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Peter SAFAR {US?} (M: 1924 Apr 12 - 2003 Aug 3)

Pavel J SAFARIK (M: 1795 - 1861)

Maria Grace SAFFERY, nee ANDREWS (F: 1772 - 1858 Mar 5)

Prof, Philip Geoffrey SAFFMAN {UK} (M: 1931 Mar 19 - 2008 Aug 17)

Mildred (nee)Reynolds SAFFOLD {US} (F: 1870 (or 1871) Nov 14 - 1961 Jul 18)
	Sugar Babe [1924]
	Pickaninny Pickups [?]

Thomas SAFFOLD (M: ? - 1691)

Sir, Archibald SAFFORD {UK} (M: 1892 Jul 17 - 1961 May 4)
	Law Of Town And Country Planning [n|?]

Arthur Truman SAFFORD {US} (M: c1867 - 1951)
	A Treatise On Hydraulics (w Hector James HUGHES) [n|1911]

Frank SAFFORD {UK} (M: 1849 - 1929 Mar 13)
	The Law Of Merchandise Marks [n|1893]
	Privy Council Practice (w ?) [n|?]
	Side Lights On The Law [n|?]
	The Voice Of The Uitlanders [n|?]

Mary Joanna SAFFORD (F: ? - 1916)

Susan Darling SAFFORD {US} (F: ? - ?)
22518	Quaint Epitaphs [n|1895/98]

Lisa SAFFRON {UK} (F: c1965 - ?)
	It's A Family Affair [?]

William Lewis SAFIRE, ne SAFIR {US} (M: 1929 Dec 17 - 2009 Sep 27)
	The Relations Explosion [n|1963]

Catherine SAFONOFF, 1:Mrs ?, 2:Mrs ? {CH} (F: 1939 Jun 16 - living 2022)

Rabbi, Alexandre(=Alexandru) SAFRAN {RO/CH:1961on} (M: 1910 Sep 12 - 2006 Jul 27)

Prof, Nadav SAFRAN {IL/US:1964on} (M: 1925 Aug 25 - 2003 Jul 5)
	Egypt In Search Of Political Community [n|1961]
	The United States Ans Israel [n|1961]

V F SAFRANEK {US?} (?: ? - ?)
	Guide To Harmony (w Charles H LEACH) [n|1923]

Jen SAFREY {US} (F: c1970 - ?)

Arnold SAFRONI (see: George Arnold Haynes MIDDLETON)

Count, M SAFRONI (see: George Arnold Haynes MIDDLETON)

Nobuyuki SAGA {JP} (M: 1902 Apr 18 - 1997 Dec 28)

Prof, Carl (Edward) SAGAN {US} (M: 1934 Nov 9 - 1996 Dec 20)

Dorion SAGAN {US} (M: 1959 - living 2022)

Françoise SAGAN (see: Françoise QUOIREZ)

Leonard A SAGAN {US} (M: 1928 Feb 18 - 1997 Dec 8)

Nick SAGAN {US} (M: 1970 Sep 16 - living 2022)

Omuro SAGANOYA (M: 1863 - 1947)

Keith SAGAR {UK} (M: 1934 Jun 14 - 2014 Oct 15)

Ramanand SAGAR {IN} (M: 1917 Dec 29 - 2005 Dec 12)

Ron(=Ronald) (Peter) SAGAR {UK} (M: c1934 - 2010 Mar 29)

Gabriel SAGARD, aka Théodat SAGARD (M: c1580 - c1636)
I	Dictionaire De La Langue Huronne [n|Fr-1632]
23828,IkLe Grand Voyage Du Pays Des Hurons [n|Fr-1632]
25036,IkL'Histoire Du Canada Et Voyages Que Les Freres.. [4v|n|Fr-1836]

Fr, Gabriel SAGARD-THÉODAT (M: ? - 1650)

Edward SAGARIN {US} (M: 1913 Sep 18 - 1986 Jun 10)
(&ps: Donald Webster CORY)
	The Sciemce And Art Of Perfumery [n|1945]
	The Homosexual In America (ps: Donald W CORY) [n|1951]
	Twenty-One Variations On A Theme (ps: Donald W CORY) [n|1953]
	The Homosexual And His Society (ps: D W CORY) (w John LeROY) [n|1963]

Raphael SAGARIN {US} (M: 1971 Jun 20 - 2015 May 28)

Josep Maria de SAGARRA (y CASTELLARNAU) {ES} (M: 1894 - 1961 Oct 25)
24729	Paulina Buxareu [Ca-?]

Mary A SAGATOO, nee HENDERSON, 1:Mrs CABAY (F: 1837 or 1838 or 1840 Jun - 1914 Mar 17)
	Wah Sash Kah Moqua [a|1897]

Alex SAGE (see: Alex MILLER)

Jonathan Malcolm SAGE {UK} (M: 1953 Sep 2 - living 2022)
(ps: Jon SAVAGE)

Josiah SAGE {UK} (M: 1870 - 1958 Nov 2)
	The Memoirs Of Josiah Sage [a|1951]

Juniper SAGE (see: Margaret Wise BROWN & Edith Thacher HURD)
	The Man In The Manhole And The Fix-It Men [1946]

Lee SAGE (see: Glenn James NELSON)

Prof, Leland Livingston SAGE {US} (M: 1899 Apr 23 - 1989 Feb 16)
	William Boyd Allison [b|1956]

Prof, Lorna SAGE, nee STOCKTON, 2:Mrs HODSON {UK} (F: 1943 Jan 13 - 2001 Jan 11)

Michel SAGE {FR} (M: 1863 - 1931)
19376	Mrs Piper & The Society For Psychical Research [n|Fr-?] (tr N ROBERTSON) [1904]
	La Yoga [n|Fr-1921]

Nelda(=Donalda) (Margaret) (nee)MacKinnon SAGE {CA} (F: 1889 - 1981)
	Fragments Of Fantasy [p|1928]
	Top O' The World [p|1929]

Robert SAGE (M: 1899 - ?)
	Transition Stories [1928]
	Symposium Of Essays On James Joyce (ed) [e|1929]

Rufus B SAGE (M: 1817 - 1893)
A	Rocky Mountain Life..During An Expedition Of Three Years [n|1860]

Prof, Walter Noble SAGE {CA} (M: 1888 - 1963 Sep 11)
	The Chronicles Of Sir Thomas Sprott [b|1916]
	Sir George Arthur And His Administration Of Upper Canada [b|1918]
	Sir Alexander Mackenzie And His Influence On The..Northwest [b|1922]
	Sir James Douglas And British Columbia [b|1930]

William SAGE (M: 1864 - ?)
44846	Robert Tournay: A Romance Of The French Revolution [f|1900]
	By Right Divine [f|1907]

Willy SÄGEBRECHT {DE} (M: 1904 Feb 21 - 1981 Apr 8)

Trygve SAGEN {NO?} (M: 1924 - 1977)

Kent (Huntington) SAGENDORPH {US} (M: 1902 Apr 23 - 1958 Feb 6)
	Radium Island [f|1938]
	Beyond The Amazon [f|1938]
	Sin-Kiang Castle [f|1938]
	Michigan, The Story Of The University [n|1948]

Robb Hansell SAGENDORPH {US} (M: 1900 Nov 20 - 1970 Jul 4)
	The Old Farmer's Almanac Sampler [n|1952]
	Rain, Hail And Baked Beans (w Duncan MacDONALD) [1958]

Sidney SAGER (M: 1917 May 17 - 2002 Dec 3)

Prof, Henry William Frederick SAGGS {UK} (M: 1920 Dec 2 - 2005 Aug 31)
	The Greatness That Was Babylon [n|1962/88]


Mario J SAGOLA (see: Henry KANE)

Meghnad SAHA {IN} (M: 1893 - 1956 Feb 16)

Nayantara SAHGAL, nee PANDIT {IN} (F: 1927 May 10 - living 2022)
	Prison And Chocolate Cake [1954]
	A Time To Be Happy [1958]

Leon Marr SAHAG {US} (M: 1889 Aug 28 - 1976 Nov)
	College Engineering Drawing [n|1939]

Nazim, Jwala SAHAI (M: 1838 - ?)
	History Of Bharatpur [n|?]
	Deeg [n|?]
	The Loyal Rajputana [n|1902]

Prof, William Sahak SAHAKIAN {US} (M: 1921 Oct 7 - 1986 Apr 6)

Bernard SAHLINS {US} (M: 1922 Aug 20 - 2013 Jun 16)

Bernard SAHM {AU} (M: 1926 - 2011 Feb 27)

Ulrich SAHM {DE} (M: 1917 Oct 13 - 2005 Aug 22)
	[Diplomats Are Useless] [a|Ge-?]

Prof, Birbal SAHNI (M: 1891 Nov 14 - 1949 Apr 10)
	Text Book Of Botany (w LOWSON) [n|?]

Bisham SAHNI {IN} (M: 1915 Aug 8 - 2003 Jul 11)
	[Bhagya Rekha] [f|Hi-1953]
	[Aaj Ke Ateet] [a|Hi-?]

Julie SAHNI {US} (F: ? - ?)

Rai Bahadur, Daya Ram SAHNI (M: 1879 Dec 1 - 1939 Mar 7)
	Catalogue Of Museum Of Archæology At Sarnath [n|?]
	Guide To Buddhist Ruins At Sarnath [n|?]

Dmytro Jurijowytsch SAHUL {SU} (M: 1890 Aug 28 - 1944)

Prof, Edward Wadie SAID {PALESTINE/US} (M: 1935 Nov 1 - 2003 Sep 24)

Kurban SAID (ps) (M: ? - ?)
	Ali Und Nino [f|Ge-1937]
	Das Mädchen Vom Goldenen Horn [f|Ge-1938]

Majed F SA'ID {US} (M: 1927 Sep 3 - 1966 Sep 6)
	Jerusalem Arabic (aka: Eastern Arabic) (w Frank A RICE) [n|1953]

Fr, Mark P SAID {MT} (M: 1918 Apr 6 - 2006 Oct 2)

	The Kasayid Of.. (ed S B) [p|1920]

Fred(=Fareed) (Milhem) SAIDY {US} (M: 1907 Feb 11 - 1982 May 14)

Maggie Kinser SAIKI, aka Maggie Kinser HOHLE {US} (F: ? - ?)

Robin SAIKIA {UK} (M: 1962 - living 2022)
	Blue Guide Literary Companion London (ed) [n|?]
	The Horn Book (ed) [n|?]
	Munich (jt ed) [n|?]

George(=Georg) (Emmanuel) SAIKO {AT} (M: 1892 Feb 5 - 1962 Dec 23)
	Auf Dem Floß [f|Ge-1948/1954]
	Der Mann Im Schilf [f|Ge-1955/71]
	Die Dunkelste Nacht (ed Ferdinand WERNIGG) [s|Ge-1961]
	Giraffe Unter Palmen [s|Ge-1962]
	Der Opferblock [s|Ge-1962]

Käthe SAILE {DE} (F: 1899 May 11 - 1955 Dec 9)
(ps: Käthe LAMBERT)
	Weißherbst Am Bodensee [f|Ge-1936]
	Adami Kämpft Um Sein Kind [f|Ge-1937]

Olaf SAILE {DE} (M: 1901 Aug 27 - 1952 Jun 29)
	Und Wieder Wird Es Sommer .. [f|Ge-1937]
	Kepler [f|Ge-1938]
	Schwäbische Erzähler (ed) [Ge-1938]
	Über Den Umgang Mit Schwaben [n|Ge-1950]

(ps: An ADVOCATE, High Court, Calcutta)
	The Permanent Settlement And Its Abolition [n|1939]

Maurice Edmond SAILLAND (M: 1872 Oct 12 - 1956 Jul 22)

Charles SAILOR {US} (M: 1947 Jan 28 - ?)

Merlin Forrest SAILOR {US} (M: 1906 Nov 21 (or 18) - 1965 Dec 5)

Old SAILOR (see: Matthew Henry BARKER)

An Old SAILOR (see: William Schaw LINDSAY)

An Old SAILOR (see: William MARTIN)

Robert Warren SAILOR {US} (M: 1884 Nov 10 - 1949 Oct 24)
	Valor In The Navy (anon) [n|1944]
	Primer Of Alumni Work [1944]

SÄIMATH (see: Augusta Ann VARTY-SMITH)

Angela (D) SAINI, Mrs ? {UK} (F: 1980 Oct 25 - living 2022)

Edward Bennett SAINSBURY {BB} (M: c1923 - ?)
	The Light Of The World [1953]

Edward Hardwicke SAINSBURY {UK} (M: 1912 Sep 17 - 2003 Sep 24)

Prof, Eric (Edward) SAINSBURY {UK} (M: 1925 Dec 16 - 2014 Mar 11)

Harrington SAINSBURY {UK} (M: 1853 - 1936 (wrongly 1956) Dec 29)
(ps: Hillel SAMSON)
	The Story Of Francis Horatio And His Three Companions [1912]
	AD 1583 [1921]
	The Island Set Apart [1924]

Hester (Margaret) SAINSBURY, Mrs ETCHELLS {UK} (F: 1890 Mar 23 - 1967 Sep 2)
	Poems [p|1916]
	Holy Women.. [p|1921]
	Meanderlane [s|1925]
	Noah's Ark [1926]

Maurice Joseph SAINSBURY {AU} (M: 1927 - 2014)

Noel (Everingham) SAINSBURY, Jr {US} (M: 1884 Jun 11 - 1955)
(&ps: Charles LAWTON)
	Billy Smith, Exploring Ace [f|1928]
	Billy Smith, Secret Service Ace [f|1932]
	Billy Smith, Mystery Ace [f|1932]
	Billy Smith, Trail Eater Ace [f|1933]
	Billy Smith, Shanghaied Ace [f|1934]
+	The Fighting Five [f|1934]
	Cracker Stanton [f|1934]
	Gridiron Grit [f|1934]
	Jungle Menace (ps: Charles LAWTON) [f|1937]
	Ros Hackney, Halfback (ps: Charles LAWTON) [f|1937]
	Home Run Hennessey (ps: Charles LAWTON) [f|1940]
	Winning Forward Pass (ps: Charles LAWTON) [f|1940]
	Touchdown To Victory (ps: Charles LAWTON) [f|1942]

Peter SAINSBURY {UK} (M: 1916 Dec 13 - 2003 Dec 9)
	Suicide In London [n|1955]

Vera SAINSBURY (F: ? - ?)

William Noel SAINSBURY (M: 1825 Jul 7 - 1895 Mar 9)

Prof, Charles Frederick Morris SAINT {UK} (M: 1886 - 1973 Feb 15)

Dora Jessie SHAFE, Mrs SAINT {UK} (F: 1913 Apr 17 - 2012 Apr 7)
(ps: Miss, READ)
	Village School [1] [f|1955]
	Fresh From The Country [f|1955]
	Village Diary [2] [f|1957]
	Storm In The Village [3] [f|1958]
	Hobby Horse Cottage [1958]
	Thrush Green [4] [f|1959]
	Winter In Thrush Green [5] [f|1961]
	Miss Clare Remembers [7] [f|1962]
	Country Bunch (ed) [s|1963]

John James Heath SAINT (M: 1828 Jan 27 - 1895 Mar 7)
	A Digest Of Parliamentary And Municipal Registration Cases [n|?]

Lawrence (Bradford) SAINT {US} (M: 1885 Jan 29 (or 28 or 30) - 1961 Jun 15 (wrongly 22))
	A Knight Of The Cross [?]
	Ponderin' Pete [?]

Edriss SAINT-AMAND {HT} (M: 1918 Mar 26 - ?)

Seigneur, Marc Antoine de SAINT-AMANT (M: 1594 - 1661)

Roland ST ANBECK (see: Roland Stanley BECK)

Andreas Nicolai de SAINT-AUBAIN (M: 1798 Nov 18 - 1865 Nov 25)
(ps: Carl BERNHARD)
	Et Aar I Kjøbenhavn [f|Da-1834]
	Lykkens Yndling [f|Da-1837]
	Gamle Minder [f|Da-1840]
	  The Queen Of Denmark [f|Da-1840] (tr anon) (ed C GORE) [3v|1846]
	Krøniker Fra Kong Christian Den Andens Tid I [f|Da-1847]
	Krønniker Fra Kong Eriks Tid [f|Da-1850]
	Samlede Skrifter [14v|Da-?]

(Alfred-)Émile (de Bruneau) de SAINT-AUBAN {FR} (M: 1858 Jun 5 or 19 - 1947 May 1 or 2)
	L'Histoire Sociale Au Palais De Justice [n|Fr-1895]

Alan ST AUBYN (see: Frances (L) MARSHALL)

Giles (Rowan) ST AUBYN {UK} (M: 1925 Mar 11 - 2015 Jul 10)
	A General History Of England, 1688-1832 (w ?) [n|1952]
	Macaulay [n|1952]

John Francis Arthur ST AUBYN, 4th Baron ST LEVAN {UK} (M: 1919 Feb 23 - 2013 Apr 7)

John Humphrey ST AUBYN (M: 1790 Jan 22 - 1857 Jul 17)
(&ps: Lionel BOUVERIE)
	Robert D'Artois [f|1835]
	The Elopement [f|1838]

Poirié de SAINT-AURELE (see: Jean-Aurèle Pierre POIRIÉ)

Charles ST BARBE (M: 1776 - 1849 Apr 28)
	A Complete List Of The Plates..In The Gentleman's Magazine.. [n|1821]
	Records Of The Corporation Of The Borough Of New-Lymington [n|1849]

Charles ST BARBE {CA} (M: ? - 1929)

J ST BERNARD {US} (?: ? - ?)
	I Remember You (anon) [n|1912]

James ST BRIAVELS (see: James Playsted WOOD)

Everett ST CLAIR (see: C B MANSELL)

Francis ST CLAIR (see: J Brecknock WATSON)

Joy ST CLAIR (F: ? - ?)

Katherine ST CLAIR (see: Tom E HUFF)

Labert ST CLAIR {US} (M: ? - ?)
	I've Met The Folks You Read About.. [a|1940]

Leo ST CLAIR (M: ? - ?)
	Claris [c1900]

Margaret ST CLAIR, nee NEELEY {US} (F: 1911 Feb 17 - 1995 Nov 22)
(&ps: Wilton HAZZARD; Idris SEABRIGHT)
	Agent Of The Unknown [f|1956]
	The Green Queen [f|1956]
	The Games Of Neith [f|1960]
	Sign Of The Labrys [f|1963]

Philip ST CLAIR (see: Munroe HOWARD)

Richard ST CLAIR (see: Richard St Clair PAGE)

Robert James ST CLAIR {US} (M: 1925 Aug 6 - 1991 Jan 5)
	Neurotics In The Church [n|1963]

Roland SAINT CLAIR (M: ? - ?)
	A Veil Of Gossamer [1916]

Rosalia ST CLAIR (see: Agnes C HALL)

Stephanie ST CLAIR (see: Donald MAAS)

Vernon SAINT CLAIR (M: ? - ?)
	An Artful Widow [f|1880]

Victor SAINT CLAIR (see: George Waldo BROWNE)

Alex(=Alexander) (H) ST CLAIR-ABRAMS {US} (M: 1845 Mar 10 - 1931)
(&ps: A Sinclair ABRAMS)
	Full And Detailed History Of The Siege Of Vicksburg [n|1863]
17955,R	The Trials Of The Soldier's Wife [f|1864]
	Manual And Biographic Register Of..Georgia, 1871-1872 [n|1872]

Lady, Angela (Selina Bianca) ST CLAIR-ERSKINE, Mrs FORBES {UK} (F: 1876 Jun 11 - 1950 Oct 22)
(&ps: Angela FORBES)
	The Broken Commandment (ps: Angela FORBES) [f|1910]
	Penelope's Progress (ps: Angela FORBES) [f|1911]
	The Other Woman's Shadow (ps: Angela FORBES) [f|1912]
	Memories And Base Details (ps: Angela FORBES) [a|1921]
	Should She Have Spoken? (ps: Angela FORBES) [f|1923]
	How To Dress For All Ages & Occasions (ps: Angela FORBES) [n|1926]
	Fore And Aft [a|1932]

James Francis Harry ST CLAIR-ERSKINE, 5th Earl of ROSSLYN {UK} (M: 1869 Mar 16 - 1939 Aug 10)

	A Military Dictionary.. (w George Elliot VOYLE) [n|1876]

Erin ST CLAIRE (see: Sandra (Lynn) BROWN)

Josephine SAINT CLAIRE (F: ? - ?)
	The Girl With The Fatal Eyes! [f|1931]
	Beware Of This Girl! [f|1932]

Roxanne ST CLAIRE (F: ? - ?)

Yvonne ST CLAIRE (see: Emma L HALL)

Reginald ST CLARE {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	Transatlantic Sketches From Life [p|c1870]

Cyprian St CYR (see: Eric Lennard BERNE)

Franz Colbert ST CYR, nee MAURASSE {HT} (F: 1889 Mar 13 - ?)

