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BOS (see: Thomas Peckett PREST)

(Jan) Ritzema BOS {NL} (M: 1850 Jul 27 - 1928 Apr 7)
	Landbouwdierkunde [2v|n|Du-1879-82]
	Leerboek Der Dierkunde [n|Du-1893]
	Schetsen Uit Het Leven Der Vogels [n|Du-1897]
31310	Beginselen Der Dierkunde [n|Du-1902]
	Ziekten En Beschadigingen Der Landbouwgewassen [3v|n|Du-1915-1923]

Mrs Bernard, BOSANQUET (see: Helen DENDY)

Prof, Bernard BOSANQUET {UK} (M: 1848 Jun 14 - 1923 Feb 8)
	Knowledge And Reality [n|1885]
	Logic, Or Morphology Of Knowledge [n|1888]
	History Of Aesthetic [n|1892]
	Essentials Of Logic [n|1895]
	Aspects Of The Social Problem (w others) [n|1895]
	A Companion To Plato's Republic For English Readers [n|1895]
	Psychology Of The Moral Self [n|1897]
	Essays And Addresses [e|1899]
	The Civilisation Of Christendom [n|1899]
	The Philosophical Theory Of The State [n|1899/1910]
	Companion To Plato's Republic [n|1906]
	The Principle Of Individuality And Virtue [n|1912]
	The Value And Destiny Of The Individual [n|1913]
	Implication And Linear Influences [n|1919]
	Zoar (w Helen BOSANQUET) [p|1919]
	The Meeting Of Extremes In Contemporary Philosophy [n|1921]
	Three Lectures On Aesthetic, Social And Internal Ideals [e|1923]
	The Essentials Of Logic [e|1928]

(Rosamund) Caroline BOSANQUET {UK} (M: 1940 Mar 3 - 2013 Jan 20)

Claude BOSANQUET (M: 1833 Nov 8 - 1897 Jun 3)

Edmund BOSANQUET {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	A Society Mother [f|1911]
	The Woman Between [f|1912]
	Catching A Coronet [f|1913]
	Mary's Marriage [f|1914]
	The Dice Of Love [f|1914]

Eustace Fulcrand BOSANQUET {UK} (M: 1871 - 1940 Oct 16)
(&ps: S ASHTON)

George William BOSANQUET (M: 1845 Jul 4 - 1869 Jan 24)

Helen BOSANQUET, nee DENDY {UK} (F: c1860 - 1925 Apr 7)
	Zoar (w Bernard BOSANQUET) [p|1919]

Capt, Henry Theodore Augustus BOSANQUET {UK} (M: 1870 Aug 3 - 1959 Jan 17)
	The Royal Navy [n|1897]
	The Naval Officer's Sword [n|1955]

James Whatman BOSANQUET (M: 1804 Jan 26 - 1877 Dec 22)

Sir, John Bernard BOSANQUET (M: 1773 May 2 - 1847 Sep 26)

Reginald BOSANQUET {UK} (M: 1932 Aug 9 - 1984 May 27)

Prof, Robert Carr BOSANQUET {UK} (M: 1871 Jun 7 - 1935 Apr 21)
	Borcovicium [n|1904]

Sir, (Samuel) Ronald Courthope BOSANQUET {UK} (M: 1868 Sep 6 - 1952 Nov 5)
	A Magistrate's Handbook (w D H J CHALMERS) [n|1929]
	A Manual Of Rating, Outside The Metropolis (w P F SMITH) [n|1930]
	The Oxford Circuit [n|1951]

Samuel Richard BOSANQUET (M: 1800 Apr 1 - 1882 Dec 27)

Theodora BOSANQUET {UK} (F: 1880 Oct 3 - 1961 Jun 1)
	Spectators (w Clara SMITH) [1916]
	Henry James At Work [n|1924]
	Harriet Martineau [b|1927]
	Paul Valéry [b|1933]

William Cecil BOSANQUET {UK} (M: 1866 Oct 12 - 1941 Jan 24)
	Serums, Vaccines And Toxines In Treatment.. (2e w J W H EYRE) [n|1909]
	Meditatio Medici [n|1937]
	Spirochætes [n|?]

Anna Louisa Geertruida BOSBOOM-TOUSSAINT, nee ? (F: 1812 - 1886)
20794	Majoor Frans [f|Du-?]
*	  Major Frank [f|Du-?] (tr James AKEROYD) [1885]
24425	Frits Millioen En Zijne Vrienden [f|Du-?]
	The English In Rome [Du-?] (tr ?) [?]

Juan BOSCÁN ALMOGÁVER (M: c1490 - 1542 Sep 21)

Ramón BOSCAN ÁVILA {VE} (M: 1916 Apr 4 - ?)

Felipe BOSCAN ORTIGOZA {VE} (M: 1890 Nov 22 - 1949 Nov 11)

Gerónimo BOSCANA (M: 1775 - 1831)

Robert Thomas BOSCAWEN {UK} (M: 1923 Mar 17 - 2013 Dec 28)

Carl BOSCH (M: ? - ?)
	J-K Huysmans' Religiöser Entwicklungsgang [n|Ge-1920]

DO Pres, Juan (Emilio) BOSCH (GAVIÑO) {DO} (M: 1909 Jun 30 - 2001 Nov 1)

Robert BOSCH {DE} (M: 1861 Sep 23 - 1942 Mar 12)
	The Prevention Of Future Crises In The World Economic System [n|1937]

Prof, Robert van den BOSCH {US} (M: 1922 Mar 30 (or 31) - 1978 Nov 19)

Velia BOSCH {VE} (F: 1935 May 23 - ?)

Edna Mary BOSCHE, aka Sister, MARY AGNES {US?} (F: ? - ?)
(ps: A SISTER of Notre Dame)
	Saint Paul's Hymn Of Charity [n|1937]

Henri Fernand Joseph Marius BOSCO (M: 1888 Nov 16 - 1976 May 4)

Prof, Joseph (Augustus) BOSCO {US} (M: 1948 Aug 30 - 2010 Jul 8)

Prof, Monique BOSCO {AT/CA} (F: 1927 Jun 8 - 2007 May 27)
	Un Amour Maladroit [f|Fr-1961]

Frank BOSCOLO (M: ? - ?)
	The Massa Treatment (anon) [1930]

Chunilal BOSE (M: 1861 Mar 13 - 1930 Aug 3)

Fritz von BOSE {DE} (M: 1865 Oct 16 - 1945 May 10)

Sir, Jagadis Chandra BOSE (M: 1858 Nov 30 - 1937 Nov 23)
18986	Response In The Living And Non-Living [n|1902]
22085	Sir Jagadis Chunder Bose: His Life And Speeches [a|1920]
*	Life Movements In Plants [n|?]
	Plant Response [n|?]
	Comparative Electro-physiology [n|?]
	Irritability Of Plants [n|?]
	The Physiology Of The Ascent Of Sap [n|?]
	The Physiology Of Photosynthesis [n|?]
	The Nervous Mechanism Of Plants [n|?]
	Plant Autographs And Their Revelations [n|?]
	Collected Physical Papers [e|?]
	The Motor Mechanism Of Plants [n|?]
	Growth And Tropic Movements Of Plants [n|?]

Prof, Nirmal Kumar BOSE {IN} (M: 1901 Jan 22 - 1972 Oct 15)
(&ps: Nirmala-Kumara VASU)
	Cultural Anthropology [n|1929/1953]
	Canons Of Orissan Architecture [n|1932]
	Studies In Gandhism [n|1940]
	My Days With Gandhi [b|1953]
	Some Aspects Of Caste In Bengal [n|1958]
	Konaraker Bibaran [n|?-?]

Shib Chunder BOSE (M: ? - ?)
*	The Hindoos As They Are [n|1881]

Subhas Chandra BOSE, aka NETAJI (M: 1897 Jan 23 - 1945 Aug 18 (or 19))

Hanna BOSENSTEIN (see: Ella-Luise KOHHUND)

Woldemar BOSENSTEIN {DE} (M: 1883 Nov 18 - 1955 Feb 12)
	Lebensrhythmus [Ge-1932]
	Atmende Wildis [Ge-1949]

Gordon BOSHELL {UK} (M: 1908 Jun 1 - 1991)
(ps: BEE)
	My Pen My Sword [p|1941]
	My Country, 'Tis Of Thee [p|1943]

Kate (nee)Langley BOSHER {US} (F: 1865 Feb 1 - 1932 Jul 27)
(&ps: Kate CAIRNS)
	Bobbie (ps: Kate CAIRNS) [f|1899]
	When Love Is Love [f|1904]
15571	Mary Cary: 'Frequently Martha' [f|1910]
6075	Miss Gibbie Gault [f|1911]
12971	The Man In Lonely Land [1912]
16946	Kitty Canary [f|1913]
	The House Of Happiness [f|1913]
14723	How It Happened [1914]
12972	People Like That [f|1916]
	His Friend Miss McFarlane [f|1919]

Leslie Ann BOSHER, nee ? {US/US&UK} (F: c1960 - ?)

Derek BOSHIER {UK} (M: 1937 - living 2017)

Antonio BOSIO (M: 1575 - 1629)

Lauro (Adolfo) de BOSIS {IT} (M: 1901 Dec 9 - 1931 Oct 3)
	Storia Della Mia Morte [a|It-?]
	  The Story Of My Death [a|It-?] (tr Ruth DRAPER) [1933]

Glyn de Villiers BOSISTO {AU} (M: 1899 Feb 15 - 1990 Dec 16)
	Bowling Along [n|1963]

Anica BOSKOVIC (F: 1714 - 1804)

Alexander/Sándor Uriah BOSKOVICH {IL} (M: 1907 Aug 16 - 1964 Nov 5)

Prof, Chelcie Clayton BOSLAND {US} (M: 1901 Jun 9 - 1997 Feb 17)
	The Common Stock Theory Of Investment [n|1937]
	Corporate Finance And Regulation [n|1949]

Keith BOSLEY {UK} (M: 1937 - living 2017)

Prof, Haig (Aram) BOSMAJIAN {US} (M: 1928 - 2014 Jun 17)

F C L BOSMAN {ZA?} (?: ? - ?)
	Drama En Toneel In Suid-Afrika [n|Af-1928]

Herman Charles BOSMAN {ZA} (M: 1905 Feb 3 - 1951 Oct 14)
	The Urge Of The Primordial [d|1925]
	Jacaranda In The Night [f|1947]
	Mafeking Road [s|1947]
	Cold Stone Jug [f|1949]
	Veld-Trails And Pavements [1949]

Jan Gysbert Hugo BOSMAN {ZA} (M: 1882 - 1967)
	In An Italian Mirror [1921]

Leonard Alexander BOSMAN {UK} (M: 1879 - 1936)
	Amen [n|?]
	The Key To The Universe [n|?]
	The Meaning Of Philosophy Of Numbers [n|?]
	Studies In Freemasonry [n|?]
	The Light Of A Master Mason [n|?]
	The Msteries Of The Triangle [n|?]

