caroline TUCKER (see: Jeannette (nee)Covert NOLAN)

Charlotte Maria TUCKER (F: 1821 May 8 - 1893 Dec 2)
(ps: A L O E [= A Lady of England])
29863	The Rambles Of A Rat [f|1854]
	Glimpses Of The Unseen [p|1854]
	The Claremont Tales [1854]
	Wings And Stings [f|1855]
	New Year's Address For 1857 [n|1856]
	The Giant-Killer [f|1856]
	Upwards And Downwards [f|1856]
	The Young Pilgrim [f|1857]
	The Roby Family [f|1857]
	Old Friends With New Faces [f|1858]
	Precepts In Practice [s|1858]
	The Mine [f|1858]
	The Story Of A Needle [f|1858]
	Flora [f|1858]
	New-Year's Wishes [1859]
	Idols In The Heart [f|1859]
	The Christian's Mirror [1859]
	Futteypoor [1859]
	The Lost Jewel [f|1860]
	Invited Guests [1860]
	Harry Dangerfield, The Poacher [f|1860]
	Pride And His Prisoners [1860]
	Scripture Picture Puzzles, With Single Descriptive Narratives.. [n|1861]
	Parliament In The Play-Room [1861]
	Illustrations Of The Parables [n|1861]
	My Neighbour's Shoes [f|1861]
	The Shepherd Of Bethlehem, King Of Israel [David] [b|1862]
	War And Peace [f|1862]
	The Light In The Robber's Cave [f|1862]
	Christian Conquests [1862]
	New Stories [s|1863]
	The Silver Casket [f|1863]
	Stories From Jewish History [n|1863]
	A L O E's Pretty Present For The Pets [1863]
25516	The Crown Of Success; or, Four Heads To Furnish [f|1863]
	Exiles In Babylon [f|1864]
	Stories For The Young [s|1864]
	Miracles Of Heavenly Love In Daily Life [1864]
	Our Sympathizing High Priest [n|1865]
	Ned Franks [f|1865]
	The Straight Road Is Shortest And Surest [1866]
	Fairy Know-A-Bit [1866]
	Rescued From Egypt [1866]
	The Lake Of The Woods [f|1867]
	The Children's Treasury [s|1867]
A	The Triumph Over Midian [1867]
	Thoughtful Alice.. [s|1867]
	Sunday Chaplet Of Stories [s|1867]
	Zaida's Nursery Note-book [1867]
	Sheer Off [f|1867]
	The Wanderer In Africa [f|1867]
	Holiday Chaplet Of Stories [s|1867]
	Living Jewels [n|1868]
	The Castle Of Carlsmont [d|pub:1868]
	Hymns And Poems [p|1868]
	On The Way [1868]
	House Beautiful [1868]
	The Golden Fleece [1869]
	Places Passed By Pilgrims [s|1869]
26094	Hebrew Heroes: A Tale Founded On Jewish History [f|1869]
	Claudia [f|1869]
	A Braid Of Cords [f|1869]
	A Gift Book For The New-Year [1870]
	Is There Heart In It? [n|1871]
	Cyril Ashley [f|1870]
	The Christian's Panoply [1870]
	Be On Your Guard [n|1870]
	A L O E's Picture Story Book [s|1871]
	The Hymn My Mother Taught Me.. [s|1871]
	Freedom [f|1871]
	The Lady Of Provence [f|1871]
	A L O E's Sunday Picture Book [1871]
	A Wreath Of Smoke [1871]
	The Children's Tabernacle [1871]
	The Silver Keys [f|1872]
	Edith And Her Ayah.. [s|1872]
	Stories From The History Of The Jews (/Jewish History) [s|1872]
	Try Again.. [s|1872]
	New-Year's Story For 1873 [f|1872]
	The Olive-Branch.. [s|1872]
	Good For Evil.. [s|1873]
	The City Of Nocross, And Its Famous Physician [1873]
	A Friend In Need.. [s|1873]
	The Life Of Luther [b|1873]
	Fairy Frisket [1874]
	Sheer Off [f|1874]
	The Father's Letter [f|1874]
	An Eden In England [f|1874]
	The Little Maid [f|1874]
	The Victory.. [s|1875]
	The Truant Kitten.. [s|1875]
35705	The Spanish Cavalier: A Story Of Seville [f|1875]
	The Message Of Hope.. [s|1875]
	Only A Little.. [s|1875]
	Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining.. [s|1875]
	The Children's Garland [1875]
	The Brother's Return.. [s|1875]
	The Backward Swing.. [s|1875]
	The Tiny Red Night-Cap.. [s|1876]
	A Wreath Of Indian Stories [s|1876]
	Haunted Rooms (aka: The Haunted Room) [f|1876]
	Blind Alice And Her Benefactress [f|1877]
	The Children's Posy [1877]
	Gain And Loss [f|1877]
	The Adopted Son [1877]
	Angus Tarlton [1877]
	True Heroism [f|1877]
	The Story In The Pink Chaddar [f|1877]
	Pomegranates From The Punjab [s|1878]
	Christ And The Soul [n|1878]
	Miracles Of Heavenly Love In Daily Life [n|1880]
	Daybreak In Britain [1880]
	Little Bullets From Batala [1880]
	The Zenana Reader [1880]
	Hours With Orientals [1881]
	The Story Of Dr Duff [f|1882]
	Seven Perils Passed [1882]
	Life In The Eagle's Nest [f|1883]
	The Robbers' Cave [f|1883]
	Mahala, The Jewish Slave [f|1883]
	Life In The White Bear's Den [1884]
	Pictures Of St Paul, Drawn In An English Home [1885]
	Pearls Of Wisdom From The Parables Of Christ [n|1886]
	Percival's Picture Gallery [1887]
	Pictures Of St Peter In An English Home [1887]
	Fairy In The Spider's Web [1887]
	The Battle Of Life [1888]
	Driven Into Exile [f|1888]
	The Hartley Brothers [f|1889]
	Harold's Bride [f|1889]
	Beyond The Black Waters [f|1890]
	Black Yarn And Blue [1891]
	The Rope Cable Cut [1891]
	The Blacksmith Of Boniface Lane [1891]
	The Two Crutches [1891]
	The Two Dinners [1891]
	The Little Brother [1891]
	The Iron Chain And The Golden [1892]
	The Forlorn Hope [f|1893]
	Nod Manton [f|1894]
	Tales Illustrative Of The Parables [s|1895]
	The Two Pilgrims To Kashi.. [s|1901]
	Battling With The World [1904]
	The Ruler's Dream [s|1943]
	Tit, Tiny And Tittens, The Three White Kittens [p|?]
	Fireside Library [?]
	Grannie's Love Proof [?]

