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Prof, Edward Philip STIBBE {UK} (M: 1884 - 1943 Jul 23)
	Textbook Of Physical Anthropology [n|1930/1938]
	Six Teachers' Anatomy (ed) [n|1932]
	Anatomy For Dental Students [n|1934]
	Aids To Anatomy [n|1940]

Philip Godfrey STIBBE {UK} (M: 1921 Jul 20 - 1997 Jan 17)

Rev, Alan Marshall STIBBS {UK} (M: 1901 Aug 14 - 1971 Jul 26)
	Understanding God's Word [n|1950]
	The New Bible Commentary (jt ed) [n|1953]

Prof, Douglas Walter Noble STIBBS {AU} (M: 1919 Feb 17 - 2010 Apr 12)
	The Outer Layers Of A Star (w ?) [n|?]

John Howard STIBBS (M: 1840 - 1916)
	Andersonville And The Trial Of Henry Wirz [1911]

Georg STIBI {DE} (M: 1901 Jul 25 - 1982 May 30)
	Ich Erlebte Ungarn [n|Ge-1957]

David (F) STICK {US} (M: 1919 Dec 21 - 2009 May 24)
	Fabulous Dare [n|1949]
	Graveyard Of The Atlantic [n|1952]
	The Outer Banks Of North Carolina, 1584-1958 [n|1958]
	The Cape Hatteras Seashore (w Bruce ROBERT) [n|1964/73]
	North Carolina Lighthouses [n|?]

Emanuel STICKLBERGER {DE} (M: 1884 Mar 13 - 1962 Jan 16)

Charles Harris STICKLE {CA} (M: 1870 May 13 - ?)
	Poems Of A Great Range [p|1901]

Benjamin D STICKNEY {US} (M: 1940 Aug 20 - 1993 Jun 24)

Eliza Ann STICKNEY {US?} (F: ? - ?)
	Reminiscences Of Brownfield (anon) [n|1901]

Helen R STICKNEY, nee HAMERSLEY (F: ? - ?)
	Verses [p|1901]

S STICKNEY (M: ? - ?)
	Contrasts [n|1832]

(Joseph) Trumbull STICKNEY (M: 1874 Jun 20 - 1904 Oct 11)
	Dramatic Verses [p|1902]
	Poems [p|1905]

Prof, William LeRoy STIDGER {US} (M: 1885 (wrongly 1886) - 1949)
	The Lincoln Book Of Poems [p|1911]
18078	Soldier Silhouettes On Our Front [n|1918]
7115	Giant Hours With Poet Preachers [n|1918]
	Outdoor Men And Minds [n|1920]
26924	Flash-Lights From The Seven Seas [n|1921]
	Standing Room Only [n|1921]
	Flames Of Faith [n|1922]
	There Are Sermons In Books [n|1922]
	The Place Of Books In The Life We Live [n|1922]
	Adventures In Humanity [n|1923]
	Henry Ford [b|1923]
	Symphonic Sermons [e|1924]
	That God's House May Be Filled [n|1924]
	The Epic Of Earth [n|1924]
	A Book Of Sunsets [n|1924]
	Finding God In Books [n|1925]
	Building Sermons With Symphonic Themes [n|1926]
	Building Up The Mid-Week Service [n|1926]
	Pulpit Prayers And Paragraphs [n|1926]
	God Is At The Organ [n|1927]
	The High Faith Of Fiction And Drama [n|1928]
	Personal Power [n|1929]
	Preaching Out Of The Overflow [n|1929]
	If I Had Only One Sermon To Preach On Immortality (ed) [n|1929]
	The Pew Preaches (ed) [n|1930]
	Men Of The Great Redemption [b|1931]
	Planning Your Preaching [n|1932]
	Edwin Markham [1933]
	I Saw God Wash The World [n|1934]
	Those Amazing Roosevelts [b|1938]
	How To Get The Most Out Of Life [n|1939]
	The Human Side Of Greatness [n|1940]
	Rainbow-Born Is Beauty [n|1941]
	There Are Sermons In Stories [n|1942]
	More Sermons In Stories [n|1944]
	Sermon Nuggets In Stories [n|1946]
	Human Interest Stories In Christian Stewardship [n|1947]
	Sermon Stories Of Faith And Hope [n|1948]
	Human Adventures In Happy Living [n|1948]

Sir, Arthur STIEBEL {UK} (M: 1875 Feb 27 - 1949 Feb 15)
	Stiebel Company Law And Precedents (3e) [n|1929]
	Australian And New Zealand Company Law [n|?]

