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A F Gr v BR (see: Aloys/Alois Friedrich von BRÜHL)

BR-DEN, Dr h c (see: Benno REIFENBERG)

Johannes Heinrich BRAACH {DE} (M: 1887 Aug 19 - 1940 Jul 9)
(ps: Jochem KNIPP)

Joh(=Johan) (Coenraad) BRAAKENSIEK {NL} (M: 1858 May 24 - 1940 Feb 27)

Joop BRAAKHEKKE {NL} (M: 1941 Apr 11 - ?)
	Kookschrift Van Een Kookgek 1 [n|Du-?]
	Kookschrift Van Een Kookgek 2 [n|Du-?]
	Kookschrift Van Een Kookgek 3 [n|Du-?]
	Kookschrift Van Een Kookgek 4 [n|Du-?]
	Koken Met Een Neutje [n|Du-?]

Hinrich BRAASCH {DE} (M: 1878 Jul 21 - 1968 Feb 16)

Prof, William Frederick BRAASCH {US} (M: 1878 Jul 6 - 1975 May 1)
	Pyelography [n|1915]

Rev, Frank Herbert BRABANT {UK} (M: 1892 May 22 - 1972 Oct 28)

Frederick Gaspard BRABANT {UK} (M: 1855 - 1929 Mar 13)
	History Of Durham [n|1888]
	Elements Of Plane And Solid Mensuration [n|1888/89]
	Sussex [n|1900/?/10/13/?/20/1924/1928]
	The English Lakes [n|1902/20/1927]
	Oxfordshire [n|1906/14/19/1924/1933]
	Rambles In Sussex [n|1888?/1909/22]
	Berkshire [n|1911/19/?/1934]
	Snowdonia [n|1920]
	Sussex (9e w Ronald F JESSUP) [n|1938/1949]
	The English Lakes (4e w B L THOMPSON) [n|1952]

Marie de BRABANT (F: c1535 - c1605)

William Henry BRABANT (M: ? - ?)
	The Genealogical Tree Of The Brabant Family [b|1948]

James BRABAZON (see: Leslie James SETH-SMITH)

Reginald BRABAZON, 12th Earl of MEATH {UK} (M: 1841 Jul 31 - 1929 Oct 11)
	The Soldier's Pocket Companion (ed) [n|1915]

Eddie(=Edwin) (Charles) BRABEN {UK} (M: 1930 (wrongly 1923) Oct 31 - 2013 May 21)

Sir, Jack(=John) (Arthur) BRABHAM {AU} (M: 1926 Apr 2 - 2014 May 19)
	Jack Brabham's Motor Racing Book [n|1960]

Joyce BRABNER, Mrs PEKAR {US} (F: 1952 Mar 1 - living 2017)

Sir, Edward (William) BRABROOK {UK} (M: 1839 - 1930 Mar 20)
	Provident Societies And Industrial Welfare [n|1898]
	Institutions For Thrift [n|1905]
	Building Societies [n|1906]
	History Of Royal Society Of Literature [n|?/?]

George Dana BRABSON {US} (M: 1896 (or 1898 or 1900) Aug 7 - 1999 Jan 29)
	Little Tailor From Greenville [1960]

Dorothea (Mrs)Paul BRABY {UK} (F: 1909 Oct 17 - 1987 Feb 2)
	The Commandments [1946]
	The Way Of Wood Engraving [n|1953]

Maud (nee)Churton BRABY {UK} (F: c1875 - 1932 Dec 31)
(&ps: M C)
	Confidences (ps: M C) (w G de S W) [f|1903]
31529	Modern Marriage And How To Bear It [n|1908]
	Downward [f|1910]
	The Love-Seeker [n|1913]
	The Honey Of Romance [f|1915]

Carla BRACALE (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Carla CASSIDY)

Roberto BRACCO {IT} (M: 1861 (or 1862) Nov 10 - 1943 Apr 21)
	Il Piccolo Santo [d|It-1929]
	Opere [25v|It-1935-1942]

Charles Loring BRACE {US} (M: 1826 Jun 19 - 1890 Aug 11)
	Gesta Christ [n|1888]
33431	The Dangerous Classes Of New York [n|?]

Gerald Warner BRACE {US} (M: 1901 Sep 23 - 1978 Jul)
	The Islands [f|1936]
	The Wayward Pilgrims [f|1938]
	Light On A Mountain [f|1941]
	The Garretson Chronicle [f|1947]
	A Summer's Tale [f|1949]
	The Spire [f|1952]
	Bell's Landing [f|1955]
	The World Of Carrick's Cove [f|1957]
	The Age Of The Novel [n|1957]
	Winter Solstice [f|1960]
	The Stuff Of Fiction [n|1959]

Joan (Tilden) BRACE, nee von SCHMIDT {US} (F: c1915 - ?)
	Ordeal In Algeria (w Richard BRACE) [n|1960]

John Pierce BRACE (M: 1793 Feb 10 - 1872 Oct 18)
R	The Fawn Of The Pale Faces; or, Two Centuries Ago [f|1853]

Paul BRACE {US} (M: 1923 Aug 5 - 2004 May 19)
	From Sea To Shining Sea [n|?]
	Vocabulaire De L'Environment (w others) [n|Fr-?]

Prof, Richard Munthe BRACE {US} (M: 1915 Aug 11 - 1977 Jun 5)
	Bordeaux And The Gironde, 1789-1793 [n|1947]
	The Making Of The Modern World [n|1955/1961]
	Ordeal In Algeria (w Joan BRACE) [n|1960]

Robert BRACE {AU} (M: ? - ?)

Timothy BRACE (see: Theodore (George) PRATT)

Charles Holte BRACEBRIDGE (M: 1799 Mar 19 - 1872 Jul 13)

Selina BRACEBRIDGE, nee MILLS (F: c1797 - 1874)

Brian BRACEGIRDLE {UK} (M: 1933 May 31 - 2015 Dec 16)
	An Atlas Of Embryology (w W H FREEMAN) [n|1963/1978]
	The Evolution Of Microtechnique [n|1978/1987]

Cyril BRACEGIRDLE {UK} (M: 1920 Dec 23 - ?)

Jack L BRACELIN (see: (Sayed) Idries SHAH)

Ronald (Newbold) BRACEWELL {AU/US?} (M: 1921 Jul 22 - 2007 Aug 12)
	Radio Astronomy (w J L PAWSEY) [n|1955]

(John) Barry BRACEWELL-MILNES {UK} (N: 1931 - 2012)

Axel BRACEY (ps) {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	School For Scoundrels [f|1934]
	Public Enemies [f|1934]
	Flower On Loyalty [f|1940]

Gerald Watkins BRACEY {US} (M: 1940 Aug 12 - 2009 Oct 20)

Hans BRACHER {CH} (M: 1882 Jan 24 - 1963 Jul 5)

Marjory (Louise) BRACHER, nee SCHOLL {US} (F: 1906 Jan 6 - 1995 Sep 6)
	Love Is No Luxury [n|1950/68]
	Puppets And Bible Plays (w Josie ROBBINS) [n|1951]
	Church School Prayers [n|1956]
	Family Prayers [n|1962]

Steven BRACHER {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	The Hunting Of The Hare [p|1947]

Prof, Jean Louis Auguste BRACHET {BE} (M: 1909 Mar 19 - 1988 Aug 11)

Karoline Louise BRACHMANN (F: 1777 Feb 9 - 1822 Sep 17)

Evaristo A BRACHO {VE} (M: ? - ?)

Juan José BRACHO (M: 1858 - 1896 Feb 28)

Trinidad BRACHO ALBORNOZ {VE} (?: 1850 - ?)

Gabriel BRACHO MONTIEL {VE} (M: 1903 Mar 8 - 1974)

Martiniano BRACHO SIERRA {VE} (M: 1929 - ?)

Carry(=Karoline) BRACHVOGEL, nee HELLMANN {DE} (F: 1864 Jun 14 - 1942 Nov 20)
	Alltagsmenschen [f|Ge-1895]
	Der Erntetag Und Anderes [s|Ge-1897]
	Die Wiedererstandenen [Ge-1900]
	Die Große Pagode [f|Ge-1901]
	Der kommende Mann (w ?) [d|Ge-1901]
	Der Nachfolger [f|Ge-1902]
	Die Erben [f|Ge-1904]
	Die Marquise De Pompadour [Ge-1905]
	Katharina II Von Russland [Ge-1906]
	Ihr Dichter Und Andere Novellen [s|Ge-1906]
	Der Abtrünnige [f|Ge-1907]
	Madame Mère [Ge-1909]
	Der Kampf Um Den Mann [f|Ge-1910]
	Maria Theresia [Ge-1911]
	Komödianten [s|Ge-1911]
	Hebbel Und Die Moderne Frau [e|Ge-1912]
	Die Könige Und Die Kärrner [f|Ge-1912]
	Gesammelte Feuilletons [Ge-1913]
	Herbstspuk [f|Ge-1914]
	Die Große Gauklerin [f|Ge-1915]
	Das Herz Im Süden [f|Ge-1916]
	Schwertzauber [f|Ge-1917]
	Das Glück Der Erde [f|Ge-1919]
	Eva In Der Politik [n|Ge-1920]
	Phantastische Geschichten Und Legenden [Ge-1920]
	Das Grammophon [f|Ge-1920]
	Das Vermächtnis Der Pompadour [Ge-1921]
	Der Berg Der Mütter [f|Ge-1922]
	Weißes Gold [Ge-1923]
	Im Weiß-Blauen Land [e|Ge-1923]
	Der Pionier Der Königin [Ge-1925]
	Der Silberne Berg [Ge-1925]
	Die Tochter Marie Antoinettes, Eine Bannerträgerin Der Legitimität [Ge-1925]
	Robespierre [Ge-1925]
	Die Schauspielerin [f|Ge-1927]
	Das Große Feuer [f|Ge-1929]
	Zwei Ehen [f|Ge-1931]
	Der Mord An Der Grenze [f|Ge-1932]

Agnes Anne BRACKEN {UK} (F: c1800 - 1877 Feb 26)
	History Of The Forest And Chase Of Sutton Coldfield [n|1860]


Anne BRACKEN {AU?} (F: ? - ?)
(&ps: Ann BRACKEN)
	The Adventures Of Flopsie Flat-Foot, The Walking Toy [f|1944]
	Jancy Wins Through [f|1945]
	Being The (Mis)Adventures Of Podgy The Penguin [f|1946]
	Lost Toyshop (ps: Ann BRACKEN) (w PIERS) [f|1946]
	Meg & Peg (ps: Ann BRACKEN) (w PIERS) [f|1946]
	The Twins Take Charge [f|1946]
	Twins To The Rescue [f|1947]
	Jancy Scores Again [f|1947]
	Penny And Dorabella At The Beach [f|1947]
	Penny And Dorabella At The Circus [f|1947]
	Tale Of Two Tails [f|c1947]
	The Tuppity Twins [f|c1947]
	Jancy In Pursuit [f|1950]
	Patch The Puppy [f|1951]
	Jancy Stands Alone [f|?]

John BRACKEN {CA} (M: 1883 - ?)

Peg BRACKEN (see: Ruth Eleanor BRACKEN)

Ruth Eleanor BRACKEN, 1:Mrs SMITH, 2:Mrs LULL, 3:Mrs EDWARDS, 4:Mrs OHMAN {US} (F: 1918 (or 1920) Feb 25 - 2007 Oct 20)
(ps: Peg BRACKEN)
	The 9-Months Wonder (w Helen Berry MOORE) [n|1958]
	The I Hate To Cook Book [n|1960]
	The I Hate To Housekeep Book [n|1962]

Thomas BRACKEN (M: 1843 Dec 21 - 1898 Feb 16)
	The Haunted Vale.. [p|1867]
	Behind The Tomb.. [p|1871]
	Flowers Of The Freelands [p|1877]
	Lays Of The Land Of The Maori And The Moa [p|1884]
	Paddy Murphy's Annual [p|1886]
	A Sheaf From The Sanctum [p|1887]
	Musings In Maoriland [p|1890]
	Lays And Lyrics; God's Own Country.. [p|1893]
	Tom Bracken's Annual [p|1896]
	Tom Bracken's Annual, No 2 [p|1897]
	Not Understood.. [p|1905]

Charles Booth BRACKENBURY (M: 1831 Nov 7 - 1890 Jun 20)

Gerald (Harry Prendergast) BRACKENBURY {UK} (M: 1877 - 1963 Feb 9)
	Studies In English Idiom [n|1912]

Sir, Henry BRACKENBURY (M: 1837 Sep 1 - 1914 Apr 20)
	The Last Campaign Of Hanover [n|1870]
	The Tactics Of The Three Arms [n|1873]
	Narrative Of The Ashantee War [2v|n|1874]
	The River Column [n|1885]
	Some Memories Of My Spare Time [a|1909]

Sir, Henry Britten BRACKENBURY {UK} (M: 1866 Apr 3 - 1942 Mar 8)
	Patient And Doctor [n|1935]

Rev, Joseph BRACKENBURY (M: 1788 - 1864 Mar 31)

Laura BRACKENBURY {UK} (F: 1868 - 1937 May 12)
	The Teaching Of Housewifery In Belgium [n|?]
	A Primer Of Psychology [n|1907]
	The Teaching Of Grammar [n|1908]

Thomas BRACKENHEIM (see: Theodor HEUSS)

Prof, Theodor BRACKENHOEFT (M: 1801 - 1861)

Rep, Henry Marie BRACKENRIDGE (M: 1786 May 11 - 1871 Jan 18)
	Recollections Of Persons And Places In The West [a|?/1868]

Hugh Henry BRACKENRIDGE (M: 1748 - 1816 Jun 25)
29225T	e Battle Of Bunkers-Hill [d|1776]
	Modern Chivalry [n|1792-1815]
	Political Miscellany [n|1793]
	Incidents Of The Insurrection In The Western..Pennsylvania [n|1795]
	Narrative Of The Late Expedition Against The Indians [n|1798]
	Gazette Publications [1806]
	Law Miscellanies [1814]
	The Adventures Of Captain Farrago [1856]
	The Adventures Of Major O'Regan [1856]

William Dunlop BRACKENRIDGE (M: 1810 - 1893)

Charles Eugene BRACKER {US} (M: 1895 Oct 16 - 1955)

Michael Leone BRACKER {US} (M: 1885 - 1937 Aug 25)

A BRACKET (see: Henry Charles LEVANDER)

Dame, Hilda BRACKET (see: Patrick FYFFE)

Albert G BRACKETT (M: ? - ?)
	General Lane's Brigade In Central Mexico [a|1854]

Anna Callender BRACKETT (F: 1836 May 21 - 1911 Mar 18)
23312	The Education Of American Girls [n|1874]

Charles (William) BRACKETT {US} (M: 1892 Nov 26 - 1969 Mar 9)
	The Counsel Of The Ungodly [1920]
	Week-end [1925]
	That Last Infirmity [1926]
	American Colony [1929]
	Entirely Surrounded [1934]

Prof, Cyrus Fogg BRACKETT (M: 1833 - 1915)
	Elementary Text-book On Physics (w W A ANTHONY) [n|1885]

Esther M BRACKETT {US?} (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Dollie TINGLE)

George Augustus BRACKETT {US} (M: 1826 - 1921)
	A Winter Evening's Tale [a|1880]

Jeffrey Richardson BRACKETT {US} (M: 1860 Oct 20 - 1949 Dec 4)

Leigh (C/Douglass) BRACKETT, Mrs HAMILTON {US} (F: 1915 Dec 7 (wrongly 17) - 1978 Mar 18 (wrongly 24))
	No Good From A Corpse [f|1944]
	Shadow Over Mars (US: The Nemesis From Terra) [f|1951]
	The Starmen (aka: The Starmen Of Llyrdis) [f|(1951)/1952]
	The Sword Of Rhiannon [f|(1949)/1953]
	The Big Jump [f|1955]
	The Galactic Breed [f|1955]
	The Long Tomorrow [f|1955]
	The Tiger Among Us [f|1957]
	An Eye For An Eye [f|1957]
	The Tiger Among Us (UK: Fear No Evil) [f|1957]
	Rio Bravo [f|1959]
	Alpha Centauri - Or Die! [f|1963]
	Follow The Free Wind [f|1963]

Oliver BRACKETT {UK} (M: 1875 Jan 7 - 1941 Jan 16)
	Thomas Chippendale [b|1924]
	An Encyclopedia Of English Furniture [n|1927]
	The Interior Of The House In Johnson's England [n|?]
	English Furniture [n|?]

Rogers (A) BRACKETT {US} (M: 1916 Sep 30 - 1979 Aug 20)

Arnold Charles BRACKMAN {US} (M: 1923 Mar 6 - 1983 Nov 21)
	Indonesian Communism [n|1963]

Henry de BRACTON (M: c1210 - 1268)
	De Legibus Et Consuetudinibus Angliae [n|La-c1268]

Ihsan BRACY {US} (M: 1953 - 2009)
	Paths Of Sanctuary [f|?]
	Ibo Landing [s|?]

John BRADBEER {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Prof, Muriel Clara BRADBROOK {UK} (F: 1909 Apr 27 - 1993 Jun 11)
	Elizabethan Stage Conditions [n|1932]
	Themes And Conventions Of Elizabethan Tragedy [n|1934]
	The School Of Night [n|1936]
	Andrew Marvell (w M G LLOYD THOMAS) [n|1940]
	Joseph Conrad [n|1941]
	Ibsen The Norwegian [n|1947]
	T S Eliot [n|1950]
	Shakespeare And Elizabethan Poetry [n|1951]
	The Queen's Garland [n|1953]
	The Growth And Structure Of Elizabethan Comedy [n|1955]
	Sir Thomas Malory [n|1957]
	The Rise Of The Common Player [n|1962]

Bianca (Marion) BRADBURY, nee RYLEY {US} (F: 1908 Dec 4 - 1982 May 29)
(&ps: Jane WYATT; Molly WYATT)
	Muggins [1943]
	Half The Music [p|1944]
	The Antique Cat [1946]
	The Curious Wine [f|1949]

F G R BRADBURY {CA} (?: ? - ?)
	Lights And Shadows Of Landscape And Life [1932]

Fred BRADBURY {UK} (M: c1865 - ?)
	Carpet Manufacture [n|?]
&	Jacquard Mechanism And Harness Mounting [n|1912]
	Textile Calculations [n|?]
	Worsted Preparing And Spinning [3v|n|?]
	Flax Culture And Preparation [n|?]

Harriet Bowker BRADBURY {US} (F: 1863 Dec 23 - 1945 Apr 7)
	New Philosophy Of Health [n|1897]
	Voices Of Earth And Heaven [n|1899]
	Light That Is In Thee [n|1899]
	Civilization And Womanhood [n|1916]

Harry Bower BRADBURY {US} (M: 1863 - 1923)
	Bradbury's Rules And Forms Of Pleading, v2 [n|?/1923]
	Bradbury's Rules And Forms Of Pleading (w H R MEDINA), v3 [n|?/1924]

Henry (Riley) BRADBURY (M: 1831 - 1860 Sep 1)
	Nature-Printing [n|1856]
	On The Security And Manufacture Of Bank Notes [n|1856]

James Ware BRADBURY (M: 1802 Jun 10 - 1901 Jan 6)
	On Appointments To Office [n|1850]
	Removals And Appointments To Office [n|1850]

John BRADBURY (M: ? - ?)
&	Travels In The Interior Of America, In The Years 1809-1811 [n|1817]

John Buckley BRADBURY {UK} (M: 1841 Feb 27 - 1930 Jun 4)
	On Vertigo Or Dizziness [n|1870]
	An Inaugural Lecture On Pharmacology And Therapeutics [n|1894]

Prof, John Mason BRADBURY {US} (M: 1908 Aug 10 - 1969 May (or Sep) 12)
	The Fugitives [1958]
	The Southern Renaissance [n|1963]

Julia BRADBURY {UK} (F: 1970 Jul 24 - living 2018)

Kate BRADBURY {UK} (F: ? - ?)

