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Notes for Performers

Notes from my research on the manuscripts of Jolivet's organ music
relevant to my recordings for Priory (2001) and Touch (2005)


Cinq Interludes

I studied a photocopy of the manuscript in the offices of Alphonse Leduc publishers.
They intend to correct the misprints in their published score for future editions.

IopeningRegistration by Jolivet: LH 8, RH 8 + 4
 bar 11Jolivet: -4 +16
IIbar 7LH: A is semibreve
 bar 8LH: F# not G#
 last barB natural!
IIIbar 5RH: 6th note should be D#
IVopeningJolivet: pedal 8 +16, LH 8, RH 8 +4
 bar 17LH: extra D in first chord
Vbar 7RH: 3rd and 4th notes should be tied
  Some of the right hand phrasing in the 5th piece is inconsistent


Hymne a l'Univers

The manuscript of this work is kept at the Bibliotheque Nationale.  I studied it hurriedly, while feeling unwell, and these notes may have suffered as a consequence.

The quoted text comes from the book Le Cœur de la Matiere.  Registrations noted here were written by Jolivet before the addition of the printed registration by Grunenwald.  Dynamics are by Jolivet.

p.2line 2Under the words molto rit., The first LH demisemiquaver is C natural, not C#
p.7bar 1Jolivet wrote: +4 pieds
pp.7-9 Pedal entries all marked 8 +2 in sketch
p.10bar 1Jolivet marks each hand 8 and pedals 16 +8
p.12bottom linePedal marked 8
p.13bar 6From the beginning of this bar, pedal +16
p.14bottom lineThe beginning of this line: RH +4
p.15 Right at the end of this page, RH +2
p.18bar 5RH: G natural marked 8; subsequent pedal entry 8, 16 and LH 8, 2
 last barMisprint: tie should be added between LH G's
p.19bar 5LH minus 2



The manuscript of this work is kept at the Bibliotheque Nationale.  I studied it hurriedly, while feeling unwell, and these notes may have suffered as a consequence.

Again, these notes indicate registrations marked by Jolivet before the addition of those included in the published score.  Dynamics are generally Jolivet's.

p.1 All registrations by Jolivet except for final 8, 11/3.  NB: The G# at the end of the page does indeed continue to the end of the bar
p.2bar 6Originally down octave, marked 4, 2
 bar 716, 8 as printed
 bar 9Hands 8; pedal 16, 8.  Jolivet did not include manual changes in this section
p.3bar 216 is original
 last bar+ tremulant
p.4lines 1 & 2These are Jolivetís registrations, but for Ranquette read Bourdon
 bars 2 & 5Have crescendo throughout to mf and f respectively.  (Bar 4 still p)
 bottom lineHands simply ppp, pedal 8
p.5lines 1 & 3Bracketed dynamics correct
 line 2Jolivet writes tutti but includes the printed dynamics and a diminuendo to p during the last 12/3 beats of the line
 line 3Pedal 8
 line 4Final pedal phrase 16
p.6bar 2Instructions by Jolivet except the word Bon
 last barInstructions by Jolivet except Unda Maris and Salicional alternative, and registrations at the end of the page
p.7bar 1RH: 8 solo, LH unmarked, additional crescendo throughout to f
 bar 2"moelleux"
 bar 4RH solo, additional crescendo from beat 2 to final f
 bar 5Opening dynamic p; again "moelleux"
 bar 6Hands and pedal marked 8, 16
 bar 8Originally down octave, 4 + 2
p.8bar 1Hands 8, 16; piu f
 lines 2 & 3High chords originally loco, marked 2, 1
 line 2Beat 2: hands 8,16
 line 38
p.9bar 1Hands 8, pedal 8, 16
 line 3Hands Tutti 8, 4, 2; pedal 8, 16
p.10bar 3Starts mf
p.11openingppp, mais mordant; opening registration original except for Larigot and Septieme
 bar 2Starts -1 + 4; 1 foot added again for the a piacere section, then off again
 line 3Pedal 8, 16
p.12openingHands 8, LH also marked "sourd"
 bar 6Jolivet marked 8, 2 from the top B flat
 line 3RH 8, pedal 16
 last 2 barsHands and pedal 8
p.14line 2Pedal 16, the final seventh marked p
 line 3Starts pp and 8. In the draft: choisir un timbre composite et rare.  Pedal enters 8, ppp
 line 4Hands 2, 1, ppp
p.15 Pedal registrations original
 line 2Hands have simply 4 and 16
 line 32, 1, 1 1/3, ppp
 last barOriginally down octave, marked "sur 4 pieds" and 4, 2, 11/3
p.16bar 2+ 1
 lines 3 & 4All written down octave, initially 4, with + 2 for the second phrase
 line 5Hands marked exactly as printed; pedal simply 16
p.17openingJolivet has Tp 8, also "jeux criards"
 line 2Where printed score marks "pos", Jolivet has Tp recit and dynamic drops to p (still with crescendo)
 lines 3 & 4Both pedal entries ff, mixtures, mutations, (cornet 2 p)
p.18openingFl. 4 (not written down octave)
 line 2-4 + 1, written down octave
 next bar+8, 4; loco
p.19bar 3Pedal 8
 last 2 barsRH 4, LH 8
p.20bar 3Both hands 8
 line 2Pedal 8
p.21line 1Pedal 16, 8, then 32 added as in printed score
 line 3-8 at beginning of line; +8 for the second bar