Vere BOSMAN Di RAVELLI (see: Jan Gysbert Hugo BOSMAN)

Prof, Brice BOSNICH {US} (M: 1936 Jun 3 - 2015 Apr 13)

Alain BOSQUET (see: Anatole BISK)

Edward BOSQUI (M: 1832 - 1917)
	Memoirs [a|1904]

Lewis BOSS (M: 1846 Oct 26 - 1912 Oct 5)
	Preliminary General Catalogue Of 6188 Stars For The Epoch 1900 [n|1910]

James Herbert Siward BOSSARD {US} (M: 1888 Sep 29 - 1960 Jan 29)
	Social Change And Social Problems [n|?]
	Problems Of Social Well-Being [n|?]
	Man And His World [n|?]
	Social Welfare In The National Recovery Program (ed) [n|?]
	Post-war Progress In Child Welfare (ed) [n|?]

Jean de BOSSCHÈRE {BE/FR:1951on} (M: 1878 (or 1881) Jul 5 - 1953 Jan 17)
32406	The City Curious [Fr-?] (tr F Tennyson JESSE) [?]

Prof, Malcolm (Joseph) BOSSE (Jr) {US} (M: 1926 (or 1928) May 26 - 2002 May 3)
	The Journey Of Tao Kim Nam [f|1959]

Sara BOSSE, nee EATON {CA} (F: 1868 - 1940)
(&ps: MARION)
k	Chinese-Japanese Cook Book (w Onoto WATANNA) [n|1914]
	Marion (ps: MARION) (w Winifred REEVE) [f|1916]

Kate BOSSE-GRIFFITHS {UK} (F: 1910 Jul 16 - 1998 Apr 4)
	Anesmwyth Hoen [We-1941]
	Mae'r Galon Wryth Y Llyw [We-1957]
	Fy Chwaer Efa [We-1944]
	Mudiadau Heddwch Yn Yr Almaen [We-1943]
	Bwlch Yn Y Llen Haearn [We-1951]
	Trem Ar Rusia A Berlin [We-1962]

Didericus Ernestus BOSSELAAR {NL} (M: 1889 Jan 9 - 1943 Sep 26)
	Quomodo Sallustius Historiam Belli Iugurthini.. [n|La-1915]
	Gedenkboek Ter Gelegenheid..Nederlandsche Gymnasiën.. [n|Du-1930]

L	Leitfaden Für Den Tanz- & Körperbildungs-Unterricht [n|Ge-1897]

Renzo Rinaldo BOSSI {IT} (M: 1883 Apr 9 - 1965 Apr 2)

Gräfin, Itha Maria BOSSI-FEDRIGOTTI {AT} (F: 1864 Feb 26 - 1951 Oct 27)
	Aus Trotz [f|Ge-1895]

Hye BOSSIN {CA} (M: 1906 - 1964)
	A Saint In Street Clothes [b|1939]
	A Tattler's Tales Of Toronto [s|1940]
	The History Of The Objects..Canadian Picture Pioneers [n|c1955]

Gabrielle BOSSIS (F: 1874 - 1950)


Carlo BOSSOLI (M: 1815 Dec 6 - 1884 Aug 1)

Alfred Charles BOSSOM, (life) Baron BOSSOM of Maidstone {UK} (M: 1881 Oct 16 - 1965 Sep 4)
	An Architectural Pilgrimage In Old Mexico [n|1923]
	Building To The Skies [n|1934]
	A Bird's Eve View Of Europe [n|?]
	Our House [n|1948]

Netton BOSSON {CH} (M: 1927 - 1991)

Antonin BOSSU (M: 1809 - 1898)

Jean Bernard BOSSU (M: 1720 - 1792)
	Travels..Louisiana [n|Fr-?] (tr John Reinhold FORSTER) [1771]
	The Arkansas [n|Fr-?] (tr F D ROUQUETTE) [1850]
	Travels In The Interior Of North America 1751-1762 [n|1962]

Robert BOSSUAT (M: 1888 - 1968)

Jacques Bénigne BOSSUET (M: 1627 Sep 25 - 1704 Apr 12)
g	Discours Sur L'Histoire Universelle [n|Fr-1681]
g	Oraisons Funèbres [b|Fr-1689]
g	Oraison Funèbre De..Prince Louis De Bourbon [b|Fr-?]
g	Oraison Funèbre De Anne De Gonzague De Clèves [b|Fr-?]
g	Oraison Funèbre De Henriette-Marie De France [b|Fr-?]
g	Oraison Funèbre De Henriette-Anne D'Angleterre [b|Fr-?]
g	Oraison Funèbre De Marie-Thérèze D'Autriche [b|Fr-?]
g	De La Connaissance De Dieu Et De Soi-Même [n|Fr-?]
g	Sermon Du Mauvais Riche [n|Fr-?]
g	Sermon Sur L'Ambition [n|Fr-?]
g	Sermon Sur La Passion [n|Fr-?]
g	Sermon Sur La Providence [n|Fr-?]
g	Sermon Sur La Mort Et La Brieveté De La Vie [n|Fr-?]

Prof, John Anthony BOSSY {UK} (M: 1933 Apr 30 - 2015 Oct 23)

(Paul) Ami (Isaac David) BOST (M: 1790 Jun 10 - 1874 Dec 24)
	Histoire Ancienne..De L'Eglise Des Frères De Bohême.. [n|Fr-1844]
	Conversation Amicale..Différences Du Jésuitisme.. [n|Fr-1845]
	Mémoires..L'Histoire Du Réveil Religieux Des Eglises.. [n|Fr-1854]
	La Lettre Et L'Esprit De L'Ecriture Sainte..L La Parole [n|Fr-1858]

Else (von ROEDER-)BOSTELMANN, nee WINKLER? {DE/US?} (F: 1882 - 1961 Dec)

Russell Henry BOSTERT {US} (M: 1920 Oct 1 - 2000 Jul 26)

Rev, Allan Kenneth BOSTOCK {UK} (M: 1898 May 21 - 1949 Aug 22)

Rev, Charles BOSTOCK {UK} (M: 1869 Feb 10 - 1943 Jan 9)
	Notes On The Parish Church, Lymington (w Edward HAPGOOD) [n|1912]

Donald Ivan BOSTOCK {UK} (M: 1924 Jan 2 - 2016 Oct 31)

James Edward BOSTOCK {UK} (M: 1917 Jun 11 - 2006 May 26)
	Roman Lettering For Students [n|1959]

John BOSTOCK, the Elder (M: ? - ?)
	Tentamen Medicum Inaugurale De Arthritide [n|La-1769]

John BOSTOCK, the Younger (M: 1774 or 1773 - 1846 Aug)
	Dissertatio Physiologica Inauguralis.. [n|La-1798]
	An Essay On Respiration [n|1804]
	An Account Of The History And Present State Of Galvanism [n|1818]
	An Elementary System Of Physiology [3v|n|1824-27]
	Syllabus Of A Course Of Chemical Lectures.. [n|1827]
	Sketch Of The History Of Medicine [n|1835]

John BOSTOCK {AU} (M: 1892 Jan 20 - 1987 Sep 26)
	Whither Away? (w L J Jarvis NYE) [n|1934]
	The Way Out (w L J Jarvis NYE) [n|1939]
	The Pre-school Child And Society (w Edna HILL) [n|1946]
	Personality Deviations Occurring In Children.. (w Edna HILL) [n|1949]
	The Dawn Of Australian Psychiatry [n|1951]

John Knight BOSTOCK {UK} (M: 1893 Jun 17 - 1963 Jun 27)
	Some Well-Known German War Novels 1914-1930 [n|1931]

Janice Mae BOSTOK, nee IRVINE {AU} (F: 1942 Apr 9 - 2011)

Lady, Cecilia Constance BOSTON {UK} (F: 1870 Feb 23 - 1938 Jan 10)

Charles K BOSTON (see: Frank GRUBER)

Lucy Maria BOSTON, nee WOOD {UK} (F: 1892 Dec 10 - 1990 May 25 (wrongly Jul 30))
	Yew Hall [f|1954]
	The Children Of Green Knowe [f|1954]
	The Chimneys Of Green Knowe [f|1958]
	The River At Green Knowe [f|1959]
	A Stranger At Green Knowe [f|1961]

Mary Clopenia BOSTON, aka Sister, MARY PETRA {US?} (F: ? - ?)
(ps: An Oblate SISTER of Providence)
	Blossoms Gathered From The Lower Branches (anon) [1914]

Canon, (Joseph) Noel (Thomas) BOSTON {UK} (M: 1910 Dec 24 - 1966 Jul 16)
(&ps: Noel BERTRAM)
	The Monasteries Of Warwickshire [n|1928]
	Solihull And The Surrounding District (w H T TRINDER) [n|1931]
	The Story Of Lilleshall Abbey [n|1934]
	Dereham (w PUDDY) [n|1952]
	Yesterday Knocks (ps: Noel BERTRAM) [s|1954]
	Old Guns And Pistols [n|1958]
	The Musical History Of Norwich Cathedral [n|1963]
	Church And Chamber Barrel-Organs [n|1967/70]

Peter (Shakerley) BOSTON {UK} (M: 1918 Sep 10 - 1999 Nov 19)

Ray(=Raymond) (J) BOSTON {UK} (M: c1928 - 2010)

Richard BOSTON {UK} (M: 1938 Dec 29 - 2006 Dec 22)

Rev, Thomas BOSTON (M: 1677 Mar 17 - 1732 Mar 20)
&	The Crook In The Lot [?]
&	Memoirs Of The Life, Time, And Writings.. [a|?]

August Karl BOSTROEM {DE} (M: 1886 Jul 17 - 1944 Feb 3)
	Lehrbuch Der Geisteskrankheiten (ed) [n|Ge-1930]
	Über Das Gesetz Zur Verhütung Erbkranken..Des Psychiaters [n|Ge-1934]
	Kurzgefaßtes Lehrbuch Der Psychiatrie [n|Ge-1935]

Prof, Nick(=Niklas) BOSTRÖM {SE} (M: 1973 Mar 10 - living 2020)

Arthur Elmore BOSTWICK {US} (M: 1860 Mar 8 (or 28) - 1942 Feb 13)
	Young Folks' Cyclopedia Of Games And Sports (w John D CHAMPLIN) [n|1890]
	The American Public Library [n|1910/17/1923/1929]
	The Different West, As Seen By A Transplanted Easterner [n|1913]
	Earmarks Of Literature [n|1914]
	The Making Of An American's Library [n|1915]
*	Library Essays [e|1920]
13430	A Librarian's Open Shelf: Essays On Various Subjects [e|1920]
33494	The Library And Society (ed) [e|1920]
	The Popular Library Throughout The World (ed) [n|1933]
	A Life With Men And Books [a|1939]

	Snooker [n|1926]

Lady, Alice Edith BOSVILLE MACDONALD Of The ISLES, nee MIDDLETON {UK} (F: 1886 Oct 20 - 1935 Jul 15)

Jeffery (Hugh Richard) BOSWALL {UK} (M: 1931 Mar 20 - 2012 Aug 15)

Sir, Alexander BOSWELL (M: 1775 Oct 9 - 1822 Mar 27)
(&ps: Simon GRAY)

Prof, Alexander Bruce BOSWELL {UK} (M: 1884 May 13 - 1962 Jan 9)
	The Poles [n|1915]
	Poland And The Poles [n|1919]
	The Teutonic Order [n|?]