Prof, David Gordon TUCKER {UK} (M: 1914 Jun 17 - 1990 Mar 8)
	Modulators And Frequency-Changers [n|1953]

Delaine TUCKER (see: Deborah (Elaine) CAMP)

Earl TUCKER {US} (M: 1904 Jul 25 - ?)

Elaine TUCKER (see: Deborah (Elaine) CAMP)

Elizabeth S TUCKER (F: ? - ?)
IJ	Leaves From Juliana Horatia Ewing's 'Canada Home' (w J H EWING) [1896]

Eva TUCKER, nee STEINEKE {UK} (F: 1929 Apr 18 - 2015 Nov 12)

Francis Ellis TUCKER {UK} (M: 1844 Sep 29 - 1921 Oct 28)
	Tourist Notes In Egypt [n|1872]

Gabriel F TUCKER, Jr {US} (M: 1924 - ?)

George TUCKER (M: 1775 Aug 20 - 1861 Apr 10)
(&ps: Joseph ATTERLEY)
	Letters From Virgina [e|1816]
	The Valley Of Shenandoah [1824]
10005	A Voyage To The Moon (ps: Joseph ATTERLEY) [f|1827]
	The Life Of Thomas Jefferson.. [2v|b|1837]
	The Law Of Wages, Profits, And Rent Investigated [n|1837]
	The Theory Of Money And Banks Investigated [n|1839]
	Progress Of The United States [n|1843-55]
	History Of The United States [4v|n|1856-57]
A	Political Economy For The People [n|1859]

Gerard Kennedy TUCKER {AU} (M: 1885 Feb 18 - 1974 May 24)
	Brethren, Pray For Us (ed) [n|1915]
	As Private And Padre With The AIF [a|1919]
	Thanks Be [a|1954]

Prof, Gilbert Norman TUCKER {CA} (M: 1898 or 1896 Nov 11 - 1955 Feb 21)
	The Naval Service Of Canada [2v|n|1952]

Gina(=Georgina) (May) TUCKER, nee PETHERAM {US} (F: 1911 Jan 14 - 2014 Oct 25)

Glenn (Irving) TUCKER {US} (M: 1892 Nov 30 - 1976 Oct 26)
	Commercial Shipyards And The Navy [n|1937]
	Opportunity Unlimited [n|1945]
	Poltroons And Patriots [2v|n|1954]
	Tecumseh [b|1956]
	High Tide At Gettysburg [n|1958]
	Hancock The Superb [b|1960]
	Chickamauga [1961]
	Front Rank [n|1963]
	Dawn Like Thunder [n|1963]

Graham Shardalow Lee TUCKER {AU} (M: 1924 Aug 19 - 1980 May 29)
	Progress And Profits In British Economic Thought, 1650-1850 [n|1960]

Henry TUCKER (M: ? - ?)
L	Clog Dancing Made Easy [n|c1874]

Henry Carre TUCKER (M: 1812 - 1875 Nov 9)
	My Note Book Of Rules And Regulations, Collectory And Foujdary [n|1850]
	The Azimgurh Reader (ed) [n|1871]

