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Bô Yin RÂ (see: Joseph Anton SCHNEIDER)

Esther RAAB, Mrs GREEN {IL} (F: 1894 - 1981)
	[Thistles] [He-1930]

Gerhard RAAB {DE} (M: 1898 Feb 26 - c1950)

Selwyn RAAB {US} (M: ? - ?)

H E RAABE {US} (M: ? - ?)
	Cannibal Nights [a|1927]

Meinhardt (Frank) RAABE {US} (M: 1915 Sep 2 - 2010 Apr 9)

Peter RAABE {DE} (M: 1872 Nov 27 - 1945 Apr 12)
	Die Entstehungsgeschichte Der Ersten Orchesterwerke Liszts [n|Ge-1916]
	Franz Liszt [2v|n|Ge-1931]
	Die Musik Im Dritten Reich [e|Ge-1936]
	Deutsche Meister [e|Ge-1937]
	Wege Zu Weber [n|Ge-1942]
	Wege Zu Liszt [n|Ge-1943]
	Wege Zu Bruckner [n|Ge-1944]

Wilhelm Karl RAABE (M: 1831 Sep 8 - 1910 Nov 15)
(&ps: Jakob CORVINUS)
	Die Chronik Der Sperlingsgasse [f|Ge-1857]
	Ein Frühling [f|Ge-1857]
	Der Weg Zum Lachen [f|Ge-1857]
	Die Alte Universität [f|Ge-1858]
	Der Student Von Wittenberg [f|Ge-1858]
	Weihnachtsgeister [f|Ge-1858]
	Lorenz Scheibenhart [f|Ge-1858]
	Einer Aus Der Menge [f|Ge-1858]
	Die Kinder Von Finkenrode [f|Ge-1859]
	Der Junker Von Denow [f|Ge-1859]
	Wer Kann Es Wenden? [f|Ge-1859]
	Aus Dem Lebensbuch Des Schulmeisterleins Michel Haas [f|Ge-1860]
	Ein Geheimnis [f|Ge-1860]
	Auf Dunkelm Grunde [f|Ge-1861]
	Die Schwarze Galeere [f|Ge-1861]
	Der Heilige Born [f|Ge-1861]
	Nach Dem Großen Kriege [f|Ge-1861]
	Unseres Herrgotts Kanzlei [f|Ge-1862]
	Das Letzte Recht [f|Ge-1862]
	Eine Grabrede Aus Dem Jahre 1609 [f|Ge-1863]
	Die Leute Aus Dem Walde [f|Ge-1863]
	Holunderblüte [f|Ge-1863]
	Die Hämelschen Kinder [f|Ge-1863]
	Der Hungerpastor [f|Ge-1864]
	  The Hunger-Pastor [f|Ge-1864] (tr ?) [1885]
	Keltische Knochen [f|Ge-1864]
	Else Von Der Tanne [f|Ge-1865]
	Drei Federn [f|Ge-1865]
	Die Gänse Von Bützow [f|Ge-1866]
	Sankt Thomas [f|Ge-1866]
	Gedelöcke [f|Ge-1866]
	Abu Telfan [f|Ge-1868]
	  Abu Telfan [f|Ge-1868] (tr ?) [1882]
	Theklas Erbschaft [f|Ge-1868]
	Im Siegeskranze [f|Ge-(1866)/1869]
	Der Schüdderump [f|Ge-1870]
	Der Marsch Nach Hause [f|Ge-1870]
	Des Reiches Krone [f|Ge-1870]
	Der Dräumling [f|Ge-1872]
	Deutscher Mondschein [f|Ge-1873]
	Christoph Pechlin [f|Ge-1873]
*	Meister Autor [f|Ge-1874]
	Höxter Und Corvey [f|Ge-1875]
	Frau Salome [f|Ge-1875]
	Vom Alten Proteus [f|Ge-1875]
	Eulenpfingsten [f|Ge-1875]
	Die Innerste [f|Ge-1876]
	Der Gute Tag [f|Ge-1876]
	Horacker [f|Ge-1876]
	Auf Dem Altenteil [f|Ge-1878]
	Wunnigel [f|Ge-1879]
	Deutscher Adel [f|Ge-1880]
	Alte Nester [f|Ge-1881]
	Das Horn Von Wanza [f|Ge-1881]
	Fabian Und Sebastian [f|Ge-1882]
	Prinzessin Fisch [f|Ge-1883]
	Villa Schönow [f|Ge-1884]
	Pfisters Mühle [f|Ge-1884]
22123	Zum Wilden Mann [f|Ge-1884]
	Ein Besuch [f|Ge-1884]
	Unruhige Gäste [f|Ge-1885]
	Im Alten Eisen [f|Ge-1887]
	Das Odfeld [f|Ge-1889]
	Der Lar [f|Ge-1889]
	Stopfkuchen [f|Ge-1891]
	Gutmanns Reisen [f|Ge-1892]
	Kloster Lugau [f|Ge-1894]
	Die Akten Des Vogelsangs [f|Ge-1896]
	Altershausen [f|Ge-1911]
32008	Deutscher Mondschein [s|Ge-?]

Nicholas (Neonie) Charles RAAD {UK} (M: 1888 - 1962 Sep 16)
	Puck's Garden.. [p|1920]

Ellen (Frederikke) RAAE, nee ? {DK} (F: 1885 Aug 1 - 1965 Dec 1)
	Den Anden Kind [f|Da-1938]
	Tidens Tryllespil [f|Da-1941]
	Bag Den Grønne Laage [f|Da-1942]
	De Golde Drømmere [f|Da-1944]
	Det Tøvende Hjerte [f|Da-1947]
	Frigørelsen [f|Da-1949]
	Gæsten [f|Da-1955]

Kornelis Herman de RAAF {NL} (M: 1871 - 1948)
26387	Een Abel Spel Van Lanseloet Van Denemerken (ed) [d|Du-1907]

(Johann Friedrich) Leo RAAPE {DE} (M: 1878 Jul 14 - 1964 Dec 7)
	Der Verfall Des Griechischen Pfandes.. [n|Ge-1912]
	Deutsches Internationales Privatrecht [2v|n|Ge-1938-1939]

RAB (see: Andrew Cassels BROWN & Rachel BROWN)
	The Story Of The Stubby Dub [?]

György RÁBA {HU} (M: 1924 Jun 13 - 2011 Jan 29)
	Nyílttenger [p|Hu-1961]

RABAGAS (see: (Joao) Dunshee de ABRANCHES (MOURA))

Andrea Carlo Francisco RABAGLIATI {UK} (M: 1843 May 22 - 1930 Dec 7)

Jean-Paul RABAUT, later RABAUT SAINT-ÉTIENNE (M: 1743 Nov 14 - 1793 Dec 5)
	Le Roi Doit Modifier Les Loix Portées Contre Les Protestans [n|Fr-1784]
	Prenez-Y Garde [n|Fr-1789]
	Le Vieux Cévenol (ps: W JESTERMAN) [Fr-1784]
	Lettres À M Bailly Sur L'Histoire Primitive De La Grèce [n|Fr-1787]
	Projet Du Préliminaire De La Constitution Françoise [n|Fr-1789]
	Réflexions Sur La Division Nouvelle Du Royaume [n|Fr-1789]
	Projet D'Éducation Nationale [n|Fr-1792]
	The History Of The Revolution Of France [n|Fr-?] (tr anon) [1794]

Kate (nee)Milner RABB {US} (F: 1866 Aug 9 - 1937 Jul 3)
8072	National Epics [n|1896]
	A Tour Through Indiana In 1840 [n|1920]
	No Mean City [1922]

Mary (nee)Crownover RABB {US} (F: 1805 Apr 8 - 1882 Oct 15)
	Reminiscences Of Mary Crownover Rabb, Wife Of John Rabb [a|1931]

Rabbi, Bernhard RABBINO {US} (M: 1860 - 1933)
	Back To The Home [a|c1933]

Peter RABBIT (see: William Joseph LONG)

Berniece (Louise) RABE, nee BAGBY, 2:Mrs TRYAND {US} (F: 1928 Jan 11 - 2013 Dec 28)
	The Balancing Girl [?]

Olive (nee)Hanson RABE {US} (F: 1887 Apr 6 - 1968 Dec 11)
	United Nations Plays And Programs (w Aileen FISHER) [d|1954]
	Patriotic Plays And Programs (w Aileen FISHER) [d|1956]

Peter RABE {US} (M: 1921 Nov 3 - 1990 May 20)
(&ps: Marco MALAPONTE)
	Benny Muscles In [f|1955]
	A Shroud For Jesso [f|1955]
	Stop This Man! [f|1955]
	Dig My Grave Deep [f|1956]
	A House In Naples [f|1956]
	Kill The Boss Good-By [f|1956]
	Agreement To Kill [f|1957]
	It's My Funeral [f|1957]
	Journey Into Terror [f|1957]
	The Out Is Death [f|1957]
	Blood On The Desert [f|1958]
	The Cut Of The Whip [f|1958]
	Mission For Vengeance [f|1958]
	Bring Me Another Corpse [f|1959]
	Time Enough To Die [f|1959]
	Anatomy Of A Killer [f|1960]
	Murder Me For Nickels [f|1960]
	My Lovely Executioner [f|1960]
	The Box [f|1962]
	His Neighbor's Wife [f|1962]
	New Man In The House (ps: Marco MALAPONTE) [f|1963]
	Her High School Lover (ps: Marco MALAPONTE) [f|1963]

François RABELAIS (M: c1494 - 1553 Apr 9)
8166	Pantagruel [Fr-1532] (tr Thomas URQUART) [1653]
8167	Gargantua [Fr-1534] (tr Thomas URQUART) [1653]
8168	Third Book [Fr-1546] (tr Thomas URQUART) [1693]
8169	Fourth Book [Fr-1548] (tr P A MOTTEUX) [1693-94]
1200	..Gargantua & Pantagruel [Fr-1552] (tr T URQUHART & P MOTTEUX) [1653-94]
8170	Fifth Book (w others) [Fr-1562-64] (tr P A MOTTEUX) [1693-94]
	..Gargantua & Pantagruel [Fr-1552] (tr W F SMITH) [1893/94]
	Gargantua, Mighty Monster [Fr-1552] (tr ?) (ed George MILBURN) [?]

Friedrich von RABENAU {DE} (M: 1884 Oct 10 - 1945 Apr 14 or 15)
	Die Alte Armee Und Die Junge Generation [n|Ge-1925]
	Operative Entschlüsse Gegen Einen An Zahl Überlegenen Gegner [n|Ge-1935]
	Scharnhorst Nach 1808 - Seeckt Nach 1918 [n|Ge-1939]
	Buch Und Schwert [n|Ge-1940]
	Von Geist Und Seele Des Soldaten [n|Ge-1940]
	Geistige Und Seelische Probleme Im Jetzigen Krieg [n|Ge-1940]
	Vom Sinn Des Soldatentums [n|Ge-1941]

Prof, Michael Maria RABENLECHNER {AT} (M: 1868 Jul 12 - 1952 Oct 27)

Prof, Benedict Frederick RABER {US} (M: 1882 Oct 8 - 1949 Aug 15)
	Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Engineering (w F W HUTCHINSON) [n|1945]
	Panel Heating And Cooling Analysis (w F W HUTCHINSON) [n|?]

Rev, Robert RABETT (M: 1795 Jan 11 - 1860 Sep 10)

Prof, Isidor Isaac RABI {US} (M: 1898 (or 1896) Jul 29 - 1988 Jan 11)

Léonce RABILLON (M: ? - ?)

Prof, Chaim RABIN {UK/IL} (M: 1915 - 1996)

Michael Myer RABIN (M: ? - ?)
(ps: Michael ROMAINE)
	Voyage Declined [1932]

Yitzhak RABIN {IL} (M: 1922 Mar 1 - 1995 Nov 4)

Hyacinth Louis RABINO (M: 1877 Jul 27 - 1950 Sep 26)
	Le Guilan [Fr-?]
	Mazandaran And Astarabad [?]
	Le Monastère De Sainte-Catherine (Mont-Sinai) [n|Fr-?]
	Coins, Medals And Seals Of The Shahs Of Iram, 1501-1943 [n|?]
	Essai D'Un Armorial De L'Ancien Comté De Nice Et..Monaco [Fr-?]

Isaak Moiseevich RABINOVICH {SU} (M: ? - ?)
	Structural Mechanics In The USSR, 1917-1957 [n|Ru-?] (tr anon) [1960]

Prof, Isaiah RABINOVICH {CA} (M: 1904 Nov 22 - 1972 Jul 19)

Prof, Benton Seymour RABINOVITCH {UK} (M: 1919 Feb 19 - 2014 Aug 2)

Chaim RABINOVITCH {UK} (M: 1908 Jul 14 - 1994 Oct 10)
(ps: Jocelyn DAVEY; Chaim RAPHAEL)

Dina RABINOVITCH, 1:Mrs RAUCH, 2:Mrs JULIUS {US?} (F: 1962 Jun 9 - 2007 Oct 30)

Rabbi, David Nathan RABINOWICZ (M: c1890 - 1947)
	The Will And Testament Of The Biala Rabbi [c1948]

Rabbi, Harry Mordka RABINOWICZ {PL/UK?} (M: 1919 Jul 8 - 2002 Jan 25)
	A Guide To Hasidism [n|1960]
	The Slave Who Saved The City [1960]
	Treasures Of Judaica [n|?]

Eugene RABINOWITCH {US} (M: 1901 Apr 26 - 1973 May)

Paul RABINOWITSCH {DE/DK?} (M: 1930 Jul 12 - 2007 Dec 29)
(ps: Paul Aron SANDFORT)
	Besoget [d|Da-?]

Benjamin RABINOWITZ {US} (M: 1895 Jul 4 - 1948 Apr 28)

Dorothy RABINOWITZ {US} (F: ? - ?)

Ezekiel RABINOWITZ {US} (M: 1892 Sep 1 - 1982)

Prof, Gerson RABINOWITZ {US} (M: 1919 Feb 2 - 1998 Feb c20)
	Aristotle's Protrepticus And The Sources Of Its Reconstruction [n|c1957]

Jerome RABINOWITZ {US} (M: 1918 Oct 11 - 1998 Jul 29)
(ps: Jerome ROBBINS)

Louis Isaac RABINOWITZ (M: 1906 May 24 - 1984 Aug 8)

Prof, Rubin RABINOWITZ {US} (M: 1938 - 1995)

Solomon Naumovich RABINOWITZ (M: J 1859 Feb 18 - 1916 May 13)
(ps: Sholem ALEICHEM)
27001	Jewish Children [Yi-?] (tr Hannah BERMAN) [1920]
	The Old Country [?-?] (tr Frances BUTWIN & Julius BUTWIN) [1946]
	The Adventures Of Mottel, The Cantor's Son [?-?] (tr ?) [1953]

Rabbi, Stanley RABINOWITZ {US} (M: 1917 Jun 8 - 2012 Jun 8)

Victor RABINOWITZ {US} (M: 1911 Jul 2 - 2007 Nov 16)

Norman C RABKIN {US} (M: 1930 Mar 14 - 2012 Jun 21)

Giovanni RABONI {IT} (M: 1932 Jan 22 - 2004 Sep 16)
	Il Catalogo È Questo [p|It-1961]
	L'Insalubrità Dell'Aria [p|It-1963]

Charles (Félix Henri) RABOU (M: 1803 - 1870)
11766	Contes Bruns (w Honoré de BALZAC & Philarete CHASLES) [s|Fr-?]

Isaac RABOY {US} (M: 1882 Nov - 1944)
	Der Pass Fun'm Jam [f|Yi-1917]
	Dus Wilde Land [f|Yi-1919]
	Gesammelte Werke [3v|Yi-1919]
	Bessaraber Jiden [f|Yi-1922]
	Stacheldruht [d|Yi-1925]
	Gekimen A Jid Kin Amerika [f|Yi-1926]
	Jidische Sitten [d|Yi-1926]
	Der Jidischer Cowboy [f|Yi-1942]
	Mein Leben [2v|a|Yi-1945]
	Eigene Erd [f|Yi-?]
	Herr Goldenberg [f|Yi-?]

Edgar RABSCH {DE} (M: 1892 Nov 1 - 1964 Sep 4)

Jerry RABUSHKA {US} (M: ? - ?)

Roger de RABUTIN, Comte de BUSSY, aka Roger de BUSSY-RABUTIN (M: 1618 Apr 3 - 1693 Apr 9)
29049	Histoire Amoureuse Des Gaules Suivie Des Romans.. [4v|n|Fr-1665]
g	Lettres [a|Fr-?]
g	Mémoires [a|Fr-?]

Frederic James Edward RABY {UK} (M: 1888 Dec 1 - 1966 Oct 30)
	A History Of Christian-Latin Poetry From The Beginning.. [n|1927/1953]
	The New Learning (ed) [n|1933]
	A History Of Secular Latin Poetry In The Middle Ages [2v|n|1934/1957]
	The Poetry Of The Eucharist [n|1957]
	The Oxford Book Of Medieval Latin Verse (ed) [p|1959]

Joseph Thomas RABY (M: 1853 Oct 28 - 1916 May 30)
	Lichfield And Dr Johnson [n|?]
	Johnsonian Memorials At Lichfield [n|?]

Mary C RABY {CA} (F: ? - ?)
	Beauty Walks The Earth [p|1941]

Richard RABY (M: 1816 - 1881 Aug 3)
30880	Pope Adrian IV [b|1849]

Víctor RACAMONDE {VE} (M: 1870 - 1980 Sep 24)

V RACCA {US} (?: 1876 - ?)
	The Steel Trust In Italy [n|1899]
	[The Revolutionary And Religious Socialist Systems] [n|Fr-1902]
	George Sorel And Syndicalism [n|1903]
	L'Arbitrage & La Conciliation En Italie [n|Fr-1903]
	Inquiry On The Bakers' Nightwork [n|1906]
	Peasants' Conditions In Puglia And Capitanata [n|1909]

Robert Russell RACE {UK} (M: 1907 Nov 28 - 1984 Apr 15)
	Blood Groups In Man (w Ruth SANGER) [n|1950/?/?/?/?/1975]

Steve(=Stephen) (Russell) RACE {UK} (M: 1921 Apr 1 - 2009 Jun 22)

Arthur George RACEY {CA} (M: 1870 - 1942)
	The Englishman In Canada [n|1902]
	Canadian Men Of Affairs In Cartoon [n|1922]



Hugo RACHEL {DE} (M: 1872 Feb 7 - 1945 Mar 3)
	Die Handels-, Zoll- Und Akzisepolitik Brandenburg-Preußens [3v|n|Ge-1911]
	Berliner Großkaufleute Und Kapitalisten (w others) [3v|n|Ge-1934-1939]

James (W) RACHELS {US} (M: 1941 May 30 - 2003 Sep (wrongly Aug) 5)

Mimouni RACHID {DZ} (M: 1945 Nov 20 - 1995 Feb 12)

Sergei Aleksandrovich RACHINSKII (M: 1836 - 1902)
16527	[1001 Tasks For Mental Calculation] [n|Ru-?]

Eugene (Jacob) RACHLIS {US} (M: 1920 Feb 5 - 1986 Nov 10)

Gideon RACHMAN {UK} (M: c1970 - ?)

Sergei Vassilievich RACHMANINOFF / RACHMANINOV {SU/US:1943on} (M: J 1873 Mar 20 - 1943 Mar 28)
	Rachmaninoff's Recollections [a|1934]

Utz RACHOWSKI {DE} (M: 1954 Jan 23 - ?)

Wilhelmina RACIDULA (F: c1795 - 1851 Aug 30)
(ps: Baroness von BECK)

J Polk RACINE (M: ? - ?)
	Recollections Of A Veteran [a|1894]

Jean (Baptiste) RACINE (M: 1639 Dec c22 - 1699 Apr 21)
	La Nymphe De La Seine À La Reyne [p|Fr-1660]
	Ode Sur La Convalescence Du Roy [p|Fr-1663]
	La Renommée Aux Muses [p|Fr-1663]
	La Thébayde (aka: Les Frères Ennemis) [d|Fr-pub:1664/pro:1664]
	Alexandre Le Grand [d|Fr-pro:1665/pub:1666]
	Lettre À L'Auteur Des Hérésies Imaginaires..Visionnaires [Fr-1666]
	Andromaque [d|Fr-pro:1667/pub:1668]
	Les Plaideurs [d|Fr-pro:1668/pub:1668]
	Britannicus [d|Fr-pro:1669/pub:1670]
	Bérénice [d|Fr-pro:1670/pub:1671]
	Bajazet [d|Fr-pro:1672/pub:1672]
27625	Mithridate [d|Fr-pro:1672/pub:1673]
	Iphigénie [d|Fr-pro:1674/pub:1675]
	  Iphigenia In Aulis [d|Fr-1675] (tr Abel BOYER) [?]
	Phèdre Et Hippolyte [d|Fr-pro:1677/pub:1677]
	  Phaedra [d|Fr-1677] (tr ?) [?]
1977	  Phaedra [d|Fr-1677] (tr Robert Bruce BOSWELL) [?]
	    Phaedra [d|Fr-1677] (tr Oreste PUCCIANI) [1961]
	Idylle Sur La Paix, Pour Estre Chanté.. [d|Fr-pro:1685/pub:1685]
	Idylle Sur La Paix; Avec, L'Eglogue De Versailles [d|Fr-1685]
15790	Esther [d|Fr-pro:1689/pub:1689]
	Athalie [d|Fr-pro:1691/pub:1691]
21967	  Athaliah [Fr-1691] (tr J DONKERSLEY) [1825]
	Relation De Ce Qui S'Est Passé Au Siège De Namur [Fr-1692]
	Cantiques Spirituels [Fr-1694]
	Campagne De Louis XIV (aka: Eloge Historique Du Roi..) [Fr-1730]
	Abrégé De L'Histoire De Port-Royal [n|Fr-1742/67]
	O=Euvres De Jean Racine (ed Julien-Louis GEOFFROY) [7v|Fr-1808]
	O=Euvres de J Racine (ed Paul MESNARD) [8v|Fr-1865-73]
	OEuvres Complètes (ed Raymond PICARD) [2v|Fr-1951-1952]


B A RACK {FI} (M: ? - ?)
33908	Stuifen: Historiallinen Kertomus [f|Fi-1883]

Arthur Herbert RACKETT {UK/US} (M: 1864 - ?)
	Arthur H Rackett's Fifty Years A Drummer [a|1931]

Arthur RACKHAM {UK} (M: 1867 Sep 19 - 1939 Sep 7 (or 6))

Bernard RACKHAM {UK} (M: 1876 Jul 26 - 1964 Feb 13)
	A Book Of Porcelain [n|?]
	Catalogue Of The Schreiber Collection [n|?]
	Catalogue Of The Herbert Allen Collection Of English Porcelain [n|?]
	Catalogue Of The Le Blond Collection Of Corean Pottery [n|?]
	Dutch Tiles [n|?]
	Guide To Italian Maiolica [n|?]
	English Pottery (w Herbert READ) [n|?]
	Early Netherlands Maiolica [n|?]
	Catalogue Of The Glaisher Collection, Fitzwilliam Museum [n|?]
	Guide To The Collections Of Stained Glass, Victoria And Albert Museum [n|?]
	Catalogue Of Italian Maiolica, Victoria And Albert Museum [n|?]
	A Key To Pottery And Glass [n|?]
	Medieval English Pottery [n|?]
	The Ancient Glass Of Canterbury Cathedral [n|?]
	Early Staffordshire Pottery [n|?]
	Italian Maiolica [n|?]
	Animals In Staffordshire Pottery [n|?]
	The Stained Glass Windows Of Canterbury Cathedral [n|?]
	Islamic Pottery And Italian Maiolica (In A Private Collection) [n|?]

Clara Dorothea RACKHAM, nee TABOR {UK} (F: 1875 Dec 3 - 1966 Mar 11)
	Factory Law [n|1938]

Harris RACKHAM {UK} (M: 1868 Dec 22 - 1944 Mar 20)
	Early Statues Of Christ's College [n|?]
	This Way And That [?]


Oliver RACKHAM {UK} (M: 1939 Oct 17 - 2015 Feb 12)
	Trees And Woodland In The British Landscape [n|1976/90]
	Ancient Woodland [n|1980/2003]

Robin RACKHAM {UK} (M: 1938 May 28 - 2006 Mar 24)

Thomas RACKHAM (M: 1919 Jul 7 - 2001 May 15)
	Astronomical Photography At The Telescope [n|1959]

Rabbi, Emanuel RACKMAN {US} (M: 1910 Jun 24 - 2008 Dec 1)
	Jewish Values For Modern Man [n|?]