Kate BRADBURY {UK} (F: c1980 - living 2018)

Sir, Malcolm (Stanley) BRADBURY {UK} (M: 1932 Sep 7 - 2000 Nov 27)
	Eating People Is Wrong [f|1959]
	Evelyn Waugh [n|1962]

Osgood BRADBURY (M: ? - ?)
R	The Old Distiller [f|1851]
R	Louise Martin, The Village Maiden [f|1853]
R	Jane Clark; or, Scenes In Metropolitan Life [f|1855]
R	The Mutineer; or, Heaven's Vengeance [f|1857]
R	The Mysterious Foundling; or, The Gamester's Fate [f|1857]
R	The Banker's Victim; or, The Betrayed Seamstress [f|1857]
R	Female Depravity; or, The House Of Death [f|1857]
R	The Rival Lovers; or, The Midnight Murder [f|1857]

Osgood N BRADBURY (M: 1828 - 1897)

Ray (Douglas) BRADBURY {US} (M: 1920 Aug 22 - 2012 Jun 5)
(&ps: Leonard SPAULDING)
	Dark Carnival (aka: The Small Assassin) [s|1947]
	Fahrenheit 451 [f|1953]
	Switch On The Night [f|1955]
	Dandelion Wine [f|1957]
	Something Wicked This Way Comes [f|1962]
	The Martian Chronicles (UK: The Silver Locusts) [s|1950]
	The Illustrated Man [s|1951]
	The Golden Apples Of The Sun [s|1953]
	The October Country [s|1955]
	A Medicine For Melancholy (UK: The Day It Rained Forever) [s|1959]
	R Is For Rocket [s|1962]
	S Is For Space [s|1962]
	The Meadow [d|1947]
	The Anthem Sprinters [d|1963]

Robert Hart BRADBURY {US} (M: 1870 Sep 25 - 1949 Mar 27)
	An Elementary Chemistry [n|1903]
	A Laboratory Manual Of Chemistry [n|1903]
	An Inductive Chemistry [n|1912]
	Laboratory Studies In Chemistry [n|1912/1923/1928/1934]
	A First Book In Chemistry [n|1922/1928/1934]
	Experimental Studies In Chemistry [n|1934]

Samuel BRADBURY {US} (M: 1883 Apr 30 - 1947 Aug 29 or 30)
	Internal Medicine - Treatment [n|1923]

Thomas Arthur Michael BRADBURY {UK} (M: 1923 Aug 30 - 2009 Jan 27)

William Batchelder BRADBURY (M: 1816 (wrongly 1818) Oct 6 - 1868 (wrongly 1863) Jan 7)
	Young Melodist [1845]
	Esther The Beautiful Queen [1856]

Prof, David (Henry) BRADBY {UK} (M: 1942 Feb 27 - 2011 Jan 17)

Canon, Edward Henry BRADBY (M: 1827 Dec 15 - 1893 Dec 1)

Edward Lawrence BRADBY {UK} (M: 1907 Mar 15 - 1996 Aug 20)
	The University Outside Europe [e|1939]

Godfrey Fox BRADBY {UK} (M: 1863 - 1947 Jun 20)
	Some Verses [p|1902]
	Broadland.. [p|1904]
	Joshua Newings [f|1904]
	The Marquis's Eye [f|1905]
	Dick [f|1906]
	The Great Days Of Versailles [n|1906]
	The Awakening Of Bittlesham [f|1907]
	Reaping The Whirlwind.. [p|1910]
	When Every Tree Was Green [f|1912]
	The Lanchester Tradition [f|1913]
	'For This I Had Borne Him' [f|1915]
	The Chronicles Of Dawnhope [f|1921]
	The Way [p|1921]
	Ginger & Co [f|1922]
	Fireside, Countryside.. [p|1923]
	The Face In The Mirror [f|1923]
	The Lady Of The Manor [f|1925]
	About Shakespeare And His Plays [n|1926]
	The Eternal Past [n|1927]
	The Problems Of Hamlet [n|1928]
	Mrs D [f|1928]
	Short Studies In Shakespeare [n|1929]
	Little George [f|1929]
	Hymns Without Tunes [1929]
	About English Poetry [n|1929]
	Christianity And Common Sense [n|1930]
	Parody And Dust-Shot [1931]
	The Brontës.. [e|1932]
	Through The Christian Year (jt ed) [p|1933]
	The Sage's Note Book [p|1934]
	Edward Henry Bradby, DD And His Family 1863-1893 [b|1934]

Henry Christopher BRADBY {UK} (M: 1868 Dec 28 - 1947 Jun 28)
	Sonnets [p|1918]
	Poems [p|c1925]

Mary Katherine BRADBY {UK} (F: c1872 - 1953 Jun 6)
	The Angels.. [p|1927]
	The Professor.. [p|1927]

Tom(=Thomas) (Matthew) BRADBY {UK} (M: 1967 Jan 13 - living 2017)

Violet (Alice) BRADBY (wrongly BRADY), nee MILFORD {UK} (F: 1871 Dec 26 - 1956 May 21)
	Matthew & The Miller [f|1909]
	The Capel Cousins [f|1912]
	Judy And The Others [f|1916]
	Lodgings To Let [f|1918]
	The Fairy Gifts [f|1919]
	The Crimson Ramblers [f|1921]
	The Enchanted Forest [f|1921]
	Potter's Haven [f|1923]
	The Broken Lilies [f|1924]
	A Summer Friendship [f|1925]
	More Fairy Gifts [1926]
	Managing Jane [f|1927]
	The Four Little Brothers [f|1928]
	Ups And Downs [f|1930]
	Honour's Venture [f|1932]
	Meadowsweet Farm [f|1934]
	One At Bedtime [s|1936]
	Henry Christopher Bradby [b|1962]
	The Happy Families [f|?]

(Thomas Arthur) Darcy BRADDELL {UK} (M: 1884 Mar 4 - 1970 Feb 20)
	How To Look At Buildings [n|1932]

Sir, Roland (St John) BRADDELL {UK} (M: 1880 Dec 20 - 1966 Nov 15)
	A Commentary On The Common Gaming Houses Ordinance-V Of 1888 [n|1911]
	The Law Of The Straits Settlements [n|1915/1931]
	The Legal Status Of The Malay States [n|1931]
	Common Gaming Houses [n|?/1932]
	The Lights Of Singapore [n|?/1934/?/?/?/1947]
	One Hundred Years Of Singapore (jt ed) [2v|e|1921]

Albert Percy BRADDOCK {UK} (M: 1877 Feb 10 - 1979 Mar 2)
	Psychology And Advertising [n|?]

Elizabeth Margaret BRADDOCK, nee BAMBER, aka Bessie BRADDOCK {UK} (F: 1899 Sep 24 - 1970 Nov 13)
	The Braddocks (w Jack BRADDOCK) [a|1963]

Gordon BRADDOCK (see: (George William) Gilbert PATTEN)

Jack(=John) (later Aloysius) BRADDOCK {UK} (M: 1892 Jul 26 - 1963 Nov 12)
	The Braddocks (w Elizabeth Margaret BRADDOCK) [a|1963]

Joseph Edward BRADDOCK {UK} (M: 1902 May 29 - 1986 Apr 11)
	Poems [p|1924]
	The Wise Shepherd.. [p|1926]
	The Pilgrim Shadow [p|1928]
	Sark.. [p|1934]
	Bright Ghost (anon) [a|1936]
	Swanhild [d|pub:1946]
	Footpaths Of The Kent-Sussex Border [n|1947]
	Haunted Houses [n|1956]
	The Bridal Bed [1960]
	No Stronger Than A Flower [p|1960]
	The Girl With A Leaf In Her Mouth [n|1963]

Prof, Richard Reed BRADDOCK {US} (M: 1920 Jun 14 - 1974 Sep 4)
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#	Collected Stories [s|?]

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Jeffrey P BRADEN {US} (M: ? - ?)

Tom (Wardell) BRADEN {US} (M: 1917 Feb 22 - 2009 Apr 3)

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Scott BRADFIELD (M: 1955 - ?)

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Gamaliel BRADFORD (M: 1795 - 1839)
(&ps: A GENTLEMAN of Massachusetts)
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(ps: Jimmy NAIL)

Jenny BRADFORD (see: Phebe Fuller McKEEN)

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Michael BRADFORD (see: Michael (Derek) ALLEN)

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(Mrs J M), Sarah (Elizabeth) (nee)Hopkins BRADFORD (F: 1818 - ?)
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Will BRADFORD (M: ? - ?)

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	Debtors And The War [n|1914]
	Private Companies, Their Constitution And Management [n|1917]
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Francis Herbert BRADLEY {UK} (M: 1846 Jan 30 - 1924 Sep 18)
	The Presuppositions Of Critical History [n|1874]
	Ethical Studies [n|1876]
	The Principles Of Logic [n|1883/1922]
	Appearance And Reality [n|1893/97]
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George BRADLEY (M: 1816 - 1863 Oct 14)

Gertrude May BRADLEY {UK} (F: 1869 - ?)
	The Run-a-way Puff-Puff [1899]

Gladys Lilian BRADLEY {UK} (F: 1900 - 1978 Sep 30)
	Punctuation Hints And Exercises [n|1934]

Glenn Danford BRADLEY {US} (M: 1884 - 1930)
4671	The Story Of The Pony Express [n|1913]

Harriett BRADLEY {US} (F: ? - ?)
29258	The Enclosures Of England: An Economic Reconstruction [n|1918]

Harry Cyrus BRADLEY {US} (M: 1871 - 1936)
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Helen BRADLEY {UK} (F: 1900 Nov 20 - 1979 Jul 19)

Henry BRADLEY {UK} (M: 1845 Dec 3 - 1923 May 23)
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	The Making Of English [n|1904]
	Collected Papers Of Henry Bradley [e|1928]

Henry Burton BRADLEY (M: 1815 - 1894 Dec 22)
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	House Poison [n|1878]
	Life & Death [n|1879]
	Domestic Economy [n|1881]

Henry Christopher BRADLEY {UK} (M: 1910 Sep 6 - 1981 Sep 288)
(ps: H C B)
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Herbert Dennis BRADLEY {UK} (M: 1878 (or 1879) - 1934 Nov 20)
	Not For Fools [1920]
	The Eternal Masquerade [1922]
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	Towards The Stars [1924]
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	The Natural State [1927]
	Sybarites [d|1929]
	Die Sitzungen Mit Valiantine [1930]
	And After [1931]
	Vile Bodies [d|1932]

Ivy Mary BRADLEY {UK} (F: 1915 - ?)
(ps: Frances GREENWOOD)
	Mary Todd's Last Term [f|1939]

J G BRADLEY (?: ? - ?)
	Dick Daunt, The Diver [f|1886]

James A BRADLEY (M: ? - ?)
R	Clayton Berry; or, New Year's Calls [f|1871]
R	A Story Of Ocean Grove [f|c1874]

James L BRADLEY (M: ? - ?)
	The Gates Of Hell [f|1961]

Jim BRADLEY (see: James STOTT)

Joan Burton BRADLEY {AU} (F: 1916 Sep 2 - 1982 May 18)

Prof, John Lewis BRADLEY {UK} (M: 1917 - 2011)

Rev, John Owen BRADLEY {UK} (M: 1930 Oct 31 - ?)

John Robert (Lee) BRADLEY {US} (M: 1920 Sep 11 - 2007 May 3)

John (William) BRADLEY (M: 1830 - 1916 Sep 21)
19870	Illuminated Manuscripts [n|1905/20]

Prof, Joseph BRADLEY {UK} (M: 1857 Feb 28 - 1935 Mar 3)
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	A Manual Of Musical Ornamentation [n|1924]

Judge, Joseph Philo BRADLEY (M: 1813 Mar 14 - 1892 Jan 22)
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Kate BRADLEY (see: Kathleen BRYANT)

Katharine Harris BRADLEY (F: 1846 or 1848 Oct 27 - 1914 Sep 26)
(ps: Michael FIELD (1); Arran LEIGH)
	The New Minnesinger (ps: Arran LEIGH) [p|1875]
	Bellerophon (w Isla LEIGH) (ps: Arran LEIGH) [p|1881]

Sir, Kenneth (Granville) BRADLEY {UK} (M: 1904 Jan 5 - 1977 Feb 6)
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Lee Conley BRADLEY {US} (M: 1903 (or 1893) Jun 26 - 1958 Aug 14)
(ps: Big Bill BROONZY)
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	My Blues [a|1957]

Lilian Trimble BRADLEY {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	What Happened Then? [d|pub:1934]

Linda BRADLEY {UK} (F: ? - ?)
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Lady, Mabel (Charlotte) BRADLEY, Mrs BIRCHENOUGH {UK} (F: c1860 - 1936 Jul 22)
(&ps: Mabel BIRCHENOUGH)
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	Disturbing Elements (ps: Mabel BIRCHENOUGH) [f|1896]
	Potsherds (ps: Mabel BIRCHENOUGH) [f|1898]
	Private Bobs And The New Recruit (ps: Mabel BIRCHENOUGH) [f|1901]

Mabel M BRADLEY {UK} (F: ? - ?)

Marion (Eleanor) (nee)Zimmer BRADLEY, 2:Mrs BREEN {US} (F: 1930 Jun 3 - 1999 Sep 25)
(ps: Lee CHAPMAN; John DEXTER; Miriam GARDNER; Valerie GRAVES; Morgan IVES; Dee O'BRIEN; Elfrida RIVERS)
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*	A Complete Cumulative Checklist Of Lesbian..Homosexual Fiction [n|1960]
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31619	The Planet Savers [f|1962]
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20796	The Colors Of Space [f|1963]
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Mary BRADLEY, nee ? (F: 1771 - after 1848)
I	A Narrative Of The Life And Christian Experience Of Mrs.. [a|1849]

Mary E BRADLEY, Mrs LANE {US} (F: ? - ?)
(&ps: [Princess, Vera ZARAVITCH])
24750	Mizora: A Prophecy [f|(1880)/1890]

Mary (Wilhelmina) (nee)Hastings BRADLEY {US} (F: 1882 Apr 19 - 1976 Oct 25)
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16054	The Palace Of Darkened Windows [f|1914]
13498	The Fortieth Door [f|1920]
29278	The Innocent Adventuress [f|1921]
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	Old Chicago [s|1933]
	Pattern Of Three [f|1937]
	Murder In The Family [f|1951]
	Nice People Poison [f|1952]
	Unconfessed [f|?]
	Murder In Room 700 [f|?]

Maureen BRADLEY {UK} (F: ? - ?)

May BRADLEY {UK} (F: 1875 - 1949 Jun 12)
(ps: Watson DYKE)
	Craiktrees [f|1897]
	As Others See Us [f|1899]
	The Hunter [f|1918]
	Cousin Matthew [f|1929]

Prof, Melvin BRADLEY {US} (M: 1922 - 2003 Mar 14)

Norah Mary BRADLEY, Mrs GIBBS {UK} (F: 1897 Dec 27 - 1979 Mar 25)
(ps: Prudence BOYD; Lisette GARLAND; Sharon HEATH; Noelle IRELAND; Felicity KERR; Lynne MERRILL; Claire RITCHIE; Nina SHAYNE; Heather WAYNE; Sara WHITTINGHAM)

Norma BRADLEY (F: ? - ?)
	The New Girl At Greylands [f|1948]
	Ghostly Guests At Greylands [f|1949]

Gen, Omar Nelson BRADLEY {US} (M: 1893 Feb 12 - 1981 Apr 8)
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	The Structure Of The Fowl [n|1915/1938]
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	The Topographical Anatomy Of The Limbs Of The Horse [n|1920]
	The Topographical Anatomy Of The Thorax And Abdomen Of The Horse [n|1922]
	The Topographical Anatomy Of The Head And Neck Of The Horse [n|1923]
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	Topographical Anatomy Of The Dog [n|1927/1935]
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	The Structure Of The Fowl (3e w Tom GRAHAME) [n|1950/1960]

Philip D BRADLEY {US} (M: 1912 Mar 24 - 2003 Nov 23)
	The Public Stake In Union Power (ed) [n|1959]

Prof, R C BRADLEY {US} (M: 1929 Aug 29 - 1995 Feb 19)
(&ps: Beecher FLOYD)

Ramona BRADLEY (see: Ramona ROLLE-BERG)

Richard BRADLEY (M: 1688 - 1732)
7262	The Country Housewife And Lady's Director..House..Farm [n|1732]
31807	The Plague At Marseilles Consider'd [n|?]

Rev, Richard Beadon BRADLEY (M: 1803 - 1851 Mar 22)

Robert L BRADLEY, Jr {US} (M: 1955 Jun 17 - living 2017)

Robert Noel BRADLEY {UK} (M: 1879 - 1949 Feb 14)
	Latent Impulse In History And Politics [n|1911]
	Malta And The Mediterranean Race [n|1912]
	The Odd Man In Malta [1913]
	Duality [n|1923]
	Racial Origins Of English Character [n|1926]

Samuel Messenger BRADLEY (M: 1841 Jun 2 - 1880 May 27)

Samuel Stewart BRADLEY {US} (M: 1869 Jun 27 - 1947 Apr 9 or 10)
	Aircraft Year Book 1920 (ed) [n|c1920]
	Aircraft Year Book 1921 (ed) [n|c1921]
	Aircraft Year Book 1922 (ed) [n|c1922]
	Aircraft Year Book 1923 (ed) [n|c1923]
	Aircraft Year Book 1924 (ed) [n|c1924]
	Aircraft Year Book 1925 (ed) [n|c1925]
	Aircraft Year Book 1926 (ed) [n|c1926]
	Aircraft Year Book 1927 (ed) [n|c1927]
	Aircraft Year Book 1928 (ed) [n|c1928]
	Aircraft Year Book 1929 (ed) [n|c1929]

Shelland BRADLEY (see: Francis Bradley BRADLEY-BIRT)

Shelley BRADLEY, nee ? {US} (F: ? - ?)
(&ps: Shayla BLACK)

Stephen H BRADLEY (M: ? - ?)
	A Sketch.. [a|1830]

Tex BRADLEY (see: John Stephen GLASBY)

Thomas BRADLEY (M: 1751 - 1813)

Thomas Bibb BRADLEY (M: 1830 - 1855)
	Aphelia.. (w Julia PLEASANTS) [p|1854]

Thomas Waldron BRADLEY (M: 1821 - 1909)
(ps: Shelsley BEAUCHAMP)
	Grantley Grange [f|1874]
	Nelly Hamilton [f|1875]

Mayor, Tom(=Thomas) BRADLEY {US} (M: 1917 Dec 29 - 1998 Sep 29)

Tom BRADLEY {NZ} (M: 1946 - ?)

Udolpho Theodore BRADLEY {US?} (M: 1900 Dec 10 - 1968 Nov)

Van Allen BRADLEY {US} (M: 1913 Aug 24 - 1984 Dec 25)

Virginia BRADLEY, nee JONES {US} (F: 1912 Dec 2 - ?)

Warren Ives BRADLEY (M: 1847 Mar 27 - 1868 (or 1862) Jun 15)
(ps: Glance GAYLORD)
	Boys At Dr Murray's [f|1866]
	Uncle Donnie's Home [f|1866]
20524	Culm Rock [f|1867]
	Gay Cottage [f|1867]
	After Years [f|1868]
	Mr Pendleton's Cup [f|1869]

Walter Parke BRADLEY {US} (M: 1862 Jul 7 - 1947 Sep 14)

Will BRADLEY (see: (William) Brad(=Bradley) STRICKLAND)

Will(=William) H BRADLEY {US} (M: 1868 Jul 10 - 1962 Jan 25)

Lt, William BRADLEY (M: c1757 - 1833 Mar 13)

William Aspenwall BRADLEY {US} (M: 1878 Feb 8 - 1939 Jan 10)
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	French Etchers Of The Second Empire [n|1916]
	Garlands And Wayfarings [p|1917]
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	Singing Carr [p|1918]
	Dutch Landscape Etchers Of The Seventeenth Century [n|1918]

Francis Bradley BRADLEY-BIRT {UK} (M: 1874 Jun 25 - 1963 Jun 11)
(&ps: Shelland BRADLEY)
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*	Bengal Fairy Tales [s|1920]
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	Smothered (ps: Shelland BRADLEY) (w Nathaniel E REEID) [d|1941]

Denice Jeanette BRADLEY RYAN {UK} (F: 1915 - 1999)
(ps: Kay SEATON)
	Tyranny Within [f|1946]
	Pawns Of Destiny [f|1947]
	Phantom Fear [f|1948]
	Dark Sanctuary [f|1949]

Edna BRADLOW, nee ROM {ZA} (F: 1924 - ?)
	Thomas Bowler Of The Cape Of Good Hope (aka: Thomas Bowler) (w F BRADLOW) [b|1955]
	Here Comes The Alabama (w Frank Rosslyn BRADLOW) [1958]
	Frederick L'Ons, Artist (w J J REDGRAVE) [b|1959]

Frank Rosslyn BRADLOW {ZA} (M: 1913 Jun (or Jan) 19 - 2000 Nov 14)
	Thomas Bowler Of The Cape Of Good Hope (aka: Thomas Bowler) (w E BRADLOW) [b|1955]
	Here Comes The Alabama (w Edna BRADLOW) [1958]

Nathan Turner BRADLY (M: 1855 - ?)

Ramona BRADLY (F: ? - ?)