Henry St George TUCKER (M: 1771 Feb 15 - 1851 Jun 14)
	Memorials Of Indian Government (ed John William KAYE) [e|1853]

Rep, Henry St George TUCKER (Sr) (M: 1780 Dec 29 - 1848 Aug 28)

Rep, Henry St George TUCKER (III) {US} (M: 1853 Apr 5 - 1932 Jul 23)
L	Woman's Suffrage By Constitutional Amendment [n|1916]

Herbert TUCKER {ZA?} (M: 1855 - 1937)
	Songs Of Love And Nature [p|1909]
	Lays Of Later Years [p|1922]
	A Sunset Sanctuary [p|1929]
	Collected Poems [p|c1936]

Herbert Harold TUCKER {UK} (M: 1925 Dec 4 - 1996 Aug 30)

Canon, Horace Finn TUCKER (M: 1849 Oct 13 - 1911 Dec 22)
	The New Arcadia [f|1894]
	After Many Days [p|1905]
	Lights For Lesser Days [n|1909]

Rev, Irwin St John TUCKER {US} (M: 1886 Jan 10 - 1982 Jan 8)
(&ps: Friar TUCK)
	Poems Of A Socialist Priest [p|1915]
	Internationalism [n|c1918]
	Sangreal [1919]
	The Chosen Nation [1919]
	A History Of Imperialism [n|1920]
	Now It Must Be Done [1920]

(Allan) James TUCKER {UK} (M: 1929 - ?)
(ps: David CRAIG; Bill JAMES)

James Alexander TUCKER (M: 1872 Dec 22 - 1903 Dec 19)
	Poems (ed R BUTCHART & J T CLARK) [p|1904]

James Rosenberg TUCKER (M: 1808 (or 1803) - 1888 Dec 20)
(&ps: Giacomo di ROSENBERG)
#	The Adventures Of Ralph Rashleigh (ps: Giacomo di ROSENBERG) [f|1929]
#	Ralph Rashleigh (ed Colin RODERICK) [f|1952]
	Jemmy Green In Australia (ed Colin RODERICK) [f|1955]

Jasper TUCKER {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	The Heart Of Hope (anon) [1909]

Rev, Joel W TUCKER (M: ? - ?)
T	God's Providence In War: A Sermon [n|1862]

Rev, John TUCKER (M: 1795 Jan 12 - 1870 Dec 4)

John C TUCKER {US} (M: 1934 Mar 13 - 2010 Oct 9)
	May God Have Mercy [n|?]

Col, John Montmorency TUCKER (M: 1780 - 1852)
	Tales Of The Camp And Cabinet [f|1844]

Rev, John Savile TUCKER {UK} (M: 1866 Mar 1 - 1954 Jan 24)

Rev, John Kinsman TUCKER (M: c1810 - 1896 Jun 14)
(&ps: A Country GENTLEMAN)

Dean, Josiah TUCKER (M: ? - ?)
32557	An Humble Address And Earnest Appeal.. [n|1775]

Joseph Clarence TUCKER (M: 1828 - 1891)
	To The Golden Goal.. [a|1895]

Rev, Joseph Louis TUCKER (M: 1842 - 1906)
	The Relations Of The Church To The Colored Race [n|1882]

Rev, Joshua Thomas TUCKER (M: 1812 Sep 20 - 1897 Jun 11)
	The Sinless One [Christ] [b|1855]
A	Christ's Infant Kingdom [n|1870]

Joy TUCKER (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Kelly STREET)

Lael (Luttrell) TUCKER, 1:Mrs STAGE, 2:Mrs LAIRD, 3:Mrs WERTENBAKER, 4:Mrs FLETCHER {US} (F: 1909 (wrongly 1910) Mar 28 - 1997 Mar 15)
(&ps: Lael Tucker WERTENBAKER)
	Lament For Four Virgins [f|1952]
	Festival [1954]
	Death Of A Man [n|1957]
	Tip And Dip (ps: Lael Tucker WERTENBAKER) (w Suzanne GLEAVES) [1960]
	Mercy Percy (ps: Lael Tucker WERTENBAKER) (w Suzanne GLEAVES) [1961]

Rev, Louis TUCKER {US} (M: 1872 Oct 7 - 1952 May 1)
	Some Studies In Religion [n|1903]
	Men Of The Way [n|1922]
	In The Hills Of Galilee [1927]
	When He Came To Himself [n|1928]
	Clerical Errors [n|1943]

Rev, Lewis Norman TUCKER {CA} (M: 1852 Dec 24 - 1934 Nov 7)
	Western Canada [n|1907]
	From Sea To Sea [n|?/c1911]

Link TUCKER (see: David (Ernest) BINGLEY)

Rev, Louis TUCKER {US} (M: 1872 Oct 7 - 1952 May 1)
	Clerical Errors [a|1943]

Prof, Mark (T) TUCKER {US} (M: 1954 Jun 4 - 2000 Dec 6)

Mary Eliza TUCKER, nee PERINE, 2:Mrs LAMBERT (F: 1838 Nov 6 - 1896 Apr 6)
&	Loew's Bridge: A Broadway Idyl [1867]
&	Poems [p|1867]
	Life Of Mark M Pomeroy [b|?]

