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"The best piano recital we’ve had."
—  audience member

Listen to Performances

Several performances can be found on my YouTube channel, as well as a selection below.

Please contact me by email if you would like to request pieces for future videos.

If anyone wishes to contribute to the maintenance of our piano, you can do so through this link:

If your donation refers to the performance of a particular piece, please specify the piece, and where appropriate I shall distribute money to any other people involved.  Please do not donate with reference to works marked with an asterisk, because that might involve complicated copyright issues.

Piano pieces:

J S Bach Prelude and Fugue in A major, from Das wohltemperirte Clavier, bk 2

Debussy Jardins sous la pluie:

Durand Waltz no 2:

Fauré Barcarolle no 1:

Andrew Glover-Whitley Piano Sonata no 2 (Salzburg) [sound only]:

Haydn Early E minor Sonata:

Rob Jones To speak with Perfect Candor: Listen at this SoundCloud page of his.

Karg-Elert Humoresque

*Korngold Ball beim Märchenkönig, from Märchenbilder Waltz no 2:

Milhaud La Muse Ménagère (The Household Muse, original version for piano, movements 1-5)

Krinió Papastávrou Preludes and Dances:

Pierné Bagatelle:

Aziza Sadikova Praeludium:

Schubert Impromptu in A flat minor/major:

Schubert Impromptu in E flat major:

Charles Spinks Sonatina for piano:

Mystery piece:

A one-hour concert of piano music for the Christmas season, in two halves -
for details see the concert programme.

Piano music for the Christmas season, pt 1:

Piano music for the Christmas season, pt 2:

A new concert for young children -
for details see the concert programme.

Organ pieces:

Correa de Arauxo Tiento 43:

Marcus Davidson Organ Psalm 5: Listen at this SoundCloud page of his.

Marcus Davidson Sacred Space (with soundtrack):

Andrew Glover-Whitley Tarn Rune [sound only]:

Other things I know about:

Various recordings by Trio Jalesnes,
on this SoundCloud account

A selection of French songs, with Ingartze Astuy,
at this YouTube playlist

The Eternal Chord at Bandcamp has various recordings from Chichester, York & Brussels; *Scelsi In Nomine Lucis is included in Fundamentalis and is referred to in the Leeds interview.  You can hear these recordings free for a limited number of times.

*Sparke Blue Heart, from Diamond Concerto, with Peter McDonough (whose channel also includes other items from the same recital):

*Vaughan Williams The Lark Ascending, with Julia Hwang:

Wieniawski Polonaise no. 1, with Julia Hwang: