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Muhammad ibn Umar al-WAQIDI (M: c747 - 823)


James Peter WARBASSE {US} (M: 1866 Nov 22 - 1957 Feb 22)
	North Star [1958]

William Noble WARBEY {Uk} (M: 1903 Aug 16 - 1980 May 6)


Martin Leach WARBOROUGH (see: (Charles) Grant (Blairfindie) ALLEN)

Sally WORBOYES, nee/Mrs ? {UK} (F: ? - ?)

Abraham Moritz WARBURG {DE} (M: 1866 Jun 13 - 1929 Oct 26)

Felix Moritz WARBURG {DE/US} (M: 1871 Jan 14 - 1937 Oct 20)

Fredric/Frederic John WARBURG {UK} (M: 1898 Nov 27 - 1981 May 25 (wrongly 24))

Joan(/Joanna) (Emma Violet) WARBURG {UK} (F: 1902 Nov 13 - 1993 Mar 24)
	The Secret Spring.. [p|1958]

Gustave Otto WARBURG (M: ? - ?)
	Six Years Of Hitler [n|1939]

James Paul WARBURG {US} (M: 1896 Aug 18 - 1969 Jun 3)
(&ps: Paul JAMES)
	Wool And Wool Manufacture [n|1920]
	Cotton And Cotton Manufacture [n|1921]
	Hides And Skins And The Manufacture Of Leather [n|1921]
	And Then What? (ps: Paul JAMES) [p|1931]
	Shoes And Ships And Sealing Wax (ps: Paul JAMES) [p|1932]
	The Money Muddle [1934]
	It's Up To Us [1934]
	Hell Bent For Election [n|1935]
	Still Hell Bent [n|1936]
	Peace In Our Time? [n|1940]
	The Isolationist Illusion And World Peace [n|1941]
	Our War And Our Peace [n|1941]
	Man's Enemy And Man [n|1942]
	Foreign Policy Begins At Home [n|1944]
	Unwritten Treaty [n|1946]
	Germany - Bridge Or Battleground [n|1947]
	Put Yourself In Marshall's Place [n|1948]
	Last Call For Common Sense [n|1949]
	Faith, Purpose And Power [n|1950]
	How To Co-Exist Without Playing The Kremlin's Game [n|1952]
	Germany, Key To Peace [n|1953]
	The West In Crisis [n|1959]
	Reveille For Rebels [n|1960]
	Disarmament [n|1960]

Karl WARBURG (M: 1852 Nov 23 - 1918)
r	Svensk Litteraturhistoria I Sammandrag [n|Sw-1904]

Max Moritz WARBURG {DE/US} (M: 1867 Jun 5 - 1946 Dec 26)
	Finanzielle Kriegslehren, 1 August 1915 [n|Ge-1915]
	Aus Meinen Aufzeichnungen [n|Ge-1952]

Sir, Oscar Emanuel WARBURG {UK} (M: 1876 Feb 6 - 1937 Jul 1)

Otto WARBURG {DE} (M: 1859 Jul 20 - 1938 Jan 10)
	Die Muskatnuss, Ihre Geschichte, Botanik, Kultur, Handel.. [n|Ge-1897]
	Die Kautschukpflanzen Und Ihre Kultur [n|Ge-1900]
	Die Pflanzenwelt [3v|n|Ge-1913-22]

Otto (Heinrich) WARBURG {DE} (M: 1883 Oct 8 - 1970 Aug 1)
	Stoffwechsel Der Tumoren [n|Ge-1926]
	The Metabolism Of Tumours (ed) [e|1930]
	Katalytische Wirkungen Der Lebendigen Substanz [n|Ge-1928]
	Schwermetalle Als Wirkungsgruppen Von Fermenten [n|Ge-1946]
	  Heavy Metal Prosthetic Groups.. [n|Ge-?] (tr Alexander LAWSON) [1949]
	Wasserstoffübertragende Fermente [n|Ge-1948]
	Mechanism Of Photosynthesis [n|1951]
	Entstehung Der Krebszellen [n|Ge-1955]
	Weiterentwicklung Der Zellphysiologischen Methoden (w others) [n|Ge-1962]
	  New Methods Of Cell Physiology [n|1962]

Paul Moritz WARBURG {DE/US} (M: 1868 Aug 10 - 1932 Jan 24)
	The Federal Reserve System [n|1930]

Sandol (nee)Stoddard WARBURG {US} (F: 1927 Dec 16 - ?)

Adolphus Frederick WARBURTON (M: 1827 Jul 12 - 1888 Jan 10)
36306	Trial Of The Officers And Crew Of The Privateer 'Savannah' [n|1862]

Alexander Bannerman WARBURTON {CA} (M: 1852 Apr 5 - 1929 Jan 14)

Dame, Anne (Marion) WARBURTON {UK} (F: 1927 Jun 8 - 2015 Jun 4)

Brenda WARBURTON, nee ? {UK} (F: ? - ?)

(Bartholomew) Eliot/Elliott (George) WARBURTON (M: 1810 - 1852 Jan 4)
	The Crescent And The Cross.. [1845]
I	Hochelaga; or, England In The New World (w George WARBURTON) [n|1846]
	Memoirs Of Prince Rupert And The Cavaliers [f|1849]
	Evenings At Sea (anon w G D WARBURTON) [n|1850]
	Reginald Hastings [f|1850]
	Darien [f|1852]

Emma WARBURTON (see: Mrs C J, (Emma) NEWBY)

Ernest WARBURTON {UK} (M: 1937 Jun 10 - 2001 Aug 7)

Prof, Geoffrey Barratt WARBURTON {UK} (M: 1924 Jun 9 - 2009 Aug 1)

George WARBURTON (M: 1816 - 1857)
I	Hochelaga; or, England In The New World (w Eliot WARBURTON) [n|1846]
25119,I	The Conquest Of Canada [2v|n|1849]

George Augustus WARBURTON {CA} (M: 1859 Oct 4 - 1929 Feb 21)

George Drought WARBURTON (M: 1816 - 1857 Oct 23)
I	Hochelaga; or, England In The New World (w E WARBURTON) [2v|n|1846]
	The Conquest Of Canada (anon?) [2v|n|1849]
	Evenings At Sea (anon w B E G WARBURTON) [n|1850]
	A Memoir Of Charles Mordaunt Earl Of Peterborough.. (anon) [n|1853]

John WARBURTON (M: 1681 Feb 28 - 1759 May 11)
	Vallum Romanum [n|1753]

Rev, John WARBURTON (M: 1776 Oct - ?)
	Mercies Of A Covenant God [n|1837]

Nick WARBURTON {UK} (M: 1947 Feb 2 - ?)

Peter Egerton WARBURTON (M: 1813 Aug 15 - 1889 Nov 5 (or Dec 16))
#	Journey Across The Western Interior Of Australia (w C H EDEN) [n|1875]
#	Major Warburton's Explorations In 1866 [n|?]
#	Letter From Warburton Re Lake Torrens [n|?]
#	Reports On Exploration Into North..Interior Of SA [n|?]

Roland Eyles Egerton WARBURTON (M: 1804 Sep 14 - 1891 Dec 6)

Sir, Robert WARBURTON (M: 1842 Jul 11 - 1899 Apr 22)
	Eighteen Years In The Khyber [a|1900]

Stanley WARBURTON (see: Samuel Woods HILL)

Stephen (Westoby) WARBURTON {UK} (M: 1950 Mar 12 - 2004 Jan 19)

Rev, Thomas Acton WARBURTON (M: c1813 - 1894 Aug 22)

William WARBURTON (M: 1698 Dec 24 - 1779 Jul 7)
	The Divine Legation Of Moses [n|1738-41]
	A View Of Lord Bolingbroke's Philosophy [n|1754]
	The Doctrine Of Grace [n|1762]
&	On Mr David Hume's Essay On The Natural History Of Religion [n|?]

Rev, William WARBURTON (M: 1806 Oct 22 - 1900 May 3)

Marjorie (Alice) WARBY, Mrs LANG {UK} (F: 1897 - 1997 May 10)
	Lady Disdain [f|1929]
	Her Sister's Rival [f|1930]
	The Marrying Of Mollie [f|1931]
	A Husband On The Doorstep [f|1931]
	Blue For Marygold [f|1931]
	Getting Mollie Married [f|1931]
	Happy Heart [f|1931]
	Love In Little Melchester [f|1931]
	Stay-At-Home Chris [f|1931]
	Too Many Girls [f|1931]
	Ann And The Burtons [f|1933]
	April Folly [f|1933]
	The Village Of Flowers [f|1934]
	Happy Summer [f|1935]
	Understudy To Sylvia [f|1935]
	Dance Of The Marionettes [f|1936]
	Roses Have Thorns [f|1937]
	Janet Walks Out [f|1938]
	Phantom Love [f|1939]
	Senior Lady [f|1944]
	The Blue Sky Above [f|1946]
	Flowers For The Bride [f|1948]
	The Mad Merediths [f|1949]
	The Foolish Heart [f|1950]
	The Only Paradise [f|1951]
	When The Chestnuts Bloom [f|1952]
	Green Heaven [f|1952]
	The Hibiscus Hedge [f|1953]
	Kay Comes Home [f|1954]
	Bachelor Doctor [f|1955]
	Someone For Sally [f|1955]
	Enchanted Summer [f|1957]
	Friar's Folly [f|1959]
	The Laird Across The Loch [f|1960]
	There Is No Choosing [f|1962]

René WARCOLLIER (M: 1881 Apr 8 - 1962 May 23)

Mrs, WARD (see: Mary WARD)

Adam WARD {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	The New World Atlas And Gazetteer [1923 ed] (w F J REYNOLDS) [n|1923]
	Collier's New Dictionary..1924 (w A WARD & N WEBSTER) [n|1924]

Sir, Adolphus William WARD {UK} (M: 1837 Dec 2 - 1924 Jun 19)
	The House Of Austria In The Thirty Years War [1869]
	A History Of English Dramatic Literature To..Queen Anne [2v|n|1875/99]
	Marlowe's Doctor Faustus And Greene's Friar Bacon [n|1878]
3624	Chaucer [n|1879]
	Dickens [n|1882]
	The Counter-Reformation [n|1888]
	Sir Henry Wotton [b|1897]
	Great Britain And Hanover [n|1899]
	The Electress Sophia And The Hanoverian Succession [n|1903/09]
	Lillo's London Merchant And Fatal Curiosity [n|1906]
	The Cambridge History Of English Literature (jt ed) [n|1907-17]
	Germany, 1815-1890 [3v|n|1916-18]
	Collected Papers, Historical, Literary, And Miscellaneous [5v|e|1921-22]

Aileen WARD {US} (F: 1919 Apr 1 - ?)

Prof, Alan (Gordon) WARD {UK} (M: 1914 Apr 18 - 2007 Oct 3)
	The Nature Of Crystals [n|1936]

Alfred Charles WARD (M: ? - ?)
	English Literature [n|1958]

Archdeacon, Algernon WARD {UK} (M: 1869 - 1947 Jul 9)
	A Guide To The Study Of The Book Of Common Prayer [n|?]
	Psalmi Poenitentiales [n|?]
	Palestinian Memoirs [n|?]
	Trees And Shrubs Of The Bible, And The Holy Land [n|?]
	The Seven Deadly Sins [n|?]
	The Coptic Church [n|?]
	The Cardinal Virtues [n|?]
	The Ascension [n|?]
	The Transfiguration Of Christ [n|?]
	The Seven Words From The Cross [n|1930]
	The Fellowship Of The Holy Spirit [n|1931]

Alice B WARD, Mrs BAILEY (F: 1857 - ?)
	The Sage Brush Parson [f|1906]

Anna Bell WARD (see: Patricia REILLY & Harold N SWANSON)

Anna Lydia WARD {US?} (F: c1850 - 1933)
	A Dictionary Of Quotations From English And American Poets (ed) [n|1883]

Anna M W WARD (F: ? - ?)
	Verses [p|1906]

Anthony WARD (M: 1937 Jul 28 - 1994 Nov 15)

Arch WARD {US} (M: 1896 (or 1895 or 1897) Dec 25 - 1955 Jul 9)

Archibald Floyd WARD (M: 1912 - ?)

Artemus WARD (see: Charles Farrar BROWNE)

Arthur Henry (later Sarsfield) WARD {UK} (M: 1883 Feb 15 - 1959 Jun 1)
(ps: Michael FUREY; Sax ROHMER)
173	The Mystery Of Dr Fu Manchu (US: The Insidious..) (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1913]
21879	The Sins Of Séverac Bablon (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1914]
2028	The Yellow Claw (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1915]
19142	The Devil Doctor (US: The Return Of Dr Fu Manchu) (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1916]
	The Exploits Of Captain O'Hagan (ps: Sax ROHMER) [s|1916]
17959,&	The Si-Fan Mysteries (US: The Hand Of Fu Manchu) (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1917]
19706	Brood Of The Witch-Queen (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1918]
	Tales Of Secret Egypt (ps: Sax ROHMER) [s|1918]
27461	The Orchard Of Tears (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1918]
18613,Q	The Golden Scorpion (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1919]
1182	Dope (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1919]
2126	The Quest Of The Sacred Slipper (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1919]
15323,&	The Green Eyes Of Bast (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1920]
	The Dream Detective (ps: Sax ROHMER) [s|1920]
	The Haunting Of Low Fennel (ps: Sax ROHMER) [s|1920]
1159,N	Fire-Tongue (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1921]
6382	Bat Wing (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1921]
5697	Tales Of Chinatown (ps: Sax ROHMER) [s|1922]
	Grey Face (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1924]
	Yellow Shadows (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1925]
	Moon Of Madness (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1927]
	She Who Sleeps (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1928]
	The Book Of Fu Manchu.. (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1929]
	The Emperor Of America (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1929]
	The Day The World Ended (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1930]
	Daughter Of Fu Manchu (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1931]
	The Mask Of Fu Manchu (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1932]
	Yu'an Hee See Laughs (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1932]
	Tales Of East And West (ps: Sax ROHMER) [s|1932]
	The Bride Of Dr Fu Manchu (US: Fu Manchu's Bride) (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1933]
	The Trail Of Fu Manchu (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1934]
	The Bat Flies Low (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1935]
	President Fu Manchu (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1936]
	White Velvet (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1936]
	The Drums Of Fu Manchu (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1939]
	Salute To Bazarada.. (ps: Sax ROHMER) [s|1939]
	The Island Of Fu Manchu (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1941]
	Egyptian Nights (ps: Sax ROHMER) [s|1944]
k	Seven Sins (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1944]
	Shadow Of Fu Manchu (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1948]
	Wulfheim (ps: Michael FUREY) [f|1950]
	Hangover House (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1950]
	Sins Of Sumuru (US: Nude In Mink) (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1951]
	(The) Slaves Of Sumuru (US: Sumuru) (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1952]
	Re-enter Dr Fu Manchu (US: Re-enter Fu Manchu) (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1957]
	Virgin In Flames (US: Fire Goddess) (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1953]
	The Moon Is Red (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1954]
	Sand And Satin (US: Return Of Sumuru) (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1955]
	Sinister Madonna (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1956]
	Emperor Fu Manchu (ps: Sax ROHMER) [f|1959]

Sir, Arthur (Hugh) WARD {NZ} (M: 1906 Mar 25 - 1993 Nov 1)

Arthur William WARD {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	A Guide To Bidford-On-Avon And Neighbourhood [n|1903]

Austin N WARD (M: ? - ?)
A	The Husband In Utah; or, Sights & Scenes Among The Mormons [n|1857]

Barbara (Mary) WARD, Mrs JACKSON, (life) Baroness JACKSON of Lodsworth {UK} (F: 1914 May 23 - 1981 May 31)
	The International Share-Out [n|1938]
	Turkey [n|1941]
	Defence Of The West [n|1942]
	The West At Bay [n|1948]
	Policy For The West [n|1951]
	Faith And Freedom [n|1954]
	Britain's Interest In Atlantic Union [n|1954]
	The Interplay Of East And West [n|1957/1962]
	Five Ideas That Change The World [n|1959]
	India And The West [n|1961]
	The Rich Nations And The Poor Nations [n|1962]
	The Plan Under Pressure [n|1963]

Baxter WARD (see: Baxter Ward SCHWELLENBACH)

Prof, Bernard WARD {UK} (M: 1857 Feb 4 - 1920 Jan 21)
	History Of St Edmund's College [n|1893]
	Commentary On St Luke's Gospel [n|1899]
	Life Of St Edmund Of Canterbury [b|1903]
	St Edmund's College Chanel [n|1903]
	Catholic London A Century Ago [n|1905]
	The Dawn Of The Catholic Revival [n|1909]
	The Eve Of Catholic Emancipation [n|1912]
	The Sequel To Catholic Emancipation [n|1915]
	The Priestly Vocation [n|1918]

Bernard Mordaunt WARD {UK} (M: 1893 Jan 20 - 1945 Oct 12)
	The Seventeenth Earl Of Oxford (1550-1604).. [b|1928]
	Reddie Of Abbotsholme [1934]

Col, Bernard Rowland WARD {UK} (M: 1863 Jan 16 - 1933 Apr 30)

Bryan WARD {UK} (M: 1925 - ?)