Mary Orne TUCKER (F: 1794 - 1865)

Nancy (nee)Bernkopf TUCKER, 2:Mrs COHEN {US} (F: 1948 Jul 12 - 2012 Dec 1)

Nathaniel (Butterfield) TUCKER (M: 1750 Feb 13 - 1807 Nov 28)
	The Bermudian [p|1774]
	The Anchoret [p|1776]

Nathaniel Beverley TUCKER (M: 1784 Sep 6 - 1851 Aug 26)
	George Balcombe [f|1836]
T	The Partisan Leader [f|1836]
	Discourse On The Importance Of The Study Of Political Science [n|1840]
	Discourse On The Dangers That Threaten The..United States [n|1841]
	Lectures Intended To..Constitution Of The United States [n|1845]
	Principles Of Pleading [n|1846]

Norman TUCKER {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	Narrative Poems [p|1927]

Norman (Ralph F) TUCKER {UK} (M: 1894 May 15 - 1971)
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	Ride Gloriously [1944]
	Gay Salute [1946]
	Minions Of The Moon [1946]
	No Coward Soul [1947]
	Master Of The Field [1949]
	Restless We Roam [1950]
	The Rising Gull [1952]
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	Rhymes Of The Countryside [p|1959]

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A	Origin, Rise, And Progress Of Mormonism [n|1867]

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Prof, Robert Charles TUCKER {US} (M: 1918 May 29 - 2010 Jul 29)
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	The Soviet Political Mind [n|1963]

Sarah TUCKER (M: ? - c1859)
I	The Rainbow In The North [n|1851]

St George TUCKER (M: J 1752 Jun 29 - 1827 Nov 10)
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32239	A Dissertation On Slavery [n|1796]
	The Probationary Odes Of Jonathan Pindar [1796]

St George TUCKER (M: 1828 - 1862)
31866	Hansford: A Tale Of Bacon's Rebellion [f|1857]

Sophie TUCKER (see: Sonya KALISH)

Prof, Thomas George TUCKER {UK} (M: 1859 Mar 29 - 1946 Jan 24)
	Things Worth Thinking About [e|1890]
	Life In Ancient Athens [n|1907]
	The Foreign Debt Of English Literature [n|1907]
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18969	Platform Monologues [e|1914]
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William TUCKER {US} (M: 1942 - 2016)

Rev, William Bowman TUCKER {CA} (M: 1859 Feb 27 - 1934 Aug 11)
	Songs Of The Wayside [p|1918]
	Laurentian Tales [p|1922]
	The Springs Of The Pisgah Hills.. [p|?]
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Prof, William Eldon TUCKER {UK} (M: 1903 Aug 6 - 1991 Aug 4)

Rev, William Hill TUCKER {UK} (M: c1802 - 1901 Nov 10)
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	Eton Of Old [a|1892]

Rev, William Jewett TUCKER {US} (M: 1839 Jul 13 - 1926 Sep 29)
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(Arthur) Wilson TUCKER {US} (M: 1914 Nov 23 - 2006 Oct 6)
(&ps: [Bob TUCKER])
	The Chinese Doll [f|1946]
	The Long Loud Silence [f|1952]
	The Lincoln Hunters [f|1958]

Arthur TUCKERMAN {US?} (M: ? - after 1950)
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Arthur Lyman TUCKERMAN (M: 1861 Sep 14 - 1892 Mar 13)
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Edward TUCKERMAN (M: 1817 - 1886)
*	A Synopsis Of The North American Lichens [n|1882]

Frederick Goddard TUCKERMAN (M: 1821 Feb 4 - 1873 May 9)
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Henry Theodore TUCKERMAN (M: 1813 Apr 20 - 1871 Dec 17)
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	Characteristics Of Literature [e|1849/51]
	The Optimist [1850]
	Poems [p|1851]
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	A Memorial Of Horatio Greenough [b|1853]
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Elizabeth Fox TUCKET, Mrs FOWLER (F: 1837 (wrongly 1835) Apr 9 - 1872)
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	Zig-Zagging In The Alps [n|?]

Derek Fothergill TUCKETT {UK} (M: 1921 Jan 24 - 1998 Aug 7)

Charles Lloyd TUCKEY {UK} (M: c1853 - 1925 Aug 12)
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	Narrative Of An Expedition To Explore The River Zaire.. [n|1818]
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(Dorothea) Margaret TUCKSON, nee BISSET {AU} (F: 1921 - 2014)
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539	A W Kinglake: A Biographical And Literary Study [b|1902]
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	Spenser [b|1906]
	Pre-Tractarian Oxford [n|1909]
	Monograph Of Lycidas [n|1911]
	Nuggets From The Bible Mine [n|1913]

Abp, Nicolò de TUDESCHI, aka Abbas 'Panormitanus', aka Abbas 'Modernus', aka Abbas 'Recentior', aka Abbas 'Siculus' (M: 1386 - 1445 Feb 24)

Corneliu Vadim TUDOR {RO} (M: 1949 Nov 28 - 2015 Sep 14)

Sir, Daniel (Thomas) TUDOR {UK} (M: 1866 Jul 21 - 1928 Nov 23)
	The Revised Laws Of Granada [n|1911]

Henry TUDOR (M: ? - ?)
	Narrative Of A Tour In North America [n|1834]

Henry TUDOR {UK} (M: 1937 - 1997 Mar 30)

Henry Edmund TUDOR {UK} (M: 1860 - 1933 Sep 30)
	A Defence Of The Hire System.. [n|1888]

John TUDOR (M: ? - 1862)

Rev, (Richard) John TUDOR {UK} (M: 1930 Feb 8 - 2009 Oct 29)

John R TUDOR {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Orkney And Shetland [n|1883]

Owen Davies TUDOR (M: c1818 - 1887 Nov 17)

Richard TUDOR (M: 1819 Jun 24 - 1882 May 5)

Rev, Stephen Owen TUDOR {UK} (M: 1893 Oct 5 - 1967 Jun 30)

Tasha TUDOR (see: Starling BURGESS)

William TUDOR (M: 1779 Jan 28 - 1830 Mar 9)
	Letters On The Eastern States [e|1820]
	Miscellanies [1821]
	The Life Of James Otis Of Massachusetts [b|1823]
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	Armorial Porcelain Of The Eighteenth Century [n|1925]
	Melusine And The Lukin Family [n|1932]
	The Catalogues Of The United Grand Lodge Of England [3v|n|1938]

Beatrix TUDOR HART (F: ? - ?)
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	Toys, Play And Discipline In Childhood [n|1955]
	Learning To Live [n|1963]
	Growth Through Play In The First Two Years [n|?]

Edith TUDOR HART (F: ? - ?)
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	Vistas Of Our Lady [p|1928]

Edith TUDOR HART, nee SUSCHITZKY {AT/UK} (F: 1908 Aug 28 - 1978 May 2)
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	Moving And Growing [1952]

(Alan) Julian (Macbeth) TUDOR HART {UK} (M: 1927 Mar 9 - living 2017)
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	High Blood Pressure At Your Fingertips [n|1996/99]

Patrick (H C J) TUDOR-OWEN {UK} (M: 1917 - ?)
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	The Robin Chapel (w J W HERRIES) [n|1956]

John Henry Tudsbery TUDSBERY (see: John Henry Tudsbery TURNER)

Siôn TUDUR (M: 1535 - 1602)

TUDUR ALED (M: c1465 - c1525)

Rev, Robert TUDUR JONES {UK} (M: 1921 Jun 28 - 1998 Jul 23)

William Packard TUEKER (M: 1834 - 1898)

John TUEL (M: ? - ?)
A	Facts For The People; or, Every One's Book [n|1860]

Anne Kimball TUELL (F: 1876 - ?)
	Mrs Meynell And Her Literary Generation [n|1925]

Harriet Emily TUELL (F: 1870 - ?)

Nadia (Mohammad Ali) TUÉNI, nee HAMADEH {LB} (F: 1935 (or 1938) Jul 8 - 1983 Jun 20)
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Andrew White TUER (M: 1838 Dec 24 - 1900 Feb 24)
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	Stories From Old Fashioned Children's Books [1899]

Karl TUFEL {US} (M: ? - ?)
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Sir, Theodore Martin TUFFIER {UK} (M: 1857 Mar 26 - 1929 Oct 26)

Everett Spencer TUFFNELL (hoax) {US} (?: 1917 Jul 27 - ?)

Henry TUFNELL (M: 1806 (or 1805) Oct - 1854 Jun 15)

Thomas Jolliffe TUFNELL (M: 1819 May 23 - 1885 Nov 27)

Col, William Nevill TUFNELL {UK} (M: c1838 - 1922 Nov 3)
	Tour In Palestine With Duke Of Edinburgh In 1859 [n|?]