Annabella (Alexandrina Campbell) BOSWELL, nee INNES (F: 1826 Sep 16 - 1914 (or 1916) Oct 25)
	Some Recollections Of My Early Days (aka: ..Journal) [a|1908]
	Further Recollections Of My Early.. (aka: ..Other Journal) [a|1911]

Barbara BOSWELL (see: Betsy OSBORNE)

Charles (Meigs) BOSWELL, Jr {US} (M: 1909 Oct 10 - 1982 Aug)
	They All Died Young [1949]

Charles Stuart BOSWELL (M: ? - ?)
*	An Irish Precursor Of Dante [n|1908]

E BOSWELL (?: ? - ?)
	The Pursuit Of Jean [f|1921]

Eleanore BOSWELL, Mrs MURRIE (F: ? - ?)
(&ps: Eleanore Boswell MURRIE)
	Edmond Ironside (ed) [1927]
	Records Of The Court Of The Stationers' Company (jt ed) [n|1930]
	The Restoration Court Stage, 1660-1702 [n|1932]
	English Song-Books, 1651-1702, And Their Publishers (w C L DAY) [n|1936]
	English Song-Books, 1651-1702 (w C L DAY) [n|1940]

Eliza/Ella Susannah BOSWELL {UK} (F: 1863 - 1953 Aug 27)
	His Dictaphone (w Eric VICTOR) [?]
	A Queen's Dishonour [?]
	Homespun And Celanese [1932]
	Drum O'Dundarg (w Fred J FORBES) [d|1934]
	Glencraig Comes Home (w D M PATON) [d|1938]
	The Incomer (w D M PATON) [d|1948]

Eric BOSWELL (see: Eric William SIMPSON)

Hazel (May) BOSWELL {CA} (F: 1882 Sep 9 (wrongly 19) - after 1959)

Hilda BOSWELL {UK} (F: 1903 Oct 8 - 1976 Oct 30)
	Edward And Gumbo [f|1943]
	Golden-Leaf [f|1943]
	Jenny's Fairy Year [f|1945]
	The Whimsical Piglet [f|1948]
	The Little Birthday Horse [f|1950]
	Fairy Tales [s|1954]
	The Lucky Ladybirds [f|1954]
	Sooty The Little Black Engine [s|1954]
	Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes And Stories [s|1956]
	Nursery Rhyme-Land [p|1959]
	My Book Of Fairy Tales [s|1959]
	Hilda Boswell's Treasury Of Nursery Rhymes [p|1960]
	Jingle Time [p|1960]
	Hilda Boswell's Treasury Of Fairy Tales [s|1962]
	Our Favourite Story Book [s|1962]

His BOSWELL (ps) {US} (?: ? - ?)
	The Life Of A Successful Banker [a|1905]

Rev, Ira Matthews/Matthew BOSWELL {US} (M: 1866 Apr 28 - 1950 Jan 18)
	Recollections Of A Red-Headed Man [a|1915]
	Boswell-Hardeman Discussion On Instrumental Music.. [n|1924]
	God's Purpose Towards Us [n|1927]
	Flaming Hearts.. [e|1939]

James BOSWELL, 9th Laird of AUCHINLECK (M: 1740 Oct 29 - 1795 May 19)
15857	Strictures On The New Tragedy Of Elvira.. (anon w others) [n|1763]
	An Account Of Corsica [n|1768]
	Essays In Favour Of The Brave Corsicans [e|1769]
6018	Journal Of A Tour To The Hebrides With Samuel Johnson, LL D [n|1786]
*	Life Of Samuel Johnson [2v|b|1791]
8918	The Life Of Samuel Johnson (ed Birkbeck HILL) [6v|b|?]
1564	Boswell's Life Of Johnson (w Charles Grosvenor OSGOOD) [b|1917]
	Life Of Johnson (w Herbert Vaughan ABBOTT) [1923]
20263	Journal Of A Tour To Corsica [n|?]
20263	Boswell's Correspondence With The Honourable Andrew Erskine [a|?]
20360	No Abolition Of Slavery [n|?]

James (E) BOSWELL {NZ} (M: 1906 Jun 9 - 1971 Apr 15)
	The Artist's Dilemma [1947]
	Painter And Public [1950]
	Cat Meets Dog (w R BENNETT) [1951]

John BOSWELL (M: 1698 - 1756)

Prof, John (Eastburn) BOSWELL {US} (M: 1947 Mar 20 - 1994 Dec 24 (or 23 or 25))

John Thomas Irvine Boswell BOSWELL (M: 1822 Dec 1 - 1888 Jan 31)

Joyce BOSWELL (F: 1908 - ?)

Prof, Percy George Hamnall BOSWELL {UK} (M: 1886 Aug 7 - 1960 Dec 22)
	A Memoir On British Resources Of Sands..Glass-Making [2v|n|1916-17]
	A Memoir On British Resources Of Refractory Sands.. [n|1918]
	A Comparison Of British And American Foundry Practice [n|1922]
	The Geology Of The Country Around Ipswich [n|1927]
	The Stratigraphy Of The Glacial Deposits Of East Anglia.. [n|1931]
	On The Mineralogy Of Sedimentary Rocks [e|1933]
	A Review Of The Resources And Consumption Of Water..London Area [n|1949]
	The Middle Silurian Rocks Of North Wales [n|1949]
	Muddy Sediments [n|1961]

R BOSWELL {CA} (?: ? - ?)
	Mercy's Hero [f|1933]
	Nora [p|c1933]

Ronald BOSWELL (M: ? - ?)

Ruth BOSWELL, nee NEUBAUER, 1:Mrs ABEL, 3:Mrs STEWART {AT/UK} (F: 1929 May 3 - 2015 Oct 18)

Young BOSWELL (see: Harold STARK)

Allan Rucker BOSWORTH (Sr) {US} (M: 1901 Oct 29 - 1986 Jul 18)
(&ps: Alamo BOYD)
	Wherever The Grass Grows [f|1941]
	Steel To The Sunset (ps: Alamo BOYD) [f|1941]
	A Cabin In The Hills [1947]
	Sancho Of The Long, Long Horns [f|1947]
	Hang And Rattle [f|1947]
	Border Roundup [f|1947]
	Double Deal [f|1947]
	Full Crash Dive (UK: Murder Goes To Sea) [f|1948]
	Bury Me Not [f|1948]
	Ladd Of The Lone Star [f|1952]
	Ginza Go, Papa-San [1955]
	Only The Brave [1955]
	The Drifters [f|1956]
	The Lovely World Of Richi-San [1960]
	The Crows Of Edwina Hill [f|1961]
	New Country [n|1962]

Prof, Clifford Edmund BOSWORTH {UK} (M: 1928 Dec 29 - 2015 Feb 28)
	The Ghaznavids [n|1963]

Frank BOSWORTH (see: Lauran (Bosworth) PAINE (Sr))

Rev, George BOSWORTH (M: 1789 - 1876 May 27)
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George Herbert BOSWORTH {UK} (M: 1896 May 17 - 1979 Jul 21)
	How To Be Happy In France [n|1930]
	Prelude [f|1932]
	Where Shall We Go? [1939]

Rev, Newton BOSWORTH (M: ? - 1848 Jul 14)
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Patricia BOSWORTH (F: ? - ?)

Richard Charles Leslie BOSWORTH {AU} (M: 1907 Jan 17 - 1964 Mar 24)
	Physics In Chemical Industry [n|1950]
	Heat Transfer Phenomena [n|1952]
	Transport Processes In Applied Chemistry [n|1956]

Thomas BOSWORTH (M: c1823 - 1899 Jul 22)

William George BOSWORTH {UK} (M: 1904 Aug 16 - 1973)
(ps: Willan G BORTH; LEONID; Maurice WORTH (1))
	Spoiled: A Dancing-Partner's Romance (ps: Willan G BORTH) [f|1928]
	The Monk's Bridge Mystery (ps: Willan G BORTH) [f|1929]
	The Stars And Your Future (ps: LEONID) [n|1933]
	Black Masque [f|?]
	Bygone Burton [n|?]

Ivan BOSZORMENYI-NAGY {HU/US} (M: 1920 May 19 - 2007 Jan 28)

BOTANICUS (ps) (?: ? - ?)
14005	The Ladies Delight [p|1732]

Medicus BOTANICUS (see: John SIMMONS)

Franco BOTARO {IT/VE?} (M: 1954 - ?)

Bernard BOTEIN {US} (M: 1900 May 6 - 1974 Feb 3)

Sir, Edgar Collins Boehm BOTELER, 2nd Bt {UK} (M: 1869 Oct 1 - 1928 May 22)
	Over The World [n|?]
	The Persian Gulf And South Sea Isles [n|1904]

Abel (Acácio de Almeida) BOTELHO (M: 1855 Sep 23 - 1917 Apr 14)
*	Pathologia Social [n|Pt-?]
24919	Amor Crioulo [Pt-?]

Ronald J BOTELHO {US} (M: 1947 Oct 12 - ?)

Oldman BOTELLO {VE} (M: 1947 Feb 5 - ?)

Antonie Johannes BOTERMANS {NL} (M: 1870 - 1940)

Giovanni BOTERO (M: 1540 - 1617)
	Della Ragione Di Stato [n|It-1589]
&	A Treatise Concerning..Cities [n|?-?] (tr Robert PETERSON) [?]

Hristo/Khristo/Christo BOTEV (M: J 1847 Dec 25 - 1876 Jun 2 (or 1))
2790	The Poems Of Hristo Botev [p|Bu-?]
2894	Satirical Prose [Bu-?]