Burnett A WARD {CA} (M: ? - ?)
(ps: Flare-Pistol PETE)
	Verey Lights From The Listening Post [p|1935]

Burt WARD (see: Bert John GERVIS, Jr)

C F WARD {US?} (?: ? - ?)
	Student's Handbook Of French Pronunciation (w C E COUSINS) [n|1924]

Caroline WARD, Mrs DIX (F: 1802 Jan 28 - 1869 Nov 11)

Charles S WARD {UK} (M: ? - ?)
28090	Hints On Driving [n|1870]

Catherine George WARD (M: 1787 - ?)
	Rose Of Claremont [f|c1820]

Charles Henshaw WARD {US?} (M: 1872 - 1935)
	Sentence And Theme [n|?/1923]
	Exploring Nature [1923]
	Theme-Building [n|?/1924]

Charles Frederick WARD {US} (M: 1883 - ?)
	The Epistles On The Romance Of The Rose.. [n|1911]
	The French Canadian Recit And Chronique [n|1919]
	Student's Handbook Of French Pronunciation [n|1923]
	Minimum French Vocabulary Textbook [n|1926]

Charles Howell WARD {US} (M: 1862 Oct 28 - 1943 Jan 18)
	Catalogue Of Human And Comparative Skeletons, Osteological.. [n|1902]

Charlotte WARD (F: 1946 - ?)

Charlotte WARD (F: ? - ?)

Charlotte WARD (F: 1978 - ?)

Charlotte (Berkley) Reed WARD (F: 1929 - ?)

Christopher (Lewis) WARD {US} (M: 1868 Oct 6 - 1943)
	The Triumph Of The Nut [f|1923]
	Gentleman Into Goose [f|1924]
	Twisted Tales [s|1924]
	Foolish Fiction [s|1925]
	One Little Man [f|1926]
	The Starling [s|1927]
	The Saga Of Captn John Smith [f|1928]
	The Dutch & Swedes On The Delaware [n|1930]
	Jonathan Drew [f|1932]
	A Yankee River [1932]
	Sir Galahad And Other Rimes [p|1936]
	New Sweden On The Delaware [n|1938]
	Delaware Continentals, 1776-1783 [2v|n|1941]
	The War Of The Revolution (w J R ALDEN) [2v|n|1952]

Colin WARD (see: William Nichols ROE)

Colin WARD {UK} (M: 1924 Aug 14 - 2010 Feb 11)

Craig WARD {US} (M: 1892 Jul 4 - 1979 Mar 25)
(ps: Hugh MacCRAIG)
	The 200 Year Ephemeris [n|1949]
	The Ephemeris Of The Moon [n|?]

Craig WARD {UK} (M: 1962 - ?)

Mrs Craig, (Ann) WARD, nee ? {US} (F: ? - ?)

Crosbie WARD (M: 1832 - 1867 Nov 10)

Cyrenus Osborne WARD (M: 1831 Oct 28 - 1902 Mar 19)
A	A Labor Catechism Of Political Economy [n|1878]

Cyril WARD {UK} (M: 1863 Nov 12 - 1935 Feb 28)
	Royal Gardens [n|1912]

Dallas Tucker WARD {US} (M: 1846 Sep 1 - 1926)
T	The Last Flag Of Truce [c1915]

David WARD (M: 1822 - 1900)
L	The Autobiography Of David Ward [a|1912]

David WARD {UK} (M: 1951 Jun 27 - ?)

Rev, David Conisbee WARD {UK} (M: 1933 Jan 7 - 2011 Jul 29)

David Romen WARD {UK} (M: 1935 Dec 21 - ?)

Prof, Dennis WARD {UK} (M: 1924 Feb 1 - 2008 Apr 5)

Denzil Anthony Seaver WARD {NZ} (M: 1909 Mar 26 - 1989 Sep 17)

Donald G WARD {US} (M: 1911 Dec 9 - 1984 Feb)

Donald WARD, aka 'Ted' WARD (M: 1909 Mar 4 - 2003 Feb 14)

Douglas Turner WARD (see: ROOSEVELT Ward, Jr)

E D WARD (see: Edward BEARD)

Mrs E M, (Henrietta Mary Ada) WARD, nee WARD {UK} (F: c1831 - 1924 Jul 12)
	Memories Of Ninety Years (ed Isabel G McALLISTER) [a|1924]

Ebenezer WARD (M: 1837 Sep 4 - 1917 Oct 8)
	The Vineyards And Orchards Of South Australia [n|1862]
	The South-eastern District Of South Australia [n|1869]


Edmund WARD {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	An Account Of The River St John.. [n|1841]

Edmund Franklin WARD {US} (M: 1892 Jan 3 - 1990 Dec 14)

Edward WARD, aka Ned WARD (M: 1660 or 1667 - 1731 Jun 20)
	A Trip To New England.. [n|1699]
	Hudibras Redivivus [p|1705-07]

Edward Henry Harold WARD, 7th Viscount BANGOR {UK} (M: 1905 Nov 5 - 1993 May 8)
	1940 Despatches From Finland [n|1946]
	Give Me Air [n|1946]
	Europe On Record (w Marjorie WARD) [n|1950]
	The US And Us (w Marjorie WARD) [n|1951]
	Danger Is Our Business (w Marjorie WARD) [n|1955]
	Chinese Crackers [n|1957]
	The New Eldorado [n|1957]
	Oil Is Where They Find It [n|1959]
	Sahara Story [n|1962]

Edward Matthew WARD (M: 1816 - 1879 Jan 15)

Sir, Edward Wolstenholme WARD (M: 1823 Aug 17 - 1890 Feb 5)
	Defences Of The City Of Sydney [n|1863]

Sir, Edward (Willis Duncan) WARD, 1st Bt {UK} (M: 1853 Dec 17 - 1928 Sep 11)
	Army Service Corps Duties In Peace And In War [n|?]

Edwin A WARD (M: ? - ?)
	Recollections Of A Savage [1923]

Elizabeth Jane WARD, nee GARLAND (F: 1842 Mar 27 - 1908 May 29)
	Out Of Weakness Made Strong [a|1903]

Elizabeth Rebecca WARD (F: 1880 - ?)
(ps: Fay INCHFAWN)
3477	The Verse-Book Of A Homely Woman [1920]

Elizabeth Stuart Phelps WARD (see: Mary Gray PHELPS)

Emily WARD {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	Travellers In North Africa [n|1921]

Emily Elizabeth WARD, nee SWINBURNE (F: 1798 - 1882 Dec 19)

Evelyn WARD (see: Evelyn EVERETT-GREEN)

Florence Jeannette Baier WARD {US} (F: 1886 - 1959)

Francis Kingdon WARD {UK} (M: 1885 - ?)
	On The Road To Tibet [n|1910]
	Land Of The Blue Poppy [n|1913]
	In Furthest Burma [n|1920]
	Mystery Rivers Of Tibet [n|1922]
	Romance Of Plant Hunting [n|1924]
	From China To Hkamti Long [n|1924]
	The Riddle Of The Tsangpo Gorges [n|1926]
	Plant Hunting On The Edge Of The World [n|1930]

Col, Francis Swain WARD (M: c1734 - 1805)

Felix WARD {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	The Passionists [1923]

Florence (Jeannette Baier) WARD {US} (F: 1886 - ?)
	The Singing Heart [f|1919]
	Phyllis Anne [f|1921]
	The Flame Of Happiness [f|1924]
	Second Eden [f|1928]
	Wild Wine [f|1932]
	Women May Learn [f|1933]
	Dalesacres [f|1939]

(Usher) Francis WARD {US} (M: 1935 Aug 11 - living 2004)

Francis Alan Burnett WARD {UK} (M: 1905 Mar 5 - 1990 Jan 30)

(William Ernest) Frank WARD {UK} (M: 1900 Dec 24 - 1994 Jul 9)

Frederick WARD (M: 1844 Dec 26 - 1900 Jul 1)

Capt, Frederick W WARD {UK} (M: ? - ?)
20377	The 23rd (Service) Battalion Royal Fusiliers.. [n|1920]

Rev, Frederick William Orde WARD {UK} (M: 1843 Apr 9 - 1922 Mar 14)
(ps: Frederick Harald WILLIAMS)
	Women Must Weep [p|1888]
	'Twixt Kiss And Lip [1890]
	Confessions Of A Poet [1894]
	Baby Pilgrims [1895]
	Matin Bells [1897]
	English Roses [1899]
	New Century Hymns For The Church Seasons [1900]
	The Prisoner Of Love [1904]
	The Keeper Of The Keys [1905]
	Lux Hominum [1907]
	The World's Quest [1908]
	Falling Upwards [1909]
	Songs Of Sussex [p|?]
	Christ And Woman [?]
	Last Crusade [?]
	Songs For Sufferers [?]

Freeman WARD {US} (M: 1879 Aug 9 - 1943 Sep 14)
	Scope, Methods And Plans Of The State Survey [n|1916]
	Possibilities Of Oil And Gas In Harding County [n|1918]
	Chalk [n|1919]
	Needs Of The State Geological And Natural History Survey [n|1920]
	Possibilities Of Oil In Eastern Pennington County [n|1921]
	Geology Of A Portion Of The Badlands [n|1922]
	Possibilities Of Oil In Western Dewey County [n|1922]
	Field Conditions In Southern Haakon County [n|1924]
	Structure Of Western South Dakota, [n|1925]
	Structures In Northern Haakon County [n|1925]
	Recent Geological History Of The Delaware Valley..Water Gap [n|1938]

Dame, (Lucy) Geneviève (Teresa) WARD, 1:Countess de GUERBEL, aka Ginevra GUERRABELLA {UK?} (F: 1834 (or 1837 or 1838) Mar 27 - 1922 Aug 18)
	Both Sides Of The Curtain (w Richard WHITEING) [a|1918]

Gertrude WARD {UK} (F: ? - ?)
	Rose Of A Day [f|1921]
	Nance Of The Footlights [f|1923]
	The Penny Plain Girl [f|1923]
	His Spangle Girl [f|1924]
	The Conquest Of Kitty [f|1924]
	The Unexpected Girl [f|1927]
	Wheels Of Chance [f|1929]
	Fetters Of Fear [f|1933]

Gladys G WARD, nee JENKINS {US} (F: 1909 Dec 19 - 2001 Jul 10)

Grady WARD {US} (M: ? - ?)

Harriet WARD, nee TIDY (F: 1808 - 1873 Oct 11)
	Helen Charteris [f|1848]
	Five Years In Kaffirland [n|1848]
	Jasper Lyle [f|1851-52]

Harrietta Oxnard WARD (see: Mrs Bloomfield H, (Clara) MOORE)

Prof, Harry(=Henry) Marshall WARD (M: 1854 - 1905 (wrongly 1906) Aug 6)
	Diseases Of Plants [n|1889]

Prof, Harry Merrill WARD {US} (M: 1929 Jul 30 - 2016 Oct 4)

Henrietta Mary Ada WARD (F: c1835 - ?)
	Memories Of Ninety Years (ed Isabel G McALLISTER) [a|1924]

Prof, Henry Baldwin WARD {US} (M: 1865 Mar 4 - 1945 Nov 30)
	Quarter Century Record And History Of Sigma Xi [n|1913]
	Freshwater Biology [n|1917]
	Parasites Of The Human Eye [n|1918]
	Introduction And Spread Of The Fish Tapeworm In The US [n|1930]
	Foundations Of Conservation Education [n|1941]
	Medical Zoology In America's First Century [n|1946]

Sir, Henry George WARD (M: 1797 Feb 27 - 1860 Aug 2)

Henry Levi WARD {US} (M: 1863 Oct 8 - 1943 Dec 17)
	A Study In The Variations Of Proportions In Bats [n|1904]

Herbert WARD (M: 1863 Jan 11 - 1919 Aug 7)
	Five Years With The Congo Cannibals [n|1890]
	My Life With Stanley's Rear-Guard [n|1901]
	A Voice From The Congo [n|1910]
&	Mr Poilu: Notes And Sketches With The Fighting French [n|1916]

Herbert WARD {UK} (M: 1866 May 2 - 1938 Jan 14)
	The Educational System Of England And Wales And Its..History [n|1935]

Herbert Dickinson WARD {US} (M: 1861 - 1932)
33662	A Republic Without A President.. [s|1891]
28059	A Lost Hero (w Elizabeth Stuart Phelps WARD) [1891]

Prof, Herman Matthew WARD {US} (M: 1914 Mar 11 - ?)

Hiley Henry WARD {US} (M: 1929 Jul 30 - 2009 Oct 1)

Hugh Kingsley WARD {AU} (M: 1887 Sep 17 - 1972 Nov 22)
	A Guide To Blood Transfusion (w R J WALSH) [n|1957]

Mrs Humphry, (Mary Augusta) WARD, nee ARNOLD {UK} (F: 1851 Jun 11 - 1920 Mar 24)
13337	Milly And Olly [f|1881]
13432	Miss Bretherton [f|1884]
24898	Robert Elsmere [f|1888]
8076	The History Of David Grieve [f|1892]
13728,V	Marcella [f|1894]
12181,V	The Story Of Bessie Costrell [f|1895]
9633	Sir George Tressady [f|1896]
9441	Helbeck Of Bannisdale [f|1898]
9087	Eleanor [f|1900]
13782	Lady Rose's Daughter [f|1903]
14126	The Marriage Of William Ashe [f|1905]
12403	Fenwick's Career [f|1906]
	William Thomas Arnold, Journalist.. (w Charles MONTAGUE) [b|1907]
13453	(The Testing Of) Diana Mallory [f|1908]
20383,V	Daphne (US: Marriage À La Mode) [f|1909]
13823	Canadian Born (US: Lady Merton, Colonist) [f|1910]
9614	The Case Of Richard Meynell [f|1911]
9507	The Coryston Family [f|1913]
14174	The Mating Of Lydia [f|1913]
9665	Delia Blanchflower [f|1915]
	Eltham House [f|1915]
13501	Lady Connie [f|1916]
13288	A Great Success [f|1916]
16089,VJEngland's Effort: Six Letters To An American Friend [n|1916/16]
10099	Towards The Goal [1917]
12908	Missing [1917]
9820	A Writer's Recollections [2v|a|1918]
13573	The War And Elizabeth (US: Elizabeth's Campaign) [f|1918]
13071	Helena [f|1919]
13827	Fields Of Victory [f|1919]
13801	Harvest [f|1920]
	Love's Harvest [f|1929]

Ian WARD {UK} (M: 1929 Feb 25 - 2006 Mar 8)

Prof, Ida Caroline WARD {UK} (F: 1880 Oct 4 - 1949 Oct 10)
	Speech Defects And Their Cure [n|1923]
	Handbook Of English Intonation (w L E ARMSTRONG) [n|1929]
	Phonetics Of English [n|1930]
	Practical Phonetics For..African Languages (w D WESTERMANN) [n|1933]
	Phonetic And Tonal Structure Of Efik [n|1933]
	Introduction To The Ibo Language [n|1936]
	Practical Suggestions For Learning An African Language.. [n|1937]
	Introduction To The Yoruda Language [n|1949]

Irene Mary Bewick WARD, (life) Baroness WARD Of NORTH TYNESIDE of North Tyneside {UK} (F: 1895 (wrongly 1894) Feb 23 - 1980 Apr 26)

Mrs J Carlton, WARD (see: Josephine Mary WARD)

J G WARD (?: ? - ?)
	The Spring Of Life [p|1834]

Prof, James WARD {UK} (M: 1843 Jan 27 - 1925 Mar 4)
	Naturalism And Agnosticism [n|1899/?/?/1915]
	The Realm Of Ends Or Pluralism And Theism [n|1911/?/20]
	Heredity And Memory [n|1913]
	Psychological Principles [n|1918/20]
	A Study Of Kant [n|1922]