TUFFOLINA (see: Matilde SERAO)

Jack Elsden TUFFS {UK} (M: 1922 Mar 5 - 1978 Jul 21)
	Teach Yourself Conjuring (US: Teach Yourself Magic) [n|1954]
	Making Magical Apparatus [n|1956]

Sir, (Morobo) Vincent del TUFO {UK} (M: 1901 Apr 1 - 1961 Nov 26)
	Report On The 1947 Malayan Census Of Population [n|c1948]

Craig (Ellery) TUFTS {US} (M: 1946 Nov 22 - 2009 Jun 21)

Cynthia Whitaker TUFTS {US} (F: 1860 - 1920)
	Cynthia Whitaker Tufts [a|1920]

Drew TUFTS {US?} (?: ? - ?)
	Hiram Blair [f|1912]

Henry TUFTS (M: 1748 - ?)
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Prof, James Hayden TUFTS {US} (M: 1862 Jul 9 - 1942 Aug 5 or 6)
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29508	The Ethics Of Coöperation [n|1918]
	Wartime Gains For The American Family [n|1919]
	Education And Training For Social Work [n|1923]
	Recent Ethics In Its Broader Relations [n|1930]
	America's Social Morality [n|1933]

John Wheeler TUFTS (M: 1825 - 1908)
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	The Public School Music Reader (w H E HOLT) [n|1885]

Joseph TUFTS (M: ? - 1834)
	Poetry [?]

Lucy TUFTS, nee HARRIS {US} (F: ? - ?)
	'The Younger Sister' [a|1929]

Prof, Warren Porter TUFTS {US} (M: 1890 Jan 8 - 1968 Apr 18)
	Nematode-Resistant Rootstocks For Deciduous Fruit Trees (w L DAY) [n|1944]
	Pruning Deciduous Fruit Trees (w Richard W HARRIS) [n|1955]

Barbara Jean TUFTY, nee TAEUSCH {US} (F: 1923 Dec 28 - 2008 Jul 30)

Harry TUGEND {US} (M: 1897 (or 1898) Feb 17 - 1989 Sep 11)

Georg TUGENDHAT {AT/UK?} (M: 1898 Feb 17 - 1973 Apr 6)

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	A Chronicle Of Jeopardy [n|1955]
	The Democratic Roosevelt [b|1957]
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	The Light Of Other Days [n|1962]

John TUHI (M: 1800 - 1817 Jul 25)
	Life And Confession Of John Tuhi..Murder Of His Brother [a|1817]

Augustine TUILLERIE / THUILLERIE, 1:Mrs GUYAU, 2:Mrs FOUILLÉE {FR} (F: 1833 Jul 31 - 1923 Jul 8)
(ps: G BRUNO)
27782	Le Tour De La France Par Deux Enfants [Fr-1877]

Capt, Hugh George Spencer TUITE {UK} (M: 1863 - 1933 Jan 6)
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	Bob And The Dream Birds [f|1908]
	The Secret Of The Blue Vase [f|1924]
	The Pottleton Bridge Club [1925]
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	Mrs Pottleton's Bridge Parties [1926]
	Profits And The Pen [n|1927]
	Helpless Annie [f|1927]
	Helpless Annie's Idears [f|1928]
	The Rampayne Temperament [f|1928]
	Iris Plays Better Bridge [1928]
	King Of The Khorkams [1929]
	Contract Bridge For Iris [1929]

Sir, Timoci (Uluiburotu) TUIVAGA {FJ} (M: 1931 Oct 21 - 2015 Dec 30)

Anthony William TUKE {UK} (M: 1897 Feb 24 - 1975 Jun 12)

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36817	Rome (w Hope MALLESON) [n|1905]
	Cambridge [n|1907]
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Marshal, Mikhail Nikolaevich TUKHACHEVSKY {SU} (M: 1893 - 1937 Jun 12)

Werneri TUKIAINEN {FI} (M: ? - ?)

TULASIDASA (?: 1532 - 1623)

Lewis(=Louis?) TULCHIN {US} (M: 1905 Sep 4 - 1972 (wrongly 1971) Oct)
	The Nude In Photography [n|1949]
	Photographing The Nude [n|1962]
	Lighting In Portraiture [n|1963]

Pamela (May) TULK-HART, nee JOHNSEN {UK} (F: 1918 Oct 30 - 2010 Jun 24)
	Paid To Be Safe (w Margaret MORRISON) [f|1948]

Marmaduke TULKET (see: Peter (Armstrong) WHITTLE)

Jethro TULL (M: 1674 Mar 30 - 1741 Feb 21)
(&ps: J T)
	Jethro Tull's Horse Hoeing Husbandry [n|1731]
	The Horse-Hoeing Husbandry (ps: J T) [n|1733]

Rev, Selsus Estol TULL {US} (M: 1878 Jul 29 - 1973 Jan 26)
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Grant Colfax TULLAR {US} (M: 1869 Aug 5 - 1950 May 20)
	Written Because.. [a|1937]

Richard M TULLAR {US} (M: 1910 Aug 30 - 1991 Mar 30)

Otto Fredrik TULLBERG (M: 1802 Sep 26 - 1853 Apr 12)

Sophie Lovisa Christina Ridderbielke TULLBERG (F: ? - ?)

