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Charles Matthews

Pianist, Organist, Harpsichordist, Composer & Teacher

"It was like you were playing it just for me."
—  audience member, after concert
with Simon Gilliver & Marcus Dawe

I guess that every performing musician seeks to reach and
maintain a point of contact in the common ground between
themselves, the listener and the piece of music in question.
So I try to give out, or open up, whatever I can of myself.
At the same time I hope to provide a historically and
analytically informed re-creation of each piece.
—  Charles Matthews

                              Create your own concert
      I am happy to rehearse in French, Spanish or German
      as well as in English.


or simply come and chat after a concert

For booking enquiries
please call 07950 959686

Any of the photographs of Charles on this site may be re-used in promotional material for his concerts
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