Werner RACKWITZ {DE} (M: 1929 Dec 3 - 2014 Mar 14)
	G F Händel - Persönlichkeit, Umwelt, Vermächtnis (w H STEFFENS) [Ge-1962]

Elena von Dönniges RACOVITA (F: 1845 - 1911)
	Princess Helene Von Racowitza [a|1910]

Olga RACSTER (see: Elizabeth Olga Racster WAGSTAFFE)

Albert B RÀCZ {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	An Analytical Investigation Of The Jugoslav Problem (anon) [n|1944]

Sandor RACZ {HU} (M: c1933 - 2013 Apr 30)

Count, Edward (Bernard André Maria) RACZYNSKI {PL} (M: 1891 Dec 19 - 1993 Jul 30)
	Book Of Verse [p|1960]
	[In Allied London [a|Pl-?]
	  In Allied London [a|Pl-?] (tr ?) [1963]
	Rogalin And Its Inhabitants [n|1963]

Girolamo de RADA (M: 1814 - 1903)

Vlastimil RADA (see: Karel POLÁCEK)

Hanns RADAU {DE} (M: 1901 Mar 24 - 1960 Dec 18)
	Aya - Lauft Ihr Hunde [Ge-1955]
	Großer Jäger - Little Fox [Ge-1957]

Henrikus RADAUSKAS {LT?/US?} (M: 1910 - 1970)

Douglas RADCLIFF-UMSTEAD {US} (M: 1940 (or 1944) Jan 10 - 1992 Mar 22)

Ann RADCLIFFE, nee WARD (F: 1764 Jul 9 - 1823 Feb 7)
J	The Castles Of Athlin And Dunbayne: A Highland Story [f|1789]
7371,&	A Sicilian Romance [f|1790]
&	The Romance Of The Forest [f|1791]
3268	The Mysteries Of Udolpho [f|1794]
&	The Italian; or, The Confessional Of The Black Penitents [f|1797]
	Gaston De Blonville [f|1826]
	Keeping Festival In Ardenne [f|1826]

Anthony Frank RADCLIFFE {UK} (M: 1933 Feb 23 - 2011 Jan 1)

Charles Bland RADCLIFFE (M: 1822 Jun 2 - 1889 Jun 18)

Sir, Clifford (Walter) RADCLIFFE {UK} (M: 1888 Dec 18 - 1965 Feb 4)
	Middlesex [n|1939/1954]

Cyril John RADCLIFFE, 1st Viscount RADCLIFFE {UK} (M: 1899 Mar 30 - 1977 Apr 1)

Donnie RADCLIFFE (see: Redonia RADCLIFFE)

Elsa J RADCLIFFE {US} (F: 1935 - ?)

Frank RADCLIFFE (M: ? - ?)
	In A Moment Of Passion [f|1886]

Judge, Francis Reynolds Yonge RADCLIFFE {UK} (M: 1851 Sep 20 - 1924 Apr 23)
	The New Politicus [n|?]
	Cases Illustrative Of The Law Of Torts [n|?]

Frederick Peter Delmé RADCLIFFE (M: 1804 Dec 18 - 1875 Nov 13)

Geoffrey Reynolds Yonge RADCLIFFE {UK} (M: 1886 Apr 3 - 1959 Jul 18)

George L RADCLIFFE {US} (M: 1877 Aug 22 - 1974 Jul 29)

Acrhdeacon, Harry Sydney RADCLIFFE {UK} (M: 1867 May 7 - 1949 Oct 6)
	The Church Plate Of The Rural Deanery Of Lynn [n|?]
	The Church Plate Of The Old Deanery Of Cranwich..Norfolk [n|?]
	The Church Plate Of The Borough Of King's Lynn And West Lynn [n|?]
	The Church Plate Of The Deaneries Of East And West Fincham.. [n|?]

Archdeacon, Houstonne RADCLIFFE (M: 1740 - 1822 Apr 8)

Janet RADCLIFFE (see: Janet Louise ROBERTS)

Rev, John RADCLIFFE (M: 1764 - 1850 May 31)

John Netten RADCLIFFE (M: 1826 Apr 20 - 1884 Sep 11)

Mark RADCLIFFE {UK} (M: 1958 Jun 29 - living 2017)

Paula RADCLIFFE {UK} (F: 1973 Dec 12 - living 2017)

Sir, Percy (Pollexfen de Blaquiere) RADCLIFFE {UK} (M: 1874 Feb 9 - 1934 Feb 9)

Prof, Philip RADCLIFFE {UK} (M: 1932 Jul 2 - ?)

Philip (Fitzhugh) RADCLIFFE {UK} (M: 1905 Apr 27 - 1986 Sep 2)

Philip Walker RADCLIFFE {AU} (M: 1884 Jun 16 - 1956 Mar 11)
	Queensland School Reader (ed) [n|?]

Ralph RADCLIFFE (M: c1519 - c1559)

Redonia RADCLIFFE {US} (F: 1929 Jul 13 - 2010 Feb 19)
(&ps: Donnie RADCLIFFE)

Reginald RADCLIFFE (M: 1825 - 1895 Oct 28)

William RADCLIFFE {UK} (M: 1856 Aug 12 - 1938 May 10)
	Fishing From The Earliest Times [n|1921]

William T RADCLIFFE (M: ? - ?)
&	Ellan Vannin: Sketches Of The History..Of The Isle Of Man [n|1895]

Prof, Alfred Reginald RADCLIFFE-BROWN {UK} (M: 1881 Jan 17 - 1955 Oct 24)
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	The Australian Aborigines [n|1927]
	The Social Organization Of Australian Tribes [n|1931]
	Structure And Function In Primitive Society [e|1952]
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Charles Walter RADCLYFFE (M: 1817 - 1903 Feb 2)

Maj, (Charles Robert) Eustace RADCLYFFE {UK} (M: 1873 - 1953 Jul 1)

Rev, Lynn J RADCLYFFE {US} (M: 1896 Apr 14 - ?)

William RADCLYFFE (M: 1780 Oct 20 - 1855 Dec 29)

Marguerite RADCLYFFE-HALL (see: (Marguerite) Radclyffe HALL)

Thomas Head RADDALL {CA} (M: 1903 Nov 13 - 1994)
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	The Markland Sagas (w C H L JONES) [n|1934]
	Halifax, Warden Of The North [Nova Scotia] [n|1948]

Albert RADDATZ {DE} (M: 1904 Nov 7 - 1970 Feb 12)
	Faschismus Und Krieg [Ge-1952]
	Der Herrenspiegel [Ge-1954]
	Urlaub Auf Sylt [Ge-1958]
	Unternehmen Teutonenschwert (w A THORNDIKE & A THORNDIKE) [Ge-1959]

Alexander RADDATZ {DE/FR?} (M: 1928 Mar 28 - 2014 Nov 13)
(ps: Alexandre GROTHENDIECK)
	Éléments De Géométrie Algébrique [n|Fr-1960]
	Récoltes Et Semailles [n|Fr-?]
	Séminaire De Géométrie Algébrique [n|Fr-?]

Georg RADDATZ {DE} (M: 1885 Oct 31 - 1945 Jan 28)
	Zwei Homerische Abhandlungen [n|Ge-1926]
	Friedrich Von Bülow [n|Ge-1937]
	Die Homerlektüre Am Gymnasium [n|Ge-1940]
	Die Platonlektüre Am Gymnasium [n|Ge-1940]
	Die Thukydideslektüre Am Gymnasium [n|Ge-1940]

Otto RADDATZ {DE} (M: 1917 - 1998)

Norman John RADDER {US?} (M: ? - after 1950)
	Newspaper Make-Up And Headlines [n|1924]

Jean (Helen) RADDON {UK/AU?} (F: 1922 - 2007)
	Life On The Roof [?]
	Beyond Expectations (w Grace COLLINS) [n|?]
	Eighty Days Of Praise [e|?]

Sigismund von RADECKI {DE} (M: 1891 Nov 19 - 1970 Mar 13)

Noell RADECLIFFE (?: ? - ?)
	Alice Wentworth (anon) [f|1854]
	The Secret History Of A Household (anon) [f|1855]
	Diana Wynyard (anon) [f|1856]
	St Katharine Of Alexandria [d|pub:1859]
	The Lees Of Blendon Hall (anon) [f|1859]
	Wheel Within Wheel [f|1861]
	Bryanston Square [f|1862]
	Sybilla Lockwood [f|1864]
	Theresa [f|1870]

Franziska RADEMAKER {NL?} (F: 1878 Jul 19 - 1961 Feb 3)

Marguerite C RADENCICH {US} (F: 1952 - 1998)

Christian RADENHAUSEN (M: 1813 - ?)
	Esther [Ge-1880]

Emmanuel RADENSKY / RUDNITSKY / RABINOVITCH {US} (M: 1890 Aug 27 - 1976 Nov 18)
(ps: Man RAY)
	Self Portrait [a|1963]

Dotson RADER {US} (M: 1942 Jul 25 - living 2017)

Karl RÄDER {DE} (M: 1870 Apr 13 - 1967 Jan 26)

Prof, Ralph Wilson RADER {US} (M: 1930 May 18 - 2007 Nov 23)
	Tennyson's Maud [n|1963]

Stanley Robert RADER {US} (M: 1930 Aug 13 - 2002 Jul 2)

Rudolph RADESTOCK (M: ? - ?)
L	The Royal Ball-Room Guide And Etiquette Of The Drawingroom [n|1877]

Khristo RADEVSKI {BG} (M: 1903 - ?)

Ada RADFORD, Mrs WALLAS {UK} (F: 1859 Dec 10 - 1934 Oct 12)
(&ps: Ada WALLAS)
	The Land Of Play (ps: Ada WALLAS) [1906]
	Songs In The Whirlwind (w Ernest RADFORD) [p|1918]
	Before The Bluestockings (ps: Ada WALLAS) [1929]
	Daguerreotypes (ps: Ada WALLAS) [a|1929]

Albert Ernest RADFORD {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Bp, Andrew John RADFORD {UK} (M: 1944 Jan 26 - 2006 May 21)

Prof, Arthur RADFORD {UK} (M: 1888 Feb 12 - 1963 Mar 10)
	Plain Ordinary Man [n|1935]
	Patterns Of Economic Activity [n|1935]
	Goodwill In A Great Society [n|1950]

Rev, Benjamin Johnson RADFORD {US} (M: 1838 - 1933)
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Carlos Leslie RADFORD {US} (M: 1912 Dec 27 - ?)

Prof, Colin (John) RADFORD {UK} (M: 1935 Feb 27 - 2001 Apr 9)

Dollie RADFORD (see: Caroline MAITLAND)

Edwin Isaac RADFORD {UK} (M: 1891 Oct 1 - 1973 Nov 15)
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	Murder Jigsaw [f|1944]
	Crowther's Encyclopaedia Of Phrases And Origins (US: Unusual Words And How They Come About) [n|1945]
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	Murder Isn't Cricket [f|1946]
	Who Killed Dick Whittington? [f|1947]
	It's Murder To Live [f|1947]
	Encyclopaedia Of Superstitions (w Mona Augusta RADFORD) [n|1948/1961]
	John Kyleing Died [f|1949]
	Heel Of Achilles (w Mona Augusta RADFORD) [f|1950]
	Look In At Murder (w Mona Augusta RADFORD) [f|1956]
	Death On The Broads (w Mona Augusta RADFORD) [f|1957]
	The Six Men (w Mona Augusta RADFORD) [f|1958]
	Married To Murder (w Mona Augusta RADFORD) [f|1959]
	Death Of A Frightened Editor (w Mona Augusta RADFORD) [f|1959]
	Murder On My Conscience (w Mona Augusta RADFORD) [f|1960]
	Death At The Chateau Noir (w Mona Augusta RADFORD) [f|1960]
	Death And The Professor (w Mona Augusta RADFORD) [f|1961]
	Death's Inheritance (w Mona Augusta RADFORD) [f|1961]
	Death Takes The Wheel (w Mona Augusta RADFORD) [f|1962]
	From Information Received (w Mona Augusta RADFORD) [f|1962]
	Murder Of Three Ghosts (w Mona Augusta RADFORD) [f|1963]
	A Cosy Little Murder (w Mona Augusta RADFORD) [f|1963]
	Dictionary Of Allusions (w Mona Augusta RADFORD) [n|?]
	Superstitions, Manners, And Customs Of Peoples [n|?]

Ernest (William) RADFORD (M: 1857 - 1919 Sep 25)
	Translations From Heine [p|1882]
	Measured Steps [p|1884]
	Chambers Twain [p|1890]
	Old And New [p|1895]
	A Collection Of Poems [p|1906]
	Dante Gabriel Rossetti [b|1908]
	Songs In The Whirlwind (w Ada RADFORD) [p|1918]

Sir, George Heynes RADFORD (M: 1851 - 1917 Oct 5)
	Verses And Versicles [p|1917]
	Shylock.. [?]

John RADFORD {UK} (M: 1901 Mar 6 - 1967 Nov)
	Pilot Stations Of The British Isles [n|1939]

Bp, Lewis Bostock RADFORD {UK} (M: 1869 Jun 5 - 1937 Apr 2)
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	Three Teachers Of Alexandria [n|1908]
	Henry Beaufort, Bishop, Chancellor, Cardinal [n|1908]
	Ancient Heresies In Modern Dress [n|1914]
	Epistles To The Colossians And Philemon [n|1931]

M RADFORD (?: ? - ?)
	Our Friends The Belgians [n|1921]

Maitland RADFORD {UK} (M: 1884 - 1944 Jan 19)
	Poems [p|1945]

Maude Lavinia RADFORD, Mrs WARREN {CA/US?} (F: 1875 Jan 2 - 1934 Jul 6)
(&ps: Maude Radford WARREN)
21865	King Arthur And His Knights [1903]
	Composition And Rhetoric [n|1903]
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	Mother Goose And Her Friends (ps: Maude Radford WARREN) [1922]
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	Carnival Colors (ps: Maude Radford WARREN) [f|1925]
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Mona Augusta RADFORD, nee MANGAN {UK} (F: 1894 Aug 3 - 1990 Nov 8)
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	Married To Murder (w Edwin Isaac RADFORD) [f|1959]
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	Murder On My Conscience (w Edwin Isaac RADFORD) [f|1960]
	Death At The Chateau Noir (w Edwin Isaac RADFORD) [f|1960]
	Death And The Professor (w Edwin Isaac RADFORD) [f|1961]
	Death's Inheritance (w Edwin Isaac RADFORD) [f|1961]
	Death Takes The Wheel (w Edwin Isaac RADFORD) [f|1962]
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	Murder Of Three Ghosts (w Edwin Isaac RADFORD) [f|1963]
	A Cosy Little Murder (w Edwin Isaac RADFORD) [f|1963]
	Dictionary Of Allusions (w Edwin Isaac RADFORD) [n|?]

Ruby Lorraine RADFORD {US} (F: 1891 (or 1892) Dec 7 - 1971 Jul 19)
(&ps: Matilda BAILEY; Marcia FORD)
	Mystery Of The White Knight [f|1927]
	Mystery Of Adventure Island [f|1928]
	Mystery Of Palmetto Lodge [f|1929]
	Mystery Of The Bradley Pearls [f|1930]
	Marie Of Old New Orleans [f|1931]
	Mystery Of The Nancy Lee [f|1932]
	Mystery Of Myrtle Grove [f|1933]
	Mystery Of Pelican Cove [f|1934]
	Rose Colored Glasses [1939/70]
	Mystery Of Magnolia Beach [f|1942]
	Army Nurse [f|1944]
	Canteen Girl [f|1945]
	Sandra Of The Girl Orchestra [f|1946]
	Patty O'Neal On The Airways [f|1946]
	Secret Of The Bay [f|1946]
	Peggy Parker, Girl Inventor [f|1946]
	Silver Dunes [f|1946]
	Sylvia Saunders And The Tangled Web [f|1946]
	Highway To Happiness [f|1947]
	Dorothy Lamour And The Haunted Lighthouse (ps: Matilda BAILEY) [f|1947]
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	Dixie Doctor (ps: Marcia FORD) [f|1955]
	Nurse In The Pinelands (ps: Marcia FORD) [f|1955]
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	Kathy Phillips, Script Writer (ps: Marcia FORD) [f|1956]
	Pamela Lee, Home Economist (ps: Marcia FORD) [f|1956]
	The Enchanted Cove [f|1957]
	Ann Fuller, Librarian (ps: Marcia FORD) [f|1957]
	A Cruise For Judy (ps: Marcia FORD) [f|1957]
	Connie Dale, 4-H Leader [f|1958]
	Scout Counselor (ps: Marcia FORD) [f|1958]
	Island Nurse (ps: Marcia FORD) [f|1959]
	Crime And Judy [f|1960]
	Gail's Golden Filly (ps: Marcia FORD) [f|1960]
	Once Upon A Spring (aka: Dr Diane's Decision) [f|1961]
	Secret Of Ocean House [f|1961]
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	Prelude To Love, Monarch (ps: Marcia FORD) [f|1962]
	Journey Into Danger (ps: Marcia FORD) [f|1962]
	Secret Of Peach Orchard Plantation [f|1963]

Thomas RADFORD (M: 1793 Nov 2 - 1881 May 29)

William Cropley RADFORD {AU} (M: 1913 May 20 - 1976 Nov 25)
	Review Of Education In Australia, 1938 (jt ed) [n|1939]
	The Educational Needs Of A Rural Community [n|1939]
	Review Of Education In Australia 1940-48 (jt ed) [n|1950]
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James RADFORD-EVANS {UK} (M: 1910 Jan 8 - 1976 Jun 7)
	Journalism Without Tears [n|1945]
	The Hoax Of A Lifetime [f|1949]
	Girls Will Be Girls [f|1949]
	Once Upon An Island [1950]

IN Pres, Sarvepalli RADHAKRISHNAN {IN} (M: 1888 Sep 5 - 1975 Apr 17)
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	Indian Philosophy [2v|n|1923-1927]
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	The Religion We Need [n|1928]
	Kalki [n|1929]

Nuha al-RADI {IQ} (F: 1941 Jan 27 - 2004 Aug 30 or 31)

Selma al-RADI, 1:Mrs ZAHAWI, 2:Mrs al-AWQATI {IQ} (F: 1939 Jul 23 - 2010 Oct 7)

Mrs A H, (Sheila Alice Mackintosh) RADICE, nee JAMIESON {UK} (F: c1882 - 1960 Nov 20)
	Not All Sleep [James Hammond] [b|?]

(t)!Betty RADICE, nee DAWSON {UK} (F: 1912 Jan 3 - 1985 Feb 19)

Edward Albert RADICE {UK} (M: 1907 Jan 2 - 1996 Nov 8)

Fulke Rosavo RADICE {UK} (M: 1888 Feb 8 - 1987 Jan 18)

Yordan RADICHKOV {BG} (M: 1929 Oct 24 (or 29) - 2004 Jan 21)
	[Surtseto Bie Za Khorata = The Heart Beats For The People] [s|Bu-1959]
	[Prosti Rutse = Simple Hands] [f|Bu-1961]
	[Oburnato Nebe = A Sky Turned Upside Down] [f|Bu-1962]
	[Lazaritsa] [d|Bu-?]
	[Effort At Flying] [d|Bu-?]
	[In His Own Image] [d|Bu-?]

Raymond RADIGUET {FR} (M: 1903 Jun 18 - 1923 Dec 12)
	Le Diable Au Corps [f|Fr-1923]
	Le Bal Du Comte D'Orgel [f|Fr-1924]

George William RADIMERSKY {US} (M: 1907 Jan 1 - 1995 Jul 31)

Pavel Aleksandrovich RADIMOV (M: 1887 - 1967)

Dorothea (M) (nee?)Prall RADIN {US} (F: 1889 Jan 19 - 1948 Oct 15)

Prof, Max RADIN {US} (M: 1880 Mar 29 - 1950 Jun 22)
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Paul RADIN {US} (M: 1883 Apr 2 - 1959 Feb 21)
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Alexander Nikolayevich RADISHCHEV (M: 1749 - 1802)
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Pierre/Peter Esprit RADISSON (M: c1636 - c1710)
6913,I	Voyages Of Peter Esprit Radisson (ed/tr? G D SCULL) [n|1885]

Parviz (Camran) RADJI {IR} (M: 1936 Oct 15 - 2014 Mar 23)

Marian (Jeanette) (nee)RADKE-YARROW {US} (F: 1918 Mar 2 - 2007 May 19)
	They Learn What They Live (w Helen G TRAGER) [n|1952]

Sheila RADLEY (see: Sheila Mary ROBINSON)

Tessa RADLEY, nee ? {NZ?} (F: ? - ?)

Elfriede RADLOFF {DE} (F: 1903 Nov 24 - 1951)
(ps: Renée ADLOFF)

Gilda RADNER, 1:Mrs SMITH, 2:Mrs WILDER {US} (F: 1946 Jun 28 - 1989 May 20)

Miklós RADNÓTI {HU} (M: 1909 May 5 - 1944 Nov 9)
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	Tajtékos Ég [p|Hu-1946]

Prof, Richard RADO {DE/UK} (M: 1906 Apr 28 - 1989 Dec 23)

Sandor (Alexander) RADO {HU} (M: 1900 - 1981 Aug 19)

Tibor RADÓ {HU} (M: 1895 Jun 2 - 1965 Dec 29)
	Length And Area [n|1948]
	Continuous Transformations In Analysis.. (w P V REICHELDERFER) [n|1955]

Horatiu RADULESCU {RO} (M: 1942 Jan 7 - 2008 Sep 25)

László RADVÁNYI {HU/DDR?} (M: 1900 Dec 13 - 1978 Jul 3)
(ps: Johann-Lorenz SCHMIDT)
	Hegel Und Wir [n|Ge-1932]
	Der Moderne Humanismus [n|Ge-1937]
	Ten Years Of Sample Surveying In Mexico [n|1952]

Pierre Arthur RADWANSKI {CA} (M: 1903 Jan 4 - 1976 Sep 6)

Dr, Pierre A RADWANSKI-SZINAGEL (see: Pierre Arthur RADWANSKI)

Kersten RADZIMANOWSKI {DE} (M: 1948 May 1 - ?)

Sir, Leon RADZINOWICZ {UK} (M: 1906 Aug 15 - 1999 Dec 29)

Princess, Catherine/Ekaterina (Adamovna) RADZIWILL, nee RZEWUSKA, 2:Mrs KOLB-DANVIN {PL/US?} (F: 1858 Mar 30 - 1941 May 12)
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16600	Cecil Rhodes: Man And Empire-Maker [b|1918]
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Fürstin, Marie Dorothea Elisabeth de Castellane RADZIWILL (F: 1840 - 1915)

Alastair I M RAE {UK} (M: 1938 - ?)
	Quantum Physics [n|?]

Bill RAE {UK} (M: 1928 Jun 11 - 2014 Aug 15)

Daphne RAE, nee SIMPSON {UK} (F: 1933 - living 2013)
	Love Until It Hurts [?]

(Margaret) Doris RAE {UK} (F: 1907 - 1998 May 25)
	Sings The Nightingale [f|1956]
	The Whispering Wind [f|1958]
	Flame On The Peaks [f|1958]
	Journey Into Paradise [f|1959]
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	The Music And The Splendour [f|1959]
	The Rowans Are Red [f|1960]
	Golden Dawn [f|1960]
	The Lying Jade [f|1961]
	The Flowering Summer [f|1961]
	Bright Particular Star [f|1962]
	The Gossamer Web [f|1962]
	The Shadow And The Sun [f|1963]
	Serenade To A Nurse [f|1963]
	Enchantment In The Snow [f|1963]

Elsie Spence RAE {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	Private John M'Pherson.. [p|1918]

Gilbert RAE {UK} (M: 1875 - ?)
	Poems [p|1906]
	Tween Clyde And Tweed [1919]
	The House Of Boghall [?]
	Langsyne In Braefoot [1923]
	Mang Lowland Hills [1924]
	Where Falcons Fly [1927]

Gwynedd RAE {UK} (F: 1892 Jul 23 - 1977 Nov 14)
	Mostly Mary [f|1930]
	All Mary [f|1931]
	And Timothy Too [f|1934]
	Leap Year Born [f|1935]
	Mary Plain In Town [f|1935]
	Mary Plain On Holiday [f|1937]
	Mary Plain In Trouble [f|1940]
	Mary Plain In Wartime (aka: Mary Plain Lends A Paw) [f|1942]
	Mary Plain's Big Adventure [f|1944]
	Mary Plain Home Again [f|1949]
	Mary Plain To The Rescue [f|1950]
	Mary Plain And The Twins [f|1952]
	Mary Plain Goes Bob-A-Jobbing [f|1957]
	Mary Plain Goes To America [f|1957]
	Mary Plain, VIP [f|1961]
	Lovely Heritage [b|?]