Sir, Don(=Donald) (George) BRADMAN {AU} (M: 1908 Aug 27 - 2001 Feb 25)
	Don Bradman's Book [n|1930]
	How To Play Cricket [n|1935]
	My Cricketing Life [a|1938]
	Farewell To Cricket [n|1950]
	The Art Of Cricket [n|1958]

Tony BRADMAN {UK} (M: 1954 Jan 22 - ?)

Fred BRADNA (M: 1871 - ?)

Rudolf BRADNA (M: 1882 - ?)

Enos BRADNER {US} (M: 1892 Oct 7 - 1984 Jan 12)
	North West Angling [n|1950]

Frank Emile BRADNER {US} (M: 1855 Jun 8 - 1937 Jun 6)

Sir, Joseph (Alfred) BRADNEY {UK} (M: 1859 Jan 11 - 1933 Jul 21)
	History Of Monmouthshire [4v|n|?]
	History Of Powell's Grammar School [n|?]

Frederick BRADNUM (M: 1920 May 8 - 2001 Dec 25)

Eileen (Mary) BRADPIECE, nee WHITING {UK} (F: 1919 Oct 25 - 1993 Feb 4)

Albert Ernest BRADSHAW (M: ? - ?)
	Handmade Woodwork Of The 20th Century [n|1962/65]

Sir, Alexander Frederick BRADSHAW {UK} (M: 1834 - 1923 Sep 27)

Annie BRADSHAW, nee CROPPER {UK} (F: c1862 - 1938 May 23)
	A Crimson Stain [f|1885]
	Wife Or Slave? [f|1890]
	'A Debt Of Honour'.. [1893]
	False Gods [f|1897]
	The Gates Of Temptation [f|1898]
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	The Cabinet Reciter [f|1902]
	The Star Reciter [f|1906]
	The Experiment [f|?]
	Performing Animals [f|?]
	The Rags Of Morality [f|1911]
	A Soul's Remorse [f|?]
	Barbara's Double [f|?]
	Pam's Way [f|?]
	The Trunk [f|?]
	Her Ordeal [f|1922]
	Pattie Maloney [f|?]
	The Lesson [f|?]
	Short Stories [s|?]
	Monologues And Poems [p|?]
	The Secret [s|1927]
	Silver Slippers [f|?]
	The Bradshaw Cabinet Of Recitations [f|1930]
	The Trap And The Ruby Pendant [s|1934]
	Chained To The Wheel [f|1934]
	The Imposter [f|1935]
	Valley Of The Moon [f|?]
	Murder At The Boarding House [f|1936]
	For Love's Own Sake [f|1936]
	Her Guardian Lover [f|1937]
	A Dangerous Beauty [f|1938]

Prof, Anthony (David) BRADSHAW {UK} (M: 1926 Jan 17 - 2008 Aug 21)

B Maude BRADSHAW {CA} (F: ? - ?)
	Poetry For Every Month [p|1930]

Buck BRADSHAW (see: Lauran (Bosworth) PAINE (Sr))

Christopher John Chalton BRADSHAW {UK} (M: 1920 Aug 18 - 2004 Jun 3)

Colin BRADSHAW (M: ? - ?)

DeEmmett BRADSHAW {US} (M: ? - ?)
	My Story [a|1941]

Edith Constance BRADSHAW, Mrs TURTON-JONES {UK} (F: 1904 Sep 27 - 1968 Mar)
(ps: Susan GILLESPIE)
	The Story Of Christine [f|1933]
	The Rajah's Guests [f|1935]
	Cantonment [f|1936]
	Government House [f|1937]
	Take My Youth [f|1938]
	The Man He Was [f|1939]
	They Went To Karathia [f|1940]
	The Promotion Of Fools [f|1942]
	Himalayan View [f|1947]
	North From Bombay [f|1947]
	Clash By Night [f|1950]
	Carillon In Bruges [f|1952]
	Janet Firbright [f|1953]
	The Dutch House [f|1955]
	The Martyr [f|1956]
	The Grandson [f|1957]
	The Victors [f|1959]
	The Day The Soldier Died [f|1960]
	The Neighbour [f|1961]
	Diamonds In The Night [f|1962]
	The Young Green Blade [f|1963]

Prof, Eric BRADSHAW {UK} (M: 1909 Jul 24 - 1961 Aug 15)
	Electrical Units [n|1952]

Emily BRADSHAW (see: Emily KVOKOCZ)

George BRADSHAW (M: 1801 Jul 29 - 1853 Sep 6)

Gillian (Marucha) BRADSHAW, Mrs BALL {US} (F: 1956 May 14 - ?)

Henry BRADSHAW (M: ? - 1513)
	Chronicon And The Life Of Saint Werburge [b|1513]
	De Antiquitate Et Magnificentia Urbis Cestae [n|La-?]

Henry BRADSHAW (M: 1831 Feb 2 - 1886 Feb 11 (wrongly 10))

Jack BRADSHAW {AU} (M: 1846 - 1937)

James BRADSHAW {UK} (M: before 1960 - ?)

John BRADSHAW (M: 1782 - 1809)

Mrs John, BRADSHAW, nee WILMOT (F: ? - ?)
	Roger North [f|1885]

John BRADSHAW (M: 1845 Jun 4 - 1894 Jan 5)
	An English Anthology [1885]
	A Concordance To The Poetical Works Of John Milton [n|1894]
	Sir Thomas Munro And The British..Madras Presidency [b|1894]

John BRADSHAW {NZ?} (M: ? - ?)
	New Zealand As It Is [n|1883]
	Dedham Park [f|1885]
	Martin Ffrench [f|1886]
	Raphael Ben Isaac [f|1887]
	New Zealand Of To-day [n|1888]

John BRADSHAW {US?} (M: 1933 - ?)

Jon (Wayne) BRADSHAW {US} (M: 1937 Dec 13 - 1986 Nov 25)

Sir, Kenneth Anthony BRADSHAW {UK} (M: 1922 Sep 1 - 2007 Oct 31)

Leslie Havergal BRADSHAW {UK} (M: c1892 - ?)
	The Right Sort [f|1912]

Nina BRADSHAW (see: Marguerite HILLS)

Percy Venner BRADSHAW {UK} (M: 1877 Nov 27 - 1965 Oct 13)
(&ps: P V B)
	The Art Of The Illustrator [n|1918]
	Art In Advertising [n|1925]
	Water Colour Painting (anon) [n|1929]
	Fashion Drawing And Designing [n|1936]
	I Wish I Could Draw [n|1941]
	They Make Us Smile [1942]
	Marching On [p|1943]
	Drawn From Memory [1943]
	Nice People To Know [1944]
	I Wish I Could Paint [n|1945]
	Lines Of Laughter [1946]
	Seen In Perspective [1946]
	The Magic Of Line [1949]
	Water-Colour Painting [n|1949]
	Water-Colour [n|1952]
	Sketching And Painting Indoors [n|1956]
	Brother Savages And Guests [1958]

Susan (Mary) BRADSHAW {UK} (F: 1931 Sep 8 - 2005 Jan 30)

Prof, Ted K BRADSHAW {US} (M: 1942 Oct 28 - 2006 Aug 5)

Thomas BRADSHAW {CA} (M: 1868 Apr 22 - 1939 Nov 10)

Thornton Frederick BRADSHAW {US} (M: 1917 Aug 4 - 1988 Dec 6)

Wesley BRADSHAW (see: Charles Wesley ALEXANDER)

William Richard BRADSHAW {US} (M: 1851 - 1927 Jul 19)
32825	The Goddess Of Atvatabar [f|1892]
	Naturopathy, The Medicine Of The Future (w Benedict LUST) [n|1914]

Lillian BRADSTOCK {UK} (F: 1900 - ?)
	Gilbert And Sullivan [n|1928]
	Pooh-Bah And The Rest Of Gilbert And Sullivan [n|1933]
	The Modern Woman (w Jane CONDON) [n|1936]

Anne BRADSTREET, nee DUDLEY (F: c1612 - 1672 Sep 16)
	The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up In America [p|1650]

Col, John BRADSTREET (M: 1714 (or 1711) Dec 21 - 1774 Sep 25)

Valerie BRADSTREET (see: Mary Linn ROBY)

Cecilia K BRADT {US?} (F: ? - ?)
	Cooking Hints And Helps To Reduce The Cost Of Living (anon) [n|1913]

George BRADT {UK} (M: c1940 - ?)

Hilary BRADT, nee CROSS {UK} (F: 1941 Jul 17 - living 2017)

Kazys BRADUNAS {LT} (M: 1917 Feb 11 - 2009 Feb 9)
	Vilniaus Varpai [p|Li-1943]
	Pe.Dos Arimuos [p|Li-1944]
	Svetimoji Duona [p|Li-1945]
	Apeigos [p|Li-1948]
	Devynios Balade [p|Li-1955]
	Morenu Ugnys [p|Li-1958]

Thomas BRADWARDINE (M: c1290 - 1349 Aug 26)

Prof, John Saeger BRADWAY {US} (M: 1890 Feb 17 - 1985 Jan 2)
	Laws Of Pennsylvania Relating To Social Work [n|1929]
	Law And Social Work [n|1929]
	The Bar And Public Relations [n|1934]
	Legal Aid Bureaus [n|1935]
	The Work Of Legal Aid Committees Of Bar Associations [n|1938]
	How To Organize A Legal Aid Clinic [n|1938]
	Legal Aid Clinic Instruction At Duke University [n|1944]
	Clinical Preparation For Law Practice [n|1946]
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	Basic Legal Aid Clinic Materials And Exercises On Taking Hold.. [n|1950]
	The History Of A Lawsuit [n|1958]
	How To Practice Law Effectively [n|1958]
	Selected Materials Of Legal Aid Clinic Drills [n|1959]
	Selected Readings On The Legal Profession (ed) [e|1962]

Edmund William BRADWIN {CA} (M: 1877 - 1954 Feb 19)

Wat BRADWOOD (see: Walter Bradford WOODGATE)

Al BRADY (see: Vic(=Victor) Joseph HANSON)

Alexander BRADY {CA} (M: 1896 - ?)
	Thomas D'Arcy McGee [b|1925]
	William Huskisson And Liberal Reform [n|1928]
	Canada [n|1932]
	Democracy In The Dominions [n|1947]

Sir, Antonio BRADY (M: 1811 Nov 10 - 1881 Dec 12)

Barbara (Alexander) BRADY, Mrs WAGNER {US} (F: 1927 - 1978 Sep 23)
	Famous American Actors And Actresses (w Frederick WAGNER) [n|1961]

Prof, Charles Andrew BRADY {US} (M: 1912 Apr 15 - 1995 May 5)
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	A Catholic Reader [n|1947]

Rev, Cyrus Townsend BRADY {US} (M: 1861 Dec 20 - 1920)
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29316	Sir Henry Morgan, Buccaneer: A Romance Of The Spanish Main [f|1903]
20791	For Love Of Country [f|1903]
	Indian Fights And Fighters [n|1903]
	The Southerners [f|1905]
	The Patriots [f|1906]
	The Ring And The Man [f|1909]
20910	South American Fights And Fighters [n|1910]
	The Better Man [f|1910]
	The West Wind [f|1912]
	Secret Service [f|1912]
	The Fetters Of Freedom [f|1913]
	Britton Of The Seventh [f|1914]
20515	The Eagle Of The Empire: A Story Of Waterloo [f|1915]
14606	And Thus He Came: A Christmas Fantasy [1916]
15343	A Little Book For Christmas [1917]
	The Man Who Won [1919]
21681	A Little Traitor To The South [?]

Edwin James(wrongly Jones) BRADY {AU} (M: 1869 Aug 7 - 1952 Jul 22)
(&ps: [SCRUTATOR])
	The Ways Of Many Waters [p|1899]
	The Earthen Floor [p|1902]
	The King's Caravan [n|1911]
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(Winifred) Mary BRANCKER {UK} (F: 1914 Aug 9 - 2010 Jul 18)

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	Cancer [n|?]
	Clinical Memoranda For General Practitioners [n|?]

Arnold BRAND (see: Frida (Abramowna) ICHAK)

Anthony David BRAND, 6th Viscount HAMPDEN {UK} (M: 1937 May 7 - 2008 Jan 4)

Barbarina BRAND, Baroness DACRE, nee OGLE, 1:Mrs WILMOT (F: 1767 (or 1768) May 9 - 1854 May 17)
	Dramas, Translations.. [Gonzalvo; Pedarias; Ina; Xarifa] [2v|1821]
	Tales Of A Chaperon [f|1833]
	Tales Of The Peerage And The Peasantry [s|1835]
	Translations From The Italian [1836]
	Trevelyan [f|1847]

Prof, Carl Fremont BRAND {US} (M: 1892 Oct 8 - 1981 Mar 21)
	British Labour's Rise To Power [e|1941]
	The British Labour Party [n|1964/74]

Charles John BRAND {US} (M: 1879 Oct 24 - 1949 Jun 29)
	What Economic System For America? [n|1945]

Charles Neville BRAND {UK} (M: 1895 Jan 5 - 1951 Sep 2)
(&ps: Charles LORNE)
	The House Of Time.. [p|1918]
	Perspective Poems [p|1921]
	Narrow Seas [f|1923]
	The Courtyard [f|1925]
	The Sleeping Queen [f|1926]
	Cloudburst [f|1927]
	Black River [f|1927]
	Honours Even [f|1928]
	The Shadow Dance [f|1928]
	The Winning Trick [f|1931]
	Words Without Music [d|pro:1931]
	Death In The Forest [f|1933]
	One More Chance [f|1933]
	Death Of A Designer [f|1938]
	Air Liner (ps: Charles LORNE) [f|1934]
	Henrietta (ps: Charles LORNE) [f|1935]
	Nocturne In Sunlight (US: Mexican Masquerade) (ps: Charles LORNE) [f|1937]
	Flat To Let (ps: Charles LORNE) [f|1938]
	Winter Landscape [f|1949]
	The Dark Lady [f|1950]
	Bees Wedding [d|?]

Christianna BRAND (see: Mary Christianna MILNE)

Clarence Eugene BRAND {US} (M: 1895 Nov 8 - 1969 Jul 4)

Dana (Aron) BRAND {US} (M: 1954 Sep 23 - 2011 May 25)

Sir, David BRAND (M: 1837 Dec 27 - 1908 Jan 22)
	Court Of Session Act (jt ed) [n|1868]

David William Robert BRAND, Lord BRAND {UK} (M: 1923 Oct 21 - 1996 Apr 14)

Dollar BRAND (see: Adolph Johannes BRAND)

Donald Dilworth BRAND {US} (M: 1905 Mar 6 - 1984 Jul)
&	The History Of Scotts Bluff, Nebraska [n|1934]

Ernest S BRAND {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	A Treatise On The Real Estate Business.. (anon) [n|1911]

George E BRAND {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	Outline Of The Law Of Estates In Land.. (anon) [n|1910]

Hannah BRAND (F: 1754 Nov 19 - 1821 Mar 11)
	Huniades [d|pro:1791]
	Agmunda [d|pro:1792]
	Plays, And Poems [Huniades; The Conflict; Adelinda] [d|pub:1798]

Hedwig BRAND (see: Ernestine Friederike Elisabeth MAHLER)

Rev, James BRAND (M: 1834 - 1899)
	James Brand, Twenty-Six Years Pastor..Oberlin.. [a|1899]

Jo(=Josephine) (Grace) BRAND, Mrs BOURKE {UK} (F: 1957 May 3 - living 2021)

Joel Jenö BRAND {DE} (M: 1906 Apr 25 - 1964 Jul 13)
	Adolf Eichmann [b|Ge-1961]

John BRAND (see: Desmond John RICHARDS)

Rev, John BRAND (M: ? - ?)
	A Brief Description Of Orkney.. [n|1701]

Louis BRAND (see: Louisa BIGG)

M M BRAND {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Mary BRAND (see: Maria BRANDRUP)

Max BRAND (see: Frederick Schiller FAUST)

Maximilian BRAND (see: Maximilian BRANTL)

(Elmer) Millen BRAND {US} (M: 1906 Jan 19 - 1980 Mar 19)
	The Outward Room [f|1937]
	The Heroes [f|1939]
	Albert Sears [f|1947]
	Some Love, Some Hunger [1955]

Mona (Alexis) BRAND, Mrs FOX {AU} (F: 1915 - 2007)
	Here Under Heaven [d|1948]


Oscar BRAND {CA} (M: 1920 Feb 7 - 2016 Sep 30)
	Singing Holidays [n|1957]

Oswald BRAND (M: c1857 - 1909 Aug 19)

Prof, Paul Wilson BRAND {UK} (M: 1914 Jul 17 - 2003 Jul 8)

Peter BRAND (see: Carl RUHEN)

Robert Henry BRAND, 1st Baron BRAND of Eydon {UK} (M: 1878 Oct 30 - 1963 Aug 23)
	The Union Of South Africa [n|1909]
	War And National Finance [n|1921]
	Why I Am Not A Socialist [n|1923]

Russell (Edward) BRAND {UK} (M: 1975 Jun 4 - living 2021)

Stewart BRAND {US} (M: 1938 Dec 14 - living 2021)

William BRAND {UK} (M: ? - ?)
(ps: MAC)
	Holiday Guide For Visitors To Wooler (ed) [n|1935]

William Norman BRAND {US} (M: 1934 Feb 11 - 2006 Dec 14)
	Radiation Oncology (w Hector BATTIFORA & William T MOSS) [n|1973/79]

(Helen) Tita (nee)BRAND-CAMMAERTS {UK} (F: 1879 Aug 29 - 1964)

John BRANDANE (see: John MacINTYRE)

Raúl (Germano) BRANDÃO {PT} (M: 1867 Mar 12 - 1930 Dec 5)
	Impressões E Paisagens [Pt-1890]
	História De Um Palhaço [Pt-1896]
	O Padre [Pt-1901]
	A Farsa [Pt-1903]
20841	Os Pobres [Pt-1906]
	El-Rei Junot [Pt-1912]
	A Conspiração De 1817 [Pt-1914]
*	Húmus [Pt-1917]
*	Memórias [2v|Pt-1919-1925]
	Teatro [Pt-1923]
	Os Pescadores [Pt-1923]
	As Ilhas Desconhecidas [Pt-1926]
	A Morte Do Palhaço E O Mistério Das Árvores [Pt-1926]
	Jesus Cristo Em Lisboa (w TEIXEIRA De PASCOAES) [Pt-1927]
	O Avejão [Pt-1929]
	Portugal Pequenino (w Maria Angelina BRANDÃO) [Pt-1930]
	O Pobre De Pedir [Pt-1931]
	Vale De Josafat [v3 of Memórias] [Pt-1933]

Robert BRANDARD (M: 1805 - 1862 Jan 7)

Dorothea BRANDE, nee THOMPSON {US} (F: 1893 Jan 12 - 1948 Dec 17)
	Becoming A Writer [n|1934]
	Most Beautiful Lady (aka: Beauty Vanishes) [f|1935]
	Wake Up And Live! [f|1936]
	Letters To Philippa [1937]
	My Invincible Aunt [f|1938]

Prof, William Thomas BRANDE (M: 1788 Jan 11 - 1866 Feb 11)
	Manual Of Chemistry [n|1819]

Mary Katharine BRANDEGEE, nee LAYNE, 1:Mrs CURRAN {US} (F: 1844 Oct 8 - 1920 Apr 3)

Alice (nee)Goldmark BRANDEIS {US} (F: 1866 - 1945 Oct 11 or 12)

Louis Dembitz BRANDEIS {US} (M: 1856 Nov 13 - 1941 Oct 5)
	Business - A Profession [n|1914]
	Other People's Money And How The Bankers Use It [n|1914]
	Social And Economic Views Of Mr Justice Brandeis (ed A LIER) [e|1930]
	The Curse Of Bigness [n|1934]
	The Brandeis Guide To The Modern World (ed A LIER) [e|1941]
	On Zionism [n|1948]

Madeline BRANDEIS, nee FRANK {US} (F: 1897 Dec 18 - 1937 Jun 28)
	The Little Indian Weaver [f|1928]
	Shaun O'Day Of Ireland [f|1929]
	The Wee Scotch Piper [f|1929]
	Little Jeanne Of France [f|1929]
	The Little Swiss Wood Carver [f|1929]
	The Little Dutch Tulip Girl [f|1929]
	Little Philippe Of Belgium [f|1930]
	Little Anne Of Canada [f|1931]
	The Little Mexican Donkey Boy [f|1931]
	Jack Of The Circus [f|1931]
	The All Wrong Book [f|1932]
	Yankee Doodle's Adventures [f|1932]
	Carmen Of The Golden Coast [f|1933]
	Mitz And Fritz Of Germany [f|1933]
	Little Tony Of Italy [f|1934]
	Little Tom Of England [f|1935]
	Little Rose Of The Mesa [f|1935]
	Little John Of New England [f|1936]
	The Little Spanish Dancer [f|1936]
	Little Farmer Of The Middle West [f|1937]
	Adventure In Hollywood [f|1937]
	Little Erik Of Sweden [f|1938]