Victor Frank STIEBEL {ZA?} (M: 1907 Mar 14 - 1976 Feb 6)

Ferdinand STIEBER (see: Theodor Ferdinand BOCK)

Jack STIEBER {US} (M: 1919 Mar 27 - 2011 Mar 22)
	US Industrial Relations (ed) [n|1958]
	The Steel Industry Wage Structure [n|1959]

Martin STIEBING {DE} (M: 1900 Sep 16 - 1964 Jul 1)

Albert STIEF {DE} (M: 1920 Mar 19 - 1998 Sep 10)

Eberhard STIEF {DE} (M: 1935 Mar 17 - 2015 Nov 17)

Vicki STIEFEL, Mrs TAPPLY {US} (F: ? - ?)

Carl STIEGLER {DE} (M: 1893 Nov 10 - 1959)

Julius Oscar STIEGLITZ {US} (M: 1867 May 26 - 1937 Jan 10)

Karl Rawdon von STIEGLITZ {AU} (M: 1893 Aug 19 - 1967 Mar 26)
	Story Of Holy Trinity Church, Cressy [n|1958]

Gottfried STIEHLER {DE} (M: 1924 Jul 23 - 2007 Dec 3)

Paul STIEL (M: 1882 - ?)
35137	Der Tatbestand Der Piraterie Nach Geltendem Völkerrecht.. [n|Ge-1905]
29584	Die Piraterie: Beiträge Zum Internationalen Seerecht [n|Ge-1905]

Felix STIEMER {DE} (M: 1896 May 17 - 1945 Sep 15)
	Morgen [n|Ge-1918]

Buck STIENKE (M: ? - ?)

Adelheid STIER {DE} (F: 1852 Dec 11 - 1942 Apr 8)
	Gedichte [p|Ge-1900]
	Aus Alten Tagen Der Thüringer Heimat [p|Ge-1905]
	Jesus Von Nazareth [p|Ge-1906]
	Sprüche Für Die Frau [Ge-1920]
	Ei Ja/Gucke Da! [s|Ge-1921]
	Hermann Kaulbach Bilderbuch [s|Ge-1930]
	Schwarzrüsselchen Und Andere Erzählungen [s|Ge-1930]
	Quirlefitsch Und Andere Erzählungen [s|Ge-1933]

Georg STIERNHIELM (M: 1598 - 1672)

Friedrich STIEVE {DE} (M: 1884 Oct 14 - 1966 Jan 3 (wrongly 1945 May))
	Ezzelino Von Romano Bis Zu Seinem Buendnis Mit Friedrich II [n|Ge-1909]
	Schwedische Stimmen Zum Weltkrieg [Ge-1916]
	Die Politischen Probleme Des Weltkrieges (w Rudolf KJELLÉN) [n|Ge-1916]
	Studien Zur Weltkrise (w Rudolf KJELLÉN) [n|Ge-1918]
	Gedanken Über Deutschland [n|Ge-1919]
	Iswolski Und Der Weltkrieg [n|Ge-1924]
	Deutschland Und Europa, 1890-1914 [n|Ge-1926]
	Geschichte Des Deutschen Volkes [n|Ge-1934]
	Abriß Der Deutschen Geschichte 1792-1933 [n|Ge-1936/1937]
	Neues Deutschland [n|Ge-1939]
	Politische Gespräche [e|Ge-1940]
	Was Die Welt Nicht Wollte [n|Ge-1940]
	Wendepunkte Europäischer Geschichte Vom Dreißigjährigen Krieg [n|Ge-1941]
	Deutschlands Europäische Sendung Im Laufe Der Jahrhunderte [n|Ge-1942]
	Deutsche Tat Für Europa [n|Ge-1943]
	Elfhundert Jahre Vertrag Von Verdun [n|Ge-1943]

Hedwig STIEVE {DE} (F: 1889 Mar 4 - 1979 Nov 3)
	Tagebuch Einer Fürsorgerin [Ge-1925]
	Ein Tag Aus Dem Leben Der Wohlfahrtspflegerin (w Margarethe DYCK) [Ge-1926]
	Klang Im Alltag [Ge-1935]
	Licht Im Alltag [Ge-1947]

Etienne Horace Léonce STIEVENARD (M: 1823 - 1892 Apr 10)

Arthur William STIFFE (M: 1831 Aug 12 - ?)
	Charts And Sailing Directions For Persian Gulf And Makran Coast [n|?]