Herbert RAE (see: George Herbert Rae GIBSON)

Hugh Crauford RAE {UK} (M: 1935 Nov 22 - 2014 Sep 22)
(&ps: James ALBANY; Robert CRAWFORD; R B HOUSTON; Stuart STERN; Jessica STIRLING)

Sir, James Stanley RAE {UK} (M: 1881 - 1956 Sep 28)

John RAE (M: 1796 Jun 1 - 1872 Jul 14)
	Statement Of Some Principles..Of Political Economy [n|1834]

John RAE (M: 1813 Sep 30 - 1893 Jul 22)
	A Narrative Of The Expedition To The Shores Of The Arctic Sea [n|1850]
	Report..Of The Proceedings Of The Arctic Searching Expedition [n|1852]
	John Rae's Correspondence With The Hudsons Bay Company [n|1953]

John RAE (M: 1813 Jan 9 - 1900 Jul 15)
	The Book Of The Prophet Isaiah..Into English Blank Verse [p|1853]
	Gleanings From My Scrap Book [3v|1869-74]
	Thirty-Five Years On The New South Wales Railways [John Whitton] [b|1898]

John RAE (M: 1845 May 26 - 1915 Apr 19)
*	Contemporary Socialism [n|1884/91/?/1908]
	Eight Hours For Work [n|1894]
17196	Life Of Adam Smith [b|1895]

John RAE {US} (M: 1882 Jul 4 - 1963 Oct 16)
24237	Grasshopper Green And The Meadow Mice [1922]
	Granny Goose! [1926]

John RAE {US?} (M: 1944 - 1988)

John (Bell) RAE {US} (M: 1911 Mar 21 - 1988 Oct 24)
	Development Of Railway Land Subsidy Policy In The United States [n|1939]
	Readings On The American Way (jt ed) [n|1953]

John Cargill RAE {ZA?} (M: 1874 - ?)
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John (Malcolm) RAE {UK} (M: 1931 Mar 20 - 2006 Dec 16)
	The Custard Boys [f|1960]

Julia Emily St Quintin RAE (F: c1841 - 1916)

Norman (Frederick) RAE {JM} (M: 1931 Dec 5 - ?)

William Fraser RAE (M: 1835 - 1905 Jan 22)
A	Westward By Rail: The New Route To The East [n|1870]
	Miss Bayle's Romance [f|1887]
	A Modern Brigand [f|1888]
	Maygrove [f|1890]
	An American Duchess [f|1890]

Campbell RAE-BROWN (M: ? - ?)
	Rhymes, Romantic And Racy [p|1885]
	Providence Point And Quartremayne's Quarry [1889]
	Rhymes Of The Times [p|1889]
	Ryder's Last Race.. [p|1889]
	Rae-Brown's Ballads, Humorous.. [p|1892]
	A Cockney In Kilts [1892]
	The 'Up-To-Date' Reciter (w Neville LYNN) [1892]
	Very Long Odds And A Strange Finish [s|1893]
	That Awful Baby! [f|1893]
	The Race With Death.. [p|1896]
	The Devil's Shilling [1897]
	The Resurrection Of His Grace [f|1899]
	The Shadow On The Manse [f|1899]
	Goneaway's Race.. [p|1907]
	The Great Newmarket Mystery [f|1909]
	Kissing-Cup The Second [f|1910]
	Kiss-Me-Quick's Race.. [p|1911]
	Sport And The Woman [1911]
	The Love Germ [d|pub:1912]
	Daddy Joyce [d|pub:1912]
	Coming A Cropper [d|pub:1912]
	Charlie's Uncle [d|pub:1912]
	Algy And The Actress [d|pub:1912]
	Billy The Burglar [d|pub:1912]
	The Avenging Kiss [1912]
	Poor Mamma's Secret [d|pub:1912]
	Percival's Twins [d|pub:1912]
	On The Post [d|pub:1912]
	Too Handsome By Half [d|pub:1912]
	The Blackguard's Race.. [p|1914]
	'All The Winners' [p|1921]
	The Parachute Girl [d|pub:1930]
	The Spook The Spoke [d|pub:1930]

Colin RAE-BROWN (M: 1821 - 1897 Sep 11)
	Lays And Lyrics By Sea And Shore [p|1849]
	Edith Dewar [f|1875]
	Noble Love [p|?]
	The Dawn Of Love [p|?]

Lois RAEBECK, nee RUPP {US} (F: 1921 Oct 2 - 2009 Jun 13)

Anna RAEBURN, nee ?, 2:Mrs TILLEY {UK} (F: 1944 (or 1945) Apr 3 - living 2017)

David RAEBURN (see: Paul (Augustus G) HERRING)

Prof, John (Ross) RAEBURN {UK} (M: 1912 Nov 20 - 2006 Jul 9)

Sir, William Norman RAEBURN, 2nd Bt {UK} (M: 1877 - 1947 Feb 5)
	A Treatise On..Sale (3e w Colin BLACKBURN & L C THOMAS) [n|1910]

Erich RAEDER {DE} (M: 1876 Apr 24 - 1960 Nov 6)
	Mein Leben [2v|a|Ge-1956-1957]

Prof, Marc RAEFF {SU/US?} (M: 1923 Jul 28 - 2009 Sep 20)

Louis RAEMAEKERS {UK} (M: 1869 Apr 6 - 1956 Jul 26)
34031	Raemakaers' Cartoon History Of The War (ed J M ALLISON) [n|1919]
19126	Raemaekers' Cartoons (ed Francis STOPFORD) [n|?]

William RAEPER {UK} (M: 1959 Feb 16 - 1992 Jul 31)

Ian (Matthew Paton) RAESIDE {UK} (M: c1927 - 2011 Jan 30)

Arnold (Christopher) RÆSTAD {NO} (M: 1878 Feb 15 - 1945 Sep 18)
	Norges Høihetsret Over Spitsbergen I A=eldre Tid [n|No-1912]
	Handelspolitik [n|No-1914]
	Norges Handels- Og Skibsfartstraktater [n|No-1914]
	Korndyrkning Og Korntold [n|No-1915]
	Dyrtid Før Og Nu [n|No-1916]
	Krigs Og Freds Problemer [n|No-1916]
	Truster Og Karteller En Bok Om Privatmonopoler [n|No-1916]
	Grønland Og Spitsbergen [n|No-1923]
	Hvad Toll Er [n|No-1924]
	Italiensk Fascisme [n|No-1924]
	Svalbardokkupasjonene [n|No-1925]
	Voldgiftstraktater [n|No-1927]
	Hvalfangsten På Det Frie Hav [n|No-1928]
	Bernerkonvensjonen Til Vern For Litterære Verker.. [n|No-1929]
	Danmark, Norge Og Folkeretten [n|No-1933]
	Penger, Valuta Og Gull [n|No-1934]
	Stat Og Nasjon I Støpeskjeen [n|No-1940]

Gideon RAFAEL {IL} (M: 1913 Mar 5 - 1999 Feb 10)

Juan Vicente RAFAEL (see: Juan RIVERA VIERA)

Prof, Constantine Samuel RAFINESQUE(-SCHMALTZ) (M: 1783 Oct 22 - 1840 Sep 18)
	Caratteri Di Alcuni Nuovi Generi E Nuove Specie..Sicilia [n|It-1810]
	Specchio Delle Scienze [n|It-1814]
	Précis Des Découvertes Et Travaux Somiologiques [n|Fr-1814]
	Principes Fondamentaux De Somiologie [n|Fr-1814]
	Analyse De La Nature [n|Fr-1815]
	Florula Ludoviciana [n|1817]
	Ichthyologia Ohiensis [n|1820]
	Ancient History [n|1824]
	Neogenyton [n|1825]
	Medical Flora [2v|n|1828-30]
	Atlantic Journal And Friend Of Knowledge [n|1832-33]
	Herbarium Rafinesquianum [n|1833]
g	A Life Of Travels And Researches In North America.. [a|1836]
	Flora Telluriana [4v|n|1836]
34070	The American Nations: Outlines Of A National History.. [2v|n|1836]
	New Flora And Botany Of North America [4v|n|1836-38]
	Genius And Spirit Of The Hebrew Bible [n|1838]
29350	Ancient Monuments Of North And South America [n|?/1838]
	Alsographia Americana [n|1838]
	Sylva Telluriana [n|1838]
	Autikon Botanikon [n|1840]
	The Good Book [n|1840]

RAFF (see: Bill(=William) (John) HOOPER)

Col, Edson Duncan RAFF {US} (M: 1907 Nov 15 - 2003 Mar 11)
	We Jumped To Fight [a|1944]

Helene RAFF {DE} (F: 1865 Mar 31 - 1942 Dec)

Eliza RAFFALD, nee WHITAKER (F: ? - 1781 Apr 19)

Arthur Germanovich RAFFALOVICH {SU} (M: 1853 - 1921)

George RAFFALOVICH (M: 1880 - ?)

Marc-André RAFFALOVICH {UK?} (M: 1864 - 1934 Feb 14)
	Tuberose And Meadowsweet [1885]
	A Willing Exile [2v|1890]
	A Northern Aspect; The Ambush Of Young Days (w John GRAY) [d|1895]
	Uranisme Et Unisexualite [Fr-1896]

Vera Friedlander RAFFALOVICH (F: ? - ?)
	Passion's Quest [1920]

Joseph A RAFFAELE {US} (M: 1916 Sep 1 - ?)

Paul RAFFAELE {AU} (M: c1950 - living 2010)

Carboni RAFFAELLO (see: Raffaello CARBONI)

Robert Michael RAFFAY {AT} (M: 1887 Jun 3 - 1954 Jul 13)

Prof, David James RAFFE {UK} (M: 1951 May 5 - 2015 Feb 16)

Walter George RAFFÉ {UK} (M: 1888 - 1965)
	Poems In Black And White [p|1922]

David RAFFELOCK {US} (M: 1896 (wrongly 1897) Jul 7 - 1988 Oct 12)
(&ps: R E LOCKE)
	The Echo Anthology Of Verse (ed) [p|1926]
	Conscious Short Story Technique [n|1928]

Carin RAFFERTY (see: Linda KICHLINE)

Max(=Maxwell) (Lewis) RAFFERTY (Jr) {US} (M: 1917 May 7 - 1982 Jun 13)

Judge, Michael Harvey RAFFERTY {UK} (M: 1877 Jan 18 - 1953 Oct 3)

Denis Auguste Marie RAFFET (M: 1804 Mar 2 - 1860 Feb 11 or 16)
	Episodes De La Campagne D'Italie De 1859 [n|Fr-1859]

Charles W RAFFETY {UK} (M: ? - ?)
(&ps: Vivian VALINE)
	Poems (aka: Short Poems) (anon) [p|1938]
	Selected Poems [p|1938]
	Poems (3rd series) (anon) [p|1938]
	Poems (ps: Vivian VALINE) [p|1946]

Frank Walter RAFFETY {UK} (M: 1875 - 1946 Sep 8)
	The Nation's Income (w W H C SHARP) [n|1909]
	Modern Business Practice (jt ed) [n|1912]
	The Future Of Party Politics [n|1918]
	Our Part In The League Of Nations [n|1919]
	Partnership In Industry [n|1928]

Gordon Edward RAFFETY {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Alain (St Y) RAFFIN {UK} (M: 1883 - 1932)
	Mystery, Mirage And Miracle [n|1921]
	Oe And Zaida [1927]

Deborah (Iona) RAFFIN, Mrs VINER {US} (F: 1953 Mar 13 - 2012 Nov 21)

Lady, Sophia RAFFLES, nee HULL (F: c1786 - 1858 Dec 12)
	Memoir Of The Life And Public Services Of Sir T S Raffles [b|1830/35]

Thomas RAFFLES (M: 1788 May 17 - 1863 Aug 18)

Thomas Stamford RAFFLES (M: 1818 Sep 18 - 1891 Jan 23)
	Memoirs Of The Life And Ministry Of .. T Raffles [b|1864]

Sir, Thomas Stamford (Bingley) RAFFLES (M: 1781 Jul 5 - 1826 Jul 5)
*	The History Of Java [2v|n|1817]
	Antiquarian, Architectural, And Landscape Illustrations..Java [n|1844]

Archdeacon, Stamford Raffles RAFFLES-FLINT {UK} (M: 1847 Feb 6 - 1925 Aug 15)
	Memoir Of The Mudge Family [n|?]

Alan RAFKIN {US} (M: 1928 Jul 23 - 2001 Aug 6)

Henry RAFTER {UK} (M: c1829 - ?)

Capt, Michael RAFTER (M: 1792 Feb 9 - 1856 Mar 29)
	Savindroog [f|1847]
	Percy Blake [f|1855]

Prof, Barry RAFTERY {IE} (M: 1944 Aug 16 - 2010 Aug 22)

Gerald (Bransfield) RAFTERY {US} (M: 1905 Oct 30 - 1986 Aug 26)
	Gray Lance [1950]

Mary (Frances Thérèse) RAFTERY, Mrs WADDELL {IE} (F: 1957 Dec 21 - 2012 Jan 10)

Mrs K U RAFY, nee ? (F: ? - ?)
*	Folk-Tales Of The Khasis [s|1920]

Emilio RAGA {IT?} (M: ? - ?)
25587	I Drammi De' Campi [s|It-1886]

Rafael RAGA D {VE} (M: ? - ?)

Robert Clark RAGAN {US} (M: 1915 Dec 30 - 2010 Mar 25)

Prof, William Burk RAGAN {US} (M: 1896 Nov 14 - 1973 Dec)

Zéphyrin RAGANASSE (see: Henri d'ALMÉRAS)

Frank RAGANO {US} (M: 1923 Jan 25 - 1998 May 13)

Rev, Leonhard (de) RAGAZ {CH} (M: 1868 Jul 28 - 1945 Dec 6)
	Du Sollst [n|Ge-1904]
	Dein Reich Komme [e|Ge-1909]
	Religionsphilosophie [2v|n|Ge-1909]
	Die Neue Schweiz [n|Ge-?]
	Weltreich, Religion Und Gottesherrschaft [2v|n|Ge-1922]
	Der Kampf Um Das Reich Gottes In Blumhardt, Vater Und Sohn.. [n|Ge-1922]
	Von Christus Zu Marx - Von Marx Zu Christus [n|Ge-1929]
	Das Reich Und Die Nachfolge [n|Ge-1937]
	Gedanken [n|Ge-1938]
	Die Botschaft Vom Reiche Gottes [n|Ge-1942]
	Die Gleichnisse Jesu [n|Ge-1944]
	Die Bergpredigt Jesu [n|Ge-1945]
	Die Geschichte Der Sache Christi [n|Ge-1945]
	Die Bibel [7v|n|Ge-1947-1950]
	Mein Weg [2v|a|Ge-1952]

Joseph Edward RAGEN {US} (M: 1897 Nov 22 - 1971 Sep 22)
	Inside The World's Toughest Prison (w Charles FINSTON) [n|1962]

Alban Edward RAGG {CA} (M: 1872 May 22 - 1913 Feb 12)
(ps: A E R)
	Poems By A Business Man [p|1901]

Frederick William RAGG {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Quorsum? The Cry Of Human Suffering [p|1894]
	Sonnets.. [p|1895]
	King Alfred's Dreams.. [p|1899]
	Poems [p|1929]

Laura Marie RAGG, nee ROBERTS {UK} (F: 1865 - 1962 Jan 3)
	Treaty Of Luneville [n|?]
	Women Artists Of Bologna [n|1907]
	The Mohammedan Gospel Of Barnabas (w Lonsdale RAGG) [n|1915]
	Things Seen In Venice (w Lonsdale RAGG) [n|1912]
	Things Seen On The Italian Lakes [n|1912]
	Venice (w Lonsdale RAGG) [n|1916]
	Crises In Venetian History [n|1928]

Archdeacon, Lonsdale RAGG {UK} (M: 1866 Oct 23 - 1945 Jul 31)
	Aspects Of The Atonement [n|1904]
	Christ And Our Ideals [n|1906]
	Dante And His Italy [n|1907]
	The Mohammedan Gospel Of Barnabas (w Laura M RAGG) [n|1915]
	The Church Of The Apostles [n|1915]
	Book Of Books [n|1910]
	Things Seen In Venice (w Laura M RAGG) [n|1912]
	Memoir Of Edward Charles Wickham [b|1913]
	Venice (w Laura M RAGG) [n|1916]
	Dante Aligheri, Apostle Of Freedom [n|1922]
	Some Of My Friends [n|1931]
	Trees I Have Met [n|1932]
	Tree Lore In The Bible [n|1935]

Thomas RAGG (M: 1808 Jan 11 - 1881 Dec 3)

Sir, Harold George RAGGATT {AU} (M: 1900 Jan 25 - 1968 Nov 2)

Hyder RAGGED (see: (Henry) Chartres BIRON)

Otto RAGGENBASS {CH} (M: 1905 Oct 11 - 1965 Feb 8)

Olga RAGGIO {IT/US} (F: 1926 Feb 5 - 2009 Jan 24)

Manayath D RAGHAVAN {IN} (M: 1892 Jan 23 - ?)
	Folk Plays And Dances Of Kerala [n|1947]
	The Sigiriya Frescoes [n|1947]
	Cultural Anthropology Of The Rodiyas [n|1948]
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	The Paltini Cult As A Socio-Religious Institution [n|1950]
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	The Ahikuntakaya [n|1951]
	Folk Sports [n|1951]
	Traditions And Legends Of Nagercoil, Northern Province [n|1952]
	A Kalvettu (Folk Chronicle)..Seerpadam..Eastern Province [n|1952]
	The Sinhalese Social System [n|1953]
	Handsome Beggars [n|1955]
	Traditions And Chronicles Of The Dance In Ceylon [n|1956]
	The Karava Of Ceylon [n|1958]
	Ceylon [n|1960]
	India In Ceylonese History, Society And Culture [n|1964/69]
	Jaffna [n|?]
	Ceylon And The Mukkuver [n|?]

E RAGHAVENDRA RAO {IN} (M: c1890 - 1942 Jun 15)
	Speeches Of His Excellency Mr E Raghavendra Rao.. [e|1936]

Rufus Ely RAGLAND {US} (M: 1863 - ?)
	California Business Forms And Laws (anon) [n|1929]

Thomas Gajetan RAGLAND (M: 1815 Apr 26 - 1858 Oct 22)

Lowell Joseph RAGNATZ {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	Colonial Studies In The US During The Twentieth Century (anon) [n|c1932]

Princess, RAGNHILD (ALEXANDRA), of Norway, Mrs LORENTZEN {NO} (F: 1930 Jun 9 - 2012 Sep 16)

Henry Anthony RAGO {US} (M: 1915 Oct 5 - 1969 May 26)
	The Philosophy Of Esthetic Individualism [n|1941]
	The Travelers [p|1949]

Millie RAGOSTA (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Melanie RANDOLPH)

Zénaïde Alexeievna RAGOZIN {RU/US:1894on} (F: 1835 - 1924)
24654	Chaldea From The Earliest Times To The Rise Of Assyria [n|1886]
	Assyria From The Rise Of The Empire To The Fall Of Nineveh [n|1887]
	Vedic India As Embodied Principally In The Rig-Veda [n|1895]
	Siegfried, The Hero Of The North, And Beowulf.. [n|1898]
	History Of The World [n|1899]
	Little Russian Masterpieces [Ru-var] (tr) [1920]

Lulah(=Lula/Tallulah) (James) RAGSDALE {US} (F: 1861 (wrongly 1862) Feb 5 - 1953 Dec 26)
	The Crime Of Phillip Guthrie [f|1892]
	A Shadow's Shadow [f|1893]
	Miss Dulcie From Dixie [f|1917]
	Next-Besters [f|1920]
	If I See Green [p|1929]

Rev, Louis von RAGUÉ (M: 1838 - 1910)
	Lebensbilder Aus Der Innern Mission.. [a|Ge-1912]

Fr(SJ), Paul RAGUENEAU (M: 1608 Mar 18 - 1660 Sep 3)
I	Relation De Ce Qui S'Est Passé..1647 & 1648 (w J LALEMANT) [n|Fr-1649]
I	Relation De Ce Qui S'Est Passé..1648 & 1649 [n|Fr-1650]
I	Relation De Ce Qui S'Est Passé..1649..1650 [n|Fr-1651]
I	Relation De Ce Qui S'Est Passé..1650 & 1651 [n|Fr-1652]
I	Relation De Ce Qui S'Est Passé..1651 & 1652 [n|Fr-1653]
I	La Vie De La Mere Catherine De Saint Augustin [b|Fr-1671]

Philippe RAGUENEAU {FR} (M: 1917 Nov 19 - 2003 Oct 22)

Anthony Vincent RAGUSIN {US} (M: 1902 Apr 22 - 1997 Mar 3)
	Gulf Coast Country (w Hodding CARTER) [n|1951]

Yitzhak Nissim RAHAMIM {IL} (M: 1896 - 1981 Aug 9)
(ps: Yitzhak NISSIM)

Assi/Asi RAHBANI {LB} (M: 1923 May 4 - 1986 Jun 21)

Mansour RAHBANI {LB} (M: 1925 Mar 17 - 2009 Jan 13)

Ziad RAHBANI {LB} (M: 1956 Jan 1 - living 2017)

Fr, Peter James RAHILL {US} (M: 1910 Jul 28 - (jt ed) n)

Sir, Abdur/Abdul RAHIM {IN} (M: 1867 - 1952 Aug 15)
	Principles Of Muhammadan Jurisprudence.. [n|1911/1963]

Aleksanteri RAHKONEN (M: 1841 - 1877)
27841	Kukka Kultain Kuusistossa: Komedia Yhdessä Näytöksessä [d|Fi-pub:1899]

Shaikh Abdur RAHMAN {UK} (M: 1903 Jun 4 - 1979 Feb 11)

Shamsur RAHMAN {BD} (M: 1929 Oct 24 - 2006 Aug 17)

Hasana Haphijura RAHMANA (F: 1932 - 1983)

Rabbi, Hans Sigismund RAHMER {UK} (M: 1924 Dec 30 - 2005 Sep 19)
(ps: John Desmond RAYNER)
	The Practices Of Liberal Judaism [n|1958]

Prof, Stefan RAHMSTORF {DE} (M: 1960 Feb 22 - ?)
	Wolken, Wind Und Wetter (N) [Ge-?]

Otto RAHN {DE} (M: 1904 Feb 18 - 1939 Mar c13)
	Kreuzzug Gegen Den Gral [n|Ge-1933]
	  Crusade Against The Grail [n|Ge-1933] (tr Christopher JONES) [1934]
	Luzifers Hofgesind [n|Ge-1937]

Prof, Otto RAHN {US} (M: 1881 - ?)
	Invisible Radiations Of Organisms [n|1936]

Fr(SJ), Karl (Josef Erich) RAHNER {DE} (M: 1904 Mar 5 - 1984 Mar 31 (or 30))
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	Geist In Welt [n|Ge-1939]
	Aszese Und Mystik In Der Väterzeit (w Marcel VILLER) [n|Ge-1939]
	Hörer Des Wortes [n|Ge-1941]
	Schriften Zur Theologie [16v|e|Ge-1954-84]
	Über Die Schriftinspiration [n|Ge-1958]
	Das Dynamische In Der Kirche [n|Ge-1958]
	Visionen Und Prophezeiungen (w P T BAUMANN) [n|Ge-1958]
	Zur Theologie Des Todes [n|Ge-1958]
	Sendung Und Gnade [n|Ge-1959]
	Kirche Und Sakramente [n|Ge-1961]
	Episkopat Und Primat (w Joseph RATZINGER) [n|Ge-1961]
	Das Problem Der Hominisation (w Paul OVERHAGE) [n|Ge-1961]
	Gnade Als Freiheit [n|Ge-?]

Prof, Philip Arthur RAHTZ {UK} (M: 1921 Mar 11 - 2011 Jun 2)
	Invitation To Archaeology [n|1985/91]
	Glastonbury [n|1993/2003]

Accha RAI {IN?} (?: 1928 - 1952)

Harivansh RAI {IN} (M: 1907 Nov 27 - 2003 Jan 18)
(ps: Harivansh Rai BACHCHAN)

Alton (Robert) RAIBLE {US} (M: 1918 Nov 14 - living 2015)

Daniel Richter RAICHEL {US} (M: 1935 Aug 22 - 2006 Dec 22)
	The Science And Applications Of Acoustics [n|2000/06]

Georgi RAICHEV {BG} (M: 1882 - 1947)

Karl RAIF {DE} (M: 1881 Jan 11 - 1937 May)
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Howard RAIFFA (M: 1924 - ?)

Baron, Jeffrey de RAIGERSFELD (M: ? - ?)
	The Life Of A Sea Officer [n|1929]

Alice RAIKER (F: ? - ?)
	The Tootle Bird And The Brontos [f|1907]

Charles RAIKES (M: 1812 Dec 9 (or 2) - 1885 Sep (wrongly Feb) 16)
	Notes On The North-western Provinces [n|1852]
	Notes On The Revolt In The North-Western Provinces [n|1858]
	The Englishman In India [n|1867]

David (Kennedy) RAIKES {UK} (M: 1924 - 1945 Apr 21)
	The Poems Of David Raikes [p|1954]

Francis William RAIKES (M: c1842 - 1906 Sep 28)

Harriet RAIKES (F: ? - ?)
	The Marriage Contract [f|1849]

Canon, Henry RAIKES (M: 1782 Sep 24 - 1854 Nov 28)
	Remarks On Clerical Education [n|1831]

Henry RAIKES (M: 1811 - 1863 Oct 25)
	A Popular Sketch Of The Origin..English Constitution [2v|n|1851-54]

Henry Cecil RAIKES (M: 1838 Nov 25 - 1891 Aug 24)
	A Selection From The Poems, Translations.. (ed H St J RAIKES) [p|1895]

Henry St John (Digby) RAIKES {UK} (M: 1863 Dec 23 - 1943 May 1)
	Gleanings From Beaconsfield [?]
	'Life In Him Yet' [f|1892]
	The Life And Letters Of Henry Cecil Raikes [b|1898]
	Sesa [f|1901]
	Saunders's Precedents Of Indictments (3e) [n|?]