Beriah BOTFIELD (M: 1807 Mar 5 - 1863 Aug 7)
	Notes On The Cathedral Libraries Of England [n|1849]

Colin Graham BOTHA {ZA} (M: 1883 Aug 15 - 1973 Feb 1)
	Place Names In The Cape District [n|1917]
	A Brief Guide To The Documents In The Cape Archives, 1652-1806 [n|1918]
	The French Refugees At The Cape [n|1919/?/70]
	Report Of A Tour To Various Archives In Europe, Canada And USA [1921]
	Social Life In The Cape Colony In The 18th Century [1927/70]
	Place Names In The Cape Province [n|1926]
	The Public Archives Of South Africa, 1652-1910 [1928]
	Early History Of Mining In South Africa (anon) [n|1934]
	Our South Africa, Past And Present [n|1938]
	Collected Writings [3v|e|1962]

ZA Pres, Pieter Willem BOTHA {ZA} (M: 1916 Jan 12 - 2006 Oct 31)

Sir, Ian (Terence) BOTHAM {UK} (M: 1955 Nov 24 - living 2017)

(James) Noel BOTHAM {UK} (M: 1940 Jan 23 - 2012 Nov 23)

Canon, Westley BOTHAMLEY {UK} (M: 1861 Jun 18 - 1933 Jul 4)
	The Heart Of The Eternal (anon?) [n|1923]

Prof, Friedrich BOTHE {DE} (M: 1869 Mar 3 - 1952 Sep 13)

Prof, Walther BOTHE {DE} (M: 1891 Jan 8 - 1957 Feb 8)
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Dietrich (Felix) von BOTHMER {US} (M: 1918 Oct 26 - 2009 Oct 12)
	Amazons In Greek Art [n|1957]
	Ancient Art From New York Private Collections [n|1961]
	An Inquiry Into The Forgery Of The Etruscan Terracotta Warriors.. [n|1961]

Friedrich von BOTHMER {DE} (M: 1889 Jan 30 - 1945 Sep 3)

Freiherr, Karl (Bernhard Ludwig Ferdinand) von BOTHMER {DE} (M: 1880 Dec 22 - 1947 Apr 6)
	Mit Graf Mirbach In Moskau [a|Ge-1922]
	Das Verstärkte Grenzwacht-Regiment Freiherr Von Bothmer.. (anon) [n|Ge-c1940]

Graf, Karl von BOTHMER {DE} (M: 1881 Mar 28 - 1947 Apr 15)
(ps: Paul GARIN; Wilfried von IVANHOE; Martin SALANDER)
	Die Hohenzollernlegende.. [n|Ge-1919]
	Bayern Den Bayern [e|Ge-1920]
	Das Paradies Der Arbeit [n|Ge-1920]
	Sonnenwende [n|Ge-1926]
	Karl Sonnenschein, Ein Weltstadtapostel [b|Ge-1930]

Countess, Mary von BOTHMER, nee YOUNG {UK/DE?} (F: c1842 - ?)
	Strong Hands And Steadfast Hearts [f|1869]
	A Poet Hero [f|1870]
	Cruel As The Grave [f|1871]
	German Home Life [n|1876]
	Aut Caesar Aut Nihil [f|1883]

George W BOTHWELL (M: ? - ?)
	Lectures On The Evidence Of Christianity [e|1886]

Jean (B) BOTHWELL {US} (F: 1892 Nov 28 - 1977 Mar)
	Little Boat Boy [1945]
	The Thirteenth Stone [1946]

Jessie BOTHWELL, nee ROBSON {CA} (F: 1884 - ?)
	A Health To Regina [n|1927]

John Charles BOTHWELL {CA} (M: 1926 Jun 29 - 2014 Jan 28)

Regina Eladio BOTI y BARREIRO {CU} (F: 1878 - 1958)

Prof, George (Francis) BOTJER {US} (M: 1937 Feb 3 - ?)

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	The Southwest Scene (ed) [n|1932]
	The American Play Party Song [n|1937/1963]
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	Lay My Burden Down (ed) [n|1945]
	A Treasury Of New England Folklore (ed) [n|1947/65]
	A Treasury Of Southern Folklore (ed) [n|1949]
	A Treasury Of Western Folklore (ed) [n|1951]
	A Treasury Of Railroad Folklore (jt ed) [n|1953]
	Sidewalks Of America (ed) [n|1954]
	A Treasury Of Mississippi River Folklore (ed) [n|1955]
	New York Folklore (ed) [n|1956]
	A Treasury Of American Anecdotes (ed) [n|1957]
	The Illustrated Book Of American Folklore (jt ed) [n|1958]
	A Civil War Treasury Of Tales, Legends And Folklore (ed) [n|1960]

Cicely Mary BOTLEY {UK} (F: 1902 Sep 25 - 1992 Dec 3)

Wza BOTO (see: Alexandre BIYIDI-AWALA)

Capt, Charles Alexander BOTSFORD {US} (M: 1871 (wrongly 1872) Jun 25 - 1926 Jul 12)
	Joining The Colors [f|1918]
	Fighting With The US Army [f|1919]
	In The Trenches [f|1920]
	At The Front [f|1921]

Gardner BOTSFORD {US} (M: 1917 Jul 7 - 2004 Sep 27)

George Willis BOTSFORD (M: 1862 - 1917)
	Hellenic History [n|1922]
	Hellenic History (2e w Charles Alexander ROBINSON) [n|1939]

Keith (Christian) BOTSFORD {US} (M: 1928 Mar 29 - 2018 Aug)
	The Master Race [1955]
	The Eighth-Best Dressed Man In The World [1958]
	Benvenuto [1960]

Katarina BOTSKY (see: Katarina/Katharina BOTZKE)

Alan (John) BOTT {UK} (M: 1893 Jan 14 - 1952 Sep 17)
(&ps: CONTACT)
31211	An Airman's Outings (US: Cavalry Of The Clouds) (ps: CONTACT) [1917]
	Eastern Flights [1920]
	Our Fathers [1931]
	Our Mothers (w Irene CLEPHANE) [1932]
	The Londoner's England [n|1947]

Prof, Raoul (Harry) BOTT {US} (M: 1923 Sep 24 - 2005 Dec 20)
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Anne Charlotte (nee)Lynch BOTTA (F: 1815 Nov 11 - 1891 Mar 23)
&	Poems [p|1852]
A	Memoirs Of Anne C L Botta [a|?]
A	The Rhode-Island Book (ed) [?]
8163	Handbook Of Universal Literature [n|?]

Carlo Giuseppe Guglielmo BOTTA (M: 1766 - 1837)
	History Of The War Of Independence.. [n|It-1809] (tr ?) [1820]

Paul Émile BOTTA (M: 1802 Dec 6 - 1870 Mar 29)

Prof, Barthélemy G BOTTALLO (M: ? - ?)
L	Guide Du Bon Danseur [n|Fr-1912]

Ferdinando BOTTARELLI (M: ? - ?)
*	Exercises Upon The Different Parts Of Italian Speech [n|1778]

Prof, Philippe BOTTAZZI (M: 1867 - 1941)
	Fenomeni Medianici [n|It-1909]

Alexander BÖTTCHER {DE} (M: 1877 Apr 19 - c1949)
(ps: ADAM; Alexander CARL)

Karl BÖTTCHER {DDR?} (M: 1881 Jan 30 - 1963)

Maximilian (Paul Richard) BÖTTCHER {DDR} (M: 1872 Jun 20 - 1950 May 16)

Ralph BÖTTCHER (M: ? - ?)
	Nationales Und Staatliches Denken Im Werke G G Gervinus [n|Ge-1935]

William BOTTERELL (M: ? - ?)
	Tradition And Hearthside Stories Of West Cornwall [1873]

Joyce Audrey BOTTERILL, Mrs REYNOLDS {UK} (F: 1939 Apr 27 - 2015 Sep 3)
(ps: Judy CARNE)

Gottlieb BOTTERMELK (see: Georg Gustav Friedrich RITTER)

Fritz BÖTTGER (M: ? - ?)
	Grabbe [n|Ge-1963]

Hugo BÖTTGER {DE} (M: 1863 Jul 21 - 1944 Feb 17)
	Handbuch Für Den Deutschen Burschenschafter (ed) [n|Ge-1912]

Karl/Carl August BÖTTIGER (M: 1760 Jun 8 - 1835 Nov 17)

Yves BOTTINEAU (M: ? - ?)
	Les Chemins De Saint-Jacques [n|Fr-1961]

Eirene Adeline BOTTING, 1:Mrs GREEN-WILKINSON, 2:Mrs SMITH, 3:Mrs HOPKINSON {UK} (F: 1899 Mar 31 (wrongly 1) - 1980 Apr 10)
(ps: Antonia WHITE)
	Frost In May [f|1933]
	Three In A Room [d|pub:1947]
	The Lost Traveller [f|1950]
	The Sugar House [f|1952]
	Beyond The Glass [f|1954]
	Minka And Curdy [f|1957]
	Diaries 1926-1957 (ed Susan CHITTY) [2v|a|1991-92]

Carol(=Caroline) BOTTLE, nee ? {UK} (F: 1872 Feb 8 - 1970)
	Merry Fingers [?]
	Nimble Fingers [?]
	Piper's Technics [?]

Karl BÖTTNER (see: Karl Jakob HIRSCH)

António (Tomás) BOTTO {PT} (M: 1897 (wrongly 1902) Aug 17 - 1959 Mar 16)
	Trovas [p|Pt-1917]
	Cantigas De Saudade [p|Pt-1918]
	Cantares [p|Pt-1919]
22679	Canções [p|Pt-1921]
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	Motivos De Beleza [p|Pt-1923]
	Curiosidades Estéticas [p|Pt-1924]
	Pequenas Esculturas [p|Pt-1925]
	Olimpíadas [p|Pt-1927]
	Dandismo [p|Pt-1928]
	António [f|Pt-1933]
	Alfama [d|Pt-1933]
	Ciúme [p|Pt-1934]
	Baionetas Da Morte [p|Pt-1936]
	A Vida Que Te Dei [p|Pt-1938]
	Sonetos [p|Pt-1938]
	Isto Sucedeu Assim [f|Pt-1940]
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	Ele Que Diga Se Eu Minto [f|Pt-1945]
	Ódio E Amor [p|Pt-1947]
	Fátima - Poema Do Mundo [p|Pt-1955]
	Ainda Não Se Escreveu [p|Pt-1959]

Phyllis BOTTOME, Mrs FORBES DENNIS {UK} (F: 1882 (wrongly 1884) May 31 - 1963 Aug 22)
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	Raw Material [f|1905]
	Broken Music [f|1907]
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	The Second Fiddle (US: A Certain Star) [f|1917]
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	Plain Case [f|1928]
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	Wind In His Fists (aka: The Devil's Due) [f|1931]
	The Advances Of Harriet [f|1933]
	Private Worlds [f|1934]
	Innocence And Experience [f|1935]
	Level Crossing [f|1936]
	The Mortal Storm [f|1937]
	Danger Signal (aka: Murder In The Bud) [f|1939]
	Alfred Adler [?]
	Apostle Of Freedom [f|1939]
	Masks And Faces [f|1940]
	Heart Of A Child [f|1940]
	Formidable To Tyrants [f|1941]
	London Pride [f|1941]
	Within The Cup (US: The Survival) [f|1943]
	From The Life [f|1944]
	The Life-Line [f|1946]
	Search For A Soul [a|1947]
	Under The Skin [f|1950]
	Fortune's Finger [f|1950]
	The Challenge [a|1953]
	Depths Of Prosperity [f|?]
	Man And Beast [s|1953]
	Against Whom? (US: The Secret Stair) [f|1954]
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	Eldorado Jane [f|1956]
	Walls Of Glass [s|1958]
	The Goal [a|1961]
	The Best Stories Of Phyllis Bottome (ed Dauphne DU MAURIER) [s|1963]

Arthur (George) BOTTOMLEY, (life) Baron BOTTOMLEY of Middlesbrough {UK} (M: 1907 Feb 7 - 1995 Nov 3)
	Why Britain Should Join The Common Market [n|1959]
	Two Roads To Colonialism [n|1960]
	The Use And Abuse Of Trade Unions [n|1961]

Gordon BOTTOMLEY {UK} (M: 1874 Feb 20 - 1948 Aug 25)
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	The Gate Of Smaragdus [f|1904]
	Midsummer Eve [d|1905]
	Chambers Of Imagery (1st series) [p|1907]
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*	King Lear's Wife [d|pub:1909]
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	Lyric Plays [d|1932]
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	Ealasaid [d|1940]
	Before Daybreak [1941]
	Deirdire [d|1944]
	Kate Kennedy [d|1945]
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	Crookback's Crown [1947]
	A Stage For Poetry [1948]