Barbara BRANDEN, nee WEIDMAN {CA/US?} (F: 1929 May 14 - 2013 Dec 11)

Elsa BRANDEN, nee WEINBERG {US} (F: 1903 Mar 11 - 1995 Sep 5)
	Secrets Of A Royal House (w P M BRANDEN & Countess LARISCH) [n|1936]

Nathaniel BRANDEN (see: Nathan BLUMENTHAL)

(Albrecht) Paul Maerker BRANDEN / MAERKER-BRANDEN {DE/US:1919on} (M: 1888 Feb 27 - 1942 Jan 3)
	Her Majesty Elizabeth (w Elsa BRANDEN & Countess LARISCH) [b|1934]
	The Patient's Dilemma (w H A TENNENBAUM) [1935]
	My Royal Relatives (w Elsa BRANDEN & Countess LARISCH) [1936]
	Secrets Of A Royal House (w Elsa BRANDEN & Countess LARISCH) [n|1936]

Aliki (nee)Liacouras BRANDENBERG {US} (F: 1929 Sep 3 - living 2021)
(ps: ALIKI)
	The Story Of William Tell [b|1961]
	My Five Senses [n|1962]
	My Hands [n|1962]

Heinrich (Georg) BRANDENBERGER {AT} (M: 1896 Jul 12 - 1964 Aug 10)
	Toleranzen, Passung Und Konstruktion [n|Ge-1946]
	Neue Theorie Der Elastizität Und Festigkeit [n|Ge-1948]
	Fertigungsgerechtes Konstruieren [n|Ge-1949]
	Kinematische Getriebemodelle Miniatecnic [n|Ge-1955]
	Funktionsgerechtes Konstruieren [n|Ge-1957]

Albert BRANDENBOURG {FR} (M: c1881 - 1934 May 16)
(ps: Albert ERLANDE)

Bernhard von BRANDENBURG (see: Eva Fanny Bernhardine von BAUDISSIN)

(Earl Victor) Broughton (von) BRANDENBURG {US} (M: 1876 Aug 30 - 1963 May 19)
N	The Mystery Of The Steel Disk [f|1905]

(Arnold Otto) Erich BRANDENBURG {DE} (M: 1868 Jul 31 - 1946 Jan 22)
	Die Deutsche Revolution 1848 [n|Ge-1912]
	Die Reichsgründung [2v|n|Ge-1916-1923]
	Die Materialistische Geschichtsauffasung [n|Ge-1920]
	Von Bismarck Zum Weltkriege [n|Ge-1924]
	  From Bismarck To The World War [n|Ge-1924] (tr Annie E ADAMS) [1927]

Hans BRANDENBURG {DE} (M: 1885 Oct 18 - 1968 May 8)

William Aaron BRANDENBURG {US} (M: 1869 Oct 10 - 1940 Oct 29)

Clemens BRANDENBURGER (M: 1879 - 1947)
*	Polnische Geschichte [n|Ge-1907]
	Polnische Geschichte (2e w Manfred LAUBERT) [n|Ge-1927]

Eva BRANDENSTEIN, nee WENDORFF {DE} (F: 1894 Oct 15 - 1952 Oct 22)
	Geheimnisse Um Dr Heßdorf [f|Ge-1938]
	Die Insel Der Verbannten [f|Ge-1939]

Prof, Detlef BRANDES {DE} (M: 1941 May 1 - living 2021)

Edvard/Edward BRANDES {DK} (M: c1847 - 1931 Dec 20)

Georg/George (Morris Cohen) BRANDES {DK} (M: 1842 Feb 4 - 1927 Feb 19)
	Main Currents Of The Literature Of The 19th Century [6v|n|?]
	Ludvig Holberg [n|?]
	Sören Kierkegaard [n|?]
	Danish Poets [n|?]
	Impressions Of Poland [n|?]
	Impressions Of Russia [n|?]
	Berlin [n|?]
	Ferdinand Lassalle [n|?]
	Lord Beaconsfield [n|?]
	William Shakespeare [n|?]
	Men And Works [n|?]
	Men Of The Modern Revival [n|?]
	A Study Of Ibsen [n|?]
	Poems [p|1896]
8160	Recollections Of My Childhood And Youth [a|1906]
	Complete Works [21v|1910]
	The Jesus Myth [n|1925]
	Hellas [1925]
	Petrus [1926]
	Main Currents [6v|n|?]
	Shakespeare [n|?]
	Beaconsfield [n|?]
	Poland [n|?]
	Creative Spirits [n|?]
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	The World At War [n|?]
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	  Voltaire [n|?-1916] (tr Pierce BUTLER & Otto KRUGER) [1930]
	Julius Cæsar [2v|n|?-?]
	  Cæsar [2v|n|?-?] (tr ?) [?]
	Goethe [2v|n|?-?]
	  Goethe [2v|n|?-?] (tr ?) [?]
	Michel Angelo [2v|n|?]
*	Moderne Geister [n|Ge-1901]

Prof, Joseph BRANDES {US} (M: 1928 Jan 23 - 2017 Jan 12)
	Herbert Hoover And Economic Diplomacy [n|1962]

Rudolf BRANDES {DE} (M: 1892 Feb 12 - 1967 Sep 6)

Jannie (Mrs)BRANDES-BRILLESLIJPER {NL} (F: 1916 Oct 24 - 2003 Aug 15)

(Mary) Rebecca (Wadsworth) BRANDEWYNE, Mrs BROCK {US} (F: 1955 Mar 4 - ?)

Prof, Carl Theodore (Christian) BRANDHORST {US} (M: 1898 Aug 24 - 1988 Sep 3)

Carlos BRANDI {UY} (M: 1923 - ?)

Prof, Louis Maurice BRANDIN {FR} (M: 1874 Mar 18 - 1940 Dec 7)
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Sir, Dietrich BRANDIS (M: 1824 Mar 31 - 1907 May 29)
	Forest Flora Of NW And Central India [n|1874]

Ernst (Friedrich Eduard) BRANDIS {DE} (M: 1880 Apr 22 - 1945 Dec 24)
	Miet- Und Wohnungsrecht In Reich Und Ländern [n|Ge-1925]
	Der Gesetzentwurf Über Das Unehelichenrecht Und Seine Probleme [n|Ge-1929]
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	Mieterschutz Im Neuen Reich (2e w E L REXROTH) [n|Ge-1936]
	Das Neue Personenstandsgesetz Vom 3 November 1937 (jt ed) [n|Ge-1937]
	Gesetzgebung Im Personenstandswesen (w Franz MASSFELLER) [n|Ge-1939]

Henriette BRANDIS (F: 1819 - 1874)

Alois BRANDL {AT} (M: 1855 Jun 21 - 1940 Feb 5)
	Mittelenglische Sprach- Und Literaturproben (w Otto ZIPPEL) [n|Ge-1917]
	Shakespeare [n|Ge-1922]
	Zwischen Inn Und Themse [n|Ge-1936]
	Forschungen Und Charakteristiken [n|Ge-1936]
	Middle English Literature (jt ed) [n|?/1947]

Franz BRANDL {AT} (M: 1875 Apr 14 - 1953 Mar 15)

Willy BRANDL {DE} (M: 1889 Feb 20 - 1958 May 31)


Walter BRANDLIGT {NL} (M: 1901 - 1943 Oct 1)
	Kerels In Grandel [Du-1935]
	Concubinaat [Du-1938]
	De Kromme Voorzienigheid [Du-c1945]

Charles BRANDLING (M: 1733 - 1802)
	Asylum For Fugitive Pieces [1799]

Henry Charles BRANDLING (M: c1822 - 1897 Jun 15)

Michael BRANDMAN {US} (M: ? - ?)

Matthias BRANDNER (see: Otto KINDLER)

Marlon BRANDO (Jr) {US} (M: 1924 Apr 3 - 2004 Jul 1)

Capt, (Roy? Victor?) BRANDON {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	A River Of Gold [f|?]

Alicia BRANDON (see: Stella CAMERON & Linda RICE)

Beatrice BRANDON (see: Robert Wilson KREPPS)

Bruce BRANDON (see: Wilbur BRAUN)

Carl BRANDON (see: Terry (Gene) CARR & ?)

Curris BRANDON {US?} (?: ? - ?)
R	David Woodburn, The Mountain Missionary [f|1865]

Curt BRANDON (see: Curtis (Kent) BISHOP)

Prof, David BRANDON (M: 1941 Jan 15 - 2001 Nov 26)

Dorothy BRANDON, nee BARRETT {US} (F: c1899 Feb 24 - 1977 Jun 15)
	Mamie Doud Eisenhower [b|1954]
	The Man Schling Book Of Indoor Gardening [n|1963]

Dorothy (Kate) BRANDON {UK} (F: 1882 Apr 30 - 1967 Apr 20)
	The Davosers [d|1911]
	Venus On Earth [d|1913]
	Wild Heather [d|1917]
	Araminta Arrives (w J C SNAITH) [d|1921]
	The Outsider [d|1923/1926]
	Blind Alley [d|1926]
	The Black Ace (w Negley FARSON) [d|1929]
	The Master Of Thornfield [d|1934]
	The Stars Foretell [d|1938]
	The Absence Of Dr Browne [d|1940]

(Howell) Frances (nee)Sweeney BRANDON {US} (F: 1916 Jun 23 - 2011 Feb 26)
	Rosie The Rock Hound [1963]

(Oscar) Henry BRANDON {UK} (M: 1916 Mar 9 - 1993 Apr 20)
	As We Are [n|1961]

Hugh Earle BRANDON {AU} (M: 1906 Jul 24 - 1984 Apr 19)

Jay BRANDON {US} (M: 1953 - ?)

Joanna BRANDON (see: Ken HARPER & Olivia HARPER)

Jocelyn BRANDON {UK} (M: 1865 May 30 - 1948 May 24)

Joe BRANDON (see: Robert P DAVIS)

John Gordon BRANDON {AU} (M: 1879 (or 1880) - 1941)
	The Big Heart [f|1923]
	Young Love [f|1925]
	The Joy Ride [f|1927]
	The Silent House (w ?) [d|pro:1927]
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	Nighthawks! [f|1929]
	Th' Big City [f|1930]
	The Black Joss [f|1931]
	West End! [f|1933]
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	The Survivor's Secret [f|1933]
	The Tragedy Of The West End Actress [f|1933]
	The Championship Crime [f|1934]
	The Chink's Victim [f|1934]
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	Murder On The Stage [f|1934]
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	By Order Of The Tong [f|1935]
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	The Riverside Mystery [f|1935]
	The Red Boomerang [f|1935]
	The Downing Street Discovery [f|1935]
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	The Secret Cargo Of Chi Lee [f|1936]
	The Victim Of The Thieves' Den [f|1936]
	The Pawnshop Murder [f|1936]
	The Mystery Of The Murdered Blonde [f|1936]
	The Mystery Of The Three Acrobats [f|1936]
	The Case Of The Night Club Queen [f|1936]
	Dead Man's Evidence [f|1936]
	Murder On The Fourth Floor [f|1936]
	The 'Snatch' Game [f|1936]
	The Case Of The Withered Hand [f|1936]
	Death Tolls The Gong [f|1936]
	The Dragnet [f|1936]
	CID [f|1936]
	Murder At The Yard [f|1936]
	The Girl Who Knew Too Much [f|1936]
	The Bond Street Murder [f|1937]
	The Bond Street Raiders [f|1937]
	The Crime In The Kiosk [f|1937]
	Death In Downing Street [f|?]
	The Diamond Of Ti Lingo [f|1937]
	The Mystery Of The Murdered Sentry [f|1937]
	The Mystery Of X20 [f|1937]
	The Spy From Spain [f|1937]
	The Tattooed Triangle [f|1937]
	The Victim Of The Secret Service [f|1937]
	The Hand Of Seeta [f|1937]
	The Mail Van Mystery [f|1937]
	The Man From Italy [f|1937]
	The Melbourne Mystery [f|1937]
	Murder In Soho [f|1937]
	Murder On The High Seas [f|1938]
	The Mystery Of The Dead Man's Wallet [f|1938]
	The Mystery Of The Murdered Ice Cream Man [f|1938]
	The Mystery Of The Street Musician [f|1938]
	The Night Club Murder [f|1938]
	The Pigeon Loft Crime [f|1938]
	The Regent Street Raid [f|1938]
	The Roadhouse Mystery [f|1938]
	Bonus For Murder [f|1938]
	The Clue Of The Tattooed Man [f|1938]
	The Cork Street Crime [f|1938]
	The False Alibi [f|1938]
	The £50 Marriage Case (aka: The £250 Marriage) [f|1938]
	The Frame Up [f|1938]
	The Mark Of The Tong [f|1938]
	The Crooked Five! [f|1939]
	Death On Delivery [f|1939]
	Fatal Forgery [f|1939]
	Finger Prints Never Lie [f|1939]
	The Great Taxi Cab Ramp [f|1939]
	In The Hands Of Spies [f|1939]
	The Gunboat Mystery [f|1939]
	The Man From Singapore [f|1939]
	The Man With Jitters [f|1939]
	Mr Pennington Comes Through [f|1939]
	Murder On The Ice Rink [f|1939]
	The Mystery Of The Green Bottle [f|1939]
	The Riddle Of The Greek Financier [f|1940]
	The Riddle Of The Dead Man's Bay [f|1940]
	On Ticket Of Leave [f|1940]
	A Scream In Soho [f|1940]
	The Terror Of The Pacific [f|1940]
	Yellow Gods [f|1940]
	The Black Swastika [f|1940]
	Crook's Cargo [f|1940]
	Death In The Ditch [f|1940]
	Gang War! [f|1940]
	Mr Pennington Goes Nap [f|1940]
	The Death In The Quarry [f|1941]
	Mr Pennington Barges In [f|1941]
	Under Secret Orders [f|1941]
	The Transport Murders [f|1942]
	The Blue-Print Murders [f|1942]
	Murder For A Million [f|1942]
	Mr Pennington Sees Red [f|1942]
	Death In Jermyn Street [f|1942]
	Death In D Division [f|1943]
	Death In Duplicate [f|1945]
	Candidate For A Coffin! [f|1946]
	'M' For Murder [f|1949]
	The Case Of The Would Be Widow! [f|1950]
	The Corpse Rode On [f|1952]
	Murderer's Stand In [f|1953]
	The Call Girl Murders: [f|1954]
	Death Of A Greek [f|1955]
	Murder On The Beam [f|1956]
	Death Of A Socialite [f|1957]
	Murder In Pimlico [f|1958]
	The Corpse From The City [f|1958]
	Death Stalks In Soho! [f|1959]
	Death Comes Swiftly [f|?]
	The Espionage Killings [f|?]

Joshua Arthur BRANDON (M: 1822 - 1847)
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Leonard George BRANDON {UK} (M: 1904 Jun 10 - 1980 Oct 13)
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	A Survey Of British History (w others) [4v|n|1939]

Sqn-Ldr, Lewis BRANDON {UK} (M: 1911 Aug 11 - 2002 Apr 23)
	Night Flyer [a|1961]

Nellie (nee)Wailes BRANDON {US} (F: ? - ?)

Pauline (Fara) (nee)Rouse BRANDON {US} (F: 1898 Jul 9 - 1991 Jan 9)
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(John) Raphael BRANDON (M: 1817 - 1877 Oct 8)
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Rev, Samuel George Frederick BRANDON {UK} (M: 1907 Oct 2 - 1971 Oct 29)
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(David) Stephen BRANDON {UK} (M: 1950 Dec 18 - 2015 Feb 15)

Woodthorpe BRANDON (M: 1813 Nov 28 - 1887 Mar 17)

Hugh BRANDON-COX {UK} (M: 1917 Jun 14 - 2003 Dec 3)

Jevan (Roderick) BRANDON-THOMAS {UK} (M: 1898 Jul 11 - 1977 Sep 14)
	The Other Man [d|1923]
	The Glory Of The Sun [?]
	Passing Brompton Road [?]
	Patchwork [?]
	Who Is Sylvia? [?]

Samuel BRANDRAM (M: 1824 Oct 8 - 1892 Nov 7)

Gyles (Daubeney) BRANDRETH {UK} (M: 1948 Mar 8 - living 2021)

Henry Renaud Turner BRANDRETH {UK} (M: 1914 Sep 26 - 1984 Oct 31)
	Celibacy And Marriage (w Derrick S BAILEY) [n|1946]

Joseph BRANDRETH (M: 1746 - 1815)
	Disputatio Medica De Febribus Intermittentibus [n|La-1770]

Thomas Shaw BRANDRETH (M: 1788 Jul 24 - 1873 May 27)

J R BRANDRUP {US} (M: 1864 - ?)
	Saga Of A Commercial Educator [a|?]

Maria BRANDRUP, Mrs von SCHWEINITZ {DE} (F: 1899 Dec 8 - 1968 Apr 5)
(ps: Mary BRAND)
	Moderne Amerikanische Kurzgeschichten (ed) [s|Ge-c1956]
	Klassische Amerikanische Kurzgeschichten (ed) [s|Ge-c1956]
	Die Amerikanische Kleinstadt (ed) [Ge-c1956]

Karl BRANDSCH {RO} (M: 1886 Mar 8 - 1950 May 14)

	Eric's Vacation [1899]

Adele BRANDSTIFT (see: Carl RUHEN)

Beverly BRANDT (F: ? - ?)
(&ps: Jacey FORD)

(Herman) Bill(=William) BRANDT {UK} (M: 1904 (or 1905) May 2 (or 3) - 1983 Dec 20)
	The English At Home [n|1936]
	A Night In London [n|1938]
	Camera In London [n|1948]
	Literary Britain [n|1951]
	Perspective Of Nudes [n|1961]
	Shadow Of Light [n|1966/77]

Carlos BRANDT (TORTOLERO) {VE} (M: 1875 Oct 2 - 1964 Feb 27)
	La Belleza De La Mujer [Sp-1901]
	El Modernismo [n|Sp-?]
	Fundamentos De La Moral [n|Sp-1913]
	  The Vital Problem [n|Sp-1913] (tr ?) [?]
	La Clave Del Misterio [Sp-?]
	Diógenes, El Atleta De La Voluntad [Sp-?]
	Giordano Bruno, El Mártir Más Auténtico De La Historia [b|Sp-?]
	Spinoza Y El Panteísmo [n|Sp-?]
	La Epoca Del Terror [n|Sp-?]
	Patología Racional [n|Sp-?]
	Beethoven [b|Sp-?]
	Cervantes, El Titán De La Literatura [b|Sp-?]
	El Sendero De La Salud [Sp-?]
	El Misterioso Almirante [Sp-?]
	Camino De Perfección [Sp-?]
	La Paz Universal [Sp-?]
	Los Enigma De La Ciencia [n|Sp-?]
	Leonardo Da Vinci [b|Sp-?]
	La Superstición Médica [n|Sp-?]
	El Vegetarianismo [n|Sp-?]
	El Fundamento De La Moral [n|Sp-?]
	Siluetas Luminosas [Sp-?]
	Bajo La Tiranía De Cipriano Castro [Sp-?]

Catharine (Demotte) BRANDT, nee GATES {US} (F: 1905 Jan 23 - 1997 May 15)

Edward BRANDT {DE} (M: 1882 Aug 6 - 1954 Mar 14)
	Mein Garten [Ge-1939]

Elisabeth Luise von BRANDT (see: Elisabeth Luise WISCHNIEWSKI)

Francis Frederick BRANDT (M: 1819 - 1874 Dec 6)

Fred BRANDT (M: ? - ?)
11510	Fascinating San Francisco (w Andrew Y WOOD) [1921]

Fredric BRANDT {US} (M: 1949 Jun 26 - 2015 Apr 5)

G N BRANDT {DK?} (?: ? - ?)
9264	Vand- Og Stenhoejsplanter En Vejledning For Havevenner [Da-?]
10218	Stauder [Da-?]