Iris Mary RAIKES {UK} (F: 1909 Feb 1 - 1995 Jun 9)
	Hark Forrard! [p|1939]

Thomas RAIKES (M: 1822 Oct 26 - 1880 Jul 10)

Jaakko RÄIKKÖNEN (?: 1830 - 1882)

Hilton Howell RAILEY {US} (M: 1895 Aug 1 - 1975 May)
	Touch'd With Madness [a|1938]

William E RAILEY {US} (M: 1852 - ?)
	Recollections.. [a|1937]
	The Last Reflections Of William E Railey [a|1939]

Fanny(=Frances) (Janetta) RAILTON, nee EDNEY (F: 1864 - 1915)

George Scott RAILTON (M: 1849 - 1913)
	Heathen England, And What To Do For It [n|1877]
	The Truth About The Armstrong Case And The Salvation Army [n|1885]
	The History Of Our South African War [n|1902]
13958	General Booth (US: The Authoritative Life Of General..) [b|1912]

Herbert (William) RAILTON (M: 1857 (wrongly 1858) Nov 21 - 1910 Mar 15)

Keith RAILTON {UK} (M: 1948 Jan 24 - ?)

Dame, Ruth RAILTON, Mrs KING {UK} (F: 1915 Dec 14 - 2001 Feb 23)

Abraham RAIMBACH (M: 1776 Feb 16 - 1843 Jan 17)

Ferdinand (Jakob) RAIMUND (M: 1790 Jun 1 - 1836 Sep 5)
6637	Der Alpenkönig Und Der Menschenfeind [f|Ge-1837]
	  The King Of The Alps [f|Ge-1837] (tr ?) [1852]
	Der Bauer Als Millionär [d|Ge-1837]
6642	Die Gefesselte Phantasie [f|Ge-?]
6643	Das Mädchen Aus Der Feenwelt [f|Ge-?]
6644	Der Barometermacher Auf Der Zauberinsel [f|Ge-?]
6654	Der Verschwender [Ge-?]
7859	Der Diamant Des Geisterkoenigs [Ge-?]
7860	Die Unheilbringende Krone [Ge-?]
7861	Moisasurs Zauberfluch [Ge-?]

David RAIN {AU/UK?} (M: 1961 May 2 - 2015 Dec 15)
(&ps: Tom ARDEN; Peter Keith NASH)
	First Look [p|?]

Prof, Erwin H RAINALTER {AT} (M: 1892 Jun 6 - 1960 Oct 29)

George Meadus RAINBIRD {UK} (M: 1905 May 22 - 1986 Aug 20)

Bernarr (Joseph George) RAINBOW (M: 1914 Oct 2 - 1998 Mar 17)

Allen RAINE (see: Anne Adalisa/Adalize Beynon EVANS)

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Canon, James RAINE, the Younger (M: 1830 - 1896 May 20)
(&ps: J R)
	Wills And Inventories From The Registry Of..Richmond [n|1853]
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Carl RAINER (see: Franciscus NAGLER)

Peter Paul RAINER {AT} (M: 1885 Aug 10 - 1938 Mar 2)

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Maj, Peter William RAINIER {US} (M: 1890 - 1945 Jul 6)
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Richard RAINOLDE (M: c1530 - 1606 Dec)
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Paul RAINVILLE {CA} (M: 1887 Sep 15 - 1952 May 15)

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(Philip) Guy RAIS {UK} (M: 1919 Nov 5 - 2015 Jul 1)
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Jules RAIS (see: Jules CAHEN)

(Bertha) Elisabeth RAISER, nee von WEIZSÄCKER {DE} (F: 1940 Aug 18 - living 2017)

Konrad RAISER {DE} (M: 1938 Jan 25 - living 2017)

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Alfons RAITH {DE} (M: 1905 Apr 26 - 1965 Jan 1)

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Väinö (Eerikki) RAITIO {FI} (M: 1891 Apr 15 - 1945 Sep (or Nov) 10)

Welf RAITNAU (see: Manfred (Wolf) von RIBBENTROP)

Konstantin RAITO {FI} (M: 1855 - 1924)
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Lia RAITT, nee RODRIGUES CORREIA {PT} (F: ? - living 2006)

Vladimir Gavrilovich RAITZ {UK} (M: 1922 May 23 - 2010 Aug 31)

J P RAIVO (see: Osmo LAJULA)

Yacki (Radix) RAIZIZUN {US} (M: 1892 May 17 - 1966 Aug 2)
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	Manual On Occult Development [n|1924]

D RAJAGOPAL {US?} (M: c1900 - 1993 Apr 22)

M V RAJAGOPAL (?: 1918 - ?)

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Chakravarti RAJAGOPALACHARYA {IN} (M: 1878 - 1972 Dec 26)

RAJALEKSHMY / RAJALEKSHMI {IN} (F: 1930 Jun 2 - 1965 Jan 18)
	[Oru Vazhiyum Kure Nizhalukalum] [f|Mm-1960]
	[Njaneenna Bhavam] [f|Mm-?]
	[Uchaveyilum Ilam Nilavum] [f|Mm-?]

Amol RAJAN {UK} (M: 1983 Jul 4 - living 2018)

Sabapathippilla RAJANAYAGAM {LK?} (?: c1910 - living 2005)

Abraham RAJGRODSKI {PL} (M: 1913 Aug 14 - 2008 Mar 12)
(ps: Adam RAYSKI)

Acharya RAJNEESH, aka Chandra Mohan JAIN {IN} (M: 1931 Dec 11 - 1990 Jan 19)
(ps: OSHO; Bhagwan Shree RAJNEESH)

Bhagwan Shree RAJNEESH (see: Acharya RAJNEESH)

Mariano RAJOY (BREY) {ES} (M: 1955 Mar 27 - living 2017)


Prof, Poolla Tirupati RAJU {IN} (M: 1904 - 1992)

Mary (nee)Kidder RAK {US} (F: 1879 - 1958)
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	Mountain Cattle [a|1936]

Clarence Edward RAKESTRAW {US} (M: 1892 - ?)
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Milan RAKIC {YU} (M: 1876 Oct 2 - 1938 Jun 30)

Ingvald RAKNEM (M: 1910 - ?)
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Ola RAKNES {NO} (M: 1887 Jan 17 - 1975 Jan 28)
(&ps: Carl ARNOLD)

David (Benjamin) RAKOFF {CA} (M: 1964 Nov 27 - 2012 Aug 9)

Carl RAKOSI, aka Callman RAWLEY {US} (M: 1903 Nov 6 - 2004 Jun 24 (or 25))
	Two Poems [p|1933]
	Selected Poems [p|1941]

Mátyás RÁKOSI (see: Mátyás ROSENFELD)

(Georgi) Sava(=Stoikov) RAKOVSKI, ne Sabi Stoykov POPOVICH (M: 1821 Apr 15 - J 1867 Oct 9)
	Bulgarska Starina [Bu-1865]

Mieczyslaw (Franciszek) RAKOWSKI {PL} (M: 1926 Dec 1 - 2008 Nov 7)

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Mihai RALEA {RO} (M: 1896 - 1964)

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2272	The Discovery Of The..Empire Of Guiana [n|1596]
	History Of The World [n|1614]

Alexander RALEIGH (M: 1817 Jan 3 - 1880 Apr 19)

Carew RALEIGH (M: 1605 - 1666)

Cecil RALEIGH, ne ROWLANDS ? (M: 1856 Jan 27 - 1914 Nov 10)

Henry RALEIGH (M: ? - ?)

Prof, John Henry RALEIGH {US} (M: 1920 Aug 30 - 2001 Dec 21)


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	Irish Politics [n|1890]
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Charles Henry RALFE (M: c1846 - 1896 Jun 26)

Pilcher G RALFE (M: ? - ?)
&	Birds Of The Isle Of Man [n|1905]
&	Sixty Years Of Banking, 1865-1925 [n|1926]

John RALFS (M: 1807 Sep 13 - 1890 Jul 14)

Antoaneta(=Antoinette) RALIAN, nee STEIN {RO} (F: 1924 May 24 - 2015 Nov 26)

Radoi RALIN {BG} (M: 1923 Apr 22 - 2004 Jul 21)

Lt-Gen, Günther RALL {DE} (M: 1918 Mar 10 - 2009 Oct 4)

Augustus John RALLI {UK} (M: 1875 Jan 6 - 1954 Mar 19)

Constantine RALLI, later SCARAMANGA-RALLI {UK} (M: 1854 Jul 17 - 1934)
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	The Wisdom Of The Serpent [f|1907]
	Julian Steele [f|1908]

Georg RALOFF {DE} (M: 1902 Apr 9 - 1965 Oct 1)

Kirsten Laura Gnatt RALOV (F: 1922 Mar 26 - 1999 May 30)

Uncle, RALPH (see: (Addus) Martin (Tyringham) STEPHENS)

Cedric (Cuthbert) RALPH {AU} (M: 1907 - 2007)

Prof, David Clinton RALPH {US} (M: 1922 Jan 12 - ?)

Georgia Gertrude RALPH (F: 1877 - ?)

Howard Francis RALPH (M: 1901 - ?)

James RALPH (M: c1700 - 1762 Jan 24)
	The Fashionable Lady [d|1730]

Julian RALPH (M: 1853 - 1903)
I	Canada's El Dorado [n|c1889]
L	Along The Bowstring Or South Shore Of Lake Superior [n|1891]
I	Talking Musquash [n|1892]
+	On Canada's Frontier [n|1892]
I	A Skin For A Skin [n|c1892]
*	War's Brighter Side [f|1901]
	The Making Of A Journalist [a|1903]

Lester RALPH {US?} (M: ? - ?)

Nathan RALPH (see: Nathan Ralph GOLDBERG)

Lady, Edith Mary RALPHS, nee COWLIN {UK} (F: 1915 Jan 20 - 2014 Jan 28)

Sir, (Frederick) Lincoln RALPHS {UK} (M: 1909 Feb 17 - 1978 Oct 16)

George Harvey RALPHSON {US} (M: 1879 - 1940)
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26540	Boy Scouts In The Canal Zone; or, The Plot Against Uncle Sam [f|1911]
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6904	Boy Scouts In An Airship; or, The Warning From The Sky [f|1912]
6108	Boy Scouts In A Submarine; or, Searching An Ocean Floor [f|1912]
11469	Boy Scouts On Motor Cycles; or, With The Flying Squadron [f|1912]
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13859	Boy Scouts In Southern Waters; or, Spaniard's Treasure Chest [f|1915]
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22991	Boy Scouts Mysterious Signal [f|1916]
	Over There With The Marines At Chateau Thierry [f|1919]
	Over There With The Canadians At Vimy Ridge [f|1919]
	Over There With The Doughboys At St Mihiel [f|1919]
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	Over There With The Engineers At Cambrai [f|1920]
	Over There With The Tanks In The Argonne Forest [f|1920]
7356	The Boy Scout Camera Club [f|?]

Joseph RALPHSON (M: ? - c1716)

Alma Payne RALSTON (see: Alma Smith PAYNE)

Anderson Wheeler RALSTON (M: 1899 - ?)

Andrew Wyllie RALSTON (M: 1880 - ?)

Aron (Lee) RALSTON {US} (M: 1975 Oct 27 - living 2017)

Edgar Lee RALSTON {US} (M: 1911 Dec 27 - 2003 Jan 13)

Henry James RALSTON {US} (M: 1906 Feb 10 - 1993 Jan 3)

Jackson Harvey RALSTON {US} (M: 1857 Feb 6 - 1945 Oct 13)
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Jan RALSTON (see: Agnes Mary Robertson DUNLOP)

John McL RALSTON {UK} (M: c1849 - ?)

Samuel RALSTON (M: 1756 - 1851 Sep 25)

William RALSTON (M: 1841 (wrongly 1848) - 1911 Oct 26 (or 2))
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	Kamdene, Barnesburie And D'Aston Go North Again.. [1894]
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	Sports For Limited Purses [1899]
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William Ralston Shedden RALSTON / SHEDDEN-RALSTON (M: 1828 Apr 4 - 1889 Aug 6)
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Jagjivan RAM {IN} (M: 1908 Apr 5 - 1986 Jul 6)

James RAM (M: 1793 - 1870 Aug 11)

Sir, Shri RAM {IN} (M: 1884 Apr 26 - 1963 Jan 11)
	Municipal Problems In Delhi [n|?]

King, (Vajiravudh) RAMA, VI of Siam {TH} (M: 1881 Jan 1 - 1925 Nov 26)

Prof, Ángel RAMA {UY} (M: 1926 Apr 30 - 1983 Nov 27)
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	La Novela Latinoamericana 1920-1980 [n|Sp-?]
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Mayor, Vicente RAMA {PH} (M: 1887 (or 1889) Jun 6 - 1956 Dec 24)
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Lady, Dhanvanthi RAMA RAU, nee HANDOO {IN} (F: 1893 May 10 - 1987 Jul 19)

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Prof, Gopalasamudram Narayana RAMACHANDRAN {IN} (M: 1922 Oct 8 - 2001 Apr 7)

Sir, M RAMACHANDRA RAO (M: 1868 Sep 21 - 1936 May 16)

Yogi, RAMACHARAKA (see: William Walker ATKINSON)

Maj-Gen, Gustave (Mario) RAMACIOTTI {UK} (M: 1861 Mar 13 - 1927 Dec 6)
	Tripoli [n|1912]

(Amílcar da Silva) RAMADA CURTO {PT} (M: 1886 Apr 6 - 1961 Oct 27)

Taha Yassin RAMADAN (see: Taha Yassin al-JAZRAWI)

Francis Hopkins RAMADGE (M: 1793 - 1867 Jun 8)

Craufurd Tate RAMAGE (M: 1803 Sep 10 - 1878 Nov 29)

Ian (Alastair) RAMAGE {AU} (M: 1926 - 2007)

Jennifer RAMAGE {UK} (F: 1928 Sep 24 - ?)
(ps: Howard MASON)
	Proud Adversary [f|1951]
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Walter RAMAL (see: Walter DE LA MARE)

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Raja RAMANNA {IN} (M: 1925 Jan 28 - 2004 Sep 24)

Prof, Attipat Krishnaswami RAMANUJAN {IN} (M: 1929 Mar 16 - 1993 Jul 13)

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Prof, Mysore RAMASWAMY {IN} (M: 1902 Apr 27 - ?)

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Dame, Cyvia RAMBAM, Mrs DUKES, aka Myriam RAMBERG; Myriam RAMBACH {UK} (M: 1888 Feb 20 - 1982 Jun 12)
(ps: Marie RAMBERT)

Alfred RAMBAUD (M: 1842 - 1905)
*	A Popular History Of Russia, From The Earliest Times To 1880 [3v|n|1880-82]

A Beatrice RAMBAUT (F: ? - ?)
(ps: A B ROMNEY)
	Eric Sinclair's Luck [f|1898]
	Little Village Folk [f|1900]
	Two Little Crusoes [f|1901]
	Two Little Crusoes And Three Troublesome Monkeys [f|1912]
	Teddy's Ship [1937]

Eugène RAMBERT (M: 1830 Apr 6 - 1886 Nov 21)
	Les Alpes Suisses [5v|n|Fr-1866-75]
	Ecrivains Nationaux [Fr-1874]
	Dernières Poesies (ed Henri WARNERY) [p|Fr-1903]

Marie RAMBERT (see: Cyvia RAMBAM)

Fred RAMBLE (M: ? - ?)

James RAMBLE (see: Edward KIMBER)


A London RAMBLER (see: Godfrey Holden PIKE)

Joseph RAMBOUSEK {CS?} (M: ? - ?)
*	Industrial Poisoning.. [n|?-?] (tr Thomas M LEGGE) [1913]

Prof, Kenneth RAMCHAND {TT} (M: c1937 - ?)

	An Anthology Of Local Indian Verse (ed) [p|1934]

Alfred RAMÉ (M: 1826 - 1886)

David RAME (see: Arthur D DIVINE)

Franca RAME, Mrs FO {IT} (F: 1928 Jul 18 - 2013 May 29)

Edme RAMEAU (M: ? - ?)
I	Une Colonie Féodale En Amérique (L'Acadie, 1604-1710) [n|Fr-1877]

Emil RAMEAU {DE} (M: 1878 Aug 13 - 1957 Sep 9)
	Pitt Und Fox (w BIBO) [d|Ge-?]

Jean RAMEAU (see: Laurent LEBAIGT)

Jean RAMEAU {FR} (M: 1852 Mar 11 - 1931)

Jean-Philippe RAMEAU (M: 1683 Sep 25 - 1764 Sep 12)
	Traité De L'Harmonie [n|Fr-1722]
	Nouveau Système De Musique Théorique [n|Fr-1726]

Pierre RAMEAU (M: 1674 - 1748)
L	Abbregé De La Nouvelle Methode..Danses.. [n|Fr-1725]
L	Le Maître A Danser [n|Fr-1725]
L	  The Dancing-Master [n|Fr-1725] (tr John ESSEX) [1728]

François Edmé RAMEAU De SAINT-PÈRE (M: 1820 - 1899 Dec 15)

Marie Louise RAMÉ, later de la RAMÉE (F: 1839 Jan 1 - 1908 Jan 25)
(ps: OUIDA)
	Granville De Vigne (aka: Held In Bondage) [f|1863]
	Strathmore [f|1865]
	Chandos [f|1866]
3465	Under Two Flags [f|1867]
*	Cecil Castlemaine's Gage; Lady Marabout's Troubles;.. [s|1867]
	Idalia [f|1867]
33942	Beatrice Boville.. [s|1868]
	Tricotrin [f|1869]
	Puck [f|1870]
V	Folle Farine [f|1871]
	Chandos [f|1871]
7766,VN	A Dog Of Flanders.. [s|1872]
	Pascarel [f|1873]
13912	Two Little Wooden Shoes (aka: Bébée) [f|1874]
V	Signa [f|1875]
	In A Winter City [f|1876]
I	Ariadne: The Story Of A Dream [f|1877]
	Friendship [f|1878]
	Moths [f|1880]
	Pipistrello.. [s|1880]
V	The Village Commune [f|1881]
	In Maremma [f|1882]
5834	Bimbi: Stories For Children [s|1882]
20997,N	The Nürnberg Stove [f|1882]
	Afternoon [f|1883]
	Frescoes [1883]
	Wanda [f|1883]
	Princess Napraxine [f|1884]
22019	Wisdom, Wit, And Pathos..Of Ouida (ed F Sydney MORRIS) [n|1884]
	Othmar [f|1885]
	A Rainy June [f|1885]
	Don Guesaldo [f|1886]
32199	A House Party: Don Gesualdo And A Rainy June [f|1887]
	Guilderoy [f|1889]
	Position [f|1890]
	Ruffino.. [s|1890]
	Syrlin [f|1890]
	Santa Barbara.. [s|1891]
	The Tower Of Taddeo [f|1892]
	The New Priesthood [n|1893]
	The Silver Christ; A Lemon Tree [s|1894]
	Two Offenders.. [s|1894]
	Toxin [1895]
	Views And Opinions [1895]
	Le Selve.. [s|1896]
	Muriella [f|1897]
	The Massarenes [f|1897]
	An Altruist [f|1897]
	Dogs [1897]
	La Strega.. [s|1899]
13459	The Waters Of Edera [f|1900]
*	Critical Studies [n|1900]
	Street Dust.. [s|1901]
	Helianthus [f|1908]

Prof, Pierre de la RAMÉE, aka Petrus (Veromandus) RAMUS (M: 1515 - 1572 Aug 26)
26752	The Way To Geometry [n|?-?] (tr William BEDWELL) [1636]

Agostino RAMELLI (M: 1531 - c1600)
	Le Diverse Et Artificiose Machine.. [n|Fr-1588]

Baruch RAMELSON (see: Baruch Rahmilevich MENDELSON)

RAMESES (see: Claude Scudamore JARVIS)

Estelle(=Stella) Rosemary RAMEY, nee RUBIN {US} (F: 1917 Aug 23 - 2006 Sep 8)


Günther RAMIN {DDR} (M: 1898 Oct 15 - 1956 Feb 27)
	J S Bachs Kantaten In Heutiger Sicht [n|Ge-1948]
	Der Thomaschor In Der Gegenwart [n|Ge-1950]

Sid(=Sidney) (Norton) RAMIN {US} (M: 1919 or 1924 Jan 22 - living 2017)

Terese RAMIN, nee DALY {US} (F: ? - ?)

Abraham RAMÍREZ {VE} (M: 1946 Aug 26 - ?)

Alice RAMIREZ (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Serena ALEXANDER; Candice ARKHAM)
	Ancient Evil (ps: Candice ARKHAM) [f|?]
	Wayward Angel (ps: Candice ARKHAM) [f|?]
	Forbidden Yearnings (ps: Candice ARKHAM) [f|?]
	Splendors Of The Heart (ps: Candice ARKHAM) [f|?]

Ana RAMÍREZ {VE} (F: 1892 May 31 - ?)

Ariel RAMIREZ {AR} (M: 1921 Sep 4 - 2010 Feb 18)

Carlos María RAMÍREZ (ÁLVAREZ y OBES) (M: 1847 - 1898)
	La Educación Popular [n|Sp-1868]
	La Guerra Civil Y Los Partidos Políticos Del Uruguay [n|Sp-1882]
	Los Palmáres [f|Sp-?]
	Los Amores De Marta [f|Sp-1884]
	Artigas [e|Sp-1884]
	Hombres De América [Sp-1912]
	Escritos [Sp-1923]
	Apuntes Y Discursos [Sp-1948]

Carmelo RAMÍREZ {VE} (M: ? - ?)

Carolyn (nee)Holmes RAMIREZ {US} (F: 1933 Aug 27 - ?)

Dimas RAMÍREZ {VE} (M: 1860 - 1920)

Francisco Arfilio RAMÍREZ {VE} (M: ? - ?)

José RAMÍREZ {VE} (M: 1899 Mar 17 - 1976)


Simón Darío RAMÍREZ {VE} (M: 1930 Jul 23 - ?)

Mayor, Clemente RAMÍREZ De ARELLANO (CÓRDOVA) {PR} (M: 1868 - 1945 Apr 26)

Prof, Diana RAMÍREZ De ARELLANO (RECHANI) {US} (F: 1919 Jun 3 - 1997 Apr 30)
	Yo Soy Ariel [p|Sp-1947]
	Albatros Sobre El Alma [p|Sp-1955]
	Caminos De La Creación Poética En Pedro Salinas [n|Sp-1956]
	Angeles De Ceniza [p|Sp-1958]
	Un Vuelo Casi Humano [p|Sp-1960]
	Poesía Contemporánea En Lengua Española [n|Sp-1961]

Haydée RAMÍREZ De ARELLANO {PR} (F: 1912 - 2008)
	Poemas [p|Sp-1951]

Prof, Rafael William RAMÍREZ De ARELLANO {PR} (M: 1884 Jun 25 - 1974 Dec)

Olga RAMÍREZ De ARELLANO De NOLLA {PR} (F: 1911 - ?)

Aniceto RAMÍREZ y ASTIER {VE} (M: 1879 - 1956)


Carlos RAMÍREZ FARIA {VE} (M: 1936 Aug 29 - ?)

Bayardo RAMÍREZ MONAGAS {VE} (M: 1939 - ?)

Marcos RAMÍREZ MURZI {VE} (M: 1926 Dec 3 - ?)

José Antonio RAMÍREZ RAUSSEO {VE} (M: 1909 May 21 - 1976 May 23)

Prof, Mercedes RAMÍREZ De ROSSIELLO {UY} (F: 1927 - ?)

José RAMÍREZ SANTIBANES {PR} (M: 1895 - 1950)

Margott RAMÍREZ TRAVIESO {VE} (?: ? - ?)

Wenceslao RAMÍREZ De VILLA URRUTIA, 1st Marqués de VILLA URRUTIA {ES} (M: 1850 Feb 17 - 1933 Apr 11)
	La Conferencia De Algeciras [n|Sp-1906]
	Relaciones De España E Inglaterra Durante La Guerra.. [n|Sp-1911]
	Las Mujeres De Fernando VII [n|Sp-1916]
	La Reina María Luisa, Esposa De Carlos IV [b|Sp-1927]
	Palique Diplomático [n|Sp-1928]
	Madame De Staël [b|Sp-1930]
	Fernán-Núñez, El Embajador [b|Sp-1931]
	Fernando VII, Rey Constitucional, Y..Rey Absoluto [b|Sp-1931]
	Lucrecia Borja, La Reina Gobernadora [b|Sp-?]