Horatio (William) BOTTOMLEY {UK} (M: 1860 Mar 23 - 1933 May 26)
	Songs Of The Cell [p|1928]

James BOTTOMLEY (M: ? - c1814)
	Greenfield [p|1816]

James Henry BOTTOMLEY {UK} (M: 1857 Nov 8 - 1934 Oct 4 (wrongly 3))
	Why I Am A Conservative [n|1884]
	Three Years Of A Unionist Government, 1896-1899 [n|1899]
	Humour In Politics [n|1905]
	Political Buzzings By The Little Bee [n|?]
	Socialism Exposed [n|?]
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James Thomson BOTTOMLEY {UK} (M: 1845 Jan 10 - 1926 May 18)
	Dynamics [n|1877]
	Electrometers [n|1877]
	Hydrostatics [n|1882]
	Logarithmic & Trigonometrical Tables For Approximate Calculation [n|1887]

Joseph Firth BOTTOMLEY-FIRTH (M: 1841 Feb 21 - 1889 Sep 3)

Mary (Kathleen) BOTTOMORE, nee GREASLEY {UK} (F: 1918 Oct 23 - 1986 Dec 30)

Prof, Tom(=Thomas) (Burton) BOTTOMORE {UK} (M: 1920 Apr 8 - 1992 Dec 9)
	Classes In Modern Society [n|1955/66]
	Sociology [n|1962]

Alain de BOTTON {CH} (M: 1969 Dec 20 - living 2021)

Margaret (Florence Saumarez) BOTTRALL, nee SMITH {UK} (F: 1909 Jun 27 - 1996 Mar 21)
	The Zephyr Book Of English Verse (jt ed) [p|1945]
	Collected English Verse (jt ed) [p|1946]

(Francis James) Ronald BOTTRALL {UK} (M: 1906 Sep 2 - 1989 Jun 25)
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	Festivals Of Fire [p|1934]
	The Turning Path [p|1939]
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	Collected Poems [p|1961]
	T S Eliot (w Gunnar EKELÖF) [Sw?-1942]
	The Zephyr Book Of English Verse (jt ed) [p|1945]
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William BOTTRELL (M: 1816 Mar 7 - 1881 Aug 27)

Prof, Mikhail Moiseyevich BOTVINNIK {RU} (M: J 1911 Aug 17 - 1995 May 5)
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	Alekhin-Euwe Return Match [n|1938]
	Selected Games [n|1937/1945/1960]
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	Regulation Of Excitation And Static Stability Of Syndronous Machines [n|1950]
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	Smyslov-Botvinnik Return Match [n|1960]
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	Analytical And Critical Works [3v|n|1984-86]

(Anastas) Sava BOTZARIS / BOTZARITCH, originally BOCARIC {UK} (M: 1894 (or 1896) May 24 - after 1941)

Katarina/Katharina BOTZKE {DE} (F: 1880 (wrongly 1879) Aug 4 - c1945)
(ps: Katarina BOTSKY)
	Vor Den Gittern Des Lebens [Ge-1905]
	Sommer Und Herbst [f|Ge-1913]
	Ostpreußens Feuerzeit [Ge-1915]
	Der Traum [f|Ge-1919]
	Das Verbotene Paradies [Ge-1919]
	Schafe Auf Dunkeln Weiden [s|Ge-1924]

Émile BOUANT {FR} (M: 1847 - 1926)
*	Les Grands Froids [Fr-1880]
	Cours De Physique Et De Chimie..1re Année [n|Fr-1881]
	Cours De Physique Et De Chimie..2e Année [n|Fr-1882]
	Cours De Physique Et De Chimie..3e Année [n|Fr-1883]
	Aide-Mémoire De Chimie [n|Fr-1885]
	Cours De Chimie, À L'Usage Des Élèves De La Classe.. [n|Fr-1885]
	Cours De Chimie Rédigé Conformément Au..31 Mai 1902 [n|Fr-1903]
	Chimie Des Écoles Normales D'Institutrices Et Du Brevet.. [n|Fr-1907]

Herman BOUBER (see: Hermanus BLOM)

Robert BOUCARD (M: 1896 - ?)
	Les Dessous De L'Espionnage Anglais [n|Fr-1931]
	  Secret Services Of Europe [n|Fr-1931] (tr R LESLIE-MELVILLE) [1940]

Sir, James Penn BOUCAUT (M: 1831 Oct 29 - 1916 Feb 1)
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	Letters To My Boys [n|1906]
	The Arab Horse, The Thoroughbred, And The Turf [n|1912]

Thomas BOUCH {UK} (M: 1882 Apr 21 - 1963 May 1)
	Saved From The Waters [?]
	Cinderella [d|?]
	Will O' The Wisp [p|1914]
	Storms In Teacups [p|1922]
	Sentimentalities [p|1926]
	Coat Of Many Colours [p|1953]

Jean-Jacques BOUCHARD (M: 1606 - c1641)

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	L'Intolérance Religieuse Et La Politique [n|Fr-1911]
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Adélard BOUCHER (M: 1835 Jun 28 - 1912 Nov)

Prof, Alan (Estcourt) BOUCHER {UK} (M: 1918 Jan 3 - 1996 Jan 10)
	Iceland, Some Impressions [n|1949]
	The Runaways [1959]

Anthony BOUCHER (see: (William Anthony) Parker WHITE)

Col, Arthur BOUCHER (M: ? - ?)
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	La Belgique À Jamais Indépendant [n|Fr-1912]

Émile BOUCHER (M: ? - ?)
	A Statesman's Love [f|1886]

Émile BOUCHER {FR} (M: 1854 Jul 29 - ?)
	Sous-Préfet, Monologue En Vers Dit Par Félix Galipaux [p|Fr-1882]
	Le Petit Héros De Gravelotte [Fr-1894]

François Firmin BOUCHER (M: ? - ?)
I	François Firmin Boucher À Ses Concitoyens [Fr-c1816]

Frederick BOUCHER (M: 1801 - 1873 Oct 26)
	The Indian Archipelago [n|1857]
	Authentic Information Regarding The British Colony Of Tasmania [n|1859]

Rev, John BOUCHER (M: 1819 - 1878 Mar 12)

John Sidney BOUCHER (M: 1822 - 1898 Mar 27)

Rev, Jonathan BOUCHER {US} (M: 1737-38 Mar 12 - 1804 Apr 27)
	A View Of The Causes..Of The American Revolution [n|1797]
	Sermons [e|1797]
	Reminiscences Of An American Loyalist, 1738-1789 (ed J BOUCHIER) [a|1925]

Prof, Paul Edward BOUCHER {US} (M: 1893 Feb 2 - 1981 Jan 24)
	Fundamentals Of Photography [n|1940/?/?/1963]

Robert Francis BOUCHER {UK} (M: 1940 Apr 25 - 2009 Mar 25)

Theophile BOUCHER (M: ? - ?)
	Mormonism - Faith Or Fallacy [n|1960]

Pierre BOUCHER, Sieur de BOUCHEVILLE (M: 1622 - 1717 Apr 19)
I	Histoire Veritable Et Naturelle Des Moeurs..Canada [n|Fr-1664]

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Jean Philippe(=Baptiste) BOUCHER-BELLEVILLE (M: 1800 Sep 8 - 1874)
(&ps: [Jean-Paul LABOUREUR])
	Les Principes De La Langue Française [n|Fr-1831]
	Les Principes De La Langue Latine [n|Fr-1832]
28578,k	Dictionnaire Des Barbarismes Et Des Solécismes.. (anon) [n|Fr-1855]

Pierre BOUCHER De La BRUÈRE (M: 1837 Jul 5 - 1917 Mar 17)
I	Histoire Du Séminaire De St Hyacinthe (w J S RAYMOND) [n|Fr-1879]
I	Le Saguenay: Lettres Au Courrier St Hyacinthe [a|Fr-1880]
I	De L'Éducation [n|Fr-1881]

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(Emilia) Jessie BOUCHERETT (F: 1825 Nov - 1905 Oct 18)
	Hints On Self-Help For Young Women [n|1863]
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Anthony BOUCHERIE (M: ? - ?)
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(ps: Jacques DEVAL)
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Judith BOULBIE (F: fl c1655)

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(ps: Emma LESLIE)
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21797	A Sailor's Lass [f|1886]
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20307	Kate's Ordeal [f|1887]
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	Marion And Augusta [f|1890]
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	Eric, A Waif [f|1892]
	Brave Bessie Westland [f|1893]
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	Sowing Beside All Waters [f|1895]
	Our Little Lady [f|1895]
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26104	That Scholarship Boy [f|1900]
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	Clerk Or Carpenter? [f|1890]
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	As Gold Is Tried [f|1893]

Abbot, Henry BOULTWOOD {UK} (M: 1911 Aug 17 - 2009 Mar 25)
(ps: Alban BOULTWOOD)

Sargon BOULUS {IQ} (M: 1944 - 2007 Oct 22)

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Johanas(/Johannes) Lambert BOUMA {US} (M: 1914 Oct 16 - 1978 Dec 22)
(&ps: Steve SHANNON)
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&	The Weapon Of Prayer [n|?]

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Napoléon BOURASSA (M: 1827 Oct 21 - 1916 Aug 27)
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(ps: Barbara ANNANDALE; Tessa BARCLAY; Jocelyn BARRY; Jennifer BLAND; Avon CURRY; Belinda DELL)

Jim BOWDEN (see: (William John) Duncan SPENCE)

Joan (nee)Chase BOWDEN {UK/US:1960on} (F: 1925 May 1 - 2010 Jun 23)
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L BOWDITCH {ZA?} (?: ? - ?)
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(&ps: ONE of the Executors)
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Russ BOWEN (M: ? - ?)

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(ps: ORCHWY)
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Prof, William Cameron BOWMAN {UK} (M: 1930 Apr 26 - 2013 Jul 18)

William Dodgson BOWMAN {UK} (M: 1865 (wrongly 1867) Oct 31 - 1951 Oct 21)
(&ps: S H LANE)
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	Boot-Mending For The Amateur (ps: S H LANE) [n|1925]
	The ABC Of Short-Story Writing And Free-Lance Journalism [n|1926]
	Yachting And Yachtsmen [n|1927]
	Correct English [n|1927]
	Bristol [n|1927]
	Glasgow And The Clyde [n|1928]
	The Divorce Case Of Queen Caroline [b|1930]
	The Story Of 'The Times' [n|1931]
	How To Write For The Press [n|1931]
	Charlie Chaplin [b|1931]
	The Love Language Of Flowers (ps: S H LANE) [1932]
	What Is Your Surname? [n|1932]
	The Story Of Surnames [n|1932]
	The Story Of The Bank Of England [n|1937]
	City Of Traditions [n|1937]

Alfred Henry James BOWN {UK} (M: 1899 - 1957 Feb 11)
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Jane (Hope) BOWN, Mrs MOSS {UK} (F: 1925 Mar 13 - 2014 Dec 21)

Prof, Geoffrey BOWNAS {UK} (M: 1923 Feb 9 - 2011 Feb 17)

Borden Parker BOWNE (M: 1847 Jan 14 - 1910 Apr 1)

Eliza Southgate BOWNE (F: 1783 - 1809)

William BOWNESS (M: 1809 - 1867 Dec 27)

Richard BOWOOD (see: Albert Scott DANIELL)

Harriette BOWRA (F: ? - ?)
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	Una [f|1872]
	A Young Wife's Story [f|1877]
	Miscalculation [f|1877]
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David E BOWRIN (M: ? - ?)
(ps: David BORING)
	Nobility In The Rough [1933]

Sir, John BOWRING (M: 1792 Oct 17 - 1872 Nov 23)
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Lewin Bentham BOWRING (M: 1824 Jul 15 - 1910 Jan 14)
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Mary BOWRING (F: ? - ?)