Prof, George(=Georg) (Willhelm) BRANDT {DE/UK?} (M: 1920 Oct 8 - 2007 Sep 24)

Harvey BRANDT (see: William Bennett EDWARDS)

Heinz BRANDT {DDR} (M: 1909 Aug 16 - 1986 Jan 8)

Helmut BRANDT {DE} (M: 1911 Jul 16 - 1998 Oct 31)
	Die Durchbrechung Der Meistbegünstigung [n|Ge-1933]
	Übersichtliches Devisenrecht (w F KAISER) [n|Ge-1936]

Jane (Clark De Lange) (nee)Lewis BRANDT, 1:Mrs BISSELL {US} (F: 1915 Sep 10 - 2003 Feb 1)
(&ps: Lange LEWIS)
	Murder Among Friends (ps: Lange LEWIS) [f|1942]
	Juliet Dies Twice (ps: Lange LEWIS) [f|1943]
	Cypress Man (ps: Lange LEWIS) [f|1944]
	The Birthday Man (ps: Lange LEWIS) [f|1945]
	The Passionate Victims (ps: Lange LEWIS) [f|1952]

Joe BRANDT (M: ? - ?)
	Flattery [1924]
	Jealousy [1924]
	Passions Of The North [1924]
	The Price Of Pleasure [1924]
	Rose Of The Follies [1924]
	Sealed Lips [1924]
	Mind Your Own Business [1924]
	No Place Like Home [1924]
	The Penalty Of Jazz [1924]
	The Scarlet Rumor [1924]
	Stop, Look And Love [1924]

Johanna BRANDT, nee van WARMELO {ZA} (F: 1876 Nov 18 - 1964 Jan 13)
(&ps: Marcus ROMONDT)
	Het Concentratie-Kamp Van Iréne [n|Du-1905]
	Die Kappie Kommando; Of, Boerevrouwen In Geheime Dienst [n|Du-1913]
20194	  The Petticoat Commando; or, Boer Women.. [n|Du-1913] (tr ?) [1913]
	Die Millennium (ps: Marcus ROMONDT) [n|Du-1917]
	  The Millenium (ps: Marcus ROMONDT) [n|Du-1917] (tr ?) [1918]
	Die Smeltkroes (ps: Marcus ROMONDT) [Af-1920]
	The Fasting-Book [n|1921]
	Patricia: A South African Romance (ps: Marcus ROMONDT) [f|1927]
	The Red Octopus [f|1927]
	The Grape Cure For Cancer.. [n|1928]
	Elinda [1938]

Johannes BRANDT {AT} (M: 1894 Oct 31 - 1955 Feb 20 or Mar 10)

John C BRANDT {US} (M: 1934 - living 2017)

Rev, John Lincoln BRANDT {US} (M: 1860 Oct 26 - 1946 Mar 27)
	Lord's Supper [n|1888]
	Turning Points In Life [n|1890]
	Marriage And The Home [n|1892]
	The False And The True [n|1893]
	Soul Saving Sermons [e|1895]
	Anglo-Saxon Supremacy [n|1915]
	Great Bible Questions [n|1926]
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Kathy BRANDT, Mrs MADDOX {US} (F: ? - ?)

Louis Kohl BRANDT {US} (M: 1912 Aug 26 (wrongly 28) - 1997 Feb 27)
	Mississippi Corporate Fees And Taxes [n|1948]
	Financing Corporations [n|1952]
	Syllabus To Financing Business [n|1957]

Lyle BRANDT (see: Michael NEWTON)

Matteo BRANDT (M: ? - ?)
	Bertram Pelham Fane [f|1868]

Otto BRANDT {DE} (M: 1892 Aug 26 - 1935 Jan 16)
	August Wilhelm Schlegel [n|Ge-1919]
	Geistesleben Und Politik In Schleswig-Holstein Um Die Wende.. [n|Ge-1924]
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	Der Freiheitskampf Schwedens Unter Gustav Wasa [n|Ge-1931]
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Otto Hermann BRANDT {DE} (M: 1883 Apr 4 - 1934 Apr 15)
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	Der Große Bauernkrieg [n|Ge-1925]
	Die Fugger [n|Ge-1928]
	Thomas Müntzer [b|Ge-1933]

Paul BRANDT (M: 1875 - 1929)
(ps: Hans LICHT)
	Sittengeschichte Greichenlands [n|Ge-?]
	  Sexual Life In Ancient Greece [n|Ge-?] (tr J H FREESE) [1931]

Paul BRANDT {DE} (M: 1893 Apr 15 - 1969 Nov 8)
(ps: P M RIGHT)

Prof, Richard Booker BRANDT {US} (M: 1910 Oct 17 - 1997 Sep 10)

Prof, Richard Martin BRANDT {US} (M: 1922 - 1997)

Rolf(=Rudolf) Alexander BRANDT {UK} (M: 1906 - 1986 Jan 30)
	The Man With The Red Umbrella [1946]

Rut BRANDT, nee HANSEN, 1:Mrs BERGAUST {NO/DE} (F: 1920 Jan 10 - 2006 Jul 28)

Prof, Thomas Otto BRANDT, aka Otto HIRSCHMANN {AT/US:1939on} (M: 1906 Nov 18 - 1968 Jan 6)

Tom BRANDT (see: Thomas Blanchard DEWEY)

William Edward BRANDT {US} (M: 1920 Jan 14 - 2009 May 23)
	The Way Of Music [n|1963]

Prof, William Jeans BRANDT {US} (M: 1917 Oct 28 - 1998 Apr 27)

Willy BRANDT (see: Herbert Ernst Karl FRAHM)

Peter BRANDVOLD {US} (M: c1965 - ?)
(&ps: Frank LESLIE)

Paul BRANDWEIN {US} (M: ? - ?)
	The Teaching Of Science As Enquiry.. (w Joseph J SCHWAB) [n|1962]
	The Biology Teacher's Handbook (w Joseph J SCHWAB) [n|1963]

James BRANDWOOD (M: 1739 Nov 11 - 1826 Mar 23)

Bruno BRANDY (see: Robert (Gottlieb) GRÖTSCH)

Kazimierz BRANDYS {PL} (M: 1916 Oct 27 - 2000 Mar 11)

John BRANFIELD {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	A Flag In The Map [f|1960]
	Look The Other Way [f|1963]

John Richard BRANFIELD (M: ? - ?)

Fred(=Fredrick) (Robert) BRANFMAN {US} (M: 1942 Mar 18 - 2014 Sep 24)

Sir, Arthur Mudge BRANFOOT {UK} (M: 1848 Feb 27 - 1914 Mar 17)
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Frederick Victor BRANFORD {UK} (M: 1892 Apr 4 - 1941 Dec 12)
	Titans And Gods [p|1922]
	The White Stallion [?]

Henrietta (Diana Primrose Longstaff) BRANFORD {UK} (F: 1946 Jan 12 - 1999 Apr 23)

William Richard Grenville BRANFORD {UK} (M: 1927 - ?)

Charles BRANGWYN (see: Edward Charles REED)

Sir, Frank(=François) (Guillaume/William) BRANGWYN {UK} (M: 1867 May 13 - 1956 Jun 11)
	Belgium [n|1916]
	The Way Of The Cross [1935]

Levi BRANHAM {US} (M: 1852 - 1944 Jul 21)
T	My Life And Travels [a|1929]

William Marrion BRANHAM {US} (M: 1909 Apr 6 - 1965 Dec 24)

Rev, William BRANKS (M: ? - 1879 Feb 18)

Franklyn Mansfield BRANLEY {US} (M: 1915 Jun 5 - 2002 May 5)
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	The Sun And The Solar System [n|1996/97]
	Down Comes The Rain [n|1997/99]
	Day Light, Night Light [n|1998/99]
	Floating In Space [n|1998/99]

Esther BRANN {US?} (F: ? - ?)

Rev, Henry Athanasius BRANN (M: 1837 Aug 15 - 1921)
	Waifs And Strays [2v|e|1909]
	Curious Questions [n|?]
	Truth And Error [n|?]
	The Age Of Unreason [n|?]
	Most Reverend John Hughes, First Archbishop Of New York [b|?]

William Cowper BRANN (M: 1855 Jan 4 - 1898 Apr 2 (or 1))
	Retribution [d|pro:1893]
	Potiphar's Wife [1897]
	Brann's Scrap-Book [1898]
567	Brann The Iconoclast [1903]

Louisa BRANNAN {US?} (F: ? - ?)
	Two Villages [n|1911]

Sterling BRANNEN {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	Snacks [p|c1947]

Hans Christian BRANNER {DK} (M: 1903 Jun 23 - 1966 Apr 23 or 24)
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	Barnet Leger Ved Stranden [Da-1937]
	Om Lidt Er Vi Borte [f|Da-1939]
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	Angst [f|Da-1947]
	Rytteren [Da-1949]
	Søskende [d|Da-1952]
	Ingen Kender Natten [Da-1955]
	Vandring Langs Floden [e|Da-1956]
	Thermopylæ [Da-1958]
	Ariel [f|Da-1963]

Prof, John Casper BRANNER {US} (M: 1850 Jul 4 - 1922 Mar 1)

Martin Michael BRANNER {US} (M: 1888 Dec 28 - 1970 May 19)

Prof, Robert (Jay) BRANNER {US} (M: 1927 Jan 13 - 1973 Nov 27)
	Burgundian Gothic Architecture [n|1960]
	Gothic Architecture [n|1961]

Frank(=Francis) (L) BRANNIGAN {US} (M: 1918 Oct 13 - 2006 Jan 10)

Carmen BRANNON (F: 1899 - 1974)

George BRANNON (M: ? - ?)
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William Tibbetts BRANNON {US} (M: 1906 Mar 3 (or 6) - 1981 Jul 30)
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	The Lady Killers [1951]
	Con Man (w J R WEIL) [1957]
	The Crooked Cops [1962]

Mary (E/Hanford) BRANNUM, Mrs BRINGLE {US} (F: 1938 - 2015)
(&ps: Mary BRINGLE; Kathleen MORRIS)

Prof, (Bennett) Harvie BRANSCOMB {US} (M: 1894 Dec 25 - 1998 Jul 24)
	The Message Of Jesus [n|1926]
	The Teachings Of Jesus [n|1931]
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Arthur BRANSCOMBE {UK} (M: 1862 - 1924 Feb 14 or 20)

Mrs Graham, BRANSCOMBE, nee ? (F: ? - ?)
	Edith Vavasour [f|1876]

Prof, Peter (John) BRANSCOMBE {UK} (M: 1929 Dec 7 - 2008 Dec 31)

Robbie (Nell Tilley) BRANSCUM, nee ?, 2:Mrs CARRICO {US} (F: 1934 (or 1937) Jun 17 - 1997 May 24)

Brian Harold BRANSDEN {UK} (M: 1926 - ?)

Kent Jackson BRANSFORD {US} (M: 1953 Dec 20 - ?)

Brig-Gen, Harold Ian BRANSOM {UK} (M: 1912 Jun 29 - 1989)
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(J) Paul BRANSOM {US} (M: 1885 Jul 26 - 1979 Jul 19)

Clive (Ali Chimmo) BRANSON {UK} (M: 1907 Sep 8 - 1944 Feb 25)
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T	Branson & Farrar's North Carolina Business Directory.. [n|1866]

Maj, Lionel Hugh BRANSON {UK} (M: 1879 Apr 8 - 1946 Apr 18)
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27353	Indian Conjuring [n|1922]
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Noreen BRANSON, nee BROWNE {UK} (F: 1910 May 16 - 2003 Oct 25)
(&ps: Katherine HOOD)
	Room At The Bottom (ps: Katherine HOOD) [n|1960]
	History Of The Communist Party Of Great Britain, v3 [n|?]

Paul BRANSON {US} (M: 1885 - ?)

Sir, Richard (Charles Nicholas) BRANSON {UK} (M: 1950 Jul 18 - living 2018)

Sam BRANSON {UK} (M: c1980 - ?)

William Philip Sutcliffe BRANSON {UK} (M: 1874 Sep 17 - 1950 Mar 5)
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Frank BRANSTON {UK} (M: 1939 May 9 - 2009 Aug 14)

Cyr de BRANT (see: Joseph Vincent HIGGINSON)

Henry (Dreyfuss) BRANT {US} (M: 1913 Sep 15 - 2008 Apr 26)
	Textures And Timbre [n|?]

Irving (Newton) BRANT {US} (M: 1885 Jan 17 - 1976 Sep 18)
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Chief, Joseph BRANT (M: 1742 - 1807 Nov 24)

Kylie BRANT {US} (F: ? - ?)
	A Darker Truth [f|2020]

Lewis BRANT (see: Donald Sydney ROWLAND)

Per BRANT (M: 1714 - 1767)

Richard William BRANT {UK} (M: 1852 Aug 24 - 1934 Mar 29)

Prof, Sebastian BRANT (M: c1457 - 1521 May 10)
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20179	  The Ship Of Fools [p|Ge-1494] (tr Alexander BARCLAY) [1509]
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Gerd BRANTENBERG {NO} (M: 1941 - ?)

Edward J BRANTHWAYT (M: ? - ?)
	Deerbrooke Parsonage [f|1858]
	The Wayward Heart [f|1860]

Maximilian BRANTL {DE} (M: 1881 Nov 19 - 1951 Oct 6)
(ps: Maximilian BRAND)

Mary E BRANTLEY {US} (F: 1906 May 4 or 14 - 1982 Dec)

William Henderson BRANTLEY, Jr {US} (M: 1898 Sep 17 - 1964)

Cecil Frank BRANTNER {US} (M: 1892 Aug 24 - 1965 Mar 19)
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William BRANTOM {UK} (M: 1866 Feb 13 - 1942 Nov 26)
(ps: W B L)
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	Various Verses [p|1923]
	Remembrance, And Various Verses [p|c1933]
	War No More, And Various Verses [p|c1936]

Seigneur, Pierre de Bourdeille de BRANTÔME (M: 1540 - 1614)

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Georges BRAQUE {FR} (M: 1882 May 13 - 1963 Sep 1)

Charles (Orwell) BRASCH {NZ} (M: 1909 Jul 27 - 1973 May 20)

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Horst BRASCH {DDR} (M: 1922 Dec 23 - 1989 Aug 18)
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Thomas BRASCH {DE} (M: 1945 Feb 19 - 2001 Nov 3 (or 4))

Wilfredo BRASCHI {PR} (M: 1918 Jul 28 - 1994 Nov 30)
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Jeanne BRASELTON, nee INGRAM {US} (F: 1961 Oct 12 - 2003 Mar 30)

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Jean BRASHEAR {US} (F: ? - ?)

John Alfred BRASHEAR {US} (M: 1840 - 1920)
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Chris(=Christopher) (William) BRASHER {UK} (M: 1928 Aug 21 - 2003 Feb 28)
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Nell (nee)Hughey BRASHER {US} (F: 1912 Dec 1 - 1992 Jan)

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Phelan Bright BRASHER {US} (M: 1900 Mar 23 - 1994 Apr 26)

Howard Charles BRASHERS {US} (M: 1930 Dec 11 - ?)
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William BRASHLER {US} (M: 1947 Aug 11 - ?)

Léon BRASIER (M: ? - ?)
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13219	Les Ordres De Chevalerie.. (w J L BRUNET) [n|Fr-1902]

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Robert BRASILLACH {FR} (M: 1909 Mar 31 - 1945 Feb 6)
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Rev, Bertrand Rippington BRASNETT {UK} (M: 1893 Jan 22 - 1988 Feb 6)
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	God The Worshipful [n|1935]

Norman Vincent BRASNETT {UK} (M: 1894 Dec 12 - 1980 May 25)
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(Luke) Brian BRASON {UK} (M: 1920 Aug 18 - 1983 Dec 31)
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Gill(=Gillian) (M) BRASON, Mrs BUTLER {UK} (F: 1942 - ?)

Käpten, BRASS (see: Ludwig DINKLAGE)

Dennis BRASS {UK} (M: c1913 - 2006)

Lawrence Mitchell BRASS {US} (M: 1956 Apr 9 - 2006 Mar 8)

William BRASS, 1st Baron CHATTISHAM of Clitheroe {UK} (M: 1886 Feb 11 - 1945 Aug 24)
	Westminster Hall, 9 May 1935 [n|1935]
	Westminster Hall, 7 May 1937 [n|1937]

Prof, William BRASS {UK} (M: 1921 Sep 5 - 1999 Nov 11)


Georgie (Alma Elsie) BRASSELL, aka REYNOLDS, aka ALFORD (F: 1901 - ?)
	Fiesta [f|1941]

Georges (Charles) BRASSENS (M: 1921 Oct 22 - 1981 Oct 30)

A D BRASSET (see: Edward Cecil ASH)

Prof, Isidore BRASSEUR (M: 1801 May - 1892 Mar 22)

Abbé, Étienne Charles BRASSEUR De BOURBOURG (M: 1814 Sep 8 - 1874 Jun 2)
(&ps: Étienne-Charles de RAVENSBERG)
I	Esquisse Biographique Sur Mgr De Laval..Évêque.. [b|Fr-c1845]
15309	Rabinal-Achi (ed) [Qu-?]
*	Popol Vuh [n|?-?]
*	L'Histoire Primitive Du Mexique Et De L'Amérique Centrale [n|Fr-?]
*	Relation Des Choses De Yucatan (w others) [n|Fr-?]
*	Vocabulaire Maya-Français (ed) [n|Fr-?]
*	Lelo Lai U Tzolan Katunil Ti Mayab (ed) (tr) [n|?]
*	Esquisse D'Une Grammaire De La Langue Maya [Fr-?]

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*	In The Trades, The Tropics, & The Roaring Forties [n|1885]
29778	The Last Voyage To India And Australia.. (ed M A BROOME) [n|1889]

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Thomas BRASSEY, 1st Earl BRASSEY (M: 1836 Feb 11 - 1918 Feb 23)
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	The British Navy [5v|n|1881]
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Thomas Allnutt BRASSEY, 2nd Earl BRASSEY (M: 1863 Mar 7 - 1919 Nov 12 (wrongly 2))
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	The Case For Devolution [n|1913]

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Frank Hinrich BRASTATT (see: Franz DTKE)

John (Randall) BRATBY {UK} (M: 1928 Jul 19 - 1992 Jul 20)
	Breakdown [f|1960]
	Breakfast And Elevenses [f|1961]
	Break-Pedal Down [f|1962]
	Break 50 Kill [f|1963]
	Studio Publication Of Colour Reproductions Of Own Work [n|1961]

Alfred Lewis BRATCHER {US} (M: 1905 Dec 9 - 1990 Feb 3)

Charlotte BRATE {US} (F: 1890 May 18 - 1967 Jan 15)
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Stanley de BRATH {UK} (M: 1854 Oct - 1937 Dec 20)
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	Deutsches Volksgut [Ge-1934]
	Arbeitstempo Und Schöpferische Pause [Ge-1936]
	Die Freizeit Der Berufstätigen [Ge-1936]

Helene BRATHER {DE} (F: 1876 Jan 12 - 1939 Feb 16)

Errol (Freeman) BRATHWAITE {NZ} (M: 1924 Apr 3 - 2005 Dec 4)
	Fear In The Night [1959]
	An Affair Of Men [?]
	The Flame Box [?]
	The Flying Fish [?]
	The Evil Day [?]
	The Needle's Eye [?]

Wendy BRATHWAITE {CA} (F: ? - ?)
(ps: MOTION)

Kamau BRATHWAITE (see: Lawson Edward BRATHWAITE)

Lawson Edward BRATHWAITE {BB} (M: 1930 May 11 - living 2017)
(ps: Kamau BRATHWAITE)

George H BRATLEY (M: ? - ?)
	The Powers Of The Personality (w Albert Osborne EAVES) [n|1908]

Prof, Elmer Clark BRATT {US} (M: 1901 Nov 12 - 1970 Nov 10)
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	Htis Unbalanced World [n|1940]

Guy Maurice BRATT {UK} (M: 1920 Apr 4 - 2006 May 15)

Harald BRATT (see: August Christian RIEKEL)

John BRATT (M: 1842 - 1918)
	Trails Of Yesterday [a|1921]

Trygve Martin BRATTELI {NO} (M: 1910 Jan 11 - 1984 Nov 19 or 20)

Helge (Axel Kristian) BRATTGÅRD, originally OLSSON {SE} (M: 1920 Jul 26 - 2007 May 8)

William BRATTLE (M: 1662 Nov 22 - 1717 Feb 26)

Prof, Fred Gladstone BRATTON {US} (M: 1896 Mar 17 - 1970 Apr 16)
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	A History Of The Bible [n|1959]
	The First Heretic (UK: The Heretic Pharoah) [b|1961]

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Helen BRATTON, nee STOTT {US} (F: 1899 Jul 17 - 1986 Oct 5)

John Walter BRATTON {US} (M: 1867 Jan 21 - 1947 Feb 7)

Bp, Theodore Du Bose BRATTON {US} (M: 1862 Nov 11 - 1944 Jun 26)
	Wanted - Leaders [n|1922]
	An Apostle Of Reality [b|1936]
	Sermons And Essays [e|?]


Salvador BRAU y ASENCIO (M: 1842 Jan 11 - 1912 (or 1913) Nov 5)
	Puerto Rico And Its History [n|?]
	The History Of Puerto Rico [n|?]
	The Colonization Of Puerto Rico [n|?]
	The Founding Of Ponce [n|?]
	Pecadora? [f|Sp-?]