Gailan (Mahmood) RAMIZ {IQ} (M: 1933 Jan - 2004 Apr 26)
	Political Pressure And The Future Of The Muslim World [n|?]

Heinz RAMLOK (see: Louis KOLMAR)

Agatha RAMM {UK} (F: 1914 Apr 9 - 2004 Jul 13)

Alexandra RAMM (see: Alexandra Stera PFEMFERT)

Canon, (Norwyn) MacDonald RAMM {UK} (M: 1924 Jun 8 - 2002 Jan 8)

Rudolf RAMM {DE} (M: 1887 Nov 23 - 1945 Aug 9)
	Ärztliche Rechts- Und Standeskunde [n|Ge-1942/1943]
	Richtlinien Für Die..Schulung Der Hebammenschülerinnen [n|Ge-1942]

Walther RAMMNER {DE} (M: 1897 Oct 17 - 1954 Dec 26)

Andrés Rodríguez RAMÓN {ES/US:1955on} (M: 1896 Oct 19 - 1969 Aug 7 (wrongly 15))
	Alma Y Perfil De Santa Barbara [p|Sp-1956]
	Anchura A La Esperanza [p|Sp-1957]
	Luces [p|Sp-1957]
	Desde El Otro Azul [p|Sp-1959]
	Eco En Su Órbita [p|Sp-1960]

Prof, Santiago RAMÓN y CAJAL {ES} (M: 1852 May 1 - 1934 Oct 17/18)

Barnabas J RAMON-FORTUNE {TT} (M: 1917 - ?)

Joseph (José) Alexander RAMON-FORTUNE {TT} (M: 1917 - before 2006)

Luis Felipe RAMON y RIVERA {VE} (M: 1913 Aug 23 - ?)

Marie RAMONDT {NL} (F: 1878 Mar 22 - 1963 Aug 3)
	Karel En De Elegast Oorspronkelijk? [Du-1917]
	Sprookjesvertellers En Hun Wereld [Du-1948]

Dee Dee RAMONE (see: Douglas Glenn COLVIN)

Marky RAMONE (see: Marc Steven BELL)

Phil(=Philip) RAMONE {US} (M: 1941 Jan 5 - 2013 Mar 30)

Dinorah RAMOS (see: Elba ARRÁIZ)

Graciliano RAMOS (De OLIVEIRA) {BR} (M: 1892 Oct 27 - 1953 Mar 20)
	Cahetés [Pt-1933]
	São Bernardo [Pt-1934]
	Angústia [Pt-1936]
	  Anguish [Pt-1936] (tr L C KAPLAN) [1946]
	Vidas Secas [Pt-1938]
	A Terra Dos Meninos Pelados [Pt-1939]
	Histórias De Alexandre [Pt-1944]
	Infância [Pt-1945]
	Dois Dedos [Pt-1945]
	Histórias Incompletas [Pt-1946]
	Insônia [Pt-1947]
	Sete Histórias Verdadeiras [Pt-1951]
	Linhas Tortas [Pt-1952]
	Memórias Do Cárcere [4v|Pt-1953]
	Viagem [Pt-1954]
	Historias Agrestes (ed Ricardo RAMOS) [Pt-1960]
	Trechos Escolhidos (ed Antônio CÂNDIDO) [Pt-1961]
	Alexandre E Outros Heróis [Pt-1962]
	Viventes Das Alagoas [Pt-1962]

José Antonio (Ysidoro) RAMOS (y AGUIRRE) {CU} (M: 1885 Apr 4 - 1946 Aug 27)
	Manual De Biblioeconomía [Sp-?]

José Luis RAMOS (M: 1785 - 1849 Jul 5)

Julio RAMOS {VE} (M: 1901 Oct 3 - ?)

L E RAMOS (see: José Pablo MORALES (y MIRANDA))

Segundo Ignacio RAMOS {VE} (M: ? - ?)

Miguel RAMOS CARRIÓN (M: 1845 - 1915)
	Zaragüeta (w Vital AZA) [d|Sp-pub:1901]
	  Zaragüeta (w Vital AZA) [d|Sp-1901] (tr ?) [pub:1927]
25687	La Muela Del Juicio [d|Sp-?]

José RAMOS-COELHO (M: 1832 - 1914)
27413	Á Ilha Da Madeira [p|Pt-1898]

Rafael Humberto RAMOS GIUGNI {VE} (M: 1940 - ?)

José Marcial RAMOS GUÉDEZ {VE} (M: 1950 Jul 3 - ?)

José Antonio RAMOS SUCRE {VE} (M: 1890 Jun 9 - 1930 Jun 13)
	Trizas De Papel [Sp-1921]
	Sobre Las Huellas De Humboldt [Sp-1923]
	La Torre De Timón [Sp-1925]
	Las Formas Del Fuego [Sp-1929]
	El Cielo De Esmalte [Sp-1929]

(T/Tuesday) Lobsang RAMPA (see: Cyril Henry HOSKIN)

San Ra'ab RAMPA (ps) {UK/CA:1973on} (F: ? - ?)

Jean-Pierre (Louis) RAMPAL {FR} (M: 1922 Jan 7 - 2000 May 20)

Sir, Shridath (Surendranath) RAMPHAL, aka Sonny RAMPHAL {GY} (M: 1928 Oct 3 - living 2017)

Charles Joseph Galliari RAMPINI (M: 1840 Jul 20 - 1907 Jul 25)
(&ps: George TEMPLE)
	A Happy Sunday (ps: George TEMPLE) [f|1879]
	Lancelot Ward, MP: A Love-Story (ps: George TEMPLE) [f|1884]
	Britta: A Shetland Romance (ps: George TEMPLE) [f|1886]
	Ida: A Dream Of Storybookland (ps: George TEMPLE) [f|1888]
	A History Of Moray And Nairn [n|?]

Joseph RAMPINI (M: 1805 - 1863 Sep 24)

Anne RAMPLING (see: Howard Allen Frances O'BRIEN)

Philip RAMPTON {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Prof, Gila RAMRAS-RAUCH {IL/US} (F: 1933 Jul 28 - 2005 Feb 16)

Lady, Agnes Dick RAMSAY, nee MARSHALL {UK} (F: c1850 - 1927 Sep 3)
	Everyday Life In Turkey [n|1897]
	The Romance Of Elisavet [1899]

Alexander RAMSAY {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	Coercion [d|1935]

Alexander RAMSAY (M: 1822 May 22 - 1909 Apr 1)
	History Of Highland And Agricultural Society Of Scotland [n|1879]

Rev, Alexander RAMSAY {UK} (M: 1857 Oct 7 - 1935 Apr 1)

Allan RAMSAY, the Elder (M: 1686 (or 1684) Oct 15 - 1758 Jan 7)
	Collected Elegies [p|1721]
	The Evergreen [1724]
	Tea-Table Miscellany [1724-32]
*	The Gentle Shepherd [d|1725]
&	The Gentle Shepherd [SG-1725] (tr Margaret TURNER) [d|?]
	The New Gentle Shepherd [SG-1725] (tr Adam ALLAN) [d|1798]

Allan RAMSAY {US?} (M: ? - ?)
30577	Told In The Coffee House (w Cyrus ADLER) [1898]
	Tales From Turkey (w Francis McCULLAGH) [?]

Allan RAMSAY {UK} (M: 1909 Dec 12 - 2003 Nov 28)

Allen Beville RAMSAY {UK} (M: 1872 Aug 3 - 1955 Sep 20)
	Flos Malvae [p|1946]

Sir, Andrew Crombie RAMSAY (M: 1814 Jan 31 - 1891 Dec 9)

Andrew (John) RAMSAY (M: c1849 - 1907)
	I Shall Not Tell [p|c1880]
	Muriel The Foundling.. [p|1886]

Andrew Maitland RAMSAY {UK} (M: 1859 Nov 9 - 1946 Mar 20)
	Atlas Of External Diseases Of The Eye [n|1897]
	Eye Injuries And Their Treatment [n|1907]
	Diathesis And Ocular Diseases [n|1909]
	Clinical Ophthalmology For The General Practitioner [n|1920]
	The Eye In General Medicine [n|1929]

Anna RAMSAY (F: ? - ?)

Anna Augusta Whittall RAMSAY (F: ? - ?)
(&ps: Ivory BURNETT)
	Sir Robert Peel [b|1928]
	The Ravens Enter The House (ps: Ivory BURNETT) [1931]

Capt, Archibald Henry Maule RAMSAY {UK} (M: c1892 - 1955 Mar 11)

Caro RAMSAY {UK} (F: ? - ?)

David RAMSAY (M: 1749 Apr 2 - 1815 May 8)
	History Of The Revolution Of South Carolina [2v|n|1785]
	History Of South Carolina..1670..1808 [2v|n|1809]
	History Of The United States (w S S SMITH) [3v|n|1816-17]
	Universal History Americanized [12v|n|1819]

Msgr, David Shaw RAMSAY (M: 1825 Apr 21 - 1906 Feb 23)

Dean, Edward Bannerman Burnett RAMSAY (M: 1793 Jan 31 - 1872 Dec 27)
12483	Reminiscences Of Scottish Life And Character [n|1858]

Edward Pierson RAMSAY (M: 1842 Dec 3 - 1916 Dec 16)
	Catalogue Of The Australian Birds In..Museum At Sydney [4v|n|1876-94]

Elizabeth P RAMSAY (F: ? - ?)
	Hearts And Diamonds [f|1870]

Fay RAMSAY (see: Helen EASTWOOD)

Maj-Gen, Francis William RAMSAY {UK} (M: 1875 Dec - 1954 Oct 1)

Rev, Frederick RAMSAY {US} (M: c1940 - ?)
	The Baltimore Declaration (w ?) [?]

Sir, George RAMSAY, 9th Bt (M: 1800 Mar 19 - 1871 Feb 22)

Sir, George Dalhousie RAMSAY {UK} (M: 1828 May 23 - 1920 Jan 16)
	The Panmure Papers [?]

Prof, George Gilbert RAMSAY {UK} (M: 1839 - 1921 Mar 8 (wrongly 7))
	Manual Of Latin Prose Composition [3v|n|?]

Gordon (James) RAMSAY {UK} (M: 1966 Nov 8 - living 2017)

Grace RAMSAY (see: Kathleen O'MEARA)

Col, Henry Ashton RAMSAY {US} (M: c1835 - ?)
24612	The 'Monitor' And The 'Merrimac' (w others) [n|1912]

Henry Lushington RAMSAY {UK} (M: 1854 Sep 15 - 1928 Aug 16)
	Western Tibet [n|1890]

J R RAMSAY {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	The Canadian Lyre [p|1859]
	Win-On-Ah [p|1869]
	One Quiet Day [1873]

Jack(=John) (Travilla) RAMSAY {US} (M: 1925 Feb 21 - 2014 Apr 26)

Prof, James Arthur RAMSAY {UK} (M: 1909 Sep 6 - 1988 Feb 5)

Sir, James (Henry) RAMSAY, 10th Bt {UK} (M: 1832 May 21 - 1925 Feb 17)
	Lancaster And York [2v|n|1892]
	The Foundations Of England [2v|n|1898]
	The Angevin Empire, 1154-1216 [n|1903]
	The Dawn Of The Constitution, 1216-1307 [n|1908]
	The Genesis Of Lancaster, 1307-1399 [2v|n|1914]
	Bamff Charters And Papers [n|1915]
	A History Of The Revenues Of The Kings Of England, 1066-1399 [n|1925]

Jay RAMSAY (see: John Ramsey CAMPBELL)

John RAMSAY (M: 1802 - 1879 May 11)

Prof, John RAMSAY (M: 1777 May 9 - 1871 Jan 7)
(&ps: A MEMBER of the Duddingston Curling Society)
	An Account Of The Game Of Curling (ps: A MEMBER..) [n|1811/82]
	An Inquiry Into The Infidelity Of The Present Times [n|1821]
	Sermons On Various Subjects [e|1862]

Prof, John Fraser RAMSAY {US} (M: 1907 Dec 17 - ?)
	Anglo-French Relations 1763-1770 [n|1939]
	A Guide To The Study Of European Civilization [n|1939]

John Grant RAMSAY {UK} (M: 1856 - 1940 May 11)
	100 Points In Food Economy [n|1918]

M C RAMSAY (?: ? - ?)

Mabel Lieda RAMSAY {UK} (F: c1887 - 1954 May 9)

Mary RAMSAY {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	The Turning Point [f|1929]

Phyllis RAMSAY (see: Nancie FERGIE)

Rina(=Catherine) (Mary) RAMSAY {UK} (F: c1875 - 1950 Oct 20)
	Miss Drummond's Dilemma [f|1896]
	English Ann, At School In Blumbaden [f|1897]
	The Key Of The Door [f|1908]
	The Straw [f|1909]
	Barnaby [f|1910]
	The Way Of A Woman [f|1911]
	The Impossible She [f|1912]
	Long Odds (w John Otho PAGET) [f|1921]
	The Step In The House [f|1926]

Robert RAMSAY {US} (M: 1851 - ?)
	Rough And Tumble On Old Clipper Ships [a|1930]

Tana(=Cayetana) (Elizabeth) RAMSAY, nee HUTCHESON {UK} (F: 1968 (or 1974) Jan 27 - living 2017)

Judge, Thomas Kennedy RAMSAY (M: 1826 Sep 2 - 1886 Dec 22)
I	Notes Sur La Coutume De Paris [n|Fr-1863]

Prof, William RAMSAY (M: 1806 Feb 6 - 1865 Feb 12)
	Course Of Mathematics [n|1833]
	An Elementary Treatise On Latin Prosody [n|1837]
	Manual Of Antiquities [n|1851]
	An Elementary Manual Of Latin Prosody [n|1859]
*	A Manual Of Latin Prosody [n|1859]

Sir, William RAMSAY (M: 1852 Oct 2 - 1916 Jul 23)
	Inorganic Chemistry [n|1891]
	A System Of Inorganic Chemistry [n|1891]
	Elementary Systematic Chemistry For..Schools And Colleges [n|1891]
	Modern Chemistry - Theoretical (Systematic) [2v|n|1900/?/05]
	Essays And Addresses [e|?]
	The Discovery Of The Constituents Of The Air [n|?]

Sir, William Mitchell RAMSAY {UK} (M: 1851 Mar 15 - 1939 Apr 20)
	Studies In The History And Art Of The..Roman Empire (ed) [e|1906]
	The Revolution In Constantinople And Turkey [n|1909]

Terry RAMSAYE {US} (M: 1885 Nov 2 - 1954 Aug 19)
	A Million And One Nights [1926]

Achilles Adolph RAMSAYER (M: 1864 - ?)

Rev, Alexander RAMSBOTHAM {UK} (M: 1870 - 1932 Sep 3)

Francis Henry RAMSBOTHAM (M: 1800 Dec 9 - 1868 Jul 7)
	The Principles And Practice Of Obstetric Medicine And Surgery [n|1844]

John RAMSBOTTOM {UK} (M: 1885 Oct 25 - 1974 Dec 14)

Bp, John Alexander RAMSBOTHAM {UK} (M: 1906 Feb 25 - 1989 Dec 16)

Robert RAMSBOTTOM (M: 1810 - 1884 Dec 28)

B M RAMSDEN {AU?} (?: ? - ?)
	Frank Wilmot (Furnley Maurice) (w Hugh ANDERSON) [n|1955]

Charles Frederick Ingram RAMSDEN {UK} (M: 1888 May 4 - 1958 Apr 2)

Rev, Charles Henry RAMSDEN (M: 1818 - 1893 Mar 18)

E H RAMSDEN (see: Hartley RAMSDEN)

Evelyn Charlotte RAMSDEN {UK} (F: 1898 (or 1896) - ?)

Gertrude Ann RAMSDEN, Mrs COOPER {UK} (F: 1906 Jan 4 - 2004 Nov 13)
	Handbook Of The Royal Naval Sick Berth Staff [n|1943]

Lady, (Helen) Guendolen RAMSDEN (F: 1846 Nov 14 - 1910 Aug 28)

Hartley RAMSDEN {UK} (M: 1904 Mar 23 - 1994 (wrongly 1993) Jan 15)
	Twentieth Century Sculpture [n|1949]
	Sculpture [n|1953]

Prof, Herbert RAMSDEN {UK} (M: 1927 Apr 20 - 2011 Sep 27)
	An Essential Course In Modern Spanish [n|1959]
	Weak-Pronoun Position In The Early Romance Languages [n|1963]

Jesse RAMSDEN (M: 1735 Oct 6 - 1800 Nov 5)
	Description Of An Engine For Dividing Mathematical Instruments [n|1777]

Prof, John (Andrew) RAMSDEN {UK} (M: 1947 Nov 12 - 2009 Oct 16)

Kurt RAMSEGER {DE} (M: 1900 Dec 26 - 1961 Mar 3)


Sir, Alfred (Ernest) RAMSEY {UK} (M: 1920 Jan 22 - 1999 Apr 28 (wrongly 30))
	Talking Football [n|1952]

Alice/Alicia (Joanna) RAMSEY, nee ROYSTON, 2:Mrs de CORDOVA {UK} (F: 1864 - 1933 May 7)
	Miss Elizabeth Gibbs [f|1915]
	Monsieur De Paris (w Rudolph de CORDOVA) [d|?]
	As A Man Sows (w Rudolph de CORDOVA) [d|?]
	The Mandarin (w Rudolph de CORDOVA) [d|?]
	Honor (w Rudolph de CORDOVA) [d|?]
	The Password (w Rudolph de CORDOVA) [d|?]
	Edmund Kean (w Rudolph de CORDOVA) [d|?]
	The Price Of A Hat (w Rudolph de CORDOVA) [d|?]
	The Organ Grinder (w Rudolph de CORDOVA) [d|?]
	The Mannequin (w Rudolph de CORDOVA) [d|?]
	Doctor My Book (w Rudolph de CORDOVA) [d|?]
	The Silver Candlestick (w Rudolph de CORDOVA) [d|?]
	The Bandits (w Rudolph de CORDOVA) [d|?]
	The Redskins (w Rudolph de CORDOVA) [d|?]
	The Golden Princess (w Rudolph de CORDOVA) [d|?]
	The Earthquake (w Rudolph de CORDOVA) [d|?]
	The Typhoon (w Rudolph de CORDOVA) [d|?]
	The Volcano (w Rudolph de CORDOVA) [d|?]
	The Sands O' Dee (w Rudolph de CORDOVA) [d|?]

Arthur Michael RAMSEY, (life) Baron RAMSEY Of CANTERBURY of Canterbury {UK} (M: 1904 Nov 14 - 1988 Apr 23)
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Arthur Stanley RAMSEY {UK} (M: 1867 - 1954 Dec 31)

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Mary RANDOLPH (F: 1762 - 1828)
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Melanie RANDOLPH (see: Millie RAGOSTA)

Paschal Beverly RANDOLPH (M: 1825 Oct 8 - 1874 Jul 29)
(&ps: Griffin LEE; Count de ST LEO)
	Waa-Gu-Mah [1854]
	Lara [1859]
	The Grand Secret [1860]
	The Unveiling [1860]
	Human Love [1861]
R	Dealings With The Dead [n|1861-62]
R	The Rosicrucian's Story [f|1863]
	Pre-Adamite Man (ps: Griffin LEE) [1863]
R	The Wonderful Story Of Ravalette.. [s|1863]
	A Sad Case (anon) [1866]
	Seership! [n|1868]
	Love And Its Hidden History (ps: Count De ST LEO) [1869]
	Love And The Master Passion [1870]
	The Evils Of The Tobacco Habit [1872]
	The New Mola! [1873]
	The Book Of The Triplicate Order [1875]
	Eulis [n|?]

Rev, Peter RANDOLPH (M: c1825 - 1897)
A	Sketches Of Slave Life [a|1855]
	From Slave Cabin To Pupit.. [a|1893]

Richard RANDOLPH (M: ? - ?)
	Aspects Of Humanity [p|1869]
	Windfalls [1871]

Rolph RANDOLPH (see: Rudolph ZANBAUER)

Selina RANDOLPH (F: ? - ?)
	The Gardener's Companion [n|1909]

Thomas RANDOLPH (M: 1605 Jun 15 - 1635 Mar 17)
	Aristippus [d|1630]
	Amyntas [d|1638]
	The Muses' Looking-Glasse [d|1638]
	Hey For Honesty [d|1651]
	Collected Plays And Poems (ed W C HAZLITT) [d|1875]

Thomas RANDOLPH (M: 1701 - 1783)
	Four Letters Concerning The Study Of The Hebrew Scriptures (anon) [e|1755]
	Vindication Of The Worship Of The Son And The Holy Ghost.. [n|1775]
	View Of Our Blessed Saviour's Ministry.. [n|1784]

Preb, Thomas RANDOLPH (M: 1788 Nov 9 - 1875 May 2)

Vance RANDOLPH {US} (M: 1892 Feb 23 - 1980 Nov 1)
(&ps: Anton S BOOKER)
	Ancient Philosophers [n|1924]
	Modern Philosophers [n|1924]
	Religious Philosophers [n|1924]
	Physiology Self Taught [n|1924]
	Life Among The Bees [n|1924]
	How To Know The Song Birds [n|1925]
	Life Among The Ants [n|1925]
	Freud On Sleep And Sexual Dreams (ps: Anton S BOOKER) [n|1925]
	Beekeeping For Profit [n|1925]
	Life Among The Butterflies [n|1925]
	Life Among The Dragonflies [n|1925]
	Our Insect Enemies [n|1925]
	The Substance Of The Riddle Of The Universe [1926]
	The ABC Of Evolution [n|1926]
	The ABC Of Biology [n|1927]
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	German Self Taught [n|?]
	The Psychology Of Affections [n|?]
	A History Of The Mediaeval Christian Church [n|?]

Alex RANDOM (see: Donald Sydney ROWLAND)

Gabriel RANDON {FR} (M: c1867 - 1933 Nov 7)
(ps: Jehan RICTUS)

Heinz RANDOW {DE} (M: 1891 Jun 28 - 1961 Jun 4)

William Brighty RANDS (M: 1823 Dec 24 - 1882 (wrongly 1880) Apr 23)
(&ps: Matthew BROWNE; Henry HOLBEACH; T TALKER)
	Lilliput Levee (anon) [p|1864/67]
	Chaucer's England (ps: Matthew BROWNE) [1869]
	The Shoemaker's Village (ps: Henry HOLBEACH) [f|1871]
	Lilliput Lectures (anon) [1871]
	Lilliput Legends (anon) [1872]
	Lilliput Lyrics (ed R Bromley JOHNSON) [1899]

Prof, Klavs RANDSBORG {DK} (M: 1944 Feb 28 - 2016 Nov 13)

Frank RANELAGH (see: Robert Folkestone WILLIAMS)

Prof, Bryan (McClean) RANFT {UK} (M: 1917 Jul 14 - 2001 Apr 14)

Johann RANFTL {AT} (M: 1865 Dec 25 - 1937 Mar 7)
*	Ludwig Tiecks Genoveva, Als Romantische Dichtung Betrachtet [n|Ge-1899]

Hermione RANFURLY, Countess of RANFURLY {UK} (F: 1913 Nov 13 - 2001 Feb 11)

C S RANGA IYER {IN} (M: 1895 - 1963)
	A Voice From Prison [1922]
	Father India [1927]
	India In The Crucible [1928]
	India [n|1930]
	India, Peace Or War [n|1930]
	How To Lose India [n|1935]

Prof, Alexander Rizos RANGABÉ (M: 1810 - 1892 Jan 28)

42991	Castes And Tribes Of Southern India (w E THURSTON) [7v|n|1909]

Prof, Shiyali Ramanrita RANGANATHAN {IN} (M: 1892 Aug 9 (or 12) - 1972 Sep 27)
	The Five Laws Of Library Science [n|1931/1957]
	Colon Classification [n|1933/?/?/?/?/1960]
	Classified Catalogue Code [n|1934/?/?/?/64]
	Library Administration [n|1935/1959]
	Prolegomena To Library Classification [n|1937/?/67]
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	Reference Service And Bibliography (w C SUNDARAM) [2v|n|1940]
	Bibliography Of Reference Books And Bibliographers [n|1941]
	School And College Libraries [n|1942]
	Library Classification [n|1944]
	Organization Of Libraries [n|1944/?/?/1961]
	Dictionary Catalogue Code [n|1945/1952]
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	Educational For Leisure [n|1948/?/?/1961]
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	Documentation And Its Facets (ed) [n|1963]
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RANGEE (see: Ranjee Gurdarsing SHAHANI)

Willard Edgar Allen RANGE {US} (M: 1910 Jun 24 - 1993 Feb)

Rep, Charles Bernard RANGEL {US} (M: 1930 Jun 11 - living 2018)

Domingo Alberto RANGEL {VE} (M: 1923 May 17 - ?)

Eduardo Ali RANGEL {VE} (M: 1915 Dec 19 - ?)