Sir, Peter BOWRING {UK} (M: 1923 Apr 22 - 2012 Dec 1)

Prof, Frederick P BOWSER {US} (M: 1937 Dec 1 - 1996 Jun 15)

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Rev, John BOWSTEAD (M: c1811 - 1875 Jan 29)

Edith M BOWYER, nee NICHOLL {US} (F: ? - ?)
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Frederick BOWYER (M: c1849 - 1936 Dec 25)

Sir, George BOWYER, 6th & 2nd Bt (M: 1783 Mar 3 - 1860 Jul 1)

Sir, George BOWYER, 7th & 3rd Bt (M: 1811 Oct 8 - 1883 Jun 7)
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	Introduction To The Study And Use Of The Civil Law [n|1874]

Gwilym BOWYER {UK} (M: 1906 Feb 7 - 1965 Oct 5)

Michael John Frederick BOWYER {UK} (M: 1928 - living 1995)

William BOWYER (see: William Bowyer HONEY)

William BOWYER (M: 1699 Dec 19 - 1777 Nov 13)

C J BOX {US} (M: ? - ?)

Charles Richard BOX {UK} (M: 1866 Mar 3 - 1951 Apr 3)
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	Post-Mortem Manual [n|1910/19]

Edgar BOX (see: Eugene Luther VIDAL)

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	Design And Analysis Of Industrial Experiments [n|1959]

Canon, George Herbert BOX {UK} (M: 1869 - 1933 Jan 3)
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	The Virgin Birth Of Jesus [n|1916]
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Rev, Hubert Stanley BOX {UK} (M: 1904 Jan 27 - 1983 Apr 5)
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(Violette) Muriel BOX, nee BAKER, 2:Lady GARDINER {UK} (F: 1905 Sep 22 - 1991 May 18)
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	Amazons On Broadway (w Sydney BOX) [d|1934]
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	Angels Of War [d|1935]
	Petticoat Plays [d|1935]
	A Marriage Has Been Diasarranged [d|1936]
	Martha And Mary [d|1936]
	My Kingdon For A - [d|1936]
	Slow Curtain [d|1936]
	Anti-Clockwise [d|1936]
	Beauty For Sale [d|1936]
	Sing A Song Of Sixpence [d|1937]
	Pray Silence [d|1938]
	The Truth About Scotsmen [d|1938]
	In A Glass, Darkly [d|1938]
	The Truth About Russians [d|1939]
	The Truth About Women [d|1939]
	Home From Home [d|1941]

Pelham Horton BOX {UK} (M: 1898 - 1937 May 23)
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(Frank) Sydney BOX {UK} (M: 1907 (wrongly 1902) Apr 26 (or 29) - 1983 May 25)
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	Good-Night Vienna! (w Holt MARVELL & George POSFORD) [d|1936]
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	The Government Regrets [f|1937]
	Not This Man [f|1937]
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	Waiter! [f|1938]
	Bring Me My Bow [f|1938]

William (McNab) BOX {CA?} (M: ? - ?)
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	Forty Poems [p|1944/?/1945]

Sir, Charles Gervase BOXALL (M: 1852 Aug 31 - 1914 Mar 6)
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George Eedes BOXALL (M: ? - ?)
#	History Of The Australian Bushrangers [n|1908]

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Tony(=Anthony) (Gordon) BOXALL {UK} (M: 1929 Dec 15 - 2010 Dec 18)
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Sir, William BOXALL (M: 1800 Jun 29 - 1879 Dec 6)

Mrs, Charles BOXER (see: Emily HAHN)

Charles Mark Edward BOXER {UK} (M: 1931 May 19 - 1988 Jul 20)
(ps: MARC)

Prof, Charles Ralph BOXER {UK} (M: 1904 Mar 8 - 2000 Apr 27)
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	The Tragic History Of The Sea, 1589-1622 [n|1959]
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	Fort Jesus And The Portuguese In Mombasa [n|1960]
	The Golden Age Of Brazil, 1695-1750 [n|1962]
	Race Relations In The Portuguese Colonial Empire, 1415-1825 [n|1963]

Edward Mourrier BOXER (M: 1822 Feb - 1898 Jan 11)

A BOY (see: Richard Vere CRIPPS)

A BOY (ps) (M: ? - ?)
	A Dark Conspiracy [f|1881]

BOY (see: Antonio SOTO)

BOY (see: Tadeusz Kamil Marcjan ZELENSKI)

An Eton BOY (see: George Nugent BANKS)

An Old BOY (see: James Franklin FULLER)

An Old BOY (see: William Henry LLOYD)

A Prentice BOY (ps) {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	Derry Harmonist [p|1861]

Toronto BOY (ps) {CA} (M: ? - ?)
I	Canada First: An Appeal To All Canadians [n|1880]

Ida (Cornelia Ernestina) (Mrs)BOY-ED {DE} (F: 1852 Apr 17 - 1928 May 13)
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	Glanz [f|Ge-1883]
	Die Unversuchten [f|Ge-1886]
	Dornenkronen [f|Ge-1886]
	Ich [a|Ge-1888]
	Fanny Förster [f|Ge-1889]
	Ein Kind' [f|Ge-1892]
	Empor! [f|Ge-1892]
	Werde Zum Weib [f|Ge-1894]
	Sturm [s|Ge-1894]
	Die Säende Hand [f|Ge-1902]
	Das ABC Des Lebens [f|Ge-1903]
	Heimkehrfieber [f|Ge-1904]
	Die Ketten [f|Ge-1904]
	Der Festungsgarten [f|Ge-1905]
	Ein Echo [f|Ge-1908]
	Nichts Über Mich! [f|Ge-1910]
	Ein Königlicher Kaufmann [f|Ge-1910]
	Hardy Von Arnbergs Leidensgang [f|Ge-1911]
	Ein Augenblick Im Paradies [f|Ge-1912]
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29738	Stille Helden [f|Ge-1914]
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	Nur Wer Die Sehnsucht Kennt.. [f|Ge-1916]
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	Aus Tantalus Geschlecht [f|Ge-c1920]
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	Brosamen [s|Ge-1922]
	Fast Ein Adler [f|Ge-1922]
	Annas Ehe [f|Ge-1923]
	Das Eine [f|Ge-1924]
	Die Flucht [f|Ge-c1925]
	Gestern Und Morgen [f|Ge-1926]
	Aus Alten Und Neuen Tagen [s|Ge-1926]

Tadeusz BOY-ZELENSKI (see: Tadeusz Kamil Marcjan ZELENSKI)

Nicolas-Jean-Baptiste BOYARD (M: 1790 - ?)
g	La Bourse Et Ses Spéculations.. [Fr-?]

Arthur BOYARS {UK} (M: 1925 - ?)
	Poems [p|1944]

Bill BOYARSKY {US} (M: ? - ?)

Prof, Alfred Mullikin BOYCE {US} (M: 1901 May 2 - 1997 Jul 11)

Anson Augustus BOYCE / BOIES (M: 1812 Jul 21 - 1909 Sep 11)
	Auto-biography.. [a|1904]

Benjamin BOYCE {US} (M: ? - ?)
14525	Prefaces To Fiction (ed) [e|1952]

Ella Ruth BOYCE {UK} (F: 1875 Jun 14 - 1943 Jul 16)
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Frances Mary BOYCE {UK} (F: 1872 Feb 24 - 1956)
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	His Inheritance [?]

Rev, Francis Bertie BOYCE {UK/AU?} (M: 1844 Apr 6 - 1931 May 27)
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	Our Church On The River Darling [n|1910]
	Four-Score Years And Seven [a|1934]

George Arthur BOYCE {US} (M: 1898 Jan 20 - 1976 Nov 5)

George Walter BOYCE {ZA?} (M: ? - ?)
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Prof, Gray Cowan BOYCE {US} (M: 1899 Feb 19 - 1981 May 14)
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	The University Of Prague (w W H DAWSON) [n|1937]

Fr, John BOYCE (M: 1810 - 1864 Jan 2)
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R	The Spaewife; or, The Queen's Secret [f|1853]
R	Mary Lee; or, The Yankee In Ireland [f|1860]

Rev, John Cox BOYCE (M: 1827 - 1889 Aug 21)
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	Frost And Thaw [f|1873]

Prof, (Nora Elizabeth) Mary BOYCE {UK} (F: 1920 Aug 2 - 2006 Apr 4)
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Morton BOYCE (see: John (Francis) Russell FEARN)

Neith BOYCE, Mrs HAPGOOD {US} (F: 1872 Mar 21 - 1951 Dec 2)
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	The Folly Of Others [f|1904]
	Eternal Spring [f|1906]
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(&ps: W B B; His Oldest Surviving FRIEND)
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	Introduction To The Study Of History [n|1884]

William Waters BOYCE (M: 1818 Oct 24 - 1890 Feb 3)
	Admission Of Kansas [n|1858]

Adam BOYD {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	Fraser Canyon.. [p|1946]

Alamo BOYD (see: Allan Rucker BOSWORTH (Sr))

Alastair (Ivor Gilbert) BOYD, 7th Baron KILMARNOCK {UK} (M: 1927 May 11 - 2009 Mar 19)
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	Companion Guide To Madrid And Central Spain [n|1974/2002]

(William) Alexander Jenyns BOYD {AU} (M: 1842 Nov 7 - 1928 May 19)
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Alexander Stuart BOYD {UK} (M: 1854 Feb 7 - 1930 Aug 21)
(&ps: TWYM)
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Andrew (Kirk Henry) BOYD {UK} (M: 1920 Jun 21 - 2003 Jan 9)
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	Western Union (w Frances BOYD) [n|1948]

Rev, Andrew Kennedy Hutchison BOYD (M: 1825 Nov 3 - 1899 Mar 1)
(ps: A K H B)
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5407	The Recreations Of A Country Parson (2nd series) [n|1862]
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Anne Morris BOYD {US} (F: 1884 Jan 13 - 1974 Oct 24)

Archibald BOYD (M: 1801 May 25 - 1864 Aug 2)
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Dean, Archibald BOYD (M: 1803 - 1883 Jul 11)
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	The Church Of England, And What Mr Kirkman..Thought About Her [n|1876]

Arthur (Merric Bloomfield) BOYD {AU} (M: 1920 Jul 24 - 1999 Apr 24)

Belle(=Isabella) (Maria) BOYD, 1:Mrs HARDINGE, 2:Mrs HAMMOND, 3:Mrs HIGH (F: 1844 (or 1843) May 9 - 1900 Jun 11)
T	Belle Boyd In Camp And Prison [2v|a|1865]

Benjamin BOYD (M: 1803 - 1851)

Brian BOYD {UK/NZ?} (M: 1952 - ?)