Friederike BRAUCHBAR-MANNER {AT} (F: 1904 Dec 19 - 1956 Feb 5)
(ps: Martha FLORIAN; Friederike MANNER)
	Die Dunklen Jahre [f|Ge-1948]
	Lesen - Aber Was? (ps: Friederike MANNER) [n|Ge-1955]

Bill(=William) (M) BRAUCHER {US} (M: 1927 Feb 21 - 2004 Mar 26)

Manfred von BRAUCHITSCH {DE} (M: 1905 Aug 15 (or 16) - 2003 Feb 5)
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	Kampf Um Meter Und Sekunden [a|Ge-1952]

Alfred (Karl) BRAUCHLE {DE} (M: 1898 Mar 22 - 1964 Nov 21)
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	Kleine Seelenheilkunde [n|Ge-1927-31]
	Neue Lebensformen [n|Ge-1927-31]
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	Diät Mit Roher Und Vegetarischer Kost [n|Ge-1936]
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Prof, Abraham Isaac BRAUDE {US} (M: 1917 Jun 15 - 1984 Dec 5)
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Prof, Ernest Alexander Rudolph BRAUDE {UK} (M: 1922 Jun 8 - 1956 Jul 23)
	The Determination Of Organic Structures By Physical Methods [n|1955]

Judge, Jacob Morton BRAUDE {US} (M: 1896 Dec 13 - 1970 Dec 24)
	Speaker's Encylopedia Of Stories, Quotations And Anecdotes [n|1955]
	Braude's Second Encylopedia Of Stories, Quotations And Anecdotes [n|1957]

Marjorie BRAUDE {US} (F: 1924 Apr 21 - 2005 Feb 7)

Michael BRAUDE {US} (M: 1909 Jun 9 or 6 - 1986 Nov 29)

Michael BRAUDE (M: 1936 - ?)

Prof, Stephen E BRAUDE {US} (M: 1945 Apr 17 - living 2017)
	ESP And Psychokinesis [n|1979/2002]
	The Limits Of Influence [n|1986/97]

Fernand (Paul) BRAUDEL {FR} (M: 1902 Aug 24 - 1985 Nov 28 (or 27))
	La Méditerranée Et Le Monde Méditerranéen [n|Fr-1949/?/?/80]
	Navires Et Marchandises..Livourne.. (w Ruggiero ROMANO) [n|Fr-1951]
	Le Monde Actuel [n|Fr-1963]
	The Identity Of France [2v|n|1988-90]

Deana BRAUER (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Dana DANIELS; Dena RHEA)

Prof, Jerald Carl BRAUER {US} (M: 1921 Sep 16 - 1999 Sep 26)

Karl BRÄUER {DE} (M: 1881 Jul 16 - 1964 May 12)
	Kritische Studien Zur Literatur Und Quellenkunde.. [n|Ge-1912]
	Die Neuordnung Der Deutschen Finanzwirtschaft.. [n|Ge-1920]
	Die Besteuerung Der Kriegsgewinne In Den Europäischen Staaten [n|Ge-1921]
	Umrisse Und Untersuchungen Zu Einer Lehre Vom Steuertarif [n|Ge-1927]
	Finanzsteuern, Zwecksteuern Und Zweckzuwendung.. [n|Ge-1928]
	Reichs-Tabakmonopol Oder Tabak-Verbrauchsteuer? [n|Ge-1931]
	Bericht Über Den Gründungstag 1936 Und Den Tag.. (ed) [n|Ge-1938]
	Probleme Einer Finanz- Und Steuerreform 1954 [2v|n|Ge-1954]

Peter BRAUER (see: Albert BAGINSKY)

Tim BRAUER (see: Karl BLANCK)

Wolfgang BRAUER {DE} (M: 1925 Apr 15 - ?)
	Der Erkenntnisprozess Im Unterricht Der..Fächer [n|Ge-1954]

Gerard Joseph BRAULT {US} (M: 1929 Nov 7 - 2020 Feb 5)
	Celestine [n|1963]

Lily BRAUMANN-HONSELL {DE} (F: 1876 Apr 19 - 1954 May 25)

Adolphe Armand BRAUN {FR} (M: 1869 Feb 22 - 1938 Nov 1)
	Hieroglyphic Or Greek Method Of Life Drawing [n|?]
	Wilhelm The Ruthless [n|?]
	The Child In Art And Nature [n|?]
	The Radio-Orbicular Process Of Thought [n|?]
	Decorative Writing And Arrangement Of Lettering [n|?]
	The Human Form In Art [n|?]
	Figures, Faces And Folds [n|?]
	Laughs And Smiles, And How To Draw Them [n|?]

Alex BRAUN (see: Alexandrine BRAUNSCHILD)

Antoine (Nicolas) BRAUN (M: 1815 Feb 5 - 1885 Feb 1)
I	Une Fleur Du Carmel,..Marie-Lucie-Hermine Frémont.. [b|Fr-1881]

Arthur E BRAUN {US} (M: 1876 Nov 23 - 1976 Dec 5)

Charles E BRAUN (M: ? - after 1950)
	Wonderful Peace [1924]

Eric (Douglas Hugo) BRAUN {UK} (M: 1921 Mar 31 - 2007 Nov 21)

Georg BRAUN (M: c1540 - 1622)

Gustav BRAUN {AT} (M: 1893 Feb 16 - 1969 Sep 14)
(ps: Edgar WILLIAMS)

Prof, Hanns BRAUN {DE} (M: 1893 Sep 17 - 1966 Sep 25)
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	Teufels Nachspiel [d|Ge-1918]
	Kunterbunt (w ?) [Ge-1922]
	Das Erdbeben Von Carrara [Ge-1924]
	Die Hausgenossen [Ge-1924]
	Die Rache Der Windgötter [Ge-1925]
	Abenteuer In Moll [d|Ge-1925]
	Ein Zwischenfall In Persien [Ge-1934]
	Hier Irrt Goethe - Unter Anderen [n|Ge-1937]
	Vor Den Kulissen [Ge-1938]
	Die Reise Nach Ostafrika [n|Ge-1939]
	Der Gedoppelte Prusias [d|Ge-1946]
	Buch Der Tröstungen (ed) [Ge-1948]
	Theater In Deutschland [n|Ge-1952]

Hans BRAUN {DE} (M: 1883 Feb 4 - 1945 Oct 17)
	Der Geistliche In Acht [f|Ge-1928]
	Seemannsbraut [f|Ge-1930]
	Trotzdem Lachen! [f|Ge-1934]

Harald BRAUN {DE} (M: 1901 Apr 26 - 1960 Sep 24)

Herman A BRAUN (M: ? - ?)
	Andersonville, An Object Lesson On Protection [1892]

Isabella BRAUN (F: 1815 - 1886)
	Heinrich Findelkind [f|Ge-1886]

Jackie BRAUN, Mrs FRIDLINE {US} (F: ? - ?)

Bp, Johannes BRAUN {DE} (M: 1919 Oct 28 - 2004 Jul 17)

Konrad BRAUN (M: 1491 - 1563 Jun 20)

Lilian (Edith) (nee)Jackson BRAUN, 2:Mrs BETTINGER {US} (F: 1913 (wrongly 1916) Jun 20 - 2011 Jun 4 (wrongly 5))

Lily(=Amalie) BRAUN, nee von KRETSCHMANN, 1:Mrs von GIZYCKI (F: 1865 Jul 2 - 1916 Aug 9 (or Jan 3 or Aug 8))
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14075	Die Frauenfrage: Ihre Geschichtliche Entwicklung.. [n|Ge-1901]
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16301	Memoiren Einer Sozialistin [2v|a|Ge-1909-11]
*	Die Liebesbriefe Der Marquise [Ge-?]
	Die Frauen Und Die Politik [n|Ge-?]
	Memoiren Einer Sozialistin [f|Ge-?]
	Mutterschaft [e|Ge-?]
	Die Frauen Und Der Krieg [n|Ge-?]
	Lebenssucher [f|Ge-?]
	Frauenarbeit Und Beruf [n|Ge-?]
	Wahrheit Oder Legende [Ge-?]
	Die Mutterschaftsversicherung [n|Ge-?]

Matt(=Matthew) BRAUN {US} (M: 1932 Nov 15 - ?)
	The Killing Touch [f|?]
	The Road To Hell [f|?]
	A Time Of Innocence [f|?]

Max BRAUN {DE} (M: 1874 Nov 17 - 1967 Dec 27)

Otto BRAUN (M: 1897 Jun 27 - 1918 Apr 29)
	Gedichte [p|Ge-?]

Otto BRAUN {DE} (M: 1872 Jan 28 - 1955 Dec 15)
	Von Weimar Zu Hitler [a|Ge-1940]

Otto BRAUN {DDR} (M: 1900 Sep 28 - 1974 Aug 15)
	In Der Münchner Freien Sozialistischen Jugend [Ge-1959]

Otto Hans BRAUN {DE} (M: 1879 Dec 13 - c1949)
(ps: Fritz STEINEMANN)

Otto Rudolf BRAUN {AT} (M: 1931 - ?)

Peter BRAUN {DE} (M: 1909 May 16 - 1970 Sep 28)

Richard Emil BRAUN {US} (M: 1934 Nov 22 - ?)
	Companions To Your Doom [p|1961]
	Children Passing [p|1962]

Sanford BRAUN {US} (M: 1935 Dec 30 - living 2017)
(ps: Sandy KOUFAX)

Shony Alex BRAUN {US} (M: c1932 - 2002 Oct 4)

Volker BRAUN {DE} (M: 1939 May 7 - ?)

Freiherr, Wernher (Magnus Maximilian) von BRAUN {DE/US:1955on} (M: 1912 Mar 3 - 1977 Jun 16)
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	Conquest Of The Moon (w others) [n|1953]
	The Exploration Of Mars [n|1956]
	First Men To The Moon [n|1960]
	A Journey Through Space And The Atom [n|1962]
	History Of Rocketry And Space Travel (w F I ORDWAY) [n|1966/75]
	Space Frontier [n|1967/71]

Wilbur BRAUN {US?} (M: 1896 - ?)
(&ps: Ned ALBERT; Bruce BRANDON; Peggy FERNWAY; Basil RING; Wayne WARREN)
	The Poor Fish [d|1934]
	Among Those Presents (ps: Peggy FERNWAY) [d|1936]
	Bringing Up Father (ps: Bruce BRANDON) [d|1936]
	Foxy Mrs Foster: A Farcical Fun Fest (ps: Bruce BRANDON) [d|1936]
	The Glamour Girl (ps: Peggy FERNWAY) [d|1936]
	Young Smitty (ps: Wayne WARREN) [d|1936]
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	On The Bridge At Midnight (ps: Bruce BRANDON) [d|1937]
	The Midnight Ghost (ps: Basil RING) [d|1937]
	High Pressure Homer (ps: Bruce BRANDON) [d|1937]
	Junior's Moustache (ps: Bruce BRANDON) [d|1937]
	Comin' Round The Mountain (ps: Ned ALBERT) [d|1938]
	Polly Put The Kettle On (ps: Peggy FERNWAY) [d|1938]
	Sulphur And Molasses (ps: Ned ALBERT) [d|1939]
	Bringin' Home The Bacon (ps: Bruce BRANDON) [d|1940]
	Tell It To Sweeney! (ps: Bruce BRANDON) [d|1941]
	East Lynne (ps: Ned ALBERT) [d|1941]
	I'm In The Army Now! (ps: Ned ALBERT) [1941]
	Hillbilly Sue (ps: Ned ALBERT) [d|1941]
	Ma Simpkins Of Simpkinsville (ps: Peggy FERNWAY) [d|1941]
	I Pledge Allegiance! (ps: Basil RING) [d|1942]
	Down In The Heart Of Texas (ps: Ned ALBERT) [d|1942]
	Girls Of The USA (ps: Peggy FERNWAY) [d|1942]
	The Girls Take Over (ps: Peggy FERNWAY) [d|1943]
	Life At Aunt Minnie's (ps: Peggy FERNWAY) [d|1944]
	Our Girl Sal (ps: Peggy FERNWAY) [d|1947]
	Confidentailly (ps: Peggy FERNWAY) [d|1949]
	The Hick From Hicksville (ps: Ned ALBERT) [d|1949]
	The Roof Fell In (ps: Ned ALBERT) [d|1949]
	Curiosity (ps: Peggy FERNWAY) [d|1950]
	Fresh As Pint (ps: Peggy FERNWAY) [d|1950]

Wilhelm Alfred BRAUN {CA} (M: 1873 Sep 6 - 1954 Oct 12)
17364	Types Of Weltschmerz In German Poetry [n|1905]


Reinhold BRAUN(-ECKELSBACH) {DE} (M: 1879 Dec 10 - 1959 Dec 14)

Käthe BRAUN-PRAGER {AT} (F: 1888 Feb 12 - 1967 Jun (or Apr) 18)
	Stern Im Schnee [p|Ge-1949]


Elizabeth BRAUND {UK} (F: 1921 Jun 17 - 2013 May 20)

Helmut von BRÄUNDLE-FALKENSEE {AT} (M: 1950 Aug 31 - 2007 Oct 14)

Rudolf BRAUNE {DE} (M: 1907 Feb 16 - 1932 Jun 12)
	Das Mädchen An Der Orga Privat [f|Ge-1930]

(Theodor) Wilhelm BRAUNE (M: 1850 - 1926)
*	A Gothic Grammar With Selections For Reading And A Glossary [n|1883/95]

Prof, Dale C BRAUNGART {US} (M: 1912 Jun 7 - 2002 Jul 17)

Richard BRAUNGART {DE} (M: 1872 Feb 19 - 1963 Feb 20)

Eugen Gustav Wilhelm BRAUNHOLTZ {UK?} (M: 1859 Jan 21 - 1941 Feb 8)
	The Medieval And Modern Languages Tripos [n|1892]
	Books Of Reference For Students And Teachers Of French [n|1901]

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	The Well In Ancient Arabia [n|1925]
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	Zwei Türkische Weltkarten Aus Dem Zeitalter..Entdeckungen [n|Ge-1937]

Anton von BRAUNMÜHL (M: ? - ?)
	Christoph Scheiner Als Mathematiker, Physiker Und Astronom [b|Ge-1891]

Kurt BRAUNREUTHER {DDR} (M: 1913 Jul 28 - 1975 Jul 19)

Walter BRAUNS {DE} (M: 1895 Jan 6 - 1940 Jun 8)

Alexandrine BRAUNSCHILD {DE} (F: 1858 Apr 22 - 1935 Mar 22)
(ps: Alex BRAUN; Hans PETERS)

Elizabeth von BRAUNSCHWEIG-LÜNEBURG (F: 1519 - 1558)

Sibylle Ursula von BRAUNSCHWEIG-LÜNEBURG (F: 1629 - 1691)

Sophie Elisabeth BRAUNSCHWEIG-LÜNEBURG (F: 1613 - 1676)

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Richard (Gary) BRAUTIGAN {US} (M: 1933 (or 1935) Jan 30 - 1984 Sep (wrongly Oct) c14)
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	The Abortion [?]
	A Confederate General From Big Sur [?]
	Dreaming Of Babylon [?]
	So The Wind Won't Blow It All Away [?]

Erich BRAUTLACHT {DE} (M: 1902 Aug 5 - 1957 Dec 28)

Ernst BRAUWEILER {DE} (M: 1889 Jun 18 - 1945 Aug 3)
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Vittorio Emanuele BRAVETTA {IT} (M: 1889 Dec 1 - 1965 Dec 24)
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	Gli Amori Del Vento [p|It-1922]
	Il Mistero Degli Undici Volti [p|It-1923]
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	La Corona Del Re [It-1925]
	L'Elefante Azzurro [It-1926]
	I Cavalli Del Sole [It-1927]
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	Naga [It-1928]
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José Maria BRAVO {ES} (M: 1917 Apr 8 - 2009 Dec 26)

Prof, Luis BRAVO {UY} (M: 1957 Jul 5 - ?)

Mario BRAVO {AR} (M: 1882 Jun 27 - 1944 Mar 17)
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Ramón BRAVO (SUÁREZ) {VE} (M: 1934 Dec 22 - ?)

Benjamin Griffith BRAWLEY {US} (M: 1882 Apr 22 - 1939 Feb 1)
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	The Problem.. [p|1905]
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T	Women Of Achievement [b|1919]
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Anna Livia Julian BRAWN {IE?} (F: 1955 Nov 13 - 2007 Aug 6)
(ps: Anna LIVIA)

Prof, Michael BRAWNE, ne BRAUN {UK} (M: 1925 May 5 - 2003 Jul 28)

Helen BRAWNER (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Geoffrey COFFIN (2))

Mrs, (Anna Eliza) BRAY, nee KEMPE, 1:Mrs STOTHARD (F: 1790 Dec 25 - 1883 Jan 21)
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	Roseteague [f|1874]
	The Talba [f|?]
	Branded [f|?]

Alan (Julian Michael) BRAY (M: 1948 Oct 13 - 2001 Nov 25)

Alison BRAY (see: Donald Sydney ROWLAND)

Rev, Allen Farris BRAY, III {US} (M: 1926 Jan 4 - 1989 Jun 15 (or 29))

Anne BRAY, Mrs EVANS {UK} (F: c1942 - 2012)
(ps: Ellie EVANS)

Barbara BRAY, nee JACOBS {UK} (F: 1924 Nov 24 - 2010 Feb 25)

Charles BRAY (M: 1811 Jan 31 - 1884 Oct 5)

Charles BRAY {UK} (M: 1922 Feb 26 - 2012 Jul 22)
	A Dictionary Of Glass [n|1995/2001]
	Glass Blowing [n|2003/06]

Sir, Claude Arthur BRAY {UK} (M: 1858 Dec 31 - 1934 Aug 25)
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	Randall Davenant [f|1892]
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	Ivanda [f|1894]
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	The King's Revenge [f|1896]
	Chattel Or Wife? [f|1899]
	A Cuirassier Of Arran's [f|1901]
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Denis Campbell BRAY {UK} (M: 1926 Jan 24 - 2005 Jul 8)

Sir, Denys de Saumarez BRAY {UK} (M: 1875 Nov 29 - 1951 Nov 19)
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	Statistical Analysis Of The Tribes Of Baluchistan [n|?]
	The Original Order Of Shakespeare's Sonnets [n|1925]
	Shakespeare's Sonnet-Sequence [n|1938]

Sir, Edward BRAY {UK} (M: 1849 Aug 19 - 1926 Jun 19)
	The Principles And Practice Of Discovery [n|1885]
	Digest Of The Law Of Discovery [n|1910]

Rev, Edward Atkyns BRAY (M: 1778 Dec 18 - 1857 Jul 17)

Francis Edmond BRAY {UK} (M: 1882 Mar 2 - 1950 May 8)
	British Rights At Sea Under The Declaration Of London [n|1911]
	The Law Of Trade Mark Registration (2e w others) [n|1922]
	Trade Marks Act, 1938 (w F G UNDERHAY) [n|1938]

Frank Chapin BRAY {US} (M: 1866 May 7 - 1949 Mar 24)
	Reading Journey Through Chatauqua [n|1905]
	The World Of Myths [n|1936]
	Headlines In American History [n|1937]
	New Internationale - A Better World [n|1945]

Frederick (Hubert) BRAY {UK} (M: 1894 (wrongly 1895) Jun 12 - 1977 Dec 22)
	Light [n|1927]
	General Science [n|1928]

Rev, Henry Truro BRAY {US} (M: 1846 - 1922)
	Evolution Of A Life.. [a|1890]

Horace Walter BRAY {UK} (M: 1887 Sep 2 - 1963 Jun 20)

Jeremy (William) BRAY {UK} (M: 1930 Jun 29 - 2002 May 31)

John BRAY (M: c1910 - living 2000)

John Jefferson BRAY {AU} (M: 1912 Sep 16 - 1995 Jun 26)
	Poems [p|1962]

Julia E BRAY {ZA?} (F: ? - ?)
	Frampton's Deception..& Other Stories (w Elizabeth BICKFORD) [s|1911]

Mabel Evelyn BRAY (F: 1879 - ?)
	Music In Rural Education (w BIRGE, McCONATHY & MIESSNER) [n|1937]

Maria BRAY, Mrs RODRIGUEZ-MOÑINO (F: c1910 - ?)

(Francis Arthur) Michael BRAY {UK} (M: 1921 Apr 4 - 2004 Jun 12)
	A Charterhouse Miscellany, 1939-1999 [n|?]

Nelson BRAY {NZ} (M: 1915 - 2007)

Reginald BRAY (M: 1797 Jan 26 - 1879 Sep 9)

Prof, Reginald G A de BRAY (M: ? - 1993 May 29)

William BRAY (M: 1736 - 1832)
2140	Extracts From The Diary Of William Bray [a|?]