Denis John TULLETT (M: ? - ?)
(ps: John SUTTON)
	Fifty For Tradition [p|1953]

James Stuart TULLETT {UK} (M: 1912 - 1992)
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	Yellow Streak [f|1963]

John TULLEY (M: 1638 - 1701 Oct 5)

Ronald William TULLIPAN {AU} (M: 1917 Oct 10 - 1975 Nov 24)
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	Rear Vision [f|1961]
	March Into Morning [f|1962]

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&	  Select Orations [e|La-?] (ed Benjamin L D'OOGE) [?]
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Alexander (R) TULLOCH {UK} (M: c1944 - ?)

Maj-Gen, (Donald) Derek (Cuthbertson) TULLOCH {UK} (M: 1903 Apr 28 - 1974 Jul 3)

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26726	Pascal [b|1878]
	History Of Rational Theology And Christian Philosophy.. [2v|n|?]
	Theism [n|?]

W TULLOCH {UK?} (?: ? - ?)
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	For The Sorrowful [?]
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Gordon (Crumb) TULLOCK {US} (M: 1922 Feb 13 - 2014 Nov c3)
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Andrew (F) TULLY, Jr {US} (M: 1914 Oct 24 - 1993 Sep 27)

James Howard TULLY (M: 1814 - 1868 Jan 28)

Jim(=James) TULLY {US} (M: 1886 or 1888 or 1891 Jun 3 - 1947 Jun 22)
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Sir, (William) Mark TULLY {UK} (M: 1935 (or 1936) Oct 24 - living 2017)

May TULLY {CA/US?} (F: c1884 - 1924 Mar 9)

Paul TULLY (see: Jerome GARDNER)

Richard Walton TULLY {US} (M: 1877 May 7 - 1945 Jan 31)
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Samuel TULLY (M: 1771 - 1812)
	The Life Of Samuel Tully.. [a|1812]


Fr, Juozas TUMAS {LT} (M: 1869 Sep 20 - 1933 Apr 29)
	Vaizdeliai [Li-1902]
	Sceniškieji Vaizdeljai [Li-1906]
	Is Tas [Li-1906]
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Coulson TURNBULL {UK} (M: 1864 Apr 14 - ?)

David TURNBULL (M: 1915 - ?)

David TURNBULL (M: 1925 - ?)

F G TURNBULL {UK} (M: ? - after 1967)
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Gael (Lundin) TURNBULL {UK} (M: 1928 Apr 7 - 2004 Jul 2)
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P TURNBULL (M: ? - ?)
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A T TURNER {UK} (?: ? - ?)
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Almon Richard TURNER {US} (M: 1932 Jul 28 - 2011 Sep 9)

Ann Warren TURNER (F: 1945 - ?)

Annie TURNER, Mrs TINSLEY (F: 1808 Jan 11 - 1885 Jan 20)
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Herbert Hall TURNER {UK} (M: 1861 - 1930 Aug 20)
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(Phil) John TURNER {UK} (M: 1915 Mar 31 - 2007 Mar 7)

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Malka(=Malke) TUSSMAN, nee HEIFETZ / KHEYFETS {US} (F: 1895 (or 1893 or 1896) May 20 - 1987 Mar 30)

Prof, Arnold TUSTIN {UK} (M: 1899 Jul 16 - 1994 Jan 9)

Frances (Daisy) TUSTIN, nee VICKERS {UK} (F: 1913 Oct 15 - 1994 Nov 11)

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Josiah Philips TUSTIN (M: 1817 - 1887)

Rev, Septimus TUSTIN (M: ? - ?)
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Wayne TUSTIN (M: 1922 - ?)

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	An Heroick Poem Upon The Late Expedition Of His Majesty.. [p|1689]
38407	Selected Poems, 1685-1700 [p|?]

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	After Materialism - What? [n|?]

Warren Stanley TUTE {UK} (M: 1914 Feb 22 - 1989 Nov 26)

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Jack TUTHILL (see: James M TUTHILL)

James M TUTHILL {US} (M: ? - 1952 Oct 31)
(ps: Jack TUTHILL)
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Louisa Caroline TUTHILL, nee HUGGINS (F: 1798 - 1879)
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Prof, William Thomas TUTTE {CA} (M: 1917 May 14 - 2002 May 2)

Cosey Fanni TUTTI (see: Christine Carol NEWBY)

Rev, Lawrence TUTTIETT (M: 1825 - 1897 May 21)

Mary Gleed TUTTIETT {UK} (M: 1847 - 1923 Sep 21)
(ps: Maxwell GRAY)
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Adolphus Darwin TUTTLE (M: 1832 - 1889)

Albert Henry TUTTLE (M: 1844 - ?)

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Amber M TUTTLE (F: ? - ?)
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Arnold Dwight TUTTLE (M: 1881 - ?)

Arthur Smith TUTTLE {US} (M: 1865 - 1949)
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Charles Henry TUTTLE {US} (M: 1879 Apr 21 - 1971 Jan 26)

Charles Richard TUTTLE {US} (M: 1848 Mar 14 - ?)
A	General History Of The State Of Michigan [n|1873]
	History Of Grand Rapids [n|1874]
A	An Illustrated History Of The State Of Wisconsin [n|1875]
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Emma TUTTLE, nee ROOD (F: 1839 - ?)