Ven, Charles (Twining) BOYD (M: 1842 Feb 19 - 1914 May 3)
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Charles Walter BOYD (M: 1862 Apr 11 - 1919 Aug 1)
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David Knickerbacker BOYD {US} (M: 1872 Jan 5 - 1944 Feb 21)
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Dean/Deane (Wallace) BOYD {US} (M: 1916 Jul 17 - 2011 Aug 10)
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Donna BOYD (see: Donna BALL)

Mrs E E BOYD, nee ? (F: ? - ?)
27161	'Our Guy'; or, The Elder Brother [f|1875]

Edna Alice BOYD {CA} (F: ? - ?)
	Scribblings [p|1933]

Edward BOYD (M: ? - ?)

Edward BOYD {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Night Flight [p|1945]

Elizabeth BOYD (F: 1727 - 1745)

Prof, Elizabeth French BOYD {US} (F: 1905 May 24 - 1994 Nov 1)

(Agnes) Elisse(=Elise) BOYD, nee CORBETT {US} (F: c1905 - ?)

Ernest (Augustus) BOYD {IE/US?} (M: 1887 Jun 28 - 1946 Dec 30)
(&ps: Gnathai Gan IARRAIDH)
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	Contemporary Drama Of Ireland [n|1917]
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34108	The Sacred Egoism Of Sinn Fein (ps: Gnathai Gan IARRAIDH) [1918]
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	The Virtue Of Vices [1930]
	After The Fireworks (w Madeline DAVIDSON) [d|1932]
	The Pretty Lady [d|1933]

Frances BOYD, nee PATERSON {UK} (F: c1920 - ?)
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Sir, (John) Francis BOYD {UK} (M: 1910 Jul 11 - 1995 Feb 10)
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Rev, Francis Leith BOYD {UK} (M: 1856 - 1927 Dec 13)
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Frank BOYD (see: Frank (James) KANE)

Frank M BOYD {UK} (M: 1863 Feb 1 - 1950 Feb 4)
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Gerhard Viktor BOYD (see: Gerhard Viktor BIBERSTEIN)

Rev, Halbert Johnston BOYD {UK} (M: 1872 Jun 7 - 1957 Mar 16)
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	Verses And Ballads Of North And South [p|1921]
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	Strange Tales Of The Wester Isles [1930]
	Under The Beacon Lights [1931]
	Kinmont Willie [?]
	The Magic Of Tamlane [d|pro:1935]
	Honour Is All [f|1947]
	Strange Tales Of The Borders [1948]

Hugh BOYD, ne MACAULAY (M: 1746 Oct - 1794 Oct 15)

Hugh Fenwick BOYD (M: 1852 Dec 24 - 1898 Jul 5)

James BOYD {US} (M: 1888 Jul 2 - 1944 Feb 25)
	Drums [f|1925]
	Marching On [f|1927]
	Long Hunt [f|1930]
	Roll River [f|1935]
	Bitter Creek [f|(1938)/1939]
	The Free Company Presents (ed) [d|1941]
	Mr Hugh David McWhirr Looks After His $1.00 Investment.. [1943]
	Eighteen Poems [p|1944]
	Old Pines.. [s|?]

Prof, James BOYD {UK} (M: 1891 Dec 27 - 1970 Oct 30)
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	Goethe's 'Iphigenie Auf Tauris' [n|1942]
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Prof, James Dixon BOYD {US} (M: 1907 Sep 29 - 1968 Feb 7)

James Ellsworth BOYD {US?} (M: 1863 - 1950)
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James Harrington BOYD {US} (M: 1860 (or 1862) Dec 7 - 1946 Jan 2)
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James Ian Craig BOYD {UK} (M: 1921 Jul 31 - 2009 Feb 20)
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Rev, James Oscar BOYD {US} (M: 1874 Oct 7 - 1947 Aug 13)
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James (P) BOYD {US} (M: 1929 - ?)

James Penny BOYD (M: 1836 - 1910)
*	Stanley In Africa [b|1889]
	Life And Public Services Of Hon James G Blaine.. [b|1893]

Jamie BOYD (?: ? - ?)
	Out From The Backtrails [1963]

Jerrold H BOYD {US} (M: 1930 Jul 30 - 2002 Sep 2)
(ps: F(=Francis) X(=Xavier) TOOLE)

Rev, Jesse Laney BOYD {US} (M: 1881 Jun 23 - 1967 Jun 24)
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	A Popular History Of The Baptists In Mississippi [n|1930]
	A History Of Baptists In America Prior To 1845 [n|1957]

John BOYD (see: Boyd (Bradfield) UPCHURCH)

John BOYD {CA} (M: 1864 May 2 - 1933 Jan 31)
+	Sir George Etienne Cartier, Bart [b|1914]
	The Death Of Dollard.. [p|1914]

John BOYD {UK} (M: 1912 Jul 19 - 2002)

Sir, John Alexander BOYD (M: 1837 Apr 23 - 1916 Nov 23)
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Col, John Alexander BOYD {UK} (M: 1857 Oct 21 - 1931 Jul 15)
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John Francis BOYD {UK} (M: 1910 Jul 11 - 1995 Dec 10)
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	The Glory Of Parliament (ed) [n|1960]

John M'Neill BOYD (M: 1812 - 1861 Feb 9)

Joe BOYD {US} (M: 1942 Aug 5 - living 2017)

Joseph Hyatt BOYD {US} (M: 1842 - ?)
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Julian Parks BOYD (Sr) {US} (M: 1903 Nov 3 - 1980 May 28)
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Louisa Reid BOYD {UK} (F: 1873 Feb 7 - 1948 Jun 22)
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	Comrades Here [1930]

Rev, Malcolm BOYD {US} (M: 1923 Jun 8 - 2015 Feb 27)

Marion (Margaret) BOYD, Mrs HAVIGHURST {US} (F: 1894 Jan 6 - 1974 Feb 24)
(&ps: Marion Boyd HAVIGHURST)
	Silver Wands [p|1923]
	Murder In The Stacks [f|1934]
	High Prairie (ps: Marion HAVIGHURST) (w Walter HAVIGHURST) [1944]

Mark BOYD (M: 1805 - 1879 Sep 12)

Mark Alexander BOYD (M: 1563 Jan 13 - 1601 Apr 10)

Martin (à Beckett) BOYD {AU} (M: 1893 Jun 10 - 1972 Jun 3)
(&ps: Walter BECKETT; Martin MILLS)
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	Love Gods (ps: Martin MILLS) [f|1925]
	Brangane (aka: The Aristocrat) (ps: Martin MILLS) [f|1926]
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	Dearest Idol (ps: Walter BECKETT) [1929]
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	The Painted Princess [f|1936]
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	Night Of The Party [1938]
	A Single Flame [a|1939]
	Nuns In Jeopardy [1940]
	Lucinda Brayford [f|1946]
	Such Pleasure (aka: Bridget Malwyn) [f|1949]
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	A Difficult Young Man [f|1954]
	Outbreak Of Love [f|1957]
	Much Else In Italy [n|1958]
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Mary Rosalie BOYD, Mrs TREHARNE {ZA?} (F: 1880 Jun 8 - ?)
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	Christmas In South Africa.. [p|1922]
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Mary Stuart BOYD, nee KIRKWOOD {NZ} (F: 1860 - 1937 Jul 28)
(&ps: Paxton HOLGAR)
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10813	A Versailles Christmas-tide [f|1901]
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Maurice BOYD {US} (M: 1921 Apr 3 - 1999 Mar 7)
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(William) Merric BOYD {AU} (M: 1888 Jun 24 - 1959 Sep 9)

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(John) Morton BOYD {UK} (M: 1925 Jan 31 - 1998 Aug 25)
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Nancy BOYD (see: Edna St Vincent MILLAY)

Mrs Orsemus Bronson, (Frances Anne) BOYD, nee MULLEN {US} (F: 1848 Feb 14 - 1926 May 2)
	Cavalry Life In Tent And Field [a|1894]

Osborne BOYD (M: ? - ?)
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Pattie(=Patricia) (Anne) BOYD, 1:Mrs HARRISON, 2:Mrs CLAPTON, 3:Mrs WESTON {UK} (F: 1944 Mar 17 - living 2017)

Percy BOYD (M: ? - 1876 Jan 1)
	A Book Of Ballads From The German [p|Ge-var] (tr) [1848]

Prudence BOYD (see: Norah Mary BRADLEY)

Rev, Richard Henry BOYD, originally Dick GRAY {US} (M: 1843 Mar 15 - 1922 Aug 23 (or 27))
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	Pastor's Guide [n|1911]
	A Story Of The National Baptist Publishing Board [n|1915]

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Sir, Robert (Lewis Fullarton) BOYD {UK} (M: 1922 Oct 19 - 2004 Feb 5)
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	Space Research By Rocket And Satellite [n|1960]

Robert L BOYD (M: ? - ?)
(ps: The EDITOR of 'Dance News' Weekly)
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Bp, Robert McNeil BOYD {UK} (M: 1890 Feb 12 - 1958 Jul 1)
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Robin Gerard Penleigh BOYD {AU} (M: 1919 Jan 3 - 1971 Oct 16)
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	The Australian Ugliness [n|1960]
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(Margaret) Woodward BOYD, nee SMITH, 2:Mrs SHANE {US} (F: 1895 or 1898 - 1965 Sep 3)
(&ps: Peggy SHANE)
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	Lazy Laughter [f|1923]
	The Unpaid Piper [f|1927]
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Zachary BOYD (M: c1585 - 1653)

Elisabeth BOYD-BAYLY (F: ? - ?)
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	Edward Denison [1884]
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&	The Author Of 'The Spanish Brothers': Deborah Alcock.. [b|1914]

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	Further Pages Of My Life [a|1916]

Rosalie (Aimee) BOYD-GIVEN, Mrs CORSE-SCOTT {NZ?} (F: 1889 - 1939 May 30)
(ps: Rosalie SYNTON)
	Possessed (w Edward SYNTON) [1927]

Glynn (Brangwyn) BOYD HARTE {UK} (M: 1948 Apr 28 - 2003 Dec 16)

Harriet BOYD-HAWES (see: Harriet (Ann) Boyd HAWES)

Maj, William BOYD-SHANNON {UK} (M: ? - ?)
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	Ranelagh Rhymes [p|1921]

Sydney Grant BOYDELL {AU} (M: 1867 - 1936)
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James Fincher BOYDSTUN (M: 1863 - ?)
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Rev, Caspar Johannes BOYE (M: 1791 - 1853)

Karin (Maria) BOYE, Mrs BJÖRCK {SE} (F: 1900 Oct 26 - 1941 Apr 23 or 24)
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r	Gömda Land [p|Sw-1924]
r	Härdarna [p|Sw-1927]
	Astarte [f|Sw-1931]
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	Kris [f|Sw-1934]
r	För Trädets Skull [p|Sw-1935]
	För Lite [f|Sw-1936]
	Kallocain [f|Sw-1940]
r	De Sju Dödssynderna, Och Andra Efterlämnade Dikter [p|Sw-1941]

Abel BOYER (M: 1667 - 1729)
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	History Of Queen Anne [n|1722]
	Boyer's French Dictionary [n|?]