William Bayley BRAY {NZ} (M: 1888 - ?)

Prof, William Crowell BRAY {CA/US?} (M: 1879 Sep 2 - 1946 Feb 24)
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William Edward BRAY {US} (M: 1882 Mar 7 - 1959 Jul 18)
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William John BRAY {UK} (M: 1911 Sep 10 - 2004 Sep 6)

Willis Joseph BRAY (M: 1884 - ?)
	Achievement In General Chemistry..Learning Abilities [n|1931]

Jennifer BRAY-WEBER, nee ? {US} (F: ? - living 2017)

David BRAYBROOKE {US} (M: 1924 Oct 18 - 2013 Aug 7)
	A Strategy Of Decision (w Charles E LINDBLOM) [n|1963]


June (Guesdon) BRAYBROOKE, nee JOLLIFFE, 1:Mrs ORR-EWING {UK} (F: 1920 (wrongly 1925) Jun 9 (wrongly 5) - 1994 May 30)
(&ps: Isobel ENGLISH)
	The Key That Rusts (ps: Isobel ENGLISH) [f|1954]
	Every Eye (ps: Isobel ENGLISH) [f|1956]
	Four Voices (ps: Isobel ENGLISH) [f|1961]

Neville (Patrick Bellairs) BRAYBROOKE {UK} (M: 1923 (wrongly 1925) May 30 - 2001 Jul 14)
	This Is London [n|1953]
	London Green [n|1959]
	London [n|1961]
	The Idler [f|1961]
	T S Eliot (ed) [1958]
	A Partridge In A Pear Tree (ed) [1960]
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Patrick (Philip William) BRAYBROOKE {UK} (M: 1894 Mar 20 - 1956)
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	Suggestive Fragments [1922]
27569	Gilbert Keith Chesterton [n|1922]
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*	The Amazing Mr Coward [b|1933]

William Leman BRAYBROOKE (M: ? - 1854 Sep 21)

William BRAYCE (see: Donald Sydney ROWLAND)

Edward Wedlake BRAYLEY (M: 1773 - 1854 Sep 23)

Edward William BRAYLEY (M: 1801 - 1870 Feb 1)

James O BRAYMAN (M: 1815 - 1887)
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Marguerite (Ann) BRAYMER, nee ADAMS, 1:Mrs DODD {US} (F: 1911 Mar 25 - 1996 Oct 27)
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Marjorie Elizabeth BRAYMER {US} (F: 1911 Mar 21 - 1988 Nov 18)
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	Social Justice First [n|?]

Frank Lugard BRAYNE {UK} (M: 1882 (wrongly 1883) Jan 6 - 1952 Apr 3)
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	Remaking Of Village India [n|?]
	Socrates In An Indian Village [n|?]
	Socrates Persists In India [n|?]
	Socrates At School [n|?]
	Better Villages [n|?]
	The Boy Scout In The Village [n|?]
	In Him Was Light [n|?]
	The Villager's ABC [n|?]

(Alfred) Joseph BRAYSHAW {UK} (M: 1912 Dec 20 - 1994 May 20)

Rev, D L BRAYTON {US} (M: ? - ?)
	Brief View Of The Elements Of Christianity [n|1852]
	Questions On Matthew..In Pwo Karen [n|1852]
	Scripture Catechism, In Pwo-Karen, No III [n|1877]
	A Primer Of The Pwo Karen Dialect [n|?]

Matthew BRAYTON (ps) (M: c1818 - 1862)
32228	The Indian Captive [a|1860]

Jacque BRAZA (see: Ernest Lionel McKEAG)

Tom(=Thomas) (Joseph) BRAZAITIS {US} (M: 1940 Aug 8 - 2005 Mar 30)

Algirdas Mykolas BRAZAUSKAS {LT} (M: 1932 Sep 22 - 2010 Jun 26)

Rudolf BRAZDA {CS} (M: 1913 Jun 26 - 2011 Aug 3)

Bernardas BRAZDŽIONIS {LT/US?} (M: 1907 Feb 1 - 2002 Jul 11)
	Kunigaikščiu Miestas [p|Li-1939]

Thomas Berry BRAZELTON (II) {US} (M: 1918 May 10 - 2018 Mar 13)

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k	An Exciting Term [f|1936]
	Jill's Jolliest School [f|1937]
	The School On The Cliff [f|1938]
	The School On The Moor [f|1939]
	The New School At Scawdale [f|1940]
	Five Jolly Schoolgirls [f|1941]
	The Mystery Of The Moated Grange [f|1942]
	The Secret Of Border Castle [f|1943]
	The School In The Forest [f|1944]
	Three Terms At Uplands [f|1945]
	The School On The Loch [f|1946]

Felix BRAZIL (see: Wilhelm KLEMM)

BRAZOS (ps) (?: ? - ?)
	Life Of Robert Hall.. (w Robert HALL) [b|1898]

Juan BREÁ {CU} (M: c1910 - c1942)
	Red Spanish Notebook (w Mary LOW) [n|1937]
	La Saison Des Flûtes (w Mary LOW) [p|Fr-1939]

Pedro BREÁ {VE} (M: ? - ?)

Rev, John Wesley BREADY {CA} (M: 1887 - 1953)
	Lord Shaftesbury And Social Industrial Progress [n|1926/?/?/1934]
	Lord Shaftesbury [b|1927]
	Child Life - Yesterday And To-day [n|1930]
	Doctor Barnardo [b|1931]

John BREAKENRIDGE (M: 1820 - 1854)
(&ps: Claude HALCRO)
	The Crusades.. [p|1846]

William M BREAKENRIDGE {US} (M: 1846 - 1931)
	Helldorado [a|1928]

Oliver Oldfield BREAKWELL {UK} (M: c1920 - 1943 Mar 16)

Freda BREAM (see: Patricia Freda WHALE)

Herbert (Joseph) BREAN {US} (M: 1907 Dec 10 - 1973 May 7)
	Wilders Walk Away [f|1948]
	The Darker The Night [f|1949]
	Hardly A Man Is Now Alive (UK: Murder Now And Then) [f|1950]
	How To Stop Smoking [n|1951]
	The Clock Strikes Thirteen [f|1952]
	A Matter Of Fact (UK: A Collar For The Killer) (aka: Dead Sure) [1956]
	How To Stop Drinking [n|1958]
	The Traces Of Brillhart [f|1960]
	Music Of Life [n|1962]

Harry Chase BREARLEY {US?} (M: 1870 or 1871 - 1948 Jul 14)
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John BREARLEY (see: John James Brearley GARBUTT)

Mary BREARLEY, Mrs GARLAND JAYNE {UK} (F: 1879 - ?)
	Monte Felis [1923]
	Marsh Fires [1926]
	A Good Marriage [1928]
	Papa And Mama [?]

(John) Mike(=Michael) BREARLEY {UK} (M: 1942 Apr 28 - living 2017)

Sir, Norman BREARLEY {AU} (M: 1890 Dec 22 - 1989 Jun 9)

T BREARLEY {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Faith In Freedom [p|1941/1942]

Gertrude Edith BREARY, aka Gretchen BREARY {UK} (F: 1904 Apr 18 - 1994 Sep 6)
(&ps: Ann BEVERLY)
	The Runaway Four (ps: Ann BEVERLY) [f|1944]

Nancy(=Annie) (Florence) BREARY {UK} (F: 1903 (wrongly 1907) Mar 7 - 1988 Dec 8)
	Give A Form A Bad Name [f|1943]
	Two Thrilling Terms [f|1943]
	A School Divided [f|1944]
	No Peace For The Prefects [f|1944]
	This Time Next Term [f|1945]
	The Lower Fourth Excels Itself [f|1945]
	Junior Captain [f|1946]
	The Snackboat Sails At Noon [f|1946]
	The Impossible Prefect [f|1947]
	Juniors Will Be Juniors [f|1947]
	It Was Fun In The Fourth [f|1948]
	The Form That Liked To Be First [f|1948]
	Rachel Changes School [f|1948]
	Mainly About The Fourth [f|1949]
	Five Sisters At Sedgewick [f|1950]
	Dimity Drew's First Term [f|1951]
	The Reluctant Schoolgirl [f|1951]
	Hazel, Head Girl [f|1952]
	At School With Petra [f|1953]
	Fourth Form Detectives [f|1954]
	The Rival Fourths [f|1955]
	Study Number Six [f|1957]
	The Mystery Of The Motels [f|1958]
	So This Is School! [f|1959]
	The Amazing Friendship [f|1960]
	The Fourth Was Fun For Philippa [f|1961]
	Too Many Girls [f|1962]

Prof, James Henry BREASTED {US} (M: 1865 Aug 27 - 1935 Dec 2)
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	The Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus [n|1930]
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	The Oriental Institute [n|1933]

Gov, Edward Thompson BREATHITT, Jr {US} (M: 1924 Nov 26 - 2003 Oct 14)

Daisy BREAUX (see: Cornelia Donovan O'DONOVAN)

Guillaume de BRÉBEUF (M: 1618 - 1661)

St, Jean de BRÉBEUF (M: 1593 Mar 25 - 1649 Mar 16)

Arthur BREBNER {UK} (M: 1870 Jun 5 - 1922 Jul 28)
	John Saint [f|1909]
	Patches And Pomander [f|1911]

Prof, John Bartlet BREBNER {US} (M: 1895 May 12 - 1957 Nov 9 or 10)
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	Scholarship For Canada [n|1945]
	The Mingling Of The Canadian And American.. (w M L HANSEN) [n|?]
	Paul Mascarene Of Annapolis Royal [n|?]

Percy James BREBNER {UK} (M: 1864 Mar 24 - 1922 Jul 31)
(&ps: Christian LYS)
	Suspicion (ps: Christian LYS) [f|1889]
	A London Cobweb (ps: Christian LYS) [f|1892]
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	The Dunthorpes Of Westleigh (ps: Christian LYS) [f|1896]
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	The Fortress Of Yadasara (ps: Christian LYS) [f|1899]
	The Black Card (ps: Christian LYS) [f|1899]
	The Mystery Of Ladyplace (ps: Christian LYS) [f|1900]
	The Crucible Of Circumstance [f|1906]
6374	Princess Maritza [f|1906]
	The Knight Of The Silver Star [f|c1907]
	Vayenne [f|c1908]
	A Royal Ward [f|1909]
	The Testing Of Olive Vaughan [f|1909]
	A Gentleman Of Virginia [f|1910]
9849	The Brown Mask [f|1910]
13312	The Light That Lures [f|c1911]
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	Christopher Quarles [f|c1914]
	The Turbulent Duchess [f|1915]
9796	The Master Detective:..Further..Christopher Quarles [f|c1916]
	A Gallant Lady [f|1919]
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	The Gate Of Temptation [f|1920]

Juan José BRECA (M: 1835 Jan 7 - 1908)

Evaristo BRECCIA (M: 1876 - 1967 Jul 28)

Edward (Francis Leopold) BRECH {UK} (M: 1909 Feb 26 - 2006 Sep 22)
	Management, Its Nature And Significance [n|1948]
	The Principles And Practice Of Management [n|1953]
	Organisation [n|1957]

Prof, Ronald BRECH {UK} (M: 1915 Sep 22 - 2012 Aug 23)

Josef BRECHENSBAUER {CS} (M: 1867 Nov 3 - 1945 Sep 9)
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Edward (Moritz) BRECHER {US} (M: 1911 Jul 20 - 1989 Apr 15)
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(Eugen) Bertolt(=Berthold) (Friedrich) BRECHT {DDR} (M: 1898 Feb 10 - 1956 Aug 14)
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Stefan (Sebastian) BRECHT {DE/US} (M: 1924 Nov 3 - 2009 Apr 13)
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G William BRECK {UK} (M: ? - ?)

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Hans BRECK {AT} (M: 1885 Jan 2 - 1954 Oct 7)

Vivian BRECK (see: Vivian GURNEY)

Bertha Henrietta BRECKENFIELD (F: 1864 - ?)

Ellis J BRECKENRIDGE (M: ? - ?)
*	The Story Of A Life [?]


Gerald BRECKENRIDGE (M: 1912 - ?)

Gerald Frederick BRECKENRIDGE (M: 1895 - ?)

Hugh Henry BRECKENRIDGE {US} (M: 1870 Oct 6 - 1937 Nov 4)

Rev, James BRECKENRIDGE (M: c1830 - 1879 Dec 10)
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James Malcolm BRECKENRIDGE (M: 1865 - ?)

James Miller BRECKENRIDGE (M: 1880 - ?)

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Marian Edgar BRECKENRIDGE (F: 1900 - ?)
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Mary Warren BRECKENRIDGE, nee BALDWIN (F: 1791 - ?)

Millard Sheridan BRECKENRIDGE {US} (M: 1891 Nov 8 - 1982 Aug)

Ralph W BRECKENRIDGE (M: 1860 - ?)

Walter John BRECKENRIDGE (M: 1903 - ?)

William Edwin BRECKENRIDGE (M: 1869 - ?)

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Sol Charles BRECKER {US} (M: 1901 - ?)
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Lucy Gilmer BRECKINRIDGE (F: 1843 - 1865)

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Timothy BRECKNOCK (M: ? - 1786)

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Guillaume Marcoureau de BRECOURT (M: c1638 - 1685)

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William BREEZE, aka Tau Silenus {US} (M: 1955 Aug 12 - living 2021)
(ps: Hymenaeus BETA)

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Worth BREHM (M: 1883 - 1928)

Fritz BREHMER {US?} (M: 1873 Aug 10 - 1952 Sep 7)

Prof, Kevin J BREHONY {UK} (M: c1948 - 2013)

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(ps: Aenne MEY)

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(ps: Fred FISHER)

Olivia Robello BREITHA {US} (F: 1916 Jun 6 - 2006 Sep 28)

Rudolf Maria BREITHAUPT (see: Theodor Maria Paul Franz Rudolf BREITHAUPT)

Theodor Maria Paul Franz Rudolf BREITHAUPT {DE} (M: 1873 Aug 11 - 1945 Apr 2)
(ps: Rudolf Maria BREITHAUPT)

Andrew (James) BREITBART {US} (M: 1969 Feb 1 - 2012 Feb 23)

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28735	The Radio Boys With The Revenue Guards [f|1922]
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	The Radio Boys As Soldiers Of Fortune [f|1925]
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Johann Jakob BREITINGER (M: 1701 - 1776)

Hans BREITMANN (see: Charles Godfrey LELAND)

Burghard BREITNER {AT} (M: 1884 Jun 10 - 1956 Mar 28)
(ps: Bruno STURM)

Erhard BREITNER {AT} (M: 1884 Jun 18 - 1943 Oct (or Jun) 28)
(ps: Karl Leonhard BAGGESEN)
	Kriegsbilder [Ge-1914-15]
	Unterwelt [f|Ge-1924]

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Prof, Asgeir BREKKE {NO} (M: ? - ?)
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(ps: Dean BRELIS)
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Esther BREMER {NL} (F: ? - ?)

Joanne BREMER {US} (F: ? - ?)
(&ps: Joellyn CARROLL (1))

Prof, Walter Erich Emanuel Friedrich BREMER {DE} (M: 1887 Jun 8 - 1926 Nov)
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Benjamin BREMNER {CA} (M: 1851 - 1938 Dec 29)

Douglas BREMNER {UK} (M: 1938 Sep 18 - 2010 Jul 12)

James BREMNER (M: 1784 Sep 25 - 1856 Aug 20)

Roderick Keith Ogilvy BREMNER {UK} (M: 1961 Apr 6 - living 2021)
(ps: Rory BREMNER)

Rory BREMNER (see: Roderick Keith Ogilvy BREMNER)

Abbé, Henri BRÉMOND {FR} (M: 1865 - 1933 (wrongly 1939) Aug 17)
	L'Histoire Littéraire Du Sentiment Religieux En France.. [n|Fr-1920]
	Prayer And Poetry [n|1928]

Sébastien BRÉMOND (M: ? - ?)
	Gallant Memoirs [Fr-?] (tr P BELON) [1681]

Comtesse, Anna de BRÉMONT, nee DUNPHY {US} (F: c1850 - 1922)
	Love Poems [p|1889]
	The Gentleman Digger [f|1891]
	Sonnets And Love Poems [p|1892]
	The World Of Music [3v|n|1892]
	The Ragged Edge [s|1895]
	A Son Of Africa [f|1899]
	Daughters Of Pleasure [f|1900]
	Mrs Evelyn's Husbands [f|1903]
	Lady Lilian's Luck [f|1907]
	The Lioness Of Mayfair [1909]
	Mrs Evelyn's Husbands [f|1909]
	Sonnets From A Parisian Balcony [p|1910]
	Coronation Sonnets To Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Mary [p|1911]
	Oscar Wilde And His Mother [b|1911]
	Love Letters In Verse To A Musician [p|1914]
	The Black Opal [f|1918]

Leon BRÉMONT (M: 1852 - ?)

Prof, Hans J BREMS {US} (M: 1915 Oct 16 - 2000 Sep 16)

Ray BREMSER {US} (M: 1934 Feb 22 - 1998 Nov 8)

Dan(=Daniel) (Tracy) BRENAN {US} (M: 1885 Aug 7 - 1962 May 16)

(Edward Fitz-)Gerald BRENAN {UK} (M: 1894 Apr 7 - 1987 Jan 19)
(&ps: George BEATON)
	Jack Robinson: A Picaresque Novel (ps: George BEATON) [f|1933]
	Doctor Partridge's Almanack For 1935 (ps: George BEATON) [f|1934]
	Shanahan's Old Shebeen [1940]
	The Spanish Labyrinth [n|1943]
	The Face Of Spain [n|1951]
	The Literature Of The Spanish People.. [n|1953]
	South From Granada [n|1957]
	A Holiday By The Sea [n|1961]
	A Life Of One's Own [a|1962]

James BRENAN (M: 1837 - 1907 Aug 7)
	Lecture On The Modern Irish Lace Industry [n|?]

John Patrick Micklethwait BRENAN {UK} (M: 1917 Jun 19 - 1985 Sep 26)
	Check List Of The Forest Trees..Tanganyika.. (w P J GREENWAY) [n|1949]

Chaz BRENCHLEY {UK} (M: 1959 Jan 4 - living 2017)

Elizabeth BRENCHLEY, nee LUNDY {AU} (F: c1945 - living 2009)
	White's Flight [Thomas White] (w Fred BRENCHLEY) [b|?]
	Myth Maker [Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett] (w Fred BRENCHLEY) [b|?]

(Thomas) Frank BRENCHLEY {UK} (M: 1918 Apr 9 - 2011 Jul 7)

Fred(=Frederick) (Ronald) BRENCHLEY {AU} (M: 1942 - 2009)
	Allan Fels [b|?]
	White's Flight [Thomas White] (w Elizabeth BRENCHLEY) [b|?]
	Myth Maker [Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett] (w Elizabeth BRENCHLEY) [b|?]

Julius Lucius BRENCHLEY (M: 1816 Nov 30 - 1873 Feb 24)
	A Journey To Great Salt Lake City [n|1861]
	Jottings During The Cruise Of..South Sea Islands In 1865 [n|1873]

Winifred Elsie BRENCHLEY {UK} (F: 1883 Aug 10 - 1953 Oct 27)
	Inorganic Plant Poisons And Stimulants [n|1914/1927]
	Weeds Of Farm Land [n|1921]
	Manuring Of Grassland For Hay [n|1924]
	Suppression Of Weeds By Fertilizers And Chemicals (w H C LONG) [n|1946/?/1949]

William Alfred BREND {UK} (M: 1873 Apr 29 - 1944 Oct 5)
	Handbook Of Medical Jurisprudence And Toxicology [n|1905/15/19/22/1924/1928/1934/1941]
	Inquiry Into The Statistics Of Deaths From Violence [n|1915]
	Health And The State [n|1917]
	Psychotherapy And War Experience [n|1921]
	Sacrifice To Attis [n|1936]
	Traumatic Mental Disorders In Courts Of Law [n|1938]
	Foundations Of Human Conflicts [n|1944]

BRENDA (see: Georgina MEYRICK)

Mary BRENDAN, nee ? {UK} (F: ? - ?)