James WARD {UK} (M: 1851 Nov 17 - 1924 May 18)
	Elementary Principles Of Ornament [n|1890]
	Principles Of Ornament [n|1892]
	Report On The Art..Schools Of Crefeld, Zürich, And Lyons [n|1895]
	Historic Ornament [2v|n|1897]
	Progressive Design [n|?]
	Floral Studies For Decorative Design [n|1901]
	Colour Harmony And Contrast [n|1902]
	Fresco Painting, Its Art And Technique [n|1909]
	Relation Of Schools Of Art To Museums [n|1912]
	History And Methods Of Ancient And Modern Painting [n|1913]
	Colour Decoration Of Architecture [n|1913]

James (A) WARD {US} (M: 1932 Jun 7 - 2009 Feb 26)

Rev, James Clifton WARD (M: 1843 Apr 13 - 1880 Apr 15)

Rev, James Edward WARD {CA} (M: 1883 Oct 1 - 1958 Apr 13)
	The Wayfarer [f|1922]
	The Window Of Life [n|1925]
	Indian Summer.. [p|1933]
	The Cradle In The Hills [d|1941]
	..This England [p|1942]
	The Master On The Mount [n|1943]
	..God's Plenty [d|1945]

Cdr, James Harmon WARD (M: 1806 Sep 25 - 1861 Jun 27)

John WARD (M: 1781 Jun 22 - 1870 May 27 (wrongly Jun 3))
	The Borough Of Stoke-Upon-Trent..Newcastle-Under-Lyme.. [n|1843]

Rev, John WARD (M: 1815 - 1888 Jul 5)

John WARD (M: 1832 Aug 7 - 1912 Feb 20)
10972	With The 'Die-Hards' In Siberia [1920]

John Frederick WARD {AU} (M: 1883 Jul 20 - 1954 Aug 18)
	Prince Alfred College [n|1951]

John Grover WARD {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	History Of The Moodus Baptist Church, 1809-1911 (anon) [n|1911]

John Joseph WARD {UK} (M: 1875 - ?)
	Minute Marvels Of Nature [n|1903]
	Peeps Into Nature's Ways [n|1905]
	Some Nature Biographies [n|1908]
	Life Histories Of Familiar Plants [n|1908]
	Insect Biographies With Pen And Camera [n|1913]
	The Nature Book (w ?) [n|1911]
	The Nature Lover's Handbook (w ?) [n|1911]
	Marvels Of The Universe [n|1912]
	The Boys Book Of The Open Air [n|1919]
	Wonder Book Of Wonders [n|1922]
	Wonder Book Of Nature [n|1923]
	Pageant Of Nature [n|1924]
	Wonder Book Of Pets [n|1928]

Prof, John Manning WARD {AU} (M: 1919 Jul 6 - 1990 May 6)

John Montgomery WARD (M: 1860 - 1925)
19975	Base-ball: How To Become A Player [n|1888]

John Powell WARD {UK} (M: 1937 - ?)

John Sebastian Marlow/Marlowe WARD {UK} (M: 1885 Dec 22 - 1949 Jul 2)
	Gone West [n|1917]
	A Subaltern In Spirit-Land [n|1917]
	Told Through The Ages [n|1926]
	The Psychic Powers Of Christ [n|1936]

John (Stanton) WARD {UK} (M: 1917 Oct 10 - 2007 Jun 17)

John Towers WARD {UK} (M: 1930 Jul 27 - ?)

Prof, John William WARD {US} (M: 1922 Dec 21 - ?)

Rev, John William George WARD {UK/US?} (M: 1879 (wrongly 1880) Oct - 1945 Sep 29)
	Problems That Perplex [n|1919/1923]
	Parables For Little People [n|1921]
	Messages From Master Minds [n|1922]
	The Master And The Twelve [n|1924]
	Chats With Children [n|1925]
	Cameos From Calvary [n|1926]
	Treasure Trove For Little People [n|1927]
	His Last Week [n|1928]
	Portraits Of The Prophets [n|1930]
	The Beauty Of The Beatitudes [n|1931]
	The Rabbit And The Clock [n|1932]
	The Tragedy And Triumph Of Easter [n|1933]
	Steering By The Stars [n|1933]
	The Refiner's Fire [n|1934]
	Special Day Sermons [e|1935]
	The Glorious Galilean [n|1936]
	Crowded Out [n|1936]
	The God We Need [n|1941]
	The Song Of The Shepherd [n|1942]
	More Parables For Little People [n|1943]

Jonas WARD (see: William (Thomas) ARD)

Jonas WARD (see: Brian (Francis Wynne) GARFIELD)

Joreth WARD (ps) (?: ? - ?)
	In Search Of Yesterday [f|1935]
	Timorous Adventures [f|1936]

Joseph Anthony WARD {US} (M: 1931 Feb 26 - ?)

Josephine Mary WARD, nee HOPE-SCOTT, aka Mrs J Carlton WARD ? {UK} (F: 1864 - 1932 (wrongly 1937) Nov 20)
(&ps: Mrs Wilfrid WARD)
	Saint Anselm [1893]
	One Poor Scruple [f|1899]
	The Light Behind [f|1903]
	Out Of Due Time [f|1906]
	Under The Northern Lights [f|1909]
17952	Great Possessions [f|1909]
	The Job Secretary [1911]
	Horace Blake [f|1913]
	Not Known Here [f|1921]
	The Shadow Of Mussolini [f|1927]
	Tudor Sunset [f|1932]

Justine Bayard Cutting WARD {US} (F: 1879 Aug 7 - 1975 Nov 27)
	Gregorian Chant [n|1923]

Kenneth WARD (M: ? - ?)
27674	The Boy Volunteers With The Submarine Fleet [f|1917]
	The Boy Volunteers On The Belgian Front [f|?]
	The Boy Volunteers With The French Airmen [f|?]
	The Boy Volunteers With The British Artillery [f|?]

Lalla WARD (see: Sarah Jill WARD)

Sir, (Albert) Lambert WARD {UK} (M: 1875 Nov 7 - 1956 Oct 21)

Sir, Leslie Matthew WARD {UK} (M: 1851 Nov 21 - 1922 May 15)
(&ps: [SPY])
35466,k	Forty Years Of 'Spy' [a|1915]

Leslie WARD (M: ? - ?)

Lester Frank WARD (M: 1841 Jun 18 - 1913 Apr 18)
	Dynamic Sociology [2v|n|1883]
	The Psychic Factors Of Civilization [n|1893]
	Pure Sociology [n|1903]
	A Textbook Of Sociology (w James Quayle DEALEY) [n|1905]
	Applied Sociology [n|1906]
	Glimpses Of The Cosmos [6v|a|1913-18]
	The Substance Of The Sociology Of Lester F Ward (ed C WOOD) [n|1934]

Lydia (Arms) WARD, nee AVERY, ?:Mrs COONLEY {US} (F: 1845 - 1924)

Lynd (Kendall) WARD {US} (M: 1905 Jun 26 - 1985 Jun 28)
	God's Man [f|1929]

Lynda WARD (F: ? - ?)
(ps: Julia JEFFRIES)

Maisie(=Mary) (Josephine) WARD, Mrs SHEED {UK/US?} (F: 1889 Jan 4 - 1975 Jan 28)
	St Bernadino, The People's Preacher [b|1914]
	Father Maturin, A Memoir, With Selected Letters [b|1920]
	Catholic Evidence Training Outlines [n|1925/?/?]
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	The Wilfrid Wards And The Transition [2v|b|1934-1937]
	The Oxford Groups [1937]
	Catholic Evidence Training Outlines (4e w F J SHEED) [n|1939]
	This Burning Heat (ed) [n|1941]
18707	Gilbert Keith Chesterton [b|1943]
	The Splendor Of The Rosary [n|1945]
	Young Mr Newman [John Henry Newman] [b|1948]
	France Pagan? [n|1949]
	The Saints In Picture [n|1950]
	The Return To Chesterton [n|1952]
	Be Not Solicitous [n|1953]
	The Authenticity Of The Gospels [n|1956]
	They Saw His Glory [n|1956]
	The Rosary [n|1957]
	Saints Who Made History (UK: Early Church Portrait Gallery) [n|1959]
	Caryll Houselander, That Divine Eccentric [b|1962]
	Robert Browning And His World [2v|b|1967-69]

Margaret WARD, nee HOCKETT {US} (F: c1930 - ?)
	Programmed Instruction For Theological Education.. (w T WARD) [n|1970/71]

Marie WARD, nee ? (F: ? - ?)
	Les Harems Du Nouveau Monde [Fr-1856]

(Persephone) Marion WARD {UK} (F: 1916 - 2011 May 8)

Marjorie (Alice) WARD, Viscountess BANGOR, nee BANKS, 1:Mrs SIMPSON {UK} (F: 1906 - 1991 Jul 21)
	Europe On Record (w Edward WARD) [n|1950]
	The US And Us (w Edward WARD) [n|1951]
	Danger Is Our Business (w Edward WARD) [n|1955]

Martha (Ann) WARD, nee EADS {US} (F: 1921 Jul 21 - 2015 Jul 2)
	Authors Of Books For Young People (w Dorothy A MARQUARDT) [n|1967/71]

Martin Theodore WARD (M: 1799 - 1874)

Mary WARD (F: ? - ?)
	Memoirs Of Kenneth Martin Ward..1887..1927.. (anon) [b|1929]

Mary WARD, nee KING (F: 1827 Apr 27 - 1869 Aug 31)
(&ps: Hon Mrs W; Mrs WARD)
	A World Of Wonders Revealed By The Microscope (ps: Hon Mrs W) [n|1858]
	Microscope Teachings (ps: Mrs WARD) [n|1864]
	The Microscope [n|?/?/1869/1876]

Mary WARD, nee WINSTANLEY {UK} (F: c1925 - ?)

Mary (nee)Behrendsen WARD {US} (F: c1905 - 1985)
	A Flier In Flapperism [c1925]
	Historic Homes Of Alabama And Their Tradition [n|1935]

Mary Jane WARD, Mrs QUAYLE {US} (F: 1905 Aug 27 - 1981)
	The Tree Has Roots [f|1937]
	The Wax Apple [f|1938]
	The Snake Pit [f|1946]
	The Professor's Umbrella [f|1948]
	A Little Night Music [f|1951]
	It's Different For A Woman [f|1952]

Mary O WARD {US?} (F: ? - ?)
	Songs For The Little Ones At Home (ed anon) [p|1911]

Michael (Peter) WARD {UK} (M: 1939 Jul 17 - 2008 Oct 18)

Michael Phelps WARD {UK} (M: 1925 Mar 26 - 2005 Oct 7)
	High Altitude Medicine And Physiology (w MILLEDGE & WEST) [n|1989/?/2000]

Michael Ronald WARD {UK} (M: 1929 Jan 15 - 2011 Apr 17)

Montgomery Albert WARD (M: 1839 Oct 10 - 1897 Dec 30)

Rev, Nathaniel WARD (M: c1578 - 1652 Oct)
(&ps: Theodore de la GUARD)
	The Body Of Liberties [n|1641]
*	The Simple Cobbler Of Aggawam (ps: Theodore de la GUARD) [1647]

Nathaniel Bagshaw WARD (M: 1791 - 1868 Jun 4)

(Arthur) Neville WARD {UK} (M: 1922 Jun 5 - 1989 May 5)

Norman WARD {CA} (M: 1918 May 10 - 1990 Feb 4)

Prof, Paul Langdon WARD {US} (M: 1911 Feb 4 - 2005 Nov 13)
	Style Of History For Beginners [n|1959]

(Robert) Plumer WARD (M: 1765 Mar 19 - 1846 Aug 13)
	An Enquiry Into The Foundation And History..Europe.. [2v|n|1795]
	A Treatise Of The Relative Rights And Duties Of Belligerents.. [n|1801]
	An Enquiry Into The Manner..Different Wars Of Europe.. [n|1804]
	Tremaine (anon) [f|1825]
	De Vere [f|1827]
	Illustrations Of Human Life [f|1837]
	An Historical Essay On The..Revolution Of 1688 [2v|n|1838]
	Pictures Of The World At Home And Abroad [3v|n|1839]
	De Clifford [f|1841]

R Patrick WARD (see: Rudi(=Rudolf) (Patrick) HOLZAPFEL)

Raymond WARD {UK/NZ?} (M: 1925 - ?)

Rebecca WARD (see: Maureen (Ann) Crane WARTSKI)

Prof, (William) Reginald WARD {UK} (M: 1925 Mar 23 - 2010 Oct 2)

Richard E WARD (see: Julius (Ernst Wilhelm) STINDE)

Richard Heron WARD {UK} (M: 1910 May 23 - 1969 Dec)
	The Compelled Hero [f|1931]
	The Spring Term Is Over [f|1933]
	An Experiment In Fear [d|pub:1933]
	The Progress To The Lake [1934]
	The Powys Brothers [n|1935]
	The Sun Shall Rise [1935]
	William Somerset Maugham [n|1937]
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	What Is Non-Violent Technique? [n|1938]
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	Faust in Hell [d|pub:1944]
	The Prodigal Son [d|pub:1944/pub:1952]
	The Figure On The Cross [d|pub:1947]
	The Encounter [p|1948]
	The Wise And Foolish Virgins [d|pub:1949]
	God's Absence, God's Return [n|1950]
	Twenty-Three Poems [p|1952]
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	A Gallery Of Mirrors [a|1956]
	A Drug-Taker's Notes [1957]
	The Wilderness [f|1958]
	The Builders [d|pub:1959]
	The Lost Sheep [d|pub:1960]
	The Offenders [f|1960]
	The Wanderer [d|pub:1962]
	The Life Of Cassie Pearson [f|1962]
	The Hidden Boy [1962]

Robert WARD (M: ? - ?)
	Focus Histriomastix [d|La-pro:1623/pub:1909]

Robert WARD (M: 1816 - 1876 Oct 13)

Robert (Eugene) WARD {US} (M: 1917 Sep 13 - 2013 Apr 3)

Robert WARD {US} (M: ? - ?)

Robert WARD {CA} (M: ? - ?)

Prof, Robert De Courcy WARD {US} (M: 1867 Nov 29 - 1931 Nov 12)

Robert Spencer WARD (M: ? - ?)
(ps: Evan KING)

Ronald WARD {UK} (M: 1909 Apr 20 - 1973 Sep 30)

Roosevelt WARD, Jr, aka Douglas TURNER {US} (M: 1930 (or 1931) May 5 - living 2017)
(ps: Douglas Turner WARD)

Rose Elizabeth (nee)Knox WARD (F: c1885 - ?)
(ps: Elizabeth Sax ROHMER)

Prof, Russel/Russell (Braddock) WARD {AU} (M: 1914 - 1995)

Samuel WARD (M: 1577 - 1639)
16423	A Coal From The Altar, To Kindle The Holy Fire Of Zeale [n|1615]

Samuel (Cutler) WARD {US} (M: 1814 Jan 27 - 1884 May 19)
	Lyrical Recreations [p|1865]
	Sam Ward In The Gold Rush [n|1949]

Samuel Ringgold WARD (M: 1817 Oct 17 - c1866)
	Autobiography Of A Fugitive Negro [a|1855]

Sarah Jill WARD, 1:Mrs BAKER, 2:Mrs DAWKINS {UK} (F: 1951 Jun 28 - living 2017)
(ps: Lalla WARD)

Sheilah (Mary Frances) WARD, Mrs LING {UK} (F: 1928 Feb 27 - 1997 Jul 20)
(&ps: Sheilah Ward LING)
	Angela Has Wings (w Peter LING) [f|1960]

Stephen George Peregrine WARD {UK} (M: 1917 - 2008)
	Wellington's Headquarters [n|1957]
	Wellington [b|1963]
	Faithful [n|1963]

Stephen Henry WARD (M: c1818 - 1880 Jul 10)

Stuart WARD (M: c1940 - ?)