Adalbert STIFTER (M: 1805 Oct 23 - 1868 Jan 28)
(&ps: [OSTADE])
	Julius [f|Ge-1830]
	Der Condor [f|Ge-1839]
	Feldblumen [f|Ge-1841]
	Das Alte Siegel [f|Ge-1844]
	Die Narrenburg [f|Ge-1844]
	Wien Und Die Wiener In Bildern Aus Dem Leben (ed) [n|Ge-1844]
	Studien [s|Ge-1844-45]
7068	  Das Haidedorf [f|Ge-1844]
	  Der Hochwald [f|Ge-1844]
	  Abdias [f|Ge-1844]
	  Brigitta [f|Ge-1845]
	  Der Hagestolz [f|Ge-1845]
	  Der Waldsteig [f|Ge-1845]
	Der Beschriebene Tännling [f|Ge-1846]
	Der Waldgänger [f|Ge-1847]
	Der Arme Wohltäter [f|Ge-1848]
	Prokopus [f|Ge-1848]
	Die Schwestern [f|Ge-1850]
	Pictures Of Rural Life In Austria And Hungary [f|Ge-?] (tr Mary NORMAN) [1850]
29553	Bunte Steine: Ein Festgeschenck [s|Ge-1853]
	Lesebuch Zur Förderung Humaner Bildung.. (w Johannes APRENT) [Ge-1854]
	Der Nachsommer [f|Ge-1857]
	Der Weihnachtsabend [Ge-1864]
	Die Mappe Meines Urgrossvaters [Ge-1864]
	Nachkommenschaften [Ge-1865]
	Witiko [f|Ge-1865-67]
	Der Kuß Von Sentze [f|Ge-1866]
	Erzählungen (ed Johannes APRENT) [s|Ge-1869]
	Briefe (ed Johannes APRENT) [3v|a|Ge-1869]
	Vermischte Schriften (ed Johannes APRENT) [s|Ge-1870]
	Früheste Dichtungen (ed Heinrich MICKO) [p|Ge-1937]
	Sämtliche Werke (ed A SAUER, G WILHELM & F HÜLLER) [23v|Ge-1901-39]
	Ein Dichterleben Aus Dem Alten Österreich (ed Moriz ENZINGER) [a|Ge-1947]
	Briefe (ed Hans SCHUMACHER) [a|Ge-1947]
	Briefe (ed Gerhard FRICKE) [a|Ge-1949]
	Julius (ed Franz HÜLLER) [Ge-1950]
	Erzählungen In Der Urfassung (ed Max STEFL) [3v|Ge-1950-52]
	Adalbert Stifters Jugendbriefe.. (ed Gustav WILHELM) [a|Ge-1954]
	Die Schulakten Adalbert Stifters (ed Kurt VANCSA) [Ge-1955]
	Sämtliche Werke (ed Hannsludwig GEIGER) [3v|Ge-1959]
	Gesammelte Werke (ed Max STEFL) (6v/9v) [Ge-1959/1960-63]
	Pädagogische Schriften (ed Theodor RUTT) [Ge-1960]
	Documenta Paedagogica Austriaca.. (ed K G FISCHER) [2v|Ge-1961]
	Adalbert Stifters Leben Und Werk.. (ed K G FISCHER) [a|Ge-1962]

Maj, Chauncey Hugh STIGAND (M: 1877 Oct 25 - 1919 Dec 8 (wrongly 20))
	Central African Game And Its Spoor (w D D LYELL) [n|1906]
	The Game Of British East Africa [n|?]
	The Land Of Zinj [n|?]
	To Abyssinia Through An Unknown Land [n|?]
	Scouting And Reconnaissance In Savage Countries [n|?]
	Hunting The Elephant In Africa [n|?]
	Administration In Tropical Africa [n|?]
	A Comparative Grammar Of Swahili Dialects [n|?]