Judge, Joseph Fortunat ST CYR {CA} (M: 1875 Dec 6 - 1934 Jan 29)

Napoléon Dominique ST CYR (M: 1826 Aug 4 - 1899 Mar 3)

John ST DAVID (see: David John WALSH)

Fr, Joseph ST DENIS {CA} (M: 1857 May 14 - 1927 Apr 10)

Michel Jacques SAINT-DENIS {FR} (M: 1897 Sep 13 - 1971 Jul 31)
(&ps: Jacques DUCHESNE)
	Theatre [n|1960]

Ruth ST DENIS (see: Ruth DENNIS)


Ida SAINT-ELME (see: Maria Johanna Elselina VERSFELT)

Sister, Julie du ST ESPRIT (F: ? - ?)
(ps: J S E)
	Rabboni [n|1920]

Seigneur, Charles de Marguetel de Saint-Denis de SAINT-ÉVREMOND (M: 1613 - 1703)

Antoine (Jean-Baptiste Marie Roger) de SAINT-EXUPÉRY {FR} (M: 1900 Jun 29 - 1944 Jul 31)
	Courrier Sud [f|Fr-1929]
	  Southern Mail [f|Fr-1929] (tr Stuart GILBERT) [1933]
+	Vol De Nuit [f|Fr-1931]
	  Night Flight [f|Fr-1931] (tr Stuart GILBERT) [1] [1932]
	Terre Des Hommes [n|Fr-1939]
	Wind, Sand And Stars [n|Fr-1939] (tr Lewis GALANTIERE) [2] [1939]
	Pilote De Guerre [n|Fr-1942]
	  Flight To Arras [n|Fr-1942] (tr Lewis GALANTIERE) [3] [1942]
	Airman's Odyssey [Fr-1931-1942] (tr L GALANTIERE & S GILBERT) [1+2+3] [1943]
	Lettre Á Un Otage [Fr-1943]
	  Letter To A Hostage [Fr-1943] (tr Jacqueline GERST) [1950]
#	Le Petit Prince [f|Fr-1943]
	  The Little Prince [f|Fr-1943] (tr Katherine WOODS) [1943]
	Citadelle [n|Fr-1948]
	  The Wisdom Of The Sands [n|Fr-1948] (tr Stuart GILBERT) [1950]
	Carnets [n|Fr-1953]
	Lettres De Jeunesse (aka: Lettres A L'Amie Inventee) [a|Fr-1953]
	Lettres A Sa Mere [a|Fr-1955/84]
	Saint-Exupery Par Lui-Meme [a|Fr-1956]

Soeur, SAINT-FABIEN (F: 1848 - 1908)
I	Géographie À L'Usage Des Élèves.. - Cours Supérieur [n|Fr-c1891]
I	Géographie À L'Usage Des Élèves.. - Cours Primaire.. [n|Fr-c1891]

Soeur, SAINT-FÉLIX (F: c1837 - c1893)
I	Monseigneur De Saint-Vallier Et L'Hôpital Général De Québec [n|Fr-1882]

Comte, Georges Poullain de SAINT-FOIX {FR} (M: 1874 Mar 2 - 1954 May 26)
	The Symphonies Of Mozart [n|Fr-?] (tr Leslie ORREY) [1947]

Augustus SAINT-GAUDENS (M: 1848 - 1907)
	The Reminiscences Of Augustus Saint-Gaudens [2v|a|1913]

Mellin de SAINT-GELAIS (M: c1491 - 1558 Oct)

Octavien de SAINT-GELAIS (M: 1466 - 1502)


Andrew ST GEORGE {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Sir, Denis Howard ST GEORGE, 8th Bt {ZA} (M: 1902 Sep 6 - 1989 Apr 28)

Edith ST GEORGE (see: Edith DELATUSH)

Frank (Herbert) ST GEORGE {UK} (M: c1929 - 2007 Jul 29)

George Arthur ST GEORGE {UK} (M: 1898 Feb 19 - 1968 Oct 24)
	With Lyre And Saxophone [p|1943]
	With Love And Brickbats [p|1945]

Harry ST GEORGE (see: St George (Henry) RATHBORNE)

Henry SAINT-GEORGE (M: 1866 - 1917 Jan 29)
29112	The Bow, Its History, Manufacture And Use [n|1896]
	The Place Of Science In Music [n|1905]
	Fiddles, Their Selection, Preservation, And Betterment [n|1910]
	The Young Man From Stratford [b|1911]
	A Musical Zoo [n|1913]

Margaret ST GEORGE (see: Maggie OSBORNE)

Mother, Mary ST GEORGE {CA} (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Mary DOUGLAS)
	Road's End [f|1943]

V J ST GEORGE {CA} (?: ? - ?)
	To A Soldier Of British Columbia.. [p|?]

Hilary Aidan ST GEORGE SAUNDERS {UK} (M: 1898 Jan 14 - 1951 Dec 16)
(&ps: Francis BEEDING (2); Barum BROWNE (2); Cornelius COFYN (2); David PILGRIM (2); John SOMERS (2))
	The Battle Of Britain [n|1941]
	Pioneers! O Pioneers! [1943]
	Per Ardua [1944]
	The Green Beret [n|1949]
	The Red Beret [n|1950]
	The Sleeping Bacchus [1951]
	Westminster Hall [n|1951]
	Royal Air Force, 1939-1945 (w D G RICHARDS) [3v|n|1953-1954]

SAINT-GERMAIN (see: (Louis Marie) Germain DELAVIGNE)

Hyacinthe ST GERMAIN (M: 1838 Sep 23 - 1909 Dec 8)

Léon de SAINT-HAYARD (see: Léon HAYARD)

Mary ST HELIER (see: Dorothy Eileen MARSH)

Monique SAINT-HÉLIER (see: Berthe EIMANN)

Emile Marco de SAINT-HILAIRE (M: 1796 - 1887)
(ps: Feu Mon ONCLE)
26488	L'Art De Payer Ses Dettes Et De Satisfaire Ses Créanciers.. [n|Fr-1827]

Isidore Geoffroy SAINT-HILAIRE (M: 1805 Dec 16 - 1861 Nov 10)
	Essais De Zoologie Générale [e|Fr-1841]
	La Vie D'Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire [b|Fr-1847]
	Acclimatation Et Domestication Des Animaux Utiles [n|Fr-1849]
	Lettres Sur Les Substances Alimentaires Et..Cheval [n|Fr-1856]
	Histoire Naturelle Générale Des Règnes Organiques [3v|n|Fr-1854-62]

Mère, ST-IGNACE (see: Jeanne Françoise JUCHEREAU)

Henriette SAINT-JACQUES, nee DESSAULLES {CA} (F: 1860 Feb 6 - 1946 Nov 17)
	Lettres De Fadette (ps: FADETTE) [Fr-1914]
	Les Contes De La Lune [Fr-1932]
	Il Etait Une Fois [Fr-1933]

Andrew ST JAMES (see: James (Andrew) STERN)

Daniel ST JAMES (see: Ed(=Edward) (Joseph) GORMAN)

Ian ST JAMES {UK} (M: 1937 Apr 4 - ?)

Jessica ST JAMES (see: Linda VERNER)

Lael ST JAMES (see: Linda Lael MILLER)

Scotney ST JAMES (see: Linda VERNER)

Serge SAINT-JEAN {HT} (M: 1945 Sep 3 - ?)

Anna ST JOHN (see: Virginia BAKER)

Bayle ST JOHN (M: 1822 Aug 19 - 1859 Aug 1)
	The Eccentric Lover [f|1845]
	The Fortunes Of Francis Croft [f|1852]

Beth ST JOHN (see: Elizabeth/Betty Beaman JOHN)

Bob J ST JOHN {US} (M: 1937 Jan 10 - 2017 Jan 12)

Charles Edward ST JOHN {US} (M: 1857 Mar 15 - 1935 Apr 26)
	Revision Of Rowland's Preliminary Table Of Solar.. (w others) [n|1928]
	Growth In Our Knowledge Of The Sun [n|1931]

Charles Henry ST JOHN {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	Poems [p|1859]
	Corporal Day [p|1904]
	The Dawn Of Freedom [p|1904]

Charles William George ST JOHN (M: 1809 Dec 3 - 1856 Jul 12)

Cheryl ST JOHN (see: Cheryl LUDWIGS)

Chester ST JOHN (see: Lionel Oliver Herbert JONES)

Christopher (Marie) ST JOHN (see: Christabel Gertrude MARSHALL)

David ST JOHN (see: Everette Howard HUNT (Jr))

Eric SAINT JOHN (see: Eric Saint John BROOKS)

Frederick Edward Molyneux ST JOHN (M: 1838 Nov 28 - 1904 Jan 30)
	The Sea Of Mountains [2v|n|1877]

Sir, Frederick (Robert) ST JOHN {UK} (M: 1831 Mar 2 - 1923 Feb 27)
	Reminiscences Of A Retired Diplomat [a|1906]

Gail ST JOHN (see: Irving A GREENFIELD)

Henry ST JOHN (see: Henry St John COOPER)

Henry ST JOHN (see: John CREASEY)

Henry ST JOHN, 1st Viscount BOLINGBROKE (M: 1678 Oct 1 - 1751 Dec 12)
	Letter To Sir William Wyndham [a|1717]
	Letters On The Study And Use Of History [e|1752]
	A Dissertation On Parties [n|1735]
	A Letter On The Spirit Of Patriotism [n|1736]
	The Idea Of A Patriot King [n|1749]
	Some Reflections On The Present State Of The Nation [n|1749]
	Reflection On Exile [n|1752]
	Philosophical Works [e|1752]
	Collected Works [e|1752]
5132	Letters To Sir William Windham And Mr Pope [a|?]

Henry Craven ST JOHN (M: 1837 Jan 5 - 1909 May 21)
	Wild Coasts Of Nipon [1880]
	Charles St John's Notes [?]

Horace Stebbing Roscoe ST JOHN (M: 1832 - 1888 Feb 23)

Lady, Isabella (Frances) SAINT JOHN, nee ? (F: c1792 - 1875 Aug 27)
	Mrs Cleveland And The St Clairs (anon) [f|1836]

James ST JOHN (M: ? - ?)
	Letters From France To A Gentleman In The South Of Ireland [n|1788]

James Allen ST JOHN {US} (M: 1872 Oct 1 - 1957 May 23)

James Augustus ST JOHN (M: 1801 Sep 24 - 1875 Sep 22)
	Tales Of The Ramad'han [s|1835]
	Margaret Ravenscroft [f|1835]
	Sir Cosmo Digby [f|1843]
	The Ring And The Veil [f|1856]
	Weighed In The Balance [f|1864]

John (Richard) ST JOHN {UK} (M: 1917 Feb 7 - 1988 Dec 2)
	Book Of The Motor Car (ed) [n|1952]
	Britain's Railways Today (ed) [n|1954]

John R ST JOHN (M: ? - ?)
L	A True Description Of The Lake Superior Country [n|1846]

Judith ST JOHN {CA} (F: 1914 Aug 4 - 2007 Oct 17)

Kristine SAINT-JOHN (see: Christine MAURER)

Lisa ST JOHN (see: Annette SANFORD)

Mabel ST JOHN (see: Henry St John COOPER)

Madeleine ST JOHN, Mrs TILLAM {AU} (F: 1941 Nov 12 - 2006 Jun 18)

Mary ST JOHN {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	The Loom Of Live.. [p|1935]

Nicole ST JOHN (see: Norma JOHNSTON)

Patricia Mary ST JOHN {UK} (F: 1919 Apr 5 - 1993 Aug 16 (wrongly 18))
	Tanglewood Secret [1948]
	Treasures Of The Snow [1952]
	Verses [p|1953]

Percy Bolingbroke ST JOHN (M: 1821 - 1889 Mar 15)
	The Blue Dwarf [f|1885]

Philip ST JOHN (see: Leonard KNAPP)

Robert (William) ST JOHN {US} (M: 1902 Mar 9 - 2003 Feb 6)
	From The Land Of Silent People [n|1942]
	It's Always Toomrrow [1944]

Sally ST JOHN (F: ? - ?)

Samuel SAINT JOHN (M: ? - ?)
	Elements Of Geology Intended For The Use Of Students [n|1851]

Sir, Spencer ST JOHN (M: 1825 Dec 22 - 1910 Jan 2)

Thomas Matthew ST JOHN {US} (M: 1865 - 1949)
28335	How Two Boys Made Their Own Electrical Apparatus [n|1898]

Vane Ireton (Shaftesbury) ST JOHN (M: 1838 Aug 19 - 1911 Dec 20)
	St Eustace [f|1857]
	Undercurrents [f|1859]
	The Chain Of Destiny [f|1862]

William Charles ST JOHN {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	Cathecism Of The History Of Newfoundland.. [n|?/1855]

Wylly(=William) (Michael) (nee)Folk ST JOHN {US} (F: 1908 Oct 20 - 1985 Aug 21 (wrongly 16))
(&ps: Eleanor FOX; Eve LARSON; Katherine PIERCE; Mary Keith VINCENT; Michael WILLIAMS)
	Secrets Of The Pirate Inn [f|?]

Caroline St JOHN-BROOKS {UK} (F: 1947 Mar 24 - 2003 Sep 8)

Lizzie ST JOHN ECKEL, nee MONK ?, 2?:Mrs HARPER (F: 1837 - c1916)
I	Maria Monk's Daughter: An Autobiography [b|1874]

Gladys Evelyn ST JOHN-LOE / LOE, nee CAMP {UK} (F: 1892 (wrongly 1895) Sep 22 - 1977 Mar 2)
	Spilled Wine [f|1922]
	Dust Of The Dawn.. [s|1922]
	Beggar's Banquet [f|1923]
	The Door Of Beyond [f|1926]
	Yesterday's Harvest [d|pro:1929]
	Sentence Of Death [d|pub:1930]
	Who Feeds The Tiger - [f|1935]
	Smoking Altars [f|1936]

Sir, (Aubrey) Neville ST JOHN-MILDMAY, 10th Bt {UK} (M: 1865 Feb 14 - 1955 Mar 30)
	Laureates Of The Cross [1897]
	Horae Mediterraneæ [1947]
	Poetical Works (ps: AUTREMONDE) [p|1894]

Norman (Anthony Francis) ST JOHN-STEVAS, (life) Baron ST JOHN Of FAWSLEY of Preston Capes {UK} (M: 1929 May 18 - 2012 Mar 2)
	Obscenity And The Law [1956]
	Walter Bagehot [b|1959]
	Life, Death And The Law [n|1961]
	The Right To Life [n|1963]

Adela (Nora) (nee)Rogers ST JOHNS {US} (F: 1894 May 20 - 1988 Aug 10)
	Final Verdict [n|1962]

Elaine ST JOHNS, 1:Mrs ?, 2:Mrs ?, 3:Mrs ?, 4:Mrs ?, 5:Mrs ? {US} (F: 1918 May 15 - 1997 May 11)

Alfred ST JOHNSTON (M: c1858 - 1891 Feb 19)

Sir, (Thomas) Eric ST JOHNSTON {UK} (M: 1911 Jan 7 - 1986 Mar 17)

Sir, (Thomas) Reginald ST JOHNSTON {UK} (M: 1881 - 1950 Aug 29)
	Dream Faces [1899]
L	A History Of Dancing [n|1906]
	The Lau Islands And Their Folk-lore [n|1918]
	The Falkland Islands [n|1919]
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	South Sea Reminiscences [n|1922]
	The Pearl Of Fortune [f|1924]
	Neath Tropic Stars [n|1925]
	West Indian Pepper Pot [1928]
	The Leeward Islands During The French Wars [n|1932]
	From A Colonial Governor's Note-book [n|1936]
	Strange Places And Strange Peoples [n|1936]
	Who Has A Dog? [n|1938]
	Dogs Of Every Kind [n|1949]

Carlo Bianco di ST JORIOZ {IT?} (M: ? - ?)
48624	Della Guerra Nazionale D'Insurrezione Per Bande.. [n|It-?]

Prof, John Kenneth Sinclair ST JOSEPH {UK} (M: 1912 Nov 13 - 1994 Mar 11)
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Charles James Herbert de Courcy ST JULIAN, aka CECROPS, aka Charles TROUT (M: 1819 May 10 - 1874 Nov 26)
	Notes On The Latent Resources Of Polynesia [n|1851]
	The Productions, Industry..New South Wales (w E K SILVESTER) [n|1853]
	Official Report On Central Polynesia [n|1857]
	Municipal Elections [n|1867]
	Municipalities Act Of 1867 With Notes Thereon [n|1868]
	Pastoral Freeholds [n|1870]
	The International Status Of Fiji [n|1872]

Capitaine, SAINT-JUST (see: Gaston Charles François MONNERVILLE)


Charles F ST LAURENT (ps) {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	Language And Nationality In The Light Of Revelation.. [n|1896]

Félix de SAINT-LAURENT (see: Fernand AMBROISE)

Yves (Henri Donat) (MATHIEU-)SAINT LAURENT {FR} (M: 1936 Aug 1 - 2008 Jun 1)

Patricia ST LAWRENCE {US} (F: 1922 Jul 22 - 1996 Oct 23)

Anthony James Joseph ST LEDGER {AU} (M: 1859 Feb 18 - 1929 Apr 17)
	Australian Socialism [n|1909]
	Federation Or Unification? [n|1910]

Barry ST LEGER (M: 1737 - 1789)

Evelyn ST LEGER (see: Evelyn St Leger SAVILE)

Francis Barry Boyle ST LEGER (M: 1799 - 1829)
(ps: Gilbert EARLE)

Joan SAINT LEGER (F: ? - ?)
	Under A Delusion [f|1887]

Col, Stratford Edward ST LEGER {UK} (M: 1878 - 1935 Oct 12)
	War Sketches In Colour [n|1903]

Warham ST LEGER {UK} (M: c1850 - 1921)
	Ballads From 'Punch'.. [p|1890]

Count ST LEO (see: Paschal Beverly RANDOLPH)

Eden ST LEONARDS (M: ? - ?)
	Oberon Spell [f|1869]


Carlos SAINT-LOUIS {HT} (M: 1923 Jan 4 - ?)

Wilfred SAINT-MANDÉ (see: John Henry Parkyn LAMONT)

Hélie (Denoix) de SAINT MARC {FR} (M: 1922 Feb 11 - 2013 Aug 26)

Soeur, SAINT-MARCEL (F: 1851 - 1932)
I	Vie De La Vénérable Mère Marguerite Bourgeoys [b|Fr-c1896]

SAINT-MARCET (see: Marie-Aimery de COMMINGES)

F ST MARS (see: Frank ATKINS, Jr)

Scévole de SAINT-MARTHE, the Elder (M: fl c1580)
	Scævolæ Sammarthani Pædotrophiæ [La?-c1580]
	  Paedotrophiae [La?-c1580] (tr anon) [1718]

Louis Claude de SAINT-MARTIN (M: 1743 - 1803)
&	Theosophic Correspondence (w KIRCHBERGER) [n|?-?] (tr E B PENNY) [1863]

Mrs Algernon, (Susan Margaret) ST MAUR, Duchess of SOMERSET, nee McKINNON {UK} (F: c1850 - 1936 Jan 20)
I	Impressions Of A Tenderfoot During A Journey In..Far West [n|1890]

Algernon Percy Banks ST MAUR, ne SEYMOUR, 14th Duke of SOMERSET (M: 1813 Dec 22 - 1894 Oct 2)

Rémy SAINT-MAURICE (see: Maurice DIARD)

E A ST MOX (see: Edward Sylvester ELLIS)


(Roland E) Garth ST OMER (BUSH) {LC} (M: c1938 - ?)

Fr, Louis Napoléon ST ONGE (M: 1842 - 1901)
I	Alphabet Yakama [n|Fr-1872]

Horace SAINT PAUL (M: ? - ?)
	A Journal Of The First Two Campaigns Of The Seven Years' War [n|Fr-?] (tr ?) [1914]

Mother, Mary ST PAUL {CA} (F: c1860 - ?)
	From Desenzano To 'The Pines' [n|1941]

SAINT-PAULIEN (?: 1910 - ?)
	L'Avenir De L'Allemagne (ed) [n|Fr-1936]

Abbé, Charles Castel de SAINT-PIERRE (M: 1658 - 1743)

Michel de SAINT-PIERRE {FR} (M: 1916 Feb 12 - 1987 Jun 19)
	Les Écrivains (w Pierre De CALAN) [d|Fr-1959]
	The New Aristocrats [Fr-?] (tr Anthony BURGESS & Llewela BURGESS) [1962]

Télesphore ST PIERRE (M: 1869 Jul 10 - 1912 Oct 15)
I	Histoire Du Commerce Canadien-Français De Montréal.. [n|Fr-c1894]
I	Histoire Des Canadiens Du Michigan Et..Essex, Ontario [n|Fr-1895]

Lisann ST PIERRE (see: Lisa Ann VERGE)

Rone Eleuthère SAINT-PRIX (M: c1865 - 1902 May 8)

Dirck ST REMY (M: ? - ?)
R	Seven Stories Of The River Counties [s|1868]
R	Stories Of The Hudson River Counties [s|1871]

Joseph SAINT-REMY (M: 1818 or 1819 - 1858 Sep 9)

Vicomte, Léon(-Edgard) de SAINT-RÉQUIER {FR} (M: 1872 Aug 8 - 1964 Oct 1)

Geoffrey ST REYNARD (see: Robert Wilson KREPPS)

Eva SAINT ROCH (see: Daniel THÉRON)

(Charles) Camille SAINT-SAËNS {FR} (M: 1835 Oct 9 - 1921 Dec 16)
30412	On The Execution Of Music [n|Fr-?] (tr Henry P BOWIE) [1915]
16459	Musical Memories [a|Fr-?] (tr Edwin Gile RICH) [1919]
19992	Rimes Familières [p|Fr-?]
	Harmonie Et Mélodie [n|Fr-?]
32963	Portraits Et Souvenirs [n|Fr-?]
	Ecole Buissonnière [Fr-?]
	Au Courant De La Vie [Fr-?]
	Germanophilie, Problèmes Et Mystères [n|Fr-?]