Sylvanus WARD (M: ? - ?)
	The Bankers Of St Hubert.. [s|1883]

Prof, Ted (Warren) WARD {US} (M: 1930 Dec 15 - ?)
	What Makes The Difference? [n|1958/67]
	You're In For A Surprise! [n|1960]
	Programmed Instruction For Theological Education.. (w M WARD) [n|1970/71]
	Values Begin At Home [n|1979/89]

Sir, Terence George WARD {UK} (M: 1906 Jan 16 - 1991 Sep 30)

Theodora (nee)Van Wagenen WARD {US} (F: 1890 Nov 13 - 1974 Aug 16)
	The Capsule Of The Mind [b|1961]

(James) Theodore WARD {US} (M: 1902 Sep 15 (or 25) - 1983 May 8)

Thomas WARD (M: 1807 Jun 8 - 1873 Apr 13)
(&ps: FLACCUS)

Thomas Humphry WARD {UK} (M: 1845 Nov 9 - 1926 May 6)
	The Oxford Spectator (w others) [n|1868]
	The English Poets (4v) (ed) [p|1880]
	Men Of The Reign (ed) [n|1885]
	The Reign Of Queen Victoria (ed) [n|1887]
	English Art In The Public Galleries Of London (ed) [n|1888]
	Romney (w ?) [n|1904]
	Men Of The Time (ed) [n|?]
	Humphry Sandwith, A Memoir [b|?]

Thomas William WARD {UK} (M: 1918 Nov 8 - 2000 Aug 4)

Tom WARD (see: Edward L STRATEMEYER)

Tony(=Anthony) (Patrick) WARD {UK} (M: 1931 Jul 18 - 2010 Oct 31)

Prof, Virgil Scott WARD {US} (M: 1916 Mar 19 (or 29) - 2003 Feb 16)
	Educating The Gifted [n|1961]
	The Gifted Student [n|1962]

Mrs Wilbraham WARD, nee ? (F: ? - ?)
	They Are Not Dead (jt ed) [e|1918]

Mrs Wilfrid, WARD (see: Josephine Mary WARD)

Wilfrid Philip WARD (M: 1856 Jan 2 - 1916 Apr 9)
	The Wish To Believe [n|1884]
	The Clothes Of Religion [n|1886]
	William George Ward And The Oxford Movement [n|1889]
	William George Ward And The Catholic Revival [n|1893]
	Witnesses To The Unseen [n|1894]
	The Life And Times Of Cardinal Wiseman [b|1897]
	Problems And Persons [n|1903]
	Aubrey De Vere [b|1904]
	Ten Personal Studies [e|1908]
	The Life Of John Henry, Cardinal, Newman.. [2v|b|1912]
	Men And Matters [n|1914]

Rev, William WARD (M: 1769 Oct 20 - 1823 Mar 7)
	History, Literature, And Mythology Of The Hindus [n|1811]
	Memoir Of Krishna-Pal, The First Hindu Convert In Bengal [b|1823]

William WARD {US} (M: 1823 Aug - 1887)
	The Poems Of William Ward [p|1933]

William Bethea WARD {US} (M: 1912 Aug 12 - ?)

William George WARD (M: 1812 Mar 21 - 1882 Jul 6)
	The Ideal Of A Christian Church [n|1844]

William Harry Percival WARD (M: 1811 - 1875 Aug 19)

Rev, William Hayes WARD (M: 1835 Jun 25 - 1916 Aug 28)
	Cylinders.. [n|1909]
	The Seal Cylinders Of Western Asia [n|1910]
	What I Believe, And Why [n|1915]

William Henry WARD {US} (M: ? - ?)
	All Sides Of Life.. [a|1886]

William Perceval WARD (M: ? - ?)
&	Isle Of Mann, And Diocese Of Sodor & Mann [n|1837]

William T WARD {US} (M: ? - ?)
	My Fifty Years In The Active Ministry.. [a|1942]

Rev, Bridgeman George (Fanshawe Coterell) WARD-BOUGHTON-LEIGH {UK} (M: 1855 - 1940 Feb 26)

John Bryan WARD-PERKINS {UK} (M: 1912 Feb 3 - 1981 May 28)

Edith Elizabeth WARDALE {UK} (F: 1863 Mar 6 - 1943 Feb 27)
	An Old English Grammar [n|1922]
	Chapters On Old English Literature [n|1935]
	An Introduction To Middle English [n|1937]

Beatrice Lamberton WARDE, nee BECKER {US} (F: 1900 Sep 20 - 1969 Sep 14)
(&ps: An AMERICAN in England; Paul BEAUJON)
	Enjoying England (ps: An AMERICAN In England) [n|1931]
	A Little Book About Books (anon) [n|1935]
	Unjustified Lines [p|1935]
	Token Of Freedom [n|1940]
	The Crystal Goblet [e|1956]

Edmund WARDE (see: Eric Arthur WALDRON)

Frederick Barkham WARDE, ne WARD {US} (M: 1851 Feb 23 - 1935 Feb 7)
	Fifty Years Of Make-Believe [a|1920]

Rev, George Ambrose WARDE (M: c1803 - 1859 Jan 18)

James Cooke WARDE (M: ? - ?)
	Jimmy Warde's Experience As A Lunatic..Arkansas Lunatic Asylum [a|1902]

Lyneworth WARDE {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Fate's Grim Sport (w Percy RUSSELL) [f|1895]

Margaret WARDE (see: Edith Kellogg DUNTON)

James WARDELL (M: c1812 - 1873 May (wrongly Jun) 3)

Prof, John Henry WARDELL {IE} (M: ? - 1957 Aug)

John Richard WARDELL (M: c1819 - 1885 Aug 21)

Prof, Ralph WARDELL (M: 1779 Dec 22 - 1853 Dec 17)

Mrs Villiers, WARDELL, nee ? (F: ? - ?)
(ps: David LISLE)
	A Painter Of Souls [f|1911]
	A Kingdom Divided [f|1912]
	What Is Love? [f|1913]
	The Impossible Mrs Bellew [f|1916]

Phyl(=Phyllis) (Ruth Margaret) WARDELL, nee ROBINSON {NZ} (F: 1909 Oct 21 - 1994 Oct)
	Gold At Kapai [f|1960]
	The Secret Of The Lost Tribe Of Te Anau [f|1962]

Canon, Oswald Pryor WARDELL-YERBURGH (M: 1858 Feb 23 - 1913 Nov 14)
	Marriage Addresses And Marriage Hymns (ed) [e|1900]

A WARDEN (see: Frederick HALCOMB)

The WARDEN of the Anchorite Fellowship of the Holy Spirit (see: Adela Marion CURTIS)

Archibald A WARDEN {UK} (M: 1869 May 11 - 1943 Oct 7)
	English Handbook To The Paris Medical School [n|?]
	Results Of Radium-Therapy In Malignant Disease [n|1912]
	Common-Sense Patriotism [n|1915]

David Bailie WARDEN (M: 1772 - 1845 Oct 9)

Florence WARDEN (see: Florence Alice PRICE)

Gertrude WARDEN (see: Gertrude Isabel PRICE)

Jehangir Sorabji WARDEN (M: 1885 Jan 13 - 1928 Jan 16)
	Knotty Cricket Problems Solved [n|1923]

The Rector's WARDEN (see: Richard Arthur ROBERTS)

Robert Bruce WARDEN (M: 1824 - ?)
A	A Voter's Version Of The Life..Of Stephen Arnold Douglas [b|1860]

Thomas WARDEN (see: Thomas Andrew PINKERTON)

The WARDEN of Wadham College, Oxford (see: Patrick Arkley WRIGHT-HENDERSON)

Prof, Hugh (Edward) de WARDENER {US/UK} (M: 1915 Oct 8 - 2013 Sep 29)
	The Kidney [n|1958/?/?/?/?]

George Woodward WARDER (M: 1848 May 20 - 1907 Feb 8)
	Poetic Fragments [p|1873]
	Eden Dell [p|1878]
	Utopian Dreams And Lotus Leaves [p|1885]
	After Which All Things [1895]
36343	The Universe A Vast Electric Organism [n|1903]

John Aston WARDER (M: 1812 - 1883)
37596	American Pomology: Apples [n|1867]

Mayor, Matthew WARDHAUGH (M: 1813 - 1888 Mar 27)

Lady, (Margaret) Audrey WARDINGTON, nee WHITE {UK} (F: 1927 Nov 2 - 2014 Nov 8)

Charles Digby WARDLAW {US?} (M: 1882 - after 1951)
	Fundamentals Of Baseball [n|1924]

Prof, Claude Wilson WARDLAW {UK} (M: 1901 Feb 4 - 1985 Dec 16)

Lady, Elizabeth WARDLAW (F: 1677 Apr - 1727)

Rev, Gilbert WARDLAW (M: 1798 - 1873 Sep 21)

Jack Dalton WARDLAW {US} (M: 1937 Mar 28 - ?)

Rev, James Tait WARDLAW {UK} (M: 1873 Nov 23 - 1963 Nov 19)
(&ps: The Reverend Clement HUMILIS, M A; James Tait PLOWDEN-WARDLAW)
	Exam Papers In Constitutional And General History Of England [n|1898]
	The Test Of War (ps: James Tait PLOWDEN-WARDLAW) [n|1916]
	Religious Reconstruction After The War (ps: J T PLOWDEN-WARDLAW) [n|1916]
	Service Book (ps: James Tait PLOWDEN-WARDLAW) [n|1923]
	Vox Domini (ps: James Tait PLOWDEN-WARDLAW) [n|1929]
	Vox Dilecti (ps: Reverend Clement HUMILIS, M A) [n|1931]
	39 Masses Of Anglo-Catholic Saints (ps: J T PLOWDEN-WARDLAW) [n|1932]
	Daily Messages From The Master (ps: Rev Clement HUMILIS, M A) [n|1933]
	Supplement To The Missal (ps: Reverend Clement HUMILIS, M A) [n|1933]
	Catholic Reunion (ps: James Tait PLOWDEN-WARDLAW) [n|1935]
	A Modern Imitation (ps: James Tait PLOWDEN-WARDLAW) [n|1960]

John Smith WARDLAW (M: 1813 Jul 25 - 1872 Oct 9)

Sir, John (Sydney) WARDLAW-MILNE, ne WARDLAW {UK} (M: 1879 May 6 - 1967 Jul (wrongly Sep) 11)
	The Key To The War [n|?]
	The ABC Of L=sd [n|?]
	The GHQ Of L=sd [n|?]

Balcarres Dalrymple WARDLAW-RAMSAY (M: 1822 - 1885 Jan 26)

Dan WARDLE (see: Charles Horace SNOW)

George James WARDLE {UK} (M: 1865 May 15 - 1947 Jun 18)
	Problems Of The Age.. [p|1897]
	A Railway Garland (ed) [p|1904]
	Railway Nationalisation [n|1908]

Harry WARDLE {UK} (M: 1918 Oct 6 - 2007 Sep 1)

Jane WARDLE (see: Oliver (Franz) Madox HUEFFER)

Prof, (Frances) Jane WARDLE {UK} (F: 1950 Oct 30 - 2015 Oct 20)

Joseph WARDLE {UK} (M: c1841 - ?)
20619	General Gordon: Saint And Soldier [b|1904]

Prof, Ralph Martin WARDLE {US} (M: 1909 May 10 - 1988 Feb 12)

Sir, Thomas WARDLE (M: 1831 Jan 26 - 1909 Jan 3)

Rev, William Lansdell WARDLE {UK} (M: 1877 Jan 21 - 1946 Aug 31)
	Israel And Babylon [n|1925]
	History And Religion Of Israel [n|1936]

James Frederick WARDNER {US} (M: 1846 May 19 - 1905 Mar 3)
	Jim Wardner Of Wardner, Idaho [a|1900]

James WARDROP (M: 1782 Aug 14 - 1869 Feb 13)

Sir, (John) Oliver WARDROP {UK} (M: 1864 Oct 10 - 1948 Oct 19)
	The Kingdom Of Georgia [n|1888]
	The Book Of Wisdom And Lies [1894]
	Visramiani [1914]
	Catalogue Of Georgian MSS In British Museum [n|?]

John Edmund WARDROPER {CA} (M: 1923 - 2015 Oct 3)

George Thexton WARDS {UK} (M: 1897 Jun 17 - 1991 Dec 14)

Allen WARDWELL {US} (M: 1935 Jan 18 - 1999 Mar 1)

Edith Ellen WARE (F: 1882 - ?)

Eleanor Percy WARE, Mrs LEE (F: 1819 - 1849)
(ps: Two SISTERS of the West (1))

Eugene Fitch WARE (M: 1841 May 29 - 1911 Jul 1)
	Some Of The Rhymes Of Ironquill (ps: IRONQUILL) [p|1896]
	The Glan-Ik (anon) [n|1906]

F B WARE {CA} (?: ? - ?)
	History Of Cronyn Memorial Church, London, Ont 1873-1949 [n|1949]

Sir, Fabian Arthur Goulstone WARE {UK} (M: 1869 - 1949 Apr 28)
	Educational Reform [n|1900]
	Educational Foundations Of Trade And Industry [n|1901]
	The Worker And His Country [n|1912]
	The Immortal Heritage [n|1937]
	Teaching Of Modern Languages In Prussia [n|?]
	Training Of Modern Language Teachers In Prussia [n|?]

George Whitaker WARE {US} (M: 1902 Dec 22 - 1984 Jun 2)
	Southern Vegetable Crops [n|1937]
	German And Austrian Porcelain [n|1952]

Harlan WARE {US} (M: 1902 Jul 14 - 1967 May 7)

Harriet WARE, Mrs KRUMBHAAR {US} (F: c1878 - 1962 Feb 10)

Henry WARE (M: 1764 Apr 1 - 1845 Jul 12)
	Letters Addressed To Trinitarians And Calvinists [e|1820]

Rev, Henry WARE, Jr (M: 1794 Apr 21 - 1843 Sep 22)
(&ps: Jotham ANDERSON)
	The Recollections.. (ps: Jotham ANDERSON) [a|1824]
26308	Hints On Extemporaneous Preaching [n|1830]

Herta WARE, 1:Mrs GEER, 2:Mrs MARSHALL {US} (F: 1917 Jun 9 - 2005 Aug 15)

Mrs Hibbert, WARE, nee ? (F: ? - ?)
	The King Of Bath [f|1879]

Jean (E) WARE, nee JONES, aka HUNT? {UK} (F: 1914 Dec 17 - ?)
	Campau Dic [We-1952]
	Rowdy House [1962]

Judith WARE (see: Ware TORREY)

Leon (Vernon) WARE {US} (M: 1909 Feb 21 - 1979 Sep)
	Crazy Dog [1945]
	Shifting Winds [1948]
	Phantom Of The Bridge [1954]
	The Man On A Stick [d|1957]

Martin WARE (M: 1818 Dec 26 - 1895 Dec 30)

Mary WARE, nee HARRIS (F: 1828 - ?)
	Poems [p|1911]

Mary Smith (nee)Dabney WARE {US} (F: 1842 - 1933)
	A New World Through Old Eyes [n|1923]
	From Mexico To Russia [n|1929]

Monica WARE (see: John MARSH)

Nathaniel A WARE (M: 1780 or 1789 - 1854)
	Notes On Political Economy [n|1844]
	Harvey Belden [f|1845]
	..Weakness And Inefficiency Of The Government Of The US.. [n|1848]

Runa (nee)Erwin WARE {US} (F: 1906 Dec 7 (or Jul 12) - 1994 Dec 4)

Sedley Lynch WARE {US} (M: 1868 Nov 15 - 1951 Dec 21)
12324	The Elizabethan Parish In Its Ecclesiastical And Financial.. [n|1908]

Rev, Thomas WARE (M: 1758 Dec 19 - 1842 Mar 11)
	Sketches Of The Life And Travels Of Rev Thomas Ware.. [a|1839]

Wallace WARE (see: David KARP)

Rev, William WARE (M: 1797 Aug 3 - 1852 Feb 19)
8938,#	Letters..From Palmyra (aka: Zenobia) [f|1836]
21953,#	Probus (aka: Aurelian) (aka: The Last Days Of Aurelian) [f|1838]
	Julian [1841]
	Lectures On The Works And Genius Of Washington Allston [e|1852]
	Writings [1904]

William Robert WARE (M: 1832 May 27 - 1915 Jun 9)
	The American Vignola [2v|n|1902/?/04/05/10]

Eustace Bernard Foley WAREING {UK} (M: 1890 Jan 12 - 1958 Sep 18)

Prof, Philip Frank WAREING {UK} (M: 1914 Apr 27 - 1996 Mar 29)

James Curren WARF (Jr) {US} (M: 1917 Sep 1 - 2008 Nov 7)

Prof, Harry Redcay WARFEL {US} (M: 1899 Mar 21 - 1971 Jul 12)
	Naoh Webster [b|1936]
	American College English (w J C BUSHMAN & E G MATHEWS) [n|1949]
	Charles Brockden Brown [b|1949]