William STIGAND (M: 1825 - 1915 Dec 18)
	A Vision Of Barbarossa.. [p|1860]
	Athenais [1866]
	Life, Work, And Opinions Of Heinrich Heine [b|1875]
	Real Estates Charges Act [n|1853]

Prof, George Joseph STIGLER {US} (M: 1911 Jan 17 - 1991 Dec 1)
	Production And Distribution Theories [n|1940]
	The Theory Of Competitive Price [n|1942]
	The Theory Of Price [n|1946]
	Readings In Price Theory (w Kenneth E BOULDING) [n|1952]
	Trends In Employment In The Service Industries [n|1956]
	The Intellectual And The Market Place [n|1964/84]

Stig STIGSON (see: Alfhild AGRELL)

Dirk Uipko STIKKER {NL} (M: 1897 Feb 5 - 1979 Dec 23 (or 26))

André STIL {FR} (M: 1921 Apr 1 - 2004 Sep 3)
	Le Mot 'Mineur', Camarade [f|Fr-1949]
	La Seine A Pris La Mer [s|Fr-1950]
	Le Premier Choc [f|Fr-1952]
	  The First Clash [f|Fr-1952] (tr ?) [1953]
	Vers Le Réalisme Socialiste [n|Fr-1953]
	Le Foudroyage [f|Fr-1960?]
	André Et Violine [f|Fr-?]

Charles Wardell STILES {US} (M: 1867 May 15 - 1941 Jan 12)

Ezra STILES (M: 1727 Nov 29 - 1795 May 12)
	An Account Of The Settlement Of Bristol, Rhode Island [n|1785]
	A History Of Three Of The Judges Of King Charles I [n|1794]
	Literary Diary [3v|a|1901]
	Extracts From The Itineraries.. [n|1916]
	Letters And Papers [a|1933]

Sir, Harold Jalland STILES {UK} (M: 1863 Mar 21 - 1946 Apr 19)
	Operative Treatment Of Peripheral Nerve Injuries (w M FORRESTER-BROWN) [n|1928]

Henry Reed STILES (M: 1832 - 1909)
12885	Bundling: Its Origin, Progress And Decline In America [n|1871]

Prof, Joseph STILES {US} (M: 1908 Nov 10 - 2000 Apr 17)

Joseph Clay STILES (M: 1795 Dec 6 - 1875 Mar 27)
	Speech On The Slavery Resolutions In The General Assembly [n|1850]
A	Modern Reform Examined:..On The Subject Of Slavery [n|1858]
	The National Controversy [n|1861]
	Future Punishment Discussed In A Letter To A Friend [n|1868]

Kate R STILES (F: ? - ?)
I	Sitting Bull's Message From Spirit Life [n|1891]

Prof, Lindley Joseph STILES {US} (M: 1913 Jul 1 - 2008 Apr 6?)
	Supervision As Guidance (w ?) [n|1946]
	Democratic Teaching In Secondary Schools (w ?) [n|1950]

Martha Bennett STILES, nee WELLS {US} (F: 1933 - ?)
	One Among The Indians [1962]
	The Strange House At Newburyport [1963]

Percy Goldthwait STILES {US} (M: 1875 - 1936 Jul 5)
	The Nervous System And Its Conservation [n|1914/17/1924]
	An Adequate Diet [n|1916]
	Nutritional Physiology [n|1918]

Robert STILES (M: 1836 - 1905)
T	Four Years Under Marse Robert [a|1904]

Thelma Jackson STILES {US} (F: 1939 Dec 10 - ?)