Mère, SAINT-THOMAS (F: 1833 - 1885)
I	Les Ursulines De Québec (w Mère SAINTE-MARIE) [3v|n|Fr-1863]

Pierre SAINT VAAST / ST VAAST (see: Hugh Ulric Swinscow NISBET)

Bp, Jean Baptiste de la Croix de Chevrières de ST VALLIER (M: 1653 Nov 14 - 1727 Dec 26)
I	Catechisme Du Diocese De Quebec [n|Fr-1702]
I	Estat Présent De L'Église Et..Nouvelle-France [n|Fr-1856]

Mère, SAINT-VICTOR (M: 1828 - 1890)
I	Vie Abrégée De..Marguerite Bourgeoys.. [b|Fr-1884]

(Jacques-Maximilien) Benjamin Bins de SAINT-VICTOR (M: 1772 - 1858)
(&ps: René de MERSENNE)
	Quelques Observations Sur La Lettre De Fouché Au Duc De Wellington [n|Fr-1817]
39880	Tableau Historique Et Pittoresque De Paris..Nos Jours [8v|n|Fr-1822]

Fenis de SAINT-VICTOUR (M: ? - ?)
18889	Mémoire Sur La Réunion Des Trois Services, Des Postes.. [n|Fr-1790]
*	Observations Importantes Sur La Pétition Des Maîtres De Postes.. [n|Fr-?]

Isobel ST VINCENT {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	Stencilling With Whitewood Painting, Barbola Work.. [n|1930]
	Young Marie [b|1952]

Paul ST VINCENT (see: Edward Archibald MARKHAM)

Vincent SAINT-VINCENT (see: Maurice RENARD)

Leonard de SAINT-YVES (see: Margaret McQueen CROSLAND)

Charles Augustin SAINTE-BEUVE (M: 1804 Dec 23 - 1869 Oct 13)
(&ps: Joseph DELORME)
	Tableau Historique Et Critique De La Poésie.. [2v|n|Fr-1828]
	Vie, Poésies Et Pensées De Joseph Delorme [p|Fr-1829]
	Les Consolations [Fr-1830]
	Critiques Et Portraits Littéraires [e|Fr-1832/36-39]
	Volupté [f|Fr-1834]
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	Port-Royal [5/6v|Fr-1840-59/67]
	Livre D'Amour [Fr-1843]
13594	Portraits Littéraires [2/2/3v|e|Fr-1844/52/62-64]
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	  Portraits Of Women [b|Fr-1844] (tr Helen STOT) [1891]
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	[?] [Fr-1851-62] (tr E J TRECHMANN) [1909-11]
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	Collège De France [n|Fr-1855]
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	Notes Inédites De Sainte-Beuve (ed Charly GUYOT) [Fr-1931]
	Pensées Et Maximes (ed Maurice CHAPELAN) [Fr-1954]

Mother, STE-CROIX {CA} (F: ? - ?)
(ps: A MEMBER of the Community)
	Life Of Madame De La Peltrie (Magdalen De Chauvigny) [b|1859]
I	Glimpses Of The Monastery (anon) [2v|n|1875/97]
	Reminiscences Of Fifty Years In The Cloister, 1839-1889 [a|1897]

Geoffrey Ernest Maurice de STE-CROIX {UK} (M: 1910 Feb 8 - 2000 Feb 5)


Mère, SAINTE-MARIE (F: 1831 - 1886)
I	Les Ursulines De Québec (w Mère SAINT-THOMAS) [3v|n|Fr-1863]

Loudon SAINTHILL / ST HILL {AU} (M: 1918 Jan 9 - 1969 Jun 10 (wrongly 9))
	Royal Album (w H Tatlock MILLER) [1951]
	Undoubted Queen (w H Tatlock MILLER) [1958]
	Churchill (w H Tatlock MILLER) [1959]

Richard SAINTHILL (M: 1787 Jan 28 - 1869 Nov 12)
*	The Old Countess Of Desmond [1861]

X B SAINTINE (see: Joseph Xavier BONIFACE)

Charlotte Helen SAINTON-DOLBY (F: 1821 May 17 - 1885 Feb 18)

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31698	A History Of Nineteenth Century Literature (1780-1895) [n|1896]
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31072	A Letter Book [1922]
	A Scrap Book [1922]
	Collected Essays And Papers [e|1923]
k	A Consideration Of Thackeray [n|1931]

Rev, George Lewis SAINTSBURY {UK} (M: 1911 Feb 28 - 2006 Jun 4)

H A SAINTSBURY (M: 1869 Dec 18 - 1939 Jun 19)

Léonard SAINVILLE {FR} (M: 1910 Mar 3 - 1977 May 31)

Eduardo SAINZ De La MAZA {ES} (M: 1903 - 1982)

Prof, Regino SAINZ De La MAZA (y RUIZ) {ES} (M: 1896 Sep 7 - 1981 Nov 26)
	La Guitarra Y Su Historia [n|Sp-1955]

Prince, SAIONJI Kinmochi {JP} (M: 1849 Oct 23 - 1940 Nov 24)

Richard SAIR {CA?} (M: ? - ?)
	The Book Of Torture And Executions (ed Arnold E HIRSCH) (anon) [n|1944]

Elidir SAIS (see: William Hughes JONES)

Elidir SAIS (M: fl c1230)

Prof, Pirkko (Helena) SAISIO {FI} (F: 1949 Apr 16 - ?)
(&ps: Jukka LARSSON; Eva WEIN)

Prof, Remy Gilbert SAISSELIN {CH} (M: 1925 Aug 17 - 2009 Aug 19)
	Style, Truth And The Portrait [n|1963]

Prof, Edward McChesney SAIT {CA} (M: 1881 Aug 24 - 1943 Oct 25 (wrongly 26 or 27))
	Clerical Control In Quebec [n|1911]
	Government And Politics Of France [n|1920]
	British Politics In Transition [n|1925]
	American Parties And Elections [n|1927/?/1942]
	Democracy [n|1929]
	Political Institutions [n|1938]

Fred SAITO (M: ? - ?)
	Samurai! (w Martin CAIDIN & S SAKAI) [n|1957]

Fumi SAITO, nee RYU ? {JP} (F: 1909 Feb 14 - 2002 Apr 26)
	Gyoka [p|Ja-1940]

Mokichi SAITO, originally MORIYA {JP} (M: 1882 May 14 - 1953 (wrongly 1952) Feb 25)
	[Shakko = Red Light] [Ja-1913]
	[Aratama = Jewel In The Rough] [Ja-1921]
	[Shiroki Yama = White Mountain] [Ja-1949]
	[Renzan] [Ja-1950]

Shigeta SAITO {JP} (M: 1916 - 2006 Nov 20)
	[Chonan No Hon] [Ja-?]

Sokichi SAITO {JP} (M: 1927 May 1 - 2011 Oct 24)
(ps: Morio KITA)

Prof, Robert M SAITSCHICK {CH} (M: 1868 (or 1866 or 1867) Apr 24 - 1965 Jan 29 (or Feb 23))
	Dostojewski Und Tolstoi [n|Ge-1892]
	Der Mensch Und Sein Ziel [n|Ge-1914]
	Von Der Innern Not Unseres Zeitalters [n|Ge-1917]
	Die Geistige Krisis Der Europäischen Menschheit [n|Ge-1924]
	Schicksal Und Erlösung [n|Ge-1927]
	Schöpfer Höchster Lebenswerte [n|Ge-1945]
	Der Staat Und Was Mehr Ist Als Er [n|Ge-1946]
	Bismarck Und Das Schicksal Des Deutschen Volkes [n|Ge-1949]

Keizo SAJI {JP} (M: 1919 Nov 1 - 1999 Nov 3)

Mike(=Michael) (E) SAJNA {US} (M: 1950 Nov 25 - 2000 Aug 10)

Saburo SAKAI (M: ? - ?)
	Samurai! (w Martin CAIDIN & F SAITO) [n|1957]

Prof, Shunzo SAKAMAKI {US} (M: 1906 Jul 15 - 1973 Jul 19)
	Japan And The United States, 1790-1853 [n|1939]
	Asia (w John A WHITE) [n|1951]

Yoshikazu SAKAMOTO {US} (M: 1927 Sep 16 - 2014 Oct 2)

Achilles Nicholas SAKELL, originally SAKELLERIDES {US} (M: 1906 Jan 27 - 1987 Aug)
	Communist Infiltration Of Latin America [n|1957]
	Careers In The Foreign Service [n|1962]

Andrei (Dmitriyevich) SAKHAROV {SU} (M: 1921 May 21 - 1989 Dec 14)

SAKI (see: Hector Hugh MUNRO)

Jeanne SAKOL {US} (F: 1928 Sep 26 (or 1926 Sep 28) - ?)
	What About Teen-age Marriage? [n|1961]

Helmut SAKOWSKI {DE} (M: 1924 Jun 1 - 2005 Dec 9)
	Zwei Frauen [s|Ge-1959]

Elmer Eliot SAKS (see: Frank Dubrez FAWCETT)

Sol(=Soliman) SAKS {US} (M: 1910 Dec 3 - 2011 Apr 16)

Prof, Jun John SAKURAI {US} (M: 1933 Jan 31 - 1982 Oct (or Nov))
	Lectures On New Mesons, Resonances, And Unitary Symmetry [n|1963]

Nyoichi SAKURAZAWA {JP} (M: 1893 Oct 18 - 1966 Apr 23)
(ps: George/Georges OHSAWA; [Musagendo SAKURAZAWA]; [Nyoiti SAKURAZAWA]; [Yukikazu SAKURAZAWA])
	The Two Great Indians In Japan [n|1954]

Charles Kerrison SALA (M: 1822 Nov 6 - 1857 Feb 17)

George Augustus (Henry Fairfield) SALA (M: 1828 Nov 24 - 1895 (wrongly 1896) Dec 8)
	The Great Glass House Opend [n|1851]
	The House That Paxton Built [n|1851]
	The Funeral Processions Of Arthur, Duke Of Wellington [n|1852]
&	Twice Round The Clock; or, The Hours..In London [1859]
	The Baddington Peerage [f|1860]
	The Seven Sons Of Mammon [f|1862]
26667	The Strange Adventures Of Captain Dangerous [f|1863]
	Quite Alone [f|1864]
	Under The Sun [e|1872]
	Echoes Of The Year Eighteen Hundred And Eighty-Three [1884]

Oskar SALA {DE} (M: 1910 Jul 18 - 2002 Feb 26)

Sharon SALA {US} (F: ? - ?)
(&ps: Dinah McCALL)

Kaluma ya SALAAM (see: Val FERDINAND)

Bohdan SALACINSKI {PL} (M: 1911 Jan 2 - 2008 Apr 18)
(ps: Andrzej POMIAN)
	Warsaw Rising (ed) [n|1945]
	Powstanie Warszawskie [n|Pl-1946]
	Stalin And The Poles [n|1949]
	Polskie Sily Zbrojne W II Wojnie Swiatowej [n|Pl-1950]

Armand (Camille) SALACROU {FR} (M: 1899 Aug 9 - 1989 Nov 23)
	Magasin D'Accessoires; Histoire De Cirque.. [d|Fr-1923]
	La Boule De Verre [d|Fr-1924]
	Le Pont De L'Europe [d|Fr-1925]
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	Patchouli [d|Fr-1927]
	Atlas-Hôtel, Les Frénétiques [d|Fr-1929]
	La Vie En Rose [d|Fr-1931]
	Une Femme Libre, Poof [d|Fr-1933]
	L'Inconnue D'Arras [d|Fr-1935]
	Un Homme Comme Les Autres [d|Fr-1936]
	La Terre Est Ronde [d|Fr-1937]
	Histoire De Rire [d|Fr-1939]
	La Marguerite [d|Fr-1941]
	Les Fiancés Du Havre [d|Fr-1944]
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John SALISBURY (M: 1575 - 1625)

Mary Emma SALISBURY, Mrs BARSE {US} (F: 1872 Apr 18 - after 1950)
(ps: Mary E BLAIN)
24597	Games For All Occasions [n|1909/1930/1934]
5890	Games For Hallow-e'en [n|1912]
	Games For Children, Little And Big [n|1923]

Richard Frank SALISBURY(-ROWSWELL) {UK/CA?} (M: 1926 Dec 8 - 1989 Jun 15 or 17)
	From Stone To Steel [n|1962]
	Structures Of Custodial Care [n|1962]

Prof, Robert Holt SALISBURY {US} (M: 1930 Apr 29 - 2010 Apr 10)
	American Government (w W N CHAMBERS & T H ELIOT) [n|1959]

Rollin Daniel SALISBURY {US} (M: 1858 Aug 17 - 1922 Aug 15)
38148	The Geography Of The Region About Devil's Lake..Wisconsin [n|1900]

Stephen SALISBURY, Jr (M: 1835 - 1905)
29723	The Mayas: The Sources Of Their History [n|1877]

William SALISBURY (M: ? - 1823)
12363	The Botanist's Companion [2v|n|1816]

William SALISBURY {US} (M: 1875 - ?)
	The Career Of A Journalist [a|1908]
	The American Emperor [1913]
	Adell Woltby [1924]
	Thoughts To Gracia [1929]
	The Squareheads [1930]

Sir, (Arthur) Guy SALISBURY-JONES {UK} (M: 1896 Jul 4 - 1985 Feb 8)

John (Joseph) SALISSE {UK} (M: 1926 Mar 24 - 2006 Sep 26)

Jonas (Edward) SALK {US} (M: 1914 Oct 28 - 1995 Jun 23)

Lee SALK {US} (M: 1926 Dec 27 - 1992 May 2)
	What Every Child Would Like His Parents To Know [n|?]
	My Father, My Son [n|?]

Prof, (Felix) Andrew (Alexander) SALKEY {JM/US?} (M: 1928 Jan 30 - 1995 Apr 28)
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	Escape To An Autumn Pavement [f|1960]
	West Indian Stories (ed) [s|1960]

William Henry SALLADA {US} (M: 1846 Jul 12 - 1935 May 17)
	Life And Military Career Of William H Sallada [a|1870]
	Silver Sheaves.. [n|?/1879]

George Herbert SALLANS {CA} (M: 1895 Apr 20 - 1960 Nov 18)
+	Little Man [f|1942]

Asbury Hilliard SALLENGER, Jr {US} (M: 1949 Jun 11 - 2013 Feb 5)

Albert-Henri de SALLENGRÉ (M: 1694 - 1723)
(&ps: Boniface OINOPHILUS, de Monte Fiascone, ABC)
	Eloge De L'Ivresse (ps: Boniface OINOPHILUS) [n|Fr-1714]
	  Ebrietatis Encomium (ps: Boniface OINOPHILUS) [n|Fr-1714] (tr anon) [1723]
29188	  Ebrietatis Encomium (ps: B OINOPHILUS) [n|Fr-1714] (tr Robert SAMBER) [1812]
	Mémoires De Littérature [n|Fr-1715]
	Novus Thesaurus Antiquitatum Romanarum [n|Fr-1716]
	Essai Sur L'Histoire Des Provinces-Unies [n|Fr-1728]
	Travels Of The Jesuits.. [n|Fr-?] (tr John LOCKMAN) [1743]

Prof, Richard P SALLER {US?} (M: ? - ?)

Georges Adolphe SALLES {FR} (M: 1889 Sep 24 - 1966 Oct 20)
	Le Regard, Etude D'Esthétique [n|Fr-?]
	Au Louvre [n|Fr-?]

Charles de SALLIS {UK} (M: 1911 Jan 30 - 2007 Feb 27)

Peter SALLIS {UK} (M: 1921 Feb 1 - 2017 Jun 2)

SALLUST (see: Gaius SALLUSTIUS Crispus)

Gaius SALLUSTIUS Crispus, aka SALLUST (M: BC 86 - BC 34)
7402,#	De Coniuratione Catilinae (aka: Bellum Catilinae) [n|La-?]
7402	Bellum Jurgurthinum [n|La-?] (tr Alexander BARCLAY) [1520]
7990	  Conspiracy Of Catiline And The Jurgurthine War [n|La-?] (tr ?) [?]
	Histories [n|La-?]
	De Diis Et Mundo [n|La-?]
	  Concerning The Gods And The Universe [n|La-?] (tr A D NOCK) [1926]

Princess, Agnes (Elisabeth Winona Leclerq) zu SALM-SALM, nee JOY, 2:Mrs HENEAGE (F: 1840 Dec 25 - 1912 Dec 21)
	Ten Years Of My Life [2v|a|1876]

Magida SALMAN (see: Mai GHOUSSOUB)

Marja SALMELA (see: Naemi Marja STENROTH)


Erkki SALMENHAARA {FI} (M: 1941 Mar 12 - 2002 Mar 19)

Cruz María SALMERON ACOSTA {VE} (?: 1892 Jan 3 - 1929 Jul 30)

Alice Wooledge SALMON, Mrs DUNN-MEYNELL {US} (F: c1930 - living 2016)

Prof, Amédee Victor SALMON (M: 1857 - 1919 Nov 11)
	Chevalerie Vivien [n|Fr-?]
	Les Manuscrits De La Bibliothèque Du Tribunal De Beauvais [n|Fr-?]
	Lexique De L'Ancien Français [n|Fr-?]
	Grammaire Sommaire De L'Ancien Français [n|Fr-?]
	L'Explication Française [n|Fr-?]
	Deux Mois En France Au Début De La Guerre [n|Fr-?]

André SALMON (M: 1881 Oct 4 - 1969 Mar 12)

Andrew SALMON {UK} (M: 1962 - ?)

Arthur Leslie SALMON {UK} (M: 1865 Jul 7 - 1952 Aug 7)
26907	The Cornwall Coast [n|1910]
	Songs Of Wind And Wave [p|1916]

(J M) Balliol SALMON {UK} (M: 1868 - 1953)

Charles Spencer SALMON (M: 1832 - 1896 Jun 10)

David SALMON {UK} (M: 1852 Jan 30 - 1944 Dec 14)

David L SALMON {US} (M: ? - ?)
	Confessions Of A Former Customers' Man (w Edwin F BOWERS) [a|1932]

Edward SALMON {UK} (M: 1865 - 1955 Sep 15)
	Juvenile Literature As It Is [n|1888]
	The Story Of The Empire [n|1900/10]
	Lord Salisbury [b|?]
	Life Of General Wolfe [b|1909]
	Life Of Admiral Sir Charles Saunders [b|1914]
	Shakespeare And Democracy [n|1917]
	The Literature Of The Empire [n|1924]

Prof, Edward Togo SALMON {UK} (M: 1905 May 29 - 1988 May 11)
	A History Of The Roman World From 30 BC To AD 138 [n|1944/1963/68]

Frederick SALMON (M: 1795 - 1868 Jan 3)

Rev, George SALMON (M: 1819 - 1904 Jan 22)

Geraldine Gordon SALMON {UK} (F: 1897 Jan 19 - 1976 Aug 21)
	Southern Fires [f|1929]
	The Lovers Of Astrea [f|1930]
	Flittermouse [f|1931]
	Lady And Leader [f|1931]
	Market Of Women [f|1932]
	Across The Border [f|1933]
	The Cargo Of Gold [f|1933]
	The Pirate's Pack [f|1934]
	The Mystery Of Martin Guerre [f|1934]
	The Caspian Song [f|1935]
	The Flying Palatine.. [s|1935]
	Tiger-Heart [f|1936]
	The Black Glove [f|1936]
	The Man From Troy [f|1937]
	Six Ropes For Glory [f|1937]
	Star Above Paris [f|1938]
	Revolt In The Palace [f|1939]
	The Ambush [f|1940]
	This Way To Byzantium! [f|1940]
	The House Of The Winds [f|1941]
	The Court Of Dusty Feet [f|1942]
	The Dark Turnpike [f|1943]
	The State Torch [f|1944]
	Remember! [f|1946]
	Invasion Coast [f|1948]

Col, Harry Morrey SALMON {UK} (M: 1891 Dec 30 - 1985 Apr (wrongly May) 27)
	Birds In Britain Today (w G C S INGRAM) [n|1934]
	The Birds Of Pembrokshire (w G C S INGRAM & R M LOCKLEY) [n|1949]
	A Hand List Of The Birds Of Carmarthenshire (w G C S INGRAM) [n|1954]
	The Birds Of Monmouthshire (2e w P N HUMPHREYS & G C S INGRAM) [n|1963]
	The Birds Of Monmouthshire (w G C S INGRAM) [n|?]

John Drew SALMON (M: c1802 - 1859 Aug 5)

John (Hearsey McMillan) SALMON {US} (M: 1925 Dec 2 - 2005 Feb 9)
(&ps: Armand DAUDEYOS)

John Tenison SALMON {NZ} (M: 1910 Jun 28 - 1999 May 4)
	Heritage Destroyed [n|1960]
	New Zealand Flowers And Plants In Colour [n|1963/67]

Mrs Lionel, (Betty) SALMON, aka KEAYS-YOUNG (F: ? - ?)