Brian Lee BOYER {US} (M: 1943 Mar 22 - 2009 Sep 5)

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Ernest LeRoy BOYER {US} (M: 1928 Sep 13 - 1995 Dec 8)

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(&ps: John PELHAM)
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Lucien BOYER (M: 1876 - 1942 Jun 16)

Marcel BOYER (M: 1910 - ?)

Prof, Paul Samuel BOYER {US} (M: 1935 Aug 2 - 2012 Mar 17)

Rev, Percy James BOYER {UK} (M: 1859 - 1943 Jan 31)
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Ralph L BOYER {US} (M: ? - ?)

Rick(=Richard) (Lewis) BOYER {US} (M: 1943 - ?)

Prof, Roscoe Allen BOYER {US} (M: 1919 Mar 14 - 2008 Apr 2)

Trevor BOYER {UK} (M: 1948 Nov 11 - ?)

Wilbur Sarles BOYER (M: 1876 - ?)

Wilhelm BOYER (M: 1910 - ?)

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Roland BOYES {UK} (M: 1937 Feb 12 - 2006 Jun 16)

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Peter Otto BOYESEN (M: 1810 - ?)

Charlotte BOYETT-COMPO {US} (F: 1948 Jun 20 - ?)

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Clare BOYLAN, Mrs WILKES {IE} (F: 1948 Apr 21 - 2006 May 16)

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Grace Duffie BOYLAN {US} (F: c1861 - 1935)
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Ann Peters BOYLE (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Audrey BRENT)

Archibald Cabbourn BOYLE, aka Bill BOYLE {UK} (M: 1918 Mar 14 - 1998 Jun 17)

Sir, (Charles) Cavendish BOYLE (M: 1849 May 29 - 1916 Sep 17)

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(&ps: An Old MAID)
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(ps: E V B)
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Elizabeth BOYLE, nee ? {US} (F: ? - ?)

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(ps: Michael DAWSON)
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Sir, Lawrence BOYLE {UK} (M: 1920 Jan 31 - 1989 Dec 27)

Lawrence (Sydney) BOYLE {UK} (M: ? - ?)
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	The Popinjay (w Louis N PARKER) [d|?]
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Mark BOYLE {IE} (M: 1979 May 8 - living 2020)

Mary BOYLE (F: c1882 - 1975)

Mary Elizabeth BOYLE {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	Pilate In Exile At Vienne [p|1915]
	Aftermath [1916]
	Drum-na-keil [1921]
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	Man Before History [n|1924]
	Barma Grande, The Great Cave And Its Inhabitants [n|1925]
	In Search Of Our Ancestors [n|1927]

Mary Louisa BOYLE (F: 1810 Nov 2 - 1890 Apr 7)
(&ps: M L B)
	The State Prisoner [f|1837]
	The Forester [f|1839]

(Constance) Nina(=Antonina) BOYLE {UK} (F: 1865 Dec 21 - 1943 Mar 4)
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	Out Of The Frying Pan [f|1920]
	What Became Of Mr Desmond [f|1922]
	'Nor All Thy Tears' [f|1923]
	Anna's [f|1925]
	The Stranger Within The Gates [f|1926]
	Moteley's Concession [f|1926]
	The Rights Of Mallaroche [f|1927]
	Treading On Eggs [f|1929]
	My Lady's Bath [f|1930]
	What Is Slavery? [n|1931]
	The Late Unlamented [f|1931]
	How Could They? [f|1932]
	Good Old Potts! [f|1934]

Oswald BOYLE (see: Alfred AUSTIN)

Patrick Reginald BOYLE, 13th Earl of CORK & ORRERY {UK} (M: 1910 Feb 7 - 1995 Aug 8)

Peter BOYLE (M: ? - ?)
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Robert BOYLE (M: 1627 Jan 25 - 1691 Dec 30)
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22914,&	The Sceptical Chymist [n|1661]
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14504	Experiments And Considerations Touching Colours [n|?]

Robert Frederick BOYLE (M: 1841 - 1883 May 15)
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Roger BOYLE, 1st Earl of ORRERY (M: 1621 Apr 25 - 1679 Oct 16)
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	An Answer To A Scandalous Letter [n|1662]
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	Altemira [d|1704]
	Mr Anthony [d|?]

Sarah (nee)Patten/Patton BOYLE {US} (F: 1906 May 9 - 1994 Feb 22)
	The Desegregated Heart [n|1963]

Susan (Magdalane) BOYLE {UK} (F: 1961 Apr 1 - living 2018)

Prof, Thomas A BOYLE {US} (M: 1922 - 2006)

Walter Bertram BOYLE {UK} (M: 1885 Sep 23 - 1970 Jul 30)
	Boyle's Price Book Of Motor Repairs And Service [n|?]
	The Costing And Charging Of Motor Car Repairs [n|?]
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William BOYLE {IE} (M: 1853 Apr 4 - 1923 Mar 6)
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	The Eloquent Dempsey [d|1906]
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	Family Failing [d|1912]
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William Robert Augustus BOYLE (M: c1807 - 1875 May 20)

William H BOYLE {US?} (M: ? - ?)
(ps: A Professional Pipe Organ TUNER)
	The Art Of Pipe Organ Tuning [n|1916]

Margaret (nee)Currier BOYLEN {US} (F: 1921 Jan 12 - 1967)
	Crow Field [1947]
	A Moveable Feast [f|1961]
	The Marble Orchard [?]

Clarence Scott BOYLES, Jr {US} (M: 1905 Aug 1 - 1995 Jun 25)
(ps: Will C BROWN)
	Guns Along The Chisholm [f|1955]
	The Border Jumpers [f|1955]

Kate BOYLES (F: ? - ?)
	The Homesteaders [f|1909]
	The Spirit Trail [f|1910]

Peter BOYLESTON (see: George Ticknor CURTIS)

René BOYLESVE (see: René Marie Auguste TARDIVEAU)

Edward Dudley BOYLSTON (M: 1814 - ?)
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Helen Dore BOYLSTON {US} (F: 1895 Apr 4 - 1984 Sep 30)
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	Sue Barton, Senior Nurse [f|1937/1950]
	Sue Barton, Visiting Nurse [f|1938]
	Sue Barton, Rural Nurse [f|1939]
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	Carol Goes Backstage [f|1941]
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	Carol On Broadway [f|1944]
	Carol On Tour [f|1946]
	Sue Barton, Neighborhood Nurse [f|1949]
	Sue Barton, Staff Nurse [f|1952]
	Clara Barton, Founder Of The American Red Cross [b|1955]

Prof, Svetlana BOYM, nee GOLDBERG {RU} (F: 1959 (wrongly 1966) Apr 29 - 2015 Aug 5)

Edward BOYNE {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	Composed By Blind Poet Boyne [p|c1896]

Felix BOYNE (see: William Patrick RYAN)

Sir, Henry Brian BOYNE, aka Harry BOYNE {UK} (M: 1910 Jul 29 - 1997 Sep 18)

William BOYNE (M: 1853 Nov 17 - 1893 Nov 18)
(&ps: W B)

Kenneth Harley BOYNS (M: ? - ?)
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Carol BOYNTON (F: 1929 - 1973)

Caroline Foster BOYNTON, nee HARRIMAN (F: 1843 - ?)

Rev, Charles Brandon BOYNTON (M: 1806 Jun 12 - 1883 Apr 27)
	Oration Delivered..Native Americans Of Cincinnati [n|1847]
	Oration Delivered..New England Society Of Cincinnati [n|1848]
A	A Journey Through Kansas [n|1855]
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	Four Great Powers [n|1866]
	We Are Becoming A Nation.. [n|1867]
	A Duty Which The Colored People Owe To Themselves [n|1867]
	The History Of The Navy During The Rebellion [n|1867]
	The War In Europe [n|1870]

Charles Edgar BOYNTON (M: 1860 - ?)

Henry Delano BOYNTON {US?} (M: ? - ?)
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Ray BOYNTON {US} (M: 1883 Jan 14 - 1951 Sep 25)

Prof, William Hutchins BOYNTON {US} (M: 1881 Apr 18 - 1959 Nov 10)
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Sir, Charles Vernon BOYS {UK} (M: 1855 Mar 15 - 1944 Mar 30)
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Edward BOYS (M: 1785 - 1866 Jun 6)

Dean, John BOYS (M: 1571 - 1625)
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Rev, Richard BOYS (M: 1783 - 1866 Feb 13)

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Rev, Thomas BOYS (M: 1792 - 1880 Sep 2)

Thomas Shotter BOYS (M: 1803 Jan 2 - 1874 Oct 10)
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Emily Clare BOYSE, nee HARVEY (F: c1843 - 1916 Dec 22)
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Sir, Rhodes BOYSON {UK} (M: 1925 May 11 - 2012 Aug 28)
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Susie BOYT {UK} (F: ? - ?)

H E BOYTEN {UK} (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Frances CARPENTER)
	A Rebel Schoolgirl [f|1938]

Neil BOYTON {US?} (M: 1884 - 1956)
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	Whoopee! [1923]
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Capt, Paul BOYTON {US} (M: 1848 Jun 29 - 1924 Apr 19)
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BOZ (see: Charles DICKENS)

Patricia (Lee) (nee)Buckley BOZELL {US} (F: 1927 Apr 23 - 2008 Jul 12)

Carmen BOZELLO y GUZMÁN (F: 1856 - 1885)

Adda (Louise) (nee)von Bruemmer BOZEMAN, 2:Mrs BARKHUUS {US} (F: 1908 Dec 17 - 1994 Dec 3)
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	Politics And Culture In International History [n|1960]

Claudio BOZO {VE} (M: 1911 Aug 6 - ?)

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	Indagine Sulle Manifestazioni Supernormali [n|It-1931-1940]
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	Animiamo O Spiritismo? [n|It-1938]
	Popoli Primitivi E Manifestazioni Paranormali [n|It-1941-1946]
	Dei Fenomeni Di Telestesia [n|It-1942]
	Musica Trascendentale [n|It-1943]
	Da Mente A Mente [n|It-1946]
	I Morti Ritornano [n|It-1947]
	Letteratura D'Oltretomba [n|It-1947]
	Le Visioni Dei Morenti [n|It-1947]
	Luci Nel Futuro [n|It-1947]
	Guerre E Profezie [n|It-1948]
	La Psiche Domina La Materia [n|It-1948]
	Gli Animali Hanno Un'Anima? [n|It-1950]

Frank BOZZO {US} (M: 1937 Sep 21 - ?)

Guerino Renzo BOZZOLI {ZA} (M: 1911 Apr 24 - 1998 Dec 28)