Prof, Walter STILES {UK} (M: 1886 Aug 23 - 1966 Apr 19)
	Carbon Assimilation (w I JORGENSEN) [n|1917]
	The Preservation Of Food By Freezing [n|1922]
	Permeability [n|1924]
	Photosynthesis [n|1925]
	Respiration In Plants (w W LEACH) [n|1932/?/?/1960]
	An Introduction To The Principles Of Plant Physiology [n|1936/1950]
	Trace Elements In Plants And Animals [n|1946/?/1961]

Walter Stanley STILES {UK} (M: 1901 Jun 15 - 1985 Dec 15)
	Thermionic Emission [n|1932]
	Color Science (w G WYSZECKI) [n|1967/83]

Prof, William W STILES {US} (M: 1908 May 26 - 1977 Mar 21)

Edward STILGEBAUER {DE} (M: 1868 Sep 19 - 1936 Dec 18)

Forster George STILGEBOUER {US} (M: 1865 - 1961)
	Nebraska Pioneers.. [a|1944]

Friedrich STILKER {DE} (M: 1865 Dec 26 - 1943 May 30)

Alfred STILL {US?} (M: 1869 - after 1950)
	Alternating Currents Of Electricity And The Theory Of Transformers [n|1898]
	Polyphase Currents [n|1906/14]
	Overhead Electric Power Transmission [n|1913]
	Principles Of Electrical Design - DC And AC Generators [n|1916]
	Electric Power Transmission [n|1919/1927]
	Principles Of Transformer Design [n|1919]
	Elements Of Electrical Design [n|1924]
	Communication Through The Ages [n|1946]
	Borderlands Of Science [n|1950]

Andrew Taylor STILL (M: 1828 Sep 6 - 1917 Dec 12)
	Autobiography Of Andrew T Still, With A History..Osteopathy.. [a|1897]
25864	Philosophy Of Osteopathy [n|1899]

Edgar STILL (see: Joseph Rene GARBER)

Sir, George Frederic STILL {UK} (M: 1868 Feb 27 - 1941 Jun 28)
	Common Disorders And Diseases Of Childhood [n|?]
	History Of Pædiatrics [n|?]
	Common Happennings In Childhood [n|?]
	Concerning Children.. [n|?]
	A Textbook On Diseases Of Children (w James GOODHART) [n|?]

James STILL (M: 1812 - 1885)
	Early Recollections And Life Of Dr James Still [a|1877]

James STILL {US} (M: 1906 Jul 16 - 2001 Apr 28)
	Hounds On The Mountain [1937]
	River Of Earth [1940]
	On Troublesome Creek [1941]

Bp, John STILL (M: c1544 - 1608 (wrongly 1607) Feb 26)

John STILL {UK} (M: 1880 - 1941 Sep 9)
	Ancient Capitals Of Ceylon [n|1907]
	Index To The Mahawansa [n|1907]
	Poems In Captivity [p|1919]
	A Prisoner In Turkey [a|1920]
	The Jungle Tide [1930]

Peter STILL {US} (M: ? - ?)
	The Kidnapped And The Ransomed [a|1856]

Prof, Richard (Ralph) STILL {US} (M: 1921 Apr 19 - 1991 Mar 28)
	Sales Management [n|1958]
	Industrial Distribution [n|1961]

William (M) STILL (M: ? - ?)
15263	The Underground Railroad: A Record Of Facts.. [n|1871]

William Grant STILL (Jr) {US} (M: 1895 May 11 - 1978 Dec 3)
	Twelve Negro Spirituals (w Ruby Berkley GOODWIN) [n|1937-1948]

Prof, Alexander STILLE {US?} (M: 1957 - living 2017)

Charles Janeway STILLÉ (M: 1819 Sep 23 - 1899 Aug 11)
	Reminiscences Of A Provost, 1866-1880 [a|1880]
	Life And Times Of John Dickerson, 1732-1808 [b|1891]

Moreton STILLÉ (M: 1822 - 1855)
(&ps: M S)
	A Treatise On Medical Jurisprudence (w Francis WHARTON) [n|1855/?/73]

Karl STILLER (see: Emil de MARTINI)

Werner STILLER {DE} (M: 1947 Aug 24 - 2016 Dec 20)