Prof, Lucy Maynard SALMON {US} (F: 1853 Jul 27 - 1927 Feb 14)
	Domestic Service [n|1897]
	Progress In The Household [n|1906]
	The Newspaper And The Historian [n|1923]
	The Newspaper And Authority [n|1924]

Nicholas (James Alexander) SALMON (M: 1957 Aug 20 - 2002 Mar 6)

Percy R SALMON {UK} (M: 1872 Mar 12 - 1959 Aug 23)
(ps: Richard PENLAKE)
	Home Portraiture For Amateur Photographers [n|1889]
	The Artful Amateur [n|1894]
	Developers, Their Use And Abuse [n|1895]
	Photographic Expedition To Egypt, Palestine, Turkey, And Greece [n|1903]
	Trick Photography [n|1906]
	Photographic Formulæ And Recipes [n|1907]
	How To Colour Photographic Prints And Lantern Slides [n|1910]
	Book Of Palestine [n|1913]
	The Wonderland Of Egypt [n|1915]
	The Story Of Our Empire [n|1920]
	All About Photography [n|1924]

William SALMON (M: 1644 Jun 2 - 1713)
	The English Herbal [n|1710]

Col, William Alexander SALMON, aka Alec SALMON {UK} (M: 1910 Nov 16 - 2000 Nov 2)

Rev, Charles Adamson SALMOND {UK} (M: ? - 1932 Jul 7)
	Echoes Of The War [p|1916]

James B SALMOND {UK} (M: ? - ?)
20540	My Man Sandy [f|1899]
	Bawbee Bowden [f|1922]

James Bell SALMOND {UK} (M: 1891 - 1958 Feb 2)
(&ps: [WAYFARER])

Sir, John William SALMOND {UK/NZ?} (M: 1862 Dec 3 - 1924 Sep 19)
	Essays In Jurisprudence And Legal History [e|1891]
	The First Principles Of Jurisprudence [n|1893]
	Jurisprudence [n|1902/07/10/?/?/?/1923]
	The Law Of Torts [n|1907/?/?/?/?/1923]
	My Son, Said The Philosopher [c1920]
	Principles Of The Law Of Contracts (w P H WINFIELD) [n|1927]

Rev, Stewart Dingwall Fordyce SALMOND (M: 1838 Jun 22 - 1905 Apr 20)
	Commentary On The Epistles Of St Peter [n|1883]
	Commentary On The Epistle Of Jude [n|1889]
	The Life Of The Apostle Peter [b|?]
	The Life Of Christ [b|?]
	Exposition Of The Shorter Catechisms [n|?]
	The Parables Of Our Lord [n|?]
	The Sabbath [n|?]
	The Christian Doctrine Of Immortality [n|1895]
	John Of Damascus [b|?]
	Commentary On St Paul's Epistle To The Ephesians [n|1904]

Anthony H SALMONÉ (M: ? - 1894 Dec)
	The Star Of Bethlehem [?]

Prof, Habib Anthony SALMONÉ (M: 1860 Sep 1 - 1904 Oct 23)
	An Advanced Learner's Arabic-English Dictionary [n|1889]
	An Arabic-English Dictionary On A New System [n|1890]
	The Fall And Resurrection Of Turkey [n|1896]
	God Save The Queen [n|1897]
	On The Importance To Great Britain Of The Study Of Arabic [n|?]

Stanley SALMONS {UK} (M: c1940 - ?)

John S SALOMA (III) {US} (M: c1935 - 1983 Jul 6)

Waly SALOMÃO {BR} (M: c1943 - 2003 May 5)

Prof, Albert SALOMON {DE/US:1935on} (M: 1891 Dec 8 - 1966 Dec 18)
	The Tyranny Of Progress [n|1955]
	In Praise Of Enlightenment [n|1963]

Alice SALOMON {DE/US?} (F: 1872 Apr 19 - 1948 Aug 30)
	Handbuch Der Frauenbewegung [2v|n|Ge-1901]
	Soziale Frauenpflichten [n|Ge-1902]
	Die Ursachen Der Ungleichen Entlohnung Von..Frauenarbeit [n|Ge-1906]
	Soziale Frauenbildung [n|Ge-1908]
	Mutterschutz Und Mutterschaftsversicherung [n|Ge-1908]
	Einführung In Die Wirtschaftslehre [n|Ge-1909]
	Was Wir Uns Und Anderen Schuldig Sind [n|Ge-1912]
	Zwanzig Jahre Soziale Hilfsarbeit [n|Ge-1913]
	Geschichte Der Sozialen Frauenarbeit [n|Ge-1913]
	Darstellung Der Arbeiterinnenbewegung In Deutschland [n|Ge-1913]
	Einführung In Die Volkswirtschaftslehre [n|Ge-1919]
	Leitfaden Der Wohlfahrtspflege [n|Ge-1921]
	Die Deutsche Volksgemeinschaft [n|Ge-1922]
	Ausbildung Zum Sozialen Beruf [n|Ge-1924]
	Kultur Im Werden [n|Ge-1924]
	Furcht Und Nervosität Im Beruf [n|Ge-1925]
	Soziale Diagnose [n|Ge-1926]
	Soziale Therapie (w Siddy WRONSKY) [n|Ge-1926]
	Die Ausbildung Zum Sozialen Beruf [n|Ge-1927]
	Forschungen Über Bestand Und Erschütterung.. [11v|n|Ge-1930-1932]
	Soziale Führer [n|Ge-1932]
	Heroische Frauen [n|Ge-1936]
	Education For Social Work [n|1937]

Berthold Jacob SALOMON {DE} (M: 1898 Dec 12 - 1944 Feb 26)
(ps: Berthold JACOB; Berthold JAY; Marcel ROLLIN)
	Weissbuch Über Die Schwarze Reichswehr (w Emil Julius GUMBEL) [n|Ge-1925]
	Verräter Verfallen Der Feme (w Ernst FALCK & E J GUMBEL) [n|Ge-1929]
	Die Hindenburg-Legende [b|Ge-1934]
	Wer? Aus Dem Arsenal Der Reichstagsbrandstifter [n|Ge-1934]
	Memoiren Des Stabschefs Röhm (anon) [b|Ge-1934]
	Das Neue Deutsche Heer Und Seine Führer [n|Ge-1936]
	Warum Schweigt Die Welt? (ed) [e|Ge-1936]
	Weltbürger Ossietzky [b|Ge-1937]

Charlotte SALOMON, Mrs NAGLER {DE} (F: 1917 Apr 16 - 1943 Oct 10 (wrongly Sep 21))
	Ein Tagebuch In Bildern, 1917-1943 [a|Ge-1963]

Fr, Edgar SALOMON {MT} (M: 1882 Dec 1 - 1969 Aug 22)

Erich (Franz Emil) SALOMON {DE} (M: 1886 Apr 28 - 1944 Jul 7)

Ernst von SALOMON {DE} (M: 1902 Sep 25 - 1972 Aug 9)
	Die Geächteten [a|Ge-1930]
	  The Outlaws [a|Ge-1930] (tr ?) [?]
	Die Stadt [Ge-1932]
	  It Cannot Be StormedIt Cannot Be Stormed [Ge-1932] (tr ?) [?]
	Die Kadetten [Ge-1933]
	Putsch [Ge-1933]
	Nahe Geschichte [s|Ge-1936]
	Boche In Frankreich [Ge-1950]
	Der Fragebogen [Ge-1951]
	  The Questionnaire [Ge-1951] (tr ?) [1954]

Gerhard SALOMON {DE} (M: 1903 Apr 4 - 1956 Feb 14)
(ps: Hans Roger MADOL)
	Ferdinand Of Bulgaria [b|Ge-?] (tr Kenneth KIRKNESS) [1933]
	Godoy, The First Dictator Of Modern Times [b|Ge-?] (tr G D H PIDCOCK) [1934]

Georges SALOMON {FR} (M: 1882 Dec 13 - 1958 May 17)
(ps: Georges DOLLEY)
	La Fleur D'Oranger (w André BIRABEAU) [d|Fr-1924]
	Le Soleil À L'Ombre [f|Fr-1929]

Gottfried SALOMON, later SALOMON-DELATOUR {DE} (M: 1892 Nov 21 - 1964 Apr 27)
	Beitrag Zur Problematik Von Mystik Und Glaube [n|Ge-1916]
	Das Mittelalter Als Ideal In Der Romantik [n|Ge-1922]
	Allgemeine Staatslehre [n|Ge-1931]
	Politische Soziologie [n|Ge-1959]

Horst SALOMON {DDR} (M: 1929 May 6 - 1972 Jun 20)
	Die Von Morgen Träumen [Ge-1959]
	Das Lied Ein Gutes Wort [Ge-1960]
	Für Eine Minute (w Werner BRÄUNIG) [Ge-1960]
	Getrommelt, Geträumt Und Gepfiffen [p|Ge-1960]
	Vortrieb [d|Ge-1961]
	Kantate Der Freundschaft [Ge-1961]

Louis SALOMON {DE} (M: 1873 Sep 17 - 1943 Feb 11)
(ps: Ludwig LESSEN)
	Vignetten [p|Ge-1895]
	Kosmische Kränze [p|Ge-1896]
	Fackeln Der Zeit [p|Ge-1904]
	Achtung, Bombe! [Ge-1905]
	Die Perlenschnur Der Adria [Ge-1906]
	Lebensmittag [p|Ge-1910]
	Aus Tag Und Tiefe [p|Ge-1911]
	Rotkoller [d|Ge-1913]
	Kreuz Und Quer Durch Den Balkan [n|Ge-1914]
	Die Österreichische Adriaküste Und Ihr Hinterland [n|Ge-1915]
	Die Donau Von Der Quelle Bis Zur Mündung [n|Ge-1916]
	Ein Wanderbuch [n|Ge-1920]
	Wenn Frieden Würde .. [p|Ge-1918]
	Wir Wollen Werben, Wir Wollen Wecken [p|Ge-1924]
	Die Überlistete Polizei [Ge-1927]

Roger Blaine SALOMON {US} (M: 1928 Feb 26 - 2020 Oct 4)
	Twain And The Image Of History [n|1961]

Siegfried SALOMON {DK} (M: 1885 Aug 3 - 1962 Oct 29)

Sir, Walter (Hans) SALOMON {UK} (M: 1906 Apr 16 - 1987 Jun 16)

Prof, Arcangelo William SALOMONE {IT/US:1927on} (M: 1915 Aug 18 - 1989 Jan 24)
	Italian Democracy In The Making [n|1945]
	L'Eta Giolittiana [n|It-1949]
	  Italy In The Giolittian Era [n|It-1949] (tr ?) [1960]

Annie(=Anna) (Maria Francisca) (van WAGENINGEN-)SALOMONS {NL} (F: 1885 Jun 26 - 1980 Jan 16)
(&ps: Ada GERLO)
	Verzen, I [p|Du-1905]
29044	Een Meisje-Studentje [Du-1907]
	Verzen, II [p|Du-1910]
	De Vrouw In De Nederlandse Letterkunde [n|Du-1912]
	Langs Het Geluk [Du-1913]
	Herinneringen Van Een Onafhankelijke Vrouw (ps: Ada GERLO) [Du-1915]
	De Stille Lach (w Nico van SUCHTELEN) [Du-1916]
	Nieuwe Verzen [p|Du-1917]
	Daadlooze Droomen [Du-1919]
	De Oude Schuld (ps: Ada GERLO) [Du-1922]
	Over Mooie Boeken [Du-1926]
	Liederen Van Droom En Derven [p|Du-1926]
	Over Mooie Boeken [Du-1926]
	Ballingen [f|Du-1927]
	Verhalen Uit Het Verre Oosten [Du-1930]
	Van Vrijen Tot Schreien [Du-1931]
	Een Meisje En Een Jongetje [Du-1933]
	Het Huis In De Hitte [Du-1933]
	De Ongerepte Droom [p|Du-1950]
	Heilige Stenen En Andere Verhalen [Du-1957]
	Toen En Nu [a|Du-1957]
	Herinneringen Uit De Oude Tijd Aan Schrijvers [2v|a|Du-1960]
	Nog Meer Herinneringen Uit De Oude Tijd [a|Du-1962]

Sir, David SALOMONS, 1st Bt (M: 1797 Nov 22 - 1873 Jul 18)

Jean-Pierre SALOMONS {FR} (M: 1911 (or 1913) Jan 5 - 2001 Jan 30)
(ps: Jean Pierre AUMONT)

Herman SALOMONSON {NL} (M: 1892 - 1942)
(&ps: Melis STOKE)
	Bomston [Du-1920]
33297	Van Aardappel - Mes Tot Officiersdegen (ps: Melis STOKE) [Du-?]

Rabbi, Martin (Meir) SALOMONSKI {DE} (M: 1881 Jun 24 - 1944 Oct)
	Ein Jahr An Der Somme [n|Ge-1917]
	Jüdische Seelsorge An Der Westfront [n|Ge-1918]
	Die Geborene Tugendreich [n|Ge-(1923)/1928]
	Zwei Im Andern Land [Ge-1934]
	Kalender Der Berliner Juden [n|Ge-1935]
	Das Buch Der Wegzehrung [n|Ge-1940]

Debra SALONEN {US} (F: c1955 - ?)

Cardinal, Carlo SALOTTI {IT} (M: 1870 Jul 25 - 1947 Oct 24)

Prof, Theodore SALOUTOS {US} (M: 1910 Aug 3 - 1980 Nov 15)
	Agricultural Discontent In The Middle West.. (w John D HICKS) [n|1951]
	They Remember America [n|1956]
	Farmer Movements In The South, 1865-1933 [n|1960]

Prof, Edwin Ernest SALPETER {US} (M: 1924 Dec 3 - 2008 Nov 25)
	Quantum Mechanics Of One- And Two-Electron Atoms (w H A BETHE) [n|1957]

Mechel SALPETER {US} (M: 1892 Jun 28 - 1978 Nov 2)
(ps: Max GORDON)

Miriam M SALPETER, nee ? {US} (F: 1929 Apr 8 - 2000 Oct 24)

Asdníbal SALSAMENDI {UY} (M: 1919 - ?)

Edith (nee)Colgate SALSBURY {US} (F: 1907 Aug 14 - 1971 Sep 26)

Nathan SALSBURY (M: 1846 Feb 28 - 1902 Dec 24)

Prof, Stephen SALSBURY {US} (M: 1931 - 1998)

Amalie (nee?)Petranker SALSITZ {US} (F: 1922 Oct 21 - 2003 Aug 13)

Norman SALSITZ (see: Naftali SALESCHUTZ)

Rhondi A Vilott SALSITZ {US} (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Emily DRAKE; Elizabeth FORREST; Rhondi GREENING; Charles INGRID; Anne KNIGHT; Jenna RHODES; Rhondi VILOTT)

Knud SALSKOV {DK?} (M: ? - ?)

Prof, George SALT {UK} (M: 1903 Dec 12 - 2003 Feb 17)

Henry SALT (M: 1780 - 1827)

Henry Edwin SALT {UK} (M: 1897 Feb 1 - 1970 Jun 11)
	A Treatise On The Law Of Partnership (11e H E FRANCIS & W N LINDLEY) [n|1950]

Henry Stephens SALT {UK} (M: 1851 Sep 20 - 1939 Apr 19)
	A Plea For Vegetarianism.. [e|1886]
	Literary Sketches [n|1886]
	A Shelley Primer [n|1887]
	Percy Bysshe Shelley [b|1888]
	A Study Of Shelley's 'Julian And Maddale' [n|1888]
	Flesh Or Fruit? [n|1888]
	An Examination Of Hogg's 'Life Of Shelley' [n|1889]
	The Life Of James Thomson ('B V').. [b|1889]
	Life Of Henry David Thoreau [b|1890]
	Edward Carpenter's Writings [n|1891]
	Literae Humaniores [n|1891]
	Humanitarianism [n|1891]
	Shelley's Principles [n|1892]
	Animals' Rights, Considered In Relation To Social Progress [n|1892]
	Richard Jefferies (His Life And His Ideas) [b|1893]
	Tennyson As A Thinker [n|1893]
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	The Humanities Of Diet [n|1897]
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	On Cambrian And Cumbrian Hills [n|1908]
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	The Secret Of The Reptile House [n|1909]
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	The Nursery Of Toryism [a|1911]
	Fallacies Of Flagellants [1913]
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	Homo Rapiens.. [p|1926]
	Memories Of Bygone Eton [n|1928]
	The Call Of The Wildflower [n|1928]
	The Heart Of Socialism [n|1928]
	Our Vanishing Wildflowers.. [e|1928]
	The Company I Have Kept [a|1930]
	Cum Grano [p|1931]
	The Creed Of Kinship [n|1935]
	Group Of Unpublished Letters By Henry S Salt To Joseph Ishill [a|1942]

Lizzie Godwin SALT {UK} (F: 1869 Jun 7 - 1947 Oct 14)
	English Patriotic Poetry (ed) [p|1911]

An Old SALT (see: John DE MORGAN)

Sarah SALT (see: Coralie Jeyes von WERNER)

Waldo (Miller) SALT {US} (M: 1914 Oct 18 - 1987 Mar 7)

Joaquín de SALTARAIN (RAMBAUD) {UY} (M: 1856 Nov 30 - 1926 Jun 25)
	La Lira Rota [Sp-1869]
	María [Sp-1883]
	Contribución Al Estudio Del Desarrollo..Epidémica [n|Sp-1884]
	Estudios Médicos [n|Sp-1885]
	Apuntes Sobre Demografía Uruguaya (..Tuberculosis) [n|Sp-1887-1901]
	Demografía Departamental De Salto [n|Sp-1903]
	Liga Uruguaya Contra La Tuberculosis [n|Sp-1903]
	Sobre Motivos De Proteo [Sp-1909]
	Artigas [e|Sp-1910]
	Intimidades [Sp-1911]
	El Alcoholismo En El Uruguay [n|Sp-1915]
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	Sarcoma Coroideo En Un Niño [n|Sp-1918]
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	Amaurosis Histérica [n|Sp-1920]
	Mortalidad Infantil En Montevideo [n|Sp-1920]
	Contribución Al Estudio De La Epidemiología En El Uruguay [n|Sp-1923]

Eduardo de SALTARAIN (y) HERRERA {UY} (M: 1892 Sep 12 - 1966)
(&ps: El BUFÓN)

Anna Katharina SALTEN (see: Anna Katharina SALZMANN)

Felix SALTEN (see: Siegmund/Sigmund SALZMANN)

(James) Arthur SALTER, 1st Baron SALTER of Kidlington {UK} (M: 1881 Mar 15 - 1975 Jun 27)

Cedric SALTER (see: Francis (Edgar) KNIGHT)

Cedric (Stephen) SALTER (M: ? - ?)
	Flight From Poland [1940]
	Introducing Spain [n|1953/1958/67]
	Introducing Portugal [n|1956]
	A Fortnight In Portugal [n|1957]
	Introducing Turkey [n|1961]

Elizabeth SALTER, nee ZEEMAN {UK} (F: 1925 Feb 23 - 1980 May 7)

Elizabeth (Fulton) SALTER {AU} (F: 1918 Oct 2 - 1981 Mar 14)

Frank Reyner SALTER {UK} (M: 1887 May 7 - 1967 Nov 22)

Henry Hyde SALTER (M: c1825 - 1871 Aug 30)

Rev, Herbert Edward SALTER {UK} (M: 1863 Feb 6 - 1951 Apr 23)
	The Cartulary Of Eynsham Abbey [2v|n|?]
	The Cartulary Of The Hospital Of St John The Baptist [3v|n|?]
	A Subsidy In The Diocese Of Lincoln, 1526 [n|?]
	Hearne's Collections, v9 [n|?]
	Hearne's Collections, v10 [n|?]
	Hearne's Collections, v11 [n|?]
	Balliol Oxford Deeds [n|?]
	A Survey Of Oxford In 1772 [n|?]
	Coroners' Rolls Of Oxford [n|?]
	Munimenta Civitatis Oxon [n|?]
	The University Archives [2v|n|?]
	Snappe's Formulary [n|?]
	Registrum Collegii Mertonensis [n|?]
	Oxford City Properties [n|?]
	Oriel Records [n|?]
	Oxford Town Council Acts, 1583-1626 [n|?]
	The Borstall Cartulary [n|?]
	The Cartulary Of Oseney Abbey [6v|n|?]
	Newington Longeville Charters [n|?]
	Oxfordshire Feet Of Fines [n|?]
	Registrum Cancellarii Oxon [2v|n|?]
	Churchwardens' Accounts Of St Michael's, Oxford [n|?]
	Lectures On The History Of Oxford [n|?]
	A Map Of Mediaeval Oxford [n|?]
	The Early History Of St John's College [n|?]
	Oxford Surveys And Tokens [n|?]
	Facsimiles Of Oxford Charters [n|?]
	The Cartulary Of Thame Abbey [n|?]

James SALTER (see: James Arnold HOROWITZ)

John William SALTER (M: 1820 Dec 15 - 1869 Aug 2)

Lionel (Paul Sydney) SALTER, originally SELTZER {UK} (M: 1914 Sep 8 - 2000 Mar 1)
	Going To A Concert [n|1950]
	Going To The Opera [n|1955]

Prof, Mary Dinsmore SALTER, Mrs AINSWORTH {CA} (F: 1913 - 1999)
(&ps: Mary Dinsmore Salter AINSWORTH)

Mary (nee)Turner SALTER {US} (F: 1856 - 1938)
	In Memoriam, Mary Turner Salter [n|1939]

Mary SALTER (F: ? - ?)

Mortyn de Carle Sowerby SALTER {UK} (F: 1880 Nov 17 - 1923 May 21)
	The Relation Of Rainfall To Configuration [n|1919]
	The Rainfall Of The British Isles H [1921]

Peter King SALTER {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Whitepatch [f|1887]

Robert Mundhenk SALTER {US} (M: 1892 - 1955)
	Effect Of Reaction Of Solution On Germination Of Seeds.. [n|1920]

Ronald Gower SALTER {UK} (M: 1903 Aug 4 - 1971 Jan 5)
	Roadside Tree Planting In Urban Areas [n|1953]

Samuel James Augustus SALTER (M: 1825 - 1897 Feb 28)
	Dental Pathology And Surgery [n|1874]

Thomas SALTER (M: ? - ?)

Wilfred Edward Graham SALTER {AU} (M: 1929 Mar 27 - 1963 Nov 10)
	Productivity And Technical Change [n|1960]

Rev, William SALTER (M: 1821 - 1910)
	Forty Years' Ministry.. [a|1886]
	Sixty Years.. [a|1907]

William Henry SALTER {UK} (M: 1880 Mar 19 - 1969 Jul 21)
	Ghosts And Apparitions [n|1938]
	Zoar [1961]

Ernest SALTER DAVIES {UK} (M: 1872 Oct 25 - 1955 Jun 10)
	The Aim Of Education [n|?]
	The Reorganisation Of Education In England [n|?]
	Education For Industry And For Life [n|?]
	Technical Education [n|?]