Maria W BRENDEL, nee WEIGERT {US} (F: 1903 Dec 18 - 1994 Sep 14)

Prof, Otto Johannes (Gustav) BRENDEL {DE/US:1943on} (M: 1901 Oct 10 - 1973 Oct 8)

Robert BRENDEL {DE} (M: 1889 Sep 2 - 1947 May 29)
	Pläne Einer Wiedergewinnung Elsaß-Lothringen 1813 Und 1815 [n|Ge-1914]
	Die Große Hure [f|Ge-1920]
	Sodom [Ge-1921]
	Kreisende Stille [p|Ge-1924]
	Centauro [f|Ge-1925]
	Cu-Lao-Rong [f|Ge-1926]
	Dir Südliche Reise [f|Ge-1927]
	Der Schiffer [Ge-?]
	Der Aufstand [Ge-?]
	Neue Reihe [Ge-1946]
	Die Urne [Ge-1946]

Ulrik BRENDEL (see: Leopold LIEGLER)

Madzy BRENDER à BRENDIS (F: 1910 - ?)
	Land For Our Sons [1958]

John Adams BRENDON {UK} (M: 1887 (wrongly 1884) Jul 13 - 1947 Aug 12)
	The Ancient World [n|?]
	The Twentieth Century [n|?]
	A Short History Of The Western World [n|?]

Piers (G R) BRENDON {UK} (M: c1941 - ?)

Vyvyen (M) BRENDON, nee DAVIS {UK} (F: ? - living 2009)

Edy BRENDT (see: Eduard SCHMIDT)

Johannes Clemens BRENGELMANN {DE} (M: 1920 Feb 15 - 1999 Mar 28)
	Perceptual Processes And Mental Illness (w H EYSENCK & G GRANGER) [n|1957]

Commissioner, Samuel Logan BRENGLE {US} (M: 1860 - 1936 May 19)
	Helps To Holiness [n|1896]
	The Way Of Holiness [n|1902]
	The Soul-Winner's Secret [n|1905]
6135	When The Holy Ghost Is Come [n|1909]
	Heart Talks On Holiness [n|1913]
	Love-Slaves [n|1923]
	Ancient Prophets [e|1929]
	The Guest Of The Soul [n|1934]
	God As Strategist (w others) [n|1942]
	Resurrection Life And Power [n|?]

Bardd y BRENIN (see: Edward JONES)

Eric BRENMAN {UK} (M: 1920 Jan 12 - 2012 Mar 6)

George John BRENN {US} (M: 1888 Apr 17 - 1973 Apr)
	Voices [1923]


Paul Vitus (H F) BRENNEKER {NL} (M: 1912 May 7 - 1996)

Helen BRENNA (F: ? - ?)

Adrianne BRENNAN (F: ? - ?)

Allison BRENNAN, nee ? {US} (F: c1970 - ?)

Anne-Maria BRENNAN {UK} (F: c1960 - living 2015)
	First Ecology (w Alan BEEBY) [n|1997/2004]

Prof, Bernard Patrick BRENNAN {US} (M: 1918 Apr 30 - 2006 Jul 11 (wrongly 14))
	The Ethics Of William James [n|1961]

Charles John BRENNAN {UK} (M: 1876 Oct 25 - 1972 May 6)
	Words In Singing [n|?]

Prof, Christopher John BRENNAN {AU} (M: 1870 Nov 1 - 1932 (wrongly 1921) Oct 5)
(&ps: C B)
	XXI Poems [p|1897]
	A Mask (w J L G B & L M) [d|1913]
Z	Poems [p|1913]
Z	A Chant Of Doom.. [p|1918]
Z	Burden Of Tyre: Fifteen Poems [p|?]

D BRENNAN (see: Eric (Frank) LAMBERT)

Donald (George) BRENNAN {US} (M: 1926 Apr 9 - 1980 Apr 18)

Sir, Francis Gerard BRENNAN {AU} (M: 1928 May 22 - living 2017)

Frank BRENNAN {AU} (M: 1936 - 1995)
(ps: Emma DARCY (1))

Frederick Hazlitt BRENNAN {US} (M: 1901 Sep 23 - 1962 Jun 30 (wrongly Jul 1))

George A BRENNAN {US?} (M: ? - before 1952)
	The Wonders Of The Dunes [n|1923]

Jack Keirn BRENNAN {US} (M: 1873 Nov 24 - 1948 Feb 4)

John Needham Huggard BRENNAN {IE} (M: 1914 Jun 22 - 2010 Sep 30)
(&ps: John WELCOME)
	Red Coats Galloping [1949]
	Mr Merston's Money [1952]

Joseph Fletcher BRENNAN {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	General History Of Freemasonry, Based Upon Ancient Documents [n|1875]
	A Popular Illustrated History Of The Fine Arts.. [n|1884]

Prof, Joseph Gerard BRENNAN {US} (M: 1910 Nov 2 - 2004 Oct 28)
	Thomas Mann's World [n|1942]
	The Meaning Of Philosophy [n|1953]

Joseph Lomas BRENNAN {US} (M: 1903 May 26 - 2000 Jan 6)
(&ps: Steve LOMAS)
	Tuna Clipper Challenge [1957]
	Heart Of The Sea [1958]

Joseph Payne BRENNAN (Jr) {US} (M: 1918 Dec 20 - 1990 Jan 28)
	Heart Of Earth [p|1950]
	H P Lovecraft [n|1952]

Lawrence David BRENNAN {US} (M: 1915 Jan 23 - 1993 Jun 19)
	The St Joseph Story [f|1955]
	Business Communication [n|1960]

Maeve (Maureen) BRENNAN {UK} (F: 1929 Sep 27 (wrongly 7) - 2003 Jun 11)

Maire(/Moya) (Philomena) BRENNAN / NÍ BHRAONÁIN, Mrs JARVIS {IE} (F: 1952 Aug 4 - living 2017)

Martin BRENNAN (M: 1839 Sep - 1912 Aug 8)
	Australian Reminiscences [a|1907]

Fr, Martin Stanislaus BRENNAN {US} (M: 1845 Jul 23 - 1927 Oct 3)
	Electricity And Its Discoverers [n|?]
	What Catholics Have Done For Science [n|?]
	Astronomy, New And Old [n|?]
	Science Of The Bible [n|?]
	Familiar Astronomy [n|?]
	God's Word In Nature [n|?]
	A Popular Exposition Of Electricity With..Its Discoverers [n|?]

Neil Francis BRENNAN {US} (M: 1923 Mar 1 - 2006 Feb 4)

Nick(=Nicholas) (Stephen) BRENNAN {UK} (M: 1948 - ?)

(Virgil) Paul BRENNAN {AU} (M: 1920 Mar 6 - 1943 Jun 13)
	Spitfires Over Malta (w Henry BATESON & Ray HESSELYN) [n|1943]

Robert BRENNAN {IE} (M: 1881 Jul 22 - 1964 Nov 13)
(&ps: Selskar KEARNEY)
	The False Fingertip (ps: Selskar KEARNEY) [f|1921]
	The Toledo Dagger [f|1927]
	The Bystander [d|1930]
	Allegiance [a|1950]
	The Man Who Walked Like A Dancer [f|1951]
	Good Night, Mr O'Donnell [d|1951]

Thomas Cornelius BRENNAN {AU} (M: 1866 - 1944 Jan 3)
	The Gun Alley Tragedy [n|1922]
	Interpreting The Constitution [n|1935]

Tim BRENNAN (see: Jack(=John) (Wesley) CONROY)

Ward BRENNAN (see: Leonard (Frank) MEARES)

Wendy BRENNAN, nee ? {AU} (F: 1940 Nov 28 - living 2013)
(ps: Emma DARCY; Emma DARCY (2))

Will BRENNAN (see: Lauran (Bosworth) PAINE (Sr))

George BRENNAND {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Frank BRENNARD (see: Eric (Frank) LAMBERT)

Helen Good BRENNEMAN {US} (F: 1925 - 1994)

Prof, Joseph BRENNEMANN {US} (M: 1872 Sep 25 - 1944 Jul 2)
	Dr Brennemann's Notes On Infant Feeding [n|1919]
	Practice Of Pediatrics (ed) [n|?]

Anita BRENNER, Mrs GLUSKER {MX} (F: 1905 Aug 13 - 1974 Dec 1)
	Idols Behind Altars [?]
	The Wind That Swept Mexico [?]

Barbara (K) BRENNER, nee JOHNES / LAWRENCE {US} (F: 1925 Jun 26 - ?)
	Somebody's Slippers, Somebody's Shoes [1957]
	Barto Takes The Subway [1961]

Charles BRENNER {US} (M: 1913 Nov 18 - 2008 May 19)
	An Elementary Textbook Of Psychoanalysis [n|1955]

Prof, Clarence Dietz BRENNER {US} (M: 1892 Nov 4 - 1977 Nov 26)
	Bibliographical List Of Plays In The French Language, 1700-1789 [n|1947]

David BRENNER {US} (M: 1936 Feb 4 - 2014 Mar 15)

Fred BRENNER {US} (M: c1920 - ?)

Hans Georg BRENNER {DE} (M: 1903 Feb 13 - 1961 Aug 10)
(ps: Reinhold Thomas GRABE)

Henny BRENNER, nee WOLF {DE} (F: 1924 Nov 25 - 2020 May 16)

Yosef Haim/Hayyim BRENNER {SU} (M: 1881 Sep 11 - 1921 May 2)
	[In The Winter] [f|He-1904]
	[Around The Point] [f|He-1904]
	[Nerves] [f|He-1910]
	[From Here And There] [f|He-1911]
	[Breakdown And Bereavement] [f|He-1920]
	[Collected Works] [s|He-1978-85]

Lois BRENNER, Mrs STEIN {US} (F: c1930 - ?)

Sarah BRENNER, Mrs TAYLOR {US} (F: 1904 Oct 30 - 1978 Feb 12)
(ps: Sydney TAYLOR)
	All-Of-A-Kind Family [1951]
	More All-Of-A-Kind Family [1954]
	All-Of-A-Kind Family Uptown [1958]
	Mr Barney's Beard [1961]
	Now That You Are 8 [1963]

Hans BRENNERT {DE} (M: 1870 Jun 24 - 1942 Feb 8)

L H BRENNING (see: (Alfred) John HUNTER)

Eva BRENSTER {CA/UK/DE?} (F: 1922 - 2004)

Erick BRENSTRUM {NZ} (M: 1951 - ?)

Audrey BRENT (see: Ann Peters BOYLE)

BRENT of Bin Bin (see: Stella Maria Miles FRANKLIN)

Bp, Charles Henry BRENT {CA} (M: 1862 Apr 9 - 1929 Mar 27)
	With God In The World [n|?]
	The Consolations Of The Cross [n|?]
	The Splendour Of The Human Body [n|?]
	Liberty.. [e|?]
	Adventure For God [n|?]
	The Mind Of Christ Jesus In The Church Of The Living God [n|?]
	Leadership [n|?]
	With God In Prayer [n|?]
	The Sixth Sense [n|?]
	Presence [n|?]
	The Revelation Of Discovery [n|?]
	Prisoners Of Hope.. [e|1915]
	A Master Builder [b|?]

John (J) BRENT (M: 1808 Aug 21 - 1882 Apr 23)
	The Battle Cross [f|1845]
	Ellie Forrestere [f|1850]

Joseph Lancaster BRENT (M: 1826 - 1905)
	Memoirs Of The War Between The States [a|1940]

Linda BRENT (see: Harriet Ann JACOBS)

Loring BRENT (see: George Frank WORTS)

Madeleine BRENT (see: Peter (Anthony Theodore) O'DONNELL)

Robert Arthur BRENT {US} (M: 1920 Dec 11 - 1976)

Romilly BRENT (F: ? - ?)
	The Bride Goes East [f|1946]
	A Ship Comes Home [f|1947]
	Just Out Of Reach [f|1948]
	Dear Trespasser [f|1950]
	Somebody's Secret [f|1950]
	Doctor's Orders [f|1953]
	The Proud O'Patricks [f|1955]

Romney BRENT (see: Romulo LARRALDE, Jr)

Stephen BRENT (see: Sue Walcott BUNTIN)

William Lee BRENT {US} (M: 1930 (or 1931) Nov 10 - 2006 Nov 4)

Elinor M BRENT-DYER (see: Gladys Eleanor May DYER)

Bernard von BRENTANO {DE} (M: 1901 Oct 5 - 1964 Dec 29)
	Über Den Ernst Des Lebens [n|Ge-1929]
	Kapitalismus Und Schöne Literatur [n|Ge-1930]
	Der Beginn Der Barbarei In Deutschland [n|Ge-1932]
	Berliner Novellen [Ge-1934]
	Theodor Chindler [f|Ge-1936]
	Prozess Ohne Richter [Ge-1937]
	Die Ewigen Gefühle [Ge-1939]
	Une Famille Allemande [Ge-1939]
	Phädra [d|Ge-1939]
	Tagebuch Mit Büchern [Ge-1943]
	August Wilhelm Schlegel [n|Ge-1944]
	Goethe Und Marianne Von Willemer [n|Ge-1945]
	Franziska Scheler [Ge-1945]
	Martha Und Maria [Ge-1946]
	Streifzüge [Ge-1947]
	Die Schwestern Usedom [Ge-1948]
	Sophie Charlotte Und Danckelmann [Ge-1949]
	Du Land Der Liebe [Ge-1952]
	Die Geistige Situation Der Kunst In Der Gesellschaft [n|Ge-1955]
	Das Menschenbild In Der Modernen Literatur [n|Ge-1958]

Clemens (Maria von) BRENTANO (M: 1778 Sep 9 - 1842 Jul 28)
18463	Romanzen Von Rosenkranz [s|Ge-1852]
	Fairy Tales.. [s|Ge-1852] (tr Kate Freiligrath KROEKER) [1885]
	More Fairy Tales.. [s|Ge-1852] (tr Kate Freiligrath KROEKER) [1888]
2380	Das Märchen Von Dem Myrtenfräulein [f|Ge-?]
4501	Gockel, Hinkel Und Gackeleia [Ge-?]
4502	Die Mehreren Wehmuller [Ge-?]
4503	Geschichte Vom Braven Kasperl Und Dem Schönen Annerl [Ge-?]
4504	Aus Der Chronika Eines Fahrenden Schülers [Ge-?]
4505	Die Drei Nüsse [Ge-?]

Heinrich von BRENTANO {DE} (M: 1904 Jun 20 - 1964 Nov 14)
	Deutschland, Europa Und Die Welt [n|Ge-1962]

Lujo BRENTANO (M: 1844 - 1931)
	Die Arbeitergilden Der Gegenwart [n|Ge-1871-72]

Lowell BRENTANO {US} (M: 1895 Apr 18 - 1950 Jul 8)

Robert BRENTANO {US} (M: 1926 May 19 - 2002 Nov 21)

Prof, John (A) BRENTLINGER {US} (M: 1934 Aug 20 - 2007 Mar 6)

Tyler BRENTMORE (ps) (M: ? - ?)

Thomas BRENTNALL {AU} (M: 1846 Dec 30 - 1937 Jul 10)
	My Memories [a|1938]

E B BRENTON (M: ? - ?)
*	Some Account Of The Public Life..Sir George Prevost (anon?) [b|1823]

Capt, Edward Pelham BRENTON (M: 1774 Jul 20 - 1839 Apr 6)
	Naval History Of Great Britain From The Year 1783 To 1822 [5v|n|1823]
	Life And Correspondence Of John, Earl Of St Vincent [2v|b|1838]

Howard (John) BRENTON {UK} (M: 1942 Dec 13 - living 2017)

Sir, Lancelot Charles Lee BRENTON, 2nd Bt (M: 1807 - 1862 Jun 13)

Evelyn BRENTWOOD (see: Irene Angela MAPPIN)

Mrs, BRERETON, nee ? (F: ? - ?)
	Woman's Influence [f|1845]

Austin BRERETON {UK} (M: 1862 Jul 13 - 1922 Nov 20)
	Henry Irving [b|1883]
	Some Famous Hamlets [n|1884]
	Dramatic Notes [n|?]
	Shakesperean Scenes And Characters [n|1886]
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	Sarah Bernhardt [b|1891]
	Gallery Of Players [n|1894]
	A Short History Of The Strand Theatre [n|1899]
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	A Short History Of 'She Stoops To Conquer'.. [n|1900]
	By The Silent Highway [n|1900]
	The Criterion, Past And Present [n|1900]
	Peg Woffington, On And Off The Stage [b|1901]
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	At Home And Abroad [n|?]
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	The Literary History Of The Adelphi And Its Neighbourhood [n|1907]
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	The Story Of Old Whitehall [n|1912]
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	The Story Of Drury Lane [n|1918]
	Bath And Its Celebrities [n|1920/22]
	A Walk Down Bond Street [n|1920]
	Whitehall Court And Scotland [n|1921]
	The Hotel Cecil [n|?]
	A Glimpse Of Old London And The New [n|1921]
	H B And Laurence Irving [b|1922]

Rev, Charles BRERETON (M: 1814 - 1895 Aug 3)

Charlotte BRERETON (F: c1720 - ?)

Cloudesley (Shovell Henry) BRERETON {UK} (M: 1863 Nov 21 - 1937 Jul 11)
	The Last Days Of Olympus [n|1889]
	Feuilletons Choisis (ed) [Fr-1906]
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	Modern Language Teaching In Day And Evening Schools [n|1930]
	France [n|1936]
	The Organisation Of Modern Language Teaching [n|?]
	Does The Consumer Always Pay? [n|?]
	Ad Magnam Amicitiam [n|?]

Lt-Col, Cyprian Bridge BRERETON {NZ} (M: 1876 - 1962)
	Tales Of Three Campaigns [n|1926]

Frederick BRERETON (see: Frederick Thomson SMITH)

Lt-Col, Frederick Sadleir BRERETON {UK} (M: 1872 Aug 5 - 1957 Aug 12)
32918	With Rifle And Bayonet: A Story Of The Boer War [f|1900]
	With Shield And Assegai [f|1900]
	In The King's Service [f|1901]
	The Dragon Of Pekin [f|1902]
32930	A Gallant Grenadier: A Tale Of The Crimean War [f|1902]
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	One Of The Fighting Scouts [f|1903]
	Foes Of The Red Cockade [f|1904]
	In The Grip Of The Mullah [f|1904]
	With The Dyaks Of Borneo [f|1905]
	A Hero Of Lucknow [f|1905]
	A Soldier Of Japan [f|1906]
	A Knight Of St John [f|1906]
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32910	With Wolseley To Kumasi: A Tale Of The First Ashanti War [f|1908]
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	How Canada Was Won [f|1909]
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	Tom Stapleton, The Boy Scout [f|1911]
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	A Boy Of The Dominion [f|1912]
	Kidnapped By Moors [f|1913]
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	A Boy Of The Dominion [f|1913]
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30791	With Joffre At Verdun: A Story Of The Western Front [f|1916]
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	Clothing [n|1931]
	Hemel Hempstead Through The Ages [n|c1937]
	Trapped In The Jungle! [f|1945]

Gwendolen BRERETON (F: ? - ?)

J E BRERETON {US?} (?: ? - after 1950)
	The Reckoning [d|1924]

Jane BRERETON, nee HUGHES (F: 1685 - 1740 Aug 7)
	Poems On Several Occasions..And An Account Of Her Life [p|1744]

John BRERETON / BRIERTON (M: c1572 - c1632)
	A Briefe Relation Of..The North Part Of Virginie [n|1602]

John Le Gay BRERETON (M: 1827 Oct 28 - 1886 Oct 28)
	The Travels Of Prince Legion.. [p|1857]
	Poems [p|1865]
	The Goal Of Time [p|1883]
	One Teacher, One Law [1883]
	Beyond.. [p|1886]
	Genesis And The Beatitudes [n|1887]

Prof, John Le Gay BRERETON (II) {AU} (M: 1871 Sep 2 - 1933 Feb 2)
(&ps: J L G B)
	The Song Of Brotherhood.. [p|1896]
	Perdita [p|1896]
	Sweetheart Mine [p|1897]
#	Landlopers [e|1899]
	Sea And Sky [p|1901]
	Oithona [p|1902]
	Sydney University Library Publications [n|1906]
	Elizabethan Drama [n|1909]
	To-morrow [1910]
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Z	The Burning Marl [p|1919]
Z	Swag's Up! [p|1928]
#	Knocking Round [1930]
	So Long, Mick! [1931]
	Writings On Elizabethan Drama (ed R G HOWARTH) [e|1948]

Lewis Hyde BRERETON {US} (M: 1890 Jun 21 - 1967 Jul 19)

Maud Adeline Cloudesley BRERETON / CLOUDESLEY-BRERETON, nee FORD, 1:Mrs HOROBIN {UK} (F: 1871 - 1946 Apr 16)
	The Mother's Companion [n|1909]

Owen Salusbury BRERETON (M: 1715 (or 1714) - 1798 Sep 8 (or 13))

Robert Mailland BRERETON (M: 1834 Jan 2 - 1911 Dec 7)
	Reminiscences Of An Old English Civil Engineer, 1858-1908 [a|1908]

Thomas BRERETON (M: 1691 - 1722 Feb 21)
	Charnock Junior [1710]
	Esther, Or Faith Triumphant [d|1715]
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