Prof, Leo RANGELL {US} (M: 1913 Oct 1 - 2011 May 28)

Charles RANGER (see: Arthur MURPHY)

Sir, Douglas RANGER {UK} (M: 1916 Oct 5 - 1997 Dec 22)

Ken RANGER (see: John CREASEY)

Nora Adeline RANGER {UK} (F: 1919 Aug 3 - 2002 Jun 15)

Prof, Terry(=Terence) (Osborn) RANGER {UK} (M: 1929 Nov 29 - 2015 Jan 3)

Rudolf RANGNOW {DE} (M: ? - 1939 Oct 11)
	Monika Bischlin [s|Ge-1936]
	Bauer Ohne Land [f|Ge-1938]

Prof, Gustav RANIS {DE/US} (M: 1929 - 2013)

Maharaja, Kumar Sri RANJITSINHJI / RANAJITSIMHAJI, of Nawangar (M: 1872 Sep 10 - 1933 Apr 2)
	The Jubilee Book Of Cricket [n|1897]

Sir, Benjamin (Keith) RANK {AU} (M: 1911 Jan 14 - 2002 Jan 26)

Hans RANK {DE} (M: 1892 May 16 - 1946 Jan 6)

Otto RANK (M: 1884 Apr 22 - 1939 Oct 31)

Prof, Friedrich RANKE {DE} (M: 1882 Sep 21 - 1950 Oct 11)

Leopold von RANKE (M: 1795 Dec 21 - 1886 May 23)
	Geschichte Der Romanischen Und Germanischen Völker.. [n|Ge-1824]
	Die Römischen Päpste In Den Letzen Vier Jahrhunderten [n|Ge-1834-36]
	  History Of The Popes Of Rome [n|Ge-1834-36] (tr Sarah AUSTIN) [1840]
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	..The Reformation In Germany [n|Ge-?] (tr Sarah AUSTIN) [1845]
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	Hardenberg Und Die Geschichte Des Preussischen Staates.. [n|Ge-1877]
	History Of The World [unfinished] [n|Ge-?]
28546	A History Of England Principally In The 17th Century [6v|n|Ge-?] (tr anon) [?]
	Fürsten Und Völker Von Süd-Europa.. [n|Ge-?]

Dean, Arthur RANKEN (M: 1806 - 1886 Sep 24)

Frederick W RANKEN (M: c1829 - 1905 Oct 17)

George RANKEN (M: 1828 Jan 4 - 1856 Feb 28)
(&ps: X)

George RANKEN (M: 1827 Jul 17 - 1895 May 6)
	The Invasion (ps: W H WALKER) [f|1877]
	The Federal Geography Of British Australasia [n|1891]
	Wyndabyne [f|1895]

William Bayne RANKEN (M: 1829 - 1889 Apr 2)

William Hugh Logan RANKEN (M: 1839 - 1902 Feb 28)
	The Dominion Of Australia [n|1874]

A RANKIN {CA} (?: ? - ?)
	Jesuit's Estates In Canada [n|1850]

Andrew RANKIN {UK} (M: 1924 Aug 3 - 2015 Feb 11)
	Levie's Law Of Bankruptcy In Scotland (4e) (ed) [n|1950]

Col, Ardery Robert RANKIN {US} (M: 1910 Aug 13 - 1991 Dec 27)
	Highway Research, 1920-1940 (ed) [2v|n|1940-1942]

Arthur Edward RANKIN (M: 1879 - ?)
	Livingstone Returned [1950]

Arthur McKee RANKIN (M: 1844 Feb 6 - 1914 Apr 17)

Bernard Courtney RANKIN {US} (M: 1914 Jun 3 - 1993 Mar 2)

Carl Emmett RANKIN {US} (M: 1892 Sep 14 - 1974 Feb 24)

Carroll(=Caroline) (Clement) (nee?)Watson RANKIN {US} (F: 1864 (or 1870) May 11 - 1945 Aug 13)
	Dandelion Cottage [f|1904]
	The Girls Of Gardenville [f|1906]
	The Anti Foster Pet Association [f|1907]
	The Adopting Of Rosa Marie [f|1908]
	Castaways Of Pete's Patch [f|1911]
	The Cinder Pond [f|1915]
	Girls Of Highland Hall [f|1921]
	Gipsy Nan [f|1926]
	Finders Keepers [f|1930]
	Wolf Rock [f|1933]
	Stump Village [f|1935]

Charles RANKIN (see: Charles Patrick Ranke GRAVES)

Fr, Daniel Stanislaus RANKIN {US} (M: 1895 Feb 23 - 1972 May 25)
	Kate Chopin And Her Creole Stories [n|1932]

Rev, Duncan Joseph RANKIN {CA} (M: 1874 - ?)
	On This Rock.. [f|1930]
	Aou Ain Folk.. [s|1930]

Rev, Francis John Harrison RANKIN (M: 1805 - 1847)
	The White Man's Grave [n|1836]
	The Man Without Soul [f|1838]

George RANKIN, Jr {US} (M: 1875 - ?)
	Your Future In Allegheny County (w John J KANE) [n|1947]

George Cameron RANKIN (M: 1841 Aug 11 - 1903 Jan 6)
	Border Canucks [f|1890]

Rev, George Clark (Shelton) RANKIN (M: 1849 Nov 10 - 1915 Feb 2)
T	The Story Of My Life [a|1912]

Sir, George Claus RANKIN {UK} (M: 1877 Aug 12 - 1946 Apr 8)
	Custom And The Muslim Law In British India [n|1939]
	Background To Indian Law [n|1946]

Henry Bascom RANKIN {US} (M: 1837 Apr 7 - 1927 Aug 14)
	Intimate Character Sketches Of Abraham Lincoln [b|1924]
	Personal Recollections Of Abraham Lincoln [b|?]

Prof, Hugh Franklin RANKIN {US} (M: 1913 Jun 17 - 1989 Jun 29)

Ian (James) RANKIN {UK} (M: 1960 Apr 28 - living 2018)
(&ps: Jack HARVEY)

James RANKIN {US} (M: ? - ?)
*	Natural And Artificial Duck Culture [n|1889]

Jeanne RANKIN, nee ? {CA} (F: c1960 - living 2016)

Rep, Jeannette RANKIN {US} (F: 1880 Jun 11 - 1973 May 18)

Jennifer RANKIN {AU} (F: 1941 - 1979)

Jeremiah Eames RANKIN (M: 1828 Jan 2 - 1904 Nov 28)
(&ps: Esther BURR)
	Gospel Bells (w Otis PRESBREY) [1883]
	German-English Lyrics, Sacred And Secular [p|1897]
	Esther Burr's Journal (anon) [1901]

Karl Lott RANKIN {US} (M: 1898 Sep 4 - 1991 Jan 15)

Katherine RANKIN, nee MITCHELL {US} (F: 1929 Jul 19 - 1996 Dec 3)

Mary RANKIN {US} (F: 1821 - ?)
	The Daughter Of Affliction.. [a|1858]

Melinda RANKIN (F: 1811 Mar 21 - 1888 Dec 6)
	Texas In 1850 [n|1852]
	Twenty Years Among The Mexicans [a|1875]

Lt-Col, (Arthur) Niall (Talbot) RANKIN {UK} (M: 1904 Aug 6 - 1965 Apr 7)
	Haunts Of British Divers [n|1947]
	Antarctic Isle [n|1951]

Prof, Oliver Shaw RANKIN {UK} (M: 1885 Jan 28 - 1954 Feb 7)

Paul RANKIN {UK} (M: 1959 Oct 1 - living 2017)

Capt, Richard C RANKIN {US} (M: ? - ?)
31584	History Of The Seventh Ohio Volunteer Cavalry [n|1881]

Sir, Reginald RANKIN, 2nd Bt {UK} (M: 1871 Aug 31 - 1931 Sep 9)

Robert RANKIN {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Prof, Robert Alexander RANKIN {UK} (M: 1915 Oct 27 - 2001 Jan 27)

Thomas Ernest RANKIN {US} (M: 1872 - 1953)
	American Literature (w Wilford M AIKIN) [n|1916]

W Munn RANKIN (M: ? - ?)

Rev, John RANKINE (M: 1808 - 1891 Nov 21)
	Voluntaryism In Alliance Neither With Atheism Nor With Popery [n|?]

Sir, John RANKINE {UK} (M: 1846 Feb 18 - 1922 Aug 8)
	The Law Of Land-ownership In Scotland [n|?/?/?/1909]
	The Law Of Leases In Scotland [n|?/?/1916]
	The Law Of Personal Bar In Scotland [n|1921]

Prof, William John Macquorn RANKINE (M: 1820 Jul 5 - 1872 Dec 24)
	Mechanical Laws, Formulæ, And Tables [n|1856]
	A Manual Of Applied Mechanics [n|1858/61]
	A Manual Of The Steam Engine.. [n|1859]
	A Manual Of Civil Engineering [n|1861]
	Shipbuilding, Theoretical And Practical [n|1866]
	Mechanics (Applied) [n|1868]
	A Manual Of Machinery And Millwork [n|1869]
	A Memoir Of John Elder, Engineer And Shipbuilder [b|1871]

Boyd Montgomerie Maurice RANKING (M: 1841 Jan 19 - 1888 Dec 1)

Lt-Col, George Speirs Alexander RANKING {UK} (M: 1852 Jan 7 - 1934 Jul 14)

J S RANKING (M: ? - ?)
	Windows Opened In Heaven [1890]

Robert Archibald RANKING {AU} (M: 1843 Jul 5 - 1912 Jun 13)
	Queensland Police Code And Justices' Manual Of Crime Law [n|1905]

William Harcourt RANKING (M: 1814 - 1867 Jun 4)

Karl RANKL {UK} (M: 1898 Oct 1 - 1968 Sep 6)

Charles Everett RANLETT {US} (M: 1816 Nov 9 - 1917 May 3)
	Master Mariner Of Maine.. [a|1942]

Louis Felix RANLETT {US} (M: ? - ?)
	Let's Go [a|1927]

Agnes Vera RANNEY, nee JOHNSON {US} (F: 1916 May 14 - 1985 May 16)
(&ps: Ruth Ellen REEVES)
	Flash Of Phantom Canyon [1963]

(J) Austin RANNEY {US} (M: 1920 Mar 29 - 2006 Jul 24)
	The Doctrine Of Responsible Party Government [n|1954]
	Democracy And The American Party System (w Willmore KENDALL) [n|1956]
	Channels Of Power [n|?]

David James RANNEY {US} (M: 1863 - ?)
13889	Dave Ranney; or, Thirty Years On The Bowery [a|1910]

Dora Knowlton RANOUS, nee THOMPSON (F: 1859 Aug 16 - 1916 Jan 19)
	Diary Of A Daly Débutante [a|1910]

Edogawa RANPO / RAMPO (see: Taro HIRAI)

Prof, Pál RANSCHBURG {HU} (M: 1870 Jan 3 - 1945 Jan 12 or 13)
	Die Leseschwäche (Legasthenie) Und Rechenschwäche.. [n|Ge-1916]
	Die Lese- Und Schreibstörungen Des Kindesalters [n|Ge-1928]

Charles RANSFORD (M: c1807 - 1886 Jul 11)

Edwin RANSFORD (M: 1805 Mar 13 - 1876 Jul 11)
(&ps: AQUILA)

Oliver (Neil) RANSFORD (M: 1914 - 1993)

Tessa RANSFORD {UK} (F: 1938 Jul 8 - 2015 Sep 2)

Egon RANSHOFEN-WERTHEIMER {DE} (M: 1894 Sep 4 - 1957 Dec 28)

George John RANSLEY {MT} (M: 1900 Feb 26 - 1983 Feb 12)

Peter RANSLEY {UK} (M: 1931 Oct 12 - living 2015)

A RANSOM (?: ? - ?)
R	A Terrible History Of Fraud And Crime [f|1858]

Charles Frederick George RANSOM {UK} (M: 1911 Jul 9 - 1986 Jul 20)

Dana RANSOM (see: Nancy GIDEON)

Daniel RANSOM (see: Ed(=Edward) (Joseph) GORMAN)

Prof, Harry Howe RANSOM {US} (M: 1922 - 2014 Jan 28)

Prof, John Crowe RANSOM {US} (M: 1888 Apr 30 - 1974 Jul 3)
T	Poems About God [p|1919]
	Chills And Fever [p|1924]
	Grace After Meat [p|1924]
	Two Gentlemen In Bonds [p|1927]
	God Without Thunder [1930]

John L RANSOM (M: ? - ?)
	Andersonville Diary.. [n|1881]

Katherine RANSOM (see: Mary SEDERQUEST)

Sidney RANSOM (M: ? - ?)
(ps: M/Mosnar YENDIS)
16905	The Great Red Frog [1903]

William Henry RANSOM (M: 1824 Nov 19 - 1907 Apr 16)

William R RANSOM {US} (M: 1876 Jan 18 - 1973 Jan 9)

Arthur RANSOME {UK} (M: 1834 Feb 11 - 1922 Jul 25)
	Stethometry [n|1876]
	Prognosis In Lung Disease [n|1882]
	Causes Of Consumption [n|1884]
	Causes And Prevention Of Phthisis [n|1890]
	Treatment Of Phthisis [n|1896]
	Researches On Tuberculosis [n|1898]
	The Principles Of Open-Air Treatment Of Phthisis.. [n|1903]
	A Campaign Against Consumption [n|1915]

Arthur (Mitchell) RANSOME {UK} (M: 1884 Jan 18 - 1967 Jun 3)
	Highways And Byways In Fairyland [1906]
	Bohemia In London [n|1907/12]
	A History Of Story-telling [n|1909]
	E A Poe [n|1910]
	The Hoofmarks Of The Faun [1911]
	Oscar Wilde [n|1912]
	Portraits And Speculations [1913]
	The Elixir Of Life [1915]
16981	Old Peter's Russian Tales [1917]
1324	Six Weeks In Russia In 1919 [n|1919]
	Aladdin [1919]
	Soldier And Death [1920]
1326	The Crisis In Russia [n|1921]
	Racundra's First Cruise [1923]
	The Chinese Puzzle [1927]
	Rod And Line [n|1929]
	Swallows And Amazons [f|1930]
	Swallowdale [f|1931]
	Peter Duck [f|1932]
	Winter Holiday [f|1933]
	Coot Club [f|1934]
	Pigeon Post [f|1936]
	We Didn't Mean To Go To Sea [f|1937]
	Secret Water [f|1939]
	The Big Six [f|1940]
	Missee Lee [f|1941]
	The Picts And The Martyrs [f|1943]
	Great Northern? [f|1947]
	Mainly About Fishing [n|1959]

Cyril RANSOME (M: 1851 - 1897 Jun 24)

James RANSOME {UK} (M: 1865 - 1944 Feb 19)
	Professional Pitfalls [n|?]
	European Architecture In India [n|?]
	Some Designs For Indian Buildings.. [n|?]
	Phenomena Of Trade Unionism [n|?]

James Allen RANSOME (M: 1806 Jul - 1875 Apr 29)

Stafford RANSOME {UK} (M: 1860 Dec 6 - 1931 Aug 26)
(ps: Blunderland CARTOONIST)
	Jeannie Jemima Jones [f|1905]

Stephen RANSOME (see: Frederick Clyde DAVIS)

Charles Wesley RANSON {UK} (M: 1903 Jun 15 - 1988 Jan 13)

Stephen Walter RANSON {US} (M: 1880 Aug 28 - 1942 Aug 30)
	Retrograde Degeneration In The Spinal Nerves [n|1907]
	The Anatomy Of The Nervous System.. [n|?/1923/1927/1931/1935/1939/1943]
	The Anatomy Of The Nervous System (8e w Sam Lillard CLARK) [n|1947/1953/1959]

Prof, Coleman Bernard RANSONE, Jr {US} (M: 1920 Jan 27 - 1986 Jul)

Sylvestre-François-Miche RANSONNET (M: fl 1726-43)
I	La Vie De La Venerable Soeur Marguerite Bourgeois [Fr-1818]

Gail RANSTROM {US} (F: ? - ?)

Judge, James (William) RANT {UK} (M: 1936 Apr 16 - 2003 May 25)

Tol E RANT (see: Barry B LONGYEAR)

Irmari RANTAMALA (see: Algot/Algoth Tietäväinen UNTOLA)

Samir RANTISI {PALESTINE} (M: 1962 - 2005 May 29)

Robert RANTOUL (M: 1805 - 1852)
	The Fugitive Slave Law [n|1851]
A	Letter..On The Value Of The Public Lands Of Illinois [n|?]

Mayor, Robert Samuel RANTOUL {US} (M: 1832 - 1922)
&	A Memoir Of Edmund B Willson [b|1895]
&	The Cruise Of The 'Quero' [n|c1900]
	Personal Recollections [a|1916]

Esther (Louise) RANTZEN, Mrs WILCOX {UK} (F: 1940 Jun 22 - living 2017)

Louis-Antoine RANVIER {FR} (M: 1835 Oct 2 - 1922 Mar 22)
	Manuel D'Histologie Pathologique (w V A CORNIL) [n|Fr-1869]
	Traité Technique D'Histologie [n|Fr-1875-82]
	Leçons Sur L'Histologie Du Système Nerveux [n|Fr-1878]
	Leçons D'Anatomie Generale Sur Le Système Musculaire [n|Fr-1880]
	Exposé Des Titres Et Des Travaux De M L Ranvier [n|Fr-1885]

Arthur Cowper RANYARD (M: 1845 Jun 21 - 1894 Dec 15)

(Ontimetta) Madhu (Sudhana) RAO (?: 1930 Jun 10 - ?)

Pamulaparti Venkata Narasimha RAO {IN} (M: 1921 Jun 28 - 2004 Dec 23)
	The Insider [f|?]

Prof, Raja RAO {IN} (M: 1908 Nov 8 - 2006 Jul 8)
	Kanthapura [f|1938]
	The Cow Of The Barricades [s|1947]
	The Serpent And The Rope [f|1960]

RAOKIN (see: Harold Frederick Weaver HAWKINS)

Wincenty/Vincent RAPACKI (M: 1840 - 1924)
	The Art Master Of Norymberg [d|Pl?-?] (tr Joseph F GIZINSKI) [1923]

Moshe RAPAPORT (M: 1903 - ?)

Samuel RAPAPORT (M: 1837 - 1923)

Stella (nee)Fread RAPAPORT, 2:Mrs FULD {US} (F: 1910 Aug 7 - 2009 Apr 12)

Ernö RAPÉE (see: Ernest RAPPAPORT)

Eleanor RAPER (F: ? - ?)
29683	The Little Girl Lost: A Tale For Little Girls [f|1902]

Henry RAPER (M: 1799 - 1859 Jan 6)

Prof, Henry Stanley RAPER {UK} (M: c1885 - 1951 Dec 12)

Maurice (Harry) RAPF {US} (M: 1914 May 19 - 2003 Apr 15)

Bertram RAPHAEL {US} (M: 1936 Nov 16 - ?)


Prof, David Daiches RAPHAEL {UK} (M: 1916 Jan 25 - 2015 Dec 22)
	The Moral Sense [n|1947]
	Moral Judgement [n|1955]
	The Paradox Of Tragedy [n|1960]
	Problems Of Political Philosophy [n|1970/90]
	Moral Philosophy [n|1981/94]

Elaine RAPHAEL (see: Elaine (Raphael) BOLOGNESE)

Frederic (Michael) RAPHAEL {US/UK} (M: 1931 Aug 14 - living 2017)
(&ps: Mark CAINE (2))
	Obbligato [f|1956]
	The Earlsdon Way [f|1958]
	The Limits Of Love [f|1960]
	A Wild Surmise [f|1961]
	The Graduate Wife [f|1962]
	The Trouble With England [f|1962]
	Lindmann [f|1963]

John Nathaniel (Percival) RAPHAEL (M: 1868 May 16 - 1917 Feb 27 (wrongly 23))
	Bookland And Its Inhabitants [?]
	Paris In Pen And Picture [n|1904]
	Pictures Of Paris And Some Parisians [n|1908]
	Up Above [f|1913]
	The Caillaux Drama [1914]

Lennox RAPHAEL {TT} (M: 1938 or 1939 - ?)
	Che! [d|?]
	Blue Soap [d|?]

Mary F RAPHAEL (F: ? - ?)
	The Lure Of The Loire [n|1923]
	The Romance Of English Almshouses [n|1926]

Max RAPHAEL {DE} (M: 1889 - 1950)

Prof, Ralph Alexander RAPHAEL {UK} (M: 1921 Jan 1 - 1998 Apr 27)

Rick RAPHAEL {US} (M: 1919 Feb 20 - 1994 Jan 4)
*	Make Mine Homogenized [?]

Cornelius RAPHAELA {NL} (M: c1914 - ?)
(ps: Victor P HERNANDEZ)

Dorothy (nee)Wegman RAPHAELSON {US} (F: 1904 Nov 27 - 2005 Nov 7)
	Glorified [f|1930]
	Morning Song [f|1948]

Samson RAPHAELSON {US} (M: 1894 (wrongly 1899) Mar 30 - 1983 Jul 16)

Rabbi, Morris Jacob RAPHALL (M: 1798 Oct 3 - 1868 Jun 23)
&	The Bible View Of Slavery [n|1861]

Richard Christopher RAPIER (M: 1836 Jun 7 - 1897 May 28)

Robert RAPIER {US} (M: ? - ?)

Fr(SJ), René RAPIN, aka Renatus RAPINUS (M: 1621 Nov 3 - 1687 Oct 27)
(&ps: ***)
	Eclogae (Sacrae), Cum Dissertatione De Carmine Pastorali [La-1659]
14495	  Discourse Of Pastorals [La-1659] (tr Thomas CREECH) [1684]
	Of Gardens [p|1706]

Paul RAPIN De THOGRAS (M: 1661 Mar 25 - 1725 May 25)

Mario RAPISARDI (M: 1844 Feb 25 - 1912 Jan 4)
22641	Lucifero [p|It-1877]
27334	Africa Orrenda [p|It-1896]

Rob RAPLER (M: ? - ?)
R	The Hermit Of Aleova; or, The Shepherd Girl's Triumph [f|1857]

Prof, Amos RAPOPORT {AU} (M: 1929 Mar 28 - living 2017)
	The Meaning Of The Built Environment [n|1982/90]

Daniel RAPOPORT {US} (M: 1933 Jan 19 - 2012 Apr 11)

Julius RAPOPORT (M: 1891 - 1918 Dec 26)
(ps: Julius WEST)
27080	G K Chesterton: A Critical Study [n|1916]

Louis (Harvey) RAPOPORT {US} (M: 1942 Nov 7 - 1991 Jun)

Prof, Lydia RAPOPORT {US} (F: 1923 Mar 8 - 1971 Sep 6)
	Consultation In Social Work Practice [n|1963]

Maxine RAPOPORT, nee BARCZAK {US} (F: c1935 - living 2012)

Rhona (Valerie) RAPOPORT, nee ROSS, 1:Mrs SOFER {ZA/US?} (F: 1927 Jan 29 - 2011 Nov 24)

Prof, Robert Norman RAPOPORT {US} (M: 1924 Nov 1 - 1996 Nov 1)

Samuel Mitja RAPOPORT {DE} (M: 1912 Nov 27 - 2004 Jul 7)
	Physikologisch-Chemisches Praktikum (w H-J RADERECHT) [n|Ge-1956]
	Lehrbuch Medizinischer Biochemie [n|Ge-1962]

Solomon Seinwil RAPOPORT / RAPPOPORT {SU} (M: 1863 - 1920 Nov 8)
(ps: Shloime/Sholom/Shelomoh/Semyon AN-SKI / ANSKI / ANSKY)
	[Tsvishn Tsvey Veltn] [d|Yi-1916]
	  Between Two Worlds [d|Yi-1916] (tr ?) [1926]

Joseph (Guilherme) RAPOSO {US} (M: 1938 Feb 8 - 1989 Feb 5)

Adam RAPP {US} (M: 1968 Jun 15 - living 2017)

Albert RAPP {DE} (M: 1889 May 25 - 1969 Dec 3)

Anthony (Deane/Mortimer) RAPP {US} (M: 1971 Oct 26 - living 2017)

Prof, Franz RAPP {DE} (M: 1885 Jan 1 - 1951 Mar 3)
	Goethe Und München [n|Ge-1932]

John Michael RAPP {US} (M: 1862 Sep 19 - 1935 Apr 15)
	Geographical Outline Manual Of North America [n|1902]

William Jourdan RAPP {US} (M: 1895 Jun 17 - 1942 Aug 12)
	Poolroom [f|1938]

Alfred RAPPAPORT (M: ? - ?)

Prof, Armin RAPPAPORT {US} (M: 1916 Apr 20 - 1983 Oct 27)
	The British Press And Wilsonian Neutrality [n|1951]
	The Navy League Of The United States [n|1962]
	Henry L Stimson And Japan, 1931-33 [n|1963]
	A Short History Of American Diplomacy [n|?]