Nigel Cedric Stephen SALTER-MATHIESON, originally N S C SALTER {UK/US?} (M: 1931 (wrongly 1932) Jul 9 - 2005 Apr 4)
	Little Chief Mischief [1962]

Prof, Timothy A SALTHOUSE {US} (M: c1945 - ?)

Prof, Paul D SALTMAN {US} (M: 1928 Apr 11 - 1999 Aug 27)
	The UCSD Nutrition Book [n|?]

Sheldon (Arthur) SALTMAN, aka Shelly SALTMAN {US} (M: 1931 Aug 17 - ?)

Max SALTMARSH (ps) {US} (M: ? - after 1963)
(&ps: Michael BANNER)
	Highly Inflammable [f|1936]
	Q 39 [f|1937]
	Clouded Moon [f|1938]

Col, Philip SALTMARSHE {UK} (M: 1853 Jun 9 - 1941 Mar 15)
	History Of The Hotham Family [b|?]
	History Of The Saltmarshe Family [b|?]

Prof, Milton Robert James SALTON {AU/US?} (M: 1921 Apr 29 - 2008 Apr 14)

Edgar (Evertson) SALTUS {US} (M: 1855 Oct 8 - 1921 Jul 31)
46859	Balzac [b|1884]
40079	The Philosophy Of Disenchantment [n|1884]
*	The Anatomy Of Negation [n|1886]
47061	Mr Incoul's Misadventure [f|1887]
33099	The Truth About Tristrem Varick [f|1888]
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33123	A Transient Guest.. [s|1889]
	Love And Lore [e|1890]
31510	Mary Magdalen: A Chronicle [1891]
4250	Imperial Purple [1892]
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	Enthralled [1894]
	Daughters Of The Rich [f|1900]
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33207	The Perfume Of Eros: A Fifth Avenue Incident [f|1905]
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32512	Historia Amoris: A History Of Love, Ancient And Modern [n|1906]
31608	The Lords Of The Ghostland: A History Of The Ideal [1907]
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32849	Oscar Wilde, An Idler's Impressions [b|1917]
	The Gates Of Life [1919]
29847	The Paliser Case [f|1919]
	The Imperial Orgy [n|1920]
	The Ghost Girl [1922]
	Uplands Of Dream [e|1925]
	Poppies And Mandragora (w Marie SALTUS) [p|1926]
	When Dreams Come True [?]

Francis Henry SALTUS (M: c1810 - ?)

Francis Saltus SALTUS (M: 1849 Nov 23 - 1889 Jun 24)
(&ps: [Cupid JONES])
	Honey And Gall [1873]
	Shadows And Ideals [1890]
	The Witch Of En-dor.. [p|1891]
	Dreams After Sunset [1892]
	Flasks And Flagons, Pastels And Profiles, Vistas And Landscapes [1892]
	The Bayadere.. [p|1894]
	Fact And Fancy [1895]

John Sanford SALTUS {US} (M: ? - 1922)

Marie (F) SALTUS, nee GILES {US} (F: 1883 May 15 - 1960 Mar 20)
	Edgar Saltus, The Man [b|1925]
	Poppies And Mandragora (w Edgar SALTUS) [p|1926]

Seymour SALTUS {US} (M: 1907 Nov 30 - 1987 Nov 18)

Count, Mikhail Evgrafovitch SALTYKOV (M: 1826 Jan 27 - 1889 May 10)
(ps: Nikolia (Evgrafovich) SHCHEDIN)
	The Golovlyov Family [Ru-?] (tr Nathalie A DUDDINGTON) [1934]

Prof, Arthur Michael SALTZMAN {US} (M: 1953 Aug 10 - 2008 Jan 8)

Charles McKinley SALTZMAN {US} (M: 1871 Oct 18 - 1942 Nov 25)
	Weapons And Munitions Of War [n|1907]

David (Charles Laertes) SALTZMAN {US} (M: 1967 Mar 13 - 1990 Mar 2)

Hugo SALUS {CS} (M: 1866 Aug 3 - 1929 Feb 4)
	Gedichte [p|Ge-1898]
	Neue Gedichte [p|Ge-1899]
	Ehefrühling [p|Ge-1900]
	Reigen [p|Ge-1900]
	Susanna Im Bade [d|Ge-1901]
	Christa [p|Ge-1902]
	Novellen Des Lyrikers [s|Ge-1903]
	Ernte [p|Ge-1903]
	Neue Garben [p|Ge-1904]
17130	Das Blaue Fenster [f|Ge-1906]
	Die Blumenschale [p|Ge-1908]
	Trostbüchlein Für Kinderlose [Ge-1909]
	Römische Komödie [d|Ge-1909]
	Andersen-Kalender [s|Ge-1910]
	Schwache Helden [Ge-1910]
	Glockenklang [p|Ge-1911]
	Die Hochzeitsnacht Die Schwarzen Fahen [Ge-1913]
	Seelen Und Sinne [Ge-1913]
	Nachdenkliche Geschichten [s|Ge-1914]
	Der Heimatstein Und Andere Erzählungen [s|Ge-1915]
	Sommerabend [Ge-1916]
	Die Schöne Barbara [Ge-1919]
	Freund Kafkus [Ge-1919]
	Das Neue Buch [p|Ge-1919]
	Der Beschau [f|Ge-1920]
	Der Jungfernpreis [Ge-1921]
	Vergangenheit [Ge-1921]
	Klarer Klang [p|Ge-1922]
	Helle Träume [p|Ge-1924]
	Die Harfe Gottes [p|Ge-1928]

Charles Vanne SALUSBURY {UK} (M: 1887 Feb 15 - 1969 May 13)
	Settlement Report Of Hissar District, Punjab [n|?]
	Settlement Report Of Lyallpur District, Punjab [n|?]

Sir, Frederic George Hamilton Piozzi SALUSBURY {UK} (M: 1895 Nov 17 - 1957 Apr 17)
	King Emperor's Jubilee [n|1935]
	George V And Edward VIII [n|1936]

Sir, Thomas SALUSBURY, 2nd Bt (M: 1612 Mar - 1643)
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Carlo Alberto Camillo Mariano SALUSTRI {IT} (M: 1871 (or 1873) Oct 26 - 1950 Dec 21)
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	Quaranta Sonetti Romaneschi [p|It-1894]
	Altri Sonetti [It-1898]
	Favole Romanesche [It-1901]
	Caffè-Aoncerto [It-1901]
	Er Serrajo [It-1903]
	Sonetti Romaneschi [p|It-1909]
	Nove Poesie [p|It-1910]
	Roma Nel 1911 [It-1911]
	Le Storie [It-1913]
	Ommini E Bestie [It-1914]
	La Vispa Teresa [It-1917]
	.. A Tozzi E Bocconi [p|It-1918]
	Lupi E Agnelli [It-1919]
	Le Cose [It-1922]
	I Sonetti [p|It-1922]
	La Gente [It-1927]
	Picchiabbò, Ossia La Moje Der Ciambellano [It-1927]
	Libro N 9 [It-1930]
	Evviva Trastevere (w others) [It-1930]
	La Porchetta Bianca [It-1930]
	Giove E Le Bestie [It-1932]
	Cento Favole [It-1934]
	Libro Muto [It-1935]
	Le Favole [It-1935]
	Duecento Sonetti [p|It-1936]
	Sei Favole Di Trilussa [It-1937]
	Mamma Primavera [It-1937]
	Lo Specchio E Altre Poesie [p|It-1938]
	La Sincerità E Altre Fiabe Nove E Antiche [It-1939]
	Acqua E Vino [It-1945]

Marco Antonio SALUZZO (M: 1834 Oct 7 - 1912 Dec 20)

Bp, Rosendo SALVADO (M: 1814 Mar 1 - 1900 Dec 29)
	Memorie Storiche Dell'Australia Particolarmente..Nuova Norcia [n|It-1851]

Henri SALVADOR {FR} (M: 1917 Jul 18 - 2008 Feb 13)

Prof, Mario (George) SALVADORI {IT/US:1944on} (M: 1907 Mar 19 - 1997 Jun 25)

Prof, Massimo(=Max) (William) SALVADORI(-PALEOTTI) {UK} (M: 1908 Jun 16 - 1992 Aug 6)
	American Capitalism [n|1957]
	Liberal Democracy [n|1958]
	The Economics Of Freedom [n|1959]

The SALVAGER (see: Spencer GROFF)

Prof, John (Edmond) SALVAGGIO {US} (M: 1933 May 19 - 1999 Mar 3)

Prof, Jacques Léon SALVAN {FR/US:1933on} (M: 1898 Oct 14 - 2006 Aug 12)

Joseph SALVAT {FR} (M: 1889 Nov 8 - 1972 Dec 29)
	Le Poète Auguste Fourès [b|Fr-1927]
	Grammaire Occitane [n|Fr-1943]
	Étude Sur Pèire Godolin [n|Fr-1950]
	'La Grenade Entr'ouverte' D'Aubanel [n|Fr-1960]
	Philadelphe De Gerde [Fr-1963]

Sharon SALVATO (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Day TAYLOR (2))

Gaetano SALVEMINI {IT} (M: 1873 Sep (or Nov) 8 - 1957 Sep 6)
	La Dignità Cavalleresca Nel Comune Di Firenze [n|It-1896]
	Magnati E Popolani Nel Comune Di Firenze [n|It-1900]
	Mazzini [b|It-1905]
	  Mazzini [b|It-1905] (tr I M RAWSON) [1956]
	La Rivoluzione Francese [n|It-1906]
	  The French Revolution, 1788-1792 [n|It-1906] (tr I M RAWSON) [1954]
	La Riforma Delle Scuola Media [n|It-1908]
	Come Siamo Andati In Libia [n|It-1913]
	La Questione Dell' Adriatico [n|It-1918]
	Il Partito Popolare E La Questione Romana [n|It-1922]
	Dal Patto Di Londra Alla Pace Di Roma [n|It-1925]
	The Fascist Dictatorship In Italy [n|1927]
	Mussolini Diplomate [n|It-1931]
	Under The Axe Of Fascism [n|1936]
	Italian Fascism [n|1938]
	Historian And Scientist [n|1939]
	How To Deal With Italy (w George LA PIANA) [n|1943]
	La Politica Estera Dell' Italia Dal 1871 Al 1915 [n|It-1946]
	I Clericali E La Scuola [n|It-1951]
	Prelude To World War Two [n|1952]
	Scritti Sulla Questione Meridionale [n|It-1955]

Louis SALVÉRIUS, aka SALVÉ {BE} (M: 1933 (or 1935) Dec 4 - 1972 May 22)

Laura SALVERSON, nee GOODMAN {CA/US?} (F: 1890 Dec 9 - 1970 Jul 13)
	The Viking Heart [f|1923]
	Wayside Gleams [p|1925]
	When Sparrows Fall [f|1925]
	Lord Of The Silver Dragon [f|1927]
	The Dove [f|1933]
	The Dark Weaver [f|1937]
	Black Lace [f|1938]
	Confessions Of An Immigrant's Daughter [a|1939]
	Immortal Rock [f|1954]

Vicomte, François de SALVERT {FR?} (M: ? - ?)
33083	Étude Sur Le Mouvement Permanent Des Fluides [n|Fr-1874]

Edward Theodore SALVESEN, Lord SALVESEN {UK} (M: 1857 Jul 20 - 1942 Feb 23)
	Memoirs Of Lord Salvesen (ed Harold F ANDORSEN) [a|1950]

Adolfo SALVI {VE} (M: 1908 Dec 4 - ?)

Rev, Hugh SALVIN (M: 1773 - 1852 Sep 28)

Osbert SALVIN (M: 1835 Feb 25 - 1898 Jun 1 (wrongly 5))
	Coloured Figures Of The Birds Of The British Islands (w T L POWYS) [n|?]

Tommaso SALVINI (M: 1829 Jan 1 - 1915 Dec 31)
	Leaves From The Autobiography Of Tommaso Salvini [a|1893]
	Remembrances And Impressions [a|?]

Lance SALWAY {UK} (M: 1940 - ?)

Michael Brian SALWEN {US} (M: 1954 - 2007)

Charlotte (Louisa) SALWEY, Mrs GRATTON {UK} (F: 1860 Aug 8 - 1942 Feb 15)
	Adoration.. (w Reginald E SALWEY) [p|1915]

Jasper Philip SALWEY {UK} (M: 1884 - 1956 Mar 28)
(&ps: Richard GRAY)
	Guide To Rothbury, Northumberland [n|1913]
	The Art Of Drawing In Lead Pencil [n|1921/1925]
	Cornwall [n|1922]
	Sketching In Lead Pencil For Architects.. [n|1926]
	Lincoln [n|1928]
	St Malo, St Servan, Dinard, Dinan And Mont St Michel [n|1928]
	The Art And Practice Of Sketching [n|1930]
	How To Draw In Pen And Ink [n|1931]
	Salutation Inn (ps: Richard GRAY) [f|1941]
	Heart Of Northumberland [n|1949]

Reginald Ernest SALWEY {UK} (M: 1852 - 1937 Aug 28)
	Wildwater Terrace [f|1890]
	The Finger Of Scorn [f|1892]
	Ventured In Vain [f|1894]
	The One Alternative [f|1896]
	Adoration.. (w Charlotte SALWEY) [p|1915]

Paul SALYERS {US} (M: 1940 - ?)

Franz von SALZBURG (see: Franz MICHEU)

Jacob Louis SALZBURG (M: ? - ?)
	The Dancing Mule [1942]

L E SALZER (see: Lionel Lazarus SALZER)

Lionel Lazarus SALZER {US} (M: 1924 Mar 22 - 2003 Apr 30)
(ps: Peter BLACKTON; Herbert ELLIS; Lionel WILSON; L E SALZER)

Leon SALZMAN {US} (M: 1915 Jul 10 - 2009 Feb 28)

Louis Francis SALZMAN {UK} (M: 1878 Mar 26 - 1971 Apr 4)
	History Of Hartsham [n|1901]
	Medieval Byways [n|1913]
	Henry II [n|1914]
	Hastings [n|1921]
	Original Sources Of English History [n|1921]
	Girdle Of Venus [n|1922]
	English Industries Of The Middle Ages [n|1924]
	England In Tudor Times [n|1926]
	English Life In Middle Ages [n|1926]
	More Medieval Byways [n|1926]
	A Survey Of English History [n|1930]
	English Trade In The Middle Ages [n|1930]

Anna Katharina SALZMANN {HU} (F: 1904 - ?)
(ps: Anna Katharina SALTEN)

Christian Gotthilf SALZMANN (M: 1744 - 1811)
	Elements Of Morality [Ge-1785] (tr Mary WOLLSTONECRAFT) [1790]

Erich von SALZMANN (M: 1876 - 1941)
44737	Im Sattel Durch Zentralasien [n|Ge-1903]

Gottfried SALZMANN {CH} (M: 1874 - 1952 Feb 20)

Siegmund/Sigmund SALZMANN {HU} (M: 1869 Sep 6 - 1945 (wrongly 1947) Oct 8)
(ps: Martin FINDER; Felix SALTEN)
	Der Hinterbliebene [f|Ge-1899]
	Der Gemeine [d|Ge-1899]
	Der Schrei Der Liebe [f|Ge-1905]
31284	Josefine Mutzenbacher (anon) [f|Ge-1906]
	Herr Wenzel Auf Rehberg Und Sein Knecht Kaspar Dinckel [Ge-1907]
	Das Österreichische Antlitz [e|Ge-1910]
	Olga Frohgemuth [f|Ge-1910]
	Wurstelprater [Ge-1911]
	Kaiser Max Der Letzte Ritter [Ge-1912]
	Kinder Der Freude [Ge-1917]
	Bambi [f|Ge-1923]
	  Bambi [f|Ge-1923] (tr ?) [1926]
	  Bambi [f|Ge-1923] (tr Whittaker CHAMBERS) [1929]
	Der Hund Von Florenz [Ge-1923]
	Bob Und Baby [Ge-1925]
	Neue Menschen Auf Alter Erde [n|Ge-1925]
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	Fünfzehn Hasen [Ge-1929]
	  Fifteen Rabbits [Ge-1929] (tr Whittaker CHAMBERS) [1930]
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	Samson And Delilah [f|Ge-?] (tr Whittaker CHAMBERS) [1931]
	Florian [f|Ge-1933]
	The City Jungle [f|Ge-?] (tr Whittaker CHAMBERS) [1933]
	Perri [f|Ge-?] (tr Barroes MUSSEY) [1938]
	Bambis Kinder Eine Familie Im Walde [f|Ge-1939]
	  Bambi's Children [f|Ge-1939] (tr Barthold FLES) [1939]
	Renni The Rescuer [f|Ge-?] (tr Kenneth C KAUFMAN) [1940]
	A Forest World [Ge-?] (tr Paul R MILTON & S J GREENBURGER) [1942]
	Good Comrades [s|Ge-?] (tr Paul R MILTON) [1942]
	Little World Apart [Ge-?] (tr anon) [1947]

Prof, Zdenek SALZMANN {CS/US:1953on} (M: 1925 Oct 18 - ?)
	Anthropology [n|1969/73]

SAM (see: Christopher (Nelson) GRAY)

Uncle, SAM (see: G P PAYNE)

Manuel María SAMA (M: 1850 May 22 - 1913 (or 1907) Apr 15)
	El Regreso De Colon [d|Sp-1892]

Dorothy SAMACHSON, nee MIRKIN {US} (F: 1914 Aug 22 - 1997 Oct 26)
(&ps: John MILLER (1); William MORRISON (1))
	Let's Meet The Ballet [1951]
	Let's Meet The Theatre (w Joseph SAMACHSON) [n|1954]

Joseph SAMACHSON {US} (M: 1906 Oct 13 - 1980 Jun 2)
(&ps: John MILLER (2); William MORRISON (2))
	Murder Of A Professor (ps: John MILLER) [f|1937]
	Mel Oliver And Space Rover On Mars (ps: William MORRISON) [f|1954]
	Let's Meet The Theatre (w Dorothy SAMACHSON) [n|1954]

Albert SAMAIN (M: 1858 - 1900)
	Au Jardin De L'Infante [Fr-1893]

SAMALABHATA (?: fl 18th cent)

Prudence SAMAN (see: Hortense ALLART (De MÉRITENS))

Prudence SAMAN L'ESBATX (see: Hortense ALLART (De MÉRITENS))

Félix Maria de SAMANIEGO (M: 1745 - 1801)

Antonis SAMARAKIS {GR} (M: 1919 Aug 16 - 2003 Aug 8)
	[Ziteitai Elpis] [s|Gr-1954]
	[Sima Kindunou] [f|Gr-1959]
	[Arnoumai] [s|Gr-1961]

Juan Antonio SAMARANCH (y TORELLÓ), Marqués de SAMARANCH {ES} (M: 1920 Jul 17 - 2010 Apr 21)

Tim(=Timothy) SAMARAS {US} (M: 1957 Nov 12 - 2013 May 31)

Olga SAMAROFF (see: Lucy Mary Olga Agnes HICKENLOOPER)

Gregor SAMAROW (se: Johann Ferdinand Martin Oskar MEDING)

Prof, Stanley Jedediah SAMARTHA {IN} (M: 1920 Oct 7 - 2001 Jul 22)
	The Hindu View Of History [n|1959]

Gustave Marie Victor Fernand SAMAZEUILH {FR} (M: 1877 Jun 2 - 1967 Jul 28)

(Edward) Linley SAMBOURNE (M: 1844 (wrongly 1845) Jan 4 - 1910 Aug 3)

Prof, Oscar SAMBRANO URDANETA {VE} (M: 1929 Feb 6 - 2011 Jun 14)
	Cecilio Acosta, Vida Y Obra [b|Sp-?]
	Apreciación Literaria [n|Sp-?]
	'El Llanero', Un Problema De Crítica Literaria [n|Sp-?]
	Cronología De Andrés Bello [b|Sp-?]
	El Epistolario De Andrés Bello [n|Sp-?]
	El Andrés Bello Universal [n|Sp-?]
	Verdades Y Mentiras Sobre Andrés Bello [n|Sp-?]
	Aproximaciones A Bello [n|Sp-?]
	Poesía Contemporánea De Venezuela [n|Sp-?]
	Literatura Hispanoamericana (w Domingo MILIANI) [n|Sp-?]
	Del Ser Y Del Quehacer De Julio Garmendia [n|Sp-?]

Arthur James SAMBROOK {UK} (M: 1931 Sep 5 - ?)
	A Poet Hidden [Richard Watson Dixon] [b|1962]

John (Jeremy) SAMBROOK {UK} (M: 1933 Sep 11 - 2001 Nov 10)

Adolph SAMELSON (M: 1817 Sep 6 - 1888 Jan 2)

Prof, Arnold William SAMETZ {US} (M: 1919 Dec 4 - 2009 Mar 19)
	The Economic Order (w A G HART & P T HOMAN) [n|1958]
	Students' Guide To The Economic Order [n|1959]

Prof, Clarence Douglas SAMFORD {US} (M: 1905 Mar 31 - 1991 Oct)
	Social Studies In The Secondary Schools (w Eugene COTTLE) [n|1952]
	Teaching Elementary School Social Studies (w V RANDOLPH) [n|1957]

Prof, Ernst Marzell SAMHABER {CL/DE?} (M: 1901 Apr 28 - 1974)


Peter Derrick SAMMAN {UK} (M: 1914 Mar 20 - 1992 Dec 1)
	The Nails In Disease [n|1965/72]

Peter SAMMARTINO {US} (M: 1904 Aug 15 - 1992 Mar 29)

Sen, Remo SAMMARTINO {IT} (M: 1913 Nov 22 - 2006 Jun 14)

Prof, Loy Luther SAMMET {US} (M: 1908 Oct 25 - 1995 Jul 11)
	Science And Service [n|?]