Emmett George TUTTLE (M: 1830 - ?)

Florence (nee?)Guertin TUTTLE {US} (F: 1869 - 1951)
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	Give My Love To Maria.. [s|1917]
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Frank Wright TUTTLE (M: 1896 - ?)

George TUTTLE (M: 1804 - 1872)

George Frederick TUTTLE (M: 1823 - ?)

George Marvine TUTTLE {US} (M: 1866 Sep 21 - 1926 Sep 2)
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Helene (Wheeler) TUTTLE (F: 1881 - ?)

Henry Crosswell TUTTLE (M: c1847 - 1882)

Herbert TUTTLE (M: 1846 - 1894)

Gov, Hiram Americus TUTTLE (M: 1837 Oct 16 - 1911 Feb 10)

Hudson TUTTLE (M: 1836 - 1910)
A	Origin And Antiquity Of Physical Man Scientifically Considered [n|1866]
35855	Studies In The Out-Lying Fields Of Psychic Science [n|1889]

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James Percival TUTTLE (M: 1857 - ?)

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John Ellery TUTTLE (M: 1856 - ?)

John Raymond TUTTLE (M: 1890 - ?)

John Ross TUTTLE (M: 1892 - ?)

John William TUTTLE (M: 1837 - 1927)

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A	An Address In Behalf Of The Society..Education At The West [n|1853]
A	The Way Lost And Found: A Book For The Young.. [n|1870]

Julius Herbert TUTTLE (M: 1857 - ?)

Lucius TUTTLE (M: 1846 - 1914)

Lucius TUTTLE (M: 1877 - ?)

Margaretta Muhlenberg TUTTLE, nee PERKINS (F: 1880 - after 1950)
	Feet Of Clay [1923]

Marion TUTTLE (?: 1896 - ?)

Mary Elizabeth TUTTLE (F: 1877 - ?)

Mary McArthur TUTTLE, nee THOMPSON (F: 1849 - 1916)

Morton Chase TUTTLE (M: 1875 - ?)

Robert Eugene TUTTLE (M: 1910 - ?)

Robert G TUTTLE (M: 1907 - ?)

Roger Walker TUTTLE (M: 1875 - ?)

Romulus Morrison TUTTLE (M: 1842 - 1904)

Stella Weston TUTTLE (F: 1907 - ?)

Stephen TUTTLE (M: ? - 1835)

Stephen TUTTLE (M: fl c1775)
	..The King's Cause During The American Revolution [n|1890]

Stephen Davidson TUTTLE (M: 1907 May 4 - 1954 Apr 9)

Thomas Dyer TUTTLE (M: 1869 - ?)
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Timothy TUTTLE (M: 1781 - 1864)

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	The Santa Dolores Stage (aka: Twisted Trails) [f|1934]
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	Wild Horse Valley [f|1938]
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	Shotgun Gold [f|(1927)/1940]
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William Henry TUTTLE (M: 1882 - 1956)

William Parkhurst TUTTLE (M: 1842 Dec 10 - 1916 Nov 29)
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Alfred Edwin Howard TUTTON {UK} (M: 1864 Aug 22 - 1938 Jul 14)

Abp, Desmond (Mpilo) TUTU {ZA} (M: 1931 Oct 7 - living 2017)

Amos TUTUOLA {NG} (M: 1920 Jun 20 - 1997 Jun 8)
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	My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts [1954]
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Julia Strudwick TUTWILER (F: 1841 - 1916)

Dietrich TUTZKE {DE} (M: 1920 May 11 - 1999 Dec 26)

Titia (Klasina Elisabeth) van der TUUK {NL} (F: 1854 Nov 27 - 1939 May 7)

Erkki-Sven TÜÜR {EE} (M: 1959 Oct 16 - living 2017)

Lorenzo TUVAR (see: Wilson ARMISTEAD)

Merle Antony TUVE {US} (M: 1901 Jun 27 - 1982 May 20)
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Prof, Rosemond TUVE {US} (F: 1903 Nov 27 - 1964 Dec 20)
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Prof, Ernest TUVESON {US} (M: 1915 Sep 15 - 1996 Sep 20)
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	The Imagination As A Means Of Grace [n|1960]

Hone TUWHARE {NZ} (M: 1922 Oct 21 - 2008 Jan 16)

Julian TUWIM {PL} (M: 1894 Sep 13 - 1953 Dec 27)
(&ps: OLDLEN)
	Czyhanie Na Boga [Pl-1918]
	Sokrates Tanczacy [Pl-1920]
	Siódma Jesien [Pl-1921]
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Fanny TUXEN, nee SEEMANN (F: 1832 Jun 9 - 1906 Apr 24)

TUYUCHI (see: Arturo LEITO)