Bruce M RAPPAPORT {US} (M: 1942 Aug 4 - 2006 Oct 27)

Prof, David RAPPAPORT {US} (M: 1907 Jun 13 - 2000 Nov 9)

Ernest RAPPAPORT {HU/US} (M: 1891 Jun 4 - 1945 Jun 26)
(ps: Ernö RAPÉE)
	Motion Picture Moods For Pianists And Organists [n|1924]
	Encyclopedia Of Music For Pictures [n|1925]

Eva RAPPAPORT, nee STEIN {US} (F: 1924 Apr 7 - 2007 Nov 11)

Helen (F) RAPPAPORT, nee WARE {UK} (F: 1947 - living 2017)

Moriz RAPPAPORT (M: 1808 - 1880)

Philipp August RAPPAPORT (M: 1879 - ?)

Neil (L) RAPPAPORT {US} (M: c1944 - 1998 Sep 28)

(Angelo) Solomon RAPPOPORT {RU/UK:1898on} (M: 1871 - 1950 Jun 2)
	Primer Of Philosophy [n|1903]
17330	History Of Egypt From 330 BC [3v|n|1904]
	Russian History [n|1905]
	English Drama [n|1906]
	History Of Egypt (w HALL, KING & MASPÉRO) [13v|n|1907]
	The Curse Of The Romanovs [n|1907]
	History Of European Nations [n|1912]
	Home Life In Russia [n|1913]
	History Of Poland [n|1915]
	Labour, Social Reform, And Democracy [n|1925]
	Dictionary Of Socialism [n|1926]
	Myths And Legends Of Ancient Israel [3v|n|1928]
	French History [n|1929]
	History Of Palestine [n|1931]
	Mediæval Legends Of Christ [n|1934]
	The Psalms In Life, Legend And Literature [n|1935]
	The Gauntlet Against The Gospel [n|1936]
	The Folklore Of The Jews [n|1937]

Yuri RAPPOPORT (M: c1974 - ?)

Leonard A RAPPORT {US} (M: 1913 Jan 24 - 2008 Mar 17)
	Rendezvous With Destiny (w Arthur NORTHWOOD, Jr) [n|1948]

Edward James RAPSON {UK} (M: 1861 May 12 - 1937 Oct 3)

Rip RAPSON {US} (M: ? - living 2017)

RAQ (see: Glyn Kinnaird EVENS)

Izmael RAQUENUE (see: Manuel de ZEQUEIRA y ARANGO)

Jennifer RARDIN, nee PRINGLE {US} (F: 1965 Apr 28 - 2010 Sep 20)

John Solomon RAREY (M: 1828 - 1866 Oct 4)
*	(Modern) Art Of Taming (Wild) Horses (aka: System Of Horse-Taming) [n|1858]
28612	A New Illustrated Edition Of J S Rarey's Art Of Taming Horses [n|1859]

Carrie RARICK {US} (F: 1911 Dec 16 - 2002 Jan 16)

Prof, George Lawrence RARICK {US} (M: 1911 Aug 30 - 1995 Dec 15)
	Motor Development During Infancy And Childhood [n|1952/1961]
	Motor Characteristics Of The Mentally Retarded [n|1960]

Oscar RASBACH {US} (M: 1888 Aug 2 - 1975 Mar 24)

Johan Peter RASBECH (M: 1793 - 1859)

Dorning RASBOTHAM (M: 1731 - 1791 Nov 7)

Johannes RASCH {NL} (M: 1874 - 1945)
	Ons Volk [Du-1940]

L RASCH (see: Robert SCHARL)

Prof, Wolfdietrich RASCH {DE} (M: 1903 Mar 20 - 1986 Sep 7)

Ernst RASCHE (see: Albert PNER)

Friedrich RASCHE {DE} (M: 1900 May (or Sep) 7 - 1965 Mar 23 or 27)
	Der Pessimismus Schopenhauers Und Das Wertproblem [n|Ge-1924]
	Gedichte [p|Ge-1935]
	Befreite Kunst (ed) [e|Ge-1946]
	Das Gedicht In Unserer Zeit (ed) [n|Ge-1946]
	Die Goldene Brücke (ed) [Ge-1947]
	Die Gehenkten [s|Ge-1948]
	Gedichte [p|Ge-1949]
	Fritz Von Unruh [b|Ge-1960]
	Goslar [n|Ge-1963]

Bey, Omar Al RASCHID (M: ? - 1910)
6110	Das Hohe Ziel Der Erkenntnis [n|Ge-1912]

Hermann RASCHKE {AT} (M: 1866 Dec 24 - 1945 May 29)
	Mindest-Lehrstoff..Als Grundlage Einer Mittelschulreform [n|Ge-1908]

Martin RASCHKE {DE} (M: 1905 Nov 4 - 1943 Nov (or Feb) 24)
(&ps: Otto MERZ)
	Fieber Der Zeit [f|Ge-1930]
	Himmelfahrt Zur Erde [s|Ge-1930]
	Der Erbe [s|Ge-1934]
	Die Ungleichen Schwestern [f|Ge-1936]
	Wiederkehr [s|Ge-1937]
	Der Wolkenheld [f|Ge-1938]
	10 Gedichte [p|Ge-1938]
	Pomeranzenzweig [s|Ge-1940]
	Zauber Der Macht [s|Ge-1940]
	Simona [s|Ge-1942]
	Herbstorgel [p|Ge-1942]

William E RASCO {US} (M: 1932 Oct 29 - 2002 Jan 24)

(Arthur) Burton RASCOE {US} (M: 1892 Oct 22 - 1957 Mar 19)
	Theodore Dreiser [1925]
	A Bookman's Daybook [1929]
	Titans Of Literature [n|1932]
	Prometheus [1933]
	Before I Forget [a|1937]

Georg RASEL {DE} (M: 1882 Jan 13 - 1945 Feb 2)

Franco RASETTI (M: 1901 Aug 10 - 2001 Dec 5)

Ruth Mary RASEY {US} (F: 1902 Jan 21 - ?)

Dean, Hastings RASHDALL {UK} (M: 1858 - 1924 Feb 9)
	The Universities Of Europe In The Middle Ages [3v|n|1895/1935]
	Doctrine And Development [e|1898]
	New College (w R S RAIT) [n|1901]
	Christus In Ecclesia [n|1904]
	The Theory Of Good And Evil [2v|n|1907]
21995	Philosophy And Religion [n|1909]
	Is Conscience An Emotion?, 1914 [n|1914]
	Conscience And Christ, 1916 [n|1916]
	The Idea Of Atonement In Christian Theology [n|1919]

Rabbi, RASHI, aka Shlomo YITSHAKI, aka Solomon ben ISAAC (M: 1040 - 1105)


Sheikh, Mohammad RASHID {PK} (M: 1915 - 2002 Sep 12)

Stephen Parvez RASHID {UK} (M: c1946 - 2011)

George RASHLEIGH {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	John The Flunky [f|1883]

Richard Ernest RASHLEY {CA} (M: 1909 - ?)
	Voyageur.. [p|1946]
	Portrait.. [p|1953]

Mauro RASI {BR} (M: 1949 - 2003 Apr 22)

Rasmus Christian RASK (M: 1787 Nov 22 - 1832 Nov 14)
	A Compendious Grammar..Icelandic Language [n|Da-var] (tr anon) [1838]

Abraham Henry RASKIN {US} (M: 1911 Apr 26 - 1983 Dec 22)

Barbara RASKIN, Mrs SHUB {US} (F: ? - ?)

Edith (nee)Lefkowitz RASKIN {US} (F: 1908 Oct 17 - 1987 Dec 16)

Ellen RASKIN, Mrs FLANAGAN {US} (F: 1928 Mar 13 - 1984 Aug 8)

Eugene RASKIN {US} (M: 1909 Sep 5 - 2004 Jun 8 (or 7))
	One's A Crowd [d|1949]
	Amata [d|1951]
	Architecturally Speaking [n|1955]

Jef RASKIN {US} (M: 1943 Mar 9 - 2005 Feb 26)

Joseph RASKIN {US} (M: 1897 Apr 14 - 1982 Jan 26)

Philip Max RASKIN {US} (M: 1884 Dec 24 - 1944 Feb 6)

Frank RASKY {US} (M: 1923 - ?)
	Roy Rogers [1955]

Alicia RASLEY {US} (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Elizabeth TODD; Michelle RENET)

Henry Neil RASMUSEN {US} (M: 1909 Apr 20 - 1970 Apr)
	Printmaking With Monotype [n|1961]

Alysse (Suzanne) (Lemery) RASMUSSEN {US} (F: c1950 - ?)
(&ps: Alysse LEMERY)
	Wishing Star [f|?]
	Twilight Dawn [f|?]

August RASMUSSEN (M: 1829 Aug 1 - 1919 Apr 18)
	Pioneerlivet I Det Store Danske Settlement.. [a|Da-1904]

Eric RASMUSSEN {VI} (M: c1917 - ?)
	The First Night [f|1947]

Knud (Johan Victor) RASMUSSEN {DK} (M: 1879 Jun 7 - 1933 Dec 21 (or 22))
	The People Of The Polar North [n|1908]
	Greenland By The Polar Sea [n|1921]
28932	Eskimo Folk-Tales (ed) [s|?-?] (tr W WORSTER) [1921]
	Across Arctic America [n|1927]

Sigurd Hartz RASMUSSEN {DK/US:1949on} (M: 1905 Jun 6 - 2005 Feb 21)

Prof, Steen Eiler RASMUSSEN {DK} (M: 1898 Feb 9 - 1990 Jun 20)
	London, The Unique City [n|1937]
	Towns And Buildings [n|1951]
	Experiencing Architecture [n|1959]

Wayne D RASMUSSEN {US} (M: 1915 Feb 5 - 2004 Apr 30)
	A History Of The Emergency Farm Labor Supply Program, 1943-47 [n|1951]

Yuri RASOVSKY {US} (M: 1944 Jul 29 - 2012 Jan 18)

Rudolf Erich RASPE / RÂPE (M: 1736 or 1737 Mar - 1794 Nov)
	An Account Of Some German Volcanos [n|1776]
3154	Baron Munchausen's Narrative.. (aka: The Travels..) [f|1786]

Valentin (Grigoriyevich) RASPUTIN {RU} (M: 1937 Mar 15 - 2015 Mar 14)

Hormuzd RASSAM (M: 1826 - 1910 Sep 15 (wrongly 8 or 16))
	The British Mission To Theodore, King Of Abyssinia [n|1869]
	The Garden Of Eden And Biblical Sages [n|1895]
	Asshur And The Land Of Nimrod [n|1897]

Rev, Jeremiah (R) RAST (M: 1828 Jun 15 - 1914 Sep 25)
	Life Sketches.. [a|1913]

Robert Heron RASTALL {UK} (M: 1871 Nov 8 - 1950 Feb 3)
	Text-book Of Petrology (5e w F H HATCH) [2v|n|1909-13]
	Petrology Of The Sedimentary Rocks (w F H HATCH) [n|1913]
	Agricultural Geology [n|1916]
	A Textbook Of Geology (3e w Philip LAKE) [n|1920/1927/1941]
	Tungsten Ores [n|1920]
	Molybdenum Ores [n|1922]
	Geology Of Metalliferous Deposits [n|1923]
	Physico-Chemical Geology [n|1927]

John RASTELL (M: c1475 - 1536)
	Four Elements [c1520]
	Calisto And Melebea [d|c1525]
	Gentleness And Nobility [d|c1525]
	A New Boke Of Purgatory [1530]
	The Pastyme Of The People [1530]

John Urpeth RASTRICK (M: 1780 Jan 26 - 1856 Nov 1)

A A RATA {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	1939 - And How [p|1940]

Prof, Benjamin Ulysses RATCHFORD {US} (M: 1902 Sep 7 - 1977 Jan 20)
	Berlin Reparations Assignment (w William Dee ROSS, Jr) [n|1947]

Arthur James John RATCLIFF {UK} (M: 1894 - 1961 Aug 16)
	A History Of Dreams [n|1923]
	The Teaching Of English In Upper Forms [n|1926]
	Story-Poems From William Morris [p|1928]
	Crusoe And Gulliver [n|1928]
	Five Lives From Plutarch [n|1929]
	Prose Of Our Time [n|1931]

Charles RATCLIFF (M: 1822 - 1885 Aug 28)

Prof, Edward Craddock RATCLIFF {UK} (M: 1896 Dec 16 - 1967 Jun 30)
	The English Coronation Service [n|1936]
	The Booke Of Common Prayer [n|1949]
	The Coronation Service Of Queen Elizabeth II [n|1953]

William Fay RATCLIFF (M: 1847 - ?)

Derek (Almey) RATCLIFFE {UK} (M: 1929 Jul 29 - 2005 May 23)
	Plant Communities Of The Scottish Highlands (w Donald McVEAN) [n|1962]
	The Peregrine Falcon [n|1980/93]

Dorothy Una RATCLIFFE, nee CLOUGH, 2:Mrs McGRIGOR PHILLIPS {UK} (F: 1887 (wrongly 1891 or 1894) - 1967 Nov 20)
	The Book Of The Microcosm [n|?]
	The Sea Microcosm [n|?]
	Listen! The Children's Microcosm [n|?]
	The Dales Of Arcady [p|1918]
	Julian Hunter, Soldier Poet [1920]
	Singing Rivers [p|1922]
	Dale Dramas [d|1923]
	Nathaniel Baddeley, Bookman [d|1924]
	The Shoeing Of Jerry-Go-Nimble [p|1926]
	Dale Lyrics [p|1926]
	Dale Folk [n|1927]
	Fairings [n|1928]
	Nightlights [p|1929]
	The Gone Away [d|1930]
	Lillilows [1931]
	Gypsy Dorelia [d|1932]
	Dale-Courtin' [p|1932]
	South African Summer [e|1933]
	Lapwings And Laverocks [n|1934]
	Equatorial Dawn [n|1936]
	Swallow Of The Sea [n|1937]
	The Smuggling Hob And Other One-Act Plays [d|1938]
	News Of Persephone [n|1939]
	From All The Airts [p|1940]
	What Do They Know Of Yorkshire [n|1940]
	Grecian Glory [n|1941]
	Mrs Buffey In Wartime [1942]
	Rosemary Isle [p|1944]
	Delightsome Land [1945]
	Under T'Hawthorne [p|1946]
	Island-Of-The-Little Years [1947]
	The Daystar [1947]
	Little Gypsy In The Wood [1948]
	Until That Dawn [p|1949]
	Icelandic Spring [n|1950]
	The Queen Rides [d|1951]
	Up Dale [p|1952]
	Jingling Lane [d|1954]
	Over Hill Over Dale [p|1956]
	Lady Of A Million Daffodils [a|1958]
	Yorkshire Lyrics (ed Wilfird J HALLIDAY) [p|1960]
	The Cranesbill Caravan [1961]

Eric Hallam RATCLIFFE {UK} (M: 1918 - 2008 (wrongly 2009) Nov 2)

Francis Noble RATCLIFFE {AU} (M: 1904 Jan 11 - 1970 Dec 2)
	Flying Fox And Drifting Sand [n|1938]

Henry RATCLIFFE (M: 1808 Nov 4 - 1877 May 25)

John Ashworth RATCLIFFE {UK} (M: 1902 Dec 12 - 1987 Oct 25)

Kevin RATCLIFFE {UK} (M: 1960 Nov 12 - living 2017)

Samuel Kerkham RATCLIFFE {UK} (M: 1868 - 1958 Sep 1)

Tom Arundel RATCLIFFE {UK} (M: 1910 Aug 6 - 1977 Feb 4)
	Discipline And The Child [n|1960]

Walter A RATCLIFFE {CA} (M: 1865 - 1936)
	Laurier And Victory! [p|1896]
	Morning Songs In The Night [p|1897]

E J RATH (see: Edith Rathbone BRAINERD & J Chauncey Corey BRAINERD)
	The Sixth Speed [f|1910]
	'Mister 44' [f|1917]
	Sam [f|1918]
	The Nervous Wreck [f|1924]
	Good References [f|1925]
	The Dark Chapter [f|1925]
	The Brains Of The Family [f|1926]
	The Nervous Wreck [d|1926]
	The Flying Courtship [f|1929]
	The Stolen Car [f|1929]
	Let's Go [1931]

Frederick RATH {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	First Night [d|pro:1930]
	Her Tin Soldier [d|pro:1933]

Frederick L RATH, Jr {US} (M: 1913 May 19 - 2001 Apr 1)

Hanns Wolfgang RATH {DE} (M: c1881 - 1934 Jun 12)

Virginia (Anne) RATH {US} (F: 1905 - 1950)
	Death At Dayton's Folly [f|1935]
	Ferryman, Carry Him Across! [f|1936]
	Murder On The Day Of Judgment [f|1936]
	The Anger Of The Bells [f|1937]
	An Excellent Night For Murder [f|1937]
	The Dark Cavalier [f|1938]
	Murder With A Theme Song [f|1939]
	Death Of A Lucky Lady [f|1940]
	Death Breaks The Ring [f|1941]
	Epitaph For Lydia [f|1942]
	Posted For Murder [f|1942]
	A Dirge For Her [f|1947]
	A Shroud For Rowena [f|1947]

Willy RATH {DE} (M: 1874 Sep 21 - 1940 Jan)
(ps: Willibald ROST)

Albert RATHBONE {US} (M: 1868 Jul 27 - 1943 Aug 20)
	Josiah Olcott And Deborah Worth, His Wife [b|1937]
	Samuel Rathbone And Lydia Sparhawk, His Wife [b|1937]
	General George Talcott And Angelica Bogart, His Wife (anon?) [b|1937]
	Colonel William Rice And Wealthy Cottrell, His Wife (anon) [b|1938]
	Archibald McClure And Elizabeth Craigmilies, His Wife (anon?) [b|1938]
	Captain Daniel Pepoon And Levina Phelps, His First Wife (anon) [b|1940]

(Philip St John) Basil RATHBONE {UK} (M: 1892 Jun 13 - 1967 Jul 21)
	Judas (w Walter FERRIS) [n|1925]

E RATHBONE {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Current Events [p|1942]

Edward RATHBONE (see: Edward C BOOTH)

Eleanor Florence RATHBONE {UK} (F: 1872 May 12 - 1946 Jan 2)
	Memoirs Of William Rathbone [b|1904]
	The Disinherited Family [n|1924]
	Child Marriage [n|1934]
	War Can Be Averted [n|1938]
	The Case For Family Allowances [n|1940]

Hannah Mary RATHBONE, nee REYNOLDS (F: 1798 Jul 5 - 1878 Mar 26)
	Life's Sunshine [f|1850]

(Beatrice) Irene RATHBONE {UK} (F: 1892 Jun 11 - 1980 Jan 21)
	Susan Goes East [f|1929]
	We That Were Young [f|1932]
	The Gold Rim [f|1933]
	October [f|1934]
	They Call It Peace [f|1936]
	When Days Were Years [f|1939]
	Was There A Summer? [p|1943]
	The Seeds Of Time [f|1952]

James Parkhill RATHBONE {UK} (M: 1919 Oct 11 - 1999)
	Wild Corn [p|1943]

John Rankin RATHBONE, aka Tim RATHBONE {UK} (M: 1933 Mar 17 - 2002 Jul 12)

Julian RATHBONE {UK} (M: 1935 Feb 10 - 2008 Feb 28)

Prof, Lucy RATHBONE {US} (F: 1896 Jun 4 - ?)

Ouida RATHBONE, nee BERGÈRE, 1:Mrs WEADOCK, 3:Mrs FITZMAURICE {US} (F: 1885 (or 1886 or 1887 or 1896) Dec 14 - 1974 Dec 29)

Philip Richardson RATHBONE {UK} (M: 1913 May 21 - 1988 Dec 31)

St George (Henry) RATHBORNE {US} (M: 1854 Dec 26 - 1938 Dec 16)
(&ps: Harrison ADAMS; Hugh ALLEN; Oliver Lee CLIFTON; Duke DUNCAN; Aleck FORBES; Lieutenant, KEENE; Marline MANLY; Mark MERRICK; Warne MILLER, MD; Harry ST GEORGE; Col, J M TRAVERS)
	Old Shadow (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|1871]
	Crack Skull Bob (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|1872]
	Bouncing Dick (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|c1873]
	Dave Barton (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|c1873]
	Gray Wolf (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|1877]
	Howdega (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|1877]
	The Mohawk Rangers (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|1877]
	Old Solitary (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|1877]
	The Young Gold Hunters (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|1877]
	Kit Carson's Last Bullet (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|1878]
	The Marked Moccasin (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|1878]
	The Winding Trail (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|1878]
	The Young Lion Hunters (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|1878]
	Winged Moccasin (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|1878]
	Old Iron Arm (ps: Harry ST GEORGE) [f|1878]
	Traps And Trails (ps: Harry ST GEORGE) [f|1878]
	Old Hickory (ps: Harry ST GEORGE) [f|1878]
	Wabash Trailers (ps: Harry ST GEORGE) [f|1878]
	The White Slave (ps: Harry ST GEORGE) [f|1878]
	Skipper Sandy (ps: Harry ST GEORGE) [f|1878]
	Forest Phantom (ps: Harry ST GEORGE) [f|1878]
	The Texan Rifles (ps: Harry ST GEORGE) [f|1878]
	Rattling Rube (ps: Harry ST GEORGE) [f|c1878]
	Little Silver Knife (ps: Lieutenant KEENE) [f|1878]
	The Water Witch (ps: Lieutenant KEENE) [f|1878]
	The Head Hunter (ps: Duke DUNCAN) [f|1878]
	Leadville Luke (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|1879]
	The Money-Maker (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|1879]
	Payne's Trail (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|1879]
	Prairie Coyote (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|1879]
	Daring Davy (ps: Harry ST GEORGE) [f|1879]
	Prince Of Detectives (ps: Harry ST GEORGE) [f|1879]
	Mexican Mose (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|?]
	Silver Bullet (ps: Lieutenant KEENE) [f|1879]
	The Snake Charmer (ps: Lieutenant KEENE) [f|1879]
	Gold Dust (ps: Lieutenant KEENE) [f|1880]
	Kit Carson's Ghost (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|1880]
	Leadville Luke's Last Shot (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|1880]
	Leadville Luke's Luck (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|1880]
	Moccasin Mat (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|1880]
	The Red Sagamore (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|1880]
	Pandy Ellis, The Prairie Ranger (ps: Marline MANLY) [f|?]
	Hickory Harry (ps: Harry ST GEORGE) [f|1880]
	Thunderbolt Tom (ps: Harry ST GEORGE) [f|1880]
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Constance RAVENLOCK (see: June E CASEY)

Jean RAVENNES (see: Jean des VALLIÈRES)

Étienne-Charles de RAVENSBERG (see: Étienne Charles BRASSEUR De BOURBOURG)

B C RAVENSCROFT (?: ? - ?)
	Chrysanthemum Culture For Amateurs [n|1894]
	Chrysanthemum Culture For Amateurs (anon) (4e w H J JONES) [n|1928]

Edward RAVENSCROFT (M: c1654 - 1707)

Edward James RAVENSCROFT (M: 1816 - 1890)
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John Robert Parker RAVENSCROFT {UK} (M: 1939 Aug 30 (or 31) - 2004 Oct 25 (wrongly 26))
(ps: John PEEL)

Raphael RAVENSCROFT {UK} (M: 1954 Jun 4 - 2014 Oct 19)

Sheila (M) RAVENSCROFT, nee GILHOOLY {UK} (F: 1948 Oct 27 - living 2017)

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&	A Briefe Discourse..Use Of Charact'ring The Degrees [n|1614]

Trevor RAVENSCROFT {UK} (M: ? - ?)

William RAVENSCROFT (M: 1848 - ?)