John (Townsend) SAMMIS {US} (M: 1942 Jun 22 - 2006 May 2)
(&ps: Patrick RUSSELL)

John Henry SAMMIS (M: 1846 - 1919)

John Langley SAMMIS (M: 1873 - ?)

Rev, Arthur Thomas SAMMONS {UK} (M: 1875 - 1959 Nov 26)
	St Scholastica's Priory, Atherstone, Warwickshire.. [n|1935]

William Layton SAMMONS (M: 1801 - 1882)
(ps: Sam SLY)

Albert SAMMUT (M: 1933 Feb 22 - ?)

Fr, Alphonse SAMMUT {MT} (M: 1933 Aug 9 - 1994 Jul 28)

Fr, Alphonse SAMMUT {MT} (M: 1929 Apr 28 - ?)

Anton SAMMUT {MT} (M: 1929 May 17 - ?)

Antonio SAMMUT {MT} (M: 1921 Oct 30 - 1990 Oct 6)

Austin SAMMUT {MT} (M: 1953 Mar 28 - ?)

Daniel SAMMUT {MT} (M: 1924 Nov 6 - ?)

Edward SAMMUT {MT} (M: 1912 Apr 14 - 1984 Dec 17)

Frans(=Francis) (Xavier) SAMMUT {MT} (M: 1945 Nov 19 - 2011 May 4)

Giovanni SAMMUT {MT} (M: 1901 Apr 1 - 1965 Jun 25)

Joseph SAMMUT {MT} (M: 1926 Jul 2 - ?)

Joseph SAMMUT {MT} (M: 1935 Feb 18 - ?)
	Malta And Gozo Views And Hues [n|?]

Joseph C SAMMUT {MT} (M: 1931 Jul 10 - ?)

Fr, Lawrence SAMMUT {MT} (M: 1905 Mar 17 - 1966 Mar 17)

Paul Michael SAMMUT {MT} (M: 1945 Dec 11 - ?)

Pius SAMMUT {MT} (M: 1948 Sep 26 - ?)

Theodore SAMMUT {MT} (M: 1937 Mar 28 - ?)

Robert SAMMUT (M: 1869 Oct 12 - 1934 May 26)

Alfred SAMMUT TAGLIAFERRO {MT} (M: 1920 Jan 15 - 1998 May 20)

Giuseppina SAMMUT TAGLIAFERRO, nee CORRIERI {MT} (F: 1898 Mar 6 - 1992 Mar 22)

Vedasto José SAMONTE (M: 1900 - ?)
	The American System Of Colonial Administration [n|1925]

Julian SAMORA {US} (M: 1920 Mar 1 - 1996 Feb 2)

George SAMOUELLE (M: c1790 - 1846 Feb 13)
	The Entomologist's Useful Compendium [n|1819]
	A Nomenclature Of British Entomology [n|?]

Magdalena SAMOZWANIEC, nee KOSSAK {PL} (F: 1894 Jul 26 - 1972 Oct 20)

Sir, Thomas Edward de SAMPAYO {UK} (M: 1855 - 1927 Dec 1)

Prof, José Luis SAMPEDRO {ES} (M: 1917 Feb 1 - 2013 Apr 7)
	La Estatua De Adolfo Espejo [f|Sp-1939]

José María SAMPER (M: 1828 - 1888)
14329	Viajes De Un Colombiano En Europa [2v|Sp-?]

Kate(=Caterina) (Maria) SAMPERI, nee AUGIMERI {AU} (F: 1925 - 2006)

Rev, John Richard SAMPEY {US} (M: 1863 Sep 27 - 1946 Aug 18)
	Proper Attitude Of Young Ministers Toward Issues Of The Day [n|1888]
	Southern Baptist Theological Seminary [n|1890]
	Syllabus For Old Testament Study [n|1903]
	Review And Expositor [n|1904]
	The Ethical Teachings Of Jesus [n|1909]
	The Heart Of The Old Testament [n|1909]
	The International Lesson System [n|1911]
	Ten Vital Messages [n|1946]
	Memoirs Of John R Sampey [a|1947]

Johnny(=John) (B) SAMPLE {US} (M: 1936 Jun 15 - 2005 Apr 26 (or 25))

William Frederick SAMPLE {US} (M: 1939 Aug 10 - 1979 Sep 25)

Abel SAMPSON (M: 1790 - ?)
	The Wonderful Adventures Of Abel Sampson.. (w Edmund H KENDALL) [a|1847]

Alice Charlotte SAMPSON (F: ? - ?)
	Spoiled By A Woman [f|1877]
	Buried For Gold [f|1882]

Alice Maude Ellen SAMPSON {UK} (F: 1895 Jan 8 - 1983 Dec 8)
(ps: Anne ALLARDICE)
	Unwillingly To School [f|1930]
	The Opening Gate [f|1932]

Alistair (Hubert) SAMPSON {UK} (M: 1929 May 1 - 2006 Jan 13)
	Tonight.. [p|1959]
	Don't Be Disgusting [p|1961]

Anthony (Terrell Seward) SAMPSON {UK} (M: 1926 Aug 3 - 2004 Dec 18)
	Drum [n|1956]
	Anatomy Of Britain [n|1962]

Prof, Arthur William SAMPSON {US} (M: 1884 Mar 27 - 1967 Feb 7)
	Range And Pasture Management [n|1923]

Ashley SAMPSON {UK} (M: 1900 Mar 15 - 1947 Jan 20)
	From The Ashes [p|1942]

Dudley SAMPSON {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Songs Of Love And Life [p|1918]

Emma SAMPSON, 1:Mrs HARRIS, 2:Mrs FRANCK {US} (F: 1899 Jan 23 - c1979)
(ps: Emma KEATS; Margaret Love SANDERSON (1); Nell SPEED)
+	The Carter Girls Of Carter House (ps: Nell SPEED) [f|1924]
	Priscilla (ps: Emma KEATS) (w Emma Speed SAMPSON) [f|1931]
	Priscilla At Hunting Hill (ps: Emma KEATS) (w Emma Speed SAMPSON) [f|1932]

Emma (Keats) (nee)Speed SAMPSON {US} (F: 1868 Dec 1 - 1947 May 7)
(&ps: Margaret Love SANDERSON; Margaret Love SANDERSON (2); Nell SPEED; Nell SPEED (2); Edith VAN DYNE)
	Molly Brown's Post-Graduate Days (ps: Nell SPEED) [f|1914]
20632	Molly Brown's Orchard Home (ps: Nell SPEED) [f|1915]
	At Boarding School With The Tucker Twins (ps: Nell SPEED) [f|1915]
	Vacation With The Tucker Twins (ps: Nell SPEED) [f|1916]
	The Camp Fire Girls At Top O' The World (ps: Margaret Love SANDERSON) [f|1916]
	The Carter Girls (ps: Nell SPEED) [f|1917]
	Back At School With The Tucker Twins (ps: Nell SPEED) [f|1917]
	Billy And The Major [1918]
	Molly Brown Of Kentucky (ps: Nell SPEED) [f|1918]
	The Carter Girls' Weekend Camp (ps: Nell SPEED) [f|1918]
	Mammy's White Folks [1919]
	Tripping With The Tucker Twins (ps: Nell SPEED) [f|1919]
	Miss Minerva's Baby [f|1920]
	Molly Brown's College Friends (ps: Nell SPEED) [f|1921]
	The Carter Girls' Mysterious Neighbor (ps: Nell SPEED) [f|1921]
	A House Party With The Tucker Twins (ps: Nell SPEED) [f|1921]
	The Shorn Lamb [1922]
22532	Mary Louise And Josie O'Gorman (ps: Edith VAN DYNE) [f|1922]
28439	The Comings Of Cousin Ann [1923]
	Miss Minerva On The Old Plantation [f|1923]
+	In New York With The Tucker Twins (ps: Nell SPEED) [f|1924]
	Miss Minerva Broadcasts Billy [f|1925]
	Miss Minerva's Scallywags [f|1927]
	Miss Minerva's Neighbors [f|1929]
	Priscilla (w Emma KEATS) [f|1931]
	Priscilla At Hunting Hill (w Emma KEATS) [f|1932]
	Miss Minerva Goin' Places [f|1931]
	Miss Minerva's Cook Book [f|1931]
	Miss Minerva's Mystery [f|1933]
	Miss Minerva's Problem [f|1936]
	Miss Minerva's Vacation [f|1939]

Rev, Francis Smith SAMPSON (M: 1814 Nov 1 - 1854 Apr 9)
	A Critical Commentary On The Epistle To The Hebrews [n|1856]

Prof, Geoffrey SAMPSON {UK} (M: 1944 Jul 27 - living 2022)

George SAMPSON {AU} (M: 1861 Jul 24 - 1949 Dec 23)
	Queensland Teachers' Music Manual [n|1912]

George SAMPSON {UK} (M: 1873 Apr 6 - 1950 Feb 1)
29361	A Day With Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy [n|1910]
	A Day With Beethoven [n|?]
	A Day With Schubert [n|?]
	English For The English [n|1921]
	Stopford Brooke's Primer Of English Literature [n|1924]
	Cambridge Lessons In English [n|1926-1929]
	The Concise Cambridge History Of English Literature [n|1941]
	The Century Of Divine Songs [n|1943]
	Seven Essays [e|1947]
	Nineteenth Century Essays (ed) [e|1912]
	Cambridge Readings In Literature (ed) (5v/8v) [1918/1932-1933]
	The Cambridge Book Of Verse And Prose (ed) [1924]

Prof, Harold Fehrsen SAMPSON {ZA} (M: 1890 - 1973)
(&ps: H F S)
	Sounds From Another Valley [p|1915]
	The Tree Of Sleep [p|1917]
	The Language Of Criticism [n|1925]
	Medley (ps: H F S) [p|?]
	Selected Poems Of Harold Fehrsen Sampson [p|?]

Henry SAMPSON (M: 1841 - 1891 May 16)

Homer Lazelle SAMPSON {US} (M: 1880 (or 1879) Apr 4 - 1945 May 16)
	Intestinal Tuberculosis (w Lawrason BROWN) [n|1926/1930]

I K SAMPSON {ZA?} (M: ? - ?)
	The Verdict (w Theo J HOLZBERG) [d|1913]

John SAMPSON {UK} (M: 1862 - 1931 Nov 9)
	The Wind On The Heath [1930]
	Romane Gilia [p|1931]
	XXI Welsh Gypsy Folk-Tales (ed) [s|1933]
	In Lighter Moments [p|1934]

John SAMPSON (M: ? - ?)
(ps: J S)
	The Life And Times Of William Abbott Herdman (w E H A) [b|1915]

Rev, John Patterson SAMPSON {US} (M: 1837 (or 1839) Aug 13 - 1928)
	Common-sense Physiology [n|1880]
	The Disappointed Bride [1883]
	Temperament And Phrenology Of Mixed Races [n|1884]
	Jolly People [1886]
	Illustrations In Theology [n|1888]

Mark SAMPSON {UK} (M: c1960 - living 2010)

Marmaduke Blake SAMPSON (M: c1809 - 1876 Oct 3)
	Slavery In The United States [n|1844]

Gp-Capt, Ralph SAMPSON, aka Sammy SAMPSON {UK} (M: 1913 Sep 25 - 2003 Jan 31)

Prof, Ralph Allen SAMPSON {UK} (M: 1866 Jun 25 - 1939 Nov 7)
	Tables Of The Four Great Satellites Of Jupiter [n|1910]

Richard Henry SAMPSON {UK} (M: 1896 Sep 6 - 1973 Apr 19)
(ps: Henry DICKSON; Richard HULL)
	The Murder Of My Aunt (ps: Richard HULL) [f|1934]
	Keep It Quiet (ps: Richard HULL) [f|1935]
	The Ghost It Was (ps: Richard HULL) [f|1936]
	Murder Isn't Easy (ps: Richard HULL) [f|1936]
	The Murderers Of Monty (ps: Richard HULL) [f|1937]
	One Man's Holiday (ps: Henry DICKSON) [f|1937]
	Excellent Intentions (US: Beyond Reasonable Doubt) (ps: Richard HULL) [f|1938]
	And Death Came Too (ps: Richard HULL) [f|1939]
	My Own Murderer (aka: Murder By Invitation) (ps: Richard HULL) [f|1940]
	The Unfortunate Murderer (ps: Richard HULL) [f|1941]
	Left-Handed Death (ps: Richard HULL) [f|1946]
	Last First (ps: Richard HULL) [f|1947]
	Until She Was Dead (ps: Richard HULL) [f|1949]
	Invitation To An Inquest (ps: Richard HULL) [f|1950]
	A Matter Of Nerves (ps: Richard HULL) [f|1950]
	The Martineau Murders (ps: Richard HULL) [f|1953]

Ronald Victor SAMPSON {UK} (M: 1918 Nov 12 - 1999 May 18)
	Progress In The Age Of Reason [n|1956]
	Entering An Age Of Crisis [n|1959]

Prof, Roy Johnson SAMPSON {US} (M: 1919 (wrongly 1918) Mar 3 - 2000 Mar 29)
	Principles Of Economics (w others) [n|1959]
	Obstacles To Railroad Unification [n|1960]

Rev, Trenwith John Wallis SAMPSON {UK} (M: 1934 Aug 3 - ?)

Victor (Ashley) SAMPSON {ZA?} (M: 1855 (wrongly 1885) Apr 22 - 1940 Apr 23)
(&ps: John DOE)
	The Kingfisher.. [p|1923]
	Ode To Dawn.. [p|1923]
	Desires [p|1924]
	My Reminiscences [a|1926]
	The Murder Of Paul Rougier [f|1928]
	The Komani Mystery [f|1930]
	Kom Binne [f|1931]
	Anti-Commando (w Ian HAMILTON) [b|1931]
	Collected Poems [p|1932]

William SAMPSON (M: 1764 - 1836)
	Memoirs.. [a|?/1883]

Jessie SAMPTER (F: 1882 - 1938)
+	The Emek [1927]
+	The Seekers [?]

Ruth SAMPTER, nee LUSGHIC {US} (F: 1900 Apr 4 - 1987 Mar or Apr1)

Nikolai Nikolayevich SAMPSONOV {SU} (M: 1906 - 1971)

Eric SAMS {UK} (M: 1926 May 3 - 2004 Sep 13)
	The Songs Of Hugo Wolf [n|1961/83]
	The Songs Of Robert Schumann [n|1969/93]

Ferrol (Aubrey) SAMS (Jr), aka William SIMS {US} (M: 1922 Sep 26 - 2013 Jan 29)

Frank SAMS (see: Sam F BRAHAM)

Sir, Hubert Arthur SAMS {UK} (M: 1875 May 3 - 1957 Jun 9)
	The Post Office Of India In The Great War [n|1922]
	Pauline And Old Pauline [?]

John George Barwick SAMS {UK} (M: c1881 - 1947 Dec 18)
	How To Reform Our Railways [n|1923]

Joseph SAMS (M: 1784 - 1860 Mar 18)

Anne Stringer SAMSON (F: 1933 - ?)

Charles Leopold SAMSON {UK} (M: 1853 - 1923 Jun 8)
	Treatise On The Law Of Bankruptcy [n|?]

Air-Cdre, Charles Rumney SAMSON {UK} (M: 1883 Jul 8 - 1931 Feb 5)
	Fights And Flights [n|1930]
	A Flight From Cairo To Cape Town And Back [n|1931]

George Whitefield SAMSON (M: 1819 - 1896)
A	Elements Of Art Criticism [n|1867]

Hillel SAMSON (see: Harrington SAINSBURY)

Irene SAMSON, nee HODES {UK} (F: 1918 Jun 19 - 2007 Feb 14)

Joan SAMSON, Mrs CARBERG {US} (F: 1937 Sep 9 - 1976 Feb 27)

John SAMSON (M: 1848 - 1905 Apr 15)

Joseph Isidore SAMSON (M: 1793 Jul 2 - 1871 Mar 28)
	La Fête De Molière [d|Fr-1825]
	La Belle-mère Et Le Gendre [d|Fr-1826]
	Un Veuvage [d|Fr-1842]
	Un Péché De Jeunesse [d|Fr-1843]
	La Famille Poisson [d|Fr-1845]
	La Dot De Ma Fille [d|Fr-1854]

Polly SAMSON, Mrs GILMOUR {UK} (F: 1962 Apr 29 - living 2022)
	A Theatre For Dreamersf [2020]

Ingeborg von SAMSON-HIMMELSTJERNA, Mrs von HUBATIUS-KOTTNOW {DE} (F: 1889 May 23 - 1964 Sep 16)

Lev Aleksandrovich SAMSONOV {SU/RU} (M: 1930 Dec 10 - 1995 Mar 26)
(ps: Vladimir Yemelganovich MAKSIMOV)

Nicholas (Scharff) SAMSTAG {US} (M: 1903 Dec 25 - 1968 Mar 26)
	Kay-Kay Comes Home [1952]
	Engineering Of Consent (w others) (ed E L BERFNAYS) [n|1955]

Max SAMTER {US} (M: 1908 Mar 3 - 1999 Feb 9)

Susan Joy SAMTUR, nee HONICKMAN {US} (F: 1944 Nov 18 - ?)

Joseph D'Aguilar SAMUDA (M: 1813 May 21 - 1885 Apr 27)

Arthur Michael SAMUEL, 1st Baron MANCROFT of Mancroft {UK} (M: 1872 Dec 6 - 1942 Aug 17)
	Life Of Giovanni Battista Piranesi [b|?]
	The Working Of The Bill Of Exchange.. [n|?]
	The Herring [n|?]
	The Mancroft Essays [e|?]

Abp, Athanasius Yeshue/Yeshuel SAMUEL {SY/US?} (M: 1907 (or 1909) Dec 25 - 1995 Apr 16)

Barbara SAMUEL, nee ? {US} (F: ? - ?)
(&ps: Barbara O'NEAL; Ruth WIND)

Cecil Cadifor/Cadivor SAMUEL {UK} (M: 1903 Jul 22 - 1981 Jan 26)

David Herbert SAMUEL, 3rd Viscount SAMUEL {UK/IL} (M: 1922 Jul 8 - 2014 Oct 7)

Edward SAMUEL (M: 1674 - 1748)

Edwin Herbert SAMUEL, 2nd Viscount SAMUEL {UK} (M: 1898 Sep 11 - 1978 Nov 14)
	A Primer On Palestine [n|1932]
	Handbook Of The Jewish Communal Villages [n|1938/1945]
	The Children's Community Of Mishmar HaEmek [n|1942]
	The Theory Of Administration [n|1947]
	Problems Of Government In The State Of Israel [n|1956]
	British Traditions In The Administration Of Israel [n|1957]
	A Cottage In Galilee [s|1957]
	A Coat Of Many Colours [s|1960]
	My Friend Musa [s|1963]

Elizabeth Ida SAMUEL {US} (F: 1860 - 1937 Jan 6)
	The Story Of Iron [n|1914]

Emma Gatewood SAMUEL {US} (F: 1886 - 1958)

Ernst SAMUEL {DE} (M: 1878 Aug 24 - 1943 Nov 18)
(ps: Anselm RUEST)
	Max Stirner [b|Ge-1906]
	Stirner-Brevier (ed) [n|Ge-1906]
	Johann Peter Eckermann (ed) [Ge-1907]
	Shakespeare [b|Ge-1908]
	Napoleon I [b|Ge-1908]
	Apollodoros [n|Ge-1913]
	Des Junkers Schelmuffsky Wahrhaft Kuriose..Gefährliche.. [Ge-1920]

Fred SAMUEL (M: 1908 - ?)

Frederick Hyman SAMUEL (M: 1901 - ?)

Gerald George SAMUEL {UK} (M: 1886 - 1917 Jun 7)
	Poems [p|1917]

Gerhard SAMUEL {DE/US} (M: 1924 Apr 20 - 2008 Mar 25)

Harold SAMUEL {UK} (M: 1879 May 23 - 1937 Jan 15)

Herbert Louis SAMUEL, 1st Viscount SAMUEL {UK} (M: 1870 Nov 6 - 1963 Feb 5 (wrongly 2))
	Liberalism [n|1902]
	The War And Liberty [n|1917]
	Philosophy And The Ordinary Man [n|1932]
	The Tree Of Good And Evil [n|1933]
	Practical Ethics [n|1935]
	Belief And Action [n|1937/1953]
	An Unknown Land [n|1942]
	Memoirs [a|1945]
	A Book Of Quotations [n|1947/1954]
	Creative Man.. [e|1949]
	Essay In Physics [n|1951]
	In Search Of Reality [n|1957]
	A Threefold Cord (w H DINGLE) [n|1961]

Howard David SAMUEL {US} (M: 1924 Nov 16 - 2003 Jun 19 (or 18))

(Adrian Christopher) Ian SAMUEL {UK} (M: 1915 Aug 20 - 2010 Dec 26)
	An Astonishing Fellow [General Sir Robert Wilson] [b|?]

Jean SAMUEL {FR} (M: 1922 Jul 18 - 2010 Sep 5)

John Augustus SAMUEL {UK} (M: 1887 Feb 3 - 1965 Jan 26)
	The Bihar And Orissa Code [3v|n|1932-1936]

Sir, John (Smith) SAMUEL {UK} (M: 1870 Apr 2 - 1934 Nov 10)

Marcus (Reginald Anthony) SAMUEL {UK} (M: 1873 Sep 7 - 1942 Mar 3)
	Revolution By Miscalculation [n|?]
	According To Bellamy [n|?]
	Socialism Verses The Rest [n|?]
	The Five-Year Plan [n|?]
	The Great Experiment [n|?]

