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"Your playing was, as ever, absolutely superb, and the way you managed the students at the rehearsal was so gentle and caring."
—  organiser

Regular Colleagues

Charles plays regularly with the following – students, please note that I decided not to add any of you to this list until you have finished your formal studies.

   Flute: Anne Allen
Simon Gilliver
Andrew Glover-Whitley
Dana Morgan
   Recorder: Caroline Jones
   Singers: Ingartze Astuy
John Beaumont
Julia Thornton
   Viola: Richard Crabtree
   'Cello: Kathryn Price
   Organist: Colin Druce
   Pianist: Lynn Arnold

...and with the composers Consuelo Díez, Marcus Davidson, Andrew Glover-Whitley, Yuko Katori, Francis Routh and Aziza Sadikova

...and with the following ensembles:
   Coro Cervantes
   Spire organ and electronics project
   Ensemble Postante

...and with the annual Matisse International Music Course in Spain.