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Ernest George RAVENSTEIN (M: 1834 Dec 30 - 1913 Mar 16)

RAVENSWOOD (see: Charles Washington BEEBE)

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	An Adventure In Geometry (UK: An Adventure With Shapes) [n|1957]
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Eric (William) RAVILIOUS {UK} (M: 1903 Jul 22 - 1942 Sep 2)

James RAVILIOUS, aka SOURYER {UK} (M: 1939 Aug 22 - 1999 Sep 29)

Tirzah RAVILIOUS (see: Eileen Lucy GARWOOD)

Prof, Heber (Walter) RAVIOLO (FERNÁNDEZ) {UY} (M: 1932 Sep 29 - 2013 Nov 22)

Shlomo RAVITZ {IL} (M: 1885 - 1980 Dec 28)

Prof, Sol Frederick RAVITZ {US} (M: 1907 Jul 14 - 1980 Feb 10)
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Bp, Derek (Alec) RAWCLIFFE {UK} (M: 1921 Jul 8 - 2011 Feb 1)

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John Dawson RAWDON (M: 1804 - 1866 May 5)

Henry Augustus RAWES (M: 1826 Dec 11 - 1885 Apr 24)

Piotr RAWICZ {PL} (M: 1919 Jul 12 - 1982 May 21)

Slavomir RAWICZ {PL/UK} (M: 1915 Sep 1 - 2004 Apr 5)
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Watson RAWKINS (see: Edwin Legrand SABIN)

Francis RAWLE {US} (M: 1846 Aug 7 - 1930 Jan 28)

Samuel RAWLE (M: c1775 - 1860 Nov 1)

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(Edward) Guy RAWLENCE {UK} (M: 1888 Mar 10 - 1971 Jan 13)
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	Covent Garden [1917]
	Knighton [1922]
	Mockery [1923]
	Three Score Years And Ten [1924]
	Their Tradition [1926]
	Passengers [1928]
	Stars [d|pro:1927]
	The Clock [1930]
	Country Air [1932]

Donald (P) RAWLEY {US} (M: 1957 Oct 11 - 1998 May 3)

Prof, James A RAWLEY {US} (M: 1916 Nov 19 - 2005 Nov 29)

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Edmund Charles RAWLINGS (M: 1854 - 1917 Dec 17)
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33413	The Story Of Books [n|1901]
	Coins And How To Know Them [n|1908/?/10/1924]
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	The Streets Of London [n|1926]
	Old London [n|1926]

Louisa RAWLINGS (see: Sylvia BAUMGARTEN)

Margaret RAWLINGS, 1:Mrs TOYNE, 2:Lady BARLOW {UK} (F: 1906 Jun 5 - 1996 May 19)

Marjorie (nee)Kinnan RAWLINGS, 2:Mrs BASKIN {US} (F: 1896 Aug 8 - 1953 Dec 14)
#	South Moon Under [f|1933]
#	The Yearling [f|1938]
#	Cross Creek [a|1942]
#	The Sojourner [f|1953]

Ronald RAWLINGS (see: Ronald Joseph PEARSALL)

Winifred RAWLINGS (F: ? - ?)
	The Heart Of Rachel [f|1932]
	The Furled Flag [f|1932]
	The Keeper Of The Vineyard [1933]
	The Treasures Of Darkness [1933]
	The Sunlit Way [1934]
	Friends O' Mine [a|1943]
	Plucky Folk [a|1948]

Debbi RAWLINS (F: ? - ?)

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Francis Ian Gregory RAWLINS {UK} (M: 1895 Jul 8 - 1969 May 2)
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Morna Lloyd RAWLINS {UK} (F: 1882 Aug 4 - 1969 Jul 31)
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Christopher RAWLINSON (M: 1677 Jun 13 - 1733 Jan 8)

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Eleanor RAWLINSON (F: ? - ?)
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	Verses [p|?]

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2331	A History Of Phoenicia [n|1889]
	A Memoir Of Major-General Sir H C Rawlinson, Bt [b|1908]
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Gloria (Jasmine) RAWLINSON {NZ} (F: 1918 Oct 1 - 1995 Jul 25)
	The Perfume Vendor [p|1935]
	Music In The Listening-Place [f|1938]
	Of Clouds And Pebbles [p|1963]

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Henry Seymour RAWLINSON, 1st Baron RAWLINSON {UK} (M: 1864 Feb 20 - 1925 Mar 28)
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Hugh George RAWLINSON {UK} (M: 1880 May 12 - 1957 Jun 8)

Pte, James H RAWLINSON {CA} (M: ? - ?)
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(Woodrow) Wilson RAWLS {US} (M: 1913 (wrongly 1919) Sep 24 - 1984 Dec 16)
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Peter (Anthony Grayson) RAWLINSON, (life) Baron RAWLINSON Of EWELL of Ewell {UK} (M: 1919 Jun 26 - 2006 Jun 28)
	War Poems And Poetry [p|1943]

Sir, Robert RAWLINSON (M: 1810 Feb 28 - 1898 May 31)

Rev, William Chapman RAWLINSON (M: 1817 Jun 23 - 1864 Sep 25)

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Robert Drummond Burrell RAWNSLEY (M: 1818 Oct 7 - 1882 Aug 31)

Tom(=Thomas) (Moore) RAWORTH {UK&IE} (M: 1938 Jul 19 - 2017 Feb 8)

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Angela RAWSON {UK} (F: c1945 - ?)

Prof, Claude Julien RAWSON {UK} (M: 1935 Feb 8 - ?)

Clayton (Ashley) RAWSON {US} (M: 1906 Aug 15 - 1971 (wrongly 1970) Mar 1)
(&ps: Great MERLINI; Stuart TOWNE)
	Death From A Top Hat [f|1938]
	The Footprints On The Ceiling [f|1939]
	The Headless Lady [f|1940]
	Death Out Of Thin Air (ps: Stuart TOWNE) [f|1941]
	No Coffin For The Corpse [f|1942]
	Death From Nowhere (ps: Stuart TOWNE) [f|1943]

Elizabeth Donata RAWSON {UK} (F: 1934 Apr 3 - 1988 Dec 10)

Frederick Percy RAWSON {UK} (M: 1843 Nov 24 - 1909 Jul 11)

George RAWSON (M: 1807 Jun 5 - 1889 Mar 25)

Mrs Graham, RAWSON (see: Ivy Marion RAWSON)

Graham (Stanhope) RAWSON (M: 1890 Oct 22 - 1955)

Ivy Marion RAWSON, nee ENTHOVEN {UK} (F: c1900 - ?)
(&ps: Mrs Graham RAWSON)

James RAWSON (M: ? - 1854)
	Cuba [n|1847]

Judith Ann RAWSON, nee HAMMOND {UK} (F: 1933 May 26 - ?)

Kennett Longley RAWSON {US} (M: ? - ?)
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	Australian Poultry Book [n|?/1894]
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	Candleday Art [n|1938]
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	Troy (jt ed) [4v|n|1950]
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(Alice) Maud Stepney RAWSON, nee FIFE {UK} (F: c1865 - 1945 Dec 22)
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	Journeyman Love [f|1902]
	The Apprentice [f|1904]
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Philip Stanley RAWSON {UK} (M: 1924 - ?)

Sir, Rawson William RAWSON (M: 1812 Sep 8 - 1899 Nov 20)

Sir, William RAWSON (see: William ADAMS)

Wyatt Trevelyan Rawson RAWSON {UK} (M: 1894 Jan 2 - ?)

Alan RAWSTHORNE {UK} (M: 1905 May 2 - 1971 Jul 24)

Lawrence RAWSTORNE (M: 1774 - 1850 Aug 26)

Lawrence RAWSTORNE {UK} (M: 1842 Aug 6 - 1938 Nov 11)
	Gamonia [n|1929]

Uncle, RAY (see: Ramon (Peyton) COFFMAN)

Angie RAY (F: ? - ?)

Anna Chapin RAY {US} (F: 1865 Jan 3 (or 4) - 1945 Dec 13)
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12584	Phebe, Her Profession: A Sequel To 'Teddy, Her Book' [f|1900]
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+	By The Good Sainte Anne [f|1904]
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	Janet [f|1906]
	Ackroyd Of The Faculty [f|1907]
	Day [f|1907]
	Quickened [f|1908]
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21763	The Brentons [f|1912]
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	On Board The Beatic [f|1913]
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Anthony George RAY {UK} (M: 1926 Sep 14 - 2009 Aug 7)
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Barbara (May) RAY, nee ROWLEY {UK} (F: 1928 Jul 17 - 2005 Sep 18)
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Ben RAY (M: ? - ?)

Prof, Brian RAY {UK} (M: 1935 May 6 - ?)

Catherine RAY (F: ? - ?)
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Bp, Chandu RAY {PK} (M: 1912 Apr 14 - 1983 Oct)

Clarence Everly RAY {US?} (M: 1882? - ?)
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Constance H RAY {US} (F: 1946 Dec 13 - 2006 Nov 26)

Cyril RAY (see: Cyril ROTENBERG)

Dixy Lee RAY (see: Margaret RAY)

Don B RAY {US} (M: 1926 Jun 7 - 2005 Apr 16)

Edward (Rivers G) RAY, aka Ted RAY {UK} (M: 1877 Mar 28 - 1943 Aug 26 (wrongly 27))
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Emma J RAY {US} (F: 1859 - ?)
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Evan RAY {CA} (M: ? - ?)
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George Lake Sidney RAY (M: 1868 May 6 - 1899 Dec 11)
(&ps: [Andrew JACKSON])

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George Whitfield RAY {UK} (M: 1868 Oct 28 - 1952 Feb 6)
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Prof, Gordon Norton RAY {US} (M: 1915 Sep 8 - 1986 Dec 15)

Henriette Cordelia RAY {US} (F: ? - 1916)
&	Poems [p|?]

Irene RAY (see: Rachel Irene BEEBE)

Rev, Jackson Harvelle Randolph RAY {US} (M: 1886 Jun 11 - 1963 Jun)
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	100 Great Religious Poems (ed) [p|1951]
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Jane RAY (F: ? - ?)

Jane RAY {UK} (F: 1960 Jun 11 - ?)

Jean RAY (see: Raymundus Johannes Maria de KREMER)

John RAY (M: 1627 Nov 29 - 1705 Jan 17)
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	Tables Of Plants [n|1668]
	Catalogue Of English Plants [n|1668]
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John William RAY (M: ? - 1871 Sep)

Kenneth Clark RAY {US} (M: 1901 Nov 17 - 1981 Jan)

King RAY (see: Raymundus/Raymond Johannes Maria de KREMER)

Louise (nee)Crenshaw RAY {US} (F: 1890 May 17 - 1956 (or 1950) Oct 26)
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	Secret Shoes [p|1939]
	Strangers On The Stairs [p|1944]
	Alabama Poetry [1945]
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Mahendranath RAY (M: 1862 Oct - 1925 Aug)
	Algebra [2v|n|?]


Margaret RAY {CA?} (F: ? - ?)
	The Queen's Rangers (w George Herbert LOCKE) [b|1923]

Margaret RAY {US} (F: 1914 Sep 3 - 1994 Jan 2)
(ps: Dixy Lee RAY)

Martin Scott RAY {UK} (M: 1955 - 2007)

Mary (Eva Pedder) RAY {UK} (F: 1932 Mar 14 - 2003 May 6)

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Philip (Bicknell) RAY {UK} (M: 1917 Jul 10 - 2011 Oct 23)

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Prithwis Chandra RAY (M: 1870 - 1927 Dec)
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Ralph RAY (Jr) {US} (M: 1920 May 11 - 1952 Feb 24)

Renuka RAY, nee MUKHERJEE {IN} (F: 1904 (or 1903) Jan 4 - 1997 Apr)

Rex RAY {US} (M: 1885 - 1958)

Richard RAY (M: ? - ?)
	Address Delivered Before The American Academy Of The Fine Arts [n|1825]
	Two Lectures On Classical Literature [e|1826]

Richard Godfrey RAY (M: 1920 - ?)

Richard (M) RAY, (Sr) {US} (M: 1928 Aug 17 - 1997 Feb 25)

Robert Joseph RAY {US} (M: 1935 - ?)

Robin RAY {UK} (M: 1934 Sep 17 - 1998 Nov 29 (wrongly 28))

Sandra (nee?)Lovett RAY, 1:Mrs TATE {US} (F: 1944 Apr 5 - 2005 May 25)

Satyajit RAY {IN} (M: 1921 May 2 - 1992 Apr 23)

Sibnarayan RAY {IN} (M: 1921 - 2008)

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Rev, T Bronson RAY (M: 1868 - 1934)
4283	Brazilian Sketches [n|1912]

Thomas Mathew RAY (M: 1801 - 1881 Jan 5)

Ted RAY (see: Charlie OLDEN)

Violet RAY (see: Edward James IRVINE)

Walter RAY (see: Bolton KING)

Wesley RAY (see: Ray(=Raiford) (Wesley) GAULDEN)

Prof, Wilbert Scott RAY {US} (M: 1901 Jul 21 - 1977 Nov)
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William RAY (M: 1771 - 1827)
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Sir, William RAY {UK} (M: 1876 Feb 17 - 1937 Sep 30)

William Howard RAY {US?} (M: 1903 - ?)


Prof, Joseph George RAYBACK {US} (M: 1914 Mar 16 - ?)

Chloë RAYBAN (see: Caroline BEAR)

Maxime RAYBAUD (M: ? - ?)
	Mémoires Sur La Grèce [n|Fr-1824]

Maxime RAYBAUD (M: 1816 - 1885)
(&ps: Gustave d'ALAUX)
	L'Empereur Soulouque Et Son Empire (n) (ps: Gustave D'ALAUX) [Fr-1860]
	  Soulouque And His Empire (ps: Gustave d'ALAUX) [Fr-1860] (tr J H PARKHILL) [1861]

E C RAYBOULD {UK} (?: ? - ?)

Prof, Sidney Griffith RAYBOULD {UK} (M: 1903 Nov 10 - 1977 Oct 1)

Wrightman Melton RAYBURN {US} (M: ? - ?)
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Prof, Tapan Kumar RAYCHAUDHURI {IN} (M: 1926 May 8 - 2014 Nov 26)
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	Jan Company In Coromandel 1605-1690 [n|1962]
	Cambridge Economic History Of India (jt ed) [2v|n|1982-83]
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Kimberly RAYE (F: ? - ?)

Linda RAYE (see: Linda TURNER)

Pierre François Olive RAYER (M: 1793 Mar 8 - 1867 Sep 10)

Georges (Antoine Pons) RAYET (M: 1839 Dec 12 - 1906 Jun 14)
	Mémoire Sur Les Raies Brillantes Du Spectre..Solaire.. [n|Fr-1871-72]
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Julian Lee RAYFORD {US} (M: 1908 Apr 7 - 1980 Aug)

(Percy) Tarlton RAYMENT, ne Percy Rayment DARLING {AU} (M: 1882 Nov 27 - 1964 Jun 17)
(&ps: [Ralph DARLING]; [KA-VAI]; [Johan MOORST]; [MOROKA])
	The Prince Of The Totem [s|1933]
	A Cluster Of Bees [n|1935]
	The Valley Of The Sky [f|1937]
	Eagles And Earthlings [p|1945]

Dean, Herbert James RAYMER {UK} (M: 1873 Oct 30 - 1956 May 25)
	Real Religion [n|1919]

RAYMOND (see: Raymondo Pietro Carlo BESSONE)

Mother, RAYMOND de Jesus (see: Anita DION)

RAYMOND (M: ? - 1791)
(ps: Haji MUSTAPHA)

Alexander Gillespie RAYMOND {US} (M: 1909 Oct 2 - 1956 Sep 6)

Alfred RAYMOND {US} (M: ? - ?)
	Harry Harding - Messenger 45 [f|1917]
	Harry Harding's Year Of Promise [f|1917]

Arthur RAYMOND {LC} (M: 1947 - ?)

Charles RAYMOND (M: ? - 1911 May 11)

Charles RAYMOND {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Prof, Charles Harvey RAYMOND {US} (M: 1887 Aug 7 - 1939 Mar 14)
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Clifford (Samuel) RAYMOND {US} (M: 1875 - 1950)
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Cornelia Morse RAYMOND {US} (F: 1861 - 1952)
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Daniel RAYMOND (M: 1786 - c1849)
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	Thoughts On Political Economy [n|1920]

Derek RAYMOND (see: Robert William Arthur COOK)

Diana RAYMOND (see: Diana (Joan) YOUNG)

Dora (nee)Neill RAYMOND {US?} (F: 1889 - 1961)
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E T RAYMOND (see: Edward Raymond THOMPSON)

E V RAYMOND (see: Raymond Zinke GALLUN)

Edna (nee?)Denham RAYMOND {US} (F: ? - ?)
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	Sapphire Nights [p|1926]
	Fairies, Flowers And Fancies [1927]

Edward L RAYMOND {US?} (M: ? - ?)
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Élie RAYMOND (see: Élie (Bertrand) BERTHET)

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	Daphne Bruno II [1925]
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	A Family That Was [1929]
	The Berg [1929]
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28509	The Brass Bound Box [f|1905]
30968	A Sunny Little Lass [f|1906]
	Dorothy [f|?]
	Dorothy At Skyrie [f|?]
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25630	Dorothy's Travels [f|1908]
28805	Dorothy's House Party [f|1908]
	Dorothy In California [f|?]
26389	Dorothy On A Ranch [f|1909]
32606	Dorothy On A House Boat (aka: Dorothy's House Boat) [f|1909]
32310	Dorothy At Oak Knowe [f|1910]
28221	Dorothy's Triumph [f|1911]
32556	Dorothy's Tour [f|1912]
	The Little Lady Of The Horse [f|?]
	A Yankee Girl [f|?]
	Monica [f|?]
	The Doings Of Nancy [f|?]
	Mixed Pickles [f|?]
	My Lady Barefoot [f|?]

George Frederick RAYMOND (M: ? - ?)
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Prof, George Lansing RAYMOND {US} (M: 1839 Sep 3 - 1929 Jul 11)
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George S RAYMOND (M: ? - ?)
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Grace RAYMOND (see: Annie Raymond STILLMAN)

Henry Jarvis RAYMOND (M: 1820 Jan 24 - 1869 Jun 18)
A	History Of The Administration Of President Lincoln [n|1864]
	The Life And Public Services Of Abraham Lincoln [b|1865]



James RAYMOND (see: James SCAFIDEL)

James C RAYMOND {US} (M: 1940 - ?)

Jean Paul RAYMOND (see: Charles RICKETTS)

John RAYMOND (see: John (Raymond) BROSNAN)

John RAYMOND (see: Leonard KNAPP)

Prof, John Howard RAYMOND (M: 1814 Mar 7 - 1878 Aug 14)
A	Vassar College:..For Women, In Poughkeepsie, NY (anon?) [n|1873]

Prof, Joseph Sabin RAYMOND (M: 1810 Mar 13 - 1887 Jul 3)
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I	Histoire Apologétique De L'Eglise [n|Fr-1899]

Julien RAYMOND (M: 1743 - 1801 Oct 7)

Marcel RAYMOND (M: 1897 - ?)

Margaret Thomsen RAYMOND, Mrs GEORGE {US} (F: 1900 Jul 4 - 1985 Feb 9)
	Linnet On The Threshold [f|1930]
	A Bend In The Road [f|1934]
	Aprilly Weather [f|1940]
	Skylark (w Freida ZYLSTRA) [f|1941]


Mary (nee)Yerger RAYMOND {US} (F: 1891 Feb 14 - 1984 Nov 26)
	Forgotten Sweetheart [1934]
	Lovable [1936]
	With All My Love [1936]

Nancy RAYMOND (see: Raymond Edwin FIDELER)

Oliver RAYMOND (M: 1793 - 1889 Sep 15)

P L RAYMOND (see: Walter Brown GIBSON)

Patrick RAYMOND {UK} (M: 1924 Sep 25 - ?)

René Lodge Brabazon RAYMOND {UK} (M: 1906 Dec 24 - 1985 Feb 6 (or 5))
(ps: James Hadley CHASE; James L DOCHERTY; Ambrose GRANT; Raymond MARSHALL)
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	The Dead Stay Dumb (US: Kiss My Fist!) (ps: James Hadley CHASE) [f|1939]
	He Won't Need It Now (ps: James L DOCHERTY) [f|1939]
	Twelve Chinks And A Woman (aka: Twelve Chinamen..) (aka: The Doll's Bad News) (ps: James Hadley CHASE) [f|1940]
	Lady, Here's Your Wreath (ps: Raymond MARSHALL) [f|1940]
	Miss Callaghan Comes To Grief (ps: James Hadley CHASE) [f|1941]
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	This Way For A Shroud (ps: James Hadley CHASE) [f|1953]
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	Tiger By The Tail (ps: James Hadley CHASE) [f|1954]
	Safer Dead (US: Dead Ringer) (ps: James Hadley CHASE) [f|1954]
	Mission To Venice (ps: Raymond MARSHALL) [f|1954]
	The Sucker Punch (ps: Raymond MARSHALL) [f|1954]
	You've Got It Coming (ps: James Hadley CHASE) [f|1955]
	Mission To Siena (ps: Raymond MARSHALL) [f|1955]
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	You Find Him - I'll Fix Him (ps: Raymond MARSHALL) [f|1956]
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	The World In My Pocket (ps: James Hadley CHASE) [f|1959]
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	Come Easy - Go Easy (ps: James Hadley CHASE) [f|1960]
	A Lotus For Miss Quon (ps: James Hadley CHASE) [f|1961]
	Just Another Sucker (ps: James Hadley CHASE) [f|1961]
	I Would Rather Stay Poor (ps: James Hadley CHASE) [f|1962]
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Richard John RAYMOND (M: ? - ?)
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Robert RAYMOND (see: Robert Edmond ALTER)

Rossiter Worthington RAYMOND (M: 1840 Apr 27 - 1918 Dec 31)
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26498	Peter Cooper [b|1901]

Samuel RAYMOND (M: 1814 - ?)
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Mayor, Thomas Lynch RAYMOND {US} (M: 1875 Apr 26 - 1928 Oct 7)
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Walter RAYMOND {UK} (M: 1852 Mar 13 - 1931 (wrongly 1930) Apr 2)
(&ps: Tom COBBLEIGH)
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William Gait RAYMOND {US} (M: 1859 Mar 2 - 1926 Jun 17)
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Rev, William Gould RAYMOND (M: 1819 Jul 4 - 1893 Jan 15)
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William Lee RAYMOND {US?} (M: 1877 - 1942)
(ps: X)
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Rev, William Odber RAYMOND (Sr) {CA} (M: 1853 Feb 3 - 1923 Nov 23)
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31368	Glimpses Of The Past: History Of The River St John.. [n|1905]

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Roy (Stuart) RAYMONDE {UK} (M: 1929 Dec 26 - 2009 Sep 14)
	The Constant Minx [1961]
	More Constant Minx [1961]

Prof, John Edwin George RAYMONT {UK} (M: 1915 Apr 6 - 1979 Aug 30)

Thomas RAYMONT {UK} (M: 1864 Sep 27 - 1953 Aug 13)

Abbé, Guillaume Thomas François RAYNAL (M: 1713 Apr 12 - 1796 Mar 6)
(&ps: Un MEMBRE de la Société Royale de Londres)
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Ernest RAYNAUD {FR} (M: 1864 Feb 22 - 1936 Oct 10)
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Alan RAYNE (see: James Edward TOBIN)

Charles Alfred RAYNE {UK} (M: c1846 - 1925 Apr 17)

John Charles Lin RAYNE (M: 1839 - 1886 Dec 5)

L RAYNE {ZA?} (?: ? - ?)
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M L RAYNE (?: ? - ?)
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Sarah RAYNE {UK} (F: Apr 4 - ?)

Augustus Alfred RAYNER {UK} (M: 1894 Nov 5 - 1972 Feb 8)
(&ps: Whyte HALL)
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B L RAYNER (?: ? - ?)
&	Life Of Thomas Jefferson [b|1832/34]

Claire (Berenice) RAYNER, nee BERK later CHETWYND {UK} (F: 1931 Jan 22 - 2010 Oct 11)
(&ps: [Ruth MARTIN])
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Joseph RAYNER (M: c1829 - 1883 Apr 20)
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Mary (Yona) RAYNER, nee GRIGSON, 2:Mrs HAWKSLEY {UK} (F: 1933 (or 1923) Dec 29 (or 30) - living 2009)

Olive Pratt RAYNER (see: (Charles) Grant (Blairfindie) ALLEN)

Robert RAYNER (see: David McILWAIN)

Samuel (A) RAYNER {UK} (M: 1806 Apr 15 - 1879 (wrongly 1874) Aug 19)

Shoo RAYNER {UK} (M: 1956 Dec 15 - ?)

Simeon RAYNER (M: 1832 - 1886 Aug 25)

William RAYNER {UK} (M: 1929 Jan 1 - ?)

Geoff(=Geoffrey) RAYNER-CANHAM {UK} (M: c1945 - ?)

Marelene (F) RAYNER-CANHAM, nee ? {UK} (F: c1950 - ?)

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Prof, Geoffrey Vincent RAYNOR {UK} (M: 1913 Oct 2 - 1983 Oct 20 (wrongly 25))

Adam RAYSKI (see: Abraham RAJGRODSKI)

John RAYSON (M: ? - 1859)

Steven RAYSON {UK} (M: 1932 - ?)

Joan RAYSOR (F: ? - ?)

Prof, Mary Anne RAYWID, Mrs SCHEELE {US} (F: 1928 - 2010 Jan 12)
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Roustam RAZA (M: 1783 - 1845 Dec 7)
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Andy RAZAF (see: Andreamanentania Paul RAZAFINKERIEFO)

Andreamanentania Paul RAZAFINKERIEFO {US} (M: 1895 Dec 16 - 1973 Feb 3)
(ps: Andy RAZAF)

Lev Emmanuelivich RAZGON {SU} (M: 1908 - ?)

Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-RAZI, aka RHAZES (M: c865 - c925)

Prof, Hubert RAZINGER {AT} (M: 1904 Oct 30 - 1967 Dec 12)

Ali RAZMARA {IR} (M: 1901 - 1951 Mar 7)

Leonard Humphrey RAZZALL {UK} (M: 1912 Nov 13 - 1999 Oct 26)

Arthur (G) RAZZELL {UK} (M: 1925 - ?)