Prof, Benjamin Breckinridge WARFIELD {UK} (M: 1851 Nov 5 - 1921 Feb 16)
	Introduction To The Textual Criticism Of The New Testament [n|1886]
	Augustine's Anti-Pelagian Treatises [n|1887]
	Two Studies In The History Of Doctrine [n|1893]
	The Right Of Systematic Theology [n|1897]
	The Significance Of The Westminster Confession As A Creed [n|1898]
	The Power Of God Unto Salvation [n|1903]
	The Lord Of Glory [n|1907]
	Calvin As A Theologian And Calvinism To-day [n|1909]
	Hymns And Religious Verses [n|1910]
	The Saviour Of The World [n|1914]
	The Plan Of Salvation [n|1915]
	Faith And Life [n|1916]
	Counterfeit Miracles [n|1918]

Catherine Anne WARFIELD, nee WARE (F: 1816 Jun 14 (wrongly 6) - 1877 May 23)
(&ps: Two SISTERS of the West (2))
	The Household Of Bouverie (anon) [f|1860]
	The Romance Of The Green Seal [f|1866]
	The Romance Of Beauseincourt [f|1867]
12453	Miriam Monfort [f|1873]
	Hester Howard's Temptation [f|1875]
	A Double Wedding [f|1875]
	Lady Ernestine [f|1876]
	Miriam's Memoirs [f|1876]
15117	Sea And Shore: A Sequel To 'Miriam's Memoirs' [f|1876]
	Ferne Fleming [f|1877]
	The Cardinal's Daughter [f|1877]

Louis Marshall WARFIELD {US} (M: 1876 - ?)
37675	Arteriosclerosis And Hypertension [n|?/?/1920]

Sandra WARFIELD (see: Flora Jean BORNSTEIN)

Wayne (P) WARGA {US} (M: 1938 (or 1937) Jan 26 - 1994 Apr 27)

Rabbi, Zerach/Zerah/Zorach WARHAFTIG {IL} (M: 1906 Feb 2 - 2002 Sep 26)

John WARHAM {UK/NZ?} (M: 1919 Oct 11 - 2010 May 12)
	Bird-Watcher's Delight [n|1951]
	The Technique Of Bird Photography [n|1956]

Andy WARHOL (see: Andrew WARHOLA)

Andrew WARHOLA {US} (M: 1928 Aug 6 (wrongly 15) - 1987 Feb 22 (wrongly 4))
(ps: Andy WARHOL)

Daisy Florence WARIN, Mrs HAYLER {UK} (F: 1891 - 1935)
	Illustrated Check-list Of The Postal Issues Of Jeddah [n|1926]
	The Postal Issues Of Hejaz, Jeddah And Nejd [n|1927]

Alice Rebecca (nee)Noble WARING, 1:Mrs LOFTON {US} (F: 1897 May 23 - 1990)
	The Fighting Elder [b|1962]

Anna Letitia WARING (F: 1823 - 1910 May 10)
C	Hymns And Meditations [n|1863]

Brett WARING (see: Keith (James) HETHERINGTON)

Catherine W WARING (F: ? - ?)
	Annuals And Perennials [p|1853]

Charlotte WARING, 1:Mrs ATKINSON, 2:Mrs BARTON (F: baptised 1796 Mar 13 - 1867 (wrongly 1862) Oct 10)
(ps: A LADY, Long Resident in New South Wales)
	A Mother's Offering To Her Children [1841]

Lady, (Susan Elizabeth) Clementine WARING, nee MONTAGU {UK} (F: 1879 Aug 9 - 1964 Feb 15)
	Mother And Babe, An Anthology For Mothers [1933]

Edward John WARING (M: 1819 Dec 14 - 1891 Jan 22)

Elijah WARING (M: c1788 - 1857)

George WARING (M: 1806 - 1878 Apr 8)
	Four Versions Of The Holy Gospels (jt ed) [n|1865]

George WARING (M: ? - ?)
33434	The Squirrels.. [n|c1840]

George Edwin WARING (Jr) (M: 1833 (or 1838) Jul 4 - 1898 Oct 29)
31105	The Elements Of Agriculture [n|1854]
19465	Draining For Profit, And Draining For Health [n|1867]
	Jersey Cattle, Being An Essay On This Breed [n|1872]
	Whip And Spur [a|1875]
26801	Village Improvements And Farm Villages [n|1877]
	Waring's Book Of The Farm [n|1877]
	The Sanitary Condition Of City And Country Dwelling Houses [n|1877]
	Modern Methods Of Sewage Disposal [n|1894]
	How To Drain A House [n|?]
	Street-Cleaning And The Disposal Of A City's Wastes [n|1897]

Guy WARING {US} (M: 1859 - 1936)
	My Pioneer Past [a|1936]

Henry Archibald WARING {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	The Chapel Of The Royal Military College, Sandhurst (w H W BLACKBURNE) [n|1923]

Sir, Holburt Jacob WARING, 1st Bt Bartholomew's {UK} (M: 1866 - 1953 Feb 10)

Horace WARING {AU} (M: 1910 Dec 17 - 1980 Aug 9)
	Color Change Mechanisms Of Cold-Blooded Vertebrates [n|1963]

John Burley WARING (M: 1823 Jun 29 - 1875 Mar 23)

Lily Florence WARING {UK} (F: 1877 - 1966 Oct 20)
	Serbia [n|1917]

Main WARING (see: William Thomas Mainwaring HUGHES)

Mary (Douglass) WARING, Mrs HARRISON (F: 1845 Mar - 1900 Jul)

Molly WARING (see: Kathleen (Mary) LINDSAY)

Robert WARING (M: 1614 - 1658)

Robert Kerr WARING {US?} (M: 1903 - ?)

Robert Lewis WARING {US} (M: 1863 - ?)
	As We See It [1910]

S WARING (F: ? - ?)
	A Sketch Of The Life Of Linnæus (anon) [b|1827]

William WARING (M: 1798 - ?)

George WARINGTON (M: 1840 Jun 28 - 1874 Feb 25)

Robert WARINGTON (M: 1807 Sep 7 - 1867 Nov 12)
	British Pharmacopo=eia (jt ed) [n|1867]

Robert WARINGTON (M: 1838 Aug 22 - 1907 Mar 30)
	Chemistry Of The Farm [n|1882]
	On The Present Relations Of Agricultural Art And Natural Science [n|1895]
	Lectures On Some Of The Physical Properties Of Soil [e|1900]

Sir, Ian (William) WARK {AU} (M: 1899 May 8 - 1985 Apr 20)
	Principles Of Flotation [n|1938]
	Principles Of Flotation (2e w K L SUTHERLAND) [n|1955]

Kirsty(=Kirsteen) (Anne) WARK, Mrs CLEMENTS {UK} (F: 1955 Feb 3 - living 2019)

Robert R WARK {CA} (M: 1924 Oct 7 - 2007 Jun 8)
	Early British Drawings In The Huntington Collection 1700-1750 [n|?]
	Ten British Pictures 1740-1840 [n|?]

Philip Walley WARKEN {US} (M: 1935 Jul 27 - 2004 Oct 20)

Douglas Edmund WARLAND {UK} (M: 1913 Aug 14 - 1993 Dec 11)

Rev, Henry Smith WARLEIGH (M: c1814 - 1892 Jan 7)
	Ezekiel's Temple [n|?]
	Garment Of Praise [n|?]
	Mental, Moral And Industrial Training [n|?]
	Twelve Discussions Proving The Extinction Of Evil Persons.. [n|1873]

Walter WARLIMONT {DE} (M: 1894 Oct 3 - 1976 Oct 9)
	Im Hauptquartier Der Deutschen Wehrmacht 1939-1945 [n|Ge-1962]

Peter WARLOCK (see: Philip Arnold HESELTINE)

Charles WARMAN {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	Days Remembered.. [1899]

Cy WARMAN (M: 1855 Jun 22 - 1914 Apr 7)
	Mountain Melodies [p|1892]
	Tales Of An Engineer, With Rhymes Of The Rail [s|1895]
	The Express Messenger.. [s|1897]
	Frontier Stories [s|1898]
	The White Mail [f|1899]
30447	Snow On The Headlight: A Story Of The Great Burlington Strike [f|1900]
	Short Rails [f|1900]
	At The Rainbow's Tip [1905]
	The White Elephant [1905]
17572	The Last Spike.. [s|1906]
	Weiga Of Temagami.. [s|1908]
	Ol' Quebec [p|1908]
	Songs Of Cy Warman [p|1911]

(William) Eric WARMAN {UK} (M: 1904 Sep 23 - 1992 Oct 3)
(&ps: Erik WARMAN)
	No Place For The Young (ps: Erik WARMAN) [f|1934]
	Relative To Murder (ps: Erik WARMAN) [f|1940]
	Pattern For Murder (ps: Erik WARMAN) [f|1942]
	Incident (ps: Erik WARMAN) [f|1943]
	Valour Without Frontier (w Maurice MOISEIWITSCH) [1943]
	Soft At The Centre (ps: Erik WARMAN) [f|1953]
	The Royal Ballet On Stage And Screen (jt ed) [n|1960]

Erik WARMAN (see: (William) Eric WARMAN)

Bp, Frederic Sumpter Guy WARMAN {UK} (M: 1872 Nov 5 - 1953 Feb 12)

Dietlof S van WARMELO {NL?} (M: 1872 - 1966)
	Mijn Commando En Guerilla Commando-Leven [n|Du-1901]
15160	  On Commando [n|Du-1901] (tr anon) [1902]

(Johannes) Eugenius (Bülow) WARMING {DK} (M: 1841 Nov 3 - 1924 Apr 2)
	Haandbog I Den Systematiske Botanik [n|Da-1878/84]
	  A Handbook Of Systematic Botany [n|Da-1878/84] (tr M C POTTER) [1895]
	Plantesamfund [n|Da-1895]
	  Oecology Of Plants [n|Da-1895] (tr I B BALFOUR & P GROOM) [1909]

Prof, Eric Herbert WARMINGTON {UK} (M: 1898 Mar 15 - 1987 Jun 8)

M WARMINGTON, nee ? {CA} (F: ? - ?)
	Miscellaneous Poems [p|?]

William Allan WARMINGTON {UK} (M: 1922 Dec 16 - 2007 Jan 10)

Gov, Henry Clay WARMOUTH {US} (M: 1842 May 9 - 1931 Sep 30)
	War, Politics And Reconstruction.. [a|1930]

Paul WARNCKE {DE} (M: c1866 - 1933 Apr 25)

Charles WARNE (M: 1802 - 1887 Apr 11)

Colston Estey WARNE {US} (M: 1900 Aug 14 - 1987 May)
	Industry-Wide Collective Bargaining [n|1950]
	Steel Strike Of 1919 [n|1963]

Bp, Francis Wesley WARNE {CA/US?} (M: 1854 Dec 30 - 1932 Feb 29)

George WARNE (M: 1792 - 1868 Oct 29)

Gustav WARNECK (M: 1834 - 1910)
	Modern Missions And Culture [n|Ge-?] (tr Thomas SMITH) [1883]

Johannes WARNECK {DE} (M: 1867 Mar 4 - 1944 Sep 1)
	Die Lebenskräfte Des Evangeliums [n|Ge-1908]
	Die Religion Der Batak [n|Ge-1909]
	D Gustav Warneck, 1834-1910 [b|Ge-1911]
	50 Jahre Batakmission In Sumatra [n|Ge-1911]
	Paulus Im Lichte Der Heutigen Heidenmission [n|Ge-1914]
	Weltkrieg Und Weltmission [n|Ge-1915]
	Menschenmacht Und Gotteskraft [n|Ge-1916]
	D Ludwig J Nommensen [b|Ge-1919]
	Sechzig Jahre Batakmission In Sumatra [n|Ge-1925]
	Werfet Eure Netze Aus [a|Ge-1938]
	Sumatranische Plaudereien [n|Ge-1939]

Georgia WARNEKE (see: Sara WARNEKE)

Sara WARNEKE, Mrs ? {AU} (F: 1957 Jun 2 - 2011 Sep 27)
(&ps: Sara DOUGLASS; Georgia WARNEKE)
	The Devil's Diadem (ps: Sara DOUGLASS) [f|?]


Agnes WARNER {CA?} (F: ? - ?)
(ps: An American GIRL)
24368,&	'My Beloved Poilus': These Home Letters From.. (anon) [a|1917]

Alan WARNER {UK} (M: 1964 - living 2017)

Alice Sizer WARNER {US} (F: 1929 Dec 8 - 2006 May 19)

Anna Bartlett WARNER (F: 1827 Aug 31 - 1915 Jan 22)
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	Carl Krinken (anon w Susan WARNER) [f|1854]
	Mr Rutherford's Children (w Susan WARNER) [f|1854]
	My Brother's Keeper (ps: Miss WETHERELL) [1855]
	Ellen Montgomery's Bookshelf (w Elizabeth WETHERELL) [f|1856]
	Casper [1856]
	Pond Lily Stories [f|1857]
A	Hymns Of The Church Militant [1858]
	Hard Maple [1859]
	The Birthday Visit To Holly Farm (w Susan WARNER) [1860]
28544	Say And Seal (anon) (w Susan WARNER) [f|1860]
	The Golden Ladder (anon) (w Susan WARNER) [s|1863]
22061	The Carpenter's Daughter [f|1864]
	Miss Muff And Little Hungry [f|1866]
	Little Jack's Four Lessons [1869]
	Melody Of The Twenty-Third Psalm [1869]
	Sybil And Chryssa (w Susan WARNER) [f|1869]
	The Fourth Watch [1872]
	Gardening By Myself [1872]
	Miss Tiller's Vegetable Garden And The Money She Made By It [f|1873]
23584	The Gold Of Chickaree (w Susan WARNER) [f|1876]
17800	Wych Hazel (anon) (w Susan WARNER) [f|1876]
	The King's People (w Susan WARNER) [5v|1878]
	Blue Flag And Cloth Of Gold [1880]
22422	Tired Church Members [1881]
	Light Of The Morning [1882]
	Bag Of Stories [s|1883]
	Daisy Plains (anon) (w Susan WARNER) [f|1885]
	Cross, Corners [1887]
	Question To Hagar [1887]
	Patience [1891]
	Fresh Air [f|1899]
	Susan Warner ('Elizabeth Wetherell') [b|1909]
	Jesus Loves Me! [?]

Anne WARNER, Mrs FRENCH (F: 1869 Oct 14 - 1913 Feb 3)
(&ps: Anne FRENCH; Anne Richmond Warner FRENCH)
	An American Ancestry [b|1894]
	His Story, Their Letters [1902]
27225	A Woman's Will [f|1904]
15899	Susan Clegg And Her Friend Mrs Lathrop [f|1904]
15775	The Rejuvenation Of Aunt Mary [f|1905]
18987	Susan Clegg And Her Neighbors' Affairs [f|1906]
	Seeing France With Uncle John [f|1906]
	Susan Clegg And Her Love Affairs [f|1906]
22872	Susan Clegg And A Man In The House [f|1907]
	An Original Gentleman [f|1908]
	The Panther [f|1908]
	Seeing England With Uncle John [f|1908]
	In A Mysterious Way [f|1909]
	Your Child And Mine [f|1909]
	Just Between Themselves [1910]
	Susan Clegg, Her Friend And Her Neighbors [f|1910]
	How Leslie Loved [f|1911]
	When Woman Proposes [f|1911]
	The Gay And Festive Claverhouse [1914]
	Sunshine Jane [f|1914]
	The Taming Of Amaretti [f|1915]
	The Tigress [f|1916]
	My Name Is Masak [f|?]
	The Restless Nomad [f|?]