Maurice SAMUEL {US} (M: 1895 Feb 8 - 1972 May 4)
(&ps: Frank K NOTCH)
	The Outsider [f|1921]
	Whatever Gods [f|1923]
	You Gentiles [n|1924]
	I, The Jew [n|1927]
	What Happened In Palestine [n|1930]
	King Mob [n|1931]
	On The Rim Of The Wilderness [n|1931]
	Jews On Approval [n|1932]
	Beyond Woman [f|1934]
	The Great Hatred [n|1940]
	The World Of Sholom Aleichem [n|1943]
	Harvest In The Desert [n|1944]
	Web Of Lucifer [f|1947]
	Prince Of The Ghetto [n|1948]
	The Gentleman And The Jew [n|1950]
	The Devil That Failed [f|1952]
	Level Sunlight [n|1953]
	Certain People Of The Book [n|1955]
	The Second Crucifixion [f|1960]
	Little Did I Know [n|1963]

Sydney Montagu SAMUEL (M: 1848 - 1884 Jun 20)

Marcel SAMUEL-ROUSSEAU, aka Louis Auguste SAMUEL-ROUSSEAU {FR} (M: 1882 Aug 18 - 1955 Jun 11)
	Le Huella (w André RIVOIRE) [d|Fr-1923]

Adelaide Florence SAMUELS, Mrs BASSETT {US} (F: 1845 Sep 24 - 1941 Jan 5)
	Adrift In The World [1872]
	Little Cricket [1873]
	Daisy Travers [f|1876]

Arthur Purefoy Irwin SAMUELS (M: 1886 - 1916 Sep 24)
	The Early Life Correspondence..The Rt Hon Edmund Burke LLD [b|1923]

Judge, Arthur Warren SAMUELS {UK} (M: 1852 May 19 - 1925 May 11)
	The Financial Relations Question - The Expenditure Account [n|1897]
	The Fiscal Question [n|?]
	Some Features Of Recent Irish Finance [n|1906]
	Home Rule, Fenian Home Rule, Home Rule All Round, Devolution [n|1911]
	Home Rule Finance [n|1912]

Charles SAMUELS {US} (M: 1902 Sep 15 - 1982 Apr 27)
	The Frantic Young Man [f|1929]
	A Rather Simple Fellow [f|1930]

Diane SAMUELS {UK} (F: 1960 - ?)

Ed SAMUELS {AU} (M: c1923 - ?)

Edward Augustus SAMUELS {US} (M: 1836 Jul 4 - 1908 May 27)
	Orinthology And Oology Of New England (aka: The Birds Of..) [n|1867]
	Among The Birds [n|1867]
	Mammalogy Of New England [n|1868]
	The Living World (w Augustus C L ARNOLD) [2v|n|1868-70]
	With Fly-Rod And Camera [n|1890]

Ernest SAMUELS {US} (M: 1902 (wrongly 1903) May 19 - 1996 Feb 12)
	The Young Henry Adams [b|1948]
	Henry Adams, The Middle Years [b|1958]

Gertrude SAMUELS {US} (F: 1910 Feb 26 - 2003 Jul 2)
	Report On Israel [n|1960]
	B-G, Fighter Of Goliaths [b|1961/74]

Harold SAMUELS {US} (M: 1917 Jul 9 - 2002 Jul 28)

Harry SAMUELS {UK} (M: 1893 Nov 18 - 1976 Jul 12)
	The County Council [n|1925/1949]
	Education Committees, Their Powers And Duties [n|1928]
	Pensions And Superannuation Funds.. (w Bernard ROBERTSON) [n|1928/1930]
	Industrial Law [n|1929/?/?/?/?/?/67]
	The Local Government Act, 1929 [n|1929]
	The Land Value Tax, Being Part III Of The Finance Act, 1931 [n|1931]
	The Law Relating To Industry [n|1931]
	The Local Government Act, 1933 [n|1933]
	Appeals From The Decisions Of Local Authorities [n|1935]
	The Factories Act, 1937 [n|1937/1939/1943]
	Factory Law [n|1937/?/?/?/?/?/?/69]
	Fire Brigades Act, 1938 [n|1938]
	The Public Health Act, 1936 [n|1938]
	The War Damage Act, 1941 [n|1941]
	Industrial Workers' Guide [n|1944]
	The Essential Work Order [n|1945]
	The Law Of Trade Unions [n|1946/?/?/?]
	Industrial Injuries (w R POLLARD) [n|1946/1950]
	Rent Tribunals (w R CHOPE) [n|1949]
	Trade Union Law [n|1956/?/66]
	The Offices, Shops And Railway Premises.. (w N STEWART-PEARSON) [n|1963/71]
	Redundancy Payments (w N STEWART-PEARSON) [n|1965/70]

Lee SAMUELS (M: ? - ?)

Maurice Victor SAMUELS (M: ? - ?)
	Esther [1920]

Prof, Michael Louis SAMUELS {UK} (M: 1920 Sep 14 - 2010 Nov 24)

Miriam SAMUELS {UK} (F: 1925 Jun 23 - 2011 Jun 3)
(ps: Miriam KARLIN)

Peggy(=Margaret) (Lucinda) SAMUELS, nee BARDSLEY {US} (F: 1922 Nov 27 - 2007 Aug 25 (or 23))

Philip Francis SAMUELS {US?} (M: 1881 - ?)
	Man & Ape In The Play Of Ear-ce-rammed [1933]
	Bensalem And New Jerusalem (ps: Samuels BACON) [1936]
	Five Lectures On 'Shakespeare' (ps: SAMUELS-BACON) [e|1937]
	Shylock Vs The Merchant Of Venice (ps: SAMUELS-BACON) [n|1937]

Capt, Samuel SAMUELS {US} (M: 1823 - 1908)
	From The Forecastle To The Cabin..Packet Ship 'Dreadnought' [a|1924]

Susan Blagge (nee)Caldwell SAMUELS {US} (F: 1848 Oct 21 - 1931 May 16)
26952	Eric; or, Under The Sea [f|1870]
	Adele [f|c1870]
	Herbert [f|c1870]
	Nettie's Trial [f|c1870]
	Johnstone's Farm [f|c1870]
	Ennisfellen [f|c1870]

Warren Joseph SAMUELS {US} (M: 1933 Sep 14 - 2011 Aug 17)

SAMUELS-BACON (see: Philip Francis SAMUELS)

James SAMUELSON (M: 1829 - ?)
18240	Roumania Past And Present [n|1882]

Prof, Kjell SAMUELSON {SE} (M: 1932 - ?)

Prof, Paul Anthony/Antonio SAMUELSON {US} (M: 1915 May 15 - 2009 Dec 13)
	Foundations Of Economic Analysis [n|1947/83]
	Economics [n|1948]
	Linear Programming And Economic Analysis (w DORFMAN & SOLOW) [n|1958]
	Microeconomics (w William NORDHAUS) [n|?]
	Macroeconomics (w William NORDHAUS) [n|?]

Robert Charles Azariah SAMUELSON {ZA?} (M: 1858 Oct 12 - 1934)
	Long, Long Ago (Being The Memories Of A Long Life) [a|1929]
	Zulu Grammar [n|?]

George Richmond SAMWAYS {UK} (M: 1895 Jan 14 - 1996 Aug 8)
(&ps: George RICHMOND)
	Two Holidays; or, Dignity And Impudence (ps: George RICHMOND) [f|1913]
	War Lyrics [p|1916]
	Ballads Of The Flying Corps [p|1917]
	Castle Martin (ps: George RICHMOND) [f|1922]
	The Mystery Of The Mine (ps: George RICHMOND) [f|1946]

David SAMWELL (M: 1751 - 1798)
(ps: Dafydd Ddu FEDDYG)

Archdeacon, Frederick William SAMWELL {UK/AU?} (M: 1861 Feb 18 - 1925 Apr 7)
	Adelaide Diocesan Year Book [annual] (ed) [n|1896-1902]
	Official Report Of Adelaide Church Congress (ed) [n|1902]

Jordi de SAN JORDI (M: c1395 - c1425)

Almagro SAN MARTIN (M: ? - ?)
	Sombras De Vida [Sp-1902]

Miguel de CÁRDENAS y CHAVES, Marqués de SAN MIGUEL De BEJUCAL (M: 1808 (or 1802) Sep 29 - 1890 Jan 1)
	El Castellano De Cuéllar [d|Sp-1839]
	Flores Cubanas [p|Sp-1842]
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Alejandro SÁNCHEZ {VE} (M: ? - ?)

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Carlos SÁNCHEZ {VE} (M: 1958 - ?)

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George SAND (see: Armandine-Aurore-Lucile DUPIN)

George X SAND, originally George Frederick SCHLINGLOFF {US} (M: 1915 Jun 16 - 2006 Nov 28)

J SAND (see: Armandine-Aurore-Lucile DUPIN & (Leonard Sylvain) Jules(=Julien) SANDEAU)
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Maurice SAND (see: Jean-François-Maurice-Arnauld DUDEVANT)

Sara SAND (see: (Ester) Stina(=Kristina) ARONSON)

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Erich SANDER (see: Erich JEHRING)

Frank SANDER (see: Otto NEITSCH)

Gordon Frank SANDER {US} (M: ? - ?)

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Li SANDER (see: Lita WOLFF)

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(ps: CIVIS)
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George SANDERS (see: Leigh (Douglass) BRACKETT)

George SANDERS {UK} (M: 1906 Jul 3 - 1972 Apr 25)
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George William SANDERS (M: 1796 - 1877 Feb 15)

Prof, Gerald DeWitt SANDERS {US} (M: 1895 Jul 1 - 1983 Apr 3)
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Glenda SANDERS (see: Glenda KACHELMEIER)

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	Cult Of The Penal [n|?]
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J R SANDERS (M: ? - ?)

Jacquin (Holzberg) SANDERS {US} (M: 1922 Sep 14 - 2001 Dec 20)
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James Edward SANDERS {NZ} (M: 1911 Mar 4 - 1998 Oct 1)
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Jennings Bryan SANDERS {US} (M: 1901 Mar 18 - 1990 Feb 9)
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(ps: John ANDERSON; LEX)
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Kent SANDERS (see: Richard (Albert) WILKES-HUNTER)

Lawrence (A) SANDERS {US} (M: 1920 Mar 15 - 1998 Feb 7)
(&ps: Lesley ANDRESS; Mark UPTON)

Leonard (Marion) SANDERS (Jr) {US} (M: 1929 Jan 15 - 2005 Feb 19)
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Lisa SANDERS (see: Angela JACKSON & Sandra JACKSON)

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Madelyn SANDERS (see: Dianne DAY)

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R O SANDERS (M: ? - ?)
(ps: R O S)
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Rev, Samuel John Woodhouse SANDERS (M: 1846 - 1915 Dec 9)

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Stephan SANDERS {NL} (M: 1961 Jul 28 - ?)

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E SANDERSON (M: c1819 - 1897 Oct c1)
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Rev, Robert Edward SANDERSON (M: 1828 Apr 8 - 1913 Oct 24)
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#	Gentleman Jack, Bushranger (ps: Don DELANEY) [f|1911]
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#	A Bush Bayard (aka: A Rebel Of The Bush) (&ps: Don DELANEY) [f|1913]
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#	The Call Of The Southern Cross: A Romance Of Australia [f|1915]
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(ps: MATT)

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SANDOR (see: Alexander SCHMOOK)

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	Eucharistic Doctrine [n|?]

J SANDS {UK} (M: ? - ?)

John Edward SANDS {CA} (M: 1930 Feb 5 - ?)
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Prof, Lester Bruton SANDS {US} (M: 1905 Jun 10 - 1981 May 13)
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	Las Ayudas Audio-Visuales [n|1961]
	Social Foundations Of Education [n|1963]

Lynsay SANDS {CA} (F: ? - ?)

Margaret Kathleen SANDS (F: ? - ?)

Martin SANDS (see: John (Frederick) BURKE)

Nathaniel SANDS (M: ? - ?)
30296,A	The Philosophy Of Teaching: The Teacher, The Pupil, The School [n|1869]

Percy Cooper SANDS {UK} (M: 1883 Feb 3 - 1971 May 15)

Robert Charles SANDS (M: 1799 May 11 - 1832 Dec 16)
	Yamoyden (w J W EASTBURN) [p|1820]
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	Works [1834]

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	Playing The Game [f|?]

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	Undiplomatic Memoirs [a|1930]
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Canon, Graham Rogers SANDSBURY {UK} (M: 1909 Aug 4 - 1980 Apr 9)

Prof, Yvonne L/M SANDSTROEM {US} (F: 1933 Aug 10 - 1994 Nov 20)

Eve K SANDSTROM, nee/Mrs ? {US} (F: 1936 - ?)
(&ps: JoAnna CARL; Elizabeth STORM)

Emil SANDT {DE} (M: 1864 Dec 27 - 1938 Aug 20)

Marie SANDVIK {US} (F: 1902 Oct 13 - 1992 Sep 13)
	Sermons From The Slums [e|c1943]

Arnold Hugh SANDWELL {CA} (M: 1892 Sep 3 - 1940 Mar 10)

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	The Musical Red Book Of Montreal (ed) [n|1907]
	Westing [1918]
	The Molson Family [b|1933]
	The Canadian Peoples [n|1941]

Helen B SANDWELL, nee ? {CA} (F: ? - ?)
	The Valley Of Color-Days [f|1924]

Fleming Mant SANDWITH (M: 1853 Oct 11 - 1918 Feb 17)
	Egypt As A Winter Resort [n|?]
	Medical Diseases Of Egypt [n|1905]
	History Of Kasr El Ainy, AD 1466-1901 [n|?]

Frieda SANDWITH {UK} (F: 1894 - 1968 Apr 14)
	Surgeon Compassionate [b|1960]

(Helen) Hermione SANDWITH {UK} (F: 1925 Apr 21 - 2010 Apr 1)

Humphrey SANDWITH (M: 1792 - 1874 Jul 25)
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	Remarks On The Theory And Treatment Of Scarlet Fever [n|1835]

Humphrey SANDWITH (M: 1822 - 1881 May 16)
	Narrative Of The Siege Of Kars.. [n|1856]
	Hekim Bashi [f|1864]
	Minsterborough [f|1876]
	Shall We Fight Russia? [n|1877]

George SANDY (M: 1777 - 1853 Apr 8)

Charles SANDYS (M: 1786 Oct 26 - 1859)
	A Critical Dissertation On Professor Willis's 'Architectural History..' [n|1846]
	Consuetudines Kanciae [n|1851]

Duncan Edwin SANDYS, later DUNCAN-SANDYS, (life) Baron DUNCAN-SANDYS {UK} (M: 1908 Jan 24 - 1987 Nov 26)
	The Modern Commonwealth [n|1962]

Abp, Edwin SANDYS (M: 1519 - 1588 Jul 10)

Edwyn William SANDYS {CA} (M: 1860 - ?)
	Trapper 'Jim' [1903]
	Sportsman 'Joe' [1904]
	Sporting Sketches [b|1905]

Elspeth SANDYS {NZ} (F: 1940 - ?)

Frederick Augustus SANDYS (M: 1832 - 1904 Jun 24)

George SANDYS (M: 1578 Mar 2 - 1644)
	Paraphrase Upon The Psalmes [1636]

George Windle SANDYS (see: Oswald John Frederick CRAWFURD)

Sir, John (Edwin) SANDYS {UK} (M: 1844 May 19 - 1922 Jul 6)
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	Introduction To Latin Epigraphy [n|1919]
	Cambridge Companion To Latin Studies (ed) [n|1910/?/21]

Oliver SANDYS (see: Marguerite (Florence Hélène) BARCLAY)

Richard Hill SANDYS (M: 1801 Oct 7 - 1892 Jun 26)

Sampson SANDYS (M: 1797 Apr 29 - 1880 Mar 1)

Sydney SANDYS (?: ? - ?)
	Jack Carstairs Of The Power House [f|1909]

William SANDYS (M: 1792 Oct 29 - 1864 Feb 18)
(&ps: Uncle Jan TRENOODLE)
	The History Of The Violin [n|1864]

Kay(=Kathleen) Naylor SANECKI, nee SMITH, 1:Mrs SAYER {UK} (F: 1922 - 2005)
	Wild And Garden Herbs [n|1956]
	Discovering Herbs [n|1970/?/?/?/93]
	Old Garden Tools [n|1979/97]
	Fragrant And Aromatic Plants [n|1983/93]

Agnes (Mary) SANFORD, nee WHITE {US} (F: 1897 Nov 4 - 1982 (wrongly 1976) Feb 21)
	The Healing Light [n|?]
	Healing Gifts Of The Spirit [n|?]
	Lost Shepherd [n|?]
	The Healing Power Of The Bible [n|?]
	Sealed Orders [n|?]
	Creation Waits [n|?]
	Dreams Are For Tomorrow [n|?]
	Behold Your God [n|?]
	Oh Watchman [n|?]
	Lets Believe [n|?]
	Route 1 [n|?]
	Twice Seven Words [n|?]
	The Healing Touch Of God [n|?]
	A Pasture For Peterkin [n|?]
	Melissa And The Little Red Book [n|?]
	The Second Mrs Wu [n|?]

Albert Hart SANFORD {US} (M: 1866 - 1956)
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	Our Government, Local, State.. - New England (w J A JAMES) [n|1904]
	Our Government, Local, State.. - North Carolina (w J A JAMES) [n|1904]
	Our Government, Local, State.. - Tennessee (w J A JAMES) [n|1904]
	Our Government, Local, State.. - New York (w J A JAMES) [n|1905]
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12968	Our Government, Local, State.. - Idaho (w J A JAMES) [n|1907]
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	American History (w J A JAMES) [n|1913]
	The Story Of Agriculture In The United States [n|1916]
	A History Of La Crosse, Wisconsin.. (w R FRIES & H HIRSHHEIMER) [n|1951]

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Rev, Arthur Benton SANFORD {US} (M: 1851 - ?)
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12671	An Easter Disciple: The Chronicle Of Quintus, The Roman Knight [f|1922]
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Arthur Hawley SANFORD (M: 1882 - ?)

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Rev, Elias Benjamin SANFORD {US} (M: 1843 - 1932)
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Emily Feake SANFORD, 1:Mrs JERDIEN, 2:Mrs SMITH BRIDGES (F: baptised 1843 Jul 17 - 1896 Dec 12)
	From Olympus To Hades [f|1868]
	Fair Women [f|1868]
	My Hero [f|1870]
	Dolores [f|1875]
	Diana Carew [f|1876]
	Mignon [f|1877]
	Viva [f|1878]
	Rhona [f|1879]
	A Young Man's Fancy, With Other Tales [s|1879]
	Roy And Viola [f|1880]
	My Lord And My Lady [f|1882]
	I Have Lived And Loved [f|1883]
	June [f|1883]
	Although He Was A Lord.. [s|1885]
	Once Again [f|1887]
	An Impecunious Lady [f|1888]
	Of The World, Worldly [f|1892]
	Dearest [f|1893]
	The Light Of Other Days [f|1894]
	Too Late Repented [f|1895]
	Harlow's Ideal.. [s|1896]

Prof, Fillmore Hargrave SANFORD {US} (M: 1914 Jan 26 - 1967 Aug 5)
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	Authoritarianism And Leadership [n|1950]

Frederick Warren SANFORD (Sr) {US} (M: 1870 Apr 28 - 1924 Aug 28)
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Harry Allen SANFORD (Jr) {US} (M: 1929 Jul 3 - 1999 Nov 22)
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	Square Jungle [1959]

Prof, Jack Donald SANFORD {US} (M: 1925 Sep 22 - 1989 May 24)
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John SANFORD (see: Julian Lawrence SHAPIRO)

John B SANFORD (see: Julian Lawrence SHAPIRO)

John Clement SANFORD (M: ? - ?)
	Wonderland Of Science [n|1947]

John Elroy SANFORD {US} (M: 1922 Dec 9 - 1991 Oct 11)
(ps: Red FOXX)

John Langton SANFORD (M: 1824 Jun 22 - 1877 Jul 27)

Mabel A SANFORD {US?} (F: ? - ?)
	Voices Of Spring [1924]

Mary Bourchier SANFORD {CA} (F: ? - ?)
	The Romance Of A Jesuit Mission [f|1897]
	The Wandering Twins [f|1904]
	The Trail Of The Iroquois [f|1925]
	Urania's Training [f|1925]
	Isle Of Gladness [f|1929]

Melissa T SANFORD {CA} (F: ? - ?)
	Original Fables And Riddles In Rhyme (w Edwin L SANFORD) [p|1888]

Percy Gerald SANFORD (M: 1861 - 1911 Nov 26)
15308,&	Nitro-Explosives: A Practical Treatise [n|1906]

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	Literature And Composition (w ?) [n|1914]
	Composition And Grammar (w ?) [n|1914]
	English Grammar For High Schools (w ?) [n|1914]
	The Modern Course In English (w P F BROWN & E W SMITH) [n|?/1920]

Gov, (James) Terry SANFORD {US} (M: 1917 Aug 20 - 1998 Apr 18)

M Ho SANG {US?} (?: ? - ?)
	Mah Jongg, The Ancient Game Of China (anon) [n|1922]

Charles Percy SANGER {UK} (M: 1871 - 1930 Feb 8)
(&ps: C P S)
	The Place Of Compensation In Temperance Reform [n|1901]
	England's Guarantee To Belgium And Luxemburg [n|1915]
	The Rules Of Law And Administration Relating To Wills.. [n|1914/1925]
	The Structure Of 'Wuthering Heights' (ps: C P S) [n|1926]

Prof, David John SANGER {UK} (M: 1947 Apr 17 - 2010 May 28)

Eugen SÄNGER {DE} (M: 1905 Sep 22 - 1964 Feb 10)
	Raketenflugtechnik [n|Ge-1933]
	Raketenantrieb Für Fernbomber [n|Ge-1944]
	Forschung Zwischen Luftfahrt Und Raumfahrt [n|Ge-1954]
	Zur Mechanik Der Photonen-Strahlantriebe [n|Ge-1956]
	Zur Stahlungsphysik Der Photonen-Strahlantriebe.. [n|Ge-1957]
	Raumfahrt - Wohin? [n|Ge-1962]
	Raumfahrt [n|Ge-1963]

Frederick SANGER {UK} (M: 1918 Aug 13 - 2013 Nov 19)

'Lord', George SANGER (M: c1840 - ?)
	Seventy Years A Showman [a|1910]

Margaret (Louise) SANGER, nee HIGGINS, 2:Mrs SLEE {US} (F: 1883 Sep 14 - 1966 Sep 6)
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	The Case For Birth Control [n|1917]
31790,&	Family Limitation [n|1917]
8660,&	Woman And The New Race [n|1920]
&	What Every Girl Should Know [n|1920]
&	Debate On Birth Control (w Winter RUSSELL) [n|1921]
&	Taught The Truth [n|1921]
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1689	The Pivot Of Civilization [n|1922]
	Happiness In Marriage [n|1927]
	Motherhood In Bondage [n|1928]
	My Fight For Birth Control [a|1931]
	Margaret Sanger [a|1938]

Ralph Grafton SANGER {US} (M: 1905 - 1960)
*	Synthetic Projective Geometry [n|1939]

Ruth Ann SANGER, Mrs RACE {UK} (F: 1918 Jun 6 - 2001 Jun 4)

Col, William Cary SANGER, Sr {US} (M: 1853 May 21 - 1921 Dec 6)
	Report On The Reserve And Auxiliary Forces Of England.. [n|1903]
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	Poems [p|1924]

William Cary SANGER, Jr {US} (M: 1893 Feb 9 - 1966 Jun 15)
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	City Of Toil And Dreams [p|1916]
	Poems [p|1917]
	With The Armies Of France [p|1918]
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	Verse [p|1920]
	When Hearts Are Young.. [s|1921]
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	Springtime And The Harbor.. [p|1924]
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	Tides Of Commerce, Verse Of The Railroad [p|1924]
	Songs Of The Hills And The Sea [p|1927]
	Brooklyn Heights [1929]
	1934-1935-1936 [a|1937]

SANGHAVARMAN (?: ? - 520)

Jasvinder (Kaur) SANGHERA, nee SINGH, 1:Mrs JASSEY {UK} (F: 1965 Sep - living 2022)

Sathnam SANGHERA {UK} (M: 1976 - living 2022)
	EmpireLand [n|2021]

Gaetano SANGIORGIO (M: ? - ?)
22506	Le Tre Valli Della Sicilia [It-?]