Rudolf (Maria Bernhard) von STILLFRIED-RATTONITZ, Graf von ALCANTARA (M: 1804 Aug 14 - 1882 Aug 9)
	Altertümer Und Kunstdenkmale Des Hauses Hohenzollern [2v|n|Ge-1838-67]
	Geschichte Der Burggrafen Von Nürnberg [n|Ge-1843]
	Monumenta Zollerana [7v|n|Ge-1843-62]
	Der Schwanenorden [n|Ge-1845]
	Urkunden Der Schwäbischen Linie 1095-1418 [n|Ge-1852]
	Register Zu Bd 2-7 Der Monumenta Zollerana [n|Ge-1856]
	Urkunden Der Fränkischen Linie 1235-1332 [n|Ge-1856]
	Urkunden Der Fränkischen Linie 1332-1363 [n|Ge-1857]
	Urkunden Der Fränkischen Linie 1363-1378 [n|Ge-1858]
	Urkunden Der Fränkischen Linie 1378-1398 [n|Ge-1859]
	Urkunden Der Fränkischen Linie 1398-1411 [n|Ge-1860]
	Beiträge Zur Geschichte Des Schlesischen Adels [2v|n|Ge-1860-64]
	Urkunden Der Fränkischen Linie 1411-1417 [n|Ge-1861]
	Ergänzungen Und Berichtigungen Zu Bd 2-7 [n|Ge-1866]
	Hohenzollern Beschreibung Und Geschichte Der Burg [n|Ge-1871]
	Friedrich Wilhelm III Und Seine Söhne [b|Ge-1874]
	Die Attribute Des Neuen Deutschen Reichs [n|Ge-1882]
	Die Titel Und Wappen Des Preußischen Königshauses [n|Ge-1875]
	Kloster Heilsbronn [n|Ge-1877]
	Das Buch Vom Schwanenorden (jt ed) [n|Ge-1881]
	Die Hohenzollern Und Das Deutsche Vaterland (jt ed) [n|Ge-1884]

Heinrich STILLING {DE?} (M: 1883 Feb 28 - 1947 Oct 5)

	Prayers [n|?]

(Ernst Gotthold) Oskar STILLICH {DE} (M: 1872 Sep 26 - c1945)
	Die Englische Agrarkrisis [n|Ge-1899]
	Die Spielwaren-Hausindustrie Des Meininger Oberlandes [n|Ge-1899]
	Die Lage Der Weiblichen Dienstboten In Berlin [n|Ge-1902]
	Eisen- Und Stahlindustrie [n|Ge-1904]
	Steinkohlenindustrie [n|Ge-1906]
	Die Politischen Parteien In Deutschland [2v|n|Ge-1908-11]
	Geld- Und Bankwesen [n|Ge-1909]
	Die Börse Und Ihre Geschäfte [n|Ge-1909]
	Soziale Strukturveränderungen Im Bankwesen [n|Ge-1916]
	Deutschlands Zukunft Bei Einem Macht-.. (w Otto HUE) [n|Ge-1918]
	Staatsbankrott Und Vermögensrettung [n|Ge-1920]
	Der Friedensvertrag Von Versailles Im..Kriegsziele [n|Ge-1921]
	Katechismus Des Friedensvertrags Für Jugend Und Volk [n|Ge-1922]
	Einführung In Die Nationalökonomie [4v|n|Ge-1922-1927]
	Das Freigeld [n|Ge-1923]
	Das Geldwesen [n|Ge-1924]
	Die Banken Und Ihre Geschäfte [n|Ge-1924]
	Die Lösung Der Sozialen Frage..Reform Des Erbrechts [n|Ge-1924]
	Deutschland Als Sieger! [n|Ge-1924]
	Ausbeutungssysteme [n|Ge-1925]
	Deutschvölkischer Katechismus [3v|n|Ge-1929-1932]

Jack (Clifford) STILLINGER {US} (M: 1931 Feb 16 - 2020 Apr 4)
	The Early Draft Of John Stuart Mill's Autobiography [n|1961]

Bp, Edward STILLINGFLEET (M: 1635 Apr 17 - 1699 Mar 27)
	Origines Sacrae [n|1662]
	The Unreasonableness Of Separation [n|1671]
	Origines Britannicae [n|1685]
	The Irenicum [n|?]
	Antiquities Of The British Churches [n|?]