Arthur WARNER (M: ? - ?)
	A Land-Lubber's Log.. [a|1930]

Ashton WARNER (M: ? - ?)
	Negro Slavery Described By A Negro (ed Susanna MOODIE) [a|1831]

(Robert Stewart) Aucher WARNER {UK} (M: c1859 - 1944 Dec 21)

Rev, Charles WARNER (M: 1818 Jul 27 - 1900 May 21)

Charles Dudley WARNER (M: 1829 Sep 12 - 1900 Oct 20)
	The Book Of Eloquence [1851]
3135	My Summer In A Garden [1870]
3128	Saunterings [1872]
3134	Backlog Studies [1873]
3178,R	The Gilded Age (w Mark TWAIN) [f|1873]
3133	Baddeck, And That Sort Of Thing [1874]
	My Winter On The Nile [1876]
	In The Levant [1877]
3127	Being A Boy [1878]
3132	In The Wilderness [1878]
3130	Captain John Smith [1881]
3101	Washington Irving [1881]
	A Roundabout Journey [1883]
3126	On Horseback [1888]
3103	A Little Journey In The World [1889]
3106	As We Were Saying [1891]
28506,L	Our Italy [1891]
3104	The Golden House [1894]
	The Relation Of Literature To Life [n|1896]
	That Fortune [1899]
3109	Fashions In Literature [n|1902]
3131	Spring In New England [?]
3129	Pocohantas [?]
3125	Complete Essays [e|?]
3124	For Whom Shakespeare [?]
3123	Novel And School [?]
3122	England [?]
3121	Mr Foude's Progress [?]
3120	Modern Fiction [n|?]
3119	Your Culture To Me [?]
3118	Equality [?]
3117	Literature And Life [?]
3116	Literary Copyright [n|?]
3115	Indeterminate Sentence [?]
3114	Education Of The Negro [n|?]
3113	Causes Of Discontent [?]
3112	Pilgrim And American [?]
3111	Diversities Of American Life [?]
3110	American Newspaper [?]
3108	Nine Short Essays [e|?]
3107	As We Go [?]
3105	That Fortune [?]
3102	Their Pilgrimage [?]
2671	The Complete Writings Of Charles Dudley Warner [4v|?]
12369	Library Of The World's Best Literature.. (ed) [11+v|?]

Charles Forbes WARNER {US} (M: 1851 - ?)
(ps: PEN)
	Northampton Of Today [Mass] (w Frederick KNAB) [n|1902]

Daniel Sumner WARNER {US} (M: 1907 Jul 10 - ?)

Rev, David Victor WARNER {CA} (M: 1879 - ?)
	The Church And Modern Socialism [n|1909]

Denis (Ashton) WARNER {AU} (M: 1917 Dec 12 - 2012 Jul 12)
	The Last Confucian [n|1953]
	Hurricane From China [n|1961]

Edward WARNER (M: 1818 - 1875 Mar 7)

Edwin Charles WARNER {UK} (M: 1900 Apr 10 - 1968 Jan 6)
	Savill's System Of Clinical Medicine (ed) [n|1944/1950/64]

Edythe (nee)Records WARNER {US} (F: 1916 Oct 26 - ?)

Emily (nee)Smith WARNER {US} (F: 1901 Dec 23 - 1980 Mar 13)
	The Happy Warrior [Gov Alfred E Smith] (w Hawthorne DANIEL) [b|1956]

Edythe (nee?)Records WARNER {US} (F: 1916 Oct 26 - living 1980)

Esther (nee)Sietmann WARNER, 2:Mrs DENDEL {US} (F: 1910 Feb 2 - 2002 Aug 24)
	New Song In A Strange Land [1948]
	The Silk-Cotton Tree [1958]

Frances Lester WARNER, Mrs HERSEY {US} (F: 1888 - 1971)
	Endicott And I [1919]
	Life's Minor Collisions (w Gertrude Chandler WARNER) [1921]
	Groups And Couples [1923]
	Pleasures And Palaces (w Gertrude Chandler WARNER) [1933]

Francis WARNER {UK} (M: 1847 Jul 10 - 1926 Oct 26)
	Mental Faculty Lectures [n|?]
	The Study Of Children [n|?]
	The Nervous System Of The Child [n|?]

Frank WARNER (see: Gladwell (Toney) RICHARDSON)

Sir, Frank WARNER {UK} (M: 1862 Sep 13 - 1930 Jan 23)
	The Silk Industry Of The United Kingdom [n|1921]

Frank A WARNER (house pseudonym)
	Bobby Blake On A Plantation [f|1922]
	Bobby Blake In The Frozen North [f|1923]
	Bob Chase In The Tiger's Lair [f|1929]
	Bob Chase After Grizzly Bears [f|1929]
	Bob Chase With The Big Moose Hunters [f|1929]
	Bob Chase With The Lion Hunters [f|1930]

Frank Melville WARNER (M: 1884 - ?)

Sir, Fred(=Frederick) (Archibald) WARNER {UK} (M: 1918 May 2 - 1995 Sep 30)

Sir, Frederick (Edward) WARNER {UK} (M: 1910 Mar 31 - 2010 Jul 3)

(George) Geoffrey John WARNER {UK} (M: 1923 - ?)
(&ps: Geoffrey JOHNS)

Rev, George Brydges Lee WARNER (M: 1812 - 1880 Jan 7)

Sir, George Frederick WARNER {UK} (M: 1845 Apr 7 - 1936 Jan 17)

George Townsend WARNER {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Groundwork Of British History (w C H K MARTEN) [n|1912]

Gertrude Chandler WARNER {US} (F: 1890 Apr 16 - 1979 Aug 30)
	The House Of Delight [1916]
	Star Stories [f|1918]
	Life's Minor Collisions (w Frances WARNER) [1921]
	The Boxcar Children [1924/1942]
	The World In A Barn [1927]
	Windows Into Alaska [1928]
	The World On A Farm [1931]
	Pleasures And Palaces (w Frances WARNER) [1933]
	Henry Barnard [b|1937]
	Children Of The Harvest [1940]
	History Of Connecticut [n|1948]
	Surprise Island [1949]
	The Yellow House Mystery [f|1953]
	1001 Nights [1954]
	Mystery Ranch [f|1958]
	Mike's Mystery [f|1960]
	Blue Bay Mystery [f|1961]
	Woodshed Mystery [f|1962]
	The Lighthouse Mystery [f|63]

Glenn Scobey WARNER {US} (M: 1871 Apr 5 - 1954 Sep 7)
	A Course In Football For Players And Coaches (anon) [n|1908]

Howard Willard WARNER {CA} (M: 1908 - ?)

Jack WARNER (see: Horace John WATERS)

Jack WARNER, Jr {US} (M: 1916 Mar 27 - 1995 Apr 1)

Jack Leonard WARNER (see: John/Jack EICHELBAUM)

John WARNER {UK} (M: 1886 - ?)

Prof, Keith Quinley WARNER {TT} (M: 1943 Mar 7 - living 2011)

Kenneth (Lewis) WARNER {UK} (M: 1915 Apr 10 - 1990 Nov 8 or 9)
(&ps: Dighton MOREL)
	Moonlight Red (ps: Dighton MOREL) [f|1960]
	The Little Perisher (ps: Dighton MOREL) [f|1961]
	Autumn Fair (ps: Dighton MOREL) [f|1962]
	The Son (ps: Dighton MOREL) [f|1963]

Langdon WARNER {US} (M: 1881 Aug 1 - 1955 Jun 9)
	The Enduring Art Of Japan [n|1952]
	Japanese Sculpture Of The Tempyo Period [n|1959]

Lena Clarke WARNER, nee ANGEVINE {US} (F: 1869 May 16 - 1948 Aug 18)
	Make War On The Fly [n|?]
	Typhoid [n|?]

Lucien Calvin WARNER (M: 1841 - 1914)
	Personal Memoirs.. [a|1915]

Marina WARNER {UK} (F: c1946 - ?)

Matt WARNER (see: George S FICHTER)

Matt WARNER {US} (M: 1864 - 1938)
	The Last Of The Bandit Raiders [a|1940]

Mignon WARNER, nee ? {AU} (F: ? - ?)

Mildred WARNER, nee HALL {US} (F: c1900 - after 1969)
	What You Should Know About Social Class (w W L WARNER) [n|1953]

Nevill WARNER {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Poems Of Love, Peace And War [p|1946]

Oliver (Martin Wilson) WARNER {UK} (M: 1903 Feb 28 - 1976 Aug 14)
	Life's Feast [1926]
	A Secret Of The Marsh [1927]

Opie L WARNER {US} (M: ? - ?)
	A Pardoned Lifer (w George C CONTANT) [b|1909]

Orson C WARNER (M: 1800 - ?)
	The Life Of Orson C Warner.. [a|1829]

Peggy WARNER, nee HICK {AU} (F: c1920 - 2010)

Sir, Pelham (Francis) WARNER {UK} (M: 1873 Oct 2 - 1963 Jan 30)
	Cricket In Many Climes [n|1900]
	Fielding [n|1900]
	The West Indian Cricket Team [n|1900]
	Cricket Across The Seas [n|1903]
	How We Recovered The Ashes [n|1904]
	The MCC In S Africa [n|1906]
	The Book Of Cricket [n|1911]
	Imperial Cricket (ed) [n|1912]
	England V Australia [n|1912]
	My Cricketing Life [a|1921]
	The Fight For The Ashes In 1926 [n|?]
	The Fight For The Ashes In 1930 [n|?]
	Cricket Between Two Wars [n|1942]
	Lord's 1787-1945 [n|1946]
	Gentlemen Versus Players 1787-1949 [n|1950]
	Long Innings [n|1951]

Penny WARNER {US} (F: 1947 - ?)
(&ps: Penny PIKE)

Peter WARNER {UK} (M: 1939 Mar 1 - 2007 Sep 22)

Philip (Arthur William) WARNER {UK} (M: 1914 May 19 - 2000 Sep 23)

Priscilla Mary WARNER, nee ELLINGFORD {UK} (F: 1905 Mar 2 - 1994 Jan 27)
	Embroidery Mary [f|1948]
	Tessie Growing Up [f|1952]
	Mr And Mrs Cherry [f|1953]
	A Friend For Frances [f|1956]
	If It Hadn't Been For Frances [f|1957]
	The Paradise Summer [f|1963]

Rawleigh WARNER, Jr {US} (M: 1921 Feb 13 - 2013 Jun 26)

Prof, Rex (Ernest) WARNER {UK} (M: 1905 Mar 9 - 1986 Jun 24)
	The Kite [1936]
	The Wild Goose Chase [1937]
	Poems [p|1937]
	Poems And Contradictions [p|1945]

Rev, Richard WARNER (M: 1763 Oct 18 - 1857 Jul 27)

Robert WARNER (M: 1815 - 1896 Dec 17)

Robert Townsend WARNER {UK} (M: c1870 - ?)
	Winchester [n|1900]

Roger Harold Metford WARNER {UK} (M: 1913 May 3 - 2008 May 13)

Prof, Sam Bass WARNER, Jr {US} (M: 1928 Apr 6 - ?)

Samuel Alfred WARNER (M: ? - 1853 Dec 5)

Susan (Bogert) WARNER (F: 1819 Jul 11 - 1885 Mar 17)
(ps: Miss WETHERELL; Elizabeth WETHERELL)
28376,J	The Wide, Wide World (ps: Elizabeth WETHERELL) [f|1850]
8874	Queechy (ps: Elizabeth WETHERELL) [f|1852]
	American Female Patriotism (ps: Elizabeth WETHERELL) [n|1852]
	Carl Krinken (anon w Anna WARNER) [f|1854]
16918	The Hills Of The Shatemuc [1] (anon) [f|1856]
	Ellen Montgomery's Bookshelf (w Amy LOTHROP) [f|1856]
	Mr Rutherford's Children (w Anna WARNER) [f|1854]
	Rufus And Winthrop (aka: Rest) [repr of 1] [f|1857]
	The Birthday Visit To Holly Farm (w Anna WARNER) [1860]
28544	Say And Seal (anon) (w Anna WARNER) [f|1860]
	The Children Of Blackberry Hollow [f|1861]
	The Little Nurse Of Cape Cod [f|1863]
	The Golden Ladder (anon) (w Anna WARNER) [s|1863]
26829	The Old Helmet [f|1864]
18686	Melbourne House (anon) [f|1864]
	The Word - Walks From Eden (anon) [1864]
	The Word - The House Of Israel [1867]
	Gertrude And Lily [f|1867]
27949	Daisy: Continued From 'Melbourne House' (anon) [f|1868]
18688	Daisy In The Field (anon) [f|1869]
	Sybil And Chryssa (w Anna WARNER) [f|1869]
30146	What She Could (anon) [f|1871]
	Edith And Mary At The Holly Farm (anon) [f|1871]
30147	Opportunities: A Sequel To 'What She Could' (anon) [f|1871]
30148	The House In Town: A Sequel To 'Opportunities' (anon) [f|1872]
	Lessons On The Standard Bearers Of The Old Testament [n|1872]
30149	'Trading': Finishing The Story Of The House In Town [f|1873]
	The Little Camp On Eagle Hill (aka: Giving Honour) (anon?) [f|1873]
	Willow Brook (anon) [f|1874]
	Daisy Does: A Sequel To 'Melbourne House' (ps: Miss WETHERELL) [f|1875]
	Sceptres And Crowns (anon) [f|1875]
	The Flag Of Truce (anon) [f|1875]
	Giving Trust (anon) [1875]
	Bread And Oranges (anon) [1875]
	The Rapids Of Niagara (anon) [1876]
17800	Wych Hazel (anon) (w Anna WARNER) [f|1876]
23584	The Gold Of Chickaree (w Anna WARNER) [f|1876]
	The Glen-Luna Family (anon) [f|1877]
38922	Pine Needles (UK: (Pine) Needles And Old Yarns) (anon) [1877]
	Hope's Little Hand (aka: Hope And Rest) [repr of 1] [f|1877]
29824	Diana [1877]
	The Kingdom Of Judah (anon) [1878]
	The King's People (w Anna WARNER) [5v|1878]
	The Broken Walls Of Jerusalem And The Rebuilding Of Them (anon) [1879]
	My Desire (anon) [1879]
27618	The End Of A Coil (anon) [1880]
	The Letter Of Credit (anon) [1881]
28524	Nobody [1882]
	Stephen MD (anon) [f|1883]
26828	A Red Wallflower (anon) [1884]
	Daisy Plains (anon) (w Anna WARNER) [f|1885]

(Nora) Sylvia Townsend WARNER {UK} (F: 1893 (wrongly 1892) Dec 6 - 1978 May 1)
	The Espalier [p|1925]
	Lady Wilowes [1926]
	Mr Fortune's Maggot [1927]
	The Maze [1928]
	Time Importuned [1928]
	Some World Far From Ours [s|1929]
	The True Heart [1929]
	Elinor Barley [1930]
	This Our Brother [1930]
	Opus 7 [1931]
	A Moral Ending.. [s|1931]
	The Salutation [s|1932]
	Rainbow [1932]
	Whether A Dove Or A Seagull (w Valentine ACKLAND) [p|1934]
	More Joy In Heaven.. [s|1935]
	Summer Will Show [1936]
	After The Death Of Don Juan [1938]
	24 Short Stories (w Graham GREENE & James LAVER) [1939]
	The Cat's Cradle-Book [1940]
	The People Have No Generals [1941]
	A Garland Of Straw.. [s|1943]
	Two Poems [p|1945]
	The Museum Of Cheats [1947]
	The Corner That Held Them [1948]
	Somerset [1949]
	Jane Austen, 1775-1817 [b|1951/1957]
	The Flint Anchor [1954]
	Winter In The Air.. [s|1955]
	Boxwood [1957/1960]
	A Spirit Rises [1962]
	Sketches From Nature [1963]

Warren WARNER (see: Samuel WARREN)

William WARNER (M: c1558 - 1609 Mar 9)
	Pan His Syrinx [s|1584]
	Albions England [p|1586/92/1612]
A	Soldiers' Suffrage [?]

William John WARNER, aka Count, Louis HAMON {UK} (M: 1866 Nov 1 - 1936 Oct 8)
(ps: CHEIRO)
	A Study Of Destiny (aka: The Hand Of Fate) [f|1898]
	Cheiro's Memoirs [a|1912]
20480	Palmistry For All [n|1916]
	Cheiro's World Predictions [n|?/1931]
	You And Your Hand.. [n|1931]
	Fate In The Making [1931]
	When Were You Born?.. [1932]
	Cheiro's Book Of Numbers [n|?/1935]
	Mysteries And Romances Of The World's Greatest Occultists [n|1935]

Prof, William Lloyd WARNER {US} (M: 1898 Oct 25 (or 26) - 1970 May 23)
	A Black Civilization [n|1937/1958]
	Democracy In Jonesville [n|1949]
	What You Should Know About Social Class (w Mildred WARNER) [n|1953]
	Industrial Man (jt ed) [n|1959]

William Whitesides WARNER {US} (M: 1920 Apr 2 - 2008 Apr 18)

Mrs, WARNER-SLEIGH, nee ? (F: ? - ?)
23397	At The Seaside [?]