Asjantenu SANGODARE (see: Michael SLORY)

SANGREE (see: Melinda/Linda Marguerite SANGREE)

Allen SANGREE {US} (M: ? - ?)
	The Jinx [s|1911]

Melinda/Linda Marguerite SANGREE, Mrs ALLEN {US} (F: 1847 Apr - 1929 Aug (or Apr) 25)
(ps: SANGREE; Gypsy WILD)
	Mignonnette: An Ideal Love Story (ps: SANGREE) [f|1885]
	The Devil And I (ps: SANGREE) [f|1889]
	Florine; or, The Inner Life..The 'Four Hundred' (ps: SANGREE) [f|1891]

Charles SANGSTER (M: 1822 Jul 16 - 1893 Dec 19)
I&	The St Lawrence And The Saguenay.. [p|1856]
24819,I	Hesperus.. [p|1860]
I	Our Land Illustrated In Art And Song [n|c1887]
I	..Our Norland.. [p|c1896]

Jimmy(=James) (Henry Kinmel) SANGSTER {UK} (M: 1927 Dec 2 - 2011 Aug 19)

John Herbert SANGSTER (M: 1831 Mar 26 - 1904 Jan 27)

Margaret Elizabeth SANGSTER, nee MUNSON (F: 1838 Feb 22 - 1912 Jun 4)
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17126	Five Happy Weeks [f|1875]
	Hours With Girls [1881]
	Poems Of The Household [p|1882]
	Maidie's Problem [s|1890]
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	Life On High Levels [n|1897]
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	Home Life Made Beautiful [n|1897]
	Easter Message [1898]
	Cheerful To-days And Trustful To-morrows [1899]
	Winsome Womanhood [n|1900]
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	Janet Ward [1902]
	Joyful Life [1903]
	Eleanor Lee [f|1903]
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	Daily Pathway [1904]
	Little Kingdom Of Home [1904]
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	Mother Book [1912]
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	Fairest Girlhood [?]

Margaret Elizabeth SANGSTER (Jr) {US} (F: 1894 Sep 27 - 1981 Oct)
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	Friends O' Mine [p|1917]
2487	Cross Roads [1919]
13282	The Island Of Faith [1921]
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	Rugged Road [s|1930]
	Six Women Along The Way, From Bethlehem To Calvary [1931]
	Love Lightly [1932]
	God And My Garden [1933]
	Littlest Orphan.. [s|1935]
	Singing On The Road [1936]
	Stars Come Close [1936]
	Surgical Call [1937]
	Terrace [1937]
	Flower Wagon.. [s|1937]
	Little Letters To God [1938]
	All Through The Day [1939]
	Reluctant Star [1940]
	Out Of My Need [1942]
	Bible Quiz Book [n|1944]

Samuel SANGSTER (M: c1804 - 1872 Jun 24)

Walter Hay SANGSTER (M: 1835 Sep 17 - 1899 Mar 2)

William SANGSTER (M: 1808 - 1888 Sep 3)
6674,&	Umbrellas And Their History [n|1855/71]

Rev, William Edwin Robert SANGSTER {UK} (M: 1900 Jun 5 - 1960 May 24)
	Why Jesus Never Wrote A Book [n|1932]
	God Does Guide Us [n|1934]
	He Is Able [n|1936]
	Methodism Can Be Born Again [n|1938]
	These Things Abide [n|1939]
	Ten Statesmen And Jesus Christ [n|1941]
	The Path To Perfection [n|1943]
	The Craft Of Sermon Illustration [n|1946]
	Methodism [n|1947]
	Let Me Commend [n|1949]
	The Craft Of Sermon Construction [n|1949]
	The Approach To Preaching [n|1951]
	Teach Us To Pray [n|1951]
	Doctrinal Preaching [n|1953]
	The Craft Of The Sermon [n|1954]
	The Pure In Heart [n|1954]
	They Met At Cavalry [n|1956]
	The Secret Of Radiant Life [n|1957]
	Power In Preaching [n|1958]
	Give God A Chance [n|1959]

Eduardo SANGUINETI {IT} (M: 1930 Dec 9 - 2010 May 18)
	Laborintus [p|It-1956]
	Erotopaegnia [p|It-1960]
	Triperuno [p|It-1960]
	Capriccio Italiano [f|It-1963]

Alexandre (Antoine) SANGUINETTI (M: 1913 Mar 27 - 1980 Oct 9)

(Edel) Elise (nee)Ayers SANGUINETTI {US} (F: 1924 (wrongly 1926) Jan 24 (wrongly 26) - 2014 Nov 16)
	The Last Of The Whitfields [1962]

Frederick Shedden SANGUINETTI (M: 1847 Sep 13 - 1906 Aug)
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Leopold P SANGUINETTI {UK/MT?} (M: ? - ?)
	The Calpean Sonnets [p|1957]

Josefa M SANIEL {PH} (F: 1925 Mar 23 - living 2022)
	Japan And The Philippines, 1868-1898 [n|1963]

Prof, David SANJEK {UK&US} (M: 1952 Sep 3 - 2011 Nov 29)

Russell SANJEK {US} (M: 1916 May 24 - 1986 Jun)

Rev, Louis SANJEK {US} (M: ? - ?)
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Prof, Avedis Krikor SANJIAN {AM/US?} (M: 1921 Feb 24 - 1995 Jul 22)
	A Grammar Of Classical Armenian [n|1963]

Pedro Arroyo SANJUAN {US} (M: 1930 Aug 10 - 2012 Sep 28)

*	Vedanta Sutras [n|?-?] (tr George THIBAUT) [?]

Sir, Chettur SANKARAN NAIR (M: 1857 Jul 11 - 1934 Apr 24)

Heinz Friedrich Wilhelm SANKE {DE} (M: 1915 Mar 28 - 1997 Mar 25)
	Die Erdölwirtschaft Des Imperialismus In..Grundlagen [n|Ge-1951]
	Politische Und Ökonomische Geographie (ed) [n|Ge-1955]

Alice (Ann-Susan) SANKEY {US} (F: 1910 Feb 3 - ?)

Ira David SANKEY (M: 1840 Aug 28 - 1908 Aug 14)
	My Life And The Story Of The Gospel Hymns [a|1906]

Matthew SANKEY (M: ? - ?)
	A New Version Of The Psalms Of David [n|1825]

Rev, Richard SANKEY (M: 1802 - 1863 Dec 24)

William Henry Octavius SANKEY (M: 1813 - 1889 Mar 8)

Paul SANN {US} (M: 1914 Mar 7 - 1986 Sep)
	Pictorial History Of The Wild West (w James D HORAN) [n|1954]
	The Lawless Decade [n|1957]

Jacopo SANNAZARO (M: 1458 - 1530)

Norvelle (Harrison) SANNEBECK {US} (M: 1909 Sep 18 - 1995 Jan 17)

Richard SANNECK (see: Richard WATZLAWEK)

Horace Pauléus SANNON {HT} (M: 1870 Apr 7 - 1938 Aug 27)

Jesús SANOJA HERNÁNDEZ {VE} (M: 1930 Jun 27 - 2007 Jun 9)

Julio Fernando SANOJA OBEDIENTE {VE} (M: 1922 Apr 22 - ?)

I Stone SANPIETRO (M: ? - ?)

Martha SANS (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Jenny LORING; Lee SAWYER)

Walter SANSARICQ {HT} (M: 1890 Dec 18 - 1953)

Bp, (Cyril) Kenneth SANSBURY {UK} (M: 1905 Jan 21 - 1993 Aug 25)

Roberto SANSESI {US} (M: c1930 - 2001 Jan 2)

Alfred John SANSOM (M: c1867 - 1917 Jul 5)
	Letters From France, Written Between June 1915 - July 1917 [n|1921]

Christopher John SANSOM {UK} (M: 1952 - ?)

Clive SANSOM {AU} (M: 1910 Jun 21 - 1981)
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	The Unfailing Spring [p|1943]
	The Witnesses.. [p|1956]

Sir, George Bailey SANSOM {UK} (M: 1883 Nov 28 - 1965 Mar 8)
	An Historical Grammar Of Japanese [n|1928/1946]
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Ian SANSOM {UK} (M: 1966 - ?)

Joseph SANSOM (M: c1765 - 1826)
I	Sketches Of Lower Canada, Historical And Descriptive [n|1817]
I	Travels In Lower Canada (w Elias CORNELIUS) [n|1820]

Norman Trevor SANSOM {UK} (M: 1912 Jan 18 - 1976 Apr 20)
(ps: William SANSOM)
	Fireman Flower.. [s|1944]
	Three [s|1946]
	Westminster In War [n|1947]
	The Equilibriad [f|1948]
	South [s|1948]
	Something Terrible, Something Lovely [s|1948]
	The Body [f|1949]
	The Passionate North [s|1950]
	The Face Of Innocence [f|1951]
	A Touch Of The Sun [s|1952]
	It Was Really Charlie's Castle [f|1953]
	The Light That Went Out [f|1953]
	Pleasures Strange And Simple [n|1953]
	Ivan Bunin [n|1954]
	Lord Love Us [s|1954]
	A Bed Of Roses [f|1954]
	The Wall.. [s|1956]
	A Contest Of Ladies [s|1956]
	The Loving Eye [f|1956]
	Among The Dahlias [s|1957]
	Various Temptations [s|1957?]
	The Cautious Heart [f|1958]
	The Icicle And The Sun [n|1958]
	Blue Skies, Brown Studies [n|1961]
	The Last Hours Of Sandra Lee [f|1961]

William SANSOM (see: Norman Trevor SANSOM)

Thomas SANSOME {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Moral Tales In Rhyme [p|1914]

Arthur Ernest SANSON (M: 1838 May 13 - 1907 Mar 10)

Eneida SANSONE De MARTÍNEZ {UY} (F: 1927 - ?)

Francesco SANSOVINO (M: 1521 - 1586)

Alfred SANT {MT} (M: 1948 Feb 28 - ?)

Carmelo SANT {MT} (M: 1921 Jan 23 - 1992 Sep 23)

John A P SANT {MT} (M: 1935 May 2 - ?)

Lino SANT {MT} (M: 1952 Mar 20 - ?)

Michael A SANT {MT} (M: 1934 Feb 14 - 1999 May 3)

Paul SANT CASSIA {MT} (M: 1954 Oct 24 - ?)

Indira SANT {IN} (F: 1914 - ?)

Fred SANTA (see: Alfred SCHATTMANN)

Rosalie SANTA CROCE (see: Clara de CHATELAIN)

Robert SANTA-PEMBERTON {US} (M: ? - ?)
	Songs In Merry Mood [1907]

Pedro A SANTACILLA (M: 1826 - 1910)

Juan SANTAELLA {VE} (M: 1883 - 1927 Oct 31)

Bartholomew/Bartolomeo Augustine SANTAMARIA {AU} (M: 1915 Aug 14 - 1998 Feb 25)

Santi SANTAMARÍA {ES} (M: 1957 Jul 26 - 2011 Feb 16)

Joaquima SANTAMARIA i VENTURA {ES} (M: 1854 - 1930)
(ps: Agna de VALLDAURA)
35817	Tradicions Religiosas de Catalunya [n|Ca-1877]
	Fullaraca [Ca-1879]
	Ridolta [p|Ca-1882]
	Breus Consideracions Sobre La Dona [n|Ca-1882]

Rodolfo SANTANA {VE} (M: 1944 Oct 25 - ?)

Betty L SANTANGELO, nee ? {US} (F: 1917 May 16 - 1998 Mar 15)

Apostolos Philippos SANTAS {GR} (M: 1922 Feb 2 - 2011 Apr 30)

Prof, George(=Jorge) (Agustín Nicolás) (RUIZ De) SANTAYANA (y BORRÁS) {ES/US} (M: 1863 Dec 16 - 1952 Sep 26)
	Sonnets.. [p|1894]
26842	The Sense Of Beauty: Being The Outlines Of Aesthetic Theory [n|1896]
+	Lucifer [d|1899/1924]
	Interpretations Of Poetry And Religion [n|1900]
+	A Hermit Of Carmel [p|1901]
15000	The Life Of Reason: The Phases Of Human Progress [5v|1905-06]
	Collected Sonnets [p|1910]
	Three Philosophical Poets [1910]
17771	Winds Of Doctrine: Studies In Contemporary Opinion [n|1913]
+	Egotism In German Philosophy [n|1916/40]
	Philosophical Opinion In America [n|1918]
	Character And Opinion In The United States [n|1920]
	Little Essays Drawn From The Writings Of.. (ed L P SMITH) [e|1920]
	Soliloquies In England [1922]
	Poems [p|1923]
	Scepticism And Animal Faith [n|1923]
	Dialogues In Limbo [1925]
	Platonism And The Spiritual Life [n|1927]
	The Realm Of Essence [n|1927]
	The Genteel Tradition At Bay [1931]
	The Realm Of Matter [n|1930]
16712	Some Turns Of Thought In Modern Philosophy [e|1933]
	The Last Puritan [f|1935]
	Obiter Scripta [e|1936]
	Works [14v|1936-1937]
	The Realm Of Truth [n|1937]
	The Realm Of Spirit [n|1940]
	The Background Of My Life [a|1944]
+	The Middle Span [a|1945]
	Persons And Places [1945]
	The Idea Of Christ In The Gospels [n|1946]
	Dominations And Powers [n|1951]
	My Host The World [a|1953]
	Letters [a|1955]

Georg Wilhelm SANTE {DE} (M: 1896 Oct 3 - 1984 Mar 11)
	Saar-Atlas (w Hermann OVERBECK) [n|Ge-1934]

Collier SANTEE (see: Stuart Berg FLEXNER)

Ross SANTEE {US} (M: 1888 (or 1889) Aug 16 - 1965 Jun 28)
	Men And Horses [s|1926]
	Cowboy [f|1928]
	The Pooch (aka: Spike) [1931]
	The Bar X Golf Course [f|1933]
	Sleepy Black [f|1933]
	Arizona (ed) [n|1941]
	Apache Land [f|1947]
	The Bubbling Spring [f|1949]
	Rusty [f|1950]
	Hardrock And Silver Sage [f|1951]
	Lost Pony Tracks [f|1953]
	Dog Days [f|1955]

Evert SANTEGOEDS {NL} (M: 1961 Sep 17 - living 2022)

J T SANTELIZ {VE} (?: ? - ?)

Ramón León SANTELLI SISCO {VE} (M: 1875 Oct 1 - 1924 Jun 22)

Anton SANTER (see: Bruno (Hermann Max) SANDER)

Salvatore SANTERAMO {IT} (M: 1880 May 1 - 1969 Sep 11)

Alec SANTERRE (see: Alexandre GIRARD)

Constantin SANTESCU {RO} (M: 1885 - 1947 Nov 8)

Hans Stefan SANTESSEN {US} (M: 1914 Jul 8 - 1975 Feb 21)

Claude de SANTEUL (M: 1628 - 1684)

Jean de SANTEUL (M: 1630 - 1697)

Philip Robert William de SANTI {UK} (M: c1864 - 1942 May 16)
	Malignant Disease Of The Larynx [n|1904]
	Golden Rules Of Aural And Nasal Practice [n|?/?]

Ramón de SANTIAGO (M: 1833 - 1900)

V J SANTIAGO (see: Robert (Edward) LORY)

Carlos SANTIAGO ORTEGA {GT} (M: 1891 Dec 2 - 1984 (or 1985) Dec 21)
(ps: Carlos MÉRIDA)

Daniel SANTIAGOE (M: ? - ?)
34107	The Curry Cook's Assistant [n|1887]

Aleksa SANTIC {YU} (M: 1868 May 27 - 1924 Feb 2)

Giorgio (Diaz) de SANTILLANA {IT/US:1945on} (M: 1902 May 30 - 1974 Jun 8)
	The Crime Of Galileo [n|1955]

Pedro SANTINI ORDOÑEZ {VE} (M: ? - ?)

Pablo de SANTIS {AR} (M: 1963 - ?)

August SANTLEBEN (M: 1845 Feb 28 - 1911 Sep 18)
	A Texas Pioneer [a|1910]

Sir, Charles SANTLEY {UK} (M: 1834 Feb 28 - 1922 Sep 22)
	Student And Singer [n|1892]
	Art Of Singing [n|1908]
	Reminiscences Of My Life [a|1909]

Helen Hooven SANTMYER {US} (F: 1895 Nov 25 - 1986 Feb 21)
	Herbs And Apples [1925]
	The Fierce Dispute [1929]
	Ohio Town [n|1962]

François SANTONI (M: c1960 - 2001 Aug 17)

Prof, Ronald Ernest SANTONI {CA/US?} (M: 1931 Dec 19 - ?)
	Social And Political Philosophy (jt ed) [n|1963]

Helen SANTORI (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Helen ERSKINE)

Prof, Carlo Maria SANTORO {IT} (M: 1935 - 2002)

Cláudio (Franco) (de SÁ) SANTORO {BR} (M: 1919 Nov 23 - 1989 Mar 27)

Lawrence SANTORO {US} (M: 1942 Sep 2 - 2014 Jul 25)

C Afonso dos SANTOS (M: ? - ?)
22648	O Trophéo [Pt-1907]

Nilton (Reis) (dos) SANTOS {BR} (M: 1925 May 16 - 2013 Nov 27)

Alberto SANTOS-DUMONT {BR} (M: 1873 Jul 20 - 1932 Jul 23)
	My Airships [a|1904]

Prof, Rafael SANTOS TORROELLA {ES} (M: 1914 Jan 21 - 2002 Sep 29)


Prof, Antonio SANTOSUOSSO {IT/CA} (M: 1936 - 2014)

Madeleine SANTSCHI {CH} (F: 1916 Dec 6 - 2010 Jan 3)
	La Pièce Se Joue À L'Intérieur [s|Fr-1951]

Ercole SANTUCCI (M: before 1600 - after 1614)
*	Mastro Da Ballo [3v|It-1614]

Gaetano SANVITTORE (M: ? - ?)
25605	I Misteri Del Processo Monti E Tognetti [f|It-1869]

Bhabesh Chandra SANYAL {IN} (M: 1901 Apr 22 - 2003 Jan 9)

Sulekha SANYAL {IN} (F: 1928 - 1962)

Eulogio Florentino SANZ (y SÁNCHEZ) (M: 1822 - 1881 Apr 29)
19847	Don Francisco De Quevedo [d|Sp-1848]
	Achaques De La Vejez [d|Sp-1854]

Gaspar SANZ (see: Francisco Bartolomé SANZ CELMA)

Francisco Bartolomé SANZ CELMA (M: baptised 1640 Apr 10 - 1710)
(ps: Gaspar SANZ)

Julián SANZ y GARCÍA {CU} (M: 1886 - 1924)

Johanna SANZARA {DE} (F: ? - ?)
	Die Glückliche Hand [Ge-1936]

Rahel SANZARA (see: Johanna BLESCHKE)