Annie Raymond STILLMAN {US} (F: 1855 Jan - 1922 Dec 23)
(&ps: Grace RAYMOND)
	How They Kept The Faith (ps: Grace RAYMOND) [f|1889]
	Fool's Gold [f|1902]

E Clark STILLMAN {US} (M: 1907 Oct 24 - 1995 Apr 12)

Frances (Marjorie) STILLMAN, nee JENNINGS {US} (F: 1910 Jan 22 - 1975 Feb)
	Oriental Love Poems [p|1951]

John STILLMAN (M: c1920 - living 2003)
	The Design And Practice Of Joinery (w John EASTWICK-FIELD) [n|1958]

Myra (M) (nee)Stephens STILLMAN {US} (F: 1915 Mar 7 - 2011 Aug 2)
	Understanding Maps (w B TANNENBAUM) [n|1957]
	Understanding Time (w B TANNENBAUM) [n|1958]
	Isaac Newton [b|1959]

Prof, Nathan STILLMAN {US} (M: 1914 May 27 - 2009 Dec 31)
	Webster Junior Science Series (w H TANNENBAUM) [n|1960]
	Science Education For Elementary School Teachers (w H TANNENBAUM) [n|1960/65]

Prof, Richard Joseph STILLMAN {US} (M: 1917 Feb 20 - 2008 Jul 15)

William James STILLMAN (M: 1828 Jun 1 - 1901 Jul 6)
	On The Track Of Ulysses [1888]
11546	The Autobiography Of A Journalist [2v|a|1901]

Ethel STILLWELL, Mrs ALLAN {CA} (F: 1883 Mar 31 - 1953 Apr 18)
	To You [p|1926]

Hallie (C) STILLWELL, nee ? {US} (F: 1897 Oct 20 - 1997 Aug 18)
	How Come It's Called That (w Virginia MADISON) [n|1958]

Judge, Leander STILLWELL {US} (M: 1843 Sep 16 - 1934)
26561	The Story Of A Common Soldier Of Army Life In The Civil War [a|1917/20]

Norma (nee)Jamieson STILLWELL {US} (F: 1894 Feb 25 - 1978 Oct 20)
	Key And Guide To Woody Plants Of Dallas County [n|1939]

Alison STILWELL, Mrs CAMERON {US} (F: 1921 Feb 5 - 1991 May 23)

Hart (G) STILWELL {US} (M: 1902 May 13 - 1975 May 13)
	Border City [f|1945]
	Hunting And Fishing In Texas [n|1946]
	Uncovered Wagon [f|1947]
	Fishing In Mexico [n|1948]
	Campus Town [f|1950]
	Old Soggy No 1 (w Slats RODGERS) [a|1954]

Gen, Joseph Warren STILWELL {US} (M: 1883 Mar 19 - 1946 Oct 12)

Margaret Bingham STILWELL (F: 1887 Jan 26 - 1984 Apr 22)

James STIMPSON (M: 1820 Feb 29 - 1886 Oct 4)

Mary (Adeline) (nee)Stoyell STIMPSON {US} (F: 1857 - ?)
32628	The Child's Book Of American Biography [b|1915]

Alexander Lovet STIMSON (M: 1816 Dec 16 - 1906 Jan 2)
	Easy Nat [f|1854]
	History Of The Express Companies And American Railroads [n|1858]
	Waifwood [1864]
	History Of The Express Business [n|1881]

Prof, Dorothy STIMSON {US} (F: 1890 Oct 10 - 1988 Sep 19)
35744	The Gradual Acceptance Of The Copernican Theory Of The Universe [n|1917]
	Scientists And Amateurs [n|1948]

Elam STIMSON (M: 1792 Oct 4 - 1869 Jan 1)

Rev, Elam Bush STIMSON (M: 1824 (wrongly 1842) Mar 4 - 1888 Aug 5)
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STING (see: Gordon Matthew SUMNER)

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Mrs, STIRLING, nee ? (F: ? - ?)
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Helen STIRLING (see: Helen (L) HOKE)

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M C STIRLING (?: ? - ?)
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Wilhelmina STITCH (see: Ruth COLLIE)

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Prof, Milan (William) STITT {US} (M: 1941 Feb 4 - 2009 Mar 12)

Iain Ruadh STIUBHART (see: John Roy STEWART)

Giuseppe STIVALA (M: 1897 - 1950 May 9)

David STIVENDER {US} (M: 1933 Sep 6 - 1990 Feb 8)

Dal STIVENS {AU} (M: 1911 Dec 1 - 1997 Jun 16)
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Georg STJERNHJELM (M: 1598 - 1672)
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