Irene Elizabeth Toye (nee)WARNER-STAPLES {UK} (F: 1882 - 1954 Dec 31)
	Critics Of The Christ - Answered By Spiritualism [n|?]
	In Light And Darkness - Hope [p|?]
	Through The Cape By Caravan And Car [n|?]
	The Uttermost Farthing [f|?]
	My Telepathic Experiments [n|?]

Henri WARNERY (M: ? - ?)
	Eugène Rambert [b|Fr-1890]

(Henry) Clay WARNICK (Jr) {US} (M: 1915 Dec 14 - 1995 Feb 8)

Amelia Beers WARNOCK, Mrs GARVIN {CA} (F: 1878 - 1956 Sep 7)
(&ps: Katherine HALE)
	Grey Knitting.. (ps: Katherine HALE) [p|1914]
	The White Comrade.. (ps: Katherine HALE) [p|1916]
	The New Joan.. (ps: Katherine HALE) [p|1917]
	Morning In The West (ps: Katherine HALE) [p|1923]
	Isabella Valancy Crawford (ps: Katherine HALE) [p|1923]
	Legends Of The St Lawrence (ps: Katherine HALE) [s|1926]
	Canadian Houses Of Romance (ps: Katherine HALE) [n|1926]
	Story Of Jeanne Mance [1930]
	Story Of Pierre Esprith Raddison [1931]
	Canadian Cities Of Romance (ps: Katherine HALE) [n|1933]
	The Island.. (ps: Katherine HALE) [p|1934]
	Canada's Peace Tower And Memorial Chamber.. [n|1935]
	This Is Ontario! (ps: Katherine HALE) [n|1937]
	The Flute.. (ps: Katherine HALE) [p|1950]
	Historic Houses Of Canada (ps: Katherine HALE) [n|1952]

Prof, Frederick Victor WARNOCK {UK} (M: 1893 Feb 11 - 1976 Oct 17)

Sir, Geoffrey (James) WARNOCK {UK} (M: 1923 Aug 16 - 1995 Oct 8)
	Poems [p|1955]

(Helen) Mary WARNOCK, (life) Baroness WARNOCK, nee WILSON {UK} (F: 1924 Apr 14 - living 2017)
	Ethics Since 1900 [n|1960]

Robert WARNOCK {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	A Sketch Of The County Of Halton, Canada West [n|1862]

Harry WARNOW {US} (M: 1909 Sep 10 - 1994 Feb 8)
(ps: Raymond SCOTT)

Johan Carel Marinus WARNSINCK {NL} (M: 1882 Nov 24 - 1943 Jul 21)
	Van Vlootvoogden En Zeeslagen [Du-1940]

Bertram Howard WARR {CA} (M: 1883 - ?)
	In Quest Of Beauty [p|1950]

Bertram (James) WARR {CA} (M: 1917 - 1943 Apr 3)
	'Yet A Little Onwards' [p|c1941]
	In Quest Of Beauty [p|1950]

Dean, Charles Laing WARR {UK} (M: 1892 May 20 - 1969 Jun 14)
	The Unseen Host [n|1916]
	Echoes Of Flanders [n|1916]
	Alfred Warr Of Rosneath [b|1917]
	Principal Caird [n|1926]
	The Call Of The Island [n|1929]
	Scottish Sermons And Addresses [e|1930]
	The Presbyterian Tradition [n|1933]
	Bruce [n|1936]
	The Glimmering Landscape [n|1960]

Prof, George Charles Winter WARR (M: 1845 May 23 - 1901 Feb 21)
	Echoes Of Hellas [1888]
	The Greek Epic [n|1895]

George Michael WARR {UK} (M: 1915 Jan 22 - 1989 Nov 28)

George Walter de la WARR {UK} (M: 1904 Aug 19 - 1969 Mar 31)
	New Worlds Beyond The Atom (w Langston DAY) [n|1956]
	The Power Of Thought [n|1961]
	The Network Of The Ether [n|1962]

Grace Harriet WARRACK {UK} (F: 1855 - 1932 Jan 3)
	Little Flowers Of A Childhood [1906]
	Florilegio Di Canti Toscani [n|1914]
	From Isles Of The West To Bethlehem [n|?]
	Une Guirlande De Poésies Diverses [n|1923]
	Dal Cor Gentil D' Italia [n|1925]

Guy Douglas Hamilton WARRACK {UK} (M: 1900 Feb 8 - 1986 Feb 12)
	Sherlock Holmes And Music [n|1947]

William Edmund WARRAND (M: 1831 - 1910 Oct 22)
	Building Materials And Iron Manufacture [n|1862]

Tongkat WARRANT (see: Usman AWANG)

Rev, Francis WARRE (M: 1806 - 1869 Aug 15)

Sir, Henry James WARRE (M: 1819 Jan 12 - 1898 Apr 3)

Mary Douglas WARRE (see: Maysie Coucher Greig SMITH)

Paul WARREGO (see: Paul WENZ)

Ernest Herbert WARRELL {UK} (M: 1915 Jun 23 - 2010 Aug 17)

Alastair Kennedy WARREN {UK} (M: 1922 Jul 17 - 2006 Mar 25)

Alec Stephen WARREN {UK} (M: 1894 Jun 27 - 1982 Mar 20)

Bp, Alwyn Keith WARREN {NZ} (M: 1900 Sep 23 - 1988 May 27)
	Prayers In Time Of War (ed) [n|1940]

Ambrose William WARREN (M: c1781 - 1856)

Anna Caspar WARREN, nee CROWNINSHIELD (F: 1815 - 1905)
	Reminiscences Of My Life For My Children [a|1910]

Arthur WARREN {US} (M: 1860 May 18 - 1924 Apr 16)
	London Days [a|1920]
	The Charles Whittinghams..English Printing From 1789 To 1860 [b|1896]

Prof, Arthur George WARREN {UK} (M: 1887 Nov 18 - 1967 Jan 9)
	New Steam Tables (w ?) [n|1912]
	Prime Movers [n|1921]
	Mathematics Applied To Electrical Engineering [n|1939]

Betsy(=Elizabeth) WARREN, nee AVERY {US} (F: 1916 Jan 27 - ?)

Billy(=William) (Stephen) WARREN {US} (M: 1882 Sep 6 - 1968 Oct 18)
	Ride, Cowboy, Ride! [f|1946]
	Saddles Up! Ride 'Em High [f|1948]
	Tony Gay On The Longhorn Trail [f|1949]
	Silver Spurs [f|1950]
	The Golden Palomino [f|1951]
	Ride West Into Danger [f|1953]
	Headquarters Ranch [f|1954]

Caroline Matilda WARREN, Mrs THAYER (F: c1787 - 1844)
	The Gamesters [f|1805]

Charles WARREN (M: 1808 - 1883 Dec 17)
	The Lord's Table The Christian Altar [n|1843]
	The Ministry Of The Word For Absolution [n|1849]
	Five Sermons [e|1855]
	Hymns For Some Of The Saints' Days And Holy-Days [n|1869]
	The Land Of Promise [n|1875]

Sir, Charles WARREN {UK} (M: 1840 Feb 7 - 1927 Jan 21)
	Outlines Of A Trigonometrical Survey (2e w FROME) [n|1873]
	Underground Jerusalem [n|1874]
	The Temple Or The Tomb [n|1880]
	Jerusalem [n|1884]
	On The Veldt In The Seventies [n|1902]
	The Ancient Cubit And Our Weights And Measures [n|1903]
	The Early Weights And Measures Of Mankind [n|1914]
	Orientation Of Ancient Temples [n|?]

Charles WARREN {US} (M: 1868 Mar 9 - 1954 Aug 16)
	The Girl And The Governor [1902]
	History Of The Harvard Law School..In America [3v|n|1909]
	History Of The American Bar, Colonial And Federal, To 1860 [n|1911]
	The Supreme Court In United States History [3v|n|1922/1926]
	The Supreme Court And Sovereign States [n|1924]
	Congress, The Constitution And The Supreme Court [n|1925/1935]
	The Making Of The Constitution [n|1928/1937]
	Jacobin And Junto [n|1931]
	Congress As Santa Claus - The General Welfare Clause [n|1932]
	Bankruptcy In United States History [n|1935]
	Odd Byways In American History [n|1942]

Charles Marquis WARREN {US} (M: 1912 Dec 16 - 1990 Aug 11)
	Only The Valiant [f|(1942)/1943]
	Valley Of The Shadow [f|(1940)/1948]
	Deadhead [f|1949]

Clara WARREN (see: Clara BURKE)

Clarence Henry WARREN {UK} (M: 1895 Jun 12 - 1966 Apr 3)
	Pipes Of Pan [p|1918]
	A Book Of Verse For Boys (ed) [p|1924]
	The Stricken Peasant.. [p|1924]
	Cobbler, Cobbler.. [s|1925]
	Wild Goose Chase [1927]
	The Secret Meadow.. [p|1928]
	The Men Behind The Music (ed) [b|1931]
	Orchards Of The Sun [f|1934]
	Beside Still Waters [1935]
	The Writer's Art [n|1935]
	The Beacon And Seven Other Poems [p|1936]
	A Cotswold Year [n|1936]
	Sir Philip Sidney [b|1936]
	Wise Reading [n|1936]
	A Boy In Kent [a|1937]
	West Country [n|1938]
	Happy Countryman [1939]
	England Is A Village [n|1940]
	Corn Country [n|1940]
	The Land Is Yours [n|1943]
	Miles From Anywhere [1944]
	The Good Life [1946]
	Adam Was A Ploughman [1947]
	English Cottages And Farm-Houses [n|1948]
	Foot-path Through The Farm [n|1949]
	Essex: The County Book (aka: Essex In 1950) [n|1950]
	Essex (7e w J C COX) [n|1952]
	The Scythe In The Apple Tree [n|1953]
	Tyrolean Journal [n|1954]
	Great Men Of Essex [n|1956]
	The Thorn Tree [p|1963]

David M WARREN (M: 1820 - 1861)
&	A New Primary Geography [n|1868]

Dale WARREN (?: ? - ?)
	What Is A Book? (ed anon) [e|1936]

Dave WARREN (see: Warren Wendell WIERSBE)

Rev, Dawson WARREN (M: ? - ?)
	The Journal Of A British Chaplain In Paris.. (ed A M BROADLEY) [a|1913]

Prof, Dennis Michael WARREN {US} (M: 1942 - 1997)

Des(=Denis) (Michael) WARREN {UK} (M: 1937 Oct 10 - 2004 Apr 24)

Douglas R WARREN {US} (M: 1925 Jan 28 - 2002 Sep 28)

Judge, Earl WARREN {US} (M: 1891 Mar 19 - 1974 Jul 9)
	The Public Papers Of Chief Justice Earl Warren (ed H M CHRISTMAN) [e|1959]
	The Bill Of Rights And The Military [n|1962]

Edgar Lovett WARREN {US} (M: 1904 Mar 7 - 1956 Jan 3)

Edward WARREN (M: 1778 - 1856)
	Life Of John Collins Warren (w John Collins WARREN) [2v|b|1860]

Prof, Edward WARREN (M: 1828 - 1893)
	A Doctor's Experiences.. [a|1885]

Edward WARREN {US} (M: ? - ?)
	Program Of Guidance For The Junior High Schols Of Santa Clara.. [n|1935]

Prof, Edward Henry WARREN {US} (M: 1873 Jan 11 - 1945 Jul 24)
	Select Cases..On The Law Of Private Corporations [n|1909/19]
	Select Cases.. [n|1915/19/1926]
	Corporate Advantages Without Incorporation [n|1929]
	Trover And Conversion [n|1936]
	Cases On Property [n|1938]
	Rights Of Margin Customers Against Wrongdoing Stockbrokers [n|1941]
	Spartan Education [n|1942]
	Excerpts From Spartan Education [n|1943]

Eliza WARREN, nee SPALDING (F: 1837 - 1919)
	Memoirs Of The West.. [a|c1916]

Ernest WARREN (M: 1841 Dec 5 - 1887 Mar 9)

F K WARREN (?: ? - ?)
	California Illustrated (ed) [n|1892]

Fiske WARREN {US} (M: 1862 - 1938 Feb 1)
	A Massachusetts Woman In The Philippines [n|1903]

Canon, Frederick Edward WARREN {UK} (M: 1842 Nov 10 - 1930 Dec 20)

Frederick Henry WARREN {UK} (M: 1888 - ?)
(ps: Warren HENRY)
	The Organizer's Handbook [n|1925]
	Gretna Green Romances [1926]
	The Confessions Of A Tenderfoot Coaster [a|1927]

Frederic Pelham WARREN (M: c1826 - 1891 May 16)

G B WARREN {CA} (M: ? - ?)
13974	The Last West And Paolo's Virginia [p|1919]


Geoff WARREN {UK} (M: ? - ?)

Geoffrey (Allan) WARREN {UK} (M: c1928 - 2010 Feb 18)

George A WARREN {US} (M: ? - ?)
	The Musket Boys Of Old Boston [f|1909]
	The Musket Boys Under Washington [f|1909]
	The Musket Boys On The Delaware [f|1910]
17266	The Banner Boy Scouts; or, The Struggle For Leadership [f|1912]
20985	The Banner Boy Scouts On A Tour [f|1912]
9948	The Banner Boy Scouts Afloat [f|1913]
28531	The Banner Boy Scouts Snowbound [f|1916]
	The Banner Boy Scouts Mystery [f|1937]

George Henry WARREN (M: ? - ?)
	The Pioneering Woodsman..Lumbering In The Northwest [a|1914]

Hans(=Johannes) (Adrianus Menne) WARREN {NL} (M: 1921 Oct 20 - 2001 Dec 19)
	Pastorale [Du-1946]
	In Memoriam Dr Jac P Thijsse [Du-1947]
	Nachtvogels [Du-1949]
	Eiland In De Stroom [Du-1951]
	Leeuw Lente [Du-1954]
	Vijf In Je Oog [Du-1954]
	Saïd [Du-1957]
	Mijn Hart Wou Nergens Tieren [Du-1959]

Prof, Harris Gaylord WARREN {US} (M: 1906 Oct 10 - 1990)

Harry WARREN (see: Salvatore Antonio GUARAGNA)

Heather WARREN (F: ? - ?)

Henry WARREN (M: 1794 Sep 24 - 1879 Dec 18)

Henry Clarke WARREN (M: 1854 Nov 18 - 1899 Jan 3)
&	Buddhism In Translations [n|1896]

Henry Watermann WARREN {US} (M: 1838 - ?)
	Reminiscences Of A Mississippi Carpet-Bagger [a|1914]

Bp, Henry (White) WARREN (M: 1831 - 1912)
15620	Recreations In Astronomy [n|1895]
15807	Among The Forces [n|1898]
	The Bible In The World's Education [n|?]

Sir, (Thomas) Herbert WARREN {UK} (M: 1853 Oct 21 - 1930 Jun 9)

Prof, Howard Crosby WARREN {UK} (M: 1867 - 1934 Jan 4)

Sir, (Henry William) Hugh WARREN {UK} (M: 1891 Jun 30 - 1961 Jun 18)
	Electrical Insulating Materials [n|1931]

Hugh Alan WARREN (M: ? - ?)
	Technical Education [n|1956]
	Technical Education In The USA [n|1962]

Hugh L WARREN {CA} (M: ? - ?)
	Rhymes Of A Northland [p|1920]

Ian Scott WARREN {UK} (M: 1917 Mar 30 - 2015 Feb 23)

J D WARREN {UK} (M: ? - ?)
	Moments Of Memory [p|1946]

John WARREN (M: 1796 Oct 4 - 1852 Aug 16)

John WARREN (M: ? - ?)
*	A Spanish Grammar [n|1910/16]

John Byrne Leicester WARREN, 3rd Baron de TABLEY (M: 1835 Apr 26 - 1895 Nov 22)
(ps: William LANCASTER; George F PRESTON)
	Philoctetes [d|1866]
	Orestes [d|1867]
	A Screw Loose [f|1868]
	Ropes Of Sand [f|1869]
	Hence These Tears [f|1872]
	Salvia Richmond [f|1878]

John Collins WARREN, the Elder (M: 1778 Aug 1 - 1856 May 4)
	Description Of An Egyptian Mummy [n|?]
26836	Cases Of Organic Diseases Of The Heart [n|1809]
	A Comparative View Of The Sensorial And Nervous Systems In Men.. [n|1822]
	Surgical Observations On Tumours, With Cases And Operations [n|1839]
	The Preservation Of Health [n|1854]
	Remarks On Some Fossil Impressions In The Sandstone Rocks.. [n|1854]
	The Mastodon Giganteus Of North America [n|?/1855]
	Life Of John Collins Warren (w Edward WARREN) [2v|a|1860]

John Collins WARREN, the Younger {US} (M: 1842 - 1927)

John Herbert WARREN {UK} (M: 1895 Sep 2 - 1960 Jul 11)

John Russell WARREN {US?} (M: 1886 - ?)
(ps: Gilbert COVERACK)
	ATS Mystery [1944]

Joseph WARREN (M: 1804 Mar 20 - 1881 Mar 8)
	Robert Cocks And Co's Hand-book Of Sixty Rounds.. [n|1840]
	Chanter's Hand-guide, For The Use Of Churches, Chapels.. [n|1850]
	Catechism Of The Organ (w J A HAMILTON) [n|?]

Rev, Joseph WARREN (M: ? - ?)
	A Glance Backward At Fifteen Years Of Missionary Life..India [a|1856]

Joseph WARREN {US} (M: 1876 Mar 16 - 1942 Sep 19)
	Select Cases.. [n|1917]
	Select Cases.. [n|1922]

Josiah WARREN (M: 1798 - 1874)
	True Civilization, An Immediate Necessity, And The Last Ground.. [n|1863]
&	True Civilization, A Subject Of Vital And Serious Interest.. [n|1875]

Kathleen (1:Mrs)Kinmonth WARREN, nee GODFREY {UK} (F: 1922 Oct 30 - 2015 Oct 19)

Lella WARREN, Mrs SPANOGLE {US} (F: 1899 Mar 22 - 1982)
	A Touch Of Earth [1926]
	Foundation Stone [1940]

Lilian WARREN (see: Kathryn BLAIR)

Linda (Pearl) WARREN, nee SIEGERT {US} (F: 1945 Jul 2 - living 2017)
(&ps: Frances WEST)

Louis Austin WARREN {US} (M: 1885 Apr 23 - 1983 Jun 21)
	The Slavery Atmosphere Of Lincoln's Youth [b|1933]
	Abraham Lincoln [b|1934]
	Little Known Lincoln Humor [b|1937]

(James) Low WARREN {UK} (M: 1872 - 1941 Dec 24)
	Sussex Tokens [n|1888]
	Sidelights On Sussex History [n|1892]
	Journalism And Journalists [n|1893]
	Chichester Past And Present [n|1895]
	Gentlemen Gyps [n|?/1899]
	Last Addresses [1901]
	History Of Chichester [n|1901]
	The Story Of St Agatha's [n|1901]
	Short Stories [s|1902]
	Chasing The Sun [1902]
	Chats With Celebrities [n|1905]
	Story Of King Charles [b|1913]
	The Showman's Advertising Book [n|1914]
	How I Filmed The War (ed) [n|1920]
	Journalism [n|1922/1931/1935]
	Shakespeare Country [n|1936]
	The Film Game [1937]
	Revenge [d|pro:1906]

Marion Edwin WARREN {US} (M: 1920 Jun 18 - 2006 Sep 8)

Martha A WARREN, nee ROBINSON {US} (F: ? - ?)
	Shirt Tail Inn (w Sam WARREN) [b|1930]

Mary Douglas WARREN (see: Maysie Coucher Greig SMITH)

Maude Radford WARREN (see: Maude Lavinia RADFORD)

Rev, Max Alexander Cunningham WARREN {UK} (M: 1904 Aug 13 - 1977 Aug 23)

Mercy WARREN, nee OTIS (F: 1728 Sep 14 - 1814 Oct 19)
	The Adulateur [d|1773]
29224	The Group [d|1775]
	The Blockheads [d|1776]
	The Motley Assembly [d|1779]
	Poems, Containing Two Tragedies [d|1790]
&	History Of The Rise, Progress..American Revolution [3v|n|1805]

Prof, Michael Donald WARREN {UK} (M: 1923 Dec 19 - 2015 Jan 25)
	Public Health And Social Services (4e) [n|1957/?/65]

Sir, Mortimer (Langton) WARREN {UK} (M: 1903 Oct 27 - 1972 Feb 18)

Nancy WARREN (F: ? - ?)

Pat WARREN, nee/Mrs ? {US} (F: ? - ?)
(&ps: Patricia COX)

Patricia Nell WARREN, Mrs TARNAWSKY, aka 'Patches' {US} (F: 1936 Jun 15 - ?)
	[The Tragedy Of Bees] [p|Uk-1960]

Paul WARREN (M: ? - ?)
	Haythorne's Daughter [f|1891]

Paulette WARREN (see: Paul Warren FAIRMAN)

Phil(=Philip) WARREN {UK} (M: c1927 - 2011)

Richard WARREN {UK} (M: 1876 Feb 17 - 1957 Oct 31)

Prof, Robert Penn WARREN {US} (M: 1905 Apr 24 - 1989 Sep 15)
	John Brown [b|1929]
	I'll Take My Stand [1930]
	All The King's Men [1946]
	Short Story Masterpieces (jt ed) [s|1954]
	Six Centuries Of Great Poetry (ed) [1955]
	A New Southern Harvest (jt ed) [1957]
	Segregation [n|?]
	Who Speaks For The Negro? [n|?]

Robert Richard WARREN (M: 1817 Jun 3 - 1897 Sep 24)

(Sheila) Rosalie WARREN, Mrs GLASBEY {UK} (F: c1955 - living 2017)

Sam WARREN (M: ? - ?)
	Shirt Tail Inn (w Martha A WARREN) [a|1930]

Rev, Samuel WARREN (M: 1781 - 1862 May 23)

Samuel WARREN (M: 1807 May 23 - 1877 Jul 29)
(&ps: A BARRISTER-At-LAW; A Late PHYSICIAN; S*** ****** ******; Gustavus SHARP; Warren WARNER)
	Affecting Scenes (anon) [2v|1831]
	Passages From The Diary Of A Late Physician (anon) [f|1832-38]
	More Light On The Radcliffe Affair [1834]
	A Popular And Practical Introduction To Law Studies [n|1835]
	The Merchant's Clerk.. [s|1836]
	The Opium Question [n|1840]
31004	Ten Thousand A Year [f|1840-41]
	The Destroyer [f|1843]
	Now And Then [f|1847]
	The Moral, Social..Duties Of Attornies And Solicitors [n|1848]
	Correspondence Between Samuel Warren..And Charles Phillips.. [n|1849]
	The Lily And The Bee [n|1851/54]
	The Confessions Of An Attorney (ps: Gustavus SHARP) [1852]
	The Experiences Of A Barrister (ps: Warren WARNER) [s|1852]
	A Manual Of The Parliamentary Election Law Of The UK.. [n|1852]
	The Intellectual And Moral Development Of The Present Age [n|1853]
	The Law And Practice Of Election Committees [n|1853]
	Works [s|1854-55/71-74]
	Miscellanies, Critical, Imaginative, And Juridical [2v|1855]
	Labour [n|1856]
12371	The Experiences Of A Barrister (ps: S*** ****** ******) [s|1856]

Rev, Samuel Lilckendey WARREN (M: 1835 - 1895 May 29)

Sara Evangeline Matheson WARREN {CA?} (F: 1887 - ?)
	Songs Of The Island [p|1951]

Shields WARREN {US} (M: 1898 Feb 26 - 1980 Jul 1)
	Synopsis Of The Practice Of Preventative Medicine (ed anon) [n|1929]

Prof, Stafford Leak WARREN {US} (M: 1896 Jun 19 - 1981 Jul 26)
	Fever Therapy Technique (w others) [n|1939]

T Gideon WARREN (M: c1854 - 1919 May)

Thomas Robinson WARREN (M: 1828 - 1915)
	Dust And Foam.. [a|1859]

Vernon WARREN (see: George CHAPMAN)

W R WARREN {US?} (M: ? - ?)
	Program Of The International Centenniel..Christ (anon) [n|1909]

Wayne WARREN (see: Wilbur BRAUN)

Wendy WARREN (F: ? - ?)

Whitney WARREN {US} (M: 1864 Jan 29 - 1943 Jan 24 (or Apr 23))
	État De La Cathédrale De Reims Aprés Le Bombardement.. [n|Ge-1914]
	Testimony Of An American Citizen In France, 1914-1915 [n|1915]
	On The Neutrality Of The United States [n|1915]
	The Just Claims Of Italy [n|1917]
	The Question Of Alsace And Lorraine [n|1917]
	Montenegro [n|1922]

Wilfred Lewis WARREN {UK?} (M: 1929 Aug 24 - 1994)

Prof, William Fairfield WARREN {US} (M: 1833 Mar 13 - 1929 Dec 6)

Prof, William Henry WARREN {UK/AU?} (M: 1852 Feb 2 - 1926 Jan 9)
	Australian Timbers [n|1892]
	Engineering Construction In Iron, Steel And Timber [n|1894/1910/21]
	The .. Properties Of New South Wales Hardwood Timbers [n|1911]
	Engineering Construction In Masonry And Concrete [n|1921]

William Whipple WARREN (M: 1825 May 27 - 1853 Jun 1)
	History Of The Ojibways.. [n|1885]

William Wilkins WARREN (M: 1814 - 1890)
	The Autobiography And Genealogy Of William Wilkins Warren [a|1884]

Lady, (Ethel) Maud WARRENDER, nee ASHLEY-COOPER {UK} (F: 1870 Dec 16 - 1945 Sep 3)
	My First Sixty Years [a|1933]
	My Medley, A Book Of Days [1941]

Simon (George) WARRENDER {UK/AU?} (M: 1922 Aug 11 - 2011)

Earl L WARRICK {US} (M: 1911 Sep 23 - 2002 Nov 15)

LaMar WARRICK, nee SHERIDAN {US} (F: 1894 Nov 10 - 1992 Feb 24)
	Yesterday's Children [f|1943]

Ruth WARRICK, Mrs ROLF, Mrs NEUBERT, Mrs NEUBERT, Mrs McNAMARA, Mrs CUSHING {US} (F: 1915 or 1916 Jun 29 - 2005 Jan 15)

John E WARRINER {US} (M: 1907 - 1987 Jul 29)

Thurman WARRINER {UK} (M: 1904 - 1974)
(&ps: John KERSEY; Simon TROY)
	Method In His Murder [f|1950]
	Ducats In Her Coffin [f|1951]
	Death's Dateless Night [f|1952]
	Road To Rhuine (ps: Simon TROY) [f|1952]
	The Doors Of Sleep [f|1955]
	Halfway To Murder (ps: Simon TROY) [f|1955]
	Death's Bright Angel [f|1956]
	Tonight And Tomorrow (ps: Simon TROY) [f|1957]
	She Died Of Course [f|1958]
	The Golden Lantern [f|1958]
	Heavenly Bodies [f|1960]
	Drunkard's End (ps: Simon TROY) [f|1960]
	Second Cousin Removed (ps: Simon TROY) [f|1961]
	Waiting For Oliver (ps: Simon TROY) [f|1962]
	Don't Play With The Rough Boys (ps: Simon TROY) [f|1963]

Edward WARRINGTON {MT} (M: 1959 Jan 25 - ?)

John WARRINGTON (M: 1907 - 1981)

Rev, William WARRINGTON (M: ? - ?)
	The History Of Wales [2v|n|1786]

William WARRINGTON (M: ? - c1866)
	The History Of Stained-Glass.. [n|?]

William Barnett WARRINGTON {UK} (M: 1869 - 1919 Feb 2)

William Edward WARRINGTON {US} (M: ? - ?)
	The Business Corporation (w D B JEREMIAH & E S MEAD) [n|1941]

Wounded WARRIOR (see: Sivori (Antonio Joachim) LEVEY)

George Deedes WARRY (M: 1831 Jun 7 - 1904 May 4)
	The Law Of Railway Rating [n|1866]

Inez (Frances) WARRY, Mrs CHIDLEY {UK} (F: 1867 - 1925 Sep 26)

John (Gibson) WARRY {UK} (M: 1916 May 7 - 1997 Mar 1)
	Sun And Wind [p|1944]

Irene WARSAW {US} (F: 1908 Nov 26 - 2005 Mar 7)

Joseph WARSCHAUER (M: 1869 - ?)
	Challenge And Cheer [1914]
	The Historical Life Of Christ [b|1927]
21496	Problems Of Immanence: Studies Critical And Constructive [n|?]

Édouard Léon Louis WARSCHAWSKY {FR} (M: 1892 (or 1893) Jul 24 - 1970)

Prof, Howard (Raphael) WARSHAW {US} (M: 1920 Aug 14 - 1977 Aug 2)

Jacob WARSHAW {US} (M: 1878 Dec 22 - 1944 Sep 30)
	The Elements Of Spanish (w R H BONILLA) [n|1924]

Samuel Jesse WARSHAWSKY {US?} (M: ? - after 1950)

Isaac WARSHOFSKY (see: Isek-Hersz ZYNGER)

Irving van WART (M: c1810 - ?)
	A Souvenir Of Old England, By An Anglo-American [a|1880]

John Southey WARTER (M: 1840 Jan 24 - 1866 Oct 20)

John Wood WARTER (M: 1806 Jan 21 - 1878 Feb 21)

(William) Victor WARTOFSKY {US} (M: 1931 Jun 15 - 2003 Sep 29)
	The Passage [f|?]

Jane WARTON (see: Lady, Constance LYTTON)

Joseph WARTON (M: 1722 Apr 22 - 1800 Feb 23)
	The Enthusiast [p|1744]
	An Ode To Evening [p|1749]
	An Essay On The Writings And Genius Of Pope [n|1756/82]

Thomas WARTON (M: c1688 - 1745)
	Poems (ed Thomas WARTON) [p|1748]

Thomas WARTON (M: 1728 Jan 9 - 1790 May 21)
	The History Of English Poetry [3v|n|1774-81]
33658	A History Of English Poetry - An..Continuation (ed R M BAINE) [n|1953]
	Probationary Odes [p|?]

Maureen (Ann) (nee)Crane WARTSKI {?/US:1962on} (F: 1940 Jan 25 - 2014 Jan 14)
(ps: [M A CRANE]; Sharon FRANCIS; Evelyn SHANNON; Francine SHORE; Cynthia SINCLAIR; Rebecca WARD)

Price WARUNG (see: William ASTLEY)


Dolores WARWICK, Mrs FRESE {US} (F: 1936 Apr 9 - ?)
(&ps: Dolores Warwick FRESE)

Eden WARWICK (see: George JABET)

Francis Alister WARWICK {UK} (M: 1902 Dec 31 - 1975 Dec 6)
(ps: Warwick JARDINE)

Hetty WARWICK (F: 1920 Feb 20 - ?)

John T WARWICK {UK} (M: ? - ?)
(ps: J T W)
	An Interview That Concerns You! [1934]

Pauline WARWICK (F: ? - ?)
	The Secret Year [f|1930]
	The Girdle Of Venus [f|1931]
	Background To Primula [f|1932]
	I Know Where I'm Going [f|1933]
	Live, Laugh, And Love [f|1934]
	A Palace In The Clouds [f|1935]
	Fairweather Ladies [f|1936]
	The Princess Of Marmalade [f|1937]
	Beautiful Heroine [f|1938]
	The Thin Gold Band [f|1939]

Prof, Roger WARWICK {UK} (M: 1912 Dec 27 - 1991 Sep 14)

(Harry) Sidney WARWICK {UK} (M: 1871 - 1953 Dec 17)
	Dust O'Glamour, And Some Little Love-Affairs [f|1897]
	A Guilty Silence (w Mulvy OUSELEY) [f|1907]
	The Woman Pays [f|1909]
	A House Of Lies [f|1909]
	The Road Back [f|1910]
	The River House Mystery [f|1910]
	An Irregular Marriage [f|1911]
	Cat's Eyes [f|1911]
	Conscience Money [f|1914]
	The Night Of Secrets [f|1919]
	In A Bad Man's Grip [f|1921]
	The Lone Hand [f|1922]
	The Great Temptation [f|1923]
	A Slip Of A Girl [f|1923]
	Dreams To Sell [f|1923]
	Justice Astray [f|1924]
	The Silver Basilisk [f|1924]
	A Girl's Temptation [f|1928]
	That American Girl [f|1934]
	Night Of The Thirteenth [f|1937]
	Harvest Of Guilt [f|?]
	The Road Back [f|?]

William Turner WARWICK {UK} (M: 1888 Mar 1 - 1949 Aug 21)
	The Rational Treatment Of Varicose Veins And Varicocele [n|?]

Stanislaw WARYNSKI (see: